Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin discuss the Divine Quality of Beauty – Linda Dillon

Mary Magdalene by Jason McCreadie @ Fine Art America

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Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin discuss the Divine Quality of Beauty

Today, together, we expand our understanding of Beauty, our holding of Beauty, and of our ability to accept and cherish ourselves as vessels of Beauty…In Beauty there is strength, there is power, there is nobility, there is sensitivity and the ability to rise above, but it is also the ability to transmute, to cleanse…Beauty is eternal and you notice that in nature, in the oldest, most majestic trees, the mountains, the rivers, the beauty of the Mother. There are also seasons of Beauty and I want you to think of yourself in this way: What season are you in?

Hello and welcome everyone to Heavenly Blessing. Hello, welcome, thanks for joining us with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, Suzanne Maresca, and myself, GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you. This is the adventure of working with the internet and phones and when things work they work great and when they don’t, well it just adds to the adventure. So this week we continue our series on the Divine Qualities with Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin is going to join us and we’re going to discuss the quality of Beauty and we invite you to call in with your questions and comments. (And give us a call at 323-784-9697 and we encourage your participation, press #1 so Suzanne knows to bring you on.) – (NOTE = No longer live radio).   

Welcome Linda and Suzanne, great to have you back.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning.

Linda Dillon: Oh, it’s great to be back Graham, yeah it’s wonderful to be here a nice sunny day in Florida, although a little brisk.

GD: Well, come on, there’s nothing that compares to the snow that’s falling right now in the mountains of Vermont but it’s all good wherever we are, right? How are you both doing today?

LD: How are you doing Suzy?

SM: I’m great, the sun is shining, the sky’s blue, there’s no more snow on the ground and hopefully it will just stay that way for the rest of my life. (Laughter)

LD: You know, I lived most of my life up north, of course, and I always took my holiday in February because even though it was the shortest month of the year, it always felt so long, like ‘when would spring come?’ So, we’re through it and it’s March.

GD: And spring is on its way and we have daylight savings time changing here on the east coast soon, actually throughout much of the US and the days are brighter and longer and the two of you on the east coast as well have sun. I don’t quite have it up here so send some up this way, okay?

SM: Okay, sure.

LD: Will do.

GD: Lots of good stuff in the air and lots to be grateful for and thankful for. Linda, how would you like to start today? We have a couple of guests who would like to talk about our topic.

LD: Well, it was so funny, as you both know, last week when we were talking with St. Theresa about Purity and then we chatted after the show about this weeks show and even prior to the show Mary Magdalene had been very clear that she was the one that wanted to come forward and speak about Beauty. And of course, I love Mary Magdalene as I know many of our listeners do, but it was, I guess it was about mid-week where Quan Yin started to make her presence known and Quan Yin has always introduced herself to me in this way, you know there’s always consistence in terms of how the guides or the Masters talk to us; she always says to me “There is nothing more beautiful than the goddess riding the dragon.” So I think she has some opinions about beauty and strength, so what I thought we’d do is do a little meditation.

The colors of Beauty are magenta and silver and then we could move in and I think Quan Yin has a few words of welcome that she wants to share with the listeners and then we can move on to Mary Magdalene. But it’s interesting you know because it’s this blending of east and west and of course both of these wonderful beings who carry the energy of the Divine Feminine are very emphatic when they’re talking about Beauty that it’s not just the state of being beautiful, it really is the ability to be in beauty in all realms, all physicalities, emotional, spiritual, but also to create beauty and to see beauty and to find beauty in everything.

So I know when I was meditating this morning it was both of them and they were saying “Beauty can never be about competition; you don’t see the flowers competing to see who’s the most beautiful, they both just stand there and allow you to gaze at their beauty.” So, kind of interesting. So, shall we begin then with a meditation?

GD: Sounds great.

LD: Okay. So everybody relax, it’s Tuesday morning, and take a nice deep breath in through your nose, down into your heart, letting go of the day, letting go of everything that needs to be done this week, letting go of your to-do list, sinking into your chair, your sofa, or your bed, your car seat, and just allowing yourself this time, not only for the Ascended Ones, but for you. And breathe out, and breathe out all the debris, all the mental and emotional and spiritual trash that we pick up or that we carry inadvertently. Just let it go, no analyzing, never any judgment, just letting go of any burdens that you may have assumed over the last week.

The colors of Beauty and for you to be in that perfect state of Beauty, are magenta, which is that perfect balance of red and blue, and silver. And that’s an unusual combination. So let’s start by opening our crowns and feel that lotus blossom on your head, that soft spot of the baby’s head, wide open, opening to your beautiful Central Channel. And silver is also the ray of Archangel Uriel, it’s the ray of clarity and the ability to see in darkest places.

So I want you to picture, visualize, perceive, however you do this, and don’t judge it, see coming down from the heart of One this beautiful, pure, bright, shiny, silver ray like the flash of a blade of an ice skate coming down through the Central Sun, through your upper chakras, through the lavender and lilac, into your violet crown, filling your head with this beautiful crystal silver like an icicle when the sun hits it and it’s dripping. And breathe silver and feel that ray fill your head, activate your pituitary your pineal, your hypothalamus and your third eye and your fourth eye because it’s important that we not only feel Beauty but we also see and recognize it in all things including ourselves.

Now bring it down into your throat and clear your throat so that it again is that beautiful icicle crystal, shining, silver glint, so that your center for change, your whole esophagus, your whole windpipe is open and ready to embrace change, to embrace Ascension and to embrace your own Beauty.

Down into your heart and see that Silver Flame dancing with your Tri-Flame, expanding and evening it out and bring it into your solar plexus, your halion and your sacral. Bring it into your orange and see the silver and orange dancing together, these sparks of silver flying everywhere. Down through your pubic, to your root, down to Mother Gaia and take the silver from the oceans, from those droplets of water, the silver, the flash of skin on a tuna or a bass, the silver of the whales, the dolphins, and of the Council fire of Gaia, and bring that up into your heart as well.

Now staying in your heart, go to your third eye, the middle of your forehead and touch it, touch it with your finger and do a circular movement while you breathe magenta, very gently. And feel the aperture of that chakra, of that camera lens, opening wider and wider and taste the magenta, that taste of port or red wine, of rich grapes, and breathe the smell of the vineyard and rich plum. And through your nose and through your breath bring that magenta into your heart as well and feel the growth of the compassion, the anchoring of that balance, and open your heart to receive. Beauty, like all the Divine Qualities, like the 13 Blessings and Virtues, are infinite and eternal and they can expand infinitely. So today, together, we expand our understanding of Beauty, our holding of Beauty, and of our ability to accept and cherish ourselves as vessels of Beauty.

Quan Yin: Greetings: I AM Quan Yin.

GD: Welcome.

QY: And welcome to you, dear sire. I AM Goddess of Compassion but as I say to this channel so often “Is there anything more beautiful than this goddess riding the dragon?” Well I invite you this day to ride the dragon with me. It is not an imaginary creature, it is the creature of power and fire, of movement, and might I even say destiny. But the reason that I speak so often to this channel and now through the blessings of this media, to each of you, in Beauty there is strength, there is power, there is nobility, there is sensitivity and the ability to rise above, because you know the dragon flies. But it is also the ability to transmute, to cleanse. Too often in every society and in every race Beauty has been seen in a very narrow way and it certainly does not embody the Divine Quality of Beauty. Beauty is not simply what sits on your face or your skin or upon the rack of your body, beauty is everything and everywhere. And I say to you there is nothing more beautiful than my dragon, for it is strong and brave, courageous and willing to go forth. And in order to do that you must have the strength of balance, of harmony within and without. It is not simply an outer commodity to be traded and in fact in so many ways, particularly with the situation of the feminine, the woman, that beauty has, in fact, resulted in lack of power. Well you say “Oh no, sweet Goddess, Mother, it is not so, for are they not given great favor?” But they are given favor, not for their core but simply how they choose to present in a time and place that is not of reality. And what it does so often is it disempowers and it disempowers not only the individual but the collective. All, the most ordinary, to what you would call deformed, to the most lovely, all carry the essence of beauty and that sense of what is truly beautiful. It is time to resurrect it and it is time, with dragon breath, to eradicate the false illusions of Beauty.

Beauty is in everything you behold on your planet, this wondrous Gaia. And it is a failure of some to see that. And I am not simply speaking of the majestic peaks and gracious valleys, the mighty rivers, I speak of buildings, I speak of old men …..under old garbage cans trying to stay warm. I speak of children who believe they are young men flashing their knives. You see, they have forgotten that they are the holders of Beauty and that they contribute to the beauty of the planet and to the collective. So, who reminds them other than I and the Magdalena? Who reminds these ones who embrace what they believe is the ugliness of their soul, their desperation? Who reminds them that they are of the Beauty?

Now, I am not suggesting to you that those who are in pain and suffering and committing heinous acts are in harmony; they are not. But until they are reminded that they are a mirror of God’s creation, that there is only one Source and it is perfection, then they continue in their way of illusion. Each of you are my envoys and my mirror and it is up to you, my beloved ones, to show them the Beauty of their being, to remind them of their inner, their outer, their within and their without Beauty and their strength, their strength to claim Beauty, to create Beauty, and to be Beauty. This I leave you with as I step aside for the Magdalena.

GD: Quan Yin, I have a question.

QY: Yes.

GD: Could you please speak to, well, you spoke of Beauty incorporating strength and nobility, bravery, courage and you spoke to the importance to have harmony within and without, can you speak to those who are listening who are men and may not have considered Beauty to be part of their thought process when they think of what it means to be masculine?

QY: Oh, there is nothing more beautiful than the masculine, they are as equally beautiful as the mountains of Switzerland, the Nile and the woman, the Divine Feminine and there has been…it is ironic, I’m glad you request this because there is a disconnect here between beauty and power and a misunderstanding that beauty is not power and visa-versa because the Divine Masculine thinks of action and movement when, in fact, if you look at the way the universe is structured the Divine Masculine is still, quiet, infinite and is held in adoration. Well, why is that adoration there? It is because of the Beauty. Most men like to think of themselves as strong, as good looking, as handsome and they do not always look within because Beauty is also sensitive. You cannot be a bestower, a creator, or a holder of Beauty and not be aware of beauty all around you. And what that implies is that you are sensitive. And whether it is a magnificent river or a skyscraper or the cheek of a child, you have need to have let bravado go and to truly be in the truth of who you are. There have been times in various cultures, think of Greece and Rome when it was the male form that was considered the essence of beauty and strength and nobility. So, it is not an either/or, it is both. So it is more important because of the ignoring of the Beauty for the masculine to now embrace the Beauty, not externally but also internally, to see the Beauty of your eyes, of your thoughts, of your skin, of your hair, of your nails, of your work. It is all around you and if you need higher perspective, come with me, I invite you upon my dragon, I will show you. And there has never been a male that I have invited to ride my dragon who has refused.

GD: Thank you for speaking to that.

QY: Go in Beauty my dear friends. I step aside.

GD: Thank you. Farewell.

QY: Farewell.

Mary Magdalene: I AM the Magdalena.

GD: Welcome.

MM: Welcome. I AM Mary, I AM Mare’. Welcome to you my brothers and sisters of the journey and yes, the journey has been long but when you put aside the ups and downs, the minutia, has it not been beautiful? When I have walked the world I was known as a great beauty in the physical sense, and there were times when that troubled me and caused me difficulty and I wondered why I had chosen, actually, to incarnate in such a way because from very early on I was in training and on a spiritual path and a path that men and women might call a path of Beauty, but that I call a path of service. There were many who liked to criticize me and who thought that I had seduced Yeshua, my beloved husband, with my outer beauty. That simply was never the truth just as it was not truth of many of the stories that were told, many quite insulting. It did not matter.

When we first encountered one another and dear Graham this speaks to your question of the goddess about masculine Beauty. When Yeshua and I first encountered one another we instantaneously recognized the Beauty within, the Beauty of our soul and the Beauty of our eternal connection and the soul agreement that we had formulated for that life. And we endeavored together to create Beauty in everything we did, the most precious being the creation of family, the creation of children. But it was like a reminder or a subtle joke between the two of us when we would venture out, when we would be in public because one of the roles, you may not know this, but one of my roles was always as the creator or the holder, the bringer of much of ritual, of the creation of ceremony.

Now as you know, much of the work we did was on the fly and we would look at each other and we would say “Well, where is the Beauty?” and then we would gaze into the eyes and hearts of those gathered and we would see the Beauty, we would see the harmony, and even if there are those who had come to be nay-sayers, to be harassment elements, very often the entrainment of the crowd would change them and bring them to that place of harmony and Beauty. For frankly it was very difficult to be in the presence of Yeshua and not to feel that sense of Beauty and of balance of all realms.

I was always a channel and so when we engaged and embraced each other it was as natural as breathing that we communicated telepathically, even when he was many miles away, and it was in this way that the bond was maintained and is maintained to this very day. What you are here for, on this magnificent, beautiful planet Gaia, is to experience a life of Beauty. It is so simple is it not, so straightforward? But if you do not see and embrace the Beauty in every moment, not just now and then, then it is not a beautiful life and therefore it is not a life of joy, it is not a life that makes your heart sing. And even in what you think of as the most hard and horrendous moments, yes such as the death of a loved one, the Beauty of your love continues, it does not dissipate it does not disappear. And then you may see it in the clouds, or in the waving grass of wheat fields, or in the sand or the stones of Galilee, but always return to your inner Beauty. You have been birthed directly from the heart of the Mother and you carry her essence and her Beauty in every way, even more than you can even imagine.

So, if you say “I am not Beautiful”, then you are denying your Divine essence and that is not truth and it certainly is not acceptance and it certainly is not allowance and unity and it freezes you in a false belief system. Do not do that. Now my beloved friends, where do you wish to begin today?

GD: One of the things I resonate with, among many when you’re talking about Beauty, is the connection that you had and have, the sacred partnership you have with Yeshua and the beauty that comes to me is the beauty in relationships generally where the connection with others is very solid, that the connection is open hearted, is vulnerable, is sacred in all forms and I’m thinking about all relationships. Can you speak to, and certainly every time you talk about your relationship with Yeshua I want to hear more and I’m sure our listeners do too, but can you speak more about what we can envision and anticipate with relationships generally, what they look like, what they feel like, the quality of relationships with Nova Earth, please?

MM: I would be happy to. Now you know that you have anchored fully and completely into the 5th dimension and into the realm with Gaia where relationships tend to take on new meaning. Because they are not dragged down, impeded, hindered, by the old illusions and this is one of the things that our beloved Quan Yin was speaking of is that so often in the past, in the old 3rd, equality was often not present in relationship; there were elements of control or lust or greed or denial.

It matters not, that is very close to ancient history now. What is happening with you, my beloved friends, is freedom. That is what people objected to so strenuously between Yeshua and I, is that we claimed absolutely our freedom to engage in true love, in sacred union and partnership. And what that is is the ability to step forward and to allow someone to truly see you, to see your Beauty, to see what you think, and I use the word ‘think’, as your shadow self, what you judge as your shortcomings which may be, in fact, some of the sweetest aspects that you carry; that is why there is no room for judgment. But in union it is not just the ability to lay yourself vulnerable and allow someone to see who you are, it is also the ability to see because you can say “Well I am in a sacred union, I have opened myself” but if you have opened yourself but have not done the balancing part of it and looked at who you are truly conjoining, yes conjoining with, and if you are not having that ongoing, wondrous conversation, as Yeshua and I did about the creation of Beauty, the creation of family, the creation of love, the creation of community, use these words interchangeably.

Now there have been many new paradigms of family that have emerged over the last fifty years and that was important because it began to break those paradigms of power and control. But what I say to thee, in a Nova relationship there is not the hesitation, not in a true relationship, that ‘I will be with you until it is no longer convenient or until I feel like I’m not growing’. If you stop growing, dear heart, it is your own decision and your own issue, not your partners and that is important to recognize. Now I am talking about genuine, sacred union, not simply what is in existence in many situations. It is the commitment; it is the heart, soul, mind, body commitment that we go forward in this union as one. So there is no breaking and you both stand equally strong, equally resilient, equally powerful because each of you brings to the relationship your own sacred attributes, your own qualities, your own history of magic.

So sacred unions are not undertaken or released casually; they are a bond, they are a bond of light between two hearts and souls that last forever. And that is why so often and I am not saying your sacred union person is your twin, sometimes it may be, but that is unusual, but when you have been in truly sacred union, that is why you incarnate with that person in various forms again and again and again and why they are so familiar and why you say “How do you do, I trust you, I cherish you, I want to be with you.” It is the physical embodiment of Beauty. It is precious beyond measure.

GD: I really appreciate you speaking to that…you were about to say something else, go ahead.

MM: And you also have that with your children. Go forward.

GD: That level of the quality that you speak of and I really like how you spoke of a bond of light between two hearts and souls that lasts forever and you are of course speaking to sacred union, sacred partnership, our children, and as I think about the higher dimension, the new paradigm where the theme is love and peace, I’m also thinking about the quality of relationships that extend further than that, so our family, immediate and extended, friends, neighbors, communities, provinces, countries, the global unit, the multiverse, and the quality of relationships where all relationships can be viewed as a bond of light between hearts and souls. Am I, am I thinking accurately in that, am I envisioning that correctly? Because in the higher dimension, if there is peace and love, that quality, that experience can be felt with the gas attendant, with the store clerk, with the neighbor, with country leaders across the world. Is that not right?

MM: Always it was intended this way. Always. So you are absolutely correct. Do you not sometimes go to the gas store and you end up chatting and truly liking and connecting with the attendant or cashier? And that is a heart connection, it is the acknowledgment heart to heart, person to person, personality to personality that ‘I acknowledge you, I see you, I honor you’. It is not based on an old fashion paradigm power structure, it is based on seeing and embracing. Similarly there are times, and they will be increasingly so, where you will meet the leaders of countries, of nations. You do not bow down, you do not stand in awe, yes you chat, you embrace. First comes the acknowledgement, then comes the ability to have conversation that is meaningful. It is not the other way around and that is where the human beings so often make the mistake.

GD: So that is what we have to look forward to, the quality of relationships generally throughout the multiverse?

MM: Yes.

GD: May I ask a clarifying question? You mentioned that we are moving into the higher dimensions with Gaia. I think you said we are in the 5th dimension with Gaia, are you saying that we are fully anchored in the 5th dimension right now with Gaia?

MM: Your hands may be free floating, sweet one, but your feet are firmly planted in the 5th.

GD: So Gaia and her inhabitants are anchored in the 5th?

MM: That is correct.

GD: And to what extent are humans still connected to the old 3rd?

MM: You are still doing some clean-up, you are still letting go of your false grids, the old illusions. Think of it as if you have magnetized boots on and you are magnetized to and standing with Gaia in the 5th as if you are in some kind of space shuttle and you are reaching, sometimes upside down into the 3rd, but more and more you are not, you are upright and you are clearly in the 5th.

GD: Gotcha. Thanks for speaking to that. I’d like to bring on Gordon from the UK. Thanks for waiting Gordon, welcome to the show.

Gordon: Yeah, hello there.

GD: Hello, what’s your question or comment?

Gordon: Okay I’ve been keeping up to date on the website for a few minutes each morning, Golden Age of Gaia website, and I read something recently with Archangel Michael, I think it was, informing us that Disclosure is soon and I’ve been prepared very recently, very rapidly over sudden awakening which was always meant to happen after reading about the Age of Aquarius twenty-five years ago trying persuade my friends that I really believed in this and they ought to look more closely. Nobody got on board and I fell asleep again and then I met somebody just in time as it would happen, three or four weeks before the 21st and they re-awoke me and explained what it was, very spiritual lady and we’re now very close as individuals, as friends and an awful lot has happened to me since then. I’ve been cleansed, I think you may call it that, I call it cleansed, very intensely over four or five occasions, twice, once in front of somebody and once almost in front of somebody, I had to run away because I felt what was going to happen to me was going to be a bit scary, so I had to go and hide in a cubicle and went through all sort of vibrationary experiences that were very physical. And now I’ve started speaking to people and I’ve made a spectacle of myself, fallen out with my family over it over Christmas, got back in tune with my family, that was always meant to happen, I needed to reassert my self in the family structure for the next stage, I believe that’s what happened. And so I’m waiting for the next episode in terms of how I’m going to be used. I believe I’m a light bearer and I always have ——- subliminally and now it’s all coming to the fore and this reading I that had of Archangel Michael, I think it was, telling us that Disclosure is coming soon sat with me comfortably. That’s when I and people like me will be prepared to start communicating with something to back it up with, if you like, something in the media, so confused people to be able to connect with what I’ve already been saying for it to link up and start to make sense to them because at the moment it feel like it’s going to be an impossible task to get all my friends and family on this level of this complete change in their existence, their being, the reason for their living, the fact that they can love, that love is free, that it’s the meaning, it’s the reason that we’re all here, it just seems like a huge task, one that I cannot shum (?). I suppose I’m looking for a sign and my question is “Is Disclosure that time when I can really feel confident going forward in speaking to as many people as I possibly can?”

GD: Great question.

MM: Let us speak of this. Now I do not present myself as an agent of Disclosure, let me be very clear of that. But what I also speak of…Beauty, whether it is beauty in the humans, beauty in your star brothers and sisters, beauty in the atmosphere, beauty in the earth, love, these are always eternal topics of conversation that are not dependent. And we have had this conversation on CeeCeeCee, Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiadians, Sirius, and our Earth. It is not determined by Disclosure or by anything other than the willingness to truly embrace love. As your vibrations are raising they are becoming of such a nature that the presence of your star brothers and sisters is simply fact.

So it is already well under way. But what you are doing, my beloved friend, in speaking the truth of Beauty and love, you are raising the vibration for those who are still stuck in the old 3rd, in the ‘show me’ paradigm and you are saying “Yes, you will have your signs but in the meantime let us speak and practice and be the embodiment of freedom, because that is what is real and that is what is meaningful.” When Yeshua and I walked the earth we used our feet, sometimes a donkey, but mostly we walked so that the pace would connect us with Gaia and those who wanted to speak with us. The pace of Beauty is the pace of love; it allows for that connection to happen. If anything, it is not about speeding spaceships, it is about slowing down. Your societies are moving so rapidly that you are not creating the time and space for Beauty and freedom. Your priorities of what is important is askew. So trust your heart and speak the truth, you will have your signs but it is not a matter of waiting for the signs. I hope this is clear.

Gordon: Thank you very much. I preconceived a fairly similar answer so I am pleased to have received your response along those lines. I have no choices but to continue and I’ll just have to carry on as best as I feel I can…

MM: Dear heart, you are doing magnificently. Do not doubt yourself.

Gordon: Thank you very much.

GD: Gordon, I would just add for me it’s been so key to stay in the peace and the calm and it’s certainly a practice of patience, isn’t it? And holding the vision for what you want for your life and for the world but patience, fortitude, prudence, those things that we’ve been discussing on the show here I think are key attributes during this time and Disclosure will come and the unfoldment of everything that we’ve been envisioning and talking about, it’s happening now and it will happen more and more. Such a great question, thank you very much for your call today.

Gordon. Thank you very much and you’ve really helped me with your website, it’s been truly revolutionary for me and I’m very grateful so thank you.

GD: Outstanding, terrific, okay please call in again. Suzanne, how about I bring you on? You have a question.

SM: Hi, umm Mary, thank you for speaking to us in this way and welcome. I actually have a comment and then a question. So my comment is kind of a question, I guess, but if we see beauty outside of us is it not a reflection of what’s inside of us as in would we even be able to perceive beauty around us if it didn’t, if it wasn’t already inside of us?

MM: You absolutely are correct. It is an outer reflection of your inner reality; it is the law, the Universal Law of Within and Without, Above and Below.

SM: Beautiful, okay so this other one is kind of a spontaneous one because I just had a caller in the switchboard and he didn’t even know what channeling was or he was pretending actually, I need to find out how to see the beauty in this person because he was attacking us for even believing in channeling and channeled messages and how could we do such a thing? And he was recording our conversation without my permission and it threw me off a little bit and I would just like some guidance on how to see the beauty in this particular kind of person.

MM: And this is exactly what I am speaking of when I tell you that sometimes you are upside down reaching back into the 3rd. This is a person that has lost their sense of their own inner Beauty, their own sense of harmony. Because if you are in harmony within yourself just like you cannot see Beauty outside of yourself if it is not within, if you are not in harmony then you do not see the harmony outside. So this is a person in a very discordant energy. But sweet angel, the fact that this one is reaching out to a light show and particularly to one like me, who he probably thinks of as harlot and sinner, see the humor in it and see the lost child.

SM: Yes, yes, there seemed to be anger behind it and he was…he told me he was recording it for his own show on BlogTalkRadio and his own listeners without permission, so he’s attacking us for not being Christians and his actions are not very Christian. So…

MM: They are not of love but what you have to do, yes very rarely will I say ‘have to’, send him love, send him the beauty so that he begins to acknowledge his beauty within. So often there were those who believed I had the ear of Yeshua…(Laughter from Mary)…that I would unduly influence him and that I would mislead him somehow. Well is it not the same today with this caller believing somehow that I am misleading Jesus? How could I ever do that? This one is the Light of the World. It is not my desire or place. So, you have to think he is thinking that he has to be told what to believe, how to behave, where Beauty lies. But it lies everywhere and when you are clear on your own freedom and harmony and Beauty, then you reflect it back. And you are not afraid of someone dimming your light or stealing your light. All you want to do is share it. So let us bless him.

SM: Yes, bless you Matthew. Okay, if I can ask a question please about something that Graham had brought up before about relationships and our intimate relationships and our love relationships with a significant other. So in terms of their being one other person that we are in relationship with in a closer way than that we are with everyone, as in like we’re in love with everyone but there’s one other person that we know always has our back…I’m not sure how to make that distinction…

MM: And that is a good thing because you are in the unified field of existence. Where you are headed, what the plan is, can you imagine when you feel that every single person, let alone star brother or sister, bear, tiger, elephant, every person on the planet has your back? But within that, because you are still within a physical reality, albeit it it is expanded much further than you can think of right now, there is still one that holds that special thought, that place, that you cook, you clean, you laugh, you play, simply in ways that are such of a heart link and light that it is a choice. This is the person that I choose to create with but it is also expanded to family, to friends, to circle. But the sacred union is when the sun goes down and you are lying deep within the night that there is one that you choose, and it is a choice always, to match the rhythm of your breath, your heart beats, and the merger of your field because this is a representation of your twin flame.

SM: And that makes me wonder if I haven’t had evidence in my life that that’s possible for me so I’m wondering if I have to wait for the shift to, our full shift not just have our feet anchored but have our whole selves be in 5th and higher dimensions. I feel like I personally won’t be in relationship until that shift happens. I don’t even think it’s possible for me.

MM: And that is because you have made that choice. So where you have said, let us say that you are very much…you are like Quan Yin and you are riding the dragon. Now this is beautiful because what you are doing is you are breaking the paradigms, you are setting new paradigms and you have said “I will wait for this because there are other issues and areas where I wish to focus my attention that are more important to me right now.” There are no rights and wrongs, that is polarity/duality. It is not a requirement, it is not a pass/fail that you need to be in sacred union but what we say is as this shift increasingly takes place it is a choice that has never been as clear or as full. Now I am not suggesting, because I have experienced it long ago and still today, that there are not those on earth who have had this wondrous gift, but many have not.

SM: Um, well I’m so happy to hear that. I was hoping that there wasn’t something wrong with me that I wasn’t experiencing that with anyone and of course you are exactly right that my focus is elsewhere at this time…

MM: Dear heart, your Beauty shines brightly within and without. You are simply riding the dragon with your sword and shield. You are very much a crusader, you always have been.

SM: Thank you so much. Well I’d better go get to the switchboard because there are other callers here so thank you so much Mary, I love you with all my heart.

MM: And I love you dear heart. Farewell.

GD: Mary, we know that what we focus on grows and I wanted to just draw out the importance of seeing the Beauty here and now and as we focus on the Beauty and see the Beauty and acknowledge the Beauty in everything and everyone right here and right now, that just keeps building and building and that’s the active, co-creative process of anchoring in this new world. Is that right?

MM: That is absolutely correct. You cannot say ”Oh when I arrive in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, then I will see the Beauty.” No. It is seeing it today, it is seeing it in your home, your family, in your community, in everything.

GD: Yes indeed and that just continues to grow and grow. It like the love, when we feel the love and focus on the love and let the love build, it just keeps growing and growing.

MM: That is correct.

GD: And I think it’s also helpful to have a sense of what we can envision for the world. We’ve talked about relationships today, we’ve talked about some of the physical attributes of Gaia but can you, as we start to wrap up today’s show, and I would like to try and bring on some callers, although we only have a few minutes left, can you paint a picture for us what the new earth looks like? I mean that’s a big question but what is it do you think that we need to hear today around that? That we can get excited about?

MM: You see, so often and it is highlighted by our dear friend from England, when we speak of Nova Earth, what we speak of so often are the Divine Qualities, the Blessings and Virtues. They are not racy, they are not glamorous, they are eternal and infinite and so exciting you cannot believe it.. But sometimes there is a situation where the cart is definitely going in front of the horse. Nova Earth is a place of peace, first and foremost, and that does not simply mean no more war, it means the allocation of resources to what you value, it means the allocation of energies to what is dear, it is the choice of what to create in terms of Purity, in terms of Grace, in terms of fairness and equality. It is all of these things. It is a society worldwide that is based on justice and fairness so that none are hungry, none are left disempowered.

Are there many things that attract attentions such as abundance and star technology and back and forthing with your star brothers and sisters and healing ships and information beyond what you can imagine? Yes. But the foundation is peace within, love within. Just as we have said to you time and time again, the ticket to Ascension is love. It was not a passport or a ticket to an amusement park, it was not money or fame or glory, it is love. And when you have love there is peace within your heart no matter what is happening externally. That is what harmony truly is. It is the ability to see Beauty in everything even in what some may say is horrid and awful and tragic. And out of that comes lasting, eternal peace where people do not kill and maim, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, hurt each other. The rest follows. The Cities of Light follow and come because they are places of peace, of creation, of music, of portals for your star brothers and sisters, of healing, of art, of culture, of communication. But all of this is fallout from a change of heart, from shifting out of the ego and the old paradigms that have plagued Gaia, to the reality of love so that that is the most important.

And you say “But what will happen if people simply say ‘it is beautiful and it is love’, they may be slaughtered?” And what we are saying is the power of love is stronger than swords and bombs. It will wield because love is in alignment with will and when you bring those two together then you are truly creating a new world. So before you think of destruction, think of feeding everybody, think of sheltering everybody, look to what we paid attention to. It wasn’t conquering Rome; Rome took care of itself and you saw what happened. What we cared about was taking care of people regardless of race or religion so that they were knowing fully and completely how much they were loved and valued, that they were cherished, whether it was the emperor or simply the shepherd.

GD: That, everything you say, everything you share is Beauty. Wonderful, thank you so much for speaking to that. I’d like to bring on another caller and if we have time one more caller. We have some callers that have come onto the show late. So folks, I’ll do my best to bring you on, let’s try to be as concise as we can. Jeff from the UK welcome, what’s your question or comment today?

Jeff: Hello, yes. I’ve recently been diagnosed as bi-polar but I’m now fairly stable. I still have negative thoughts about people and my situation, I wondered if Mary could show me or give me some insight into the pathway to Beauty so that I may think in a more lighted vein. Would she be able to help?

MM: I would be delighted to help, my sweet angel, and also know that as you transcend the old reality, this dis-ease will go. But what I ask of thee, you are highly, you particularly, are highly cued, shall we say, by the visual. So surround yourself and go out of your way to find the Beauty every day. So whether it is pictures of nature, of incredible art, if it is wandering through a museum, staring at a beautiful portrait or person and then this is what I ask of thee: stare at yourself in the mirror and see the bright angel, the Beauty that you are, that you have always been. Practice love and Beauty. So give yourself, today I will rearrange my thoughts, consciously, three times. So when the negative thought enters, call me and say “Show me the Beauty” and I will help you and that will grow and shift and anchor. That is how I will assist thee.

Jeff: Thank you.

GD: Wonderful question Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you very much. That is very, very relevant, thank you so much. Beautiful.

GD: Terrific. Thanks for joining us. We only have a few minutes left and I apologize to those of you that wanted to come on and also share comments and questions. Please do call again; we are needing to wrap up the show.

Mary, this has been delightful. With the few minutes we have left, what else would you like to say as we wrap up our discussion about, at least for now, about Beauty?

MM: Beauty is eternal and you notice that in nature, at the oldest, most majestic trees, the mountains, the rivers, the beauty of the Mother, of your Mother and mine is eternal. But also know, and I speak to all of you, there are also season of beauty and I want you to think of yourself in this way. What season are you in? No, it is not a matter of the equinox or the moon, where are you, my beloved ones? Are you in the springtime? So many of you who are ascending are. See the Beauty of your rebirth just like the buds pushing through the earth, that gentle green demanding to be reborn.

Perhaps you are in the cycle of the winter and you think my beauty has gone; age has taken my beauty. There is no such thing you know; it is eternal. So see the beauty of the barren tree, see the beauty of the snow, of the gray water, cold against the rocks, of the winter sky and embrace that Beauty of who you are and where you are each and every day. Do not hesitate and celebrate your Beauty, embrace your Beauty and in so doing you will embrace the Beauty of Gaia and of each other. Go in peace. Farewell.

GD: Thank you, dear Mary, thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon


Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

On My Own Authority – Suzanne Maresca

Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art


On My Own Authority

It’s been a long road and quite a journey to arrive where we are as a Collective. Many of us have been on The Path in one regard or another for years, decades and even multiple lifetimes.

Profound realizations occur on an individual level and when they do, in the Oneness of our Collective, we achieve a new consensus without even realizing it.  Bottom line is that we agree on a great deal more than we disagree, and we’ve already expanded our awareness beyond anything we might have contemplated, say, ten years ago.

In meditation, we learn volumes about ourselves and our place in this world. We establish our own Sacred Connection to Guidance, and we introduce the simple phrase, “In the name of the Light” to insure that the Beings we’re connecting with are in integrity and alignment with the Highest Good of All Concerned.

Lightworker blogs are often reached by people looking for something. It could be that the seeker has an idea in mind or a word to enter in a search bar to find answers, and sometimes it becomes a seemingly random entry into an alternate realm of possibility.

Once a seeker arrives at our main page and starts reading, an entire world of potential opens up. When I first started reading channeled messages, I was a recovering Catholic and actually rejected anything to do with saints and “heavenly figures.”  I stumbled onto this site back in 2012 when a friend shared an article on FaceBook. The messages at that time carried information that served as blessed relief that the suffering of this world had both purpose and the possibility of reconciliation.

It was comforting to take in the intel from the one called SaLuSa back then, knowing that we have loving partners in our Galactic Family. That Archangel Michael and The Company of Heaven would be present for Humanity at this critical juncture in our evolution felt right and proper. Ascended Masters apparently on call to assist, many with experience living among us on the surface…all brought peace to my heart.

Discovering that we have lots of help from The Folks in the Rafters was sweet elixir and balm to our stormy and troubled souls.

The majority of our readers have likely been coming to the site for at least six years, some even longer. We’ve all been taking in channeled messages that encourage us to make our own connections and do our own personal work to clear out false information about who we are. It’s been a time of embracing ourselves as Divine Beings.

We may then find it difficult to reconcile when a message comes in that runs counter to what we feel to be so. I wonder sometimes if so much contrary information is meant to serve as a catalyst, propelling us into establishing our own Divine Sovereignty and Intelligence.

We’re meant to grow up here and learn. Someone just arriving on the scene is going to have a different viewpoint than the ones who’ve been at this embracing our Divinity thing for a while.

Humans are mostly all on the same path. Our perceptions of that path and our place on it are what differs. There’s no skipping over the challenging parts, the clearing and personal work. It truly is the hardship that we experience that fosters compassion and expansion. It’s in our nature to want to save others from having to go through whatever grim thing that we, ourselves, have survived.

Personal work is taking action to re-write the stories that sit in our bones telling us that we’re “less than” in some way. That others know more than we do about what’s best for us. If we don’t address our wounding, we make ourselves vulnerable to those who wish to direct our thoughts and actions.

Why are we here? In order to reach our full Earthly potential and perform our various missions efficiently, don’t we need to embrace our sovereignty? Isn’t the goal to achieve and nurture our own connection to Source, to The Oneness?

I was having a conversation with my daughter about a woman who hosts a cable show called Slutever. Provocative title, yes. The thing about this show is that it explores Human sexuality un-apologetically. Karley is the name of the hostess, and she has a background of experience that brings her to be a fearless traveler, interviewing and in close proximity to people that may not always be a frequency match for her.  She gives an air of complete confidence that however different and unusual the folks that she interacts with are, she’s always “at home” and safe because of who she knows herself to be.

The discussion turned to what could be seen as the Ultimate Peace while here in form on Earth. If we were to fully take in that we’re here for a reason, that we’re Children Of God and carry the sparks of the Divine in our very DNA, that we enjoy the full power and protection of the Light because of who we are…well then, what situation or experience would be a danger to our being?

If we don’t cast a shadow, there’s nothing for a negative entity to latch onto…no affinity spots in our Luminous Architecture that make us vulnerable. Our Light and our Clarity make for some outstanding protection.

So, how long then will we be subject to upset by a channeled message? Can we embrace our own authority when we read something that doesn’t sit right in our bones? Can we accept channels as being Human, like us? Not always perfect and not always right on?

Can we relax a little about outcome and let go of the how? It’s okay that we’re all in different stages of evolution. What matters most here is that we use our own, internal discernment when reading or listening to anything. If we’re triggered into an upset reaction, are we able to track the upset? Does it speak to a fear?

If someone comes at us with an accusation, unless we have at least a niggling fear that it might be true, there’s no upset. A message from a “higher being” admonishing us for not being good enough at raising our vibe will mean very little to someone who is solid in their own guidance and actions. We have a choice to eat that apple or just leave it.

Trust in the Self is what the goal is, because inside each of us is where all the Truth resides.


Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art

What Do You Do? Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age of Gaia

Art: A Feather of Me – Lucy Campbell


What Do You Do?

It feels appropriate to share this message from a reader, in part because it demonstrates that each of us is having a different experience of ascension.  We all have our respective and unique missions to attend to and it can certainly seem sometimes as though we’re alone in that work or at least isolated from others doing a similar job.

Well I personally found this share to be refreshing, because my energy work often reaches into the realm of the previously unknown and when I contemplate sharing whatever experience I’ve had, it seems unrelatable so I don’t write it up.  I can only imagine how many of us have been feeling a bit uncertain about what our work is, that it makes a difference or maybe even that it’s okay to do.

Perhaps all we’re wanting is a permission slip to be able to relax into our own heart’s urgings without second-guessing ourselves.

The truth is that nobody knows better than we do what’s right for us, as long as we’re following inner guidance.

The Share ~

I awoke to my particular mission 4 years ago with the activation of my lightbody, and began what has become a personal labor of love clearing and transmuting energy on the astral plane and repairing the earth energy grids.

I awoke to a full on hallucinogenic (no drugs) vision quest where I connected with the ancient shamans and I was able to have full clairvoyant vision through my pineal gland into these timeline fractals from both the linear past and probable futures and interact with them. It was fascinating!

I became aware that this lightbody of mine was a multi-dimensional vehicle and that I (or we, that is me and my monadic entity) had made a soul promise/contract to help the earth ascend.

My pineal gland stays wide open 24/7, and when I close my 3d eyes, this lightbody unfolds, reaching out about 50 feet in all directions around me.

It looks like thousands of feathers that twist and turn or literally fly as it appears like a huge flock of birds (I finally found a picture of it from the ancient Mayan ruins).

The material of these feathers I can only describe as like a very flexible “graphite” which magnetically attracts the energy, spins and reshapes it, changing it molecularly. It’s amazing!

What drives the lightbody is a series of words and tones sung at different octaves which I can hear, and I finally figured out they were coming from my own vocal cords.

I can feel the electrical connection from my brain to my throat. When I look down at my body in the Astral, it looks amazingly like pure light.

As we move through the Astral Plane and across the earth energy grids, we are repairing DNA, transmuting and reengineering dark energy, thoughtforms and everything in between.

We go into these time fractals, clear the energy and collapse the timeline. This has been an ongoing investigation and as you can imagine, we have encountered everything from alien implants to occult sacrificial alters.

The DNA has been badly mutated which is why we have so much disease.  Also as we know, energy is alive and it communicates.  This has greatly impacted our cellular memories.

It’s amazing to watch the energy respond in relative joy to our arrival, it all knows exactly what to do and is very lovingly transmuted and released.

It’s all so very important, and together we’re weaving and creating the very tapestry of ascension.

As you know, there is no ascension manual and we’re all learning as we go, because Spirit loves the journey and never gives us all the answers.

It’s ours to discover and create.


Art: A Feather of Me – Lucy Campbell

Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy – Linda Dillon


Art – Diamond Age by Jean Luc @ Eyewithin


Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy, January 3, 2017

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy

It is a gift of love, and that is why we will often use the term “sheer energy”. It is the energy that we use that you can think of as a ‘life-source’ energy, a ‘soul-source’ energy, a fully interdimensional energy that is a significant upgrade to assist you in the full assumption of your lightbodies and of the quotient of light required to complete your ascension.

Heavenly Blessings, January 3, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:38 to 11:58]  Link to show audio.

Ashira: Greetings, I am Ashira. I am Ashira of Neptune – yes, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies (UFOG).

Suzi: Welcome.

Ashira: And welcome to you, dearest old friend, recent friend, ancient ally. And welcome to all of you and in what you think of as a New Year, and what we have adapted to as a New Year!

We welcome you in this time of change, of excitement – yes, at moments exhaustion – and what you have learned is fulfilment. There is so much that is transpiring upon your planet of Gaia and so far beyond. So I am honoured and pleased and excited to come this day and to speak to you as my family, my friends, my allies, not simply of matters of universal importance, but more, I guess you would say, of our part, our positioning and what we are doing.

You have been penetrated, and are being penetrated, continually by the Mother’s Tsunami of One – and so are we. These electromagnetic pulses that are being identified and noticed – that is putting it mildly – upon your planet are impulses that are being sent by us – yes, the Unified Forces – but it is also being done in tandem and in cooperation with many of the Fleets.

And it is a benevolent, non-intrusive – yes, we do use that word very specifically according to the regulations, I guess you would say, of the Intergalactic Council who also by the way sends their greetings – but it is a non-intrusive energy that we send to you. And it has not been felt previously – and I mean ever upon your planet.

It is an energy that has not heretofore been shared or made available to you because you were not ready, and you were not of a construction or of a light quotient, either individually or collectively, that could truly incorporate the level of this energy without harm. It would have been too intrusive and your body cells, your atoms, were not organised in such a way as to be able to smoothly incorporate this energy.

But now you have advanced and, of course, while the energy – which, by the way, I wish to preface – this energy is what you can think of and what we would call by two terms: “sheer energy” which the Council of Love has spoken of for decades; but also, the energy specifically in our scientific terms is called “Porlana C”. That is the term for this energy, and it is important for all beings upon the planet to understand the gift that is being sent and rendered unto you.

It is a gift of love, and that is why we will often use the term “sheer energy”. It is the energy that we use that you can think of as a ‘life-source’ energy, a ‘soul-source’ energy, a fully interdimensional energy that is a significant upgrade to assist you in the full assumption of your lightbodies and of the quotient of light required to complete your ascension.

We are not interfering, let us be clear about that. But this is something that the Mother – and through Her, the Father – have given acknowledgement and permission to share with you. It is the energy that we use to create, but it is also the energy that sustains much of our very being, not in totality but shall I say for you it is like the fuel of food. Now, it is not that we don’t eat food, but the life force is Porlana C.

If you wish to envision this energy that we so graciously, generously and humbly share with you, send to you, you may think of it as a very fluorescent blue. In fact, it is the blue that is part and parcel of your halion chakra, and so it is not simply electro blue or electric blue. It is the Porlana C blue which, if you have seen a gas stove or a gas flame, it is similar to that but a lot more of the violet built in. The Violet Flame of St. Germaine is akin/related to this Porlana C, but there are significant scientific variations in the quotients, etc.

We are sending this to assist you as your family, as your comrades, as your colleagues, as your friends to assist you in this journey. Now one of the reasons that I, as Commander, have asked to step forward at this time and share this information is I do not want there to be misunderstanding – but from our perspective, from our hearts to your hearts, this is a gift of monumental proportions.

And yes, it is clearly measurable by what you call “scientific equipment”. And that is important because it is yet another step in the human race, and those who want to announce or admit our presence but have not had enough evidence to push the wave of non-acceptance away. So it is yet another component of how we are announcing ourselves.

But we are not simply giving you this energy to announce ourselves – although that is a huge benefit on both sides. It is of such a magnitude that I, as Commander, step forward – yes, in tandem with the Intergalactic Council and the many Fleets – to say: “This is our present to you.” So it is not simply a small token sent in the mail. It is a sheer energy that is enveloping your planet in a circular fashion so that all is encompassed, all is received.

Now, each of you is feeling, particularly those of you who are sensitive, perceptive, open – each of you is feeling this in a different way. But even within the collective, there is no denying the magnitude of the gift.

If you wish to intensify your personal receipt of our gift to you of this sheer energy, Porlana C, what you would do is open your crown and to feel as if you have literally, that your central corridor from your crown to your root – and yes, you can continue into Gaia for she is like a sponge in this matter – to simply see that you have been cracked wide open and your entire chakras, your meridians, your central column, is being filled with this blue fluorescent energy.

The energy that we are identifying to you as Porlana C is of a very electromagnetic nature – this is how we operate, this is what we do. And so, in a personal sense when you are doing your individual work – which we, by the way, do on a regular basis, all of us who are on board ship – you fill yourself with this energy because it is sheer energy, it is sheer life force, and it is an energy of such a nature, of an octave, that you are able now to incorporate it so there will be no dissembling of some essential functioning of your body.

Many who are healers, or in the healing professions, have been subtly aware of this energy, but now will begin to more readily incorporate this into their being.

So this is the reason that I step forward. Are there many things that we would like to talk about this day? Most certainly, but this has been the most significant. And one of the reasons – and I know, I will give you a moment Suzi, but let me conclude in this way – one of the reasons, not only that we want you to know how we are working with you, is that there has been a modicum of fear, of those who embrace the theory of Armageddon or disaster with these pulses coming to the planet.

The sheer energy, while its sole function or its primary function is not clearing or cleansing but rather an infusion, it does have that effect because you cannot be filled with what we term life force – sheer energy – if there are other blockages apparent or in the way. So it is also with Gaia, with the kingdoms, particularly the animal kingdom. So if there have been areas where grief or desolation or… murder… has been stored, then they will be coming to the surface.

But the most dramatic, if you choose to look at it that way, will be within the human species. That is why we encourage those who are ready to incorporate it more fully into their being, rather than on the subtle level that is being sent. But this is clearly a choice. That is why we also say that it is non-invasive, so the decision to accept other than the subtle waves of electromagnetic impulses that are being sent to you is clearly your choice.

Now, sweet angel of friends, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, my goodness gracious, there’s so much, Ashira. Thank you so much for coming today, and on behalf of all of humanity, I would humbly offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for everything that you all have done. Oh, my gosh, you’ve just given us so much information!

Okay, this is electromagnetic energy. Do we need to concern ourselves with EMFs here now? We just have this great big concern we have to protect ourselves from our technology, so could you talk about that a little bit?

Ashira: Why would you drop into fear?

Suzi: Well no, I’m just asking a question.

Ashira: No. But understand… Okay, if we do not call it “fear” then we call it “strong concern”? You are shielded from most of what you would think of as ‘harmful’ electromagnetic frequencies. That has been part of the adjustments and the attunements that have been given to you actually over the past couple of years. If you wish to have a visual, you can think that etherically many of you are wrapped in layers of cotton batten so that nothing is really penetrating you.

Now, when you – and I am not talking about vigilance or common sense because that is something we are heartily supportive of – but when there are those who are truly concerned about this, they have need to go back and to have the opportunity to allow these ancient past lives, injuries – when they have been either injured or eliminated or witnessed devastation through the use of these impulses in other times – to be eradicated because that is where most of the concern comes from.

Now, having said that, and I would in other situations defer to some of my engineers – but let me share. By training, in fact my background was of engineer; that is how, if you want to think of it that way, I ascended through the ranks; it was not simply because of parents or lineage.

But what we have done in the past, oh 20 years-50 years, is we have modified many of the electromagnetic frequencies and impulses that are upon your planet, and also those that have been sent to your planet. Now, we have had discussions where we have talked about how we intervene with chemtrails or with flying missiles and we negate or we soften energy. So, much of that is already attended to. Much of what we do with you and in tandem for you as part of our partnership, both current and future, is not known. And that is alright. It is not like we are looking for a thank-you note or anything, but let us reassure you.

So, right now there are many who are saying, “Be on high alert because there are these very strange electromagnetic impulses coming to your planet.” What I am saying to you, and my reason for stepping forth this day is to say, “First of all, you could not ‘duck it’ or ignore it if you wanted to, but to reassure you – this is our gift. What we are doing essentially is sharing with you our essence of life force.”

Suzi: Well, thank you – thank you, thank you. I don’t know that there’s really language to say more than that at this point. But I just would like to share a vision that I’ve had for years now… and it’s kind of weird I guess… the sun basically coupling with the Earth, and the Earth becoming like this Blue Star planet. And so I’m reminded of that when you talk about the fluorescent blue and breathing the blue, so could you say anything about that?

Ashira: Many of you know the Blue Star planet. Many of you have the Blue Star actually as a signature or as an implant within your solar plexus, and you have carried that energy – not simply a symbol but an energy – for a very long time. You can think of this as the imprint and the soul memory of your beloved Galatea.

Galatea was a twin planet to Gaia, and in many ways you shared the same physicality, even missions. Galatea was destroyed – through good intention – by those who wished to uplift the planet. Many of you who are listening will remember this – the coming together to lift and to bring the entire planet and the collective of the people through the portal of what you think of as ascension – not your ascension but ascension of a type.

But what that did, my friend, was that it interfered with the Mother’s design of free choice, and the dissonant energy was of such a nature – the incompatibility was of such a nature – that the entire planet imploded. Not just those who have been the agents of ascension, but all Galateans have carried that imprint of the Blue Star within them and the time when it seemed as if the sun and the Earth merged.

This is important and I am glad that you have brought this up, because even for those to whom the Blue Star does not resonate, it is important that all understand that this willingness factor, this choice and decision factor, individually and collectively is vitally important. And so the strategy – and yes, I am Commander, so I do think in terms of strategy – so the strategy for the ascension of Gaia, of Earth, of Terra Gaia and of humanity is of a nature where free choice is intact.

Now, we have witnessed much of the disarray upon your sweet planet – she is a most patient being – but we have witnessed this disarray. And so, what you are doing – each of you, my friends, each of you, my colleagues, my allies, our allies – you are not overriding in any way, shape or form any person’s – individual’s – free choice. But you are making the pathway of love, the pathway of joy and peace, so attractive that that is the choice they make.

You are at the time, your collective is at the time – you have already passed that, sweet ones, but you are the wayshowers – you are at the time of massive redirection, re-choice, redefinition for the collective. That is part and parcel of the gift of the Porlana C. It is an amplifying energy of wholeness and of love, a strengthening of will – we must be clear about that as well.

If you feel that your will has been fortified and brought up 12,000 notches, you are correct. Your sense of direction is being clarified. It is the only way this energy of sheer energy, of Porlana C, that we have endured and continued on. So in this time of Earthly redirection, new choice, re-choice – perhaps rejoice – that you will feel that this is happening and that you are being supported in this way.

Is that clear?

Suzi: Yes, it’s very clear. Is there an end or a transition point chosen yet, or is that in flux since we are such a dynamic bunch of creatures on this planet?

Ashira: You are a delightful, supreme collective of creatures! [Laughter] You know, Yeshua and the Mother and St. Francis and Archangel Mi-ka-el – they have all talked about how they have chosen you. But we have chosen you as well!

You know, there are times when you tend to think – and I mean you, the human beings – tend to think that you are a ragtag lot of misaligned individuals, [laughter] and we see that and we laugh! Sometimes we laugh because it is true and sometimes we laugh because it is pathetic! And we mean that because we see who you are and we don’t play with the future, but we are certainly cognisant of the future and we see the brilliance of what lies ahead.

That fortifies us as well, and I know it fortifies all of you to whom I speak this day. But let me tell you: you are amazing!

We have chosen you. Some of us have travelled for thousands and thousands of years to be here at this moment. Now, how we travel is really fast – it’s in and out of black holes, white holes, so it is not that there is a voyage lasting thousands of years. That is not what we mean at all! This is not intended to be a movie! But those movies are also signposts for you – that information is very well channelled so enjoy it!

Suzi: I have been enjoying it. To be honest with you, I’m just feeling in ‘Happyland’! I feel like we’ve finally arrived at a point in our evolution where pure faith is no longer all we have to be going on. It’s very exciting.

Ashira: You are going – and I am not saying nor do I wish to in any way underestimate faith because it is key – but you are also proceeding with a much larger quotient of knowing. You see, when we say that we don’t try and fiddle with the future, but we do operate in a place of knowing and so do you. Now, does that negate faith? No. And it most certainly increases also the quotient of trust, and it is not simply trust in the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. In very practical terms, it is trust of yourself and trust of each other, and when I say “each other”, I mean the human beings, the implementation team, the boots on the ground – yes, including our boots on the ground.

We would not be able to do what we do if we did not have this ‘knowing’ which has been growing exponentially in your population, but we also operate from a huge quotient of trust. Now think of it: you do as well, only you don’t always label it that way. But I trust that the engineers keep everything flowing – in your terminology “keep the lights on, the engines running.” That is trust. I trust that our Command never injure one another consciously or betray one another – that is trust.

These are the realms and the qualities that you are implementing and anchoring within yourself, not merely as esoteric qualities but as practical, living examples of how to go forth as a collective.

And I wish to say, particularly to the lightworkers and lightholders – you are stellar! You are doing a job that cannot be done by anyone else. We will do, and we are doing everything we possibly can. But my friends – you are impressive!

Suzi: If I might share, I had a vision recently that this planet is… I don’t know if it was meant to be originally, but it has certainly turned out to be like a petri dish of creating ambassadors for other missions in the universe and throughout creation; that because we’ve managed to navigate the Earth experience however many myriad times we have, it’s been preparation for projects of epic proportions.

Ashira: I would say intergalactic proportions! Yes, there has been a hesitancy on the part of the Council of Love, the Company of Heaven – and certainly our team – to talk about this because our concern has been… and when I say “concern” I do not mean trepidation; I just mean the use of cautious behaviour has been not to overwhelm you, because need I say, you have certainly had enough on your plate.

But you are absolutely correct. If you recall what you would think of as ‘long ago’ – perhaps in 2012, perhaps in 2008, which for us is but a blink of the eye, and in the archangelic terms not even an eyelash has moved! [Laughter] But in those terms, we have indicated that not only is this the first ascension process in the physicality of maintaining the beautiful form that the Mother and, of course, your sacred selves have granted you, but this has been a template; not only the clarification of paradigms and belief systems, but physical restructuring and template of what it means, and that there would be further and future ascensions throughout this universe, and far beyond, that will be able to go forth because of what is happening here, right now.

The magnitude of that can be at times overwhelming because you have already felt – not the burden but the mantle of stewardship, the mantle of willingness – to step forth in this unfoldment. So we have not talked a great deal about how many of you will choose to go forth to assist other planetary systems in their process of ascension. And in some ways, many of you will be guardians, just like us, in the ships or in form on planet, boots on the ground, in other planetary realities to assist them.

Suzi: I can just see it!

Ashira: Yes, you can, because this is something you have chosen.

Suzi: Yeah, these avatar bodies were just like experimental units – just so cool! It’s very fun!

Ashira: You know that when Mi-ka-el tells you that “there is always more” – which he has told us for eons as well – he means it! [Laughter]

Suzi: Yeah, always – always. My daughter and I were talking yesterday about “Is there an end-point? We’re feeling pretty clear, but you never know when something else is going to come up and we’ll be triggered into some kind of behaviour, and is there actually ever an end point?” And the answer is – to me – absolutely yes, because… does St. Germaine ever engage in bad behaviour? I don’t think so! [Laughter]

Ashira: Then I will not tell tales out of school! [Laughter] No, I am only teasing you because he is a dear, dear friend!

There is an end point in terms of what you think of as the ‘old structure’ or behaviours of the old third which… if you can imagine this as a physical construct, that building disappeared. So there is an end point in that way, but there is always a new adventure. And I can share with you – when this issue, or this challenge, shall we say, or the temptation of bad behaviour is simply gone, it doesn’t exist within your molecular structure or your expanded structure. The adventure expands and it is so much fun!

That is the thing that doesn’t get emphasised enough and that we are encouraging you to play with us. We play! Yes, we have been working flat out on Project Terra Gaia but we also… it is part of our regimen, our structure, that we play or that we build in leisure, that we build in meditation, that we build in communal time, that we build in sacred ceremony, family time and ‘staring at the wall’ time, because all of this is necessary.

Suzi: Oh yeah! And some of the fun, I imagine – in fact I know it is – down here orbs have been playing with my cats, so I’m sure that’s pretty fun for you guys too!

Ashira: There is all kinds of fun, and especially when we play with the animal kingdom. The minerals – not so much!

Suzi: [Laughter] They’re so quiet!

Ashira: They are very quiet! They tend to move at a slower pace! But we honour them, because they have been literally the backbone, the structure, that has held this planet together for so long.

Suzi: Well, we do have some more time, but I would like for you to choose the next thing you would like to discuss, because you said you have lots of things to say.

Ashira: I would like to talk, if I may, a little about language.

Suzi: Oh, please do.

Ashira: Yes, I know – talk about a change of pace!

You are changing your understanding of language and you are learning, my friends, how to be more specific and clear, vigilant and careful, with how you speak. And that is something that we wish to give you praise and kudos for.

Now, during this next phase, we encourage you and we support you to take it to the next phase, to more clearly align – and this is a practice and this is not a criticism; it is advice from a brother. Align with what your heart – yes, of course in concert with your mind, with your mental body, with the brilliance that you hold even when you don’t know it. Align with that truth as well.

We are not talking about holding your tongue, for particularly at this point verbal communication is the primary way that you – and we, by the way, with you – are building community. You have reached the point where you are cautious and vigilant about how you phrase things, so you don’t tend to say, even if you are thinking it: “Don’t be ridiculous; Oh, that’s stupid; I don’t know.” And you will re-phrase that as you are advancing into: “That’s not my understanding,” or “What about this perspective?” or “I don’t think I can agree with that.”

But certainly in the last while there has been some redirection, but your hearts and the Porlana C is going to help with this, my friends. Your hearts are not as open and as clearly aligned with your language, not only as we would hope but as you would hope – and now I am speaking to the entire collective of humanity.

Why on Earth or Galatea or Electra or CeeCeeCee would you ever wish to diminish another? For in diminishing another, you diminish yourself, and it is only reflective of what has need to come and be eradicated within you. Now, while it is important, and with the energies that are being sent to you by the Company of Heaven, by the Mother, by us, that these issues will come to the forefront, they are for relinquishing, not for acting out.

When you, in your mind or in your heart, naysay another, you are naysaying and diminishing your sacred self. And what you are doing in that is that you are dismissing or rejecting the potential of genuine relationship, of sacred relationship even with a stranger – of that potential for true union. And that is the way, of course, that the ascended being acts, feels. You say, “Well, I will wait till I ascend because in the meanwhile there are plenty of jerks around!” No, my friend, that is not how it works! [Laughter]

So, when you find yourself in this situation – yes, it sometimes is good if you are not through your cleansing process to simply switch to Perro, which is of course the language of simple facts; but simultaneously, or even after the fact when you have a moment, to look at your heart, to look at what you call your feelings and say, “Why do I feel that way? I don’t want to feel that way,” and to let it go, because in this you open the door to love.

All beings, at one juncture upon this evolutionary highway, act in ways that are or can be perceived as ‘less than’. Yes, all beings have their jerky moments! That does not diminish their divinity. When you emphasise the lesser, then that is what you are going to get. When you emphasise and acknowledge the divinity, then that is what you are going to get. You are on the brink, and many of you are already very clearly telepathic – that is your next step.

Now that passageway, that equipment, has not been fully turned on because of these comments that are still lingering in your heart. So we are very anxious for that to occur, as I know you are. So this is your friendly Commander simply saying: “You are doing exceptionally well in the advancement of your communication. You are learning the languages that we speak, but check the back door. Check your heart, my friends.”

Suzi: Right. It’s a good opportunity to be very mindful with not only our words but our thoughts as well. Just keep it clean, really.

Ashira: That is correct, because that is what you are building. That is what is so phenomenally exciting. You are building a clean planet in every sense of the word – and we are so excited!

Suzi: Oh, my goodness gracious, as I am, as there are many. I can say we are also excited – we are excited!

Ashira: Go with my gift of Porlana C on behalf of All. We love you.

Suzi: Thank you, thank you, we love you too. Thank you so much – very much gratitude.

Ashira: Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


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“Transcript ~ Commander Ashira Of UFOG ~ The Gift Of “Porlana C” Sheer Energy,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, January 3, 2017, at


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Transcript ~ St. Francis of Assisi Speaks To Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Gaia’s Kingdoms – Linda Dillon


Art : Naiden Stanchev


Transcript ~ St. Francis of Assisi Speaks To Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Gaia’s Kingdoms, December 20, 2016

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription]

St. Francis of Assisi Speaks To Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Gaia’s Kingdoms

Remember us! Because we are over-the-moon excited about the restoration of the true nature of our intimate sacred relationship, that you may hear us and address us and communicate with us and nurture us, as we love and nurture you.”

Heavenly Blessings, December 20, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 9:58 to 17:44]  Link to show audio.

St. Francis: Greetings, I am St. Francis.

Suzi: Welcome.

St. Francis: And welcome to you, welcome to each and every one of you. Yes, I repeat my invitation: you can call me Frank! You can call me any which way, it matters not, for I am pleased and overjoyed to be with you.

And while you are working at holding dreams and hopes, understand that you may also hold the dreams and hopes and desires and fulfilment of the various kingdoms, just as they are doing for you. And that is one of the reasons I have requested and am pleased that you have accepted my invitation that I wish to speak today.

Often you have been told, and I have certainly strongly suggested to you, that the kingdoms – the animal kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the devas – they have been anchored in the 7th dimension with Gaia for a very long time, and they have continued their journey. And part of that journey, of course, has been to support, and might I say, to bring along the human kingdom, those who walk on two legs in various ways.

They have held your hopes and dreams, and they have held the knowingness of your abilities, your capacities and the truth of who you are. And they have held this in the deepest regard as a sacred trust for each of you and as a collective. The capacity of the kingdoms to serve is, by and large, not fully understood, and in many ways simply taken for granted. And I do not mean that in a dismissive way at all. But let us just say that the various kingdoms have almost been – not quite but almost – been last on the list.

Now there are those amongst you who deeply honour and revere the animal kingdom, or who deeply honour and work with, shall we say, the air or the atmosphere, or the rivers and the streams and the oceans, or the plant kingdom. But it has not been, in a general way, within the consciousness of the human collective about the enormity of the service and the partnership, the sacred union partnership that the collective and each of you have with the various kingdoms. It was not top of your priority list, and that was completely understood.

But as you are expanding, as you are exploring, as you are coming into the fullness of your heart consciousness, you are coming to see and to realise the sacred nature of these various partnerships.

Think of it in this way, up close and personal. If there is a being, a man or a woman, that you have been deeply in love with for years and years and years and years, and while you are known to that person, the intimacy and the relationship, the willingness to truly engage in a soul and human relationship was never really on the table. And you waited and you waited and you waited.

And then one day, that person turns and suddenly truly sees you in all your truth and glory and beauty and might – truly sees you – and says, “Oh, my gosh, I have been blind,” and turns to you in the nature of that relationship that you have been waiting and waiting and waiting and yearning for for years.

You know, my dearest friends, how that would feel; what a sense of joy and great relief and excitement and potentiality, that would evoke not only joy in your soul but a sense of fulfilment and excitement at what really lay ahead. So it is with your relationships, individually and collectively, with the various kingdoms. They have been quietly, patiently, respectfully waiting.

And might I say, on their behalf – no, they have not asked me to add this part but I’m going to anyway – they have endured; they have endured much harm and devastation through ignorance or active abuse at the hands of humans. That has been very sad, heartbreaking. Do not for one minute assume that the plants and the animals, the waters and the air, the fairies and the devas, that they do not experience heartbreak – they most certainly do.

There is a level of consciousness in all the kingdoms that for convenience sake, and might I even suggest egoic reasons, has been ignored by the human race. Again, that is not said in criticism. It has simply been the marginalised, the narrow perspective of the human race, of those who call themselves “Gaians”. But to assume that name, that titular reference, also assumes a level of stewardship and responsibility to be fully engaged with Gaia, with the planet herself and with all upon it.

Now, previously – and I am speaking in generalities, yes – but previously, the human consciousness did not take into conscious daily account the relationship or even the impact of that interaction with the kingdoms. They have served and served and served and been like an unseen butler. But with the expansion, with the beautiful expansion, sweet angels, of your heart consciousness, of truly coming to understand what the unity of love means, then all of a sudden – and it only took several thousand years! – you are in that conscious awareness of the sacred relationship with all the kingdoms.

And it is something that has been awaited for a very, very long time. It is a return, in many ways, to earlier times when that consciousness of humanity knew and honoured and participated, and understood more fully the relationship between what you often term as “animals” or “nature” and yourselves, that interdependence and what I call “intimate sacred relationship” with the kingdoms.

As you are assuming your greater heart consciousness, as you are assuming your interdimensionality, many of you are coming to understand and beginning to participate in conversations with flowers and trees and animals and rocks and crystals, and the very air and water that you breathe and drink. This is such good news. And it isn’t only good news to the various kingdoms; it is spectacular news [laughter] to the human race! Because, my beloved friends, again, with these various exceptions, you’ve been missing out on so much!

Now you all know my story, and doesn’t everybody have a story that makes them so uniquely special, [laughter] and that is humorous! But you know my story – how I turned away, shall we say, from the glamour of a family and a society that was truly enmeshed and in love with themselves.

Now when I departed, I did not really know what I was looking for. I knew what wasn’t working for me, but I didn’t know as that brash young man what would work for me. But as I proceeded and as I entered into the silence, as I began to learn internal and external silence, I began to comprehend and understand and participate in the wonder of this relationship – that I had and that you have, and that all beings have the potential to, and especially now – with all the various kingdoms; that I could finally hear the silence, the quiet, inside of me and outside of me.

And even within the birdsong, I could hear the silence. But at the same time within that song, I could hear and receive the beauty – and sometimes it was a song, a beautiful melody, and sometimes it was just a chat, “Francis, what are you up to? And why are you doing such and such? And if you go to the left 200ft, you’ll find a beautiful bush of berries.” And so I learned to listen to where the squirrels would rustle or the fox would travel. And these beings, these animals became my family – more than friends – my sacred family.

And then when I would work on the church even, and I would hold the stones – and you would think this is a simple repair job rebuilding, reconstruction – but the stones would talk to me and they would tell me the story, not only of how they had formed a church or how they had lain in the field; they would tell me the history of who they were and what they had witnessed in the history of Earth, and how they had been caressed by rain and sleet and sunshine and the deer droppings. And this was precious to me as well.

And this gave me insight as the human beings began to join me; that inside each human being there wasn’t the story as in the drama, but there was a history and an essential essence to be understood and cherished and loved. And so often, my friends, the understanding of that essence comes not in the conversation but in the quiet, in the silence, so that you can really hear what is being said without the dressing-up, the covering-up, the defensiveness.

Now you see, particularly in the mineral, the stones, the dirt, grass, there is not that element of such defensiveness. Now, as I say that, I also say to you that as human beings had developed what I term “harmful chemicals” – I understand your world and I understand the nature of various repellents and fertilisers, etc., and there are many organic ways in which to do that – but if you are applying harsh chemicals to the land, to the soil, to the food, to the grass, you are going to begin to hear that soil and grass screaming – and that is good.

Because if you applied a harsh substance to the skin of an infant, they would cry bloody murder! And that is important that that would be heard because you would never wish to harm the baby. But so it has been. And it is true in the animal kingdom, both what you think of as domestic and certainly wild.

This is a gift to the kingdoms, and that is what they have asked me to communicate this day: is that they are so excited that the sacred union with humanity is coming to the forefront. Yes, I know, you could say to me, “Well, Frank, we as human beings aren’t even getting along all that well. There is still war and chaos and [there] seems to be a lot of mayhem and confrontation.” Yes, I know, you are working out your family squabbles and the issues are at the forefront. But don’t forget, the kingdoms are basically a step ahead of you! [Laughter]

So while they see that there is still that, they are saying “Yes” and they are also saying, “While you are so anxious to be meeting your star family” – and many of you already have and are part of a star family – they’re saying, “stop looking up and look down! Remember us! Because we are over-the-moon excited about the restoration of the true nature of our intimate sacred relationship, that you may hear us and address us and communicate with us and nurture us, as we love and nurture you.”

And that is true for all the kingdoms, especially… I need to emphasise… the animal kingdom. Now there are many species who either have gone extinct, who are on the edge of extinction, and they are in many ways crying the loudest, although in some cases you will have to listen closely because it is but a whimper.

I also tell you that many extinct species will be restored, but that is part of another conversation… perhaps not. But they are saying, “You are ready – and we are past ready – to truly be in community and unity with us; not in zoos, not in custody, but in cooperative, loving relationship.”

The kingdoms know about balance. Now, you are just beginning to truly learn this, or remember it. The kingdoms know about balance, and protection by the way. And so, the tree and the woodland violet or the trillion – they are in sacred partnership and cooperation to make room for one another. And even the element of fire and the cleansings that take place, or the floods that take place, are agreed to and restorative.

Even the most ancient of the kingdoms which is the mineral have agreement that they will morph and change form as need be. So the lava flows and the crystals grow and this is the evolutionary understanding.

The greatest request of the kingdoms is: “As we begin to engage, stop hurting us.” Now, you are learning – and yes, remembering – through your expanded heart consciousness how to stop hurting one another as human beings. And part of your next steps, your expansion into the creation and co-creation with the kingdoms of Nova Earth, is to stop harming one another.

It takes a dog, a canine, a great deal of aggravation before he will bite you, but bite you he will if necessary. You will stop biting them because your heart, your brilliance, will not allow it.

So there is much expansion on every front, and this is what I have come to say.

Do you have questions for me, dearest Suzanne?

Suzi: I do. Firstly, I would like to say, “Thank you, Frank, for coming,” because it’s such a delight and joy. And it’s always a beautiful invitation to be stewards for those who have little reason to hope for anything, and also to be available for the messages all around us constantly.

While you were speaking of the mineral kingdom, the thought occurred to me that no crystal grows on its own. I’m not sure if that would be accurate to say, but it feels like a juicy metaphor for humanity in that we don’t grow alone in a cave.

St. Francis: That is a brilliant observation, and it is an observation that I have made and that I share with you, and certainly none of you is growing alone in the cave. Are there times when you, almost by necessity, need to go into the cave? Yes, but none of you have signed up to live permanently alone in the cave. That is not the phase of your growth cycle.

So you are so similar to the crystal people. You grow in clusters. The energy that you give each other is support. And even sometimes, a grain of sand or a droplet of water will embed itself into you, and at first it feels like a terrible irritation and then it results in the most beautiful inclusion. So it is perfectly apt.

And that is what I came to realise after a time of solitude. Your way of putting it, dearest Suzanne, would be “that you need your tribe, that you need your peeps” because you did not come to live alone. Yes, some of you choose to physically live alone, but still you yearn to live in community.

And the invitation that is being issued via me this day, as honorary person, [laughter] is that we want to live in community with you; that you cannot really have the community unless you have everybody included. And this subtle degradation of “oh, it’s only a rock, it’s only a bird, it’s only a dog, it’s only a rhino, it’s only a lion” is absurd.

Suzi: [Laughter] It is absurd! And we’re just getting a kick over here about you being “honorary person”. You are a delightful honorary person and we would love to have you back again to talk some more about animals.

So, if I might share. I had a moment with a tree in Sedona, a very big and glorious and beautiful tree – there’s so many wonderful ones. The message was that I can access my trees at home through any tree because they are all quite connected. So when we contemplate, my daughter and I, moving away from New Jersey, we also feel kinship with our foxes and turkeys and songbirds and bears and all the ones who wander through our world here. Does that weaving also remain true as it does with the trees?

St. Francis: Yes. Yes, it does. And that is part of the analogy that you have used with the crystal. There is a collective consciousness that is shared, and then there is the individuation of that consciousness.

So, let me say for a tree, you have a very specific tree and you know… I am going to digress. You think that you name your animals, but every animal, every tree, every crystal, they all have their own names, but in that there is also the collective consciousness. So you may be sitting under the bodhi tree in India and talking to your tree in Sedona or New Jersey, because they haven’t separated themselves out. That is a human trait, not a kingdom trait.

Suzi: Even my cats have shifted. They are more peaceful with one another and are sleeping in one another’s special places, rubbing faces which they didn’t used to. It feels like everybody is feeling the unification process – that’s it!

St. Francis: Everyone is feeling the unity and everyone is feeling the love, even those who are not consciously aware – and I mean the humans – are still feeling it. And it is not simply a seasonal occurrence. It is because the vibratory rate of your entire planet has been upgraded.

And so the animals, let me tell you… and particularly the domestic animals, but all animals are breathing a great sigh of release, “Oooh, thank goodness the humans are really getting it, and so now we are freer to relax and be ourselves!”

Suzi: Yes – Yes – Yes. There’s definitely a relaxing that’s taking place. So if we could possibly do a little historical jaunt, could you perhaps explain the apparent violence in nature, and if animals chose the relationships they have in order to exist in duality with humans while we attend school here on Earth?

St. Francis: Yes and no. Now, what you often see as a violence is not perceived as such. The process of… well, certainly birth is similar… but death is slightly different than, shall we say, your old understanding. When I say to you that there is a balance in nature, I mean whether it is fire or flood or simply drought or one animal violently killing another, there has been an agreement about that restructuring of the balance “that I will be food for you”. And so it is not considered in that realm “violent”.

And yes, having said that, let me also be clear that there has been a great adjustment to reflect back to you and to teach you about the duality and polarity of where the human race was, and sometimes that has been horrific. But the sacrificing of one’s body to feed another is not always considered violent. Now, what is often considered violent is when you simply slaughter thousands for no reason. But that has been a human trait, not an animal trait.

Suzi: Well, if I can interrupt you for a second here. I’ve seen things in nature… well, not directly in nature, but on videos and nature programmes, etc. There are animals that do things not to eat… it’s a terrible thing to see. It’s a survival thing and a territory thing…

St. Francis: It’s not just about hunger; sometimes it is about territory and that is teaching the human beings. You are correct. But let us also say that when there is a carcass, when there is a dead animal – and we are talking about in the wilds – that carcass feeds many.

Suzi: True.

St. Francis: So it is not considered as abhorrent as you may always feel, but it is never jolly to witness that level of territoriality or of simple aggression. Now I am not also suggesting that there have not been animals in the wild, and domestically, who have gotten so fed up with the aggressive nature in the very air that they have acted out. That has happened time and time and time again. But as a collective, it is not the status that they live by.

Suzi: Right. I don’t especially want to get political and this is not really going to do so, but I do want to find out what we have to do to get governments to listen to the people. I mean, we scream and we shout and we protest and we write letters and we do all kinds of things, and they just don’t seem to really give a rat’s patootie. So I’m not really sure what else we’re supposed to do now about the environment and animals and all that.

St. Francis: Yes, and you are seeing some very dramatic examples of this, particularly in the country of the United States of America. But what you are going to see is a separation of ways. I do not want to enter the realm of prophecy, but let me be very practical about this.

I have said that the kingdoms have waited patiently for all of you to awaken and expand. And certainly, in your own realm, the human realm, those of you who are lightworkers and loveholders have waited patiently – and proactively! I am not saying that you have not done what is desirable and necessary – but you have waited patiently for that awareness to turn on the light in the government.

There comes a time when you simply dismiss government and go your own way. And more and more, that is what you are going to see. Many of you – and I mean this in a collective way – you are going to turn away from that realm, the same way I turned away from my community and my family, and go on a separate path and find out what works and create different forms of community.

St. Francis: Okay, alright, I love that; just don’t pay attention to it and create what we want.

St. Francis: You may send it the love and the energy and hope they wake up, but the time of waiting is over.

Suzi: Yes, and it no longer affects me. That’s the way I see it. That might not be a very practical… I’m going to call it realistic because that’s my truth. It does not affect me.

St. Francis: It is not where you choose to live. It is not the dimensionality which you are occupying. So it is not being foolhardy; it is being very realistic and it is saying, “You may follow me but I’m not following you.”

Suzi: That’s right. It’s standing up in our own power and saying, “No, thank you” to that particular reality; “I’m not going there.”

St. Francis: That is correct. So come and join me at the church in the silence with the birds and the foxes, and I don’t mind if you bring along a bear or two!

Suzi: Yeah, we’re coming!

St. Francis: I am waiting!

Suzi: Yeah, good! Well, thank you so much for joining us. I think we’re about up.

St. Francis: Thank you, my dearest heart. Thank you all.

And remember – talk to the trees, the animals, the birds, the trees, the grass, and don’t forget the stones!


Suzi: Thank you. Bye Frank!

St. Francis: Go with my love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.



Art : Naiden Stanchev

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.This

“Transcript ~ St. Francis of Assisi Speaks To Expanding Our Sacred Relationship With All Gaia’s Kingdoms,” December 20, 2016, Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Transcript ~ Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

White_Hummingbird_art frank howell

ART : White Hummingbird – Frank Howell


Transcript ~ Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements, August 16, 2016


[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.]

Commander Ashira of UFOG ~ We Are Your Complements

Think of us in this way: we want, we pray, to be your complements. … When we say “complement”, we mean that as a desirable add-on, a recognition, a bowing, an assistance to the human race, to this magnificent race of Gaians.

Heavenly Blessings, August 16, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:24 to 11:17]  Link to show audio

Ashira: Greetings. Greetings, my beloved friends, family, allies. Welcome.

Suzi: Welcome to you.

Ashira: I welcome you this day, not only as Commander-in-Chief of UFOG [United Forces of the Outer Galaxy] but as friend, as brother, as ally, for we do not operate on hierarchy, and we most certainly do not stand on ceremony!

Oh, that doesn’t mean that we do not have many, many, many delightful ceremonies. We do, and we practice them almost every day, for there are always things to celebrate, always things to create, always things to bring forth in a sacred manner. But I welcome you. I welcome you to our ship, to our home, to where we have lived, many of us, for thousands of years.

My beloveds, so often you are saying to us, “Come and join us, come and walk with us, and let this disclosure (as you term it) be fulfilled.” And you know there have been so many various announcements upon your planet, and by people in what you think of or consider ‘authority’. And yet, so often it simply goes ignored or unreported. It matters not.

But in the same way, my friends, we have been beckoning you, we have been calling to you, we have been inviting you. Earth, Gaia (sometimes also known as Gia) that we often call Terra Nova, has been part of the Intergalactic Council for well over a decade.

Your original representatives, Wakana Taka and company, those who have also served at the council fire of the Mother Gaia, have performed and served extraordinarily well, but this delegation, as we would call it, is rapidly expanding. Your period of internship is over. The period of finding your legs, as it were, is over. And it is time for Earth, for Gaia, to be fully represented – and not only in ceremonial ways but fully as humans.

Yes, you are still in the process, collectively anyway, of your ascension. Many of you have been on board ship – well, some of you – for decades or eons. But the number of you who have been cohabitating back and forth has been increasing significantly every single day. [Linda clears her throat] Excuse me, for my channel adjusts the vocal cords, does she not!

But let me explain. As much as you are calling and beckoning to us, we are calling and beckoning to you. Now that is not a universal call but, nevertheless, it is important for you to know – and specifically those that we have been calling – that your presence with us is rapidly expanding; your participation with us is growing hour to hour.

Now the purpose of this is not merely your presence at the Intergalactic Council – which, by the way, is hosted, located if you will, here – but it is the daily interactions as well. Many of you are becoming more conversant with our science, with our technology, with our communication methods, with science and healing, even with teaching. We haven’t invited any chefs yet, but that will come!

Some of you are simply coming to acclimatise, to become familiar with our customs and culture, our ways of doing things, because your role is as emissaries upon Earth, upon Gaia. And that will be a very important role as our presence is more clearly known and identifiable, so that the human beings will welcome us as brethren, as friends, rather than as beings who come with agendas of power or control or even sabotage. That is not only not true, it is not possible.

And you say, “Ashira, why would that be? Why would it not be possible?” Like you, our commitment, our mission and purpose is in service to the Mother, the Father, the One, the unfoldment of Her Plan upon this planet and far beyond. Our culture, our being has been in that alignment for a very, very long time.

Do we have free will? Yes, we do. But because of our history, the way that we have built our civilisations, there is no will, there is no desire to proceed in any way that is contrary to the Divine Plan or the will of Mother/Father/One. So would we be, in your terminology, physically capable of altering that? Yes, but in our collective and individual consciousness, that is inconceivable.

Now you as a collective – and this is part of your ascension process – are learning about that use of will in creation and the marriage, the union, the sacred union, between your beloved heart, the love, and the expression of it in the outer and the inner realms which is activated by will.

A very simple way to think of it is that it is will is love in action. So we have no will within our beings or within our history – what I would say ‘current history’ which would be many thousands, about 10,000 years – to do anything but help.

Think of us in this way: we want, we pray, to be your complements. And I do not mean that in the necessarily romantic way, although for some of you it is – and we are happy about that as well, especially for those of you who have been waiting for a very long time for your partners. But when we say “complement”, we mean that as a desirable add-on, a recognition, a bowing, an assistance to the human race, to this magnificent race of Gaians.

You are correct, Suzanne, dearest Suzi, when you say that we see you more clearly at times – and might I say most times – than you see yourselves. I do not mean that in a way of superiority. I mean it as compliment.

We see your beauty, the beauty of your hearts, the commitment of your hearts, the power of your will, your desire to create and to bring forth Nova Earth, Terra Nova, and to live in peace and harmony and joy on a planet that is based on freedom and equality, prosperity and abundance. And I do not mean that in terms of money; I mean the abundance, the bounty of your planet is overwhelming.

I do not say that in an acquisitive way, but when you look at this planet, at the elements alone of water and air and sunshine and light and energy, of food – many of you are reacquainting yourselves with the delicious nature of the experience of food in the true form of what Gaia has to offer.

I am not talking about chemical machinations. I’m talking about food that is grown from the heart of the Mother, water that is pristine. The abundance of this Gaia Archangel is truly beyond imagination. Now has it been sullied? Yes. And can it be remedied basically in the blink of an eye? Yes. And is that already underway? Yes.

There are many things that we do with you, as complements for you, to enhance your life. We are not sitting here waiting for approval, although we will never proceed in ways that can be in the slightest way interpreted as aggressive. But there are many things that we do simply because of who we are, wanting to enrich your experience, and in that to anchor the fullness of the Mother’s Plan.

And the Mother’s Plan isn’t simply for heart consciousness – yes, that is part of it; transformative love – yes, that is part of it. But in that is the harmony between all kingdoms, all species, all races, all belief systems, all nations. That is why we address you as Gaians. That is why you are at the Intergalactic Council. But it is also the fullness of Gaia, the peace of the kingdoms, so that they are not harmed or dishonoured in any way.

So much of what we have been addressing has been about this as well. And let us also preface that by saying we have absolute confirmation and direction in these actions, as do all the fleets from the Intergalactic Council of which Earth has been a full, participating member. And many of you who are now stepping forth into that role as emissaries on that Council are bringing many of the needs and desires of the collective to the Council to be worked on and to be fulfilled.

It is not just a matter of handing over technology. I hear those pleas written, shouted, whispered daily: “Give us our replicator.” But can you imagine, not to those who are individuals, sweet and pure – and we know you – but to the collective at this point? It would be like giving car keys, or the ignition switch to a spaceship, to a 2-year old. In fact, a 2-year old would be more equipped because they remember from whence they came. Let’s say a young teenager who is acting out. It would not be wise.

Why would you wish to replicate disaster or mayhem, nuclear bombs or weapons. You have already developed destructive technology – even your 3D printers which are star technology have been abused for weapons of war. So we are very cautious and prudent in terms of what we are sharing.

Now our forces on the ground, our boots on the ground – although many of them wear sneakers, high-tops, low-tops and everything in between! – are growing daily, and they are in every walk of life. Our favourite spots and our favourite towns are highly populated, but they are in Wall Street, in Washington, in Moscow, in Saudi Arabia, Israel. There is no nation that is not being attended to; there is no group that is not being attended to and watched over, assisted where and can we may.

So do not think, my friends, that things are not going forward. They are.

Now having said that, I would like, Suzanne, to hand it over to you.

Suzi: Well, thank you Ashira. Firstly I want to speak my heart and express my gratitude, our gratitude, for all the loving actions that you and the Unified Forces have taken on behalf of humanity and of Gaia. Thank you so much, very much. We don’t even know what you’ve done.

I will say for myself, whatever I’ve done that’s outside of my conscious awareness, I am absolutely volunteering to be emissary, ambassador… whatever you guys need basically to make a nice, smooth transition here. And I just know that there are many, many of our listeners, if not every single one, [laughter] who would also volunteer to do that.

So might we talk about food? You mentioned “chefs” and if we aren’t ready for replicators, let’s please talk about food and what we might expect there because, as you mentioned, lots of us are going through transitions. My daughter and I are on this very highly restrictive sensitivity diet and getting back to health, and it’s clearing us, but I would really like to know what to expect from food, if we could talk about that?

Ashira: The purity of food, the nutritious nature of food, the creative power of food, is part of the gifts of this planet. Now I’m sure you understand – and many of you, including you, dearest Suzanne – have yearned to be part of the species that doesn’t eat, that ingests sheer energy.

And all of you, and all of you who are emissaries… and you are right: there is not a single listener that is not prepared to do that, and joyfully, willingly, graciously. Parts of the gifts of this planet are the food and the water, the elements, and if you look to the native traditions that you have, the elements are key. But why are they key? Because of the gifts they bear.

What has happened in the imbalance of Gaia is that the value of food has truly been forgotten, and we look at it and we are overwhelmed and impressed. Now you look at us and say, “Oh, but you have these magnificent gardens,” and we do, but look at this planet. Things are simply growing wild!

So it would be strange – and I do mean strange! – that Gaia grows and assists you to grow these wonderful, nutritious substances, food. And when that occurs, you are eating not only the delicious nature and the vitamins and minerals and all those practical things – you are eating Creation. You take a carrot out of the earth, and it is earth and water and air and sunshine. That’s what it’s made of! And when you take that into your body, and that wonderful orange ray which is Creation – oh, it is gift beyond measure!

And so, can you imagine going to a feast, going to a banquet, and the hostess who is sweet Gaia offering you her bounty and everybody saying, “Oh, no thanks. I don’t eat.” Even those beings who can exist and do exist on sheer energy would take a bite because it is an offering of love; it is an offering of something that has been part of Her.

So there has been this imbalance. The beauty, the nutrition of food has been lost, and in the western culture it has become chemical warfare of a certain sort. And then in the other nations where there is starvation because of drought or chemicals or what have you, that has been lost.

So part of what we are doing, and part of what you are doing, is the restoration of that balance of the true abundance of this planet. And we are working diligently on it. But also part of that is not only the physical rebalancing; it is the rebalancing of attitudes. So it is not that you need to be eating 24/7, but it is to enjoy the delights that are offered up by this sentient being.

Suzi: Well, I have to say it’s changed our attitudes towards eating a lot, because when you’re on a highly restricted diet and then you’re allowed to eat some more foods… gosh, I tell you, you really start to love food and really enjoy eating the food. So I know this was very purposeful for us to go through this. It’s been a difficult journey but I do appreciate it.

So as far as food is concerned, could you just tell me that it’s going to be very easy to eliminate GMO’s and their contamination of other crops from this whole planet, just gone! Is that possible?

Ashira: Genetic modification, in some cases… You see, everything begins with intent and attitude, so there are times when genetic modification is desirable. Now I’m talking from our perspective. I’m not talking about what your current situation is. I need to be clear about that because I can already hear the hue and cry.

But genetic modification as you advance, as we restore, as we conjointly restore, there will be some modification, but it will also be modification to bring back the fullness of nutrients and the balance of those nutrients. If you are asking, “Can the chemicals, etc. etc. etc., ad nauseam, be eliminated?” The answer is yes.

But I also want to encourage you because you are a magnificent Creator Race! You can also begin changing that balance or imbalance right now, like we are working on it. We have ships: science ships, explorer ships, nutrition ships, healing ships that are busy on this very project. But as Creator Race, and as adherents and followers and friends and allies of St. Germaine, you are capable.

Now you know when you pray, bless, thank, but also transmute what you are putting in your body – before you do so; it’s a little late after the fact! – even if it is sheer energy, you are blessing it and bringing it forth. You can change literally the chemical composition of what you are putting in. So do not wait for everything in your laboratories to test positive. Do it for everything you put in your body.

But also I would encourage you, because we also do this. I have begun this day by saying that there are many, many ceremonies that we undertake, and it isn’t selective. It isn’t, “Now we are having a ceremony for the healers; now we are having a ceremony for the communications.” We are a family and so are you. So when we say, “Oh, if you’re free around five, come on over. We’re blessing the planet and all the food.”

And you can do this. Use the peace meditation. Take it and make it a food meditation; make it a chemical-free meditation. Start working as a ‘Unified Force of Gaia’ on the planet and we would join you with bells on!

Suzi: Fabulous. You spoke to this a little bit. Are certain receptive humans being seeded with galactic technology? Is there now any resistance to the release and dissemination of ideas that will help us clean this place up?

Ashira: No. If there is a hiccup or a ‘glitch’ as you would call it in this, the clean-up is underway and a great deal of this has been ‘current a little, past most definitely’ undercover. Our reason isn’t so much as what you would think of as active resistance, but we don’t want the abuse of power – I won’t say power, I will say “abuse of power” – for this to become big business.

Now let me be clear. Just as production in many fields has become big business under the control of individuals, or corporations which are only made up of individuals that only are interested in making money and gaining more power, we can’t – we won’t! – abide or support the nature of clean-up, be it food or atmosphere. You know we work continually on your chemtrails so that is a good example. We won’t allow that to be the purview of what you can think of as “big business”.

Now think about it. When a popular idea is born and gains momentum, what has happened? You have had an individual or a corporation say, “Oh, there’s money in that, therefore we’re going to take it over and popularise it and make more money and gain greater control.” That has been a paradigm of old Earth, and that is not a paradigm that we will ever support.

Now the positive thing is that there are many, many, many, many of you… those of you who are not busy being emissaries have projects that you have dreamt of and planned for yourselves. Now these projects such as clean-up of Gaia, production of healthy food, taking care of the kingdoms, cleaning up the air, feeding the starving – all of these will not be based on the paradigm of control and hierarchical set-up. And we do support those!

So right now, you are in the tipping point, the transition point; these things are coming online and that is where our support and our full participation – active, knowing, accessible – participation will be.

And that is one of the reasons we are talking today, because these are projects, these are undertakings that are born from the purity of heart, of love. Not because you want to control a community, be it a farming community, an investment community, a banking community, a social community, a hospital community, a healing community – they are not based on aggression and control and so we support those undertakings.

Suzi: Would it be accurate to say at this point that the big bosses are pretty much out of commission and we are only dealing with minions at this point?

Ashira: Yes.

Suzi: That’s pretty groovy. I like it!

Ashira: Yes, it is very accurate. They may think [laughter] – and that is part of the humour, and we do have a sense of humour, you know; but that is part of the joke – they may think they are still in control. They’re not!

Suzi: Yes, I feel that. I haven’t seen very many [chemtrails]. We’ve had a couple of months of really beautiful, chemtrail-free skies, and then one day last week was just sprayed all over the place. And now it’s clear again, so whatever happens is okay. I trust.

I had a vision the other day while out driving. I don’t know how to read music but I love to sing, and to sing in most choirs one must be able to read music. It occurred to me that music could be written in colours. As I understand it, we’re headed for a deeper understanding of both colour and sound for things like healing. Would you say more about that please and in what other ways that might be happening?

Ashira: Oh yes, my beloved friend. Now, you don’t need to read music in order to sing, to play an instrument. Now I know traditionally that has been the case, but think of telepathic imprinting so that all those tones, all those measures, the rhythm, staccato or anything else is already within you, just as most of the formulas are.

So when we work with healing, primarily it is with the rays, with colours and with sound. And as my Galea has often explained to you, inside sound is light. The light is variations of the rays and of different colours, depending. And you can tell this when you listen or sing and inside the colour is the sound, and inside the sound is the colour and the light. And it is infinite. Think of it as an infinity sign and both meet in the middle.

We are surprised sometimes at how more people do not sing just for the sheer joy of it! And it does not need to be opera or an aria or a ballad or anything. It can simply be your song of the universe. But when you sing it, when you belt it out, let us say that over here on our side you have an appreciative audience like you wouldn’t believe!

And let me also say, Gaia, the plants, the animals, the trees, the flowers, the mountains are all listening to you. And when you sing walking down Madison Avenue or the streets of Beijing and you sing, the cement and the pavement and the air is welcoming you and saying, “Thank God someone is expressing joy!”

Suzi: Oh yay, that makes me happy. I’m so giddy now, yay!

Ashira: We are listening, and you are listening to us more and more. You are also hearing the angelic chorus, you are hearing the song of the universe, you are hearing the song of Gaia, you are hearing the song of the breeze, of the wind, you are hearing the whispers of the trees and the animals. Sing along! It is one of our favourite things to do.

Suzi: Yay, okay, fabulous. I’m just going to think of you guys now, go out in my yard and sing out loud, and it’ll be wonderful.

Ashira: And at the same time, it is healing. So I have talked about songs of joy, but we also mean the songs of grief, the songs of confusion, even the song of frustration. Love songs are our favourite too!

Suzi: Oh, I want to give you a hug!

Ashira: And I gladly accept!

Suzi: Oh, okay! You’ve been observing life on Earth for quite a while. As things are right now, it really is a matter of survival of the fittest – “that rule” where animals have to hunt and consume one another and humans need to take both plant and animal life in order to survive. Would you say more about how that will be changing, and perhaps how that was either a deviation from or part of the Mother’s Plan?

Ashira: That has been part of your evolution, and there is a time and place, can I say, for moving on. Now what has happened is the reverence – and I do mean reverence: the deep appreciation for a life that is given – has, in many situations, gone missing.

There are beings… and I have used the example of a carrot, but it can be an animal, because there are many misunderstandings about that as well… that give their lives, not in the way of survival of the fittest, because look what that has done on the human level of people killing people, but the sacrifice that one says – and do not think that a carrot or a cabbage or an apple or an animal cannot speak; they can – that says, “I give you my essence to nourish you because I am continuing on elsewhere.” And that is in balance.

And sometimes it is a very new, little baby carrot, and sometimes it is an old root that has lived for seasons. Sometimes it is a young animal that just came for a brief time to experience what it is to be in that form and to teach love, compassion and sharing.

But is it a situation of just survival? That has been out of balance, not so much in the various kingdoms as in how humans have created that, but there will be a more peaceful progression. And that balance will be – by choice, not by enforcement – be re-established because it will not mean, “I simply need to do this to survive.”

Think of the bears that in the spring consume the salmon so that they may continue on, that they may feed their cubs. The salmon knows. It is not that they feel that they have been martyred. In their collective and individual consciousness, they are aware. And there is an agreement, and although you don’t notice it, a reverence in this sacred ceremony of life. It is humans that need to learn this.

Suzi: We need to learn that it’s about the relationship and respect.

Ashira: Yes – and that it is not about aggression. It is about the circle of support.

Suzi: Yes, it’s true. There was recently a brilliant ship revealed in a video taken over Colombia. I’m sure there are pictures and videos all over the place. I would love to know that it’s real, but with the prevalence of masterful Photoshop artists, it’s not so easy to discern; probably because we want contact so very much and for it to be truly happening. Can you say anything about that particular video?

Ashira: There are many ships that are being photographed. And yes, in that particular case, it is real.

Suzi: Wow, that was pretty amazing!

Ashira: You have been seeing us for a long time as twinkling planets or stars, or sometimes you think it is a shooting star or meteorite and it’s simply us waving hello! But we are making our presence far more visible these days.

Suzi: Oh, I love that. And I guess it all depends on the size of the ship, but if we see a spot of light in the sky, how far away is the ship?

Ashira: Usually several thousand miles.

Suzi: Wow, okay!

Ashira: We tend to be quite large, you know!

Suzi: [Laughter] Yes, yes. I’m very excited! We’re coming to the end of our thing here but I would love to have you back for some more conversation. It would be wonderful if you would come.

Ashira: I would love to and I would be honoured to. And yes, I would be most interested in speaking further. This was a general update, was it not? But let us have a further conversation about the human ascension process that we are enthusiastically, gleefully, joyfully, not only observing but participating in! So we would like to talk about that.

Suzi: Yes yes yes – very much. I look forward to it with glee! [Laughter] So have you got anything in closing? And I really want to say thank you very much again.

Ashira: My beloved friend and all of you – you are welcome. You are welcome with us and we feel welcome with you.

Go with our love and go, sweet friends, in peace. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


White_Hummingbird_art frank howell

ART : White Hummingbird – Frank Howell


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ Heavenly Blessings – Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements, August 16, 2016, Channeled by Linda Dillon, at

Transcript ~ Commander Ashira of UFOG: We Are Your Complements, August 16, 2016

Transcript – Sanat Kumara – Choose Love And Action! – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Art Angel of light by Isabelle Grönlund

ART : Angel of Light by Isabelle Grönlund


Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara Blessings: Choose Love and Action, August 2, 2016

[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.]

Sanat Kumara ~ Choose Love And Action!

Look for your tangible projects, formulate them, and step forth in the declaration of what you choose to create upon the planet. The time of action is upon you!

Heavenly Blessings, August 2, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 6:50 to 11:42]  Link to show audio.


Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

Suzi: Welcome.

Sanat Kumara: And welcome to you. Yes, by all means call me Raj for we are old friends. And I say that not only to you, dearest Suzanne, but to all of you and to all upon Gaia, for I welcome every being, every flower, every plant, every mountain, every ocean this day.

It is funny because you tend to think and progress into the unity of heart consciousness, but when you proceed in this way, do not exclude all the kingdoms for all upon Gaia are One. There are no beings – what you think of inanimate or living – that are not part of this unified whole, this pattern, this grid, this tapestry of what you think of as Gaia.

You are not separate from the unified whole, and that is part – a small part but an important part – of what I come to speak of this day. Let your concerns go, and in this moment feel and hear and know and be the truth of who you are.

Beloved friends, you have come from far and wide, from the angelic and archangelic realms, from star systems far away; you have come as ancient earthkeepers, as hybrids, as elementals, as Venusians. But you are all human, you are all Gaian, and you are already at the table of the Intergalactic Council.

It is time that you all step forward, yes, in your individual splendour and the unfoldment of your plan within our Mother’s Plan, but as Nova Beings creating Nova Earth, bringing forth the splendour, the magnificence, the truth, the peace, the wonder, the awe, the balance. There is only one reason you are on this planet at this time, and it is to not just witness but to be a part of the rebirth of love.

My task, my role as Planetary Oversight, is to assist in the anchoring and the re-anchoring of the Creator Race and the essence of love, not only the recognition of divinity but the practical actuality of divinity within you and in all of your doings, societies, structures, institutions, families, communities, it matters not. There is no delineation.

Now at this time, very dramatic mirrors are being held up to you. And in the Tsunami of One, you are seeing and receiving inputs, adjustments, attunements, raising in frequency, vibratory rates, so that you may physically hold more love, more energy.

Now you say, “How do these two connect? You say, “vibration and frequency and love.” Everything is love. That is of the Divine Nature. Now there are many human creations that are simply distractions and deviations from that, and that has been the speciality of your old 3rd dimension. But there is no room for that any longer. I do not know how many times we have to say this!

Now I know in some ways, my friends, I am preaching to the choir, but understand what I have said this day. I am speaking to all upon Gaia. And it is time for this distraction, deception, lies, untruth, deviations, of such a magnitude that they hide the truth – it is time for this to come to an end.

Now we are doing our part, and you are being uplifted as never before. And many of you, most of you as a matter of fact at this time, are flying in and out of the portal knowingly and unknowingly. But what does it look like to create Nova Earth? Could it be smooth, non- confrontative? No, not because we do not desire it, but because human choice at this moment of what you construe of as “time” is of a nature that there is a lack of consistency in the choice for love.

And this is a word that I am almost hesitant to use. Can you imagine, as a servant which we all are of the Mother, that I hesitate to use the word “love” because upon your planet at this time, it is being bandied about without understanding that this is a sacred word. In some traditions of ancient times, and even recent times, there are words that were so sacred that they were not spoken, only held within the heart and within the pattern.

“Love” is the most sacred word. If you are to think of a term of reference point, to speak truly of the awe of One, it would be love. If you wished to nickname the Mother, it would be love. If you wished to understand the essence of the Father, it would be love. And yet this word has become misunderstood in many ways.

Now we do not halt the use of this word because the design is that it is seeping into your consciousness – and I mean the collective consciousness – that although it is misunderstood, somehow, somewhere, love is important.

And so, for example, in your political shenanigans in the United States of America, you are seeing the use of placards and people declaring love. And yet their behaviour is not of love. It is not of love of the Mother and the Father and the One or the Son. And it is not of love of humanity and unified consciousness, anchored in the heart consciousness and transformative love. It is none of these things.

And you say, “Yes Raj, we know that. How can you help us?” Well, first of all, rest assured we are helping you and the legions are at work like never before, so it is not only my company but the company of all. Understand what I am saying to you: the “company of all” – all delegations, all masters, all angelic realms, all star systems. It is not just a cheerleading team that is sitting on the sidelines!

We are working with all of you, and as we do with those that truly do not want change, it is appearing chaotic. Now let me go further. There are those that want change, and who are reverting back to what you can think of as an ancient understanding of Source, of God, of God the Father with a controlling, aggressive, thundering, punishing being. And that is a human construct. It does not have its basis in truth. It most certainly does not have its basis in love.

So what you are witnessing – yes, in the United States but also in many countries where there are despotic leaders, male and female, of every religious tint – are those who wish to be in control and who are more than eager to assume this role, to be the controlling patriarch. But what is even more chaotic is the number of Gaians eager, not simply willing but eager to embrace that type of system. So that is reversion back.

It is change but it is not, shall we say, progressive or forward thrust, new being, Nova Earth change. It is change that is based on fear and saying, “Let me run away and let Daddy take care of it.” And that is a total abrogation of self-responsibility. It is not being the observer; it is not inserting participation where you have need to. It is an abrogation of why you are on the planet. I cannot be clearer than that!

Then there are those in the middle road who believe that nothing has really changed. Gaia has ascended. She is interdimensional in her nature, hard-anchored in the 7th, present in all dimensionality. You are seeing the shifts and yet there is this group that says, “Oh, nothing has changed and we can maintain the status quo.” And even if there wasn’t the new wave, which I will speak of next, that is not possible because you have these revisionaries on the other side so that is not going to do it.

So these people are pretending that they are deaf, dumb and blind. I do not say that in the way of insult, my beloveds. I say that if you choose the middle way – and that has been preferred by many sages – then be true to the middle way, the middle path, the middle journey. It is a preferred journey of balance for many. But again, be true to the love.

Remember you are only here for one reason – to be the re-patterners, the re-weavers, the re-anchors of the Mother’s Plan. Your plan and the reason you are here is that you chose, because it was essential to your fulfilment to do this. So if you are going to sit in the middle, be true to truth.

And then there are the wayshowers, those who see the chaos and are participating in what we would call “creative chaos”. The change could have been, could still be very smooth, but because of the human choices it is not unfolding in that way. Now, did we anticipate that? Yes. We were surprised at your spiritually mature choice of collective ascension, but it was a choice.

But now there are many that are saying, “I yearn, I desire, I know who I am; I may not know every detail of how to get there,” and none of you do by the way. It is a walk of trust; it is a walk of heart; it is an unfoldment. We cannot tell you or even write the fullness of the script because that would be denying your free will, and dear hearts, you have surprised us time and time again. Even when we know we’re going to be surprised, we’re surprised!

Those who are wayshowers, who are the agents and angels of change – and it doesn’t matter whether you are hybrid, starseed, earthkeeper – you are angels of change. And the reason you are here is to be the constructors, the catalysts, the re-weavers. You are on track!

Now, do not deviate. Stay in the love. Expose what you know to be simple attachment to the old 3rd, to the paradigms, the false grids of aggression and control, lack and limitation – the list is endless. And we don’t even want to repeat it anymore because it is non-existent. There are places in the universe still to awaken, and the ascension of this planet and this race is part of laying the pattern for those that follow.

But if you desire to be part of that old, then pass on and you can reincarnate on one of those planets still in progress. There is no requirement to stay. Is there a desire on our part that you will stay and fulfil? Yes. But is it a requirement? It has never been a requirement.

The unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is not dependent upon 7 billion or 1 billion lining up. We don’t want… it has never been the Plan that people line up and obey, salute. It has always been the Plan that the flowering of love in the heart would be such that it puts you beyond any other choice, because when you are experiencing this – what has been termed “transformative love”, what we call “real love” – there is no other choice.

So are you in the midst of chaos? Yes. And do you need serenity? And do you need reassurance? Yes, you do. And as your Logos, I am here not only to reassure but to say, “Those of you who feel you are forging the new pathway, that you are truly the wayshowers, whether it is in society, in relationship, in politics, in education, in your own life, you are doing what has need to be done.”

Does it feel at moments enormously challenging and difficult? Yes. And by the way, is the relief on the way? Yes there is, because you need some tangible projects, and this political upheaval is one of these tangible projects. And the product, the outcome, is rebirth, new understanding, broader understanding, fuller participation.

This word “democracy” is bandied about as well. It is almost bandied about as much as “love”. But democracy is simply community; it is an expression of love in community; it is an expression of trust. As you enter the love, there is no desire to control another; there is no need for lies. Integrity and truth are simply omnipresent because there is that willingness – and I mean Divine willingness – to share, to create, to co-create, to be in sacred unions of every type. There is harmony.

Do you really think in other realms that we hold elections? In the harmony and balance, the ebb and flow, the love takes care of everything. Now does that mean we are not organised? Of course we are. People assume different roles, just as I, in service to the Mother, have assumed this role as Logos. But it is a role.

If the Mother had asked me – and in many ways She has asked me – to be the janitor and the clean-up crew, I would do that. And I am! And, my beloved friends, so are you. You look to me for guidance, but also what I say is, “Come stand with me because each of you carry this role.”

Now, dearest Suzanne, I have gone on and on. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Well, I love that you’ve gone on and on actually because this is very good information and I have lots of comments on things you’ve said. Gosh, where do I start? The feeling I have now is that all that really requires my attention is what’s before me in the moment. That is the most efficient way for me to not engage in the chaos that’s going on.

I thought it was very interesting that most of us are interdimensional whether we know it or not. So could you give people a little bit of guidance on when we might notice that we are? For my own self, I feel like when I’m out driving, if I’m feeling especially in love with the trees and the things around me, and I’m just loving myself and everything around me, I guess that’s pretty much the higher dimensional beingness, right?

Sanat Kumara: That is correct. The more… you see, you are thinking of this also as sequential, and in some ways it is because that is the linear nature of how humanity has been trained to think. But it is also simultaneous. So you are correct, dearest one, in so far as you say, “When I am in love, I am interdimensional.”

Think of it as love being your ticket or your pass to being, understanding and experiencing that you are interdimensional. So when you are stratified, when you are so restricted, you restrict yourself. Feel it – your muscles constrict; you feel as if you are a shell sitting on a shelf. And, of course, in that you are not fluidly travelling between dimensions.

But when you look at a tree – and I am talking without psychedelic substances – and you feel the energy of the tree, you feel the sap running like the blood flows through your body, when you can hear the heartbeat of Gaia, when you can perhaps sense… All of you are not at a point when you are seeing or hearing completely clearly, but you have your intuitive knowing, you have your sense of connection. This is your interdimensional self.

Suzi: You made a statement saying that we need some relief, and then you said we need tangible relief and that politics is a project that takes our mind of and gives relief. But I don’t get it because the Democratic Party has become about as undemocratic as possible. The words they use sound just lovely, but the actions are both very covert and openly belie the words. I know everyone has a role but could you maybe give a little bit more? So in order to get relief, we have to go through hardship, right? That’s the deal?

Sanat Kumara: No, that is not the deal, but that is at the moment much of the human choices that are being made. Now let us look at this. You say that the Democratic Party in the United States of America… And St. Germaine has just walked through the door for he is very interested in this subject as well! But let me continue.

So previously this level of manipulation has gone undetected. Not that this level of manipulation and dishonesty has not been present; and let me be very clear, it has been present in most of your American electoral processes. You have seen these shenanigans time and time and time again, but at this moment in the unfoldment, all of this is coming to the surface. Before, it was not… it was a vague awareness that something was not quite right, but it was not out on the table…

Suzi: Documented…

Sanat Kumara: No, not simply talked about; documented and seen and truly very apparent. So what you are going through – and think of the three groups that I have discussed – is that what you are seeing is that there is this forward thrust in the wayshowers, regardless of whether they consider themselves lightworkers or wayshowers; it does not matter because all are being equally penetrated. But to many, this exposure is creating this shock value and this recognition that perhaps things are not as filled with integrity as one would hope, and let me say, as one would demand.

And so, it is a project – I use this as the term – “a project” whereby humans are being given the opportunity to truly step forward and declare themselves as the wayshowers, as the anchors of the new. So does it look like tremendous upheaval? Yes. Does it feel like tremendous upheaval? Yes.

Now revolution – that word, that term, that action has always been attractive to the young. And you are seeing that because they are believers that they are here to change the world. But revolution has also been a term, a process, an undertaking that has been attractive to those who feel and are, or feel downtrodden, oppressed, repressed, taken advantage of. The United States of America was founded on revolution. You have a very bloody history!

Now it is not the intention that the founding and the anchoring of Nova Earth be bloody and violent. But what you are seeing in this upheaval is that what has been bloody and violent – and we use the term “violent” to mean lack of integrity and abuse of power – is being exposed, and that is a good thing because if it is not exposed, then everybody continues as is.

Suzi: That’s true. And you’re absolutely right that people are standing up and making videos and organising others; and it’s all in love and integrity and with the highest good of all concerned. People are coming out of the woodwork that are like that, so it’s very encouraging and beautiful. And I just wondered too… are the dreadful things happening now all kind of moot because of the changes coming for the planet?

Sanat Kumara: Pretty much. Now when I say that, I need to set some parameters, do I not! You are at a point of breakthrough and it may well feel like breakdown, and in some ways it is breakdown of the old that has not served the Mother. I am going to keep bringing you back to this point. Lies, untruth, dishonesty, aggression, control, rape, pillage, murder in no way serves the Mother.

So, what is happening… you are our anchors, you are the change element upon the planet. When you are saying, “This is not acceptable,” – and it does not matter whether it is shooting in the streets or war overseas or the bombing of buildings or a political election – what you are all saying is that is not acceptable, this is not in alignment with who I am. So fundamentally all of you are cringing and saying, “This can’t go on.”

Now, your question really is, “Do we have to go through civil war, mayhem, more blood in the streets in order to make the change?” And the answer is no. Exposure of lack of integrity, of control, aggression and so on… exposure is often so embarrassing that those who are perpetrators of such will run away.

It is the nature of what you term “bully”. When bullies are exposed, they turn and run. They are not filled with valor; they are not the bravest of the brave. They are usurpers and so the usurpers are being exposed. So, do you have to take your guns to the street? I beg you, never!

So when you say, “Hardship – is hardship necessary?” No, because what you are also doing – and this is where you are claiming your status as creators – is you are holding the vision of something entirely different. You are holding the vision and the fulfilment of the dream. And you are all doing it in your various ways. Some of you are what I would say multidimensional in so far as you are political, social, structural; some of you are economic. It does not matter what dimension or sphere you are operating in.

What I suggest: hold the love. Feel yourself swimming, flying, floating, walking to where the answers lie and bring them back into what you think of as your dimensional reality. Bring them back. It does not require difficulty.

Suzi: Alright. Well, you mentioned something about when the bully is exposed, but here’s the thing that I see – the bully is already exposed, but it seems that there’s a collective cognitive dissonance about it, that half the population – or maybe less than half, I don’t know – but a lot of them just want to cling to the idea that the bully is really okay.

Sanat Kumara: Yes, and that is what you have said “cognitive dissonance” but it is also denial. Now think of it in practical terms. Think of the parent who is informed by the school principal that their child is being a bully. And the first time, they say “Oh no, my Clarence or Clarisse could not possibly be a bully. You must have misunderstood.”

And they ask Clarisse or Clarence whether they did this or that, and they say, “Oh no, mama, I did not do that.” And then it is repeated and exposed and repeated and exposed, until finally the family recognises that there is something terribly wrong and that it needs to be course-corrected. That is what you are in the middle of: the exposure.

Now is this the first exposure? No. Are there dramatic exposures occurring at this moment? Yes, not just political but societal, governmental – and we separate governmental and political – institutional. So there are changes that are occurring. And yes, think of the good news, my beloved friend: there is about 30% – and, in fact, if you take those who have simply been passive in this, there is more than 50% that are saying, “This is not acceptable.”

Now have they arrived as yet at a plan of action, what the three of you have thought of as the right use of will, to come to a place where they have a plan to implement the change, and changes that are doable and tangible and practical and acceptable to the collective? No, you haven’t. But many of you are very proactively working on such. And that is how this is being completed – not begun, but completed.

So you are at the point where the situation of the ‘emperor wearing no clothes’ is very clear to many, but you haven’t completed, you haven’t stepped forward as yet saying, “And this is how we’re going to fix it.” You are in process. So take heart, take great heart!

And you are being given very tangible, doable projects. Are they massive? Yes. We are no longer talking about being friendly in the supermarket. Now, is that essential? Yes! [Laughter] But you are escalating, you are expanding to broader platforms, and that is necessary and desirable and supported mightily from our side.

Suzi: Okay, that’s beautiful. You mentioned something that caught my attention, “Earth is anchored in the 7th.” Are we skipping the 5th? Nobody seems to be talking about the 5th dimension anymore!

Sanat Kumara: Do not forget… think of if the Earth is a giant sphere. So think of where the heart is, as anchored in the 7th in the alignment with love and with the alignment with Christ Consciousness. Now she also brushes the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th. The 5th is where you are noticing and managing the change.

Dearest heart, I would say most of you believe that you are operating in the 3rd because you have this tangibility, this physical vessel. But, in fact, look at your vessels and how they are changing and how they are being transformed, all the repair work visible and invisible that has been done on it, and the amount of change that you are being asked to manage.

So you are in the 5th. It is just the positive part of this and the nature of the human race as they truly are, is you are forward not only thinkers and feelers but doers. So you are always looking ahead. So you are in the 5th, you are looking to the 11th already and wondering why you are not there! It is the children sitting in the car saying, “Are we there yet?” Well, you are almost there, but there is a little further to go! [Laughter]

Suzi: It’s interesting that you mention the physical vessel because my daughter and I have been catapulted into completely committing ourselves to making our vessels be the strongest and most able to carry and hold light as possible. That’s like the primary motivation here and it’s really nice. It’s kind of a hard road because there’s not a lot of food we can eat at this particular point, but that’s okay. We’re just really committed to it. Is that really accurate?

Sanat Kumara: That is very accurate. But let me say, yes, there is the obsession when one is young and delightfully beautiful, regardless of being occupied with the physical body. But what you are doing, and what many of you are doing, is experiencing, “How do I hold this energy? I do not want it to leak out. I am more than willing to share, but I don’t want to be out of sorts in holding this energy and so I am reconstructing.”

Now whether you know it or not – and again, it doesn’t matter – each of you, not only frequency/vibration, physically are being reconstituted, some of you more vigorously than others; and that is also in alignment with your own mission and purpose, why you are here. So yes, it is part of the shift; it is part of ascension. When you are flying back and forth through the portal, what you think of not only as toxins or impurities but your ability to hold this energy, to sustain this energy – your body needs to be strong.

So often, when you see representations, channelled pictures or portraits of any of us, you tend to see us as very large. Now we can be the grain of sand on the beach, it matters not. But the reason you tend to perceive us as large is because of the energy field we are holding. So that is where you are going.

Suzi: I think we’re probably close to the end. Have you got anything in closing? This has been really wonderful and informative, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Sanat Kumara: You are so welcome. Yes, I do have something to say, and I am not suggesting that you simply look at these various situations and laugh. But, my beloved ones, can you see the nature of what is taking place? And that is why I have used the analogy of the ‘emperor with no clothes’.

When you picture the exposure, see it for what it is – that it is not tragedy, it is not Greek tragedy, it is not melodrama; it is nothing except showing what is not of light, what is not of love. And once that is identified, the decision process is already underway.

Now, many of you may say, “But I don’t want radical change.” It does not matter. As Yeshua has said to you, this is a time of radical change. You cannot stop the infinite flow of the universe. What you can do is choose to be part of it, to be part of who you are, to be the love, to claim your divinity, to be merciful to those who do not yet know.

And in that mercy is compassion and wisdom, and the wisdom to know how to help. Not through violence, but change is evitable. You are in the midst of it and this, my beloveds, is good news. Look for your tangible projects, formulate them, and step forth in the declaration of what you choose to create upon the planet. The time of action is upon you!

Go in peace. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

Art Angel of light by Isabelle Grönlund

ART : Angel of Light by Isabelle Grönlund



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“Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on Heavenly Blessings: Choose Love and Action, August 2, 2016,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, August 2, 2016, at

Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on Heavenly Blessings: Choose Love and Action, August 2, 2016

Transcript ~ St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings: Being The Participant-Observer & Holding Space – Linda Dillon

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings: Being The Participant-Observer & Holding Space, July 19, 2016


[Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.]

St. Germaine ~ Being The Participant-Observer & Holding Space

Be the participant-observer and do not be the judge. And, by the way, hold the space and participate in different ways through your interdimensional reality.”

Heavenly Blessings, July 19, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 4:40 to 12:50]     Link to show audio.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome.

St. Germaine: And welcome to you, beloved friend, and welcome to all of you this day or night or afternoon depending on where you are.

Is time not a humorous, funny thing because here we are, once again – and I am honoured to be invited – but here we are all together in this moment, this eternal moment of now. And yet, regardless of that moment that we all share, for some it is the depth of night and the earliest part of morning, for others it is midday. And yet, here we are exactly at the same time.

And it gives you a glimpse, yes, of course of the ebb and flow of the moon and the sun and the tides, but it also is intended to give you a gift. And why I bring it forward is to give you a reminder that regardless of what appears to be differences in our situation, that we are all together simultaneously in this eternal moment, in this blessed moment that we are sharing together.

And even if you are listening to this program, to this broadcast 10 years from now, you are joining us in this sacred moment of now.

So I have lived, oh, on and off for thousands of years, and now I am not in what you think of or construe as your time and space upon the planet. But even that is somewhat ridiculous, is it not, because I am injecting, presenting, hoping for your acceptance to be in your time and space right now.

We have talked in the past week about this difficulty that presents itself, this challenge – and if I am to speak euphemistically, I would say “opportunity” which I think we are as sick of as you are – to think that you can be in many situations, many places, many positions of reality at once, simultaneous. And that is part of presenting yourself and being the truth of your multidimensionality, your interdimensionality.

So what is my presence here this day, this night, this afternoon, except an example of that interdimensional form. I am as clearly with you as your toes and fingers and the skin that covers your body; I am as clearly with you as the heart that beats within your chest. And, my friends, you are that clearly not only with me but with all of us.

The “unseen realm” – what does that even mean? Because increasingly, with your 3rd and 4th and 5th eyes wide open – and some of you know this and some of you don’t; it has been so subtle that you haven’t even realised it or perhaps acknowledged it – but with the shifts that you have been accomplishing, that you have been receiving, there is a greater ability to work, to perceive, to understand, to hear, to see, to perceive this unseen realm.

We are in sacred union and sacred partnership more than ever before. And with the Tsunami of One, this intimacy – because that is a form of sharing sacred space – this intimacy is increasing.

And what you have thought of as distance, because that is how you think of the unseen realm as something far off and distant – we are very close. We are in your breath, we are in the air, we are standing next to you, we are holding your hand, we are nudging you forward, we are lifting the burden from your shoulders.We are assisting you in all these ways.

But one of the things, one of the areas that I want you to more clearly understand because it is addressing your mental and emotional bodies – which I remember well – it is that integration of the mental and emotional with your spiritual, with the knowingness, and in that integrated self of stepping forward.

Yes, it requires perseverance, at times fortitude, patience. But let me also be clear – it isn’t all work! And when you feel that it is, you have need to take a giant step backwards. You are no longer anchored in the old 3rd realm.

Now you may choose or imagine yourself in whatever dimensional reality you want, because it doesn’t matter to us. All 12 have always been wide open, and it is not that one is better or less than another. And it has always been intended that you will flow freely between dimensions. But even that is not what I want to talk to you about.

Let me back up a little and I will bring up what I tend to think of as recent history, my history, not from Atlantis or Judea. When I was in France, when I often attended the court of Louis, there was much debauchery, a great deal of intrigue, palace intrigue, politics, jockeying for position, contracts, money, mistresses. It was a very curious time to be alive.

And if you think of it in terms of the smaller world, because although Gaia herself has never significantly shifted form, but the known world within which I tended to operate was certainly more defined than the world that you operate in. But that world was filled with chaos and delusion and conniving, bitterness, and as I have said, debauchery and lack of integrity and jockeying for position.

And I knew of my role upon the planet, but there were times when even I would look at this situation of people starving in the streets, in the villages, of all the petty wars that were going on. And make no mistake – every war is petty. Yes, they are tragic but they are also very petty. And I would look at the wasted wealth and I would think to myself, “What am I doing here? Why have I chosen to move in such a society?”

And of course, that is when I have begun to remove myself even further from the fury of that society. So in many ways I often felt very split, very schizophrenic in terms of my true self, my true journey, my true path, and then the situations to which I was guided and led to insert myself.

And I would attend to court. And I use this as an example, because many would say, “St. Germaine, you come and you are witty and charming and you seem to never age, and you produce baubles and jewels to intrigue and to teach us alchemy and magic. But why is it that you never seem to fully participate? Why is it that you never feel like you are part? Why, so often you do not even eat with us, and you treat your goblet with alchemy that it is transformed into a different kind of elixir. So why do you come to court?”

Now, I knew clear well that I came to court to share the Violet Flame, to share the love, to energetically transform those around me, to heal their hearts, to open their eyes. But I did not join them. And they were correct in thinking that I would attend to court, but I did not join.

I participated in a way that eluded them so often and yet, they would go home and they would re-think many of their actions or their positions. And often they would see the futility of many of the machinations, the distractions of what they were doing. And that was why I was there – to help set a stage for great change, for revolution and for evolution.

My beloved friends, my family, my soul circle, that is why you are on this glorious planet, yes, a bigger world in many ways, and you are setting the stage. Let me be clear about this. You will sometimes think – and I emphasise think or feel – that the stage has been set for evolution, for shift, for ascension, for revolution, but it has not been done to you or even necessarily for you. You, each of you, have been pivotal in setting this stage.

You do not need to have advanced degrees in physics to understand the basic patterning of the universe on the Mother’s breath, on Her Divine Blue Diamond. You, with every breath inhale and exhale that you have when it is of compassion or humility, of love or joy, you are setting the stage.

Now, I am not asking, advising, guiding that you are participating in the debauchery or the lack of integrity or the wars that are taking place – quite the contrary. What you do is you stand back as the observer. Do not put yourself in the middle of that chaos. You send, you overlight, but you remain involved and not involved, present and not present. That is the role of the observer-participant.

Think of it as the watcher, and it is the watcher within that observes what is transpiring and assesses what is the best use. And you are wise enough to know this. Do not underestimate yourself.

So you assess what is required and then you send it. And even when you bring your body along, you are not engaged in that insanity. So you are not contributing to that insanity and you are not allowing that insanity to penetrate you or truly, overtly influence you to such an extent that you become out of balance.

And is it difficult at moments? Yes, because it is difficult to witness destruction that is not of a positive nature. Yes, we have often spoken of the destruction of false grids, beliefs, paradigms; the destruction of what does not serve. But you do not want to be involved in destruction of human life or ideals or integrity. So you stand back and you do not allow that insanity to be part of your existence.

Now let me stop there because I believe, dearest Suzi, that you have many questions.

Suzi: I just love talking to you, St. Germaine, and I appreciate this conversation. Thank you for reminding us that there have been hard times on Earth for a very long time, and that we all have roles to play and we can do so lovingly without engaging with others in a pool of deceit and manipulation.

As observers, we also have an effect on what we observe simply by our presence. Could you say more about that, about how we can lighten up anything that we observe?

St. Germaine: Yes. And it is not just the act of observing, but that also influences it as well. So, for example, think of your existence, your planet, the rules, the physics of Gaia, that you are electrical-magnetic. Now as the internal self and the external self and the planet and the collective have shifted, you are far more electrical at the moment than magnetic.

But think of it in this way. If you are in a laboratory and you put two compounds right next to each other – not blended but just next to each other – so if you put a magnet next to pyrite shavings, well, you know what would happen is the pyrite would be magnetised. But there is a more subtle change that is not always visible, at least to the human eye, but certainly under your microscopes. There is an exchange; there is an influencing in those compounds.

An electrical impulse does not simply stop, it always continues on. You say, “Well, not if it is grounded,” but even in the grounding there is a shift in the energy. So think of yourself in this way: you are the grounding rod and all around you there are electrical, magnetic impulses, and they are coming in the atmosphere but they are also coming from you. Think of your in-breath, your out-breath. Think of the electrical charge that your body gives off. Think of the magnetic pull both from and to your thoughts, your energy.

So simply being observer is being in action, but it is being in balanced neutrality. So your energy field is doing what you can think of as the work, but you aren’t participating in so far as being mentally, emotionally, causally, spiritually involved and engaged.

Now, there are times when you will inject more clearly or more proactively rather than passively. But make no mistake about it. You have this expression that is so popular with lightworkers/loveholders: that we will hold energy, we will send energy, we will hold space. Well, what do you think that means?

What it means is an acknowledgement, an acknowledgement that you have this exchange energy going on constantly, and that now and then, when you think of it, you will consciously tap into it and add your conscious energy to what is already taking place by the mere fact that you are on planet, not only subconsciously or unconsciously, simply by the physicality of being in form. So that is what it means to be the observer.

Suzi: May I ask a question about holding space? It just feels to me like holding space is also – and it’s probably just other words for what you said – just allowing that something can happen in a particular way. It’s a creation thing; it feels like a creation thing actually holding space.

St. Germaine: It is very much a creation action, but it is done… If you can think of it in this way. I will bring back and I will steal from Raj this formula! So you think of it as intention and then prayer and then action. Now these are not elongated processes, which is equal to creation.

Your intention is, “I will hold space,” when you actually are doing so, whether it is 10 minutes in deep meditation or a walking meditation throughout your day. That is your prayer. That is your action. That is all combined as one. So yes, that is very much what you are doing. Sometimes it is more conscious and sometimes it is just the truth of who you are.

So, for example, when I would leave these very elaborate festive dinners – which, by the way, I sometimes enjoyed and sometimes abhorred – but I would leave and go about my real life. I would say, “I will hold space for this,” and it was as if I was carrying that entire situation, all the people, all that energy in my vest pocket until the next time.

So that I would hold it close to my heart, and all that time as I was holding space, it was working that transformative energy. So I did not spend my days in and days out thinking about it, but I was holding space until such time as I would readdress the situation more proactively.

And that is what so many of you do. You observe, let us say the example of the tragedy in Nice, which is also one of my favourite areas. You observe it. You do not judge it. You discern the tragic nature of this unfoldment while also, please, remembering that all souls involved have volunteered. So you hold the space for healing, for transformation, and then you go about your daily business. I am not saying you spend 24/7 mourning the dead. That is not holding space.

So you hold the space for healing, not only for that particular situation but for that type of situation, whether it is in Timbuktu or Dallas or London or France. And in that, you are transforming it but you aren’t engaging in the drama, you aren’t engaging in the ridiculous nature of such acting out. What you are doing is a perfect example of what we would call stewardship, leadership.

Suzi: Well, what I wonder about is the first time that my work won’t feel imaginal and I’ll have a more tangible experience of it, what that will be like, because you’re saying that we’re getting to that point? Could you give a little information about that maybe?

St. Germaine: Yes, I would be glad to. But let us also say this. Let us go back to the example I have given of leaving court and how I have tucked that entire situation into my vest pocket. You don’t want to be fully engaged consciously in all this ridiculous mayhem. It would be so distracting as to make you feel and become sick. So it is in some ways a real blessing to have it, as you have put it, to be a vision or imagining.

But there will be times – and they are already present for many of you, you included Miss Suzanne – is that you will feel that you are alternatively present in a different space and reality. “Yes, I am sitting in my chair and, yes, I am in Nice at this moment.” And you can smell what is in the air, you can hear the sounds, you can see the people.

Now, I am not recommending that you stay there long, but there is benefit in this interdimensional travel because literally what you are doing in that is imprinting the entire situation, geographic, people, attitudes, etc., so there is benefit to that. And then you will find that you are having conversations with many of these people.

Now it may be brief depending, because you see, we are concentrating because of what is in the air, the drama, the chaos, the insanity. But there are also times when you will hold the space and you will go to a place where your soul family is uniting, where they are sitting around that campfire, where they are baking bread together or sharing wine or mead as is our lot, and that you will have that experience. And it will fill you, it will reinforce you.

And increasingly, what I am suggesting to you this day and perhaps every day in this eternal now, is that you also take the time not only to send healing and transformation to what you think are the troubled areas, but also take the time not only to sit with us in meditation but to go and visit the new Cities of Light, to go where your family and soul circle is gathered, to have time together. That reinforces you, it restores you, it fills you up. And it will help you in terms of being able to hold the space for the other.

Suzi: Right. I feel that, I understand it to be true. I have a kind of a funny question. I was in a lovely little town the other day and was drawn to go into a particular shop. And right there inside the entrance was a cart with the countenance of many Ascended Masters and I was of course drawn to yours. There were three different pictures and I selected one that was in black and white because it was said to be channelled. Could you say anything about that picture? And do we have the same countenance over many lifetimes?

St. Germaine: Well, you can. And I will share a secret with you…

Suzi: Okay!

St. Germaine: [Laughter] … with all of you! I have not allowed portraits of me to be done that are not a very close facsimile to how I really look. And so yes, this is a very accurate representation. I change a little, a few pounds here and there, but never significantly! My hair grows, I cut it, it gets lightened by the sun and so on. But by and large, I have not changed how I have looked since the time of Atlantis. So when you see me, you know me!

And I have chosen this vessel a long time ago and, yes, it may sound like it is ego but it is not. It is a bowing to the Mother. When it has been designed in Divine Perfection, why on Earth or any other planet would I change it?

So, many of you change slightly but tend to keep the basics of how you present and how you look. Now some of you don’t. You like variety and diversity, and that is alright because the essential self never really changes. The soul design, the essence has been intact since you were birthed from the Mother. You expand, you morph, you change, but your design does not change.

And so, many of you will say, “Well now, this time I want to be a male,” for example, but you would be surprised when being a male how you will still adopt many of the same features. And what you are doing, many of you say, “Well, when will I begin my morphing back into my ideal self?” And what I suggest to you – it is already underway.

But by agreeing and holding that sacred space, by allowing and being the observer of the changes, it will happen more rapidly. And I say this because I fully know and understand how many of you are eager for this transformation. Well, let’s go!

Suzi: Let’s go! And I have to say that recently both my daughter and I had a very painful intestinal experience that led us to start to eat gluten-free, and it’s been really good for a couple of weeks now. I just feel like it’s all completely divinely orchestrated and on purpose to basically get us to do this, to lighten ourselves up, to be able to care for our bodies in a way that makes it easier for us to house the higher frequency aspects of ourselves. Would that be right?

St. Germaine: That is absolutely correct. Now, many lightworkers have had this tendency to not fully inhabit their bodies. The Plan of our Divine Mother has been to be in form, and so yes, there has been a phase that many are going through right now. And what I am telling you is that it is the wayshowers that are doing this, and it is the anchoring of the energies and the frequencies into the body.

And so to pay attention to the physical realm, to what you are eating, to what you are breathing, to how you are moving or not moving. And all of this is important in housing the frequencies that are being downloaded into you. So yes, it is to make you fully present, but in a joyful, beautiful, gorgeous way in these vessels that you, and we, have chosen.

Suzi: Yes. I’ve been in denial about it for a long time, hoping for changes faster than they are actually coming. But yeah, I do need to take personal responsibility. I get it now. And unfortunately it took severe pain to make me do it. So too bad about that but if that’s what it takes, so be it.

St. Germaine: You have an expression on Gaia that “You are a trooper!”

Suzi: [Laughter] We all are, oh my gosh!

St. Germaine: Yes, you are! And that is one of the reasons that I feel and know that I am so fortunate to talk to you, and why I share in snippets that I understand what feels like so long the waiting for changes and the subtlety of those changes, for me to say, “Be the participant-observer and do not be the judge. And, by the way, hold the space and participate in different ways through your interdimensional reality.”

And you are saying, “What on Earth is he talking about?” when really all I am saying is being in your heart and exercising the prudence and the love and, yes, the fortitude that is required. I know – I know how difficult it can feel and appear. But the more that you literally remove yourself, not in the way that you don’t care but because you do care so deeply about your promise to the Mother, that you care so deeply that you won’t participate.

So you will send your energy, you will transmit your energy, you will inject yourself here and there, but you will not be part of that insanity. You cannot be!

Suzi: Yes, exactly. It really comes down to a trust-walk to say that this is all part of the Plan. It’s going to be okay, you’re going to be okay, you’ve got the best protection that ever existed, and just to relax and not worry about it. But I know that’s really hard for people to do.

St. Germaine: And yet, what else can you do?

Suzi: Well, nothing. It’s much easier to just let go. I can attest to it!

St. Germaine: The surrender is the biggest piece. But what is the alternative? And perhaps we didn’t talk enough about that, to say that, “This is ridiculous; everything that I have thought or believed in and have cherished to the truth of my core is ridiculous and, therefore, I am throwing it all out.”

“I am throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I am quitting. I am no longer going to be a lightworker or a loveholder. I am not going to be a steward, a leader, a pathfinder, a wayshower. I am not going to do any of that. I am going to go out and get a 9-5 job and be the brutal head of a corporation. That’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to get a high mortgage, pay my bills, and not worry about the guy next door.”

Now, you can declare that, but it will never happen because the truth of who you are, of the journey that you have already undertaken, won’t allow you. Your soul and even your mind and your personality, even your ego, won’t allow you. Not because they are trying to control you, but because the truth of your beauty, your love is such that you can’t quit.

You can try. Let me tell you there were times when Louis would say, “Come and be a permanent part of the court. We enjoy you. We like you. Everything will be much easier for you. Come St. Germaine, come along! And I would politely refuse, and that was difficult and at times very tricky.

But I could not quit my quest, because it was my quest. Yes, I knew I was in service to the Mother and Father, but it was also very personal. It was my quest for enlightenment. It was my quest to be who I could be. And so, none of you… This is why we are in such sacred union and partnership. You have graduated from kindergarten. We no longer do for you. We do with you, because you have stepped into that truth of who you are.

So is it very hard when we hear this word “soon”? Even on this side we are sick of that word! But yes, we are with you!

Suzi: Yeah, I totally feel it. And I have to say that my awareness, my perceptions have been opening up, my connection with you and with everyone is becoming so much more… well, “deep” is the word I’ll just use for convenience. But… oh my gosh, I lost it. Oh darn…

St. Germaine: When you invite us, when you open your heart in the sacred space of you and you invite me, I will always be there. And you have felt this, my friend. How do you like my outfit?

Suzi: [Laughter] I always love your outfit and I see you in different ways than… well, than Linda does. It’s like you and I have been travelling on the road, riding horseback and having adventures… so that’s the way I see you.

St. Germaine: And that is the way we have once travelled. So I have given this to you because it is familiar. That is why for some of you I will come as a priest of ancient Atlantis. And “priest” meant healer; it was not a secular term.

Suzi: Okay, I remember what I was going to say! As our consciousness expands – and it’s becoming very clear and obvious that it is, to me – it occurs to me that the prosperity and global currency reset has taken so long and that our consciousness is expanding so quickly that it’s almost to a point where it’s not even going to really matter.

And then when I think of that, I think to myself, “No, I don’t want to skip the happiness and joy of freely travelling and being able to help others.” I find that I really am wanting that, even with expanded consciousness. I just want a little taste of it before we move on.

St. Germaine: Because this time of transition is very important also in teaching those who have perhaps not travelled as far, of what is possible and what can be brought forward to fruition. It is like meeting somebody and saying, “I know you, I remember you, I have loved you forever. Let’s get married or move in together and be in permanent relationship.”

And you do that and you skip over the wonderful phase of romantic love, of being courting each other, and the growth of sexual intimacy, and the sharing of smiles and romantic glances and sexual glances. Why would you skip over the fun part?

Suzi: Oh heck, no!

St. Germaine: No! So yes, you know that there is more to come, there is always more to come. But enjoy the process because it is intended to be enjoyed… en-joy-ed!

Suzi: Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to sneak this one in! [Laughter] Are we there yet?

St. Germaine: You are on the doorstep.

Suzi: Alright.

St. Germaine: Go with my love. Go with my passion. Go with my friendship. And call me!

Suzi: Okay, thank you!

St. Germaine: You are welcome, beloved. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings: Being The Participant-Observer & Holding Space, Channeled by Linda Dillon, July 19, 2016, at

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine on Heavenly Blessings: Being The Participant-Observer & Holding Space, July 19, 2016

Universal Mother Mary: Choose Where You Want To Be – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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ART : Kieran Antares


Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: Choose Where You Want To Be


Thank you once again to Ellen for transcribing.  To hear the show, visit here.

Universal Mother Mary: Choose Where You Want To Be

Choose where you want to be. Go to the happiest, most fulfilled moments of your life, not the most miserable, and choose to be in that energy. And then pick it up, like a bird picking up a fish, and bring it and drop it in your now, drop it in your future, drop it in the collective timeline and let it be – let it be.

Heavenly Blessings ~ 5 April , 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: We are here today and very excited to be welcoming Universal Mother Mary to the show. Humanity is in a very interesting place in our evolution and it feels like everything we knew to be true before is morphing and shifting into forms that are new to us. I live like the laws of physics no longer apply!

As we relax into a deeper knowing of who we are, it becomes easier to let go of practically everything. Non-attachment seems to be the order of the day.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi! I have a little bit of a hoarse voice so forgive me if I clear my throat or cough. Other than that, it’s great to be here on this sunny morning in Florida.

Suzi: Oh yes, it’s sunny here too.

Linda: It makes such a difference.

Suzi: Oh my gosh, it totally does… beautiful blue skies, no trails, no haze; I’m very happy for that.

If I may, I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Paul Backes who has taken over the technical production aspect of the InLight Universal shows. I started producing the shows when I stepped in as host, and happily everything’s been fine and smooth since then.

But spirit had other plans, and the glitches and frustration that came with trying to get the show mixed and posted two weeks ago brought me to finally ask for help – and that’s all it took. I expressed my state of being on it and the InLight team called in the perfect person for the job. I’m thrilled about it and it’s an awesome demonstration of what the Mother is wanting to talk to us about today.

Linda: Yes, I’d like to welcome Paul, too. He’s a fantastic, terrific guy and certainly a welcome addition in every sense of the word to our team. Now Suzi, isn’t this right around the time of your anniversary with us?

Suzi: Oh, my gosh yes, that’s right! On April 9th, I will have been doing this for three years, well hosting anyway.

Linda: Well, happy anniversary! On behalf of everyone, not just the Inlight team, but all the listeners out there who so appreciate you – your honesty, your frankness, your insight, your gentleness, your kindness, your consideration. Thank you, sister!

Suzi: Oh, you are so very welcome. I love doing this, and letting the technical aspect of it go is really a very big thrill and a bliss-generating thing for me! [Laughter]

Linda: I am not a techie; I’ve done webinars by myself, but I’m so glad to have technical back-up!

Suzi: Definitely; if things are smooth it’s all good, but when there’s a problem, I can’t fix it; I don’t know what to do!

Linda: [Laughter] You don’t have to know what to do any more, it’s perfect!

Suzi: That’s right, I don’t! I had this terrible level of frustration which I wasn’t doing anything about, and spirit came to kick my butt into saying, “Please help, I don’t want this…” and in less than 24hrs we had a replacement – oh my gosh!

Linda: There’s been a big emphasis with all the Ascended Masters – and I’m certainly thinking of the Mother and of Jesus Sananda – telling us to honour our particular talents, capacities, abilities, etc. that are unique to us. What I take that to mean is that it’s not that we can’t do it all; but if it’s not in our daily work, why are we wasting our time trying to do it?

Suzi: Exactly. It is a waste of time and it’s all based on false perceptions. My perception was, “I’m the only one; I’m here to help and there’s nobody else, etc…” and it’s simply not true.

Linda: It’s not true, and it’s somebody else’s expertise. And not only that – it goes to that sense of trying to win our worthiness; that we’re supposed to be able to do it all. I don’t think in the collective that that was ever the Plan, because we all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Suzi: Yes, it’s true. And really, it is all about honouring the self and saying, “What I do is very worthwhile, and I don’t have to fill in any other spaces. It’s just fine.”

Linda: It’s absolutely fine. You’ve been doing a wonderful job in filling in all those spaces for three years – so again, thank you!

Suzi: Thank you, Linda; that’s wonderful. Appreciation is like fuel.

Linda: It is fuel. It’s amazing when someone just turns around and says, “Thank you!” in human form, how much it really means.

Suzi: It really does mean a lot. And since we’re in gratitude here, thank you to our listeners for making it possible for us to do these shows and for your support – we really appreciate it!

Linda: You’ve all been incredibly wonderful, and yes, we thank you!

Suzi: Okay, so do we have a fabulous meditation with which to welcome the Mother?

Linda: I think we do. This is an ongoing conversation that the Mother and some others are having with us about this redefinition – redefinition in terms of New Time, redefinition in terms of our beingness and how we create and bring things forward, of how we change and influence the collective, and heal indifference and apathy… It’s a huge conversation, so I’m as anxious as you are to get going. Here we go!

[Meditation from 6:34 to 13:00]

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare.

Suzi: Welcome.

UMM: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you. I come this day, Mother of All, Mother of One, Mother of the New and Mother of the Ancient, Mother of Change and yes, Mother of Nurturing, for that is what I wish to do with and to each and every one of you this day.

I have spoken recently of my New Time and of the new way of being. And this, my beloved children, is important for you to understand mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, causally, and every which way.

So as we begin this day and every day, I would ask you to agree to allow the sound, the energy, the vibration, the frequency of what I am giving to you in this moment of eternal now to penetrate your very core, so that the knowingness increases and expands with the ease and grace and purity, not only that you are entitled to but that is the essence of your being.

My beloveds, you are learning a new way of being, and even the learning is different from what you have thought of as education or learning a new task in past times. This learning is subtle and grand and it infuses you with subtle knowing; but also with the knowing participation in your growth, your union, connectedness and the balance with us and with All, and with your collective upon beloved Gaia at this time.

You exist in the time between the brackets of eternity and infinity – that is the definition of a lifetime. And within that, previously you have thought of this as static, as fixed, as linear, as walking or marching through cement that was in the process of solidifying. That is no longer true.

So I repeat this day and often: in my New Time I wish for you to think of time as fluid, as allowing movement back, forth, up, down, it matters not, so that you may pick and choose where to pick up the energy, where to increase the energy, where to repeat the energy into the now and into the future.

Many of you have been declaring and asking me why you feel so detached. Some of you use the words ‘disconnected’. Seldom will I correct you, but disconnected is not the right term – ‘detached’ is.

For years, and might I say even for eons, we have spoken to you, many of us, about becoming, being and remaining the observer-participant, that this is key to Creation. Yes, we have given you the formula, but the position, the attitude that you approach this with your beingness is simply that participant-observer or observer-participant.

Enlightenment, the shift, ascension is when you move from a place of mental-emotional attachment to ideation, to feelings that are often in duality, to a place of balance and knowing.

What you are learning to do is to be detached completely from the human drama that has been based, entrenched, married so deeply to ideas, false grids, false paradigms. You are detaching from the old, you are letting go of these feelings so that you are not participating in that energy, and you are moving to a place of pure love because that is the essence of who you are.

It is the pattern which I have instilled within thee, and it is the Plan and the pattern not only of Terra Gaia but of the collective on this planet of love, created as a place for my angels to play and have the experience of physicality. You cannot know the joy of being in form at such a high frequency if you are being dragged down by feelings and thoughts that are not of truth.

So this sense of detachment that many of you are already feeling and that many of you are moving into, is the new sense of being, of being the love, of being the truth of your expanded self, your inter/multi-dimensional self, free to have the experience of all that is available to you within the human realm of 12 dimensions, 12 realities. It is a delight!

Now, when I say that you are ‘detached’, I do not mean that you cease to participate. The participation, sweet angels of light, regardless of whether as a human, hybrid, earthkeeper, portal, gatekeeper, it matters not – your participation is the participation in love. And in that love, that is all you are, that is all you share, it is all you send, it is all you care to know.

That does not mean you don’t take action in accordance with that love. But it is not action born of drama; it is not action of feeling compulsion or obsession or pain or suffering. It is action that is in alignment with your unique pattern, your piece of that puzzle the channel has referred to in order to make a complete portrait or landscape of Gaia, of the collective, of the renewed human – of the New You.

This sense of detachment gives you clearer perspective – and in that clearer perspective, you come to understand what I would term ‘the old obsession with knowing’; the term that you have used for knowing or I want to know, I need to know, is not of clarity.

If I were to explain to you all the variables, all the elements, all the items, all the shifts, changes, upgrades in the ascension process, in the shift, in the unfoldment of my Plan, you would not be able to comprehend it. Your mind would be boggled and you would be burdened rather than uplifted, because you would say, “But Mother, I do not understand.”

You do not need to understand everything, child. What you need to understand, what you are really striving for is to know that you are loved and loveable, and that you are the love. This knowing is the truth, the wanting to know this or that, yes, dates – the channel laughs! It does not matter; it changes, it morphs, it shifts.

What you are doing, sweet angels, as the catalysts, the agents of change for the collective, is holding the love, not the information of the moment, not the information of the current news cycle, yes, whether it is public, private, internal or external – you are holding the frequency of the new which is original and of the old which is brand new.

The level of bliss, of ecstasy, of awareness, of expanded heart consciousness has not been known on this planet since the very beginning. Now, the message, the true messages, have never changed or altered, regardless of whether you have faced east or west, north or south.

All the Masters, in and out of form, have always spoken to the truth of love and freedom. Freedom comes from being yourself; it does not come by striving, obsessing. It comes from peace, dear heart.

Now, let us leave it at that. Dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Oh, I wish to thank you for joining us. It’s always a wonderful delight to have these conversations. I am in agreement with not knowing; it’s easier to release and trust in your Plan for me and for the Gaian collective. I’m not sure when exactly I decided that, but life is so much easier.

Something that comes up for me is when to participate and when to observe? It feels like we have that information innately in our bodies, and that we’ll feel the alignment or the misalignment somewhere in our bodies to be able to know what to do in any particular situation?

UMM: You are correct. This question of when to participate and when to observe is interesting because what you have done is placed it upon the spectrum. Now, what I am suggesting to you – and all of you is what I mean, all who are upon Gaia at this time – is you are to be both observer and participant. Now let me explain.

First and always… yes, there are times when you say, “But I just jump in; it is a fight or flight reaction.” Even in the most dire circumstances of fight or flight, there is a moment of observation where you look and you see something is wrong; either apparently or internally, you know.

So there is always the element of observation and in that observation is not only information; it is a download of the frequency that is taking place, ‘what is really going on?’ That is an important part of the assessment.

Now, too often, yes, even in flight or flight, but too often in the general happenings of one’s day, there is a rush to participate without that observation assessment of what is for the highest and best for you and for the situation, the environment, the individual or the group involved.

This obsession – and it has become a human obsession with action – this feeling that ‘worth’ is somehow tied to doing, is incorrect. So when you are looking at a situation and what is required, the answer is always… think of what I say… the answer is always going to be love – more love is needed.

So then the question becomes, “How do I infuse this situation with love?” The first question in that sequence is, “Am I in judgement?” because if you are, then you are certainly not in love. So if you are in judgement, stop. Again, come back to your observer self.

And then you think, “Do I need to send love? Is the fact that I am holding love and that it fills the entire environment and atmosphere with love sufficient? Is a word necessary or an action?” Very often, might I say in the majority of times, the energy, the presence of love, of acceptance, of compassion, is sufficient.

Your thoughts, your energy field, your feelings when they are truly in alignment with All, have the power, the creation power, to change everything; if your intent is to simply be the love or to send the love or to speak the love, that is sufficient.

You say, “But Mother, how can that be?” And I say to you, dear hearts, have you tried it? When you are in the silence of your being, in the truth of your being, when you convey and hold only love, then you change the entire makeup of a situation or an environment or a planet.

So, you are watching the news… and yes, we know the human obsession with news! But that is alright, because what has happened with these telecommunications that have been so generously, and sometimes quietly behind the scenes, shared with you by your galactic and intergalactic brothers and sisters, is you have created a planet that truly is a village.

So you are watching the news and it appears abhorrent, and you are seeing the indifference, the apathy, the cruelty… Do you buy into that, do you join it, or do you hold the space of love? And do you even say right out loud to the TV, “I love you. You don’t have to be like that. I am sending you everything I have, and all I have to offer you is truth and peace and compassion. Let me hold you, my brother, my sister, my friends. Let me give you love.”

And that is what you do. You bring them into your field, you tune them up, you declare their freedom to be the truth of who they are, and then you remain in your state of beingness – you remain in your being. You have been the observer, you have been the participant. You do not inject yourself in a righteous manner into any situation ever; it is not kind, it is not loving.

Do you understand what I say?

Suzi: I do. And the collective work you speak of, if one experiences a challenge with it, I would say start with intention and imagination, and pretend and assume we have the power to blast and the power to send light, because I think a lot of people struggle with that.

UMM: That is why I am mentioning it. Many do not feel that they have the power to truly affect the deep level of shift, of change that I am speaking of. Previously, and I am speaking a matter of years, not decades or millennia – previously, you were not fully cognizant or prepared to be as effective as you can be.

Some of those cobwebs of false beliefs had to be cleared out. You thought it was egoic to express such power because ego has played such a strong and destructive, in the negative sense, role upon your planet. So you shied away. But now, my beloveds, you are claiming the truth of who you are.

You are not claiming ‘power over’; you are claiming power ‘internally and with’. We are co-creating new reality, new experience. So yes, pretend, visualise, imagine, think what is possible. Play with it, do not strive. Play with it and see how you affect change. You do not need credit for it.

Suzi: Right, it’s not personal.

UMM: It is not personal, it is collective.

Suzi: Exactly. One question that comes to mind: I know a huge part of what we are doing right now is remembering ourselves, things we’ve learned in the past that we already have innately within our being, and that the veil is coming off. Some of it though feels like it’s completely new. Would that be accurate?

UMM: Yes. Yes, there is much that is coming forth that humanity has never experienced previously.

Suzi: That’s exciting.

UMM: It is exciting in your realm and, dear heart, it is exciting throughout the omniverse!

Suzi: Yippee!

UMM: Think of it: When this planet was formed, when Gaia morphed and agreed that her archangelic self would become planetary, it was within the context that this would be a planet of love.

Now, many of you… and I have heard you and I do not chastise you… have said that you have suffered and that you are impatient. The suffering is not beneficial except to learn compassion, and impatience can be beneficial. But think of what Gaia has waited for, what she has witnessed and what she has endured. Now there is patience!

When it was created, when Gaia, Earth planet, assumed this form billions of years ago, the Plan was to be another planet of love of a wide diversity of physicality so that you could assume form and see what it was like to play with the myriad, the wide, wide variety of experiences of physical form, not merely human.

And those of you who are earthkeepers are closer to this than some others. But think of it. Much of the Plan was quickly shoved aside with the arrogance, the greed, the control that human beings developed, that they wished to be in charge rather than to be in the collective flow of give and take and share.

Now, there is much that has been said, and it can be another conversation, about the Fallen Angels. What is curious is that there is not a discussion upon the planet about the fallen human beings, how humanity fell into this trap of the old 3rd dimension and forgot the other dimensions and the availability of such experience that was intended.

Suzi: Can I just ask you for a second there… Is it possible that that was part of the Plan, for us to really forget everything and then find our way back and there being power in that experience that we could thereby share with others?

UMM: You can hypothesise that it was part of the Plan, because part of the Plan was the continuation of free will. So in free will, you do not always write the entire script. So there is room for variability and movement, and yes, detours from what perhaps was originally envisioned.

But part of the Plan was no matter what happens, that there would be a return to truth, to love. So just like the Fallen Angels were brought home, so, my beloveds, you are being brought home; not to be out of body but back to original Plan. So does that answer your question?

Suzi: It does. I have to say that talking to you sometimes makes me a little bit spacey, so I’ll just have to say yes. [Laughter]

If I might add something that’s been on my mind… We were just relaxing on a Sunday when on the television happened to be the Neil deGrasse Tyson Cosmos. My daughter and I were watching it when, inexplicably, as he talked about the importance of the breath, we were both brought to tears by what he was saying.

We just got pulled into all this profound information which for some reason, being in a sensitive place, suddenly made our hearts burst open and we started crying. I don’t know what kind of question that is but it’s just coming out right now…

UMM: Well, I will tell you what kind of question it is – it is heartfelt and beautiful. Now these, particularly some sensitive, selected, intuitive, brilliant scientists, know the nature of the bigger Plan. This same scientist, deGrasse, speaks of how you are composed of star material – and so all of this is of truth.

When you breathe, you are breathing love. When you exhale, you are exhaling love. That is why in the beingness of your truth it is so important to simply be in that space. That is why we say to you: your thoughts, your feelings, your alignment has need to be… not because I deign it, but because it is who you are… in free will, you are love – and that is all you are!

Everything else has been a distraction, an illusion, and now you are returning to that. And you are returning to what you would say and I would say – the comfort level of simply permission to be.

Suzi: Yes, and it feels exactly in alignment with who we are; and it feels to me that that’s what the return of Christ, the return of Christ consciousness to all of us is what Yeshi was trying to tell us and show us, that we can do all these things that he does – he blesses everybody, and well, so can we; it’s just the blueprint he was trying to give us and it’s all coming back to us now…

UMM: That is absolutely correct. My beloved son, Yeshi, he came to re-anchor the pattern, the blueprint as you have called it. The message has never changed and the message is love. And it begins, beloved… be loved… so it is to be that love that you are.

I do not hold expectation; I hold complete, infinite, eternal knowing. And in that knowing, I move, as you would think of it, I move in energy and I move energy to bring forth what is desired and desirable. That is Creation. But it is not born of expectation; it is not born of need; it is not even born of necessity. It is simply born of knowing.

So as you are moving into this new sense of being, it is the knowingness. I am not suggesting to you that you have need to get rid of or eliminate feelings or thoughts, but it is time where you may choose… and I would sincerely hope you do.

Why would you wish to engage in thoughts or feelings or actions that are not reflective of who you are, of that love. It makes no sense in any reality. So as you demonstrate that across your planet, the collective shifts.

Suzi: Yes, as more of us wake up and become more mindful in our actions, it affects the rest of us. Would you have anything to say about the state of humanity at this time or conscious awareness, how many of us… well, I can’t give a number, but you understand what I am asking?

UMM: Yes, you would like me to say 332?

Suzi: No! [Laughter]

UMM: I am teasing you, dear heart!

Listen to what I say. We would not be having this conversation about not only your preparedness but your actuality of moving into a new state of being, devoid of negative thoughts and emotions, of being comfortable in the beingness, of being in detachment and attachment to what is true and good and caring and loving, if you are not already there.

So what I am saying is I am giving you the confirmation that you have already made the leap. Ascension isn’t something that is happening tomorrow and it isn’t something that happened three years ago. You are in your ascension right now, and that is true for billions of you.

Suzi: I have this vision of the human collective in a salad spinner and that this stuff is just flying off of us, like stripping illusion away and realising who we are!

UMM: You are taking those droplets and you are giving them back to me, to your guardian angels that I have entrusted to you eons ago, to your circle of love, to human and divine, to the masters, to the archangels. We have an entire collection crew for Gaia, and so spin away, dear heart!

Suzi: Fabulous! It’s been such a joy to have this conversation. Have you got anything to say in closing?

UMM: Yes. Now many of you are at the point where you are feeling this sense of detachment and you are saying, “What happened? I used to care so passionately. What happened?”

You are changing and shifting, ascending and morphing… use whatever terminology you choose. But within that, recognise the greater sense of ease, of joy, of bliss, of grace. You will move into what you think of as action, but remember what I have said.

From the place of being the observer, prior to jumping into action, trust your knowing. What is the best and highest that can assist the transformation, be it with an individual, a loved one, a stranger, a group or the entire planet?

Do not be hasty. Come from that place of heart consciousness that only wants to be of the collective love. Do not judge, not yourself or others. This drama, the chaos that has come to the surface for clean-up, for removal, for that salad spinner, dear heart – it is all in Divine Order.

We send increasing rates of total frequency alignment continually – not now and then, continually. So you are not simply being upgraded or downgraded or neutral. Not a second goes by that you are not being penetrated, and that has been with your individual and collective agreement.

So allow yourself to be in this space, in those brackets between infinity and eternity. But choose – this is your free will. Choose where you want to be.

Go to the happiest, most fulfilled moments of your life, not the most miserable, and choose to be in that energy. And then pick it up, like a bird picking up a fish, and bring it and drop it in your now, drop it in your future, drop it in the collective timeline and let it be – let it be.

And know that we are with you, that we are co-creating this together. It is already underway. So is humanity almost there? Yes. So relax, dear hearts, and enjoy it!

Suzi: I’m doing my best. Thank you so much.

UMM: Go with my love, each and every one of you. You are precious. You are whole. You are love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

art . Artwork by Kieran Antares

ART : Kieran Antares


Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary: Choose Where You Want To Be

The Spectrum of Visible Light – Suzanne Maresca @ Golden Age of Gaia

a divine warrior for love elizabeth gibbons

ART : A Divine Warrior for Love – Elizabeth Gibbons


The Spectrum of Visible Light

I was in the Post Office yesterday, all finished up with my business and putting things away when a man walked past me, clearly having difficulty moving his cart full of mail.

I asked if he needed help and he declined while a postal worker opened a door to take the cart from him.

He then looked right at me and he said, “You’re spiritual.”

Okay, I suppose we’re all spiritual, and anyone offering a kindness is perhaps more visibly so…but there’s more to it.

A thirty-minute conversation followed in which I learned that my new friend was a Reiki Master recovering from a broken neck.

He had spent six months immobile and unable to feel, basically paralyzed. As difficult as it was for him to do so, he was indeed walking on his own now, and he was immensely grateful for it.

The man was grateful as well for the pain he felt, because for six months he could feel nothing, and all that time he was praying for pain.

Imagine that? What a shift in perspective!

Anyway, another remarkable thing is that he was seeing me. I may not get out much but that never really happens with strangers…that I’m aware of, anyway.

From the post office I went to the grocery store to return something that I hadn’t read the label on. I stepped up to the counter and the woman in front of me literally spun around and gave me a look that I haven’t figured out yet…but it was one bordering on astonishment.

Maybe my hair is a little wild or something but I never got a look like that before. After my earlier experience and conversation at the Post Office though, I started wondering if people could see me glowing…because that’s how I literally feel!

Then I remembered something the Arcturians said through Sue Lie about how we would appear, even becoming invisible to some, and that it’s all about frequency.

This is all feeling pretty magical to me, and I know we really have stepped over the threshold now.

I think it’s time for us to start sharing our weird stories and freaky visions. It’s safe now. The more I open to be real with everyone I encounter, the greater my capacity to do so, and the larger my Love Bubble grows.

Linda Dillon and I just recorded our first Heavenly Blessings show in almost two months, and our amazing guest was Albert Einstein. It was a pretty nifty show, and kind of interesting in that I was nervous about it.

I mean, it’s Albert Einstein! No problem at all talking to Masters and Archangels but hey, this man is really smart! I have to laugh at myself.

Why I bring up this show in particular is that the matter of frequency was discussed. Our perceptions of what’s all around us right now are opening up like wild, and it’s because of the increasing frequencies saturating our planet that it’s happening.

AE spoke of the patterning of the Universe being a reflection of the patterning of The Divine Mother. We discussed the details of conscious breathing, genetic alterations and the restoration of original design in both food and Humans, the connection between frequency and perception and finally, a little about sexuality.

It was a good show, and we’ll air it on Tuesday at noon E.T. ~

I haven’t written much about my own weird experiences and new understandings in part because it’s difficult for me to know what’s interesting to others sometimes.

Wonderful Light packets of information come streaming in and as they do, we momentarily appreciate the profound nature of what’s being given. I say momentarily because it isn’t long before the information is integrated and starts to feel completely normal.

I forget that I didn’t know it a little while ago, which is also an illusion. The reason it sits in our bones perfectly so quickly is because it’s being re-membered.  As my dear friend DT the ET says, “This ain’t our first rodeo!”

So I get that it’s time to share more, maybe for all of us, and that there’s no telling what might be meaningful for others to read or hear about.

In this way we weave ourselves into a beautiful tapestry of stories and energy, experience and love.


a divine warrior for love elizabeth gibbons

ART : A Divine Warrior for Love – Elizabeth Gibbons

We Were Made For These Times – Clarissa Pinkola Estes @ Golden Age of Gaia

Susan Seddon Boulet . .

ART : Susan Seddon Boulet

We Were Made For These Times

Lights_on_waterBy Clarissa Pinkola Estes

My friends, do not lose heart. We were made for these times. I have heard from so many recently who are deeply and properly bewildered. They are concerned about the state of affairs in our world now. Ours is a time of almost daily astonishment and often righteous rage over the latest degradations of what matters most to civilized, visionary people.

You are right in your assessments. The lustre and hubris some have aspired to while endorsing acts so heinous against children, elders, everyday people, the poor, the unguarded, the helpless, is breathtaking. Yet, I urge you, ask you, gentle you, to please not spend your spirit dry by bewailing these difficult times. Especially do not lose hope. Most particularly because, the fact is that we were made for these times. Yes. For years, we have been learning, practicing, been in training for and just waiting to meet on this exact plain of engagement.

I grew up on the Great Lakes and recognize a seaworthy vessel when I see one. Regarding awakened souls, there have never been more able vessels in the waters than there are right now across the world. And they are fully provisioned and able to signal one another as never before in the history of humankind.

Look out over the prow; there are millions of boats of righteous souls on the waters with you. Even though your veneers may shiver from every wave in this stormy roil, I assure you that the long timbers composing your prow and rudder come from a greater forest. That long-grained lumber is known to withstand storms, to hold together, to hold its own, and to advance, regardless.

In any dark time, there is a tendency to veer toward fainting over how much is wrong or unmended in the world. Do not focus on that. There is a tendency, too, to fall into being weakened by dwelling on what is outside your reach, by what cannot yet be. Do not focus there. That is spending the wind without raising the sails.

We are needed, that is all we can know. And though we meet resistance, we more so will meet great souls who will hail us, love us and guide us, and we will know them when they appear. Didn’t you say you were a believer? Didn’t you say you pledged to listen to a voice greater? Didn’t you ask for grace? Don’t you remember that to be in grace means to submit to the voice greater?

Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world all at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach. Any small, calm thing that one soul can do to help another soul, to assist some portion of this poor suffering world, will help immensely. It is not given to us to know which acts or by whom, will cause the critical mass to tip toward an enduring good.

What is needed for dramatic change is an accumulation of acts, adding, adding to, adding more, continuing. We know that it does not take everyone on Earth to bring justice and peace, but only a small, determined group who will not give up during the first, second, or hundredth gale.

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these – to be fierce and to show mercy toward others; both are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity.

Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.

There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life, but I do not keep a chair for it. I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate.

The reason is this: In my uttermost bones I know something, as do you. It is that there can be no despair when you remember why you came to Earth, who you serve, and who sent you here. The good words we say and the good deeds we do are not ours. They are the words and deeds of the One who brought us here. In that spirit, I hope you will write this on your wall: When a great ship is in harbor and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for.

By Clarissa Pinkola Estes

American poet, post-trauma specialist and Jungian psychoanalyst, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves.


Susan Seddon Boulet . .

ART : Susan Seddon Boulet

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Raphael Steps Forth to Heal the Hearts of Humanity – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Mensajero - Messenger art by Miguel Angel Danzi Artwork

ART : Mensajero – Messenger ~ by Miguel Angel Danzi


Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Raphael Steps Forth to Heal the Hearts of Humanity, November 3, 2015

[Thanks to Ellen for this transcription.]

Archangel Raphael steps forth to heal the hearts of humanity

“What I want to talk about is the healing and the alternative. … let us introduce, let us return to the Sacred Promise which is: I will Love and nurture you as I will Love and nurture myself. I will honour the trust you place in me. I will respect your boundaries. I will not invade or violate your sacred space, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I will honour you as I honour the Mother, because you are the Mother, you are the Father, you are the One.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ November 3, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Today we will be joined by Archangel Raphael for our show and I’m excited about this topic in particular. Our timely discussion will be on the healing of humanity and the human heart’s capacity to Love and transform. I’ve often thought of awake humans as being like sprinkles on the ice-cream cone of Earth, but sometimes great physical distance between us.

In some cases, we’re surrounded by the unaware and even the seriously resistant, so finding Love can feel like an insurmountable challenge. We really do have enormous hearts and capacity to Love and it’s wonderful to get the higher perspective on a subject relevant to us all.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi, and what a wonderful introduction!

Suzi: Oh, thanks. Maybe you would like to give some information about just who Archangel Raphael is?

Linda: Archangel Raphael – oh my gosh, I am just crazy about this Archangel but, of course, I never met an Archangel I didn’t Love! [Laughter] Archangel Raphael is the Archangel in charge of or responsible for the healing, certainly of this planet but also of the Universe and the healing of humanity. So this is a massive, massive job!

When I look at Archangel Raphael, he comes to me – I’m sure many of you have seen these posters or greeting cards with pictures of Raphael on them – but how he comes to me is very tall and lithe… When I look at Michael, he’s almost like a body-builder type, and Jophiel looks like a pirate man! [Laughter]

But Raphael has this slender, very distinguished, calm, serene energy about him. He has blond hair and sea green eyes which, again, are like the depths of calmness and of healing, and has emerald green robes and the most incredible wings. Sometimes his wings are gold, and other times are just massive and white and sprinkled with emeralds. He is phenomenal!

The sense I have is he carries a jug – which to me looks like a vase – filled with healing elixir. When I do my meditations, he cranks open the crown of my head and pours in what feels to me like liquid emerald Light which just fills me and goes to my heart. He has given us his Emerald Flame and his Emerald Hexagon Box. He is just an amazing, amazing Archangel!

He has been the overseer, with the Divine Mother, of the Core Issues webinar series. So for us who are involved in this, Archangel Raphael has been very present. Now, when this all started… I’m sharing class secrets but that’s okay, right!

When this all started, I was in bed and got my regular 3am wake-up-call, and there was Archangel Raphael standing by my bed. As I said, I’d never really worked a lot with Raphael, Gabrielle/Gaby and Michael seeming to be my go-to Angels. But there he was standing, and in this really calm but very matter-of-fact voice said, “Give me 5 minutes.”

And so this has been like the battle cry for our class and I’m happy to share it with everyone who is listening. You give Archangel Raphael 5 minutes – and I’m telling you, you can put on your stopwatch and time it – at the end of 5 minutes, whatever you have asked for help for or with – it’s done!

So he is amazingly powerful and I’m just looking forward to hearing more about how he is working and intending, with all the other Company of Heaven and Council of Love, to take care of healing humanity, because this is a massive job. Talk about a clean-up effort! [Laughter]

Suzi: Yes, and clearly we’re doing it with them, because all the work we do for ourselves personally also affects and helps the collective, probably in exactly the same way… if we’re working on a Love issue, that’s the issue that gets helped for everybody.

Linda: That’s really important and I’m glad you brought that up, Suzi. It’s really important for all of us to realise that sometimes we have these physical-mental-emotional-spiritual things we’re working on that we would call wounds or injuries or hardships or challenges or obstacles – we’ve got all these nice names for it! – but we’re not at this point doing it just for ourselves.

Now, a few years ago, it used to be that if someone said they must be clearing for so-and-so, I would think, “No, this is your issue; you’re just not really ready or willing to look at it.” But here we are in this time frame – and certainly since I’d say around 2012, that infamous date – is that when we’re doing this work in any realm, we’re doing it, yes, for ourselves, because we are creating these situations or we’ve agreed to take on these situations, but we are doing it for the collective.

So, if you’re one of those people who is out there working on something, really be gentle with yourself, but give yourself a huge pat on the back and accept our gratitude!

Suzi: Oh yes, this human gig is not easy and it’s wonderful that we have so much help, if we just say yes to it.

Linda: Yes, absolutely.

Suzi: So are we ready for a fabulous, wonderful meditation?

Linda: We are. We’ll have a Raphael meditation! So let’s begin…

[Meditation from 08:28 to 14:38]

Archangel Raphael: Greetings, I am Raphael.

Suzi: Welcome.

Raphael: And welcome to you. Yes, I am Healer of the Universe, Healer of Humanity, and although I am pleased to work with each and every one of you upon this magnificent planet of green and blue this day, I request more than 5 minutes for we have much to discuss.

It is true that mostly I conduct my work in silence, but I step forth this day because it is a time of healing, of repair, of reconstruction, of resurrection, not only of each of you, my beloved friends, allies, family, but of the collective, of this very mixed group called humanity.

As I have begun, I have said to thee, my mission and purpose, my service to the Divine Mother/Father/One is the healing of the Universe, the Omniverse, the Multiverse and your Universe. And yes, I am in many, many places, like all of us, simultaneously, and it does not in any way diminish my efficacy.

But having said that, let me address humanity. Let me address this collective of sweet Gaians. It is your turn! And in this, we have waited, you have waited, and what I suggest to you is, “Wait no longer,” in your reality of what you conceive of as time and in ours. All is in alignment.

There is no difference between Peace on Earth, the healing of the planet, the healing of humanity, the anchoring of Love, the anchoring of the Violet Flame, the anchoring of the Blue Flame, the anchoring of Gabrielle’s Gold, the understanding of Universal Law – all of these things occur simultaneously.

And yes, my beloved friends, you are being bombarded and we are not about to let up! And so I step forth that you will know and care and Love me, the way that I know and care and Love you. Healing is a topic but, more importantly, it is an action, a transmutation, a transformation whose time is Now.

You have carried the burdens of this collective, of the old illusions, of the old 3rd for eons. And you are sick – literally – and tired – literally – of continuing in this way. Most of you, if not all of you, and certainly all of you who hear my personal message this night-this day-this afternoon-this morning know that you have been through this Ascension Portal time and time and time again.

Our gatekeepers, your gatekeepers, are not there to keep anybody out, but rather, to be the welcome party. And so I stand amongst you, behind you and in front of you at this Ascension Portal, this moment in this day, and my offer to you is the healing.

And it is the healing of your heart because all dis-ease, all imbalance, all lack – your term – of vibrant health in all spheres, all dimensions, all realities, result from a sorrowing heart, result from feeling, believing that you are not loved and cherished, and that you are not Love, that you are not Peace, that you are not Creation.

And this, my friends, is a falsehood. And it is this falsehood that I come, not merely to transform, but to eradicate.

It has been perpetrated – we do not need to go into ancient history – but it has been perpetrated so long and so deep that much of the collective of Gaia has firmly come to believe that illness, death, dis-ease is simply a part of life. My beloved friends, that is an absurdity beyond measure!

And how does this course correction take place? It takes place, my beloved friends, by healing your heart and that is why I am brashly taking advantage of this medium, this beloved InLight Universal, to address and heal so many of you at once. So, dearest Suzanne and Suzi, I thank you.

Suzi: Oh, you are so welcome. I thank you.

Raphael: Now, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: So much is happening and thank you, Raphael, for joining us today. I have to say this topic is pretty fresh for me and I hesitate to bring personal things to the air, but I think this is relevant to the conversation.

Almost two years ago, I shared on the show that I had found my sacred partner. Our fearless bliss lasted about six months before the need for serious personal work emerged, leading us into an exploratory and leading edge kind of friendship while issues came up for clearing.

By some descriptions, this was a twin flame relationship bound to bring chaos and, hopefully, significant personal healing and then be complete for both. I’m just wondering when our Love relationships will not be all about bringing up unresolved issues. Perhaps the obvious answer is that we clear all our wounding residue and belief systems before engaging in a relationship.

I have to say though, experiencing a breakup of any kind can be so disappointing when things fall apart. This one, in perfect Divine Order, triggered memories from my own issues with my father. Can you speak to that, please?

Raphael: First, let me surround you and all who suffer from a broken heart – because this is not the crux of our discussion. Let me wrap you in my emerald gown; let me wrap you in my emerald mist; let me fill you and your heart with my Emerald Flame, and as I do so, I am healing you.

But part of this healing is the understanding of what leads to this because, as you know and all of you know, you did not come to the Mother’s planet of Love and Joy to experience heartbreak. And yet, I dare say there is not one adult, and most children upon Gaia at this time, that has not experienced heartbreak.

Now, I could be trite – and by the way, the trite response is also the Truth – that you experience heartbreak because you, my dear Masters, are at a point where you are saying, “No more!” You are absolutely correct in your supposition, your desire, your declaration, your creation that to be in relationship, to be human – even if you are a hybrid – on planet, at this time and in every future moment, means to live in the gladness, the joy, the fulfilment of your heart.

You did not come to break each other’s hearts. It is the breaking of sacred promise. I do not say this lightly. And perhaps this is difficult for many to even hear because there have been so many aberrations, might I even say abominations, in terms of relationships. And when I mention relationships, I mean family, siblings, parents, cousins, friends, Love partners, sacred unions, twin flames, community and the planet. I think I have covered it all!

You did not come to break each other’s hearts, intentionally or unintentionally. I have no room for that excuse! So let us talk about this.

When you are on this side – we will talk about this incarnation because that is what is current and that is what we are healing this day. Before you came, you surrounded yourself with those you Love and cherish – and in some cases, some you loved and cherished but still had some karma or experiences that you needed to sort out – and chose to – chose to – sort out in the physical reality of life.

Part of that desire to do so was never, “Let us go to Earth and let me abuse you and break your heart.” Never… Never! And that is what… If there is one thing – and I speak as the Archangel of Healing – but if there is one thing that keeps your Star brother and sisters at bay, it is this tendency that somehow it is permissible – oh, horrid and terrible – but underneath that, permissible to break each other’s hearts. It is not!

So, why does it happen? Is that your question?

Suzi: Well, no, not really. I don’t feel it’s intentional. It feels like relationships are all about bringing up unresolved issues. It’s not an intentional thing, but we are all so wounded that it seems to me we engage in relationship, and things are going to come up because of it.

Raphael: ‘Things’ as you would put it – this is a highly technical term! Things come up but they do not necessarily – and I am not speaking as a ‘Disney Archangel’ right now! – things come up for healing, for mirroring, for deeper understanding, yes, even for triggering. They do not come up for wounding. They come up for healing, for resolution, for reconstruction.

Now, I could go on but I won’t, about the emotional and spiritual immaturity that can result in such wounding. I have no desire to naysay you, to judge you, to criticise you. What I want to talk about is the healing and the alternative.

You enter into relationship, all of you – and it is consistent, by the way – you do so in the hope, the expectation and the belief and creation of Love. None of you – not someone sitting in Afghanistan pulling a trigger, not someone raping and pillaging – none of you enter into a relationship and say, “I’m going to engage personally with this individual so I can hurt them.”

So, what is it? You call it ‘wounding’, dearest Suzanne, Suzi, and that is a deep history of how earthlings – and notice I use that term rather than ‘Gaians’ – how ‘earthlings’ have treated one another.

The pattern has been, “I am hurt, I am wounded; I will seek comfort from you, but really what I’m going to do is to hurt you so you hurt as much as I do,” which, of course, simply is the element of the old paradigm of control. It is control to think that you can hurt another and thereby feel better yourself.

Now, there are many faces to this and there are many other areas I wish to speak to, but the new paradigm as you engage is not to pretend that the wounding has not occurred because you are the transition… what we would term, generation. Our generations span hundreds of years, by the way!

So, you are the ‘transition generation’. So, you are the ones that move from the old paradigm of wounding and being wounded – because it is always both – to the new paradigm of wounded and healed. When you are engaging – and it does require, might I say, a certain element of determination, of compassion, of forgiveness and fierceness.

Now, why fierceness? Because most of you are the gentlest souls in the Universe and so, when someone hurts you, you may lash out momentarily, but the pattern generally – particularly for Lightworkers – is to bury the hurt, to cocoon into your heart and to somehow shift it into self-blame, self-doubt, self-hurt, rather than pushing it outwards.

Now, I am not suggesting that blame and shame and guilt outwards is the way to go; it is not. But there is a fierceness – and you may call on me or Michael for this; Gabrielle is good at it too – to say, “No! No, this is not the way to behave; I do not accept wounding; I will not allow you to treat me in this way and we will not proceed in this manner,” all the while holding the boundary, holding the Love, but not giving – your term, dearest Suzi – permission to be wounded because it is not of Love.

And it is the way in which the paradigm is shifting, is for more and more humans to say, “No!” Michael, my beloved brother Mi-cha-el, has said repeatedly and talked about the power of “No!” and also talked about the collective being at the point where you are saying, “Enough!”

This is where relationships, which are the measure not only of how you are doing but how the collective is doing… When you are saying, “Enough!” there is a ferocity involved, because you are saying, “I will not play; I will not engage in that old pattern; I demand kindness, consideration, gentleness, understanding, compassion and Love.”

And that is the only thing that is acceptable, and in so doing, you are reinforcing your beloved self, you are exhaling, you are expelling the wound, releasing it to the Universe. We can take care of it, yes, in even less than 5 minutes! So you are not giving it back to the person who wishes to do the wounding.

Let me be very clear about that. You are releasing it to the Universe, to us, to me, and you are not taking it on. Give it to me, because this is the transformation. Yes, you carry the wounds, but you are at the same time being filled and lifted up. Your body, your Lightbody, is transitioning.

There is a minute percentage of the population that is truly recalcitrant. So what is it about the collective – and that is what we are here to talk about – that is not recalcitrant, but simply stuck in this old patterning of what I term ‘the broken heart’?

Can we heal it? The answer is yes and I know – yes, I am clairvoyant and clairsentient and I am teasing you! – I know your heart and the heart of all beings wishes to let go, not only to have a mended broken heart but to have a brand new broken heart.

When I say ‘brand new broken heart’, think of the Valentine heart that is in two. You can give half your heart away and the other half will fill it up again, and then you can give another half away and it will fill it up again, and you can give another half away.

If each of you began to think, to feel, to act, to behave, that you were entrusting – not your whole heart because you need it – but half your heart to humanity, to your family, to your loved ones, and you prefaced it by saying, “I am entrusting my sacred heart to your care. My survival and our survival, our progression as humans, as Light Beings, as Lightbodies, as Angelics, as Gaians, depends upon you taking care of my heart,” what do you think the result would be?

I hear your answer, dear Suzi, and you have said, “Well, I did give half my heart away and it has been trampled on,” and that, my beloved friend, is tragic and egregious and beyond sad.

When one entrusts their heart – and I use this meaning their Love, their trust, their hope, their life, their dreams, their creations – to another, and it is not treated in the sacred trust promise manner that was and is intended… The contract did not break because you assumed form. When that sacred promise is broken, it is tragic because the ripple effect it has throughout the collective is devastating.

Now, when that Love is cherished and shared and protected and nurtured and grows, the effect is more powerful than the most powerful nuclear explosion you could ever imagine. It explodes Love all over the planet.

Suzi: Yes. If I might interject here for a moment?

Raphael: Yes.

Suzi: I like to see the positive in all things, and the great and wonderful thing that came out of this for me was a realisation that I have things to clear from my experience with my father. So, I’m just looking at the Divine perfection of it and the timing… So, in this way, this relationship has served a sacred purpose.

Raphael: It has served a sacred purpose – but I am one of the Archangels that is more direct-speaking, yes, than even Gabrielle! There was a better way, an easier way. Is it all in Divine alignment? Yes. And because you are [your] stalwart, prudent, determined, never turn back, warrior self, yes, you can define it that way. It is true; it has brought to the forefront.

But what I am speaking of is, let us introduce, let us return to the Sacred Promise which is: I will Love and nurture you as I will Love and nurture myself. I will honour the trust you place in me. I will respect your boundaries. I will not invade or violate your sacred space, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I will honour you as I honour the Mother, because you are the Mother, you are the Father, you are the One.

So, yes, you are insightful enough to see the gift inside the injury and that is the transition generation that is brilliant. But I also want to hold up this sign, this directional GPS for the future, because this is what I am doing and giving to you right now. Many of you – and you have touched upon this, sweet Linda and Suzanne, that you are doing this for the collective – and that is of the Truth.

So many of you have said, “Why? Why am I in a place of dis-ease when all I do is pray and meditate and Love and practice what I know to be Truth?” Beloved ones, many of you are doing this for the collective.

Let us use a prolific example: Many of you suffer from the dis-ease, the burden, of diabetes. And what is diabetes, in its simplest form? It is the craving for the sweetness of life. So many upon your planet crave for the true, the genuine sweetness of life.

What those with diabetes are doing is processing all the disappointed, disillusioned, despairing energy of those who are longing for the sweetness of life so that all may experience it in Nova Earth and Nova Being, in physical reality.

Cancer is the storing away of what we have called ‘bitterness – the seeds of bitterness’. Now, let me be very clear – this does not imply or in any way mean that those who have cancer are bitter.

But they have swallowed; when life has been bitter, disappointing, disillusioning, they have continued to smile and keep going. And so it has morphed into the body, eating at itself, because no-one can swallow the bitterness and survive. In one way or another, you are compromised.

So why is cancer so rampant upon the planet? Because so many are saying, “No more bitterness; no more bitterness in our breasts; no, we cannot digest the bitterness in our colons, in our stomachs, in our livers, in our kidneys; no more bitterness in sexuality; no more ovarian cancer; no more uterine cancer; no more prostate cancer. We can’t do this any longer.” So, my beloved cancer patients, you are processing the bitterness.

Now, I do not say this to simply give you a high five and leave you sitting alone and suffering. I give you this day, right now, by attunement, my Violet Flame combined with my Emerald Flame. Germaine and I together, we torch, we eradicate, we enter into the sacred contract of removal, right now.

Suzi: Thank you.

Raphael: This is my job, but this is my honour. I have stood back long enough, silently doing my work. I am so eager to fully engage with all of you.

Suzi: Oh, are you setting an example for us to do the same thing?

Raphael: Yes, I am!

Suzi: Thank you.

Raphael: There is no room for heavy hearts. And so, yes, when I have suggested this day that we would speak of the healing of humanity, I am enlisting each and every one of you.

Now, let me be crystal clear. I am not asking you, requiring you, requesting of you to engage in any dis-ease or injury in order to transmute and eradicate, remove pain and suffering of any kind from this planet.

When you hold the Violet Flame, the Emerald Flame and, yes, even the Silver-Grayelsha Flame of Uriel – I’m sure he will be next… oh, he has preceded me… hmm, well! When you hold these, you may do the work with us.

So yes, we are doing a group enlistment this day to heal humanity!

It does not need to be lengthy. That is the other misconception: “Well, time heals all wounds.” That is terrible.

So let the healing be rapid and light. Let the healing be as instantaneous as you choose and the recipient chooses. When the pain, the suffering is not there, it is replaced first by a deep sense of Peace which bubbles up into Joy and blossoms into Love. Let us do this together.

Suzi: Yes, happily. Thank you so much for joining us today, Raphael.

Raphael: It is my honour. I give you this attunement, and I invite you – I ask you, I plead with you – use the Flames. They are yours. They are entrusted to you from our heart to your heart. Take care of them.


Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Raphael Steps Forth to Heal the Hearts of Humanity,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, November 3, 2015


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HB Transcript: Galea and Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ When Will You Be Willing to Step Into the Fullness of Your Role as Citizens of the Galaxies? @ Council of Love

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HB Transcript: Galea and Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ When Will You Be Willing to Step Into the Fullness of Your Role as Citizens of the Galaxies?

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunsetGalea and Grener of Ashira of Neptune:  “When will you be willing to step into the fullness of your role as Citizens of the Galaxies?”

“All we want, all we have ever wanted, is Community. We come to share – of course, that is as natural as breathing. But we come for the expansion of Community, for the anchoring and creation and further anchoring of Nova Earth.”

Conversations with Galea (Part 7) and Grener of Ashira of Neptune

Heavenly Blessings ~ October 20, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: On our last show there were many from the Neptune wanting a word. Universal Mother Mary took the floor to acknowledge the connection we all have with one another and, more to the point, that we’re also joined with the Ascended Ones and the Company of Heaven.

So this week we have our lovely friend Galea back with us for another fascinating and intimate chance to connect with Star Family. Good morning Linda!

Linda: Good morning Suzi, and good morning everybody who’s listening and everybody who’s going to be listening later. How the heck are you?

Suzi: We are really going through some intense times these days and I don’t think anybody is escaping!

Linda: No, and what I also think is that people who may not be aware… I’m talking about the general population – they may not be aware of what they are receiving or going through but, nevertheless, the downloads and the intensity of the energy that’s being sent to us is unavoidable.

Mother Mary reminded me several times in the past week that she had said… and this was in relationship to the Core Issues class but, nevertheless, it applies to all of us – that she has said that she will never stop – never stop – her Tsunami of Love; that it’s not a matter of the first wave, the second wave, the third wave. She’s not going to stop until the entire population has transformed.

Just that alone, coupled with her gift of the intensified Blue Diamond on our last show – the energy is phenomenal. I am noticing it in my neighbours and in my friends who aren’t particularly in this mindset. People are going through a lot of change and a lot of people are dying, checking out. There is this chaos or what appears like chaos coming to the forefront, and it’s change; but when you look at it – it’s really change for the positive.

Suzi: Oh yes, absolutely. I have to say that when I took your “How to Channel” class, it wasn’t my intention to learn how to do it like you do and be a public channel and put out messages and things like that. I was primarily interested in sharpening my own connection to my guidance and it really worked brilliantly. So I know you’re starting another of these classes on Saturday, correct?

Linda: This Saturday at 1:00 pm we start a brand new webinar series running from October 24th through December 5th for the “How to Channel” class. It’s true that when I first channelled the information about what this class was really about, they said, “It’s not about necessarily getting a new job, a new career,” but for some people it has been that.

It’s really about being able to have that connection and the conversation with your guides, with the Masters, with sheer energy, God – whatever you term it – so that you can be plugged in and doing that for yourself, for your family, for your loved ones, and not have to rely on someone like me.

I really did say when I began this that I don’t want to be channelling for you two years from now, as an individual person, because I want you to be able to make that connection on your own.

Suzi: Yes! I feel that that’s the primary focus of our show: “We can do this and you can do it too!” Absolutely, this is all our potential. We are not better than; we may be a little bit further along the path but this is the potential for everybody.

Linda: I’m really glad you brought that up because on our last show we talked about how we miss the call-in part. When we first began this Heavenly Blessings show… If we go back a little in history, we had talked about An Hour with an Angel – which is fabulous and we all love it, as we all love Steve – but that was a real channelling show.

When Archangel Michael or Mother Mary says, “Go do this,” it’s like, “Well, that’s all really nice direction, but How? How do you do this?” and that’s why we introduced Heavenly Blessings.

It was to be more about you and I talking – and hopefully it will get to the point again of talking with our listeners – of having the discussion about, “How do you get at it? What are some of the practical tools? What are we really working on?” and having a more down-to-earth… yes, still spiritual and in some ways esoteric – but having a more down-to-earth conversation about, “How do we do this?” and “How do we do this together?”

Suzi: Exactly. I just want to say that when I attempted many months ago my own radio show with call-in people, it was basically to be all about the call-in. So maybe at some point in the future when we have the technology and the ability, etcetera, I would really love to have conversations with our listeners because that’s what it’s all about really – the connection.

Linda: That’s the reason I was guided to start the Nova Earth site at and that’s what it’s called: “The Global Conversation”. I completely agree with you. It’s about all of us just having a conversation. It’s not about the stridency; it’s not about using different forms of language to make your point.

It’s about talking in what’s called “Saedor” and to be able to truly engage in meaningful conversation. It’s not about proving a point; it’s really about a heart-to-heart exchange. And I have to say Suzi, I think that’s what we do on this show.

Suzi: Yes, I do too and I’m happy to be part of it!

Linda: Me too!

Suzi: So are we waiting for a fabulous galactic meditation?

Linda: Yes, we are, so let’s begin.

[Meditation from 8:35 to 20:03]

Galea: Greetings, I am Galea.

Suzi: Welcome.

Galea: And welcome to you, dearest Suzanne. Welcome all of you, my fellow Gaians, for do you remember our conversation when I had said, “Our biggest undertaking was to transform into an Us, into an Our, into a One”?

For are we different than you? Yes, the same way you are different from your mother, from your brother, from your neighbour down the street, from your classmate of 20 years ago or your lover of tomorrow. Of course we are different. This uniqueness and differentiation is part of the delight! The creation of the Mother is infinite, quite literally. So are we different? Naturally, but we are still One, united in heart.

When I have been honoured, gifted in many ways, promoted – yes, in the real sense of the term – to be the Communications Officer, to have this assignment, to be a communicator with you on behalf of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, I was not only excited but so nervous.

But I have come to understand that when I speak to you from my heart, there are humans who fully understand the use of Saedor and that we can have this communication in the most loving and kind and profound and truthful ways.

And it is – and it has been – and it will be my honour to continue this conversation and to emphasise not only the differences between our experiences, our viewpoints, our lives, but also our similarities.

For example, often we have talked – and when I say “we”, I mean the whole Galactic and Intergalactic forces – we have spoken of the, what you would call the “fear factor” upon the planet – which has been a deterrent to us – about our arrival, and how many would see this as an invasion because that is the framework within which their mindset has operated.

I will not say more about this because, this day, Grener of Ashira of Neptune – I never thought I would be so fortunate to be introducing this one but, nevertheless, I will get back to my original point. We have been aware of this “fear factor” for eons, but I have never spoken of what I would say – it is different but similar – of our “fear factor”.

Now, we have worked with, played with and loved not merely the planet and the kingdoms, but the human beings for a long, long time. Our “fear factor” is the concern – I guess “fear” is too strong a word but I want you to see the similarities – is “Will we be accepted? Will we be loved? Will we be cherished? Will we have the same sense of Community?”

Not with the Lightworkers who listen to this right now because you, dear hearts, you are already our best friends! [Laughter]

Suzi: Yes, we’re in Love with you!

Galea: Yes, and we’re in Love with you!

But now we talk about the general population that causes concern, and that in many ways was confirmed when we put initially so many boots on the ground and the human chaos and the emotional constructs, the framework, the paradigms, the fields of the human beings were so intense with, can we say, negativity that we had to return many, many Home for repair, for R&R. So that “fear”, that concern, in many ways was confirmed.

All we want, all we have ever wanted, is Community. And we know that that is what you, you who listen, the Lightworker community, want as well. We do not come to save you; we do not come to fix you. We come to share – of course, that is as natural as breathing. But we come for the expansion of Community, for the anchoring and creation and further anchoring of Nova Earth.

We emphasise the similarities because this will act as the glue, as what will bind us together, not only in heart but in mission and purpose and approach and projects, and simply the joy and delight of living. We are very close to you.

Anyway, I have come this day with the supreme honour, not only of being the Spokesbeing for the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, Communications Officer too, and I would like to think, as “regular guest” on Heavenly Blessings!

But I also come to bring the greetings and the introduction once again to one you have known – and who you have had a somewhat mixed relationship with – and that is Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

Grener – and that is how we call him – Grener is President and has been for some time, for 13 years of your years, of the Intergalactic Council. The Intergalactic Council is composed of a wide spectrum of planetary representatives from the 5th dimension onward, in that circle of interdimensional reality, the most active members being the 5th to the 8th dimension.

But he is President of this august group. It is voluntary but it includes leadership. And with that I will step aside. Thank you, dearest Suzi.

Suzi: Thank you, Galea.

Grener: I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune.

Suzi: Welcome

Grener: And welcome, my dearest friend, to you – and thank you, dearest Galea. And might I say on behalf of the entire Council – what a magnificent job you are doing, not only on behalf of UFOG but on behalf of all of us!

Suzi: Thank you.

Grener: Yes, I come to you this day as President of the Intergalactic Council. I have assumed this position, as Galea has indicated, 13 years ago when the project of Terra Gaia and the bringing forth of Earth into this Council was first initiated.

As former Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, as Commander of the massive migration from the outer planetary sectors, I have held deep abiding Love for this planet of Gaia – and particularly of the unfoldment of the Plan for Gaia – and deep abiding Love for humanity; and a special place in my heart… no, not only for the Star Beings and the Starseeds, but for the legions of torchbearers, the leadership that shows the way to this transformation, this transformation of consciousness, the expansion of consciousness.

Yes, you refer to it as “heart consciousness” and that is the primary factor, but it is also an expansion in your consciousness of your mental brainpower, your physical power, your mental power, your emotional clarity, and your ability to Love.

We have worked on this project Terra Gaia intensely – oh, for 50 years, for 200 years – and even more intensely… yes, certainly the last 50, but the last several years. The reason – and the only reason by the way – that I was in the slightest bit interested in assuming this role of President of this Council… and it is not what you think of as “president”, for there is not a modicum of control. It is conciliatory; it is ‘evolved’. It’s the only word I can use. My rational was my Love for all of you.

That was my rational in wanting to bring you on board ship, and that was strongly discouraged by the threat of warfare and annihilation of those who would choose to gain entry, and even the threat of nuclear warheads against our forces. That could not be permitted, but now I am free to talk about it at least.

But I do not come to talk about such affairs. What I come to talk about is touched upon by Communications Officer Galea and it has been this mentality, this mindset held by particular leaderships and many of the human race of invasion, because this has been the pattern of the human race for thousands of years. And this is with the all-out efforts, not only of us but of Archangel Mi-cha-el himself.

To land on foreign soil – and is that not a strange concept? – is considered an act of invasion or of war or of terror. It is a very peculiar mindset, and it has been reinforced time and time and time again by those who have done the landing.

Think of the Europeans who landed on the shores of North America and then proceeded to annihilate the entire population of Native Americans, to seed them with disease, to starve them and then to herd them into places of desolation.

So there is a history, whether it is the Romans or the Greeks or the Americans or the Syrians or the Iraqis, the Somalis or the Russians. There is a profound history, an ingrained history of this belief of invasion. And that is one of the reasons why we have worked – mostly invisibly and from a distance – because we have been waiting and awaiting the maturing of this collective.

And we know your discouragement, sweet Suzi and many of you who listen this day, but from our perspective – and particularly with the recent upgrades in frequencies – we see within the human collective an outrageous joy at the mere thought of our joining you. And it is not simply in the Lightworker community; it is throughout the general populous and this is good news in many ways.

You have a tendency upon planet to think of periods of time. We work a great deal with what you think of as the period of 13 years, and Terra Gaia has reached the point where her initiation period into the Intergalactic Council – and there are several of you who sit on this Council – the initiation period comes to a close.

And it is time for Gaians, for actual human beings, to take their place – not secretly – at this table. And in order for that to occur, you have need – and it is time – for you to have greater Community, to know us more fully.

You have been asking for a long time, “When?” And now this day, I ask you, all of you across this planet: “When? When will you be willing to step into the fullness of your role as Citizens of the Galaxies?”

Well, we know the answer so I am being somewhat pedantic aren’t I, but I will tell you. We know that in order for you to feel fully comfortable in doing that, that you must have a greater, a deeper, a more knowing relationship with us.

Now this channel – my daughter – would in fact see red if I was to give an actual date. But what I tell you is that in the very, very near future, we begin our presence to be known, seen, acknowledged and welcomed upon this planet – not merely as boots on the ground, not merely as servers in Starbucks – but in terms of emissaries, of delegations, of landings, as you would term them, upon the planet that we might more fully engage and begin to introduce ourselves.

And that is why I have asked permission, both of Galea, of Ashira and of this channel to come this day and to visit.

You cannot even begin… Personally… of course your expression would be, “I am over the moon!” … but I am also speaking on the part of this Council.

We desire, for reasons of planetary and humanoid Ascension but also because your participation in Galactic, Intergalactic events, unfoldments; the process of Ascension on other planetary systems; the process of Peace throughout the Universe; the process of Peace, Intergalactic and Galactic and Gaian upon Earth; the expansion of technology, of wisdom, of what you think of as science, of communication – for all these things, your presence, your full participation… yes, your current mind, your expanded mind and your expanded heart… are not only invited and welcome, but needed.

We cannot plan and go forward in this next phase, shall we say, of unfoldment without the Gaian participation. We need you – and, I dare say, you need us.

We will never come as an invading force. That is against not only Universal Law but our laws, the laws that govern our covenants. We have learned: invasion, war, violence of any kind, it simply is unacceptable. Even when we speak in rallying language, before we do so we declare that we are speaking in such a form.

We come in Peace, and we believe – yes, it is an assumption but it is also a knowing – that your planet… we already know the Kingdoms welcome us; they have for a long time… but the humans, they are ready too.

You know, you have had a terrible history – I do not bring any newsflash! – of discrimination upon your planet in terms of gender and race and economic, social status. Well, when you have interplanetary visitors, all that discrimination will go away, not because we are miracle workers or magicians, but because the realisation, the beauty of diversity and the futility of hierarchies… when you think of the expanse of diversity in the Universe, it will simply dissipate into thin air.

Now, we don’t come to fix you, to shift you. Now, will our presence shift you? Yes, as your presence shifts us. We have come to understand more about the incredible spectrum of human emotions and thoughts; it has been fascinating and you bring that to the table. We do not seek to eliminate it. We seek to complement, to assist, to join together, to create something that is beautiful and new and ancient and original.

So we come – as I say one more time – in Peace, that we may harmonise together, that Gaians will gladly take their place at the table.

Dearest Suzanne, do you have questions for me?

Suzi: I do. A couple of things have come to mind in this conversation. For one, I met a young woman a few days ago at an art show. These days I speak about all kinds of things to people that I just met. I asked her if she ever thought about extraterrestrials and her response surprised me. She said they visit her in the night and she experiences full-body paralysis.

I didn’t get that she was especially frightened by the experience, but she didn’t like the loss of control so much. I said to her, “For what it’s worth, the only ETs that are allowed near Earth now are here to help us,” and she seemed somewhat comforted by that. I hope what I told her is both helpful and accurate?

Grener: It is completely accurate and there are no full-body probes going on at this time. What she is doing is having flashbacks. It was such a dismal, serious breach of ethics that it has replayed and replayed. But yes, those who have conducted such invasions of privacy… We would never permit that to be done to us!

Suzi: Right. If I see her again, what can I tell her?

Grener: We would suggest that she would benefit deeply from a healing through hypnosis to go back and to revisit the situation and to have it eradicated.

Suzi: Okay. There’s another thing I experienced in the last couple of weeks. I have naturally long, strong fingernails which I love. The nails on the left hand were not breaking and so I just kept letting them grow and grow, becoming really long. Then, while looking at them on the table, admiring my hand, this thought came into my head. I have… I’m going to call it a ‘him’, a guide who looks like a very large mantis kind of creature, 4ft tall but completely, completely radiating Love.

So whilst looking at my hand which was like a claw, this mantis person came in and said, “That’s pretty scary looking; it could be used as a weapon but you never would, and it’s just like me. I look kind of scary but I am all about Love.” That was the message I got.

Grener: Yes, there is a group of beings… you have a part of them upon the planet, “Praying Mantis” – and there is a reason they are called “Praying” Mantis – and there is a species that looks very much like this, and they are simply purveyors of Love and often assist in the fulfilment of people’s prayers into physicality through the application of the energy, the creative energy, of Love. And you have such a guide yourself.

Suzi: Beautiful.

Grener: They are an extraordinary, extraordinary race. Now, will they be the first to reveal themselves upon the planet? No. We are going to come as humanoids so that there will not be any shock value.

Suzi: Yes. I had this vision of being up on ship and going to be introduced to others who did not look humanoid, and I said, “Okay, I don’t want to be afraid so could you show me a kind of a picture book of what kind of beings I’ll be meeting so that I don’t have the shock factor. If I’ve seen it in a picture and know what it is, when I see it in person it’s not going to take my breath away in a scary kind of way.”

Grener: So what you are realising is some of the initial work that we do with ambassadors so that they do not misstep and offend those sitting at the table.

Suzi: Yes, exactly, like there would be a book with a picture and protocol and how to work and communicate with these people.

Grener: That is exactly correct.

Suzi: That’s wonderful; I’m excited! So if I could ask this question in terms of connecting us and seeing how much the same or different we are: How do you spend your day or night, if such terms could be used? I guess all your focus is on what’s going on, on Earth right now.

Grener: We have and can adapt to what you think of as day and night, hourly, minute to minute, seasonal, decades… Your time factors have been studied and adjusted; we can do this, because what we want to do… Now, is that what you are asking, “Is that out normal body rhythm?” No, but nevertheless, we are adjusting.

Suzi: You’ve adjusted. So what kind of things do you celebrate? I find that over the last decade or so, traditional holidays have lost meaning for me and I imagine birthdays would have a different meaning for you than they do for humans, if you even pay attention to them?

Grener: We Love celebration! We use almost any occasion to celebrate, but we use celebration in the meaning of the word – not to celebrate loss, not to celebrate war, not to celebrate difficulty.

So yes, even birthdays are celebrated because what it does – and we have had in the past different understanding of what a ‘birth-day’ means – but it is a recognition of the beauty and the uniqueness of the individual.

So whether it is with heart-to-heart – what you would think of as hearts and flowers – it is a coming together, usually in some form of circle, to celebrate either an event or an actual individual or a marker in our history.

But make no mistake about it – we Love celebrations!

Suzi: I have to say that when I think about what I want to do in the New Earth, singing and dancing really comes up a lot!

Grener: Well then you will fit in exceptionally well!

Suzi: Fabulous. We don’t have a lot of time; it’s really gone fast and I have so many more questions. Could I just ask really quickly, though maybe it’s not really a quick answer? What took place last month and can we expect even more of it this month? It seems to be pretty intense now.

Grener: It is extraordinarily intense because, as we say, there is a recognition throughout the Universe that the tipping-point is at hand and that there are certain factors that have need to be put in place.

Mi-cha-el has referred to the pre-construction phase. Well, we would suggest to you that you have moved and you are about to begin construction, or reconstruction, of beautiful Terra Gaia. It is time to move into the fullness of your role.

So the level of intensity that you have been, might I say, bombarded with – I would hope not too intensely – but the level with which you are absorbing energies that are on a molecular, cellular, micro… in your terminology… level are expanding your fields, your acuity, your heart consciousness, your beingness, is taking place and will continue to do so.

So everything from your chakras to your various bodies and fields, your heart, the clearing out – that is why this Core Issues is so important. You are being worked on with an intensity that you’ve not known before.

Suzi: This much is clear, and I’m looking forward of course to the Love factor and the connection factor, to getting together with you guys in physical, but my physical body is really wanting some healing chambers. So I’m looking forward to that too! [Laughter]

Grener: You know, one of the things that we have not talked about… You are not exactly in a healing chamber, but in many ways the entire population of Gaia is in an acceleration healing chamber. So that is what is going on and that is what those who have any form of sensitivity are feeling.

So yes, this will come to an end, but will the expansion stop? Not in this lifetime!

Suzi: No, never!

Grener: That is correct. It is an eternal, infinite journey and we are glad to be conjoined with you in this journey.

Suzi: Yes. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you, Grener – and thank you, Galea – and everyone on the Neptune and the entire Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies. I am so grateful, we are all very grateful and we look forward with glee and delight to meeting you in person.

Grener: Thank you, dearest heart. I look forward to it as well. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Heavenly Blessings, Transcript: Galea and Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ “When will you be willing to step into the fullness of your role as Citizens of the Galaxies?” Channeled by Linda Dillon, October 20, 2015.


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Universal Mother Mary Brings Forth Yet Another Gifting Session of Her Blue Diamond @ Council of Love

Art Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki

Art : Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki


Heavenly Blessings: Transcript ~ Universal Mother Mary Brings Forth Yet Another Gifting Session of Her Blue Diamond

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunsetPodcast: Play in new window

“You are ready and, beloved, all of you, my family, we are ready. So take my Blue Diamond and use it. I will not even say, ‘Spend it wisely.’ Spend it however you choose, but use it! It is currency. It is Love.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ October 6, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: It looks like our friends on the Neptune have some encouraging things to share with us, and I for one am in need of that. Actually, many of the Council are lining up to have a word. Linda and I have been sharing our griping and ranting stories for half an hour now, and finally, Universal Mother Mary Herself is stepping forward to speak. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi, and good morning to everybody out there listening, and those who are going to listen and those who are listening and don’t even know they’re listening! [Laughter] So good morning everybody. Welcome world!

Suzi: Welcome world, exactly! So our theme today seems to be “Waaaaa!”

Linda: Well, it seems to be “Waaaaa!” and it seems to be “When?”… that eternal question of “When?” And as you well know, Suzi, because you have been listening to me for the last half an hour or so, we’ve had all these incredible channellings and gifts of late that have been gifted, not only to us and to our listeners and to this circle, but to humanity.

I think our question is, “Why hasn’t the shift, or what we are sensing as the shift, not only on the spiritual level but in what we would call the tangible or the 3D level – why aren’t we seeing more?”

We had this amazing channelling from Albert Einstein during the recent Joy! workshop at my house a few weeks ago which, to me, is like a piece of seminal work. I haven’t had this sense of an “Aha!” moment of brilliance since he came in years ago and explained what the dimensions were all about. Rather than time and space, he defined them in terms of qualities and what happens in those dimensions and why we have those dimensions.

Well, he gave a very long channelling which is on video – a really pretty video done by Chris Mariotti which is just gorgeous! This channelling talks about how everything, not just us and Gaia and this planet and this galaxy, but how absolutely everything is patterned on the Divine Mother. And that is like a huge “Aha!”

And then he tied it in to chakras and white holes and black holes and the functionality of various dimensions. It’s an amazing piece of work and if you haven’t listened to it, I would really encourage you to do so because it’s one of those “Aha!” moments.

So we’ve had that, and also on last Saturday’s Conference Call the Mother came back again and re-gifted us with her Blue Diamond – and maybe we’ll do that this morning as part of the meditation because that seems to be part of the theme.

But it just feels like even though we see very encouraging signs… so I can’t be grumpy – oh, but I want to! [Laughter] No, I really don’t, but it’s like I’m waiting for that… I don’t know… the 100th Monkey. I’m waiting for it to click in and I’m looking around and I’m still seeing the absurdity.

I can’t call it anything else… the absurdity of politics, that there’s still war and mayhem raging in the Middle East; I’m seeing Syrian refugees running for their lives and people closing down borders rather than welcoming them with compassion, although we’re also seeing the flip side of people welcoming these refugees with compassion.

So I think we’re sort of in that “pause moment”. The energy has been very intense, and in some ways it feels smoother, like it’s not the rough seas but it’s still a really big sea. It’s a feeling like waiting… And I’m not sort of waiting for Christmas morning; in some ways it feels more like “Waiting for Godot,” [laughter] not knowing “if/when/how” things are going to evolve.

And I also know that we don’t need to know. This is our human obsession: “We want to know; we want to know.” We are info-maniacs wanting to know everything. But I’m just saying I’d like to know a little bit more; I want to do it, I want to witness it and be part of it more in the human realm.

Whereas I think, Suzi – I’m going to invite you to rant and rave – you’re on the other end. While I’m saying I’m waiting for the humans to take all the gifts, all the energies, all the frequencies and for us to implode-explode and really be Gaians, you’re at the other end feeling like, “Where’s the Company of Heaven in all of this?”

Suzi: Well yes, I am. Honestly, there’s been so many times when I felt before, “How much more of a squeeze can we take? We’ve got to be close. It’s so difficult,” but it just keeps getting more intense.

My m.o. [modus operandi] has been to just keep doing what I do and not to worry about the details. I really don’t need to know, and I really have been doing my utmost to change this world, to raise frequency, to be Love. I’m very happy with where I am right now.

I’m just tired. It would be so much easier to do what we’re here to do with resources to do it. Obviously you don’t need money to meditate, but unfortunately we need money to do the rest of our things in our world. It can be really stressful trying to navigate this and keep the faith. I mean, gosh, faith… this is just totally a trust walk and I really am in, but we really need some help.

Linda: It’s interesting that even as you’re saying this, what I’m hearing from the Council and the prep that I had done for today was to have Galea, the Communications Officer on the Neptune, and Ashira of Neptune, the Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and then Grener of Ashira of Neptune who is the President of the Intergalactic Council come and talk to us about their plans of full engagement with us.

To me that was really exciting stuff. It was going to be a marathon of channelling, that’s for sure! But I am also feeling that there’s a piece missing here, and it’s our human readiness.

We are told – and I think many of us know this and have felt it, and are having huge interdimensional experiences. We know we’re flying through the Ascension portal, back and forth; we feel the changes in our own vibratory rate, our own frequency, our own abilities to create and bring forth.

But there is still this missing piece – and as I put it to you earlier, “What is it that is stopping us?” We are Divine, the Divine is Divine; the Angelics, the Archangelics, the Elohim, the Seraphim, the Masters, the Mother, they know they’re Divine. So what is it that is stopping the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, of her promise, of her dream, because we know it’s a given?

Now, I think what we’re saying is, “Are there any helpful hints? Please Mother, are there some helpful hints? I know you’ve given us a gazillion tools, but are there some helpful hints that can tell us, ‘What is it we need to do or break through to be on the other side of this wall?’”

Because it doesn’t feel like a veil; it feels too often, to too many of us… and I’m talking to too many people every day who are really, either mentally or emotionally or physically, suffering, and I know we’re not here to live in pain. So what is it? What do we need to do to break through?

Suzi: Yeah, my coping mechanism for a few weeks now has been that I know I’m not here to suffer.

Linda: And the Mother keeps telling us that she did not create or birth us to suffer. She is really clear. Gaia, this Earth, this gorgeous planet, was created or morphed from an archangelic form into a planet so that the Angels would have a place to play.

Well, I don’t consider a lot of what’s going on – this is me, my opinion – what’s going on upon the planet as either angelic or as play. So what’s the breakthrough? What’s that golden key? What’s the combination to the safe?

Suzi: Well, that’ll be very interesting. So we get the direct word from Mom! “Mom, what’s going on?”

Linda: When all else fails, go to Mom!

Suzi: Go to Mom! That’s good. Alright, so are we ready for a meditation?

Linda: I’m going to repeat the meditation that we did on last Saturday’s Conference Call because She’s asking me to! So, away we go.

And I want to say before we get started, Suzi and I were talking – again in our “rant and rave” session – about how much we miss having the opportunity or the technology to be able to have the call-in show; maybe not every single time, but that we really miss talking to you guys and having you call in with your questions.

So it’s not that we’ve said that’s not something we want to do any more. It’s just something we’re working on and we really want to hear from you. So if you have questions, if you have statements, if you want to communicate to us, then please send those cards and letters to InLight Universal, send them to the Golden Age of Gaia, send them to the Council of Love. We really like talking to you!

Suzi: Oh, we turned off comments on the InLight Universal site because we were getting so much spam!

Linda: Okay, so send them to the Golden Age of Gaia or contact us at the Council of Love. We would still like to talk to you. Keep those cards and letters coming in!

[Meditation from 14:35 to 23:42]

UMM: Greetings. Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Mother of One, Mother of All, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Ancients and Mother of New.

Suzi: Welcome.

UMM: Welcome, my beloved children, sweet Gaians. And yes, as always, I speak to all of you for that is the delight and the purpose of this platform. And I bring you, yet again, my gift of Blue Diamond. It is my essence and, beloved ones, it is your essence.

And I bring this gift forth yet again to remind you, to awaken you, to heal you, to activate you, to attune you, to move you into co-creation with each other, with this Council, with the Realms, with the Masters and with Me.

You are born of my heart, of my being, of the Father’s being and the Unity of One. As Einstein has so eloquently explained, I did not differentiate in the patterning or the quality of what I have created. You, because of your acculturation, your history – your bloody history – your hierarchies, have come to think in terms of hierarchies and gradations. This is not so.

So I did not create, I did not birth races that were less-than, kingdoms that were more-than. Are they diverse? Incredibly. That is my joy; that is my expression of joy. It is my pleasure, it is my Plan, that there be millions upon millions upon millions of faces of the Divine, in this galaxy and throughout the Omniverse.

But I am here this day as your Mother to speak about this human reality, about this Gaian reality which, by the way, is fully participated in by what you think of as the Angelic Realm, as all the Kingdoms, as the Ascended Masters, as your Galactic and Intergalactic Star Family. The Gaian experience is not limited or defined merely by the human collective. It is much, much broader than that.

And that is why there is excitement on the part of your Star Family to discuss with you their next steps. But I am pre-empting them because I want you to know; not merely think, not merely pray, not merely hope or trust – it is time for action.

So I am wanting you to know of your Divinity; of my essence, of the Father’s essence, of the essence of One and of All that rests within you and that I have just reactivated yet again. I am attuning you; I am increasing your, what you call your vibratory frequency.

I have washed you and continue to wash you with my Tsunami of Love. It does not go away. I am not a start and stop Mother. It is an unfoldment of a Plan; and I might say, it is a grand Plan and it is a Plan of Fulfilment and it is a Plan of Love. And it is not merely my fulfilment; I am quite fulfilled. It is your fulfilment; it is OUR fulfilment.

Galea has spoken to you of eliminating the thought pattern, the heart pattern of “mine” and “yours” to “OURS”, and that is what I am repeating this day. It is not merely my Plan and your piece within my Plan – it is OUR Plan. Since the moment, for most of you who heed this message, eons ago, from the moment you emerged from our being, it has been OUR Plan.

You have birthed, you have what you would think of as ‘diversified’ as Angelic, as Starseed – you have done it all. But you have chosen differentiation, uniqueness, expression of your core with the genetic matter – if you want to be scientific about it – of Divinity and your expression of that Divinity, but never different, never separated, never abandoned.

As the channel, Linda and Suzanne have spoken of prior to being on air – you have spoken of the greatest challenge and the greatest gift is family. It is a unique blessing and it is a choice; it is the choices that each of you have constructed and fulfilled in incarnation after incarnation. What I say to thee is that we are family, we are One.

I do not bar my door; I do not bar you from creating. We have given you quite literally the Warehouse of Heaven. We have given you tools, energetic and actual. We do not interfere because you are spiritually evolving and mature. Do we assist? Do we support? Yes, we do, but in ways that so often you decide are not meaningful. Now that is your choice.

Have you ever given a present – a gift for a birthday or a Christmas or an anniversary, an occasion that you put a lot of thought and Love into – and the person opened it with flat affect and said, “Oh, thank you,” and put it aside? And how deeply that hurt you, not because of monetary value but because the person did not see the thought and Love that you had put into the gift; that it was a gift from your heart to their heart?

And then you have just shrugged or shaken your head and said, “Well, they didn’t get it.” And you bury the hurt or you let it go and you move on. Generally you do not say, “Well, I’m never giving them a present again.” And sometimes, for a couple of years, you don’t put as much thought into it or you try even harder. It matters not.

So we do not stop gifting you. But in addition to gifting – which has become very misunderstood in the human realm – we are your everyday support. I don’t tend to forget that I have children, beings, Angels, Starseed, that not only do I Love but that I am crazy about, living on Gaia, some thriving, some struggling.

So I do not simply gift you here and there. We, your guides, your Guardian Angels, the Masters, the legions of Mi-cha-el and Gabrielle and Uriel and Jophiel, Raphael, all these legions, Melchizedek, are working – they are your everyday support team. They are not, not even close, to fully utilised. The offer is there. It is a standing invitation.

But very often it is not conceived as a partnership. We have been saying and talking to thee about this realm of Sacred Partnership for years now; that you are of an age – and past – where we do for you, but we most certainly do with you.

And so that is why I reinsert, literally, into your core, into your being this very moment, my gift of my essence which is Blue Diamond. It is who I am and it is who you are.

Now, I could go on to answer the questions that your beautiful hosts have asked, “What is the barrier?” And I can hear you all screaming, “Mother, whatever you do, don’t turn it back on us.”

I am pleading as only a mother can plead to join with us more fully in this Sacred Partnership of creating Nova Earth. We cannot – let us re-phrase that – we cannot because I have deemed it so, so we will not until there is a significant shift, come back down and reorganise, for example, your political systems, your social systems, your monetary systems, your systems of governance.

But will we support you in our everyday support? Will we inspire you? Will we gift you with the tools necessary? Yes. But you – you are Me on the ground. It is that simple. I am you on this side, all of you.

I have more faith, more trust, more confidence, more knowing of what you are capable of than many of you assume or believe. Are you in a time not of spiritual evolution but of spiritual awakening and revolution? Yes, you are. It is not intended to be a bloody war. That has nothing to do with Love. That is an abomination that must come to a halt.

And Michael and the Archangels have been tasked with this directly by Me. And that is why I say to many of you, “Do not bother going to Syria or Iraq. We are taking care of this.” And given our choices, we would evacuate all warring troops, but we do not interfere with this human choice.

But let me stop there, dear Suzanne, and turn the floor, the entire dome of the sky, the entire water of Earth, let me turn it over to you!

Suzi: Wow, that is quite the … (inaudible)

UMM: I do not hear you, sweet angel.

Suzi: How about now? Good?

UMM: Now you are allowing yourself to be heard by the entire planet, including the dolphins and the whales!

Suzi: Thank you so much for the reminder of the union that we enjoy with the Ascended Ones and the Angels and with you, Mother, because that has been my work. In my meditation now, when I’m doing my breathing and my work, I really have merged with everyone. We are just one big happy family joining altogether, even with the people that we’re working on. It’s a beautiful thing and I so appreciate that.

I have to step into being somewhat politically incorrect and in some ways I resist doing this. But why does it have to drag on for so long? It would be so much more enjoyable to complete our missions and be the Bodhisattva with the resources that remove concern over paying bills and sometimes even having a safe place to sleep. It’s really hard.

UMM: Yes, it is really hard, and let us talk about this. And I can talk about it from your perspective, but that is not why you have invited me. It is very hard as a mother, and many of you that I speak to this day are mothers, and all of you have been mothers. So there is none that I address this day that have not had the experience, the knowing and the tenderness – and the angst – of being a mother.

When I use the word “abomination”, it is an ancient word that is emotionally charged and so I have used it very specifically. When I see – yes, of course the war and mayhem, it is horrific – but when I see a woman or a child beaten black and blue or senseless until their limbs are broken and their spirit is broken by someone who claims to Love, that – because it is family – is very hard for me to witness.

You tend to think that we are beyond emotion. It is not that we do not have emotion like your Star Family, but our experience of what you would term as emotion is very different. And if anything, the intensity is far greater. Yes, the understanding of the unfoldment is present. That does not mean that it is not felt. And because we are completely in a unified grid, we feel it completely.

So when there is someone in a land of plenty that sits on the sidewalk begging for money so they can have food from a fast-food chain which is terrible for them, that is abomination. When children are raped and sold as sexual toys, that is abomination. When there is not enough money to pay for shelter or food, that is abomination.

When there is a family… Now I speak of biological family, and I will expand this to the human family. When there is family and one is wealthy and one is poor, and one is struggling and can’t pay the rent and the other is living in the lap of luxury ‘because they’ve earned it’, is that of Love? Not in our understanding.

And we extend this. When the human family, when the collective has such a wide gap between the haves and the have-nots, and the haves don’t care if those who do not have go hungry or drink infected water… That is not only abomination, it is beyond imagination.

So your question to me truly is, “Then why, Mother? You have the power to come down, to intervene and to basically smite those that are behaving egregiously,” because it is egregious behaviour… But that would not be of Love.

Suzi: Oh, I don’t want you to smite anyone…

UMM: But what I am trying to do is to equip you, to remind you: you have everything I have to give you.

So what is that “wall” that Linda was talking about? I tremble at your reaction, but dear hearts, it is denial. You don’t believe, you don’t recognise, you don’t believe that we are going to help you as much as we are willing to help you.

And you float in and out and you think, “Now I’m doing my spiritual work; now I’m making supper; now I’m having time with friends”. And we are telling you, all of these activities are important. We beg you to have the balance, but all of it is spiritual. All of it! None of it can be delineated. The diversification was not to say, “Well, this is of the Mother and this is not; this is just maintenance and this is sublime.”

So what I am asking today as I approach you is to take this Blue Diamond, to take it, to meld it with your field and to create everything, from the practical to the sublime, to what feels undoable to what is readily doable, and to start doing it all.

It was an extraordinary, mature, loving decision when the populous of Gaia chose to ascend as One.

Suzi: So may I ask then and confirm: Does this mean that no-one moves until more of us or most of us get on board?

UMM: You are already moving. Now, let us talk about that. You are already moving. You have been dipping your toes, your hands, your head; you have been swimming, flying, walking, strolling through the higher realms, the Ascension Portal, the interdimensional reality – you are there.

And you know you are there, and every now and then you say, “Oh, I am so sick of this old third.” And what is a joke is that it does not even exist! So, is it a tipping point? Yes. And as we have been saying to you for some time now, is that that tipping point has actually pretty much been reached. So it is the doing; it is the action.

Think of it in this way. If we had a boat and we had… oh, let us use the infamous 144,000 people on this wonderful cruise line – that have a tendency to not work, but that is but another aside – and we say to everybody, “We’re changing the way this ship works. We actually want it to run on its side. It will be more efficient. So we want all of you, 144,000 of you, to come all of you onto this side.”

Now, even those of you who have chosen to get on the ship, have declared yourself as Wayshowers, as leaders of the way, would say, “Well Mother, that doesn’t make a lot of sense. The rudders are going to be in the air. The boat is going to tip. It’s going to be unstable.” Hence the trust factor, the feeling that you want us to help, but in some ways you don’t think we know what we’re doing! Is it not so?

Suzi: I can only speak for myself and I have to disagree. I completely trust. I really do.

UMM: You are coming from a place of trust, but that 144,000 or 12 people, they aren’t so willing to move to the other side of the boat, to take the action to walk from one side of the boat to the other side of the boat so that we can have the tipping effect.

Now, your Star brother and sisters are all prepared. They are at the tipping point as well. They are ready, eager and prepared to engage fully.

So why I have intervened, why I have stepped forward this day to have yet another gifting session, to remind you: we are not divided. There is no division in this undertaking. It is us. It is OURS… yours, mine, OURS. And there cannot be this hot and cold relationship.

Suzi: May I just give a little story here to demonstrate hopefully what you are talking about?

UMM: Yes, dear heart, please do.

Suzi: Thank you. I was working at the Renaissance Faire last weekend and I could feel the really tired energy of one of the girls working in the booths. I know what it’s like to be in that booth knowing that you have another five hours on your feet and wondering how you will do it.

So as she went about her business, I just stood there and put my fingers together, closed my eyes and called on the Archangels, posted them all around her and asked them to help her get through her day, bring her energy and do whatever it was that she needed in the moment. I continued to do this for a little while and when I opened my eyes, she was standing right in front of me. She said, “Thank you for that. I felt it!” [Laughter]

I thought this was really cool and just a really good demonstration of exactly what you are speaking of – that we are joined with you, all of you, and that any time we ask, it will be given; it will come through us, and if that’s our intention, if it’s in the name of the Light, there’s no way it’s not going to happen.

UMM: That is absolutely correct. She came to the side of the boat because you were there, with the legions, as One, and she knew it.

What we are asking this day you may think is miraculous, but it is not. Is it a gift? Yes. But what we are really talking about today, in this moment of your and my eternal Now, is the everyday support.

We have been on a higher grade, shall we say a frequency of assistance, in the last two years than for a very very very long time. Your Star Family has been on high alert, much to their chagrin at times, for over two years as well.

Everything, absolutely everything, is in readiness. That is why you have had so many channels citing various dates. The feeling that there is something huge taking place is dawning on every single Lightworker/Loveholder on the planet. So keep going.

Suzi: Yes. So meeting with Star Family is imminent?

UMM: Yes, it is. And I will not steal Grener’s thunder, but he will be coming to speak to you as the entire crew is… They truly want a more formal announcement and a more formal invitation for each of you to join the Intergalactic Council. So they are in preparedness right now.

Suzi: Yeah, alright. I am ready too! Thank you so much.

UMM: You are ready and, beloved, all of you, my family, we are ready. So take my Blue Diamond and use it. I will not even say, “Spend it wisely.” Spend it however you choose, but use it! It is currency. It is Love.

Go with my Love and go in Peace.

Suzi: Thank you, Mother. My heart is yours.

UMM: Yes. And my heart is yours, all of yours. Farewell.

Suzi: Beautiful, farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Heavenly Blessings: Transcript ~ “Universal Mother Mary Brings Forth Yet Another Gifting Session of Her Blue Diamond,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, October 6, 2015, at


Art Mary Unveiled by Mary Angelico and Saleena Ki

Transcript: St. Germaine – Healing the Hearts of Humanity and Gift Attunement ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore ANGEL

Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore


Transcript: St. Germaine – Healing the Hearts of Humanity and Gift Attunement

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

“And I say to you, in the healing of your heart and in the healing of humanity, ‘Begin by accepting, Loving, relishing, enjoying, being in your physical form.’ … What I am truly doing this day, to every single person who listens, is I am giving you the Attunement of Expansion.”

Heavenly Blessings – 8/11/15

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: We have a surprise guest today. Our beloved St. Germaine has been nudging Linda for days now, so we’re welcoming him to the show for some kind of update which I’m sure will be very fascinating. Our lovely friend, Galea, will be back with us again at some point and I find being fluid with how life goes works out best.

These Lion’s Gate energies have been pretty intense, and we have a number of sources speaking to a major upgrade in the ability of the human collective to shift into higher frequencies. I wonder what St. Germaine will bring to our conversation today. Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi! And yes, it has been intense [laughter], really breaking through a lot of old paradigms and old grids, and re-patterning and opening of people’s hearts. So it will be very interesting, because you are quite right – St. Germaine has been nudging me for days, and certainly most of the night, to talk about the Healing of the Hearts of Humanity.

It’s a really timely address from him, and I know Galea was very eager to step aside because it really fits in with what our Intergalactic Family is telling us anyway. And so, yeah, here we go!

[Meditation from 01:54 to10:00]


St.Germaine: I AM St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome.

St.Germaine: And welcome to each of you. And I bring you a gift, not merely of my Flame which I have given you so many times that we have lost count. I give you the amethyst, this beautiful gem, for I do not only manifest diamonds. I give you this brilliant amethyst of perfection and clarity, and I place it in your palm and I place it in your heart.

And I place it in your heart, beloved ones, that you are healed and that you are healing. And as you communicate, one to another, one to yourself, that you feel and allow and surrender to the magnificence of your heart, your consciousness, your Love, your magnificence.

And I give it to you in your palm, in the palm of your hand, in the palm of your dominant hand that it will be present – literally – as you touch others, as you touch each other, as you touch your animals, your flowers, your trees, your grass, your food, your water, so that in this way as well, the healing of the Violet Flame, the healing and anchoring of your I AM Presence and of others’ I AM Presence is fully anchored – and not in a subtle manner, but in the full consciousness of what it means to be human.

Now, many times I have spoken to you, my beloved friends, my family, my circle. I have joked with you, I have teased you and I have said, “I am never returning to Earth again,” because I am aware of the challenges, the obstacles, the hardships.

But then I have waffled, have I not, and I have said, “Well, I will come when things are in the fullness of the Golden Age, when the reality of anchoring in the transformative Love, in the heart consciousness, in the Truth of who you really are is fully present.”

But I tell you this day, and I discuss with you this day things that I have not previously brought to Light, both from the human experience and why I am still on this side. I remain in this realm, in this reality because I have ascended, yes, but with Ascension is always the choice to reincarnate, to continue the Mother’s work, the creation of a brilliant society called Gaia, or called Venus or Andromeda or Cee Cee Cee.

I have remained on this side because my promise, my mission, my commitment to the Mother is the healing of the hearts of humanity, and I will never quit; I will never stray; I will never say, “I’ve had enough,” until this is done. I work in triad, in circle, in partnership with so many on this side, and yes, particularly Archangel Raphael. But I work in tandem, in partnership, my beloved friends, with each of you.

Now, while I have said, “Oh, I do not want to return; there is far too much chaos for my liking,” the Truth is my promise to the Mother. But while I have said there is great chaos upon the planet, I have also need to speak of the wondrous progress – yes, the quantum leaps – and the healing that has taken place within each and every one of your hearts, your minds, your emotional field, your causal field.

If you are looking for miracles, look to yourself, look to the person sitting next to you, standing in the aisle at the checkout counter, sitting across from you at a restaurant. These are the miracles of becoming and of being the I AM.

Being in human form… And yes, I have spoken at great length to the channel about the human realm being twelve dimensions and twelve planes, and the need for humanity – and particularly for Lightworkers – to begin to understand this.

But before I go there, before I explode your head, I want to talk about the joy of being alive, of the privilege of truly being in human form, of the senses of touch and smell, of hearing and vision, of knowing, of clairaudience and clairsentience, all of these ‘clairs’… Is that not an interesting word that you have used to describe what you think is extraordinary, but really isn’t!

It is a very small expansion, and it is an expansion that each and every one of you are capable of. But even before we get to that, let us talk about the joy of being alive, of simply waking up and opening your eyes, of being able to breathe and fill your lungs, and experience a physical body.

Now, as much as I have teased you about never coming back, why do you think – in every incarnation – I stayed so long? Because I absolutely loved it! It wasn’t that I was simply committed to Ascension.

I have talked to you about eating and drinking – and yes, eventually I stopped both – but not because I did not know the pleasure, the delight when I would gaze upon the majesty of the mountains of Tibet, or the lavender fields of Provence, or the architecture of Versailles, of the meadows and the fields and the wild flowers, the scent of wine… These began to feed me in ways that I had no need for what you tend to think of as ‘sustenance’.

But the gift of being in physical form is not intended to be a hardship. What you are doing, and what I am here and I am helping you to do, is literally smashing to smithereens this concept, this belief system that life is hard, that life is brutal, that life is tedious and boring. Not only was it not intended to be – it isn’t! And if you are stuck, as much of humanity is, on what they feel is a treadmill, then they are living erroneously.

It was not intended and it literally is not that! So it is a matter of breaking them out of the cell block of their mental and emotional belief systems, of the control paradigm of those who have enslaved you, and bringing forth the ability to create out of sheer air, like I have. That is not simply a gift of Mastery; that is what each and every one of you is capable of.

You say, “But St. Germaine, I don’t know how to do it.” And I say to you, in the healing of your heart and in the healing of humanity, “Begin by accepting, Loving, relishing, enjoying, being in your physical form.” This Ascension and the energies that are being sent to you are being sent not simply in the ethers that surround you, but to the very core of your physical body.

The energies of the Lion’s Gate, the Grand Cross, this cross, that cross, Jupiter, Mars, the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, the energy that is sent to you via your Star brother and sisters – everything is being sent into your physical body. Yes, that is why some of you are having some physical challenges, but many of you are breaking through those physical challenges as well.

It is a time of incredible healing, and not merely heart healing, as these energies penetrate you. And when you try – consciously, unconsciously, subconsciously – to not accept the wealth and the magnitude of the energies that are sent to you – and this is truly the case in much of humanity when they are not readily embraced and invited in – they do not bounce off you, they do not go away, they do not travel elsewhere. They simply demand entry.

And it does not matter, my friends, how many shields, how many layers of protection that you have put around you, because this is sheer Love. And the sheer Love is coming right into you – into your tissue, into your skin, into your bones, into your blood, into your heart, into your etheric body, your causal body, your emotional body, your astral body – it is coming within.

So it is not about escaping physical reality. Physical reality can, will and is experienced in every one of the twelve dimensions. It is not to be eliminated; it is not to be eradicated. Your form is to be carried with you. Is it transforming? Yes. But do not make the mistake of thinking that your Lightbody does not mean a physical form – it does.

You are becoming… joyously, miraculously and rapidly. You are becoming the humans, the Gaians that the Mother has always desired, always planned, which is multidimensional beings playing, Loving, enjoying the senses upon sweet Gaia.

Now, I have run on, have I not, dear Suzi. Where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: Well, you know we always appreciate you coming. It’s always a joy to have you come on the air with us and we thank you for all that you bring. There’s so much to talk about. For one thing, you speak of your time on Earth and that you had joy while you were here, but you had full awareness of your powers while in body, did you not?

So, in truth, it would be so much easier for us to do what we came here for if we just maybe knew about what we could do. I know that’s what you guys are trying to show us and it is being revealed, but I’m not sure how to move ahead with that. How do we really understand what we can do?

St.Germaine: And that is one of the reasons why I have spoken about these expanded awarenesses such as clairsentience or clairaudience or clairvision to be the normal, because in fact, sweet angels, it is the new normal. And it is one of the reasons why I am here, not merely to spout off, but as I am speaking I am literally awakening this awareness within you.

What I am truly doing this day, to every single person who listens, is I am giving you the Attunement of Expansion.

Suzi: Beautiful. May I also ask then… I’m not sure who told me, but… Many times, the Council of Love brings information to us and our listeners, and sometimes it’s preaching to the choir. I would just like to confirm that when we do a show, it doesn’t necessarily matter that we have a limited number of listeners – the energy, the energetics of it and the healing goes out to pretty much everyone?

St.Germaine: I am here today, and each and every time one of us comes – yes, ‘preaching to the choir’ is a good way to put it, but in today’s situation also… Let me finish answering your question. We are talking to all of humanity. Yes, there are those of you who are consciously listening, but the vibration, the energy of what we say – whether it is Galea or Mi-cha-el or Sanat, it matters not – the energy is travelling out all over the globe.

So think of it in this way. You all are aware of radioactive fallout that travels around the globe and basically destroys everything in its path, and the radioactive particles fall to the ground. So now I want you to think of my brilliant Violet surrounding the entire globe as I speak, and these purple flames, these tangible amethysts falling down into every person’s heart and into every person’s hand.

Those of you who are listening are ahead of the wave, because you are conscious of what I am doing, what I am saying – even as we are speaking, I am attuning you now. And it is you, sweet listeners, who are asking, begging, pleading, “Bring the expanded awareness on,” and that is why I have absolutely bugged this channel so that I would have a chance to do it right now.

Suzi: Wow, beautiful.

St.Germaine: So allow the expanded hearing, the expanded vision. Hold your hands together as Sai Baba has taught you so long ago, and put in your hands that which you wish to create. And then, cup your hands together and let the amethyst do its work.

I am the Keeper, I am the Keeper of the I AM. I would never tell you that I AM the I AM, unless I was telling you that you also – which is the Truth – are the I AM. The I AM is the Godhead; it is the Source, it is the One, it is the All, and so are each of us. Therefore – pure logic – each of you, each of us, has the ability to create.

Now, are you creating Universes? Am I creating Universes? Heck, no! In that way, you can think of me even as a junior Master. My promise to the Mother is working with humanity. I am sure She will have a higher-realm assignment for me later! But this is my joy; this is my grand passion that I am sharing with you. And you have all the abilities that I have, and did have, in form – you just don’t know it.

So do you have the ability to dance the minuet? Yes. Do you have the ability to live on liquid Light? Yes. Do I tell you to do that and to give up the taste of wine and bread? Not necessarily. Are they absolutely necessary to your survival? No, but it is part of the texture, the scent, the joy of being in body.

Do you have the ability, not only to access my Trust Fund, but for yourself to manifest diamonds, rubies, amethysts, tanzanite? Yes, you do. And I am absolutely determined to teach you this.

Suzi: Okay. So as you are speaking, of course it occurs to me that the human aspect of what Lightworkers can bring is what’s so critical to this unfolding. So, joining with Masters and Archangels and All That Is, and Unity and meditation and all the time really… but it is our human aspect that’s most critical; and when others actually wake up and wonder what on Earth is actually going on is when our skills will be most needed, is what I’m feeling.

St.Germaine: That is exactly correct. Now, for many of you, you have felt as if you are secret agents [laughter] and that you have been in deep undercover like one of your movie films; that you have been undercover agents penetrating the darkness on secret missions. And has it been exciting? Yes. Has it been frustrating? Yes. And the most frustrating part of it is, most of you don’t even get paid!

So while you are waiting to manifest your diamonds and bring them to the diamond broker, it is difficult, is it not! So it is time. What you are doing is literally a change in mission. And for many of you, this has been a difficult, or a challenging transition. But it is also a huge sigh of relief, because you no longer have to keep quiet or hidden who you really are.

Now, there is that middle road, dearest Suzi, which you and Linda have spoken of prior to my presence, but I was listening in! And it is the fact that many of you who are Lightworkers are treading that middle road. And it is the middle road that I have walked; it is the middle road of balance that Lao Tzu talks about; it is the middle road that Serapis Bey teaches balance on. And that is the road where you are doing your work.

You are not undercover, but you are not also front and centre as yet. So you are filling the hearts, awakening the hearts with the brilliance of who you are, with the Love, with the Light. You are moving through – both actually and energetically – moving through the entire collective.

Now I have said to you, “When I speak this day, I am encircling the globe and the Violet Flame and the amethysts are falling down.” But, when you are wandering – whether it is in a city or a country, it doesn’t matter – what you are doing is exactly the same as what I am doing with you this day. You are attuning the entire populous.

When you speak – and this is why we have had such emphasis in the past months on Communication – when you speak, when you vibrate with the words of Light and Love, when you speak with your eyes, with your smile, with your body language the words of Love, the energy of Light, you are attuning everyone, not only [those] that you are coming into contact with.

Your vibration is moving from New Jersey to Hong Kong, from Hong Kong to New Delhi, from New Delhi to Sydney, Australia and so on. The vibration continues on, and you are doing such incredible work. You are attuning the whole of humanity.

That is why we say, “Yes, you are receiving very intense energies. Let them in. Because they are here, not only to lift you up, but to give you more ammunition as it were.

Suzi: Okay, and this is why I have felt very little energy or motivation to do the daily life-time kind of things that I need to do?

St.Germaine: You are moving out of what you have thought of as the daily 3D routine, and you are moving into ‘what gives me joy’.

Now, if laundry is your thing, dearest – and I speak to all of you – then go ahead and do the laundry because it is giving you joy. If washing dishes or scrubbing floors gives you a sense of joy… because when you wash a dish, you feel like you… if it is a dinner plate, you just did an entire continent; if it is a side plate, then you just took care of the United States. Then fine; if that is your thing, do it. But think of it in that way.

Suzi: Oh, I love that. Wow, that’s brilliant!

St.Germaine: It changes what you know you’re doing. So when you do laundry and you do a load of whites, know you are cleaning up the sludge of humanity!

Suzi: Ooh, I love it, wonderful! If I could just bring this up… The thing is, for a great many of us who have devoted ourselves to serving the Mother and assisting in our human forms this Shift of the Ages, we’re experiencing a stepping back from living more fully because of how limited resources have been for us.

I’m sure my daughter and I would love to be able to travel and have fun and do other things, but we’re kind of in a holding pattern without a lot of resources to do the stuff we would like to do that would bring us joy. So we sit on the deck and we drink sangria and keep the vibe high that way, but we want more!

St.Germaine: Let me tell you a secret that is no secret. You are wired to want more. You know; you know, dearest Suzi and everyone who listens this day – you know within your stomach, within your guts, within your brain, within your heart – you know there is more.

So it isn’t that you have a lack of appreciation for what you do have – and I would suggest that gratitude is always richly received – but it is also that you know there is more. And you are intended to have this internal drive, just as you have an internal drive for sex, for intimacy…

The hunger for more is at the forefront right now. It has been activated as if you are so hungry you could eat your entire fridge, go to the store, fill it up again, eat some more and still not be satisfied!

But that is also why I am saying, “Put your palms together. Use my amethyst.” Think of what I am giving you, in form: the presence of the I AM, that physical presence. Yes, go and grab an amethyst – and I guarantee you it will be the one I’m giving you – and hold it in your palm and cup your hands together as if you are trying to drink water out of a bucket. Hold it and ask for whatever ’the more’ is in the moment – and be specific.

I did not say… hold it in my hands and say, “I want to impress the ladies,” and a diamond appeared. No. I would intend that a diamond of such brilliance and lustre – and size by the way; size is always important [laughter] – and we then would manifest exactly what we had asked for.

So if you are seeking something, be practical. Yes, can you believe it? I am asking you to be practical. Be practical in what you are creating. Know what you are intending to use it for, but bring in the tool, the money, the plane ticket, whatever it is, to get to where you want to be.

Suzi: Oh well, just the simple things of abundance and a world that works for everyone!

St.Germaine: And it starts with each of you. You are… And I know we have a habit; we are all claiming you. Is that not tough! Michael demands Peace from each of you. I demand Creation and the I AM. The Mother demands Love Love Love. Gabrielle demands Truth and Joy. We are all claiming you – and do you know why? Because we know how powerful you are! You don’t know it, but we do.

And so now, this is the clarion call: I am determined to heal the hearts of humanity, and I need your help, plain and simple. As one who has walked the Earth and knows what the humans are capable of, I am saying, “I will join you, but will you join me?”

Suzi: Oh yes, certainly. So I’m just wondering… What I’m seeing right now is not necessarily speakers in conferences all over the world telling people how it is. I am just seeing that each individual will be energetically altered instead of having to be told by another human. They’re just going to get it.

St.Germaine: That is correct. Now many… when you think of speakers, they are transmitting – many of them on our behalf – and so there is an energy download, yes, just as we are doing an attunement this day.

But think of it: From our beloved Lao Tzu to the Buddha, to the Buddha, to the Buddha, to the Dalai Lama, to the Dalai Lama, to Yeshua – we have been talking. And unless the awakening, the heart opening is there in the individual, we can talk till the cows come home. And in France, the cows did come home!

And so you are correct: It is the heart awakening of the individual. We talk a great deal about the collective, but what is important is each and every single human on the planet. Does that feel like a monumental task, for us and you? Yes. But look how many are already there – hiding perhaps, still undercover agents, but they are there.

They do not speak of everything they know or everything they feel, because they are still in the paradigm of fear: that they think that they will be dismissed, or that the powers that be will try and control them, so they stay mute. But the energy of their bodies, their eyes, their smiles – it communicates volumes.

Suzi: Beautiful. I’m feeling like this month and next month are very big opportunities for a larger than normal influx of high frequencies. We’ve been getting the bumps over time, but I guess at one point there’s going to be a bump that pops us over. Would that be accurate?

St.Germaine: You are in the middle of it. Yes, it is already begun. Is it going to intensify? Yes.

Let us tell you… Now, the Mother… When I say this, I have to preface what I say. The Mother is eternal and infinite, so She doesn’t come to me and say, “Oh Germaine, I’m tired.” But in my human way, I can tell you – the Mother’s tired of waiting.

And more importantly, if you can believe this – you, all of you, all of humanity is tired of waiting. And you are moving, not only from the expression of frustration and ‘I’ve had enough’ that Michael has talked about. You are moving into action and you say, “But I don’t feel like taking concerted action.”

And what I am saying is that when you sit on your back porch and you hold the Light and the Love, and you laugh and you play and you engage in genuine, heartfelt relationship – dear heart, that is the most significant action of all.

Suzi: Yay, I’m happy to hear that. It’s important.

St.Germaine: Each of you has a way that is unique to you, that you have agreed to millions of years ago, and how to manifest. So some of you are those speakers in the public places; some of you are the tenders of the flowers, making flower essences to heal; making Peace with the kingdoms, talking to the animals; some of you are Angel talkers, some of you are communicators; some of you do nothing other than simply be the bridge; some of you do nothing other than being the Intergalactic transmitters.

When I say ‘nothing’, I am describing monumental tasks. And one of the hardest things for human beings to do is to stay still! And I speak from experience – I had to go off to a cave in Tibet to stay still, to learn how to do that!

Suzi: [Laughter] Thank you very much for joining us and for the wonderful information.

St.Germaine: I am with you. I am with you completely.

Please – Use the amethyst I have placed this day in your heart and hand – and more importantly, let the attunement blossom.

I Love you. Farewell.

Suzi: I Love you. Farewell and thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore  ANGEL

Transcript: Archangel Gabrielle ~The Role of the Empath ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art signs-of-christ-by nicholas Roerich

ART : Signs of Christ ~ Nicholas Roerich

Transcript: Archangel Gabrielle ~ Today’s New Realm – The Role of the Empath, April 21, 2015

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Heavenly Blessings

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzanne Maresca: Today we will be hearing from Archangel Gabrielle on the subject of what may seem at times like extreme energetic sensitivity. Many of us have been experiencing heightened awareness of our surroundings, and the experience can leave us wondering how to integrate the feelings that come with that.

We will also be discussing those who came into this world with the ability to feel the hidden emotions of others. Before ways are discovered to discern one’s own emotions from that of others, the energies can feel quite overwhelming. I didn’t catch on that my daughter was an empath until she was about nine years old and that realization improved our experience immeasurably.

There’s so much to talk about on this particular topic because it’s like we really are changing and growing in every moment. I have certainly wondered how we are supposed to navigate this with our increased sensitivities. It’s still very dense and difficult here.

But I also feel that part of the integration of who we are puts us… I just have this vision of a shield of knowing around us, that this is not all there is; that we have a physical form but this is not all we are. And we are certainly not subject to energies; it’s what we give power to. So this will be an interesting conversation.

Linda Dillon: This will be a very interesting conversation; and I think it’s a very timely conversation because we can’t on the one hand say that we are lightworkers, love-holders in the middle of our Ascension process, and then want to turn off the very gifts that come along with that.

SM: Exactly. If I may, I know you have an announcement to make as well, but I’d like to announce a new show that InLight Universal is launching tomorrow night at 9 EDT. I’ll be hosting and the show is about creating a space for heart-centred expression and sharing. Really, it’s an opportunity for all of you brilliant listeners to come and shine your light as well. We are all expanding our awareness and our aspects and skills and this is a way to share what’s in your heart.

If you want to be part of that, it’ll be posted later on how to participate in that. So just check out the InLight Universal site or Golden Age of Gaia. And you have an announcement too, Linda…

Linda: But I also wanted to say, Suzi, that I think it’s brilliant that you are creating a space where people can simply call in and have conversations, because I think one of the difficulties that I know you hear about and I certainly hear about is that as lightworkers, love-holders, we so often feel isolated; that we either live in areas or neighborhoods or cities or towns or families that really don’t want to hear, or aren’t interested in the same things, topics that we are interested in really talking about. And in fact, we can drive them crazy wanting to talk about it.

So having a platform and having a place where you can talk and have this kind of a conversation is wonderful. So congratulations on your new venture.

Suzi: Thank you. I’ve been very guided and I feel perfectly placed.

Linda: You are, we all are! And my announcement is probably at the other end of the spectrum and it’s about a webinar series that I have been very guided to do, and tried to avoid, but with absolutely no luck! It is brought to you courtesy of the Divine Mother and it is on Core Issues. And let me tell you, dear friends, that if you think that you have cleared your core issues… if I was a gambling person, I would say, “Not!”

And with this Third Wave of the Tsunami of Love, our issues are coming up again, because we are transforming…we are completely transforming our energy, our grid. Our very DNA is transforming. So if there’s any of that deep seated, dark … I’m not talking about vasanas or surface issues, of the things that you’ve worked on clearing for the last 20 years. I’m talking about the real core stuff!

And this is the thing. It’s coming up and it’s what you have always known is there, and it has barred you from fulfilling your fondest dreams, aside from serving the Mother, aside from creating Nova Earth, aside from being lightworkers… you know, the real basic stuff like, “What’s in it for me?”

Well, let me tell you. All of you that I talk to and hear from who want those sacred relationships, who want to bring some kind of financial security or abundance into your lives, or good health, or good family relationships… all these things that you’ve been working on, and you feel like sometimes you are just banging your head against the wall. You can see it out of the corner of your eye but you haven’t ever really been able, in physical reality, to wrap your hands around it and to own it.

Well, guess why? It’s your Core Issues that are barring you from doing it. So this is going to be a really intense webinar series: a very interactive forum, deep meditations, probably a lot of laughter and a lot of tears, and four sessions over five weeks with yours truly in a classroom situation on the computer.

The webinars are recorded so you can go back and look at them time and time and time again. We are starting on May 9th, and it’s Core Issues. And I for one say, “It is time for us to let all of this go.” So come to the Council of Love site, and read up. See how you feel, look inside, and if it’s there, please sign up! Thank you!

SM: Thank you! That is a labour of Love, Linda, because I understand you are following the direction from the Mother and it is pretty much hard to say “No.” It’s not impossible, but I’m also focused, and I know that there are so many of us focused on bringing this all up and eliminating the things that keep us from realizing our potential.

And sometimes, even when we’ve done the clearing, there can be a little residue left over in terms of habits and memories, and a lack of something to replace the cleared thing with – like a good behavior to fill the bad behavior space. We just don’t know sometimes…

Linda: Yes, and the thing is, if you are continuing what you have termed ‘the bad behavior’, it’s because you haven’t gone deep enough and really looked at what’s inside that’s keeping that pattern going. It’s just time to let it go.

I’ve had great discussions with Isaac, my husband, about this. I wanted to call it ‘Purging Core Issues’ and he says, “Oh, that sounds so negative and so harsh. Why don’t we try ‘transforming’ or ‘transmuting’?” But it’s getting rid of this stuff.

And, of course, at the end of a class, once we clear all this stuff, what we’re doing is bringing us into this new theme, this current theme of balance, of really being the embodiment not only of the Mother’s Love but of our Love, of who ‘We’ are.

So it already is a wild ride because how the Council works with me is they walk me through a course, every little step of the way before I get to teach it and share and facilitate the process. So I have been in the thick of this ever since Mother Mary appeared by my bedside and said, “Do it!” It has been a wild ride for the past week!

Let’s talk briefly about what it means to be an ‘empath’, because I think both of us have huge, personal insight and experience. And while, of course, it’s always wonderful to talk to Archangel Gabrielle – and I know She has some insights for us – it’s also important that our fellow listeners understand that we’re right in the thick of it with them as well.

I know that one of the things I’ve experienced, because I am an empath and telepathic, is that for a long time, when I ran into people and once they knew what I did – what’s interesting is that they didn’t really want to get close to me because I think they thought I was going to ‘read’ them.

And, just like you, that is the last thing on my mind or in my interest. I think like many empaths, I have a ‘no trespassing’ sign posted on me, and I post a ‘no trespassing’ sign on other people, because I don’t really – unless there’s a purpose and an invitation, or you have contacted me – I don’t want to read your energy.

I do read the energy when we have something terrible happen like a plane crash or a nuclear spill, or something in nature… I really feel it. But I’ve learned over the years to keep my shields up so that I am not like that sponge and absorbing anything because that’s not how you want to live.

But at the same time, as I was getting ready for this and Gabrielle said, “You know, coming in as the Creator Race, coming in, in our Mastery, it is part of our Angelic Starseed Self that we do. We are empathic, telepathic, because that’s where we’re going. So it’s not something you really want to completely eliminate or shut down. You just want to make sure you’re not carrying it in a way that’s hurting you.

SM: Yeah, and to learn to navigate and know what’s yours and what’s not. Sometimes we make an assumption that other people can see and feel what we can see and feel, and that is absolutely not true.

And without any guidance, an empath in this world would feel… Oh my gosh, it would be just so difficult if you have no support around you and you’re feeling everything. Thank God for the internet because people can do searches and find things that way. A lot of people have found the Golden Age of Gaia site just doing searches, looking for something that makes sense in this world.

But once you understand that you are picking up on other energies, you can start to practice the discernment of knowing what’s yours and what’s not yours. And that’s actually good for everybody, no matter what level of sensitivity you have.

Linda: That’s very important, because that’s one of the reasons why I have that ‘no trespassing’ sign. If you’re an empath and you have difficulty navigating this – as I think about how I do that, let me talk about that briefly. You and I both, Suzi, live in places that aren’t in the middle of a city, and we have both psychic and private space, nature, around us.

Isaac does, I would say, 95% of all our shopping. I thank God I have him because one thing I do not deal well with is grocery stores, with the lights, with the energies, with the whole situation. If I have to go to a mall, for example, I choose a time like a Wednesday morning when no one is there. I have my list. I am in, I am out [laughter] and I am done!

I think I shop for 99% of my clothes in one small store where I know the sales lady and I don’t have to deal with anyone else! [Laughter] So I’ve made these unconscious adjustments in my life. I don’t go to rock concerts because the energy is too bombarding… anything like that.

So you have to sort of adjust your way of navigating so that you don’t feel that you are being bombarded or invaded, and learn to put up that shield of protection.

SM: As I witness my daughter and the things that she goes through, I realize that I may not be as empathic as she is and subject to it. But I am at least as sensitive, if not more so, but in different ways. Being that I was born at the time that I was, into the family that I was… I’m not sure what made it so that I could maybe withstand a little bit more than she does in terms of going to a mall.

I’m not really sure what the mechanism is, but I do feel it has something to do with the expansion of my awareness, of why I’m here, what I’m here to do… shifting into the whole Oneness idea, being One energetically with everything – it really helps me a lot.

Like if I go out on the hammock and I’m meditating and there’s leaf-blowing going on, or somebody using a chainsaw even, or traffic going by, I don’t even put in my earplugs because I’m just thinking of all the sounds as just part of my reality, and it sort of fades away and doesn’t bother me.

Linda: Good, because if we are part of the Unified Grid… increasingly they refer to us as ‘Gaians’, not as ‘Floridians’… [Laughter] What do you call people in New Jersey?

SM: [Laughter] I could make a joke but I won’t…

Linda: [Laughter] … but if we’re in this Unified Grid, like you say ‘of One’, then the more that we’re in that energy, we realize that the ebb and flow of the higher vibration will carry us through, and that the lower… what I tend to call ‘the drama energy’ will disappear. So take heart!

SM: Take heart, that’s right! Oh my gosh, everything is changing. It just feels like another world from two weeks ago even, specifically before the equinox; I feel like everything has changed for me…

Linda: Everything is shifting every day.

SM: Every day, it’s true, whether you’re feeling it or not. Perception really is everything.

[Meditation from 18’20 to 22’05]

Archangel Gabrielle: Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Archangel, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Archangel of Communications. Welcome, my beloveds. Welcome to this Council and to this time of enormous change, for it is a time not only of sea change, it is a time, yet again, of Tsunami.

And so, for those of you who are empathic, sensitive, telepathic, it is an increase in this wondrous ability. Yes, of course, as with all gifts, you learn, you come to understand in the Truth of your own magnificence how you employ this gift, the same way you learn or remember how to employ your voice, your vision, your 3rd and 4th and 5th eyes.

Sweet angels, the abilities that you have brought to the planet during this time of change are far greater than you are even imagining in this moment, and they are opening and expanding increasingly. So there is not a chance – let us put it, that it is highly unlikely in the intention of the Mother, that your talents, whether it is sensitivity, empathic or telepathic, are going to be shut down or shut off. That is not the way.

You come forth as New Race; you come forth as the reembodiment, the reincarnation of the Creator Race. What does this mean?

We have spoken of it before, of the talents and the abilities to create and co-create. But part of knowing how to proceed is also being able to key in, to understand the fields – not necessarily even of the individual, although there are times when that is desirable – but to be able to key into the pulse, the mood, the emotional awareness, the mental acuity, the readiness factor, the spiritual elevation, the spiritual maturity of the human race to proceed.

And then, because you have this information, you are able to communicate to the collective, to groups, to individuals, where they exist, where they are stationed, where they are anchored. If you begin speaking French to a baby, chances are they will learn to speak French and they will adapt. Languages and telepathic communication are already present in the infants.

Think of the number of situations that you encounter. Children know. And it is only through what you have termed ‘the socialization process’ that this wondrous ability to communicate has been turned off. Well, it is not in the highest good of the collective or the individual to turn off this spectacular talent.

How you manage this ability to communicate, because that is what empathic knowing is – if you are communicating field to field, field to larger field, field to the entire unified field, field to the collective, field to the Universe, to your Star brothers and sisters – this is how they communicate.

So what you are doing is able to adjust how you speak, how you communicate, body language, eye language, smile language, in all of these ways, because you have the advantage, dear hearts, of knowing. Not assuming, but of knowing where people are: what their difficulties are, what their blockages are, what their thoughts are, what their troubles…or what they assume to be troubles, are.

And you may send until it is perfectly second nature. You are sending to them what is appropriate, welcome, and that is a very important clue: what is welcome and what is available. Now, it is not intended unless consciously invited… you are not inviting that energy unless it is a perfect, welcome again -match to come within your field.

Yes, the channel has spoken of posting a ‘no trespassing’ sign, and actually that is something that I in fact taught her until it became second nature, and that is what I suggest to many of you: you put up your shields that Michael has given you, you enfold yourself in the cocoon of pink and gold, and you use every ability to stay within your bubble, within your Seal of Solomon, so that you are not feeling in any way compromised. That is not the gift. And what is happening is this turning the gift of being empathic or telepathic or sensitive into a curse or a nightmare, and that was never the intention.

So the energy that is coming within you, because you are heartfelt individuals; the empaths are heart-centred already. It is not that you need to learn to become heart consciousness. You are already there. So what you are doing is you are doing the outflow. And you have a very clear stop-gap for the backwash or the inflow, because it is not necessarily for your highest good. You receive what you want to receive and nothing more and nothing less.

Now, I know that you will have a number of questions about this, dear Suzanne. Where do you wish to begin?

SM: Oh [laughter], I thought you would be going on for more! Okay. Well, I imagine the question on our minds collectively is how long this can go on that our sensitivity is increased while this world is still entangled in chaos? Like it’s more than just feeling other people’s emotions; it’s everything that’s going on.

And as we have more sensitivities, it can become a little more difficult. But what needs to happen feels to me like an integration of all our parts; that we truly understand that the full power of the Light is ready to come through us when we can successfully release all that no longer serves, all that does not have Love as its core. But maybe that’s different for everybody?

AAG: It is not different for everybody. In fact, it is identical for everybody.

Now let us explain. And that is why we say, “This is not going to stop or reverse.” And the sensitivity – and let us simply use those three terms interchangeably – the sensitivity is only going to grow as you become higher or more interdimensional, as you become more anchored in your heart awareness and consciousness, as you embody and become the living flower of the Mother, the blossoming tree.

These sensitivities are only going to increase. Now, is there chaos and mayhem upon the planet? Yes. But we are not suggesting that you allow, yes ‘allow’ that energy to enter into your field. So what you are doing is staying in the highest vibration, the vibration of Love, and the vibration – can we use that term, because many of you will understand it – of ‘self-containment’.

So that what is going on out there with the progression of the human race – as they resolve and come to an understanding that the mayhem does not serve them – that you are not participating. In your outflow, you are sending the energy out because you are observing it, you are the observer, you are the discerner of that energy.

It is not that you are blind. We would never suggest that because that would be in denial. But what you are doing is you are observing, you are discerning, you are sending targeted energy and Love where it is needed, but you are not taking it in.

That emotional trauma-morass-chaos-mayhem is like a cancer that has need and is being healed. And it is being healed by the Mother’s energies, by the increase of her gifts of Clarity and Purity and Grace. It is being healed by each of you that send Love. But you are not going there because it does not exist. What you would be doing is throwing yourself into a past reality that you have only recently escaped. That would be the most foolhardy thing you could ever do.

So what you do from your bubble is you observe, you discern, you send, but you anchor in the Unified Grid of Love, of One, of the reality of your true Self, and the truth of the collective.

So, we have not talked about this before, but what you are doing when you are entering into that Unified Grid is you are also connecting with the Higher Self of all of those beings that are perhaps still acting out. So you are connecting with the collective in an entirely different realm and dimension. And that is where you wish to be.

As a sensitive, if you enter into that foray, into that war zone, it will hurt you. It is that simple. You will feel like your circuits are being blown apart. You will feel the pain, the suffering, the anxiety, and that is never our recommendation.

Even those of you who work with our beloved Michael, Mi-cha-el, and travel with him in your night work, you go and you send and you insert Peace, and you anchor Peace, and you infuse the hearts of those that are engaged in various forms of violence. But you do not inject yourself and start participating in the violence. You would never get back to your bed! That is not the way in which to proceed.

When you are healing – I use this example because so many of you do healing work – you allow yourself to be the vessel and the energy passes through you, picking up your bright delight, and sends into either the environment, the individual or to Gaia herself, but you send it… you do not ‘pull out’ in the sense that you bring it into yourself, the disease, the agony, the sorrow, the pain. You would never do that.

So when you think of yourself as sensitive or as an empath, what you can start to think of yourself as is a Master Transmitter. Many of you are beacons – most of you. It is your second nature. You are beacons and you are anchors; you are pillars of Light in this time of transition, but you are transmitters. Yes, at times, you are also transmuters, but you are absolutely, as empaths, transmitters, and the transmission is outward.

You may collect pertinent collective information, but you view it only as information. What is extracted before you bring it in, before you allow it even in the edges of your field, you extract emotion, you extract ego, you extract what you can think of as recalcitrant, resistant or ‘dark’ energy. So all you get is information. Is this clear?

SM: Yes, it is. Something else that’s occurred to me is that it’s only what is true right now is what matters. So in this moment, if you are not experiencing… like the situation around the world: what is true for you in this moment is what to pay attention to.

But that also brings me to, say, environmental things that would be impinging someone’s sensitivities, for example, smells and loud sounds. We can protect ourselves to a certain degree, but we don’t live in caves and there are other people around us that have practices and things that might bother us. Would you have anything to say about those sorts of things, sensitivities?

AAG: You yourself, sweet angel, have indicated a wonderful way because it is the Truth of the Angelic Realm. When you conjoin into the One, the… if we can call it ‘the disturbance factor’… will go from 10 to a 1 or 2. Now will it completely disappear? No. Because it is also part of your beingness, those irritating smells, irritating sounds, discordance. Discordance is abrasive, and discordance is exceptionally abrasive to the empath.

And so what you are going to do is, as much as possible, is you conjoin into the reality of the One, of that Unified Grid, and you avoid situations that you know are going to bring about that discordance. Now, you live in a world – silence – unfortunately…it will be restored, but as you have said, dear Suzanne, we are talking about the ‘Now’. Silence used to be quite literally golden.

There are very few places upon your planet of sweet Gaia where there is true silence anymore. And even in the places of the grandest beauty, in the middle of the ocean, in the middle of the Himalayas, in the deepest forest, there are still sound waves that were not there and that were not intended to be there. So that will come.

But to address your question – the irritating, abrasive sound, smells, even the observation of certain behaviors, has need to be toned down – put mufflers, cocoons, all around you. That is why I have suggested: see yourself in a cotton candy cloud and you are inside the cloud, that you have this soft, absorbent material all around you.

So not only are you in your bubble, your bubble is filled with the cotton candy, your shield of titanium is outside your bubble, and then there are many more layers of the cotton candy outside of that, so that those sounds are passing through many, many layers to come from a 10 to a 1 or 2. Because they cannot, in this moment. Are they dissipating? Yes. Have they dissipated? No.

SM: Right. Well, to what you’ve spoken to, my feeling is that one of the first things that sensitive people need to do is to embrace their sensitivity and say, “This is who I am and I love who I am, and I accept this; and I know I will find ways to navigate this world and be my beautiful, sensitive self.”

AAG: In all ways, it is about loving yourself. And to be a sensitive, to be an empath, to be telepathic is a gift. And it is… think of it as being a step ahead on the evolutionary chain. You are wanting to go to the higher dimensions where telepathy and the unified Love and the field is all there and available, where your 3rd and 4th eye are completely activated, where your vision and your auditory channels are wide open.

But to be in that space, in this very moment, you are a step ahead of the collective. But you are part of the evolutionary jump. So for you to not enjoy it as the gift it is and to Love yourself as the extraordinary being that you are, as the transmitter that you are, would be very sad.

SM: Yes. And what’s coming to me too is also to shake off the labels that have been put on us through life. Maybe our families were uncomfortable with our sensitivities, and we’ve been ridiculed for it and all that sort of thing. That needs clearing too. Anything that anybody’s told us about how we are, if it’s at all negative, to be able to transcend that and clear it. So the clearing and the acceptance of our Divinity is key here.

AAG: It is the acceptance of your Divinity, the acceptance of your magnificence, the acceptance of who you are. In another conversation that you have had with this Council, and you have talked about physical adjustments – of becoming younger, of becoming the beauty of who you really are – and the first step in that has always been the embrace of who you are in this very moment.

So the beginning point for all beings: empaths, sensitives, telepathics begins with the loving of who you are in this moment.

Now let us talk of something else that is exceptionally important, and I would be remiss if I did not bring this to the forefront.

For the empaths, for the sensitives in your New Realm where we are asking, inviting, begging you to step forward into action, to be the observer-participant… and that applies to all beings, all lightworkers, all love-holders, and we hope, the entire human race. For how else do we create Nova Earth? But, let us speak of this.

For the empath, the most important elimination, restriction of all, is the elimination of drama. It will never work. You will be in a world of misery if you do not, first and foremost eliminate drama. Drama has been the addiction of the human collective in the old third, and it has taken many faces and had many qualities. And they have all been aberrant.

So, one of the first things that an empath must defend, eliminate, exclude, expel from their lives is this drama. Now there is wonderful drama that they can become, you all can become re-addicted to. And you have spoken to the channel about this as you began today.

The daffodils peaking their yellow heads up through the ground, the leaves on the trees unfurling – this is the drama and the beauty of Gaia. This is the gift. But the drama of pain and suffering and sorrow and hurting and greed and lust and lack and cruelty… there is no place for it in the human collective, period.

But to the empath, to even glance in that direction… it is going to destroy you. So you must, and you will not hear us say ‘must’ very often, you must let it go.

SM: Yes, indeed. Well, this has been very wonderful, very very fabulous. I was wondering if you had anything else to say in closing?

AAG: Sweet Angels of Light, Starseeds, Earth-keepers, empaths, sensitives, let this be one of my final comments.

In the human collective, there is still this quality that is not charming and it is called ‘jealousy’. There are many who are jealous of your qualities. Now we are transforming this, you are transforming this, to admiration. Admire this wondrous capacity that you have and know that it is shared by the Angels, the Archangels, your Star family, the Ascended Masters and the Mother Herself.

Admire who you are and share freely. Be the transmitter that you came to be. Do not sit in exclusion, but sit in temperance of what works for you. And shield, cocoon, and send, not receive!

Go with my love beloveds, and go in Peace.

SM: Beautiful, thank you Gabrielle.

AAG: You are welcome, sweet one. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Thank you Golden Age of Gaia

Transcript: Serapis Bey ~ Invitation to The Temple of Ascension – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


Transcript: Serapis Bey ~ Invitation to The Temple of Ascension – April 7, 2015

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

SM: Serapis Bey is with us today to share wisdom around the practice of spiritual discipline and the consistency required to attain higher consciousness.

This is one of several Masters that I don’t know much about so it will be interesting to feel the energy with this one and see what he has to say. Good Morning, Linda!

Linda: Good Morning, Suzi and Good Morning, everybody! It’s a bright, shiny day again here in Florida and as you and I were talking about just briefly before we got on the air, we are in that season of rebirth and what some people are calling resurrection and redirection. There is so much energetically going on right now – right here, right now – that it’s almost like a whirlwind to keep up with things.

SM: Yes, and I think it can feel different ways to different people. I am feeling inspired to new ideas and doing a new show and everything, but it can also feel very overwhelming. And if we’re not feeling so great and wondering like, “Oh God, all this great energy is coming in and I still feel like crap.” It’s an interesting thing.

Linda: One of the things that we are being told, particularly by Universal Mother Mary, is that she has washed us clean, thoroughly… washed, dried and put us away in terms of the Tsunami of Love. I don’t know about you but although we thought the Tsunami of Love was pretty much over, the energy that I certainly have been experiencing is akin to the Tsunami of Love X a million! [Laughter]

The vision that they are giving me in terms of the energy is that the Tsunami isn’t simply coming up to the shoreline; it’s literally this wave of Love that’s coming at us from the Mother, from our star brothers and sisters and being delivered by the ayoscended ones, etcetera. It’s carrying us all the way up, and the picture that they give me is that we’re literally standing on the top of Mount Everest. That’s how strong it is.

And although it’s not intended for any of us to remain in isolation on the top of Mount Everest, there is an energy that is that strong. And the Mother has been really clear. She says, “First I gave you the Tsunami of Love; I’ve given you the Clarity, I’ve given you the Purity, I’ve given you the Grace. It’s not that she’s planted the seed within us which she did eons ago, but that the seed within us has germinated, that she has germinated that seed and that this energy within our heart which is only the Love energy is growing, growing, growing, growing.

But as it’s growing, as we are going through this new cycle of what she’s calling Rebirth~Resurrection~Ascension is that new qualities, new experiences are coming to the forefront. And one of those is leadership – which you say you are receiving inspiration to expand, to do new things – and leadership takes on a whole different meaning in this new energy. It’s not the old paradigm of control, power, authority…

SM: No ego…

Linda: No ego. And that’s pretty much what Serapis Bey is the Master of. Yes, he’s the spiritual disciplinarian, but he also works with people preparing for Ascension in the etheric Temple of Luxor and the Ascension Room. And it’s the death of the ego that he oversees.

He is quite a character. And for those of you who don’t know Serapis Bey, he is one of those when you’ve seen the pictures of St. Germaine and Lao Tzu, or I should say Djwhal Khul, and El Morya, the founders of the Theosophical Society. He worked very closely with them.

So he’s had several lifetimes on planet but he ascended – apparently, because who knows how these things really work – but he became an Ascended Master long before the time of Christ, about 400 BC. So during the time of Atlantis, when Atlantis was sinking, he migrated and took the Ascension Flame from the Ascension Temple in Atlantis and moved it to Luxor where it is this obviously etheric temple where he works with the alpha and the omega flames to help people become that Purity.

Now when he’s talking to me about Spiritual Discipline and the Purity, I’m thinking, “Well, you know, we’ve already received this gift of Purity from the Mother, directly from the Mother and you know me, we probably don’t get any better than that.” [Laughter]

But he’s been working with me, and he’s stepping forward and I’m hearing from different clients that he’s appearing to many of us, and he’s never been much of a chatter. I don’t engage in long conversations with Serapis Bey [laughter] and yet, here he is, saying, “I want to talk to people about Balance and the wisdom of Spiritual Discipline.” So here we are! [Laughter]

SM: It could be a short show! [Laughter]

Linda: It could be a very short show! And if so, well, nice seeing you all again! [Laughter]

SM: Right, I’m Serapis Bey. Do your meditations. See you later! [Laughter]

Linda: Be consistent, period! [Laughter] You know, I am saying that to Isaac the other day. I felt like there is part of me… and I’m sure that everyone who is listening, including you, Suzi, has this feeling like, “Hasn’t it all been said? Haven’t we been given the dozens of tools and all the methodologies, all the approaches, all the attunements?” I mean, there’s just a part of me that feels like all those words have been said, and all we need to do is just take the energy, allow it to be inside of us and blossom… and we’re there!

SM: … and to share our experiences with others. And that brings me to when you are talking about the Tsunami of Love and the heart opening and everything. I had a vision, probably last week sometime although, gosh, time is so strange… I have no idea when it was… recently I’ll just say.

At this point, the focus of the energy is now about opening the pineal gland of everyone on Earth, because we’ve all had electromagnetic and chemical things done to us that limit our ability to open to and perceive our spirit messages. But that time is coming to an end, if not already ended, that it’s about the pineal opening and being available to these things. And you know what, once again, it’s like to let go of the ‘How?’ and just trust that it’s happening.

Linda: The pineal is open. It’s in the same category as the veil. We keep being told that the veil is gone, but we have this quite neurotic [laughter] attachment to a belief system that the veil is still there. And we still hear it all the time, “When is the veil going to disappear? When is the veil going to disappear?” The veil is gone. It’s only a belief system and so…

SM: … when you let it go.

Linda: … when you let it go. And our pineal has been activated and activated, and this is part of the gifts that have been given to us. But it is that belief system that is still the whispers, the echoes, the concrete wall that’s still in the way of truly believing and, therefore, allowing that connection to really come to the fullness because we are restoring. I mean, the Mother’s saying, “We are being reborn; I’m in you, you are in me.” She couldn’t possibly be in us and we have completely closed down systems. It wouldn’t work.

SM: Well, there’s also been all this talk lately of those who are working at a regular job, nine to five, and don’t necessarily have the ability or the desire, the capacity, whatever, to do a lot of spiritual work. I really do feel that there are enough of us holding this space for others that can’t do that to bring us all along.

I’m not sure if an awareness of what’s being done for humanity by so many other humans, galactics, all that sort of thing… I guess it would be helpful for people to know that, but there are so many that are clueless, clueless about all the work that’s being done on their behalf, and they just continue through their lives and probably complain about their lives. Those are the pineal glands that we want to be opening and I guess we have to trust that it’s happening and it’s a process and people are where they need to be.

Linda: It’s a process, yes. What I’m feeling right now is that I would like to give a shout-out. I would like to give bouquets and lace to all the people that are getting up at 5 and 6 am every morning and trudging off to work, whether it’s in an office or a factory, or a school or a government building.

And so often, because I do the individual readings, I hear that complaint. So, if we could talk about it just for a sec… So many people feel, and it is a feeling, that they aren’t doing the “spiritual work” because they’re trying to make ends meet, they’re trying to support their family and keep a roof over their head.

The point is, yes, there’s those of us who are working flat-out, i.e. you and I, doing the spiritual work and sharing what we know and our insights, but don’t for a second, not for a millisecond, don’t think because you’re “stuck” – because that’s a belief – stuck in going to work every day that you’re not doing your spiritual work.

Because if you’re carrying the Love and the Light in your heart, then you really are on the front line of this lightworker, love-holder, Ascension work. You are on the front line, you are in the trenches and you are doing the work, because every time you walk into that office or that factory or that store or that school, you are bringing that awareness, your expanded field filled with Light, and you’re bringing it and you’re anchoring it, and you’re being a transmitter and you’re working with the populous.

So give yourself huge, huge credit. And you say, “Yeah, but I don’t have time to meditate. I don’t have time to do the listening, the channeling, all that work.” But if you just… as you jump in your car or as you jump on the bus or into your carpool, if you just open your crown, fill up your heart, fill up your body, feel that expansion, and that takes like 20 seconds. And then just hold that all day, and everybody around you is going to get it.

SM: Exactly.

Linda: So that’s how we are going to reach all those people that we think aren’t awake.

SM: And we do need to focus not on what we haven’t been able to do but on what we have been able to do, because it’s a lot. Anyone in their life, and the people that do the 9 to 5, you show up; you show up every day and it’s just an amazing and beautiful thing.

Linda: It is. And you know, we teach, the Council teaches 13th Octave LaHoChi which is a healing modality, but people worry about, “Oh, am I going to be able to run the energy, am I going to be able to feel the Masters?” But the slogan for La Ho Chi is “Show up!” I mean, it’s that simple. When we show up and we show up with our hearts and our fields, we are doing the work.

So don’t get discouraged if you think you’re stuck in that 9 to 5. You are doing brilliantly.

SM: Exactly. We all have a role to play.

Linda: We do.

SM: That’s true. We’ve gone on for quite a while. I guess we can welcome our guest in then.

Linda: Well, let’s do a little meditation.

[Meditation begins at 16’20]

Serapis Bey: Greetings, I am Serapis Bey.

SM: Welcome.

SB: And welcome to you. And I also continue this theme of rebirth and regeneration, of re-emergence, of resurrection, of Ascension, of regeneration. It is the time of the Mother’s New Time, and that is why I stand before and with each and every one of you this day.

And yes, I welcome you into my Temple of Luxor; I welcome you into the Temple of Ascension, my friends. But more importantly, I welcome you into my home, into my domain, where now you will be comfortable – yes, 11th dimension, hovering over the sands of Egypt, a place where I have welcomed you many times before.

Now, why do I beckon to you, I who have been silent for quite a long time when you count in terms of thousands of years? The time passes quickly you know! Yes, and I hear so many of you say, “But the time does not pass quickly enough, Master, for I feel that I am caught in the quagmire of the human reality.” And I would ask you, “What reality is that? What reality have you attached yourself to?”

Repeatedly we say to thee, to all of you, that the old third dimension is gone, it is history, it no longer exists. And yet, you are persistent in continuing in your attachment to the ethers and in the attachment to what no longer serves you – it never did.

Now, I have been known… oh, for eons… as a spiritual teacher, and yes, a teacher of discipline, of spiritual discipline. I come to speak to you and to your hearts of this matter of discipline, to wield you, to pry you, to pull you, to assist you, to coax you away from this antiquated belief of living somewhere that no longer exists.

And you say to me, “Well, Serapis, you’re a fine one to talk. How do we even know the Temple of Luxor exists?” And that is why I am inviting you directly into my home, into this domain where you may learn and thrive… and yes, dearest Suzanne, ignite your pineal gland far beyond what any of you have imagined.

But first, the starting point is letting go of the illusion. Now we know that this is a very concrete illusion, one that has been downloaded into your physical, your spiritual, your emotional, your mental DNA, your constructs of what you believe to be true. You have many films – you’ve been very good at making films – that show you and demonstrate that this belief system is not… not only is it not worthy of the brilliance of who you are, it does not have form and substance.

This is the curious nature of what you have thought of as the ‘old third’. You have thought of it primarily as the dimension of physicality, and there is no desire, above or below, to eliminate the dimension, the clarified dimension of physicality. It is a gift, it is a precious gift, and it is an experience that the Mother created so that you would have the joy of being in form.

What you think of as the ‘old third’, yes, it demonstrated, it attached to the third dimension of physicality, but it could have attached anywhere. But it took ground in physicality. But the qualities, the distractions, the anathema, the power of the ‘old third’ was not physical – it was ideation.

It was paradigms of belief that you are not worthy, that you are not potent, that you are not powerful, that you are not capable, that you are not Creators, that you are isolated and separated, and all of it. Everything you can think of that ‘old third’ is a belief system.

So I come as friend, as ally, as Master, as teacher to assist you, through the strictest discipline, for you to sever your connections with that that do not serve you. If your ideation and belief system was one that you are magnificent, that you are truly powerful in so far as carrying the light of God, that you were worthy, that you were Creator, that you were beautiful and sublime and unique, then I would say, “Cling to it; cling to it the way I would cling to the alpha and the omega.” But it does not.

Now I know that I speak to you as lightworkers and love-holders, but we have also… and I have prodded the channel to speak of all of you who are stuck in what dear Suzanne has called ‘the nine to five grind’ because that alone, that work that you do if you carry the truth of who you really are into that arena, into every arena, the changes that you are seeking, the anchoring of Nova Earth, of Terra Gaia, happens in the blink of an eye. Not three or four or eight or ten or a hundred years from now, but in the blink of an eye.

When you acknowledge, accept and anchor, remember, claim, re-claim that you are mighty… You are not this small being stuck inside a human body. You are angelic, you are starseed, you are Masters, not masters in the making. You are Masters. We have stopped using that term ‘masters in the making’ years ago.

You have claimed your mastery, you have claimed your Creator self, you have been fully infused with the Mother’s energy, cleansing, and yes, the seeds of rebirth. And the rebirth is not for ten years hence – it is for right now. And in that time of ‘immediate’, I step forth.

Now why? Why do I wish to speak to you of spiritual discipline? I do not wish to completely eliminate your ego, although I certainly wish to assist you in eliminating that part of your ego that is clinging to illusion, clinging to drama, clinging to lack, clinging to the belief system that you are less-than. I do not invite ‘less-than’ into my home.

Now, let us speak of what I am asking of you this day and every day. What is discipline? It is consistency. It is the assumption of responsibility. Yes, responsibility to your sacred self, to your circle, to your collective, above and below, and to the Mother. It is you fully assuming that responsibility, that element of leadership however it looks, and declaring that you will do, you will be, you will act, you will experience, you will embody wholeness, Love, Divinity, and nothing else. Now that is where the discipline comes in. Nothing else.

So you are declaring, with me, as your master, as your teacher, that you will not allow yourself to be distracted by untruth, by what feels familiar and is lies, lies within and lies without. If you have not cleared your core issues, beloved one, it is time! Because these illusions you have about yourself are absurd, and there is no room for them in the truth of your interdimensional self.

I am not even asking you – although it is highly recommended – to anchor firmly in the 7th. But you are interdimensional beings. That is why I mention that my home is in the 11th and I have thrown open the Temple doors to welcome you.

Come and study and be with me, so that when you stray, as you will, when you will have that slight departure, detour, hiccup into engaging with unreality, I will be there. Not with whips and chains [laughter], but with my Love, with my nurturing, with my hands on your shoulders, saying, “Come back to balance.”

Discipline is not merely about assuming a mantle of responsibility, which to many of you says, “Oh, I have too many responsibilities right now; I can’t possibly take on anything more.” Most of those beliefs of responsibilities are illusions. Your only responsibility is to be the vehicle of Love and the Servant of the Mother, period. How you do that is unique to you. But that is your sole responsibility: To be Love.

So I will bring you back gently, firmly, consistently back to this place of balance. Because when you are in the centre of your beingness, the centre of what this and so many have called the fulcrum, the teeter-totter, the seesaw, then you are attending to all aspects of your sacred self.

You are not in the drama and you are anchored firmly on Terra Gaia, firmly in your home of your heart, firmly in the Temple with me, and you are not running hither and yon, trying to discover. You are simply balanced in the stillness, the truth, the beauty, the wonder, the awe, and the Creator-self of who you are.

You cannot create if you are running back and forth in extremes. That is not discipline. That is the way an unsupervised and unloved child – the children know! Yes, they will run around like crazy, and when they are tired they will simply plop down and go to sleep. And when they awaken, they are rebalanced.

That is what I am asking of you. Is this clear, dear Suzanne?

SM: Yes, it is. Thank you very much for joining us on this day. It’s been a very interesting conversation and I have to say that I do feel my mastery and Creator-self coming online more every day, and it is very exciting to me. I am also wondering if physicality was supposed to be so challenging – this aging thing, and having to be vigilant and caring for our bodies feels like such an unnecessary distraction.

I imagine you’ll be telling us that the beliefs around our bodies are part of the illusion, and I get that. But what isn’t so clear is what is to be done to shift us away from what happens with our aging physicality. I visited my Aunt yesterday in a nursing home and it just seems so unfair for these elders, because of their physical needs, that they have to be in an assisted living situation that if any kind of emergency happens, they need to have assistance right there.

They lose everything: they lose their homes, their positions, they have nothing anymore, and like anything they identified with who they were or what they worked so hard all their lives to have around them, and all of a sudden it’s nothing. It just seems so wrong.

SB: It is exceptionally wrong. It is tragic, it is grievous, it is a travesty. Let me be clear, for I am quite outspoken on several matters. The body… you came as angelics to be in-out, in-out, in-out, in-out of body as you chose. You were never intended to be stuck and aging. What is the joy, the beauty, the Love in that?

And so the tragedy – and this is where the old third built structure, but it was built on these false belief systems. And why would one want to cling to an old reality that strips people of everything they have ever had, including their dignity? So what I am inviting you to do… Yes, we do not remedy those who are in your Aunt’s situation; we will lift them up and bring them home and they will be so relieved.

But, having said that, part of your Ascension process, why I encourage you to come and be multi-locational through the various dimensions, that very action, discipline, practice, assumption of responsibility, begins to dissipate the aging process. You cannot be in the 11th dimension and be an old woman. It won’t happen.

SM: Well, that’s very interesting because yesterday I had this amazing and wonderful vision. I was seeing the Earth from space and the Earth got smaller and smaller, as if I was leaving. I started having anxiety to say, “No, I have work to do here and I want to be part of this, and it’s such a beautiful thing and I am so connected here.” And then the answer that I got was that I can do both. I can be out in the Universe and doing my things, and also be anchored here on Earth and doing my work here.

And so that brings me to this other, very far-out kind of question. Does each Master have a fluctuating number of expressions throughout the Universe? Like clearly we can… I feel like I am playing with bi-location doing this. Is this Ascension in part about having knowledge and awareness of all of them at once?

SB: You are integrating all parts of yourself. Of course we work throughout the multiverse. We are not simply stationed or attached to Earth by a tether, or to this reality by a tether. We explore, as you will explore, the multiverse and still be in many places at once. Now, part of the preparation to be able to do that, and part of the discipline, is also anchoring all of who you are, because you cannot begin to bi-locate from a place of fragmentation.

So what you do is you anchor the totality of your divinity, of your physicality, of all aspects of yourself, so that everyone is home. And then you can assign them. Now, they go on furlough and you call them back for R&R, but you are the master of that retinue, of your crew shall we say, of aspects that you send back and forth.

So yes, you are playing with bi-location. It is part of your interdimensional self and you are learning this.

SM: That is so wild to me to think that this physicality, this body, this vessel that I am in right now, would be the one to anchor all my aspects. But what is it about this one that makes it the one that gathers everyone together?

SB: This is the part of you that is in mastery, and you tend to think of it… and this is why we say, “let us put ego in its proper place”. So you tend to think of ‘me’ as Suzanne Maresca in this body, this small form. “Why do I get to be in charge?” But it is the truth of your full being that is the mastery, and the delight of having that mastery expressed and live and be in and out of form in this beautiful body that you have designed.

SM: Right. I have been feeling less and less subject to the energy of other people and situations. I don’t want to say ‘above it’ but sort of untouchable, if that makes sense.

SB: Yes, and that is the discipline. You always have a choice. Do I engage or do I not engage? Well, the true outcome of the balance and the responsibility, and the gift of discipline is the consistent choice not to engage.

SM: Right, but at the same time, accepting the Mother’s assignments as it were. It feels right in my body to take in certain things. And while I’m saying to myself, “OMG, I’ve got enough on my plate and I can’t do any more,” something is presented in my situation where I end up being Power of Attorney for someone. I don’t even know what I’m stepping into, but it just feels like the right thing to do; and it feels like in service to the Mother and I’m just going to do it.

SB: The Mother never gives you an assignment, etheric, spiritual or physical, that you are not capable of assuming. So it is not assuming the drama of this undertaking, of the family, of the various situations. It is simply being the vehicle, almost of neutrality, of balance, of saying, “I will be responsible. I will take the leadership position, but I will not get engaged in the drama.” Yes. That is the discipline. That is the balance.

SM: It’s interesting looking at the word ‘discipline’ because it has clearly negative connotations due to the nastiness that’s taken place, but when you are putting discipline across as the discipline to stick to a particular course and not stray…

SB: That is it exactly. It is the choice, not the abuse of power and control which is what discipline in your realm, in the old third, came to mean. It is discipline in terms of a course of study. What discipline do you study? What discipline do you follow? Are you a vegetarian, a vegan, a carnivore? Are you a yogi? Do you study tai chi? These are disciplines.

SM: Right. And a discipline can be of your own making. I’m not feeling guided to follow any particular human at all, and it just feels like what I’m doing is completely designed by me?

SB: It is your discipline. But what you do in designing your own discipline is you also make a soul-heart-spirit promise to adhere to your discipline. It is about adherence, dear heart.

SM: Okay, stick to it. I did ask before and the answer was… I’m just going to ask again. Does each Master have a fluctuating number of expressions throughout the Universe?

SB: We have a number of ways in which we are known, yes. But does the essence change? Does our mission and purpose change? Does what we do change? No. We are very consistent.

SM: Okay. So I just have this strange question. I’m not really sure how to formulate it. In terms of the souls in existence, if we are all continually recycled and reincarnated, and we each have many aspects throughout Creation, how many of us are there actually [laughter] in existence? I know that’s a very strange question, but I’m just trying to wrap my mind around how woven together we all are.

SB: You are very interwoven, as are we all. But understand, you are also existing in an infinite Universe so the number is beyond measure.

SM: Alright. I guess I’m not really going to get a handle on this. [Laughter] In terms of the population of Earth of 7 billion, how many of us are like… I don’t want to say ‘duplicates’ because it’s not a duplicate, but do you understand what I’m getting at?

SB: Yes, and we are not prepared to tell you that yet.

SM: Okay, I get it. [Laughter] So, ancient Egypt, can we talk about that a little bit?

SB: Yes.

SM: Alright. Did the ancient Egyptians foresee our current civilisation and these chaotic times on Earth?

SB: Yes.

SM: Okay. Are we in the space that they thought we would be, or is it off course?

SB: Now understand, the gift in many of the temples, including mine, in ancient Egypt was not to write the script. It was simply an understanding of how things could unfold and there were many scenarios that were envisioned. So are you on track in terms of that visioning process? Yes, you are.

We did not think that it would take so long to eliminate what we would refer as ‘the darkness’. We did not anticipate such resistance to surrendering the darkness and the drama because it had served no purpose. It is a curious thing to attach to.

SM: Right. Are we close?

SB: You are very close. That is why I am coming as your teacher to say, “Now, be disciplined with yourself. Watch and make sure you are making choices that are in alignment with the truth of who you are, with the balance and with the Love. There is no other realistic choice.

SM: Okay. Mystery Schools – was there more than one, or was there just one ancient Mystery School?

SB: Oh no, there are many ancient Mystery Schools.

SM: And it was about teaching the truth of humanity and why we’re here or so much more?

SB: It is so much more. Think of it in many ways. We have talked about this word ‘disciplines’ in terms of physical-spiritual practices. But there were those that were interested in the alchemy of healing. That was an entire Mystery School overseen by St. Germaine. There were those who were simply interested in the alchemy of Creation, of bringing forth out of thin air objects and experiences.

Their truths are given and they are based always on the Universal Laws. But the variety in which one would choose, where some could be quite social, boisterous, involved; others were very secret. ‘Mystery School’ did not necessarily mean ‘secret’. It simply meant understanding the mysteries of Creation, the mystery of the Mother/Father/One.

SM: Beautiful. Well, I’m kind of out of questions but I imagine that you have more to say, so if you have anything else in closing, that would be most appreciated?

SB: Dearest heart, I have only just begun. [Laughter] But no, it is not a matter of questions. The question that I pose and the question that I leave you with is: “What do you choose your discipline to be?”

Long ago, the Mother and Archangel Gabrielle have suggested to you that if it does not feel like Love, if it does not feel like Joy, why on Earth are you doing it? Why on Earth, or any planet, would you choose to proceed?

So now I ask you, in ways that are small and great, if there is an aspect of your life… and I do not mean the momentary thrill, because discipline tells you that the momentary thrill is simply that. But are there aspects of your life that are not in keeping and alignment in the discipline of who you really are?

How do you know yourself? You cannot be in balance, in discipline, in responsibility, in alignment, if you do not know the entirety… yes, you say you get glimpses, but you know the truth of your heart. If you are not in alignment with the truth of your being, then you cannot take the next step into discipline.

So I leave you with that thought. Are you aligning every day with the truth of who you are?

And do not say to me, “Serapis, I have to get up and go to work every day and it is drudgery; I have to pay the bills.” So what I would say to thee is the truth of who you are: that you are a caretaker, that you are a nurturer, that you wish to take care of your family – not that you have to, but that you choose to because you love them, because you love being a provider, a supporter, a nurturer.

Does this give you Joy to see the light in your children’s eye, to see the welcome smile on your colleague’s face? Does this give you Joy? Is it in alignment with the very Truth? And in that Truth, are you choosing to create something different?

You cannot create something new and different if you have not come to the full understanding of who you are. That is your starting point.

And from there, quite literally, the sky over Luxor is the limit!

SM: [Laughter] Thank you so much. Thank you.

SB: Go with my Love and call on me. I am prepared to walk with you, to assist you. Come to my home and I will welcome you with open arms.


SM: Farewell. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia


Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Chief Geronimo on Wisdom and Gifts – January 13, 2015 ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art bear's path is introspection by patricia wyatt

 ART : Bear's Path is Introspection ~ Patricia Wyatt Fine Art


Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Chief Geronimo on Wisdom and Gifts – January 13, 2015

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca        Host, InLight Universal

Suzanne Maresca: We are continuing our series featuring Native American Indian Chiefs and our guest today is Geronimo of the Apache tribe. I can’t imagine a more appropriate group to speak to the importance of community and connection with our Earth Mother than tribal elders, and we are certainly at a point in our evolution where it’s finally dawning on us that joining together is the key to our Ascension.

Well, there’s been a lot going on with the InLight team of late and we are happy to announce the launch of our new radio platform, InLight Universal. Our first broadcast will be on January 22nd, airing An Hour with an Angel, the very first show that InLight Radio ever made. This is very exciting for all of us here on the InLight team because it means we can bring you more of what we have to share. It’s more personable and accessible, and best of all it’s better aligned with our mission and purpose and with better sound quality. The website with all of our shows is and we also have a Facebook page you could follow us on. So onward and upward always, and my gosh, it’s so good to be back on the air. Good Morning Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi! It really is lovely to be back here and sharing, particularly this journey with the Chiefs, as it were, who are living in my house once again. [Laughter] Which is always exciting! Yeah! And it does seem like a time of really new adventure, of expansion, of bringing things forward that we’re co-creating to bring forward Nova Earth, and I think InLight Universal is just a tip of the iceberg of what lies ahead.

SM: Yes, I agree, I agree! And we are coming into our power; all of us are realising that we have a lot of power to be able to create the world around us and in our experience.

LD: Exactly. And one of the reasons we chose as the InLight team, ‘InLight Universal’, rather than InLight Radio or InLight TV or InLight Broadcasting, was that we realise and we recognise how quickly the world is changing and how fast that we can bring forth our co-creations. So we went with ‘InLight Universal’ because we didn’t want to limit in any way, shape or form, the type of media that we will be sharing with you.

SM: Exactly. And for our listeners, there’s really not a lot that you’ll have to do aside from follow us on the new website and other than that, it’ll just be a benefit for everyone and not something that really has to be difficult.

LD: It’s not difficult at all; in fact, this morning again I was back on the website and it’s so crisp and clean, and I have to say that it makes it much easier to figure out which show fell where and what each show was about. So I’m thrilled. [Laughter]

SM: Yes, it’s beautiful. I think it’s beautiful and Isaac has done a fabulous job…and Graham; it’s just really been a beautiful team effort so I am very happy. Alright, so I know you have a very interesting medicine wheel meditation for us today.

LD: I do, and when the Native American Chiefs, of which there are a slew of them obviously…but when they first came to me, and one of the first meditations that they channelled with and through me was a meditation for anchoring, spiritually anchoring within us, the medicine wheel. And you know the medicine wheel is used in Native American ceremony, pretty much in all the various tribes or traditions, and so when I was getting ready this morning to talk with Geronimo and to figure out what our meditation would be, he asked me to share with our listeners that part of the meditation that was his portion, and it’s to the west of the medicine wheel.

But I think what we are going to do as weeks go on and we have various Chiefs gather is that they will take us through this medicine wheel meditation and help us anchor all these wonderful qualities that have to do, not only with our connection with Gaia, but our connection to each other and to our hearts and building Nova Earth and healing. It’s healing our concept, I think, of community, so that we are standing next to each other, hand to hand, heart to heart. So that’s what we are going to begin with this morning.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you.

LD: So let’s begin in this magnificent New Year. Yes, we’ve had the visit from Cochise, and now we move into the conversation with Geronimo. So feel yourselves settle into your chair, into the sofa, into the bed, onto the floor, wherever you’re most comfortable. But as we do this, I want you to picture yourself at dawn and a bright prairie morning, out on the land, and you are on your medicine wheel, that sacred circle of life, each direction representing and bringing you new qualities. And you have entered through the east and now you are moving around the wheel to the position of the west. In sacred purpose, move to the West, to that place of the void, the Star People, and the home of creativity. Geronimo awaits you, and together, side-by-side, you raise your arms to embrace the void, allowing the blackness of this direction to engulf you.

Geronimo turns to you, hands resting on your shoulders as he says, “Learn to live upon the land, to know where the water is found and the food is cached. Learn the secrets of the coyote and the jack rabbit. I give you the gift of creativity. Healing the Mother depends on creativity. Survival depends on creativity. And know, make no mistake my friend, your people, each of you, each in your own way, are fighting for survival.

I give you the courage to walk between the worlds, to enter into the void and the unseen pathways. I give you the power to go unseen when you need to rest, refuel and to create your journey. I give you my wisdom to know when to fight for what is right and when to stand back. What some call ‘hiding’ is simply that they do not see. It does not mean ‘you cease to exist’. When it is time to enter the blackness of the cave, do not be afraid of the creepy crawlers that lie there. I travel with you. I will show you the way.

I give you the gift of transmutation, the power to transmute the poison of the scorpion and the sting of the humans. Embrace the blackness and the void. Do not fear the cave or the lonely canyons. They are your friends. They shelter you when you have need of rest and new inspiration.” Geronimo is embracing you and you feel the power of the west move through your body, anchoring, fastening, deep within your heart; embrace it, welcome it and go deeper, for Geronimo is not finished.

He continues, “I give you the tears of the people. Honor what has been given and sacrificed. Honor your ancestors and the wisdom that they have passed on to you. Honor those who have suffered and died in battle and journeying. Do not make their suffering in vain. Heal the land and relationships with all beings so that there may be peace upon the Earth Mother. Give thanks to the Great Spirit that you are honored in this way.”

Feel the element of water in the morning air, on your skin, on the Earth Mother, on the grass. Water is the lifeblood of Gaia, the gift of emotion, strength and introspection.

Welcome the totem of the black bear, and as you do, recognise that you are embracing the very essence of Geronimo. Welcome the winged ones of black: the raven, the crow, the bat. Welcome this ability to traverse worlds and dimensions, to understand duality and magic. Integrate and anchor this within your core of stillness. Let it be a part of you right now. Embrace the stone people of obsidian, smoky quartz and hematite. These stone people agree to travel with you, to sing with you in the lonely and cold places of cities.

Turn to Geronimo and gaze into his ancient eyes that hold such wisdom and compassion, and thank him from the bottom of your heart. Thank him for the honors and the gifts that he bestows upon you this day. Thank him for his generosity and the sharing of his wisdom. Thank him for who he is and who he has been, knowing and grateful that you do not travel this medicine wheel or Gaia alone. Ho. 1

Geronimo: Greetings. I am Geronimo.

SM: Welcome.

G: And welcome, sweet sister of the wheel, to you, for we have travelled together many times. And it is my honor that I am invited to this sacred ceremony, and to this arrival of InLight Universal and this day, because this is the theme that I so wish to speak to all of you about. We share but one planet, one universe, one multiverse; many galaxies, many races, many peoples, but we are but One. We all serve the one Mother above and below. We all serve and cherish Great Spirit.

I come to you this day, most certainly not as chief, but as warrior who has come to the place of understanding and of knowing what it means to be a peaceful warrior. In my life as Geronimo – what the white eyes have called me – I have had many distinct chapters. The reason I say this is because I want you to realise that each of you, each of us, have many chapters to our lives, to our existence, and while some chapters are perhaps more difficult, and then some more joyous and peaceful; each chapter, each adventure, each experience, each season is vitally important. It is important to each of you and to your development, your ascension, your process, and it is important to the fabric of the people, to the whole.

You would not wish to move from Fall to Summer. You would not wish, no matter what the climate, to move and forget Winter or Spring, for there is a role for each chapter, each time, each season, and it is as important as any other season. I have invited you to come to the place of the West, to the place of the void, to the place of reflection, where dreams take form and shape that they may come out of the cave, out of the lonely places of isolation and take form and thrive upon Gaia, and thrive in your life.

When you think, or when you are simply placed in a season, perhaps it is retreat; perhaps it is the planting of new seeds, which is what you do this day with InLight Universal. You are planting the new seeds and you must allow them to take the roots and to sprout new life. For me, the spring was always my favorite time because it always promised that there would be new beginnings. And no matter what had transpired – whether it was the death of family or the death of a dream, or the passing of a way of life – the spring would show us in great glory the power of Gaia to be reborn, to regenerate. And I, like you, would feel this power of rebirth within me, that no matter what had happened we could continue on and begin again.

Our way, our desire, was not of war or violence. It was to live in community, to live with our people, our families, our cousins, our friends. And yes, there are many tribes and many people upon this Earth Mother now at this time; but this is fundamental. It is not simply the way of our people, it is the way of people; it is that desire to live in harmony, to feel the love and the support, the laughter, the songs of children, to witness as one the miracle of Spring, the miracle of a new child being born, and to harvest, to hunt, to eat, to laugh, to play, to sleep, not merely in safety but in joy. This is what I speak to you of this day.

In many ways, the Gaians are moving back around the medicine wheel, through the circle of the seasons, through the circle of many lives, where so many of you have been every color, every race, every gender; and you are saying, “I want to be with my people. I want to be with my family and soul family. I want to live in community.” And yes, community in your age has taken on many different meanings. And your electronics, your ethers, allow you to be in community all over this magnificent globe. But there is also the desire to do this in physical form, to be able to walk out of your house and to see your people, to be able to gather whether it is for sacred ceremony or a meal. You are building and reclaiming your right, your birthright and your instinct to live in community, and I wish you to know I support you in this. Now, dearest Suzi, where do you wish to begin with me? Do you have query for me or shall I simply speak?

Geronimo: (Pause) As I grew older, as many had thought that I had lost my freedom, my liberty, my joy, and that I was captive and restricted shall we say, by the white man’s power structure; many had thought of me as controlled or even defeated. But I wish to speak to this: I did not feel that way. Yes, when I surrendered I surrendered. Now let me first speak of this because many of you, my beloved friends, have this question –spiritual, physical, certainly mental and emotional – about this meaning of ‘surrender’. Surrender is allowing your core to thrive. It is the acknowledgement that your heart, your being, your very soul, your spirit, can never, not only not be captured, but not controlled. When you surrender, you do not surrender to another human being; well, unless of course you are in the intimacy of lovemaking and that is a joy. But when you surrender, what you are saying is, “I claim my freedom, my liberty – in another way, because my spirit is free.” What you surrender is an old form. It might be a habit or an addiction or a behavior, or a paradigm or a belief. Yes, I know you have many fancy names for this, but it is truly letting go and saying, “I am going to redirect my energies in a different direction.” And when I surrendered, it was so I could be back amongst my people, that I did not have to struggle day after day after day. Now were the lessons of that season incredibly valuable? Yes, but it was but a chapter.

So I did not pass from this world in defeat, because I had my community with me and it did not matter. Did I wish to go back and see my homeland? Yes! But what was more important to me: my spirit was not contained and I was with those I cherished. I learned new ways, new pathways. Did I abandon the old commitment to Great Spirit? No! But I came to understand that there was a new form and as warrior, I am able to shape-shift into many forms, and so are you!

SM: Oh, yes, yes, yes. I apologize. I guess I was not on the air; maybe I was muted before when you asked if I had questions?

G: Yes. I knew this.

SM: I apologize. I appreciate… okay. [Laughter] I appreciate that. So what you just said about shape-shifting…I have been most interested in that and I would really look forward to remembering how. Would you say that that is in our future in this lifetime?

G: Oh yes! It is in what you think of as your sacred spiral. It is in what you think of as your DNA. Now, one of the things that has not been discussed that much… I am really pleased to bring new information…

SM: Beautiful.

G: Shape-shifting and interdimensional travel, anchoring of your various aspects, these are but one piece. Now, there is a belief and it is… it is as solid as granite, that humans believe that they have this form of solidity…that it is as solid as the granite I speak of. Now often, when many troops could not find me, it was because I was shape-shifting.

SM: Ooh yeah!

G: It was not simply that I knew the lonely canyons. It was that I would shift into different form. And I would go…because they were blind…unobserved. In many ways it was quite humorous, although we did not always think so at the time! [Laughter] But yes, your body… think of your body as a cloud, as a pool of water, as a magnificent river. Now, there are times when that river is very placid and calm, and then there are times when the river is filled with rapids and what we would call ‘speaking water, laughing water, angry water’. But what is this except the ability of the water to express different forms?

Now you say, “Well, Geronimo, in the human beings we see the calm and placid and we see the angry.” But what makes you think that your molecules, your energy, cannot be what you desire it to be? Great Spirit did not make you into simply one form or solidity. You have this enormous flexibility to shape-shift, particularly into animal form. And so what you do is you sit, I would suggest in the centre of the medicine wheel, and you allow surrender and transformation, for these are but one and the same. And you call in the energy. And this is not a lengthy process. You call in the energy, the qualities, the form of what you wish to assume, and you allow it because the memory is in your cells. You have been mountains and you have been mountain lions; you have been kangaroos and oceans. So you allow that memory and that wisdom, that knowledge; and you ask, always, for the cooperation of the totem, of the spirit of that animal or being. If you wish to morph or shape-shift into Geronimo, I will help you!

SM: [Laughter] Oh, I have a question about that if I may? Okay, so many of us are here in our physical, human bodies and experiencing physical challenges shall I say, aches and pains and disease and whatever else. Okay, so I’m going to go with the idea that when we shape-shift, of course we would not bring that along with us, and in that light, if that’s true, then we could use shape-shifting to be able to heal our bodies, can we not?

G: Yes! The many times I was wounded and they would wonder how could I take so many bullets or arrows and still be alive. But, of course I had friends who attended to me. But if you call upon the energy and you shape-shift into a, say, an animal form or even to the river, what you do is you do not carry that illness, that malady, that injury with you because what you are doing… for example, I would call upon the strength, the aliveness, the muscularity, the ability to jump – from the mountain lion, and the wound would be healed. Now, the fear for some humans is that when they shape-shift, how do they get back? Well, you get back simply by doing the same process.

SM: Right!

G: You see, you have many, many faces – knowing and working with your totems, with those spirit animals and forms that you are is very important. Yes, even in this day, and might I say especially, because the connections have been forgotten, but they also have been forgotten in terms of how they serve you. And this is particularly true of those who live particularly in the busy places of cities. They are congested places full of discord and so the energy of being able to transform, transmute, is a very important factor.

Now it is also very important because what is happening – you are in a time…might I compare this… yes I know, we weren’t in the ascension process, but even as I walked the Earth we were in the process of ascension. It has begun that long ago. But let us talk about this. The world, the sweet planet that I knew when I walked as Geronimo, was a world dying, a way of life that was passing and a new reality being born. Now, this is very easy for me to say from hindsight. At the time it brought much pain.

G: Now I do not wish to dwell on that, but you, my friends, my family, my Gaians, you are passing from one world to the next, and when that old world, what the beloved ones have referred to as ‘the old 3rd dimension’, as it passes away that causes pain. Now let me explain: It causes emotional pain, and it causes what you would think of as energetic pain, because the battle – not a skirmish but a battle – between the old and the new. So there are those who do not wish the old 3rd to pass away and so they will send their missiles and their warriors, their misguided warriors, their bullets and their arrows. And they are not always physical but they are as real as any bullet I have ever had enter my body… and when those bullets enter, they hurt you and they cause discord. So yes, this is a time for shape-shifting that you might escape those bullets or those arrows.

SM: Well, can I ask you if it’s more than just believing and remembering that we can do this? Is there another piece that’s missing? Because you say it doesn’t take much time but in my imagination… I can certainly go there in my imagination, but to think of my physicality, to transform into wolf, for example, that’s kind of… maybe it’s not really part of my belief system yet, that I can actually do that?

G: Yes, but you have forgotten. So there is a piece of this when you are sitting in the center of the wheel – and I have called it ‘surrender’ – but it is the feeling that you feel your existing physical body dissolving, as if you are becoming strictly an energy field…

SM: Without walls…

G: … without walls, without form, and then as you reconstruct – you are reconstructing, you are directing that energy field to assume the different form. It is important; it is not simply imagination, it is important that as you sit there… for example, you and this channel transmute into wolf quite often and you allow yourself to feel your snout, to feel the fur, to feel the ears, to allow it to take form, not simply in imagination but into form.

SM: Okay.

G: And then, when you have done so, to run like the wolf, to howl like the wolf, not to simply sit still and say, “Oh that was nice!” Be the wolf… as I have been the mountain lion, as I have been the black panther, as I have been the jack rabbit. Now not only is this for protection; this, my friends, is great fun!

SM: [Laughter] Yeah!

G: When the Mother had created this garden, this cactus garden for me, it was that we would know the pleasure of walking on this planet, to know the joy. So, it was not that we forgot our form; it was our home base as you would think of it, but that did not necessarily restrict us at all.

SM: Well, you’ve spoken to, that there are many chapters to existence and each is important, and I’ve been wondering, I mean we all have many different aspects… do you, beautiful Native American Indian Chiefs, have galactic aspects?

G: Oh yes! Oh yes! Now you see, for those of you who have read or studied the ways of the people, you would also know that we accepted and knew always of our star brother and sisters. Because often, particularly in sacred ceremony, they would join us and they would guide us, and they would share with us, not merely us sharing with them, but because they would come, what many would call to ‘a simpler way of life’… it was endearing to them to walk on the earth soil or to sit on the rock by the fire. But as we have always known, just as we have had our totems, we have known which area of the stars we have come from…and what part of us still remained there to do the work of what was still the people. You see, this was what was…well, I would say ‘confusing’ but really ‘shocking’ to us – when many of the white people came to share the land – why we did not comprehend, because we already had this joyful connection, physical connection with our star brothers. It was very common! So to have what you would think of as another race… it was not so unexpected, but what was unexpected was the unwillingness to honour and to share, and on all sides, because you cannot say one side was right, one side was wrong; that would be ridiculous. But it was the unwillingness to share, the unwillingness to be part of one community that astounded us, because we had always assumed that there was much to learn from each other. Even when we had tiffs with neighboring tribes, we did not think that we still did not have them as our brothers and sisters, and that there were not things to learn from one another.

SM: So what I am wondering is… okay, so in the beginning of humanity on Earth, I would say we were all indigenous peoples that lived close to the earth and understood the power of community and connection with spirit and with All That Is. What I would like to know is, from your perception, what happened to make people want to take things from one another and fight for land, and you know, do everything that you are talking about, that the whites did to the Indians? It doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t really understand the whole thing.

G: Yes, but now I do, because it was fear. It was… we could put many names on it like greed or control, but it was fear. It was fear of something that was different. Those who came did not choose to learn, or have the same reference points, and they feared losing their own sense of what they valued and their identity. They did not understand, and you see this, even now, with what we would call ‘religious wars’. It has not changed so much. It is one group believing and really living in complete fear that their way of life is not superior.… and this is about as wrong as it gets…because when one is in fear you become reactive, your heart freezes, like that river, and it becomes hardened and you do not allow yourself the richness of expansion. Because truly, had this gone a different way, all cultures would have experienced the growth and expansion.

SM: Right.

G: The ability to create, for community, would have taken a very large leap because it would have been harmonious, and the qualities and the talents would have been shared by all. But the fear… it is the most destructive element in any being’s heart.

SM: Wow! Yes, and as you’ve mentioned, things haven’t changed all that much. So what I am wondering is, in the ascension of the planet, what we who’ve been doing the work and have been following and sensitive to everything that’s going on, I would really love to be able to let go of the ‘how’ but I’m just wondering how so many on the Earth could be shifted so quickly?

G: But you are seeing it, the abhorrence of the violence and slaughter. That abhorrence is growing and that is what is shifting, because the abhorrence of the use of violence, which has become more and more dramatic…and it has need to, because it is the abhorrence that will reach the people to say, “No more. We cannot live like this. We cannot call ourselves Gaians or the people and live with such mindless slaughter.”

And from that, it is the respect for many traditions. But as I have begun and I have said, it is also the recognition: there is only one Great Spirit, there is only one Mother, there is only one Father; they have many, many names but the name does not matter. And killing, murdering, in the name of the Mother or Father is not of truth and it is not of love.

SM: Right. Well, thank you Geronimo for joining us today. It’s been a great honor and I really appreciate it, and if you have anything to say in closing, I would welcome that.

G: Come and join me in the cave. I will show you how to claim your aspects. I will give you, and I have given you, and I will always give you, the gift of creativity because you, we, they, us, are One. Go in peace my friend.

SM: Thank you so much.

G: Ho


1. This meditation is from Spirit Speak CD ~ available for download.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


art bear's path is introspection by patricia wyatt

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Gabrielle – I Am Gabrielle and I Am Gabriel ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

new website close up of Gabrielle, painting by Mara Diop


ART :  Gabrielle by Mara Diop


Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Gabrielle – I Am Gabrielle and I Am Gabriel, March 24, 2015

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunset

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca        Host, InLight Universal

SM: Today we welcome Archangel Gabrielle to the show to discuss the topic of integrated wholeness. Speaking to wholeness as it relates to gender and orientation. This is also about being at peace with our own choices, as well as the choices of others. Our evolution into the higher dimensional expressions of ourselves leaves no room for judgment, nor can we afford to identify with being an oppressed section of a population in flux. Compassion for ourselves and others is key for the world we want it to be. Good Morning Linda.

Linda: Good Morning Suzi. It’s really a pleasure to be here this morning and of course Archangel Gabrielle is my go-to archangel, my go-to gal, and so whenever she’s coming forth, I’m all excited. Not that there’s a hierarchy of the Council of Love, but she’s an incredibly special one to me because she’s been my teacher.

Archangel Gabrielle or Gabriel will and can come across as the most gentle flower or breeze, and also as the strongest – well the Central Administrator of the Omniverse. So there are times when she very softly coaxes you into your understandings, and there are other times, in my words, when she sort of smacks you upside the head. She’s forthright and she doesn’t mince her words, so I’ll be very interested to see what she has to say to us today about the Integrated Self.

SM: And it can be a sensitive topic. People have their wounding around this and I can certainly understand if you’re someone who has dealt with ridicule and shunning all your life. It’s understandable how we can identify with those things, but it does not serve us to identify with those, or any label whatsoever…or what people say we are. We’ve gotta let it go.

Linda: Yes, that’s the thing. There comes a point at which you just say, “Let it go” because it doesn’t serve. Not only does it not serve the collective, it doesn’t serve you. And if we are told one consistent message through every single Being we talk to it’s, ‘Let go of judgment’ – that there’s never any element of love, of peace, of joy in judgment. And so when you fall into judgment, whether it’s of yourself, somebody else, or a group, it just creates chaos and distortion; what Archangel Michael describes as distraction in your very core. And then what you do is you pay attention to your distraction and judgment rather than really focusing on the love that you are, and embodying that love and going forward on your own journey.

SM: Yes, and when you let this judgment of other people affect you, then you in turn are the one who’s doing the judging. It doesn’t matter what other people think.

Linda: What’s that expression? What you think of me is none of my business. And I think that really sums it up. And we see this. We still see it in ourselves from time to time. And we certainly see it in high school and all the peer pressure – how kids are socialized and acculturated to buying into what the clicks or small groups think, or think you should be up to, or what you should be doing. And that doesn’t, in any way, promote being a future member and a current member of the Creator Race.

SM: Well, we could go on, but I imagine you have a nice meditation for us, and we can welcome our fabulous guest and see what she has to say.

Linda: So let’s begin by sinking into your heart, deeper and deeper and deeper, like a penny dropping into the water of a very still pond. Feel your energy dropping down out of your head, out of your mental body, your emotional body, out of the business of your day, of the week ahead. And just feel yourself sinking into your heart, into your chair or the floor, your bed, or your car seat…wherever you are. And let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of gold…that beautiful gold of Archangel Gabrielle…that rich molten gold, that old Florentine gold, the brilliance of the great central sun…the daffodils of Spring…of dandelions…of marigolds and canaries. Breathe in that gold…that rich gold, and feel yourself warm as this just flows right through you, like molten lava filling your head and your neck and your chest, your tummy, your root, your legs, your feet…and spreading that gold all over our beloved Gaia.

And it’s the gold of wisdom. And it’s the gold of joy. And breathe in that sense of joy. When you’re in wisdom, when you’re in joy, there really isn’t much room for anything else. So let it fill you, as once again we go into our hearts, and through that pin-prick of light, into your corridors of your inner heart, into the beautiful golden chamber. And take a moment and look on the walls. Look at the messages, the pictographs, the images, the symbols that you have written there to remind yourself of who you are, in the largest sense, in the most universal sense, and in the smallest sense of what gives you joy and brings you that sense of peace and balance right now. So look.

And as you stand there, I want you to see Archangel Gabrielle standing directly in front of you…this mighty archangel, with her hair of spun gold and her eyes of the most incredible crystal blue, and a smile that has lighted thousands of universes. And she is looking directly into your eyes and into your very core. And she is holding a set of scales, what you have often thought of as the scales of justice.

Archangel Gabrielle: Child. I bring you these scales this day that you will learn how to balance. That you will learn and incorporate, and come to love this sense of balance, this sense of stillness, this sense of integration. It is part of your journey. And it is part of the journey that you have arrived at in this very moment of new times. And it is not a question of whether or not you will do this. This is a piece of your essential undertaking. It is a part of your claiming not only your birthright, but your joy. It is a time when you are declaring yourself as not “either-or,” but as all. Take these scales from me. I give them to you freely as a reminder for you to maintain this sense of balance.

Linda: Reach your hand out and take the scales from Archangel Gabrielle. Hold it out in front of you and see how those scales set. Does one side lean to the right or to the left? Do not judge. Simply be the observer.

Archangel Gabrielle: I am Gabrielle and I will continue. I help you reset the scale and I help you – there are times when you will wish to lean to the right or left and that is perhaps necessary and fruitful at given times. But every day and in every moment, we suggest you set yourself in the center of the stillness, because that is the place of balance and that is the place where you will be able to have the perspective to see not duality, but the center point of integration.

Let me announce myself. I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle. Now that alone should settle the conversation and the discussion about gender. Do you see what I am saying? Let me continue. I am lily of love, trumpet of truth, messenger of One, Central Administrator of the omniverse. Now – who would have thought that a feminine archangel could have such a prestigious job? (Laughing) And yes my friends, I come this day to bring you joy, but also to bring you this balance and the perspective of what and who you are.

Let us begin. You – first of all let me digress – why on earth, and it is peculiar in particular to earth, because we are not merely galactics, or intergalactics, or archangels; we simply are. And so there has been an assignment that has been quite strange and peculiar, that in the last few hundred years there has been assignment to the archangels as to gender. And what we also find peculiar is that you decided that we were all going to be masculine. That is not correct. And why I announce myself as Gabriel and Gabrielle is so that you will realize that infinite, eternal balance. I choose, and particularly through this channel, I choose to present myself, to operate and to be known as the representation of the Divine Feminine. Because let us suggest that this representation has been grossly unbalanced. But let us say, look to yourselves my beloved ones…what you are suggesting, of gender preference, of actuality, well I could go off on a diatribe on this one…but nevertheless, let me suggest that duality and polarity rest within.

You are saint and sinner, victim and perpetrator, hero and martyr, electric and magnetic. You are male and you are female. And all of these attributes rest within you. You are above, you are below, you are divine, you are human. Why, sweet angels of light, pathfinders, wayshowers, portals, gate keepers…why are you focusing on defining yourself in such a narrow manner? You are all of the above and so much more. We have spent years, we have spent millennia trying to help you remember the truth of who you are; to rediscover and to reanchor and find the balance of love within, without, above, below; to be the embodiment of the Mother/Father/One. You are being offered in so many ways: new times, new reality, nova earth. Why, sweet angels, children of Light, children of the Mother, why are you distracting yourself? And you say to me, ‘Gabrielle, sweet Gabby, I feel like a victim. I feel I have not been seen. I feel that I am not being heard.’ There has been a history, a very sad and pathetic history of terrorism upon this planet. And it did not just start yesterday. And this terrorism has been the diminishing of the human spirit, of the angels in form into such solidity that the Old Third dimension actually took institutional form, mental form, emotional form…and now you are at a time of liberation and freedom. So do not cling to the old, which has never served you. It has only shackled you and kept you as prisoner…less than you are.

It is time of declaration. It is time for claiming who you are. Each of you – now let me be very clear about this, and I speak to every single person upon Sweet Gaia – each of you has been male and female. Do you have a preferred form? Most of you do, just as I do. But you have all been both genders. You have all been heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian. You have been straight. You have been gay. You have been thief. You have been generous to a fault. You have been saints. You have been sinner. Dear hearts, you have done it all. You have completed that cycle. Dearest, do not begin to reinvent the wheel.

What is the truth of this discussion about whether one has sexual preference because of karmic debt? It is absolutely absurd. Yes, I know, I am known as being very frank in my discussions. So let me be very clear. This is not about guidance. This is about the declaration of truth. So first of all, you have been given the gift of karmic dispensation by Jesus, Jesus Sananda, Jesus Christ, Yeshi, Yeshua, it does not matter how you choose to call him, he has given you this gift and he has given it again and again. And I would really wonder why you are not taking advantage of this? So if you have an issue about karmic debt, we would suggest that you go ahead and do this exercise and erase that notion from who you are. Because there is no place for it within the process of ascension. You do not carry karmic debt…not that is owed to you and not debt that you owe. So let that one go.

You are electro-magnetic. Yes, as you are becoming more of your light body, of your crystalline self, you are becoming more electric and less magnetic, but that is part of the DNA shift. That DNA shift has already been accomplished the first time you entered into the thirteenth octave when your twelve strands of DNA were woven into one strand, the thirteenth. So you can let that one go as well.

You embody the Father, the Mother, the One. You carry the masculine and the feminine, and all beings have traits of both genders. It is simply that for this round, for this incarnation and in service to the Mother, you have chosen one form. But that doesn’t mean that you have not inhabited all forms, because you have. You could not reach this time and this place of mastery without having gone through all of these experiences. You know the pain and suffering that the human race has gone through and you know the joy and victory and the sense of becoming that the human race has gone through. It has never been duality. It has never been either-or. That was a construct of the old and it does not exist.

When we have declared that we are in sacred union, that we are in sacred partnership with thee…do you really think that we have said, ‘Alright now, you line up with the masculine masters and archangels, and you line up with the feminine?’ Now, each of you has a heart and soul and spirit connection to certain angels and to certain masters, to the divine masculine, to the divine Mother…but that is more a dictum of your soul, of your love, of who you have offered eons ago to align with and to serve. It has never been a definition of gender or sexuality or preference in any way, shape or form. What you are doing when we have requested… begged for you to be in sacred union with us, in partnership with us – there has been a precondition, a presupposition. And that precondition dearest, has been that you are in sacred union and partnership with yourself, with the totality of your sacred self, of all aspects, all forms, all history past, present, future in terms of how you think of it. It means that you have come to that place of love and from that place of love you do not enter- you cannot enter- into discrimination or judgment about another. The entire purpose of what humanity has chosen for this ascension process is in fact unity, the unity of the collective as one. Therefore, all the barriers: race, gender, financial wherewithal, societal status, nationality, all of these have been eliminated. You are Gaians as one, proceeding as one in love. If you truly are at that place, then all else falls away.

Now, there has been a great discussion, and we do mean this in the best sense of the word…a great and important, critical, pivotal discussion about the nature of intimacy, about the nature of sacred partnership, about the nature of sex. Because that is part of the gift of being in human form. It is part of the reminder, the spark of ecstasy, of bliss, of being in form. But you cannot even reach that place of unity, of bliss, of true intimacy if you are in discrimination with yourself or with anyone else regarding gender, sexual preference, race, color, creed, social status. Do you understand what I am saying?

Yes, Dear heart, I guess I have gone on my diatribe.

Where do you wish to begin dearest Suzanne?

SM: Oh, I’m so appreciative of this conversation and your directness. It’s very wonderful and brilliant and very much needed. And I could let you go on, but I could also ask questions. I just want to confirm: The end of duality is not necessarily the end of gender, like when we’re firmly in the higher dimensions, we’ll be able to choose form and expression and shift as we wish?

Archangel Gabrielle: That is correct. Now let me explain. The formulation of this beautiful planet is so much more diverse than the human understanding, if you think of it in terms of where you are at the moment. Now, we have been declaring and inviting with the New You, with Nova Earth, with ascension, with all the major aspects of the shift, for you to claim and integrate the fullness of yourself. When Gaia volunteered for the Mother, as my sister, Gaia is a primarily feminine archangel. And what does that mean? It means that her alignment, her first love is for the Divine Mother. That is all it means, but in that, the diversity was created for this planet which was a place for angels and others to come to play, to know the joy of physicality. So there was gender created so you could have the experience and the joy of being male or female. But you could also choose to be a rock or a mountain or a tree…

SM: Or a whale…

Archangel Gabrielle: …or a whale, or a goldfish. So here was the diversity and there still is. This is what the humans do not understand. There was a diversity of choice and so yes, interdimensionally, you have a choice of gender in physicality, and in spirit when you are completely home with us – out of what you think of as human form, not out of form completely – but you adapt to various forms. You still have a preference about how you align. So it is that simple. Yes, the gender differentiation and the variety of choices will still exist.

SM: It’s been said, I believe Drunvalo is the one who put this across, that the merkaba vehicle is set before incarnation as in the orientation of the top pyramid, and it determines sexual orientation, among other things. Can you speak to that?

Archangel Gabrielle: What you think of as your merkaba is basically your Seal of Solomon … it is the seal that was placed. It is a – think of it as a holographic patterning and seal that was placed upon you to keep you safe. It was not a seal of predetermination. That would require that you would come again and again in one gender, in one form, and even if you were in the predetermination of feminine, that if you embodied as male you would be gay, or you would be neutral. You would not have the full joy of the experience that you are choosing. So the predetermination factor in this discussion, can we say, is incomplete. This Seal of Solomon was placed upon you to keep you contained and safe as you descended into a realm that you weren’t familiar with.

SM: And it’s also called the ascension vehicle.

Archangel Gabrielle: Yes it is.

SM: We can use it to move out as well?

Archangel Gabrielle: You can use it to move interdimensionally. You can use it to move out as well. It is a sacred symbology. You can think of it as your personal spaceship. Think of it as your personal bubble. But yes, it is a vehicle to move around the universe. There is a saying that now you are free to move about…well, now this is it, your merkaba.

SM: If we can talk about form, the focus on this ascension is that we are bringing our physicality with us. It doesn’t require physical death, although that can be part of it if we so choose. What I’m wondering is, I know there’s so much letting go of the “how” of all these things that are happening. My flesh and blood body, how different is it actually going to be? I mean, the changes are already taking place, although my back doesn’t hurt the way it used to and interesting things are happening. Is there ever going to be a time that it becomes clear to us that, “Wow, my body is crystalline and I have a form, and how neat is that.” It’s hard to see how it can be in this flesh and blood body that has aches and pains.

Archangel Gabrielle: Part of this difficulty that you are describing is because there is still what you might think of as a mental, emotional blockage to accepting the truth of who you can really be. So many of what you have called the ascension symptoms – you have been focused on the symptoms, and let us talk if I may for a moment – is that right now, in addition to the plethora of ascension symptoms that you have been experiencing, there is a great deal of mental fogginess which many of you have been experiencing. That is in an attempt to get you out of your marriage, your union with the idea, the limited idea of who you are, who you can be…of as you have put it sweet angel, what your flesh and blood body can be.

So you are integrating, integrating, integrating, integrating more and more energies into your physical bodies. Now the other thing that is occurring is that you are flat out exhausted. And that is because with this flesh and blood body, many of you have decided…decided…chosen…made the distinction that your body isn’t perfect. And this is a construct. And you say, ‘Well, no Gabby, this is not a construct, this is a pain in my back; this is a fierce headache; this is me doing one healing and feeling like I have to sleep for four hours.’ Yes, you are holding more energy and your physical form is adapting to that. But the other thing that is taking place would be that you are integrating more energies and while you are integrating every single aspect and fiber of who you are, your physical form is changing as well. As you begin to decide that in fact your physical form, as is, is perfect, is delicious, is supreme, is divine, is beautiful, is the perfect shape and form and color and size…as you make that discernment, what happens is your body begins to shift into its, what we would call ‘original form.’ Your original form is the form that you had envisioned and we had all agreed upon, when you were deciding to incarnate. So it is that blueprint. When many people have visions or visitations of their loved ones who have passed back to join with us, they will often appear in a range of about 20 to 35. And that is because, in that period, most often, you are in your true imprint that you decided that you wanted for this round. Because you have had many many many forms. So you say, “Well, wait a minute, at 27 I was very overweight.” That was not the imprint. The imprint is when you close your eyes. Go back and look at your merkaba and look at the form that is inside that. Look at that perfect body. That is who you are. That was your plan within the Mother’s plan and they are identical. So that is the form that you were assuming, but first what you are going to have to do…and I know, we archangels do not use these words, but I do, ‘You have to let go of your judgment of your current body.’

SM: That’s a toughie.

Archangel Gabrielle: Yes, it is. But that is why I have begun this day by giving you the scales. So you can take the scales and you can look at it and you can say, ‘Oh look, it is tilted. It is way heavy to the right.’ And you bring it back into balance…back into that perfect balance, whether it is mental patterns, emotional patterns, weight patterns, or health patterns until you are in that place of balance…not how we determine it, but how you determine it. This war, and yes Michael has spoken of this war within and the war without, but the war that so many have with their body, with various aspects of their form, of sexuality, of gender…it is a war within and it has need to be brought to a place of peace.

SM: If I might add that my practice lately – I understand that there’s so much energy and help around now that what used to take ten years in therapy could now be just intention and attitude about, ‘I am willing to release all that no longer serves.’ And that includes experiences, memories, trauma, pain, systems that were put into place for survival at some point but are no longer necessary. Would that be accurate that we can give it up, give it away?

Archangel Gabrielle: Child, that would be incredibly accurate. Now let us, as we are talking about the fulfillment right now of the Mother’s plan – now the Mother’s plan has many variables, many elements, et cetera, and we could go on literally for millions of years talking about the Mother’s plan. But really, what is the Mother’s plan? The Mother’s plan is the reflection of her intention. And so when you align with the Mother’s intention, which is to be in alignment with that which is of love, it is therefore to be in alignment with the highest part of your being. So your statement that you are letting go of what does not serve is ultimate perfection.

SM: Beautiful, because I have been understanding that my patterns in this life are a reflection of things that have happened in past lives. Emotional wounding seems to play out in event after event, and it seems that it was actually designed to bring up the original event for healing and awareness. So it’s not necessary to track the original event and know exactly what happens. Just be willing to let it go.

Archangel Gabrielle: That is absolutely correct because what has taken previously 10 or 20 or 30 years in therapy, which is expensive in the truest meaning of the word, can be accomplished within 10 minutes to an hour. So think of it in that way, that you do not need – yes, in addition to the rebirth of love which the Mother has just spoken of, what is occurring right now is what we would call the wounded self, the wounded warrior. That is all coming to the forefront, not necessarily for picking away at understanding the details of the atrocities that were committed upon your soul, upon your body, upon your being, but rather for absolute release and relinquishing so that that wound can be healed. And you say ‘Well how do I go about that Gabrielle?’ And I say, how you go about it dear heart is, take my gold…now it is the Florentine gold, it is the elixir, it is many forms of golden bubbles of joy…but take it and see it as the liquid gold, and you simply cauterize your wounds, and when you do that it is filled with love and joy. Your heart is injured? Fill it with my gold and cauterize it, seal it so that you don’t leak out, so that you are restored, that you are renewed and that you can go forward in joy.

SM: Yes. Beautiful. This is brilliant. I really appreciate it. It’s wonderful. So, do you have anything else that you would like to add to this fabulous conversation?

Archangel Gabrielle: I would like each and every person, not merely you who join me this morning, but all of you upon this glorious planet of my beloved sister Gaia – I would like you to embrace the totality of who you are. If you are gay, if you are straight, if you are neutral, if you are bi-sexual, embrace it. Enjoy who you are. And enjoy the joy that intimacy with your sacred self, with us, and with others – with human beings, with intergalactics that populate your planet. Do you really think that there is any discernment on our side or throughout the galaxies about whether you are straight or gay, male or female? We have reached a place of equality a while ago dear heart. So embrace the truth of who you are. Celebrate it. And in so doing, it acts like that penny that I have started with this morning. It will have a ripple effect. It is when you hide away in fault and shame, in blame or guilt, that you suffer. And you are suffering in ways that no longer apply. You are suffering for an old paradigm that does not exist and never, never hurt you or restored you in any way. It is your ideation that is hurting you. Yes, the actions of others and their ideations as well, but it’s not of truth.

So begin with me this day embracing who you are, embracing the love that you are because that is all that counts. You are love, plain and simple. That is all you ever have been and all you ever will be. And it is in that embrace, that embodiment, that engendering, that you reach back home. Come with me and be free.

Go with my love and go in peace sweet angel.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – Cochise on Achieving Peace, aired December 16, 2014 @ Golden Age of Gaia

buddha new side face brilliant redTranscript: Heavenly Blessings – Cochise on Achieving Peace, aired December 16, 2014

Heavenly Blessings leap into sunsetSuzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’ll be starting a series of shows featuring Native American Indian Chiefs, starting with Sitting Bull and perhaps Cochise. They wish to speak to us of union, community, Nova Earth, and more; and I’m looking to hearing what indigenous wisdom they’ll be sharing.

It feels to me as though we’re at the end of the world’s longest transition, or at least the end of a major phase of our evolution in consciousness. I’m just focusing on going with the flow at this point, and being okay with whatever shows up personally and collectively. Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi. Technical difficulties…Hey, you know what? There’s a lot going on technologically ~ says she who had a technological disaster for the broadcast that I had last Saturday. Fortunately we got it all sorted out and at least had the audio portion available…so I can relate to technical difficulties.

But today I wanted to share with our listeners a little bit about the background of my work with the Chiefs. For me to be starting on this series is so exciting because it’s like having these old friends come back. So, the brief history: this was back in 2006 when the theme of the Annual Gathering was ‘Honoring Mother Earth-Gaia.’

All of a sudden these Native American Chiefs started showing up: Chief Joseph, Geronimo, Black Elk, Seattle, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Pontiac, Tecumseh, Cochise; the room was full. And then, and they would apparate, like Isaac could see them. We were lying in bed and the entire bed was surrounded by the Chiefs, and they just kept coming and coming and coming.

So, our living room was full, our dining room was full, and then one day he says, “You know, where are the women?” Then all the women started coming. I mean it was part of the most delightful journey, and it continued for about 3 years.

Yeah, it was wild and it was delightful. They call themselves the Council of Elders and the Council of Peace, and what they were teaching us was really about anchoring many of the Native American tools within us, within our hearts, and within our everyday practices, to go forward. It was a real foundational piece for going forward, becoming the New You, and working with Nova Earth, et cetera. This was very much the beginning.

So, I guess about the last couple of weeks I started feeling my old friends again. I’m really jazzed, you know? In the meanwhile we’re doing a series, as you know, with Sanat Kumara and Universal Mother Mary’s Tsunami of Love, and Ascension. It’s like, “Wow!” These guys are showing up again and then they started talking.

Sitting Bull and I have a very close relationship, and he started talking about it being time for them to begin their communication with us again. The conversation fit perfectly with understanding Nova Earth and building community, and the different ways in which family and kinship take place, et cetera.

And so I suggested to him, you know how you do to spirit, “well that would be really lovely and it would probably be the perfect thing to start our new year series with, right?” Well no, he says, “No, we want to start talking right away.”

So, that’s it. That’s the very quick back story. Sitting Bull often is very silent, and so as I’m sitting here in meditation preparing for today, Cochise has stepped forward and he has said that he’s going to be the one that is the first to speak. So, who are we to try and organize the Chiefs, right?

SM: Ah, we are merely servants of the Light…

LD: Yes, we are…(Laughter)…are you ready?

SM: Wonderful. I am, I’m in…

LD: I think it’s part of a new beginning and I think it’s part of the old and bringing things to the closure of the circle as well.

SM: Yes, I’m feeling ready. I know many of us are feeling very ready. I just keep getting that everything is about to change. As I was saying before the show, we’ve been talking about that imminent change for what seems like forever.

I have a situation in my home that’s revealing a number of metaphors for me…there’s leaking pipes in the slab under my house and a more complete fix would be to re-route the pipes above ground. The insurance company will only pay for a repair involving a jackhammer and restoration, but it feels like the short-term fix is perfectly okay because we’re on the verge of a major shift in life as we know it…so long-term fix, not required.

LD: Yeah, I agree. And we did do this wonderful webinar on the weekend…12-13-14…on “Two years later, what’s next?” And one of the things that came through, as I shared with you Suzi prior to going on air, it was either Sanat Kumara or the Divine Mother who basically said the time of inertia is over.

We’re moving now into this time of action and we are all being asked to step forward, each in our own particular way. The one thing that stuck with me after the broadcast was that Gaia said she wants us to stop thinking of  ourselves as American, Canadian, Dutch or Indian. She wants us to think of ourselves as Gaians.

SM: Yeah, exactly…I would have said Earthling, but you know…

LD: I know! This is her term, and she wants us to call ourselves Gaians. I love it! And I’m sure that’s going to be part of the theme from the Native Americans as well. So, with that are we ready for a meditation?

SM: Yes we are!

LD: So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of the clearest, purest air you can ever imagine. It’s that morning air just before sunrise, and it’s crisp and it’s clear and there’s a slight dampness in the air. And remember, right now, the Universal Mother has infused our air, every molecule of air, with the pink/gold of Grace. So, sink into your chair, the floor, your bed, your car seat, wherever you are, and just breathe this beautiful clean, clear air.

Now, breathe the rich red clay of Sedona, the beautiful red mud of the Mississippi, and the deep black earth of the Dakotas, deeper into your heart. And how about the fragrant night jasmine of the south, or the orange blossoms? Breathe it in and go deeper into your heart and into your tri-flame, and let’s breathe in the pine forests and the pristine lakes of the north.

And feel that variety, that diversity of nature all around you, and take another breath of that crisp morning air. And feel yourself anchored into the mother planet, into Terra Gaia; feel yourself connected deep into Mother Earth and anchored by her heart and by the Council fire. Feel that connection to this mighty Archangel who has chosen this format of being a planet to hold and to guide us through our Ascension; not at some distant time, but right now. And trust and go deeper.

Cochise: I am Cochise.

SM: Welcome.

C: And welcome to you, to all of you who gather in this sacred circle and in this medicine wheel, for that is where we call you back, that we may have this sacred ceremony and this sacred conversation. I am a warrior of the rising sun and in your understanding, I am a warrior of peace. And we return again because it is a time for all the peoples of this Mother to come together. Yes, there have been many prophecies of the different tribes and it is so because we all knew and had greater understanding of the Mother above’s plan, of the Great Spirit’s plan. Why have you lost your way? There are a million reasons and not one of them is true. Oh, they all feel true to you, that you do not lie or deceive either us or yourself, your family or your friends.

But when one loses their way it is primarily because there has not been enough attention paid to where you truly wish to go. Or on a more subtle level, you wish to exert your independence from the tribe or from the family and to go exploring on your own to see what is out there without always having it be directed. It matters not. It does not matter whether you have wandered into a place of misunderstanding or even of violence, delusion, or purity. If you have settled somewhere where you have found great peace, that is wonderful.

We do not come, and yes there are many of us, but we do not come to judge or in any way to make comment on the journey that you have chosen for this life. And so many of you in past times have been part of our various tribes, so you are known to us and your patterns of behavior. Some old habits die hard.

But the reason that we come as Council of Elders and Council of Peace is because we wish to show you, to share with you, to take your hand or your travois, or your pony in the throat and to show you the way to peace. And yes, I do not simply mean the peace in your heart, which of course is a necessary component, but to show you the way of peace amongst the people; the yellow and the red, the black and the brown, the pale whites. For what is that except an experiment of genes or the face of a different tribe?

When many of us have lived, we lived in peace in our community, in our tribe, in our families, in our circles. Now that does not mean that there were not wars and skirmishes at various times between rival tribes. There were. So I do not come as some voice proclaiming that the Native Americans have only known peace.

In fact as you know, like many of your black people in the United States and elsewhere, there is a history of war and oppression and a deep absence of what you can think of as peace. This is how we know what we speak of now, it is what you have learned and it is what we have learned: You do not ever arrive at a place of peace through an exercise of oppression. It is not possible.

And I know because I fought vigorously against such oppression for my freedom. And the reason I speak of this is these battles continue to rage upon this sweet Gaia. Even to this day the battle has not ceased, it has grown. And so I come as a speaker of peace because it is important for all to realize the folly, the mistake of such belief systems.

And that is what they are. They are erroneous, mistaken, misled, misguided belief systems. And we say this, not simply from our place in history, we say this as spirit, as leaders, who have learned and who wish to show the way.

Now, many have said that these battles, these wars, this taking of our land, was about that, was about greed and control and a avarice for land and for resources. It is the same in your time into which I speak. There is a belief and there is a practice of control and greed and yes, bloodlust.

So whether it is gold in the mountains or black gold in the waters or in the Earth, it does not change. But what was the true nature of these battles? It was the the complete intolerance for another culture, for another path, for another way of civilization.

Our people are ancient, and we have walked this land, not in ownership but in cooperation, knowing that Gaia would feed us and clothe us and shelter us and give us the gifts of the seasons, and the air, the bear and the elk, the deer and the fish. Why would that be so offensive to any being?

Why would the desire to be in harmony with the Mother and with the elements, to live in peace by our campfires, why would that be so disdained? It is the same today; it is this belief that somehow one has the monopoly on truth and that there is an arrogance, a superiority, that believes that one way is superior to another.

This is true in your political systems which do not work, in your religious systems which do not work, in your cultural systems which do not work, I can go on and on but I believe I have made my point.

So, I do not come to point out what is wrong. I come to share our knowing that these disputes, what you actually call a ‘small war’ or a ‘big war’, that it can never result in peace. All it results in is the children being hungry and being slain, the young girls being raped, the babies growing up without their mothers, the young men dying on the field, and the crops turning to dust and the animals disappearing. It is an abomination upon the land.

You do not understand that where there is bloodshed, a single drop of blood that is shed upon Gaia, not in a sacred manner to feed yourselves, to quench your thirst, or to do sacred ceremony, when there is violence and bloodshed it is an abomination.

Is Gaia capable of cleansing this? Of course she is. But she ascends. She does not choose to leave all the people behind, but you must make your decision. That is why we are coming back…to say, “Let us live as one people, let us live in community and harmony and love, and let us share the resources because there is an abundance.” Whether you are hiding in the mountains or dreaming in the desert or sailing on the big oceans, there is abundance.

It is only your greed that you think that you want to have more than you need. It is a time when the sacred values that you have learned from Gaia, that you have learned from your star brothers and sisters, that you have learned from the animal kingdom, that you have need to let go of this belief that you have need to warehouse or storehouse or act out of greed.

When you share there is always more because what you are sharing is good will. So if the time of a failed crop or a harsh winter comes, your neighbor will share with you. No, it is not that you are in for harsh winters or failed crops. Gaia herself is regenerating at a very rapid rate.

And so we come as her emissaries. We come on her behalf, to teach tolerance. We despised those who tried to take our freedom and who killed us when we refused to succumb to be restricted on our lands, the lands that belong to all. We hated and we despised and we disparaged your ways, yes, even in the knowing of the prophecies that one time, one day, that all people would come together.

And what did that hatred do for us? What did it benefit us? It did nothing for us. All we sought was peace, to be left alone. Now these have been hard lessons and as the most vigorous warrior, perhaps the hardest lesson for me to learn. But that hatred in the long run ate away my entire stomach, so virulent was it.

So why do I come? Do I come to say again that we hate you? No! I come to say that hatred and distrust and this believing in a superiority of any system, it does not serve. The path to peace is the path that the Wa’ka’na’taka has taught us. It is the path of tolerance and allowance and it is the path of nurturing each other and the families and the protecting of what is dear to you and the children and allowing the community to flourish, not through restriction but through freedom and liberation and equality.

Yes, those of you in the United States of America…is that not a big name…but you have written down these words of freedom. For us, it was an oral tradition and a given. But you wished to ensure that all the generations to come would know, and so you wrote and committed your hearts and your beings to this concept, to this practice of freedom and equality; and even a right to happiness, which is far more than we proclaimed. We believed that you made your own happiness, and particularly if you were lucky enough to have a good wife and a good fire.

But you do not practice or you do not remember why you forced us off our lands, why you shunned us so that you could have this liberty and freedom, and you continue to torture and maim. My friends, we know there are many kinds of torture and we have seen all of them. Yes, it does not matter if you do not think that as a Council of Elders we do not have communication with the Elders of other civilizations; you would be incorrect.

And so I speak to you on behalf of all of the indigenous people: Find the peace in your heart, the tolerance, the love, because that is the only thing, it is the only element, the only quality that is ever going to bring you joy. We have learned and we have much richness to share with you, not simply the terror of war, of loss, but the richness of the people.

So, we invite you, we ask you once again, “Can we reach this place of peace together?” This is why I step forward this day; it is a simple request made on behalf of all, in service to all.

My apologies, dear Suzanne, for taking so much of your time. Do you have questions for me?

SM: Well, thank you for joining us, and my question is that I would venture a guess that our listeners are all peaceful folk, actively working toward internal peace and doing the energy work to raise frequency for all of us, what else can we do to further step into unity, community, and world peace?

C: Yes, it is why I have chosen this venue to speak, because those of you who listen to these programs are, in fact, the peaceful warriors. So, I do not address them as the torturers or those who are intolerant. What I use this for is the platform to speak to all the people of Earth, and to invite them to join you and I as this tribe of peacemakers.

You have begun doing the work of internal peace, but there is still, within the collective mind and heart, there is still an element of that ‘there are those who are on the right path’ and that ‘there are those who are on the wrong path’, and that is why I have begun by saying. “Let us acknowledge that sometimes you simply wish to go on a journey and look around and explore your independence.”

Now, it is not that those who take the journey and veer off killing, whether it is one person or a million, are to be ignored or simply thought of as experimenting; it is not correct behavior. But when there is a harsh judgment rather than a turning around and bringing that being back into the circle to be healed and corrected, whether it is an entire nation or simply one person, it matters not.

So, what we are asking each of you, how you can do this is to etherically turn around and begin gathering those to your heart into this wonderful medicine wheel that we bring you this day.

So, it may be in the north or the south, the east or the west, it matters not; turn out, gather, bring in. And nurture those beings who have lost their way. Bring them to the center and let them warm themselves in the warmth of the fire of Gaia, of the One. Let them feel that they are not excluded and that there is room for them, not so that they can continue on their path of chaos and mayhem but because they are worthy of finding a better way that hatred is never going to get them.

It is like reeducating a small child who has been bad or been bruised; has it been a difficult challenge? Yes. Because what they have learned is that love means being hurt…and that is not the truth.

SM: Okay, thank you for that. I’m just feeling that, as you said, many of us have been indigenous all over the planet. My feeling is that those lifetimes for me were some of the happiest that I’ve had; and to be honest, I have never had community in my life and I’m really looking forward to it, and to creating it. At this point my community is kind of global, and it would be really nice to be in-person. I mean, we’re all connected by the internet, which is a wonderful thing, but to stand around a fire together would be such a wonderful thing. Can you see that happening?

C: This is what we restore and you are correct. Yes I know you have had many discussions about intimacy and love… But what about sitting around the fire, in person with your friends, with your beloved, with your family? There is much talk and much work that is being done for the Cities of Light, and these will be magnificent gathering places. But to you, Suzi, and to you, Linda, I invite you to the wild places where you still hear the whisper of the pine or the howl of the coyote, and where you can sit around the fire and bask in the warmth of the love, in person, or your community.

Yes, you are global, you are only here as one Earth, as one community. You are truly understanding that more and more; and that is what we wish to join you as, not as this tribe or that tribe; but around that Council fire let there be the yellow and brown and black and every shade of red and white. But let it be small or let it be hundreds, but let it be close and intimate, and let your star brothers and sisters join you at that fire.

SM: All are welcome…

C: And we will drink the teas, and we will share the meat or the grain, or your wonderful invention of marshmallows. This is the way that community was meant to be. I do not say that in reference to our experience of hundreds of years, I say this: “When Great Spirit speaks to us, unless it is for a vision quest, we do not live in isolation, we live in small groups that love and support and nurture and work together.”

Yes, your creation powers have imploded and multiplied magnificently so there will be much more play and less work, and that is a gift directly from Gaia.

SM: Ah…well thank you for that, I’m really looking forward to the playing part.

C: We have many games that have been forgotten and many of our games involved playing with the animals or creating with the elements, or working with the flowers or the medicines. We loved to play. In fact, early we shared many of these games with the white people. They never quite understood, even then, our love of taking ease, of not always working.

There has been an obsession, and this has been part of the intolerance, of ‘work, work, work’. It is completely out of balance. Gaia herself teaches by the seasons that there is time for planting and sowing and time for resting and time to lay in the sun; this has been forgotten.

And when you come together in community, because it is harder when, yes, you are connected by internet or various communication systems, but that is not the same as sitting on the hammock with a friend, and that is what is missing. Too many people are isolated and they need a warm smile and a gentle touch. That is the way of community.

SM: Yes, and you know, many would say that in order to be with many people that I love, I need money to travel. Part of the issue is that many people are in survival mode at this point, and we’re all really looking forward to that major shift…that everybody is living in abundance.

C: But think of it in our way, this is part of the intolerance that I asked you to turn around and embrace, as well, because it is not that there is any such thing as scarcity, it is that a few have decided to hoard and the hoarding is destructive. Everything has need to be done for the collective, for the good of the tribe, whether the tribe is 10 billion or 5; it is for the good of the tribe. So, yes, of course, I am not suggesting you get on your horse and head out west. You have need of the resources for your time and place. And that hoarding which has become a very bad habit has need to stop.

So, the redistribution, think of it the way we would express it…everybody will have a blanket and a bowl.

SM: Beautiful, hopefully soon.

C: Oh, it will be very soon, it is much sooner than you think. Do you think that we are returning merely to have a sweet conversation? Yes, the conversation is delightful but I have told you, I am a warrior of the rising sun.

SM:  Nice! Well, we have a few minutes left, have you got anything to say in closing?

C: Yes. Now I have pleaded with you to practice tolerance, and to turn around and embrace your brothers and sisters who have gone astray. Now, I do not mean that you need to go out and collect your neighbors; what I mean is in the sacred circle and in the center of the medicine wheel, whether you position yourself on one of the portals or in the center, turn around and spiritually, etherically, call to their spirits and invite them to come and rejoin the circle.

But I also have something, as we are talking of play and community…why do you not, well let me phrase it because I tend to be harsh sometimes and I do not mean to be…play with your animals and play with your spirit totems?

I invite you to choose your favorite Chief, and I hope that some of you will choose me. Choose your Chief and invite them to come and to join you in the circle, to play with the panther or the bear or the lizard or the snake, the hawk or the owl, ask them to come and join you and to help make peace with all the peoples of sweet Gaia. That is what I ask of you. Play, my friends, and remember your totems; they are all around you.

Yes, I know you have guardians. So do we. Even in this form we still have our guardians, you know. So call upon Gaia, call upon the elements, call upon your totems, and play. Let us help you. That is why we step forward. We are here not to chastise, not to rewrite history, not to drag up old wounds. We are here to create peace with you.

SM: Thank you! Thank you, Cochise, for joining us, and thank you to the Council of Elders. We look forward to the next conversation.

C: Oh, so do we. Ho!

SM: Thank you.

C: Go in peace dear friends and come and sit with me by the fire. I will be waiting.

SM: Beautiful. Thank you.

C: Farewell.

buddha new side face brilliant red

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings, St. Germaine on Intimacy, aired November 18, 2014 ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art Misty Frederick

ART : Misty Frederick

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings, St. Germaine on Intimacy, aired November 18, 2014

Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging Into The Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’ll be continuing this most fascinating of discussions with another member of the Council of Love, our Beloved St. Germaine! Having had many lives in human form on Earth, St. Germaine can offer direct experience and perspective on the power and potential inherent in our physical bodies, not to mention the joy.

Many of us have been living under the misconception that our bodies and anything that makes us feel good are somehow shameful and wrong. We’re growing to understand that if we intend to raise our frequency high enough to anchor in higher dimensions we need to clear any and all false grids and beliefs about who we are.

I am so looking forward to hearing what St. Germaine has to say on this topic and I can’t think of a more appropriate guide for this phase of our journey.

And may I, from the whole InLight Radio Team, wish you, Linda, a happy 40th birthday and a delightful good morning!

LD: (Laughing) Yeah, good morning and thank you, thank you, thank you! You know I think of birthdays as sort of a day where I get to express gratitude. I’m like, ‘I am so happy to be alive’ and you know, this in many ways is the most challenging..the best of times, the worst of times.

I’m so glad that the people who surround me, my InLight family, my Golden Age of Gaia family, my Council of Love soul family, my soul circle, my biological family, my beloved husband, and all our listeners, I just feel such gratitude that you’re with me, that we’re doing this together. So, from my heart to yours, thank you!

SM: Beautiful. Well, we have a nice sunny, cold day up here in New Jersey. It froze overnight… winter’s here.

LD: Well, I want to tell you it’s cold and rainy in good ‘ole sunny Florida as well. But, as you all know, or maybe you don’t know, we have been doing, we did on Saturday afternoon, a meditation for healing of the drought in California and the healing and elimination of lack and limitation, of those old belief systems because Archangel Gabrielle and St. Germaine has told us that these are just false grids and that the people of California and the people of Earth have taken the opportunity to heal drought because that’s a lack of water, that’s a lack of Gaia’s lifeblood. So the whole intent of this meditation that was spearheaded by our soul sister Kathleen Willis, is to bring an end to the drought.

So, I’ve been watching very closely the weather forecasts in California. This morning, that was one of the first things Isaac and I did, and it was raining in San Diego!

SM: Oh wow!

LD: Yes, and it’s forecast to rain most of the week. Los Angeles has a forecast for rain starting tomorrow and going for the whole week. It’s been raining and snowing in LakeTahoe and San Francisco, so I think our efforts and our coming together is really having a huge impact.

So, I would strongly ask and urge all our listeners to keep doing the meditation with Archangel Uriel. It is posted both on the Council of Love site and on the Golden Age of Gaia site and on YouTube, so keep doing the meditation for rain.

We want to bring rain not only to California, but to India, to Asia, to the Middle East, to Australia because drought has been a world wide issue. So, it’s encouraging and it’s us stepping forward as Nova Beings, as the New You. So, let’s go for it!

SM: Yeah, let’s go for it. With the power of prayer and group energy we can do anything, really.

LD: We can do anything and I think that’s what the Council is showing us. We’ve been drumming home week after week that in using the Universal Laws and our own creative power, we can affect change!

Now, I want to say one thing. I had a listener write in and say, “Why aren’t you doing a meditation for world peace?” So, I wanted to remind our listeners that every Sunday night at nine o’clock wherever you are, if you just tune in, we do a meditation for world peace. If you want more information on that it’s also on the Council of Love website. It’s not that we’re looking at drought and ignoring other really substantial issues, we’re not.

SM: Right. Okay, well for myself, I have a cold for one thing, and I may have to excuse myself to sneeze or whatever. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with my life lately, but last night I got that how much we get done isn’t really what matters. It’s about how we feel about what we’re doing that’s important right now and we really need to focus on that. If we’re doing something that makes us feel miserable then by all means quit doing it and go onto something else.

LD: You know, Archangel Gabrielle has said to us many times, and so has Universal Mother Mary, if it doesn’t feel like love, if it doesn’t feel like joy, then stop doing it. It’s just that simple. Change, redirect, re-invent.

SM: Let go of the fear.

LD: Let go of the fear and find something that does bring you joy because, let’s face it, life really is too short. You know, this life, this incarnation is just like a tiny blip on the radar screen! Sometimes we talk about how long things are taking and how elongated events are, but in fact, in terms of the universe, our life, our span of life is just a little blip.

So, it’s way too short to do anything other than what brings us joy! Now I know that sometimes we’re not getting our joy, like right in the minute. You know, if I’m cleaning the toilet that may or may not be a joyful task, but having a clean bathroom really does give me great pleasure… (Laughing)

SM: Absolutely true.

LD: I have this feeling that if your bathroom isn’t clean then your house isn’t clean. Of course you know that’s neurotic isn’t it? (laughing)! But it gives us joy, so it’s not just joy in the bigger sense. it’s joy in the little things as well.

SM: Exactly. That’s what I’m saying ‘it’s not how much we get done’ because certainly, I walk around my house or get on the computer and there’s a million things that I could be doing. I need to break it up into little bits so that I can handle things one at a time. If I’m looking at the big picture it’s too much and I don’t want to do any of it.

LD: (Laughing) It’s overwhelming and we don’t want to forget that we’ve been told that we’re in this period and it hasn’t ended yet, of inertia and that was a redefinition even of the word inertia. So many of us are feeling that sense of overwhelm and I don’t really feel like tackling anything. So, step back, be the observer, take the appropriate action as you absolutely need to. But know that you’re in this phase of gathering your strength for the next big push, and I firmly believe that that next big push is all of us, together, going through the Ascension Portal.

SM: Yeah and not only is it okay to do something nice for yourself, it’s kind of vital actually.

LD: It’s required and I think St. Germaine is going to talk about that.

SM: Awesome.

LD: Alright, enough of this chit chat girls. (Laughing))

So, sink in to your chair, to the floor, to your bed, to your office chair, wherever you are. Just thank yourself for being alive and thank yourself for being that important person in so many other people’s lives and not just because you cook or clean or earn money or serve people day in and day out.

Take a minute and just feel how many people, seen and unseen, above and below, love you and value you and do know and see you for who you really are ~ not just as the saint or the sinner or the provider, but for who you really are.

Now relax your shoulders, relax your legs, I see a lot of tense legs out there, your jaw and feel as if you are floating like mist on a silver lake, down into your heart, down into your core and let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of that beautiful fiery violet ray, that ray of brilliant purple tinged with shades of magenta and red and blue. And feel that violet flame coming down from your crown like a laser light, like a beam of light directly into your heart and feel it igniting the violet flame within your heart, overlighting your sweet tri-flame. And breathe violet, woodland violets, chrysanthemums, a good red wine…and breathe.

Feel that laser beam continue down from your heart, through your solar plexus and halion, your umbilical, your tummy, right down into your root, shooting out and down into the heart of Gaia, up into the heart of Gaia and feel it shoot from the heart of Gaia right up to the heart of One, creating a perfect circle of what you are an integral and infinite part.

So, feel that beam, that beautiful bright beam of violet light, iridescent, coming down again from the heart of One, through your crown, through your head, your throat, into your heart, down through your lower chakras, down through Gaia, up through Gaia, back to One and feel that circle and let it flow. And be that light, be that love.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

SM: Welcome.

St.G: And, welcome to all of you! Welcome to all of you my beloved friends, and yes, I am quite aware that red wine is not quite of the violet ray, but because I enjoy it so much I wish to include it, that all of you could taste the sweetness of the bounty that Gaia has to offer, whether it is grape juice or the richest claret. It is about awakening your senses. It is about tasting the richness and the fruits and the bounty of Gaia. It is about allowing yourself to enjoy being human.

Now this comes from me and I have walked the Earth many, many, many times, and yes, there is a part of me that says I will never return to Gaia until all the pettiness, the cruelty, the venom is healed. I got so sick and tired of hearing people say, “Well that’s part of life!” It is such an incorrect notion, belief system, paradigm. It is the destroyer of joy. It is the limitless ability to be in joy that is the birthright of being human.

Do you really think that the Mother and Gaia herself, who volunteered to become a planet and then said, “Well, what this planet is going to be like is it is going to be a place of such duality that humans will learn misery?” Well, I for one would never have come!

Now have I experienced lack and limitation, misery and happiness, delusion, illusion, disappointment? Yes. And did I get past it, did I learn as man? We are not talking, and I do not come simply as Ascended Master of the I AM Presence this day, I come as your brother, as a fellow traveler and as a being who has been a man and who has learned the truth; that the journey of being in form, in these magnificent forms called bodies, is intended and can be a phenomenal walk of liberation, of freedom and of joy.

Now, does it take a little work sometimes? Let me emphasize, sometimes. But, that is the point of claiming all of your joy, all of your freedom. And let me be very clear, when I talk about freedom I am not talking about taking liberties…although I wish you’d take a few more…but I am not talking about inappropriate behavior and not being considerate and kind to others. Quite the contrary! Nothing gives greater joy than sharing love. It is the entire purpose of being in form. You can talk all you want and expand your understanding of the function of your mental body, your emotional body, your seal of Solomon, your causal body, your astral body, but if you aren’t claiming and being in the fullness of your physical body, my friends you are missing the point.

I know, because I, like you, spent many, many decades, and in some situations, hundreds of years trying to prove myself to myself and to others, that I was saintly. St. Germaine is a name, not a blessing. I thought if I could purify and purify and purify and negate my physical whims and wishes, desires, that somehow I would earn the purity and that sense of detachment. Until I broke through and I came to understand, yes with a great deal of help from my friends, I came to the depth of knowing in my heart, in my solar plexus, in my stomach, to the soles of my feet, that it was not about denying the body, it was about embracing the body and allowing my physical form, and your physical form, to be the reflection , the embodiment of all the grace, the wonder, the healing, the blessings, the expansiveness of the Mother’s Love and the entire universe. That the universe was within me and without, outside, and that both were equally valuable and to be employed, demonstrated, enjoyed, enjoyed, enjoyed in physical form.

Now, often in speaking to you, my blessed family, yes, the channel speaks of her gratitude for this family, but so do I and so do I on behalf of many. You are our partners, you are our circle, you are our family. You are our allies, you are our cohorts and you are my friends.

So many times I have begun and I have said, “Come and sit and drink wine and break bread with me” as we have done so many times before. When we sat in the Temple of the Violet Flame in Atlantis and you became the healer priest, and priest was a secular term, and we broke bread and you rose like the phoenix out of the ashes of the old into the new, reborn, physical body, what do you think we did? Did I say to you, “Now, what you must do is stay in the temple and pray morning, noon and night; do not touch yourself (dog barking in background) or anything else…(This dog is vigorous!)…do not touch your body, do not touch the goblet of wine, do not touch the bread, do not touch anything, for it would be impure, and the last thing I would want you to do is enjoy a good meal with me”?

Of course not! I invited you to sit and share and to savor, not merely the foods, or the Mead, but the kinship, the friendship, each other and then to return, to go out into the world, whether it was on the islands of Atlantis, or the migrations to Egypt and then to the Middle East. I asked you to go and to spread the word, not merely of healing, but of living.

The purpose of any form of healing is that you may then re-engage in the joy of life. How does this begin? There has been a great deal of discussion about sacred union, about sacred partnership, but how do you even begin that if you do not have a love and a passion for your physical self, for the physical form, the personality, the ego, and yes, I know all about ego, if you’re not passionately involved in a love affair with your self? How, how do you ever engage, not only in sacred work, but in the human work, person to person to person, lover to lover, friend to friend, daughter to mother, mother to son, father to grandfather, how do you ever engage in a truly meaningful way if you are not first and foremost engaged with yourself? If you are not being honest and truthful and having explored the territory of your own being, how do you begin? Well you can’t! Or you can’t fully, not in the measure of love and joy that I am talking of this day.

So, let me be frank! Do you know your body? Yes, Yeshua has talked about knowing the truth of your heart and your soul, but I add to this this day, and I say, know the truth of your body! I am not merely talking about intimacy and orgasm and sexual encounter, although that is critical; if you do not know what pleases you physically, how can you share and even be interested in knowing what pleases your beloved, physically?

The human body is the form, the gift that you, your guides, and some of us, have talked about and negotiated. But you had the final say about what this body looks, feels, tastes, smells and how it performs. So then why would you come and then proceed to think that your body is something disdainful, something to be ignored or whipped into shape or subdued so that you could go forward? That is right back to those who, out of a sense of entitlement, try to control you and that, my sweet angels, is not permissible. Your body is the angelic form, in form.

If you do not think that on this side, that we do not live in an almost continuous state of ecstasy, then you have misunderstood what it means to be ascended, what it means to be angelic. We do not go into the morass of pain and suffering. Do we witness it and are there times when even the beloved Mother is sad? Yes, but that is not the state of being. It is an observation about the mess that has been created by these false illusions.

So, can we start today, in this new day, talking about loving your body, your fingernails, your hands, your chin, your nose, your eyes, your belly button, your sexual parts, your toes, your knees? Can we talk about how grateful you are to be able to walk, because there are many on the planet, for reasons of teaching compassion, who can’t walk! Do you open your eyes and say, “I am so lucky to be able to see”? No, what I hear from you is, “How come my third and fourth eye isn’t open? How come I cannot see you?”

Well, let me tell you my friends, one of the reasons is that we want you first to see and to embrace the beauty of you, of who you are, of those around you, the beauty of Gaia, to taste the air and the sweetness of the water. In doing that, you open your third and fourth eye, you open your neural pathways to hearing by listening for the sound of the bees, the birds, the footsteps of the rabbits and the deer, even the human footsteps in the thick of New York City or Bombay.

Use your senses, explore your body. This is something else, too often you do not touch, and again I do not merely mean sexual touching, but you do not touch yourself. You do not touch your arm and feel the texture of your skin. You do not touch your belly, the place where you hold so much birthing energy. It does not matter whether you are male of female, you’ve been all, you’ve been both. There is not one being upon the planet that has not been homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, or heterosexual. Those are simply choices and each is glorious because each presents a different opportunity to explore unity and sacred partnership. But, you don’t touch yourself enough!

I see you touch your belly and you say, “Oh good, it’s flat, oh good it’s hard, oh good I don’t have jelly belly”. Or you say the critical, “Oh no, I have a muffin top, oh no, there’s a layer of fat.” You don’t simply put your hands on your belly and say “Thank you, thank you for accepting the food that I feed you, thank you for letting me know, not only when I am spiritually hungry, but when I am physically hungry so that I can engage in union with Gaia”, for it is Gaia who feeds you, it is Gaia who quenches your thirst. So I am eager to talk about intimacy in every form. So yes, I am inviting myself back Suzanne, but let us begin with your sacred self. Now, having said that, dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Ah, you are always so welcome to come back any time you want. It’s wonderful to have your perspective on this topic of enjoying our physical reality and thank you for joining us.

There’s been so much discussion around the return of the Divine Feminine, that it feels of equal importance to understand the expanding role of the masculine in our unfolding consciousness. I have a lot of compassion for men these days because the messages of ‘how to be a good man’ vary wildly. We value sensitivity and open communication, but being too sensitive can be seen as weakness, and there’s also a danger of sharing too much and having the meaning of what you’re sharing be misconstrued. Gender is, in itself, a dualistic fact of our lives. As we expand in the unity consciousness, how will the roles of gender shift?

St.G: There is no such thing as being too sensitive, there is no such thing as being too tender or too kind. Now when I have lived in Europe, I have been outrageous! And I chose in a social setting often to be outrageous in order to break through what peoples conceptions were of these very roles of male and female.

Yes, it is the return of the Divine Feminine, but it is the return of the Divine Feminine to every person and being on the planet, including every man, who too often, because of the old… and we see this in every culture… because of the old acculturation, that the male has been slotted into certain roles. Now that has broken down enormously so that the protector, hunter, warrior, stoic male is becoming more balanced.

But let us also say, that in that return of the Divine Feminine, inside of that or alongside of it, but really within, but you can conceive of it how you want, is the true nature of the Divine Masculine. Too often the male face of the divine has been seen as thundering, punishing, stoic, warrior like. And I know, I have done it! But why would there be a need for such delineation? You have called it duality and yes, there are two genders…well there really aren’t, but that is the concept so you are seeing it. Now the feminine, from my perspective is the lucky one because you get to carry the child. You get to bring the energy right into you and carry it and nurture it. So let’s face it, you get a head start.

But, it doesn’t happen without the male. And now we aren’t talking about a sperm donor, we are talking about truly this sacred coming together, which is actually very much a group process, to come together to create life. So, it has never been one or the other. But because of many of the old roles that men were forced or socialized into, and certainly by many mainstream religions, is that they were absent from that real joy of creation.

Now you are seeing a shift and a dramatic shift, more than ever before upon planet of men allowing their sensitive nature and the importance, not just in terms of lineage or bragging rights, but the care and nurturing they are giving their children, the fullness of that partnership called family. Men are having a hard time.

Often, when I would attend a function, in your terms think of it as a large dinner party, and I would manifest various beautiful stones for the fun of it…given the crowd, it was what they wanted ~ diamonds, sapphires, rubies. Nevertheless, I would manifest them for the sheer pleasure of it and to show how manifestation takes place. Now I have to admit that also made me a great hit with the ladies!

But often when I would manifest such a stone, I would cry. In the middle of an auspicious gathering, one minute I would be laughing and joking and being outrageous and the next minute I would cry. And so many would look at me and say, “Have you had too much wine? What is the problem, has your mistress left you yet again, huh?”

I would say, “No, I am crying because of the beauty of this stone.” This is what I did with the stones really, and I would hold it and they would look at it, at the depth of the blue in the sapphire, or the purity or the fire of the diamond, and people would see and they would be brought to tears because they had forgotten the meaning of beauty. And then I would give it away and I would say, “But now, look at the beauty of this one” and it was not always a woman, often it was a fellow man. And from the beauty of the gem we would look at the person, and there was always great excitement to see who would be chosen, because it allowed them to truly be seen, not for their position or their wealth or their wit, but for who they really were and who they really are because so many of you that I am speaking to this day have been with me in Atlantis or France or the New World. So, it was to use the examples of physicality and it was also to use the example that it was all right for a man to give a man a beautiful gift and to be sensitive about it.

There is no such thing as caring too much. Now, because of the false grids and paradigms that have existed in your old 3rd, did that mean opening up your heart as an incredible risk taker to be hurt? Yes, but what is the alternative? There is none. Why would you wish to close yourself off? Can you imagine the loneliness? So, you take my advice and you spend the time to discover the beauty, the richness, the territory of your body, of your likes and dislikes, of your lust and I do not mean that in a sinful way, I mean what fires your passion. So you take the trouble to find all of this out and then you are not free to engage? Well that would be absurd!

So take the chance, it is worth it!

SM: Well, thank you for that. If I may ask maybe one more question. Could you please speak to the sexual energy as an avenue of alchemical transformation? Do you know what I mean by that?

St.G: Well I think I do! (Laughing).

SM: (Laughing) I think you do. Okay!

St.G: My dearest Suzanne I do believe you are talking about sex? Can you imagine such an outrageous topic for a spiritual undertaking program? I am happy to talk about it!

SM: Awesome! I know we’re a little crazy here!

St.G: Yes, finally there is nothing crazy about sexual sacred union. And I know because I have not been celibate. And I might say that one of the things, one of the elements or aspects that often kept me going and kept me on Earth was, in fact, the ability to engage in sexual sacred intimacy with others. And yes, I have had a selection of partners, as have all of you. Even if you believe that you have only been with one person in this lifetime, you have had a parade my friends, of partners over the many, many lifetimes.

So, forget this purity, monogamy, faithfulness issue. Faithfulness is a matter of the heart, but that is another discussion.

When you join with another in the true bliss of sacred union and when you come to a place of mutuality and orgasm, that is very important, let me repeat this, it is mutuality, it is not simply one partner being satisfied, it is both.

Yes we know that sometimes there are mechanical difficulties, or that people have orgasm at a different moment, but the union in that alchemical moment is you returning, absolutely leaving your body and being fully in your body. It is the best example of bi-location that anyone can ever think of.

You are completely present and you are not present at all. You are the spark of light, the sheerest of energies, and you are so fully physical at the same moment. And in that alchemical moment, you are connecting, you are becoming the sheer energy and re-connecting, not merely with your divinity, but with THE Divinity. When I say that I have the honor to claim that I am master, not only of the Violet Flame, but of the I AM Presence, do you get there by deep meditation, by ritual, by prayer? Yes you can. But you also get there in that physical moment of orgasm, of truly letting go. Because, what you are doing is declaring your freedom. You are saying, “I am fully a physical being and I am nothing other than this spark and point of light!”

And it is in that moment…if you are co-creating, for example, with one you cherish, because I am not an advocate of casual sex because it is not rewarding. So to me, intimacy is a very intimate act. Now can it be achieved with a stranger? Yes, but that doesn’t matter, it is still an intimate act. But in that moment if you and your beloved are saying, “What we are creating”, you have created the intent: “We are creating a child, we are creating abundance, we are creating rain in California, we are creating an opening for people to see and hear and feel.” You would be amazed, and I use this all the time; in fact I never had sexual intercourse with a partner, male or female, that we did not discuss beforehand, the nature of what we were bringing forth.

SM: Wow.

St.G: So when you talk about it, it becomes woven into the physical intimacy and the sheer energy when you are completely out of your body. So you are anchoring it into the physical realm and you are creating it in the etheric realm as well.

It is a powerful, powerful tool that, because of this growth of control and lack, that you were taught to forget. Now the miracle of creating children was never forgotten. But the rest of it was placed not even on the stove…not even on the fire! So bring it back because this is a way in which you create directly with your I Am Presence, with their I Am Presence and with The I Am Presence.

So to say, “I am not having sex but I am a spiritual person so it doesn’t matter.” Well my friends, it does. And the moment of ecstasy starts with experiencing it yourself. Do not deny your physicality, all of it.

SM: Thank you! I’m weeping tears of joy right now and I am so happy about this. It is exactly, exactly what I was hoping for, thank you, thank you! So you’ll come back again?

St.G: I would love to come back again, because we have just scratched the surface.

SM: Perfect. Wonderful.

St.G: About the love of self, the claiming of your birthright of joy for your sacred self. But now I want to talk about, in the coming weeks, about the joy of joining with others. But in the meanwhile, if I can leave you with a thought… Take time to nourish, to touch, to taste, to smell, to listen to your body, to your beloved physical, magnificent, rich body. You are made out of the essence of One. You are the essence of intergalactics. You are the essence of angels. You are the essence of Gaia. How could you possibly not love yourself?

SM: (Sigh) Ah, wonderful. Thank you so much.

St.G: Go with my love, go with my beautiful amethyst gem, look at the beauty and then look at yourself my beloveds. Farewell.

SM: Farewell, thank you!


art Misty Frederick

The Magdalena discusses Sacred Partnership and Sacred Union ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 27.10


The Magdalena discusses Sacred Partnership and Sacred Union

I come this day to continue our conversations on the very nature and essence of Sacred Union, of Sacred Partnership, with yourself, with your beloved other, with the Divine, with your family. These are inseparable…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today marks for me the fruitful beginning of a conversation that I feel is vital to the evolution of human consciousness. Mary Magdalene will be joining us to bring a greater understanding of Sacred Partnership and the role of the physical human body in connection with our divine nature. This is far from a new topic but we’ve reached a place in the expansion of our awareness that will hopefully allow for a discussion of the sacred nature of human sexuality to become a normal and relaxed one. For too long physical pleasure and intimacy has been made into a source of guilt and shame, while in truth our bodies are innately gifted with the ability to be directly connected to Source through ecstasy.

I’m delighted to be embarking on this journey here and now and if I had any doubts about taking the discussion to our show the Divine Mother put that to rest at the conference in Tahoe earlier this month. So, thank you Linda for all your work around that gathering, it was truly wonderful to meet so many listeners and to share our hearts and experience with one another. And it’s great to be back on the air. Good morning.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody and yes, it was incredible to meet so many listeners and followers of both the Council of Love and the Golden Age of Gaia and really just to be with our soul family because, yeah we did work and it was really important but it’s just the fact that we get to be together as well, that was really phenomenal. And I’d Love to make a little announcement if I could…Everybody who came to the Gathering was told, and I’m here to reassure you, that you would be getting the link so that you could watch the Gathering and do the meditations and continue with the work because that’s really important, it’s not just about 3 days and now I’m like done…so that you could watch the video and continue on.

Now, there’s been a delay in terms of the video company, Pashley, getting it to us, there was a mix-up in the mail but we’ve been reassured that we will have that video by Wednesday afternoon. So we plan to have it up and available to all the conference attendees by the weekend and then it will also be available if someone who didn’t buy the live-stream, who didn’t register for the live-stream, wants to watch it and receive all those blessings because it’s already encoded in the video, they will be able to purchase it as well. So, don’t think that we forgot, it’s just been a little screwy in terms of the delay.

SM: It has been and I would like to invite conference attendees to write me, contact us. I was so caught up in being in the moment that I really didn’t exchange contact information or anything like that with very many people; so, write to me.

LD: Who was it that used to say “keep those cards and letters coming in”? (Laughter) So, that’s what we’re inviting you to do is write to us and tell us, too, what your burning issues are, what your core issues are and what you’d like to see us talking about and listening to because this isn’t just me sitting in a room and meditating and receiving messages from Mother Mary or Sanat Kumara about what they want to talk about and it’s not just Suzi and I coming up with a theme d’jour, it’s building community. So, we really want to hear from you.

SM: Yes, beautiful. Alright, are we going to jump in here with a meditation?

LD: You know, it sounds like a plan.

SM: Alrighty. Fabulous.

LD: Away we go…so, welcome back everybody, welcome back Linda and Suzi.

Let’s begin by taking a nice deep breathe of that deep rose color, not a red rose but a deep pink, almost fuchsia, and breathe it in through your nose and breathe it out through your mouth as you sink into the chair, the floor, your bed, your car seat, wherever you are and let go. Let go the day, of your to-do list, of what lies ahead, what lies behind, and just be. Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, relax your hands…put them on your lap…and feel yourself sinking in to wherever you’re sitting so that you feel like you weigh 2000 pounds, that you couldn’t move if you wanted to. And breathe that pink, that deep, rich pink; the sweetheart rose, the color of sunrise, the flush of a baby’s cheek.

And with each breath feel yourself going deeper and dropping into your heart. Now feel your heart, that beautiful place of emerald green, this morning turning into that pink rose, and feel it unfurl and blossom. Open it wide. Breathe in that fragrance that is the blend of Mother Mary, the Magdalena and Gaia, and your beloved pink, your pink flame. Open it wide, wider, and feel that stem of the rose. Go down into your heart, your solar plexus, your Halion bridge, down into your umbilical, your pubic, and your root and feel each of these areas opening and blossoming and awake. And continue and feel that stem of your rose go down into the heart of Gaia, or as the case may be, up into the heart of Gaia, and feel that deep anchoring, not only to the Divine, not only to the Archangel Gaia, but to that earthy Mother, to that sense of being in your incredible body. Take a moment and love your body, love this physical form that you have chosen, that you have designed in concert with your guides, with the Mother, with the Council of Love, with the Company of Heaven. Love yourself, not just your soul but your physical form.

Now, come back up to your heart and feel that blossom expand even further and allow that Love to be spread out, to be beamed out to every living person, every flower, every animal, every being upon the planet, no exceptions, because Love never judges. So beam and as you beam open and receive.

The continual and the final message of Universal Mother Mary while we were together in Lake Tahoe was to prepare to receive. So, open your heart and receive.

Greetings, I am the Magdalena, I am Mary, but I like and I choose to be called the Magdalena as well, for it is how I am known throughout, above and below. And I welcome you, my beloveds, this day and I embrace you, I enfold you, I reach out to you, I receive you and yes, I come this day to continue our conversations on the very nature and essence of Sacred Union, of Sacred Partnership, with yourself, with your beloved other, with the Divine, with your family. These are inseparable, it is not merely a continuum; these are the pieces of a whole. You do not have one aspect of sacred union, of partnership, without having it all. Oh, have you thought and limited yourself in this manner? Yes.

Now, let us begin. Why do I deliberately choose to use this word? As you know, the Council has been redefining words and the understanding of many words in your languages, plural, because there has been grave misunderstanding. I use this word ‘sacred’ because so often there is an actual or subtle belief in your psyche, in your emotional body, in your mental body and certainly in your physical body, that ‘sacred’ somehow means ‘holy’ and that ‘holy’ somehow means ‘chaste’ and that ‘chaste’ somehow means not to engage in the physical realm.

My beloved family, why, why on Earth or Arcturus or Electra or Cee Cee Cee or Venus, why would anyone assume a physical form, particularly for the purposes of Ascension in this time, in this place, and then wish to divorce themselves from the physical reality of being in a body? The physical vessel is a sacred creation; it is a co-creation with you, with the Mother, with your guides, with many. But the purpose is to know joy and to know Love, in all its forms, in form. There has been too much, and I speak of this from a very personal perspective, too much denial of, what we would say, organized religion, perhaps with the purest of intent…we do not judge, we simply discuss…but there as been too much denial of the physical reality. There has been this, misconstrued is the nicest way to put it, misconstrued belief that the purpose of the body is to overcome the temptations of the body. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Many throughout history…well brief history – 2000 years…have tried to portray me as a whore, as a wanton woman who was saved through the chastity of my beloved husband, Yeshua. Why was this so? Well, one of the reasons, and there were many, but one of the reasons is in my training as an adept, as what you may think of as a priestess…that is not a term I would use…I was taught and I came to Gaia with the full knowledge and understanding of the joy of being in form, of the blessings of being in form.

The Universal Mother has spoken to you about her grand passion for her beloved husband, Joseph. I will tell you the very first time I saw my beloved Yeshua, yes, my heart began to race and I felt that sense of desire, of passion for this man. I did not merely love Yeshi because he was the son of God, because he was a savior, because he was a king, because he was chosen. In fact, in many ways that was part of the challenge of our relationship. Yes, we had and have a very deep soul contract but we also had a very sacred soul union. But I did not long for this man, for this human being, because of his position or the fact that the path that he walked and that I would walk and had already been walking. It was not merely about our sacred work as you would term it.

Our relationship, our sacred marriage was about the fullness of being on Earth, of loving one another in every sense of the word, of loving and honoring our sacred selves, of having a family, of sharing the joy and the sorrow, the laughter and the tears, the physical and the spiritual, the tangible and intangible, the ordinary and the sublime. It was not limited, otherwise it would not have been a sacred partnership.

One of the areas that was in many ways overlooked with the marriage between Yeshua and myself was the patterning, the laying down, the example of what sacred union would look like, what it would feel like. It was not meant, and it did not, exclude sexuality or our physical form. How could it? That would be like saying ‘yes, they lived upon the planet but they did not eat, they did not drink, they did not break bread or drink wine together.’ That was part of the joy, not only amongst us but with our friends, with our family; it would have made no sense at all. Part of being in form is knowing your divine connection and knowing your divine connection is not merely or restricted to spiritual practice, it is also in the physical reality, it is in the emotional body, it is in the mental body, and yes dear hearts, it is in the physical form.

To ignore your body and what that means in terms of physical intimacy in relationship; that is critical. You cannot separate, you can try, and therefore you are absenting yourself from one of the greatest joys. So yes, we come to talk more and more, not exclusively but more and more, to bring your attention to your physical form because this Ascension is about being in physical form. And if you are not fully inhabiting your body, if you are constantly trying to get out and deny your body, then what is happening is you are only half-way present and you cannot be fully inter-dimensional, multi-dimensional, doing your physical work, your spiritual work, your family work if you are not present.

Let us start there. Yes Suzi, you may begin my dearest friend.

SM: Aha, you know, I have so many questions I’m just wondering how gently we need to step into this dialogue because so many of us have deep conditioning around sex and intimacy but the conversations that I had with folks at the conference told me we were more than ready to launch into this. It’s time and if people have a discomfort we can look at that as a roadmap for healing our sexual wounding.

Earlier you asked why we would look at our bodies in such a way but it’s been a mission, it seems, of religions to make us feel that our sexual nature is a lower form of expression and it just seems to me that it would be a really great way to perpetuate the illusion of separation, because in my personal experience my connection to the Divine is…I mean…our physical bodies are a perfect conduit for that and through, you know, through orgasm and ecstasy is the perfect way we can connect. So, what I would really like to know is if you have any suggestions as to how people can undo their conditioning because there’s so much shame and guilt around it?

MM: But understand and that is one of the reasons why we can have this conversation. Guilt, blame, shame, fault, all of these were constructs of your old 3rd dimension. Now, do you really wish to carry them into the renewed 3rd of physicality, into the 4th, the 5th, the 6th, the 7th? Of course not. Now, what this sense of orgasm, which is very brief when you think of a day, orgasm is usually about 27 seconds…it is not that long is it?…so, why such a fuss? Well, I will tell you why, and it is the same conversation that we have had for thousands of years…in that moment of orgasm, now let us begin with singular orgasm, so yes, we will use the word masturbation…if you are having to pleasure yourself and you have that moment of ecstasy, everything falls away and you feel that connection, not only to the divine, you become that spark of light once again so you remember. And what that does, dear heart, is it disempowers those who say, “I am your conduit to the Divine.”

So, of course they have to suggest that this, in fact, is not a legitimate way to connect. So, the way that that has been done is to say, “No, I speak directly to God and he tells me that such an act of bliss, of orgasm, is, in fact, dirty and a sin so you’d better stop doing that and go through me” Now this is the patriarchal system that was then also passed along to the feminine, to women, to say, “Now, don’t you think of doing this either.” So, of course, since they did not want women to be empowered, and that was their greatest difficulty with me, I knew the sense of connection, spiritually, mentally, physically, every way. And I also knew, as do you, that when you conjoin with your partner, with your sacred partner, because there is nothing casual about sex and intercourse, it is such a blending of energy.

Many of you spend time meditating, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for hours, sometimes for years, going into the cave to seek that merger with the divine, and yet when you engage in sexual intercourse what you are doing is you are merging with the energies of your partner and in that moment of bliss you are also merging with your twin flames and you are returning to that spark of light and merging with All. So, it is a reinforcement, it is a signal to you that, in fact, there is no separation and that being in your body and taking joy, not only in sex but in brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, feeding your body, loving your body, loving each other’s bodies, that there is a joy of connection to the divine, not a disconnection.

So, to answer your question about how does one rid themselves of this guilt and shame or a fear…you did not mention this but I will…in allowing oneself the ecstasy or bliss there is also that moment of surrender, there is that relinquishing of control and this is a point of great fear for many. So, how do you let go of it? Give it away; it is that simple. Give it to the Mother, give it to me, give it to Gaia, give it to your guides, look at it, look at it, do not simply say, “Okay, now I am giving it away” because that does not work. So, look at it, look at what the function of that guilt or that fear or that shame really plays in your life and the role that it plays is to deny you joy, connection, Love, bliss, so it is a form of self-punishment.

SM: Ummm, exactly. May I ask you all about your training? You said you came in to this life as an adept, so you were fully trained already?

MM: I was aware, the veil between my, shall we say, my oversoul and my being was fully open and yes, I was trained in many ways and in many traditions. I have said before and I do not think that many have fully heard me, is that when Yeshua and I came together it was a pact, a soul agreement, but I was already a full and open channel and I was already, what you would think of as the specialist in ritual. So, it was a perfect complementary to our union, not that it overrode the human aspect of being in relationship and family, but because I had had, from a very early age, about 4, had that open conversation directly with the Mother, that I had the insight, I was very clear in my path, some of my training was more to make me culturally appropriate for the times and for what lay ahead, but it was not training that brought me to this place of being in open communication with home.

Then the sacred rituals, which are so important, yes, many say now I do not need rituals, but certainly in that lifetime, the culture, and particularly Judaism, was very deep in ritual. So there was a strong belief system that things were done in a certain order; and this was true of many of the sects as well. So yes, I was trained in various schools, what you would think of as mystery schools, to know the rituals and also…and that would include the rituals of physical body as well.

SM: May I ask you if there are many in form now on the planet who might have trained in those schools with you that maybe carry the responsibility of bringing the divine feminine back and the nature of our divine sexuality?

MM: Yes there are. I was not a loner and yes there are many in the circle, can I say, of my sisters in particular. But, of course, many incarnate now as men and yes, most are upon the planet.

MM: Wow. Will there be a time when we become activated and ready to spread the word, I mean it feels a little awkward at this point but I really feel this is a vital message for people to get and understand.

MM: It is a beginning, dear heart. This is the beginning. Do you not think the Mother, in her announcement or discussion has not opened that door? And it is time. You see, there has been so much beautiful work, strict adherence to reaching that sense of reaching, of yearning, of trying to connect and to ascend and many to this day still think of Ascension as somewhat leaving your old body behind. The Mother has been very clear and I will be very clear, it is about bringing it all into your body. And you say, “Well, I do not know that I can carry all that.” Dear heart, you are constructed to carry all that and when you think of the term of orgasm, of that sense of bliss, yes you return to the spark of light but it is also a precursor, a sample if you would, of what it feels like to live and to be in physical divine union at all times.

SM: Right. Alright I have a question and this is somewhat personal, I’m just wondering if the rituals have changed? Because before I started reading about any of this I’ve been feeling it and practicing it with the sun in my back yard in my hammock. It’s been a wonderful time and there’s so much information it seems like a wonderful manifesting tool and you talk about the importance of ritual but I feel like I’ve been doing this without even knowing what the rituals are. So, has that changed? Are we in a more direct access kind of place at this point?

MM: One of the things that I taught, in addition to ritual, because I would prepare, for example, when we would have a gathering, whether it was in the middle of a field or in a sacred home setting, one of the things I would always teach is to develop your own sacred ritual. What is ritual other than doing something in a sacred manner, of suggesting and connecting with the universe, with all that is divine and holy and saying, “Now I join with you”? Do not think sweet angel that your hammock occupation is not a ritual because it is.

So, the key is not to follow what somebody else, whether it is me or the church or anybody tells you it is a sacred ritual, the way to do something. That is one pathway, but the point of ritual is for you to find what works for you. Now, let us be practical because we are talking this day about physical intimacy, we are beginning to speak about physical intimacy; now I am sure all of you have noted this…sometimes a ritual for one couple will be to hold hands and to look into each other’s eyes and perhaps it is, always the prelude is a sweet dinner together or a glass of wine; for another it is jumping on each other as soon as you walk through the door. For another it is a lengthy prelude of a weekend together building up to the crescendo of intimacy. It is a ritual, it is a mating ritual and is different for each person. So, why would sacred ritual not be different for each individual? It is the same for families; for some it is a ritual…Sunday dinner…there is an entire ritual in the laying of the table, the family coming together, what foods you cook, how you eat. For others the ritual is Friday night spaghetti. For others it is we go as a family to the movies or we have a conversation every Saturday morning around the kitchen table. Each family has their rituals in how to come together. And these are sacred rituals and are born out of what works for you.

SM: Right. Perfect. Thank you for that. I have a kind of a difficult question here and it’s about sexually transmitted diseases. It feels like there’s a lot of fear, that people don’t want to engage with one another for the fear of sexually transmitted diseases, they’re all over the place and you can have it without even knowing it and pass it around and…are these things created specifically to keep us from this sacred knowledge?

MM: This is a difficult question as you have put it. Now, there are many aspects to this. Now, I begin by saying as you know when I suggest to you that sacred sexual intimacy is so much more than what people have thought of as sex, that it is a blending and a coming together of your entire field with another. It is a merger that does not really have any other point of comparison in physical form. And that doesn’t matter whether that is heterosexual, woman to woman, male to male, it is still a sacred union because it is a heart union. So, sex without the heart is meaningless and in fact it can be risky, not sexually transmitted risky, but risky in terms of you are involving your field with another without truly considering what that means.

So, am I suggesting that casual sex is something that is encouraged? No I am not because it is sacred. Now, better to have sacred sex by yourself. Now, let us talk about the issue of transmitted diseases; yes, of course, there are pathogens, etcetera, but what are these? Oh, if you were a scientist you will tell me all the suggested ways, but truly they are ideation, they are beliefs that have morphed into form and it is a, what you can think of as a two headed hydra. On the one hand it prevents you from engaging in sexual activity that is not beneficial to you, but on the other hand it is punishing you for what you want to do, which is absurd, and actually there is a third head to this hydra and that is to give you the fear factor, that in fact I truly want to engage but I don’t dare. So, you are held hostage by the fear.

Now, you are almost, and when I say you I mean the human collective, the vibration at which disease can flourish is actually quite low. So, if your vibration is low, and I do not say this, do not judge yourself, the vibration at which sexually transmitted diseases and many diseases can exist is an extremely low vibration. Now, because I say it is a low vibration it is also veracious. When you are at a very high vibration, appetites, for example, are not veracious. When you are at a lower vibration, and I am talking energetically now, when you are at a lower vibration the appetite is veracious and it sinks its claws into your physical body. And so what happens is it feeds upon your guilt, your fear, your shame, it holds you in the old 3rd dimension.

Now, is this some kind of plot on the part of those who wish to control? Not necessarily. Is there great money to be made by the various pharmaceutical companies? Yes. So, there is not a true human desire on the part of humanity to cure and eliminate these diseases whether it is AIDS or herpes, which by the way is probably the most virulent, veracious infection to cure. And so, it holds you in a lower place. The solution, until such time as you have learned as a collective, not to simply know what drugs to use but to simply not allow the existence…and you are almost there…of such disease…dis-ease…is to practice safe sex but to not allow things like guilt and shame to bar you from your joy. That would be like saying, “I do not like my body, it is slightly overweight, therefore, I will starve myself to death.” That makes no sense; the key to that is to eat more green, to connect more deeply with Gaia.

SM: Right, Ah, beautiful. I so appreciate you coming here to talk about this topic, it is really important and I was wondering if you have any closing comments?

MM: Dear heart, this is probably a surprise and I hope not a shock to many of you; I do not hold myself in a place of ascended master or saint. I speak to you as sister and for some of you as mother. I want you to know and to embrace the joy of being in form; it is such a magnificent gift.

You are the carriers of Nova Earth, of the future, not merely of this planet but far beyond. How would you ever do that if you are not in joy of being in your body and that means all of your bodies, the physicality included? So, I reach out to you as sister and I encourage you to not practice denial—practice fulfillment. Let go and truly embrace sacred intimacy because it is a gift. We have spoken of the issue of merging but what we have not really touched upon is the enormous gift that your partner gives you in that merging as well. It is not merely you giving, it is the infinite ebb and flow of give and receive, it is that perfect balance. It is you saying, “My heart is open enough, vulnerable enough, and strong enough to truly engage in becoming one.

And in that union is the creation, not merely of new life, of the continuation of the species, you are creating new life in each one of you and between you, you are creating beyond your imagination such an expansion of energy that it touches every heart upon the planet. That’s what Yeshua and I were doing.

SM: Beautiful. Would you be willing to come back to discuss in more detail…maybe things that we can do on the topic?

MM: I would be glad to for this is a conversation and it is my time to step forward and have it with thee.

SM: Ummm. You’re most welcome, most, most welcome.

MM: Go with my Love sweet angels. And if you wish help for this issue, turn to me. If you wish to know what your sacred ritual is, turn to me, I will help. Go with my Love.

SM: I Love you.

MM: And I Love you, I Love all of you. Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-21-14
© 2014 Council of Love

linda dillon 27.10

Sanat Kumara suggests concrete ways to use Universal Laws in our daily lives…Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 14.9. 2

When you are riding the wave of the Tsunami, you are healing the billions. And when you are being the observer, you are practicing the Law. And when you are practicing the Law, you are sending out and being the transmitter of all the Divine Qualities. You are doing a phenomenal job. You are influencing people, events, unfoldments, far beyond that which you can even potentially imagine, even beyond computer knowledge on your planet…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Sanat Kumara will be joining us today to offer an update on how we are doing in the unfoldment of the plan of Gaia. As Planetary Logos, he can offer a perspective beyond our human perceptions at this time, and I imagine in my optimistic heart that the Plan is flowing along beautifully. Since our Raj has also served as primary guide for understanding the Universal Laws, he will also be discussing how we are adapting to really working with them.

So overall, in the midst of another intense gateway and full moon, and while balancing ourselves in two worlds at once, somehow we are managing to get through and maintain our compassionate and loving selves. It feels like the whole point for any of this Earth experience, and I look forward to hearing how it all looks from a higher perspective. Good morning Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi! Boy, you’ve covered the waterfront right there, didn’t you! [Laughter] And yet, did you see that moon last night? Wasn’t it incredible!

SM: Oh my gosh, totally, for two nights now. Last night it was a little cloudy and just beautiful.

LD: Yeah. Because it was cloudy, at least where I live, it sort of made it very mystical looking.

SM: Yeah.

LD: Yeah. I love full-moon time.

SM: I know, me too. It’s been adding to the intensity of the energies for sure.

LD: Yes and the energies were quite intense enough to start with. And I think that’s part of what Sanat Kumara is going to speak to us about today, is to really get an overview – and he’s been chatting to me for… oh I don’t know, hours… actually he’s been chatting to me since we decided to do that. So in one way, I have Mother Mary on one hand and Sanat Kumara on the other, and surrounded by the Archangels. I guess you could say I’m in good company! [Laughter]

SM: For sure, always. Yeah. Wow.

LD: Yeah. It’s been intense. I wanted to, before we even get started, I wondered if I could share with our listeners that, as you all know, we are preparing for the Annual Council of Love Gathering in Lake Tahoe, which really has become more abundantly clear over this past weekend that this is Mother Mary’s workshop.

You know, every year we have a workshop and there’s always a primary guide, or guardian, or master, being that claims the oversight I guess of the workshop – like Saint Germaine did the healing and the Violet Flame, Sanat Kumara has done Creation and the Universal Laws. Well, this one belongs to the Divine Mother, and she wouldn’t leave me alone in terms of not doing a Livestream.

So I walked the plank and took a deep breath, and all of you have answered that you are interested. So now I’m taking another deep breath and saying, “Please sign up!” [Laughter] So it’s going to be a Livestream and for that you get all the workshop materials, all the channellings, all the mediations, all the interactions, everything that’s going to happen in Lake Tahoe. No, you won’t have the joy of being there and holding each other’s hands, although you could create a little mini gathering in your home.

SM: Oh yes!

LD: Oh yeah, I am really encouraging people to do that. Like you know, the cost of the Livestream is $100 which is about $5 an hour for face-time, plus all this other material you get. But then, if you invite like three or four of your friends that are on the same wavelength, you could have a ball! And you could do it in your pajamas! [Laughter] So…

SM: That’s true, for the lucky ones who have friends in the area that are on the same wavelength.

LD: Yes, yes. And if you’re in a place… because we are getting some registrations from really remote areas where you know there’s… not only are there not like-minded people around, there’s no-one around. But that also gives you a chance to feel like you are part of this community because the workshop is a gathering, that’s why we call it a gathering. It’s not just come, get the meditations, the activations… it’s a Family Gathering, it’s a Soul Family Gathering, so it’s another way that you can participate.

So if you go to the Council of Love website ( and click on ‘Lake Tahoe’, it’ll bring you to the Livestream. It’s also not too late to register and come in your full body [laughter] and experience the beauty of Tahoe. So that’s my blurb for the morning! Thank you.

SM: Alrightee. Well, I don’t have a plan to go, but I’m trusting that the resources will show up and I’ll be there because it’s just the best to be there in person with the energy. I mean, the Livestream is going to be wonderful, but right there in person with a whole bunch of people in the same room with the angels and everybody is just completely awesome.

LD: It’s phenomenal. There’s nothing like it.

SM: Alright. So, what do you think? Are we ready for a meditation?

LD: I am so ready for a meditation [laughter] because it is like the magnitude of what we are all doing right now is so significant that we need a meditation!

SM: We do!

LD: Some of you who are listening know about the 13th Octave and some of you don’t. You are thinking, “What the heck is the 13th Octave?” But I have been guided by Sanat Kumara that this morning we’re going to begin by all going to the 13th Octave. So what is the 13th Octave? It’s the Heart of God, it’s that state of being in connection, literally being anchored in your body, on Earth, and at the same time being fully and completely Home.

So how we do this, the mantra mudra is very simple. You put your hands together, fingertip to fingertip to fingertip, as if you are building a little bridge. Remember when you were a kid: ‘it’s here’s the church, here’s the steeple’? Well, it’s that. Your fingers are curved, each finger is touching, so five to five, and you click your tongue three times, and then a fourth time to be anchored upon Gaia and in your body. So I am going to very quickly walk you through this.

Begin and anchor in your heart. Relax. I can see you. Your jaw is tight, your shoulders are up round your ears. Relax your hips, your knees, your legs and feel yourself sink into your chair, the floor, the bed, wherever you are, and take a nice deep breath of gold. And it is the gold of Sanat Kumara, and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, and the gold of Yahweh. Feel the golden bubbles of joy and go into your heart, into the centre of your tri-flame with the blue diamond burning brightly on one side, and the yellow canary diamond burning brightly on the other, and your magnificent, divine pink diamond burning in the centre.

Now put your fingertips together, and just like you are making clippie-clop sounds when you were a kid, one click of the tongue – “click” – and feel your guides, your masters, come and guide you to your sacred temple where you are filled and honoured, cleansed and purified, and remember your gifts. “Click” – you are going down the stairs of the temple, guided by Yeshua, The Magdalena, being handed over to Archangel Gabrielle, and she is lifting you up, and you are going right up the center of the sacred, golden spiral.

Hear the angelic choruses, the Council of Love, singing your praises, your name. Fly free. “Click” – you are at the foot of the throne and Archangel Gabrielle is unfurling her wings and placing you directly into the heart of The Father. But there can be no division, no separation. So with that, He steps in to The Mother and you are unified, you are Love, Mother/Father/You are One. “Click” – and you are anchored at the same time in the beautiful, tender heart of Gaia. And you stay there.

When you feel frazzled, overwhelmed, need a boost, want to be reassured, feel connected, this is where you come. It’s where you belong, it’s Home.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

SK: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you my beloved friends, my beloved family of Gaia and far beyond. I welcome you this day as Planetary Logos, as your beloved Raj, as SK, you name it and I am there. But yes, I come to speak to you, not only my beloved, reliable, dependable lightworkers and love-holders, but I also come to speak to people of Earth and far beyond, for you know, your brothers and sisters of the Stars never miss one of these broadcasts. And they want the update as well.

There is a feeling on your part that everyone but you receives the latest news [laughter] and that is not always so. Perhaps they have received the outline but they also are eager, not so much to receive the information and detail, but the energy and the Love. And let me say this: That when your Star Family, who are very present with you at this time – yes, including those of Venus from whence I come.

It is not just me, or The Mother, or Yeshua, or St. Germaine that they are keying in to listen to. They are keying in, clicking in, dialing in to join with you, to be in this form of what you think of as unseen community. But that is very clear and very strong and certainly, seen above. And you will see and witness it below very shortly.

So how is the Plan for the Unfoldment of Gaia going in this time of magnificent, divine conjunction? You have this saying upon the planet, “Do you want the good news first or the bad news?” [Laughter] Yes, Suzanne, I am teasing you. There is only good news and good news.

SM: Oh good!

SK: It is this time of divine conjunction, and there have been references to it by many, not only we of the Council of Love who speak through this channel, but many who are pure channels and holy beings, sacred voices that we include in this family.

Now, you know that the divine conjunction is this intersection, conjunction, of The Mother’s Plan with the omni-verse, the universe, your solar system, your star brothers and sisters, the plan of Gaia, the plan of the kingdoms, and the plan of humanity themselves. Everything is in alignment.

Now you say “Well, is that not normal? Is this not something that occurs on a regular basis? Have we not, as yet, reached that point where it is in alignment?” Not to this degree. You have similar examples in terms of astrological alignments like the Grand Cross. Well, this is much more powerful than any astrological alignment, but it is to give you an idea.

Now, the entire purpose of existence, not merely for humanity but for all of us, is always to be in that divine alignment and conjunction, to always be in that straight line as it were, of being in the Love, in the heart, the mind, the will of One. But to tell you the truth, this agreement, soul agreement, and actual agreement, firm, physical, even in our realm which you would think of as physical alignment, does not occur that often. As you well know, there have been many glitches, many delays, and yes, we have heard all about it.

Now, as human beings, you have always the free will, you are in this realm of choice to veer, to turn away, turn left, turn right, away from this divine conjunction. We do not, would not – it would be contrary to Universal Law to hold you. But what we say to you, with great joy, is that you are not veering away. And you say, “But look at the chaos, SK, look at the brutality.”

And I want to talk about this, but let us also say, your heart conscious decision, the fact that you, our beloved pathfinders, wayshowers, pillars, gatekeepers, are not veering away. You are holding that energy of alignment, my sweet family, and you are doing so by the millions for the billions. This is not a minor achievement or task.

Now, many of you know this and you are experiencing it in different ways. Let me explain. The guidance from The Mother, and from many, has been to stand back, to hold the center, to be the observer, the observer of the desired outcome, to send the energy, but do not get involved in the quagmire. That guidance holds, and at the same time, to nurture and to cherish your beloved self as deeply, as joyously, as we love and nurture you. This is a whole new, deeper, broader, bigger expression of self-love, because if you are not loving yourself, how can you possibly love those billions, particularly when there are so many recalcitrant children acting out.

Now, as the channel has begun to say, as I have been talking to her, human beings… oh, you are quite good at multi-tasking but, dear hearts, you are learning a whole new level of multi-tasking. And I have heard your questions to Archangel Michael, “Michael, how can you be here taking care of me and making sure that three galaxies over is also at peace? How can you be in thousand places at once?” Well, he is, as am I, as are most of us. And now it is also your turn.

SM: Yes!

SK: So, you are used to actions, living, doing, observing, in sequence. You live in a sequential universe – or so you think. And so that is the reference of time; it is part of your sequential universe. But you also know – and I like to think I have been of some assistance, about learning how to jump time, stretch time, shrink time – it is the same with when you are multi-tasking.

So, for example, there is so much occurring – you are clearing for the collective… “No, I am not clearing for the collective, I am nurturing myself, I am learning to go deeper, I am learning to use Universal Law, I am learning the application of Universal Law. No, wait a minute, I am riding the waves of the Tsunami of Love, I am practicing clarity, I am the embodiment of grace.” It is a great deal! [Laughter] And then, there is the practicality of cooking food, washing your body and tending to the war in the Ukraine.

SM: Yes.

SK: It is not surprising that you feel this energy and the choice truly tends to be either in the bliss or the slight over-whelm. Now, we are talking about bringing this into balance today, but also realising it is not either/or. And so sometimes you feel that you are spinning, and you are spinning even faster than the spin of the planet because you are doing all of these things at once. It is not sequential. It is everything at once.

So when you are riding the wave, you are healing the billions. And when you are being the observer, you are practicing the Law. And when you are practicing the Law, you are sending out and being the transmitter of all the Divine Qualities. So do not take one fraction of your sequential time and worry or be concerned about what you are doing, whether you are doing enough, whether you are doing it correctly, or adequately, in proper measure, proper timing, because, dear hearts, as our sacred partners, as the anchors of Nova Earth for our beloved Gaia upon planet, for Ascension, for Shift, you are doing an amazing, phenomenal, excellent job. You need to hear this. You need to hear it, not merely in your ears but from my heart to your heart.

You are doing a phenomenal job, each of you, and you are influencing people, events, unfoldments, far beyond that which you can even potentially imagine. The number of variables, not only that we are putting into place, but that you are putting into place and influencing, is beyond computer knowledge on your planet. And some of your computers are exceptionally sophisticated, but they are not as sophisticated as your heart and spirit. You are wondrous.

Now, about this unfoldment, you have had in the past few days some surprises, big snowstorms in the north of North America, and people are shaking their heads and saying “What is going on?” I want you to use this vision of a massive snowstorm because yes, dear hearts, you are in the middle of the ‘perfect storm’. Gaia is not. But think of it this way: what we want, what The Mother wants, is for one of those very sophisticated, high-speed snowploughs to just run along your highways, run along the golden grid, and clear the energy. That is what we are working on – and I might say that we are doing a pretty good job as well!

Now, that is what we would like all the human beings to be doing. Now are they? No! No, they are not. Some are on the snowplough, some are on a skidoo, some have those old-fashioned snowploughs that they do their driveways at home, some have a tiny children’s shovel that children play with at the beach. It doesn’t matter. Even if they are merely using their hands to lift up the snow and lick it, or to make a snowball, it doesn’t matter because there are many ways to get through the snowstorm, what people perceive in moments as obstacles.

You can burrow through the snow, you can melt the snow, you can make a snow-fort and create a sacred space, you can make snowballs and play, you can make angels in the snow – the point is is to work with the snow, work with the obstacles but do not see it as something that has to be immediately conquered. It is simply something that has fallen in your path.

If it is 12 inches of snow, yes it is heavy. But think of it, an individual snowflake is as light as air and it is as unique and as beautiful as each of you in your soul design, and as beautiful as each of us in our unique soul design. So even the obstacles, what you think of as delays, “Oh no, we are snowed in.” Do not look at it this way. Look at it and say, “How do I choose to deal with this? Am I going to play with it, am I going to hunker down and start shovelling, am I going to purchase one of those snowploughs?” There is no right or wrong answer. It is merely accepting and then adjusting, not because there is a patent answer, but what you choose to do.

Now, in that choice, knowing that you are doing 22,000 other things simultaneously, look at the scales, these wonderful golden scales that I have given you – well, literally eons ago, but that I have reminded you of in terms of our conversations around Universal Law. When you are making your decisions, your choices, out of time and out of sequence, look at your scales and see what brings the scales into balance. And what is the balance? It is the feeling of peace and harmony in your heart.

I wish to make a very private aside. When Archangel Michael puts peace into your heart – and you know to whom I am speaking – then it is there for activation and the taking, so simply do so. Look at your scales. You do not need to simply restrict yourself to the gifts that I have brought forth, and it does not need to be divine gifts, but if there is a feeling of heaviness on one side of the scale – maybe it is because you are also, simultaneously, eliminating or working on your core issue, your key motivator – what do you put on the other side of the scale that you can remain as the observer, in the joy, nurturing yourself?

So, perhaps it is the Keys to Heaven, perhaps it is simply a good night’s sleep and a good meal. Perhaps it is having a heart-to-heart conversation with your mother or a friend or your beloved sacred partner. Perhaps it is just having a good cry. Perhaps it is wrapping yourself in The Mother’s cloak of blue and allowing yourself to be swaddled like a wee baby. Perhaps it is taking my pink gold and lighting up your environment.

Put whatever is required for you to have that sense of peace and harmony on the scales while you are doing all your other activities, because you have need to do them from this place of being the observer, moving into action – and we are going to talk about that, but be the observer, nurturing yourself, because you cannot do, shall we say, the most powerful action, if you are not coming from this place.

Now, before I go any further, dear heart, do you have questions of me?

SM: Well, it’s almost more like a statement because you’ve sort of addressed it. And I was going to ask if it would be accurate to say that there’s less of me, or what I would call my awareness that dwells here in this dimension, presumably somewhere in the 4th, resulting in a sort of memory loss? Like I’ve had conversations that I don’t even remember and it feels like I’m on autopilot to do most of the daily requirements for life as we know it. So I do look forward to having full awareness restored at some point. Can you offer any idea of what needs to take place before that happens?

SK: You are learning, and anchoring, what it is to be multi-dimensional. Now, when we have said you are doing and organising many variables, many events, many people, many things that you are not aware of…

SM: Right,

SK: … that also falls into the category of “I am doing things in what you would call ‘physical reality’ that I also am not aware of.” Now, dear heart, and I am not teasing you – well, I am actually! Who wants to remember cleaning the bathroom?

SM: Oh, not me!

SK: Exactly! Now, but in the every day – and that is why we mention having a good night’s sleep, having a good meal, the joy of preparation, of doing it either in silence by yourself and appreciating the colors, the textures of the food that you prepare, the scent, the smell – so everything has a joy attached to it, yes, even a clean lavatory. But, what you are going to find, because you are learning now, and it is very rapidly learning, to be out of that sequential universe, that construct within which you have been operating.

So what is happening is your awareness, conscious, unconscious, subconscious, and what we would call spiritual heart consciousness, is expanding. So it is as if the floodgates are truly opening and in that, because there is such a breadth, there are things that you will not recall because you have not brought the wholeness of your attention, either to that action or to that conversation, because there was a larger part of you elsewhere doing something that you deemed more important.

SM: Right.

SK: Now, is this a permanent state of affairs? No.

SM: Oh good.

SK: The memory will become sharper. But I must tell you, there are times when beings have said to me “Well, Sanat Kumara, do you not remember we had this conversation, it was about 1,000 years ago on CeeCeeCee?” [Laughter] And I must tell you, dear heart, I haven’t the foggiest. Now, as they remind me, it comes back. I do remember the imprint of the being that is speaking to me, their lustrous beauty, and to me that’s all that counts, unless it was actually anchoring a new planet, or anchoring a higher state of being. Sometimes, the details do escape you.

SM: Yes.

SK: Have you ever found yourself doing something and it is done by rote? You do not think, “Well, now I am going to make a cake. Oh, I am going to get the flour. Oh, I am going to use this much flour. Oh, I am going to add an egg.” because it becomes ‘rote’. So you do it perfectly without thinking about it. And more and more, that is what a lot of your actions are going to feel like.

But, and yes, there is a ‘but’, when you are taking action – so in a way I am contradicting myself… I will point it out before you do, sweet angel… when you are taking an action, is it in accordance with Universal Law? Now, there are things that you will do that are automatic because of who you are, your heart, your energy, your commitment, your love, are absolutely in accordance with Universal Law.

But I want to bring to your attention: You have done – and I mean all of you – have done a tremendous job in anchoring the understanding, the basics as it were – and there’s nothing basic about it – of Universal Law. And I hear you, but it is often after the fact. So, for example, you will say, “Oh yes, that’s ‘As Above, So Below’. Oh yes, that’s ‘Give and Receive’. Oh yes, that’s the ‘Law of Change’ at work.” So you have become very adept and astute at identifying and knowing the Law.

What I encourage thee to begin to more actively implement, because this is directly tied to doing so many things at once, in and out of time, and this is the rapid unfoldment of the Plan of Gaia which is going swimmingly, but it is consciously directing your actions – and when I say ‘actions’, I mean thoughts, words, conversations, everything you do – and reference it, or invoke one of the Laws, two of the Laws, three of the Laws.

So, you know – let us use some practical examples. You are about to have a conversation. It can be a difficult conversation with someone that you know is not behaving in accordance, not with your expectations but with their highest self, with their mission and path. Or you are having a conversation with your dearly beloved and you wanted to express the fullness of your heart, of how much you love and cherish and care about them. It does not take but a moment before you start that conversation.

For example, call upon the Universal Law of Intent, that you are flowing the alignment of that Law of Intent to be made manifest in the conversation, including your Soul Conversations with the people of Somalia, with ISIS, with the discordant energies in the Ukraine, Russia, the United States, everywhere.

So when you are cooking supper, you invoke, as you begin, you invoke the Law of Give and Receive so you are receiving all the blessings, all the codes. Everything in Creation is codes, dear heart. Yes and the core code is Love, but there are many combinations and permutations of those codes. So, into the food – you think of it as programming water; it is a variation on this – into you, first you receive all the blessings from Gaia, from the elementals, from the food itself, and the Love is flowing in. So if something has been sitting on the shelf for a day or two, it is reactivated to its full potential.

So then you are working and the joy of creating that meal is a million-fold greater. And then when you give the food, whether it is to yourself, to your family, to your dog, it is a gift, and the energy, because it is in alignment with this Law that you have invoked at the beginning, so then you are receiving, you are giving, and then you are receiving, then you are giving gratitude, then you are receiving back our gratitude – it is an infinity flow.

So what I am asking of each of you is to begin to more actively, as you take what you can consider even the most mundane actions, to be choosing in that moment of beginning, including the beginning of your day and the beginning of your sleep night, invoke the Law. “So I am going to sleep and tonight I am transmuting everything inside of me that is not of harmony and balance. I am letting it simply be transmuted as I sleep. I invoke this Law.”

Or I invoke the Law of Elimination, which is a tricky one as you know, and I am always with you. But, let us say, “This morning I wake up, I invoke the Law of Elimination that anything within my realm, and therefore upon the planet of entire Gaia, is eliminated. There is no struggle. There is no need, there is no want. There is simply ecstasy, bliss, harmony, balance.”

So it is the next step. You have done very well with the Laws. I am just an eager teacher and this is what is anchoring Nova Earth and the true anchoring of Gaia. She is already very firmly in the 7th. Yes, she hovers down because she is not going to shrug you off. But you, bright angels, are also… The old 3rd is gone, the new 3rd, the revived 3rd is actually quite bright and shiny.

The other thing I wish to mention – and I know I have spoken and spoken this day – is the Law of Within and Without, and this is critical in terms of anchoring Gaia and yourselves through the Ascension portals, on planet, through the Shift, through the Tsunami, through the million things you are doing. When you are working on the global issues – because you are global citizens… you are actually Universal Citizens; that Shift took place about three months ago… work in your ‘without’.

Now, many of you do not fully understand what I mean. Think of it – it is the Law of Within and Without, your within, those scales are perfectly balanced, then you reach outside your Seal of Solomon, outside your bubble of protection, and you work on the chaos outside of your sphere in the without. Employ the energies and the help of your Stranger as well, but do not bring that chaos within. Invoke the Within and Without Law and do it that way. That is vitally important.

Do you have questions for me?

SM: Well, one more question would be the human collective. I mean, Gaia is firmly anchored in the 7th. Is there a range where the human collective is in terms of dimensionality?

SK: Most of you are in the 5th; many of you who listen this day are in the 7th. You are in the Love, you are in the Christ Consciousness. You just haven’t fully awakened to it yet but you are there. Think of it this way. So often you look in the mirror, you go on a diet, you start eating sensibly, you are exercising, and you don’t notice any difference until one day, oh a month or two later, you look in the mirror and you say, “Oh, I look different, I look fabulous.” That is what is occurring. So look in the mirror, beloved ones, and see just how much you have changed because, sweet angels, you are fabulous. And claim, please, claim your 7th dimensional body.

SM: Yes. You know, I’ve been working on that and one thing that I want to comment on is that because of the potential for overwhelm, in my meditations now I’ve been very simple, and whenever I come across a discordant feeling or thought in my day, I’m just going to my default of being light, just being this diamond, amazing, shining light, and that’s my complete focus. I’m not engaged in any detail or anything specific about where that goes. It’s just been better for me to simplify because there’s so much going on.

SK: That is exactly right. And that is your method of the balance, of the harmony, of the joy.

SM: Alright.

SK: That is all we want. More joy.

SM: More joy. Fabulous.

SK: So go and play in that snowstorm.

SM: Well, I was thinking that I was just going to melt the snow with my dragon fire but whatever works!

SK: And with the torch of St. Germaine!

SM: Yes, that’s right. So, have you got any closing comments? And thank you so much for joining us and giving us all this information and encouragement.

SK: My beloved family, I am honoured to be Planetary Logos. But why? Of course, because I serve The Mother/The Father/The One, but it is also because I serve, I walk, I work, I play and I Love with you, with each of you. You are my joy, you are my gift, and I am so proud of you. Go with my Love.

SM: Thank you.

SK: Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-09-14
© 2014 Council of Love

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How can one possibly define Love? Our Universal Mother explains…Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter - Tutt'Art@ (25) art

 ART Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter - @ Tutt'Art

How can one possibly define Love? Our Universal Mother explains…

You think of Love in terms of an experience. But truly, it is the energy of All; it is the energy of creation before creation, it is the energy when there is no creation, it is the energy of silence, it is the energy of movement, it is the energy of Stillpoint…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca. Today we are most honored to welcome Universal Mother Mary to the show and the subject that she wishes to discuss is “The Meaning of Love and the Nurturing of the Self.”

So many of us are committed to being in service yet what we can sometimes quite easily loose sight of is how vital it is to practice self care. Linda got the nudge to open the phone lines for your questions today about how to go about nurturing ourselves during these challenging days.

I’m also wondering how the Tsunami of Love is going because it feels like we just got a major wave of light information and it makes it that much easier to connect with higher wisdom, our own higher wisdom, which includes things that we have already known but are just now remembering. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody out there. Yes, it is an intense time and I think that when Universal Mother Mary nudged that she wanted to come on today and talk about this it seems like it is absolutely the universal theme. I know on our conference calls, on the various radio shows, in the various channelings, this is the soup ‘d jour is that Love, Love, Love, to quote somebody I know, and the care and nurturing of our sacred selves, the reminder that if we aren’t taking care of ourselves then we’re not taking care.

SM: Well, yeah, that’s true…and there’s also the central well…we need to make sure the central well is full and that we feed out to others from the overflow buckets because if we feed out from the central well then the well goes dry and we really can’t help anybody.

LD: Boy, that’s a really good way to put it, that’s a really good way to put it. You know, when you’re on the airplane and it always sort of makes me pause for a moment and they say, “If you need air during the flight, please put on your own mask first and then attend to other people” because I think a lot of us, our instinct would be to look for the closest child or the person that seems to be in need, take care of them and then tend to ourselves. But if we don’t take care of ourselves…Mother Mary, Lord Maitreya, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Sanat Kumara, they have all told us that the Tsunami of Love is intensifying, that what we have been feeling thus far, which to me has been pretty darn intense, and I know some people have said, “I don’t feel a thing”…it’s like, wow, I don’t know about you but I am definitely riding the waves.

It has and it is intensifying again and so what that also means is that it is intensifying for us personally but also globally. And so that means that the energies are going to become stronger as, hopefully, the last bit of residue is washed away. But in that, more than ever, we need to be anchored really firmly in our bodies.

SM: Yes, I’m really looking forward to the clearing part being over because the Tsunami of Love seems to have triggered lots of peoples clearing and we know the clearing doesn’t really feel very good and doesn’t really feel very much like Love in our perceptions so once that’s over leaving us open to fill with Love and light then that will be something to look forward to.

LD: As I was sitting here meditating, obviously getting ready for the show, getting ready for my delightful time with all you guys, is that Mary was talking to me and you know, all of us, myself included, have these challenges that come up whether they’re financial or physical or emotional, they’re there and she was saying to me that so often in our reality, when something goes awry…i.e. clearing…that we tend to often revert and think ‘why am I being abandoned?’, ‘why am I being punished?’, ‘why me God?’ like, your aunt, doing my work, keeping my promise, and she was reminding me, in her very gentle way, that sometimes a challenge is the opportunity, and she wasn’t being Pollyanna about this, she was just saying, “Sometimes it’s just us nudging you to nurture yourself more, to take care of yourself more, to maybe pull back from what you’re doing and take care of yourself.”

SM: You know, yeah, what just occurred to me is that because of our conditioning and what’s missing from our lives, that some of us are forlornly waiting for someone else to come and take care of us, that’s what we really want. And I think that’s why we’re so easy to manipulate because we want to be told what to do and be cared for and that’s such an illusion…well, you know, anyway that’s just what I’m thinking…

LD: It’s true and we want someone, not just the unseen forces, but another human being, be it starseed or earth-keeper or somewhere in-between, we want them to look at us and see us and Love us and say, “You are incredible, you’re beautiful, you’re worthy, I Love you.” This is the thing, give a plug for our Annual Gathering about Union and Reunion, but this is why, this is the next step after the New You. The New You was an incredible foundation but out of that there were several threads and one of the biggest threads is this Union and Reunion. And where we are right now is that if we’re not in that deep sacred, sacred union, Love affair with ourselves, then we can’t, we can’t be in that sacred union, not with God/Source/Divine Mother/Father/One or with a sacred partner or with our family or with our friends. We, and I’m not trying to diminish the relationships with friends, but we can’t be in the fullness of that potential unless we’re in the fullness with ourselves. And if creation, if divinity is infinite and eternal then there is always room for that union with ourselves to be bigger, better, deeper, broader, more blissful…

SM: Yes, yes, and why would we now not do our best to step into that now instead of waiting?

LD: You know what? I think that that’s the key is that so often we say, “Well, after Ascension, after the Shift, after this, after that then I’ll be okay, then I’ll have what I want.” And really think what the whole Company of Heaven and the Council of Love is saying to us is, “Do it now.” For everybody who grew up up North, they used to have these ads on TV when I was a kid, and I’m sure that’s because the construction industry was so slow during the winter, they would say, “Why wait for spring? Do it now.” But it is, it’s like ‘do it now! do it right now!’

SM: Do it now…exactly…alright…shall we do a meditation?

LD: Yes, let’s do it right now…

SM: Alright, thank you.

LD: Thank you, thank all of you because you know, we’re all in different places but we’re all in this together.

So, take a nice deep breath and today, this morning, we’re going to work with Universal Mother Mary’s Blue Diamond. So, picture the color of a sapphire and sparkle it up with a million sparkles of diamond; take the sapphire and the diamond and merge them. And breathe in, in through your nose and on the exhale feel yourself sinking into your heart and relax. Relax your jaw, bring down those shoulders, feel yourself sink in to your chair, or your bed, the floor, wherever you’re sitting. Release those hips and your knees and your ankles and your sweet feet, right down to your little piggy.

And feel that Blue Diamond. Feel your heart as if it is a huge Valentine heart and it comes up to your shoulders and out…it’s huge…and the bottom of your heart comes right down to your root chakra. So you’re a Blue Diamond Valentine heart and my friends, my family, you are Love. And breathe. And go deeper and go deeper into your heart, let us fly through that pin-prick of light in the center of your heart, through the portal of your being. Fly through to the inner golden chambers of your heart, of who you are…magnificent angels. Regardless of who you are in this form you started as a spark of light and an angel so don’t forget that.

Come into your golden chamber and remind yourself of what is written on your wall, the sacred symbols, the writing about who you are, about the soul journey, not only of this life but of all lives and in-between lives. You don’t need to understand it, just let it come within you. And find your chair or your cushion and sit down and relax and breathe and Love yourself. Love who you are right now, not partitioning yourself, but all of you and see or feel or sense the Universal Mother, the Divine Mother, standing directly in front of you, because she is, because she wants to speak to you, to speak to your heart so that you can more deeply know her Love.

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings.

SM: Welcome.

UMM: And welcome to you beloved daughter. I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of Love, Mother of change, Mother of constancy, Mother of all. Welcome sweet angels of light and yes, I have called to you, I have beckoned to you, but I have beckoned to you in such a way my sweet angels, that I show up to you, that I come this day and every day to you. And why do I do this? I do this because I wish you to know more deeply, more profoundly, more thoroughly, about Love. So, let us start there.

How can one possibly define Love? I can tell you very easily that it is my essence. Because you are in the construct of this magnificent planet, Gaia, my Archangel, you think of Love in terms of an experience. But truly, it is the energy of All; it is the energy of creation before creation, it is the energy when there is no creation, it is the energy of silence, it is the energy of movement, it is the energy of Stillpoint. Now you can observe Love, which I encourage you to do within your sacred self and with me. You most certainly can feel and experience Love, you can witness it, you can ignore it, which would be very sad, you can come to know it and then you can simply be Love.

Now this is not something that you have need to work at; you are born of our essence. Your DNA, your sub-atomic particles, your physical essence, your emotional essence, your causal, your mental, your spiritual is Love. Now, during what we would call ‘the dark times’ and why would we call them ‘the dark times’? Because this has been a period upon your planet when the brightness of Love, no it was not forgotten but it was certainly dimmed and limited. But that sweet angels is very rapidly becoming ancient history, both in our time, what you would think of as time, and in reality.

How do you reach the place of knowing, living, and accepting that you are Love, that you are Divine, that you are the bright children, daughters and sons of my heart, and that you are cherished, you are nurtured, you are tended to? Sweet angels, the most precious gift or undertaking that you can receive from me is the gift of knowing and being yourself. Yes, of being in this place of sacred, divine union, of deep abiding Love, acceptance, celebration, reverence, adoration of yourself. I know you Love, revere, honor, adore me; you would not be walking the planet in such service that has been incredibly difficult if you were not in service and in Love with and to and for me.

But what kind of Mother would I be if I said, “Well, that’s good, that’s enough, you Love me”? No, this entire plan is based upon you loving you and then each other in magnificent sacred union and partnership, in sacred family, soul family, community, Nova Earth, Terra Gaia. There is not one of you that I address this day and far beyond: People of Earth, you are generous, you are kind, you are hopeful. But are you all these things to your sacred self? Or are there still residuals and I suggest there is, residual, judge, jury… ‘I am too this’… ‘I am not enough that’…? You are perfect, you are co-creators, masters upon this planet, entrusted with the physical anchoring of Love and the regridding, repatterning, reconstruction of Earth from the soil, to the air, to the buildings, to the institutions, to the culture. This would not ever be entrusted to one that is less-than. I do not create less-than. That is an abomination, it is an abhorrent belief, it is a false grid, it is an illusion/delusion, it is not of truth, it is not of Love and it most certainly is not of clarity and grace.

So yes, do I scrub deep? Do I wash away what you can think of as ancient false grids and beliefs of the collective deep in the soil and deep within your psyches? Yes I do. But I am not, nor would I ever run roughshod over thee. I do this, yes with my Tsunami of Love, because we are in accordance, we are in agreement, and we have been forever. Have there been disastrous scenic detours, not only in other lives but in this life as well? Yes. Can you see, my beloveds, how this has taught you, how this has brought to the forefront greater compassion, greater prudence, greater stamina, greater valor and courage and a deep understand of how people get lost? Yes. But the time of being lost is over.

You say to me, “Mother, what would you have me do? Can you please just tell me? I am tired. I am tired of being poor. I am tired of being sick. I am tired of the aches and pains of this body. I am tired of being alienated from my family. I am tired of being in partnership with a spouse who does not understand me or agree with my belief systems. I am tired of war, of rape, of pillage upon the planet. Mother, just tell me what to do.”

And I am, not because I wish to override or interfere with your free will. I honor and respect you far too much for that. You may not know the might of who you are fully yet, but dear hearts, I do.

So this is your Mother’s plea: Surrender! Yes, as our beloved Lord Maitreya has said, “Lay down your arms and surrender to your freedom.” Surrender, not to me but to the beauty, the brilliance of who you are. Not that one shining moment that you had ten years ago, not who you are going to be when you feel a little bit better or lose ten pounds, surrender to the brilliance and the beauty and the might of who you are right now because dear hearts, you are magnificent. And it is in that surrender, that acceptance, that your vision clears, that your wisdom vision is fully restored, that the knowingness, the being of Love blossoms within you. You are limitless. What does this mean? That you can create. You are multi-dimensional beings, you always have been. You can multi-locate, you can pop in and out of form, you can see…you can see us, you can see the fairies, you can talk to the trees and your star brothers and sisters. All of this is already within you and I am activating it right now. There is no need to wait.

No, I am not talking about your neighbor or other lightworkers, I am talking to you, each of you. There is not one of you that does not have it all. So, Mother, what should I do? How does this surrender, what does it look like? Let me make it very practical because I am a practical Mother: I can create form and formless, that is why I have asked to speak to you about the nurturing. When you put form to what I am suggesting it allows you to experience it. So nurture in form, in body, tangibly, this is not merely about anchoring the higher vibrations, yes, that I am sending you; there is not a being in the unseen realm that is not sending to you at this point, but anchor it. Cherish your body, massage your hands, your feet, your arms, stare at a flower, stare at a cloud, hug yourself, feed yourself in ways that truly nourish you. No I’m not talking about what you have designed ‘eating right’, I’m talking about truly nourishing your body, mind, spirit, and that means with music, with laughter, with color, with texture, with clothing that makes you feel comfortable and safe, spend time with like-minded people. You say, “Well, there is no one who holds the same beliefs.” Then go to the dog park, go bird watching, they understand. Nurture yourself child, in form, soak in a bath, lay in a hammock, get a good night’s sleep, be extravagant…buy a new pillow, buy some hand cream, nail polish. Treat yourself as if you are on a heavenly holiday.

This is how you surrender and then you lie down and you simply say, “Mother fill me” and allow me to do so. Allow yourself the gift of being wrapped in my Love; allow me the gift, please, of wrapping you in Love.

Now sweet Suzi, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Ah, welcome Mother. It is always a joy to feel your energy so closely and I thank you for joining us today. I just have one question really, well maybe…you speak of the gift of knowing and being ourselves and what occurs to me is the people that are not listening to the shows, reading the blog, channeled information, the human thing is that as children we may be surrounded with information contrary to what you’re saying, the family we came into presents great challenge to self-love and that’s what needs discreation, that we need to let go of the how and trust that it will be done for people who really don’t know anything about Ascension and that the healing will take place. Would you speak to that please?

UMM: Yes, and that is why I say that I am not merely speaking to you, my sweet angels and lightworkers, Love holders, I address the people of Earth. Now you have noticed of late that this is the clarion call that we are all sending out. And you say, “Well, how does that work?” Because we know that there are thousands who listen or listen after the fact or read, but as you say it is the rest. When I speak this vibration goes out all over the planet. Now, why aren’t we seeing faster results? That is why I am intensifying the tsunami because yes, there is need for discreation; well, let us just say there is need for greater surrender. It is not malign intent on the part of families who think that discipline or paradigms of lack and limitation are healthy parameters for children, but it is a very mistaken, incorrect idea. It is one thing, for example, when you discipline your body because you desire to complete a triathlon because it is giving you incredible joy, that you are loving your body so much that you are in harmony with your body and you are celebrating your body.

It is an entirely different matter when you say, “I am going to whip this body into shape!” That is not nice; that is not loving. It is the same when you say to a child that there is a limit on the amount of Love that they can have. Too often I hear this saying, “The world does not revolve around you.” Well, in fact, it does, it was intended to! How else can you be in harmony with all of creation, with the dolphins, with the grass, with the mountains, with the bears, with the elephants, with the humans? Of course the world revolves around you and the issue is to come to understand that harmony, not to let it lead to greed. So there is simply adjustment in these conceptions that have been held. So, we won’t discreate but we will do some course corrections, shall we say.

SM: Alright, alright, so when you say that these are superpowers that will manifest right now, I’ve been…well I’ve been thinking big and you know, all my energy work, I mean I believe in it but I’m not really seeing it so it would really be wonderful to see it from your perspective. Are we going to start to really see what we’ve been doing?

UMM: Yes. Now, what you have need to do is also surrender to knowing you can see. So, for example, it is not just a matter of eyes open/eyes closed, it is both…eyes open, eyes closed. I want you to see me…eyes wide opened and I want you, I ask you, I invite you to join your wish with mine. That is how it works, you know.

SM: Well Mother, if I were to say I’m going to see you, I’m looking out my window right now at the woods next to my house, I can see you everywhere.

UMM: That is correct.

SM: So, are you talking about…alright, so it’s not necessarily a form for the Divine Mother that I’ve conjured up in my head, that I’m in my imagination, I can see you everywhere…

UMM: That is correct…

SM: …in the flowers outside…

UMM: Yes. You can see me everywhere and when you look in the mirror…but do not put aside that I will show up in many of my traditional forms as well.

SM: Oh, okay.

UMM: …because the human race, and I understand this, the human race more than my beloved lightworkers, they need some signs and I am prepared to give them.

SM: Oh yeah! I’m looking forward to that.

UMM: So are we!

SM: Yes. So we have some callers lined up, are we ready for that?

UMM: I have been ready for 12,000 years!

SM: Alrighty then…okay area code 810, you are on the air, are you with us?

AC 810: Yes, hello…

SM: Hello, good morning.

AC 810: Yeah, I think all my questions were pretty much answered, but as someone…I still suffer with substance abuse problems and depression and I guess my question is, “Are these like past life issues that come to the surface right now and do all the people with these problems get like help from higher realms? That is my question.

UMM: They most certainly get the help from the higher realms and particularly using my Blue Diamond as a healing tool, of filling yourself with my essence is one of the most powerful tools. Your addictions, let them go, surrender, surrender, surrender, surrender, and yes, let Archangel Raphael, St. Germaine, Sanat Kumara, myself, Yeshua, let us help you; you are not forgotten. So yes, you will be helped; you are helped every instant of every day.

AC 810: Okay, thank you.

UMM: Let go dear heart, let go. Farewell.

SM: Okay, alright…sorry everybody, I’m having some studio issues…

UMM: One of the things I wish to speak about is this issue of addictions. All addictions, anger, sex, sex, not intimacy dear heart, drugs, alcohol, it does not matter what it is, they are all addictions to pain. Addiction to perfectionism…I always have to be perfect…I always have to be first…I always have to prove myself or I won’t be loved; these are all addictions to pain.

The purpose of the tsunami is to wash away the pain of the human experience, the memory of the pain of the human experience. Now Michael, my beloved one, has often spoken that in Ascension, in this transition time that you are all in the middle of, well, actually mostly through, that there will still be a vague memory of what has transpired in the old 3rd so that it can never be repeated again. But the experience, the personal experience of addiction to pain will not be personal, it will be a collective memory, but it will not eat away at your very heart. So, surrender it dear ones, let it be, give it to me.

SM: Oh Mother, if I could ask for your help in getting the studio to cooperate with me because I can’t seem to take any more callers at this point. I’ve tried calling back in and we have more callers in the queue.

UMM: Yes, there are many that wish to speak today and there are many I want to address as well. Try again dear heart.

SM: Alright, I’m going to call back in.

UMM: And you say to me, “Mother, how can I Love myself?” It begins with forgiveness and then dear heart, it begins with laughter. Can you see the humor through the pain of those scenic detours, of those disasters that you have lived through? Can you see the wisdom and the courage that has fortified you? The first and most important thing I can tell you is not that I don’t want you to give up on us… and I don’t… but it is not to give up on your sweet, sacred self. You are worth loving; you are worth Love, more than you can ever imagine. The depth of who you are, the brilliance of who you are is beyond measure. Take the time merely to glimpse it and you will know whereof I speak. Embrace yourself. Just allow to let the Love for your sweet self to grow that you may reap the infinite reward of what you truly yearn for, long for, desire, hunger for…and that is union, not merely union with us but with your sacred partner, with each other, with your neighbor.

When my beloved son said, “Love yourself and Love your neighbor” what do you think he was referring to? And your neighbor, sweet angel, is not merely the house down the street, it is your brother and sister in Africa, in Afghanistan, in Japan, China, Europe, Asia, Australia. Love them…

SM: I’m back.

UMM: Welcome back dear heart.

SM: Oh, thank you. I apologize to everyone so, okay, are we ready for more callers then?

UMM: Yes we are.

SM: Alright, apology so, okay Area Code 661 are you with us? Hello, hello, are you there? You’re on the air…

AC 661: Oh, hi Suzanne, it’s Kathleen calling…Hi…it’s so good to talk to you in this way.

UMM: Welcome dear heart.

AC 661: Thank you, thank you. You have answered all my questions but in the last few days I went through some intense clearing and it felt like it was from a past life. I don’t know that I handled it very well…when you’re in the depths of the trough of the wave, would you give us some advice as to what to do because I forget everything when I’m feeling that way.

UMM: Do you mean aside from ‘hang on’?

AC 661: Yeah…(Laughter)

UMM: Because dear heart, sometimes when you are in the trough of yes, what I am calling the perfect storm, and you have done your work and your heart is true, and you are a faithful servant, and as you say, “I forget everything I know, I forget the qualities, the virtues, the tools” because you are in pain. What you do is you surrender to us, you surrender to the Love within. Despite all the illusion of the pain, you know you are Love and you know that you are surrounded, seen and unseen, by Love and you simply hold on to that, let everything else go. Yes, it is a walk of trust, and you allow, like Moses in his bulrushes, little cradle going down the Nile, you simply ride the wave and hold onto the Love, to my Love, to your Love, and to the Love of the universe because sweet angel, that is all there is. So, put aside the tools. Don’t try to be running hither and yon, ‘I’ll try this, I’ll try that’, surrender and be the Love and let the pain flow through you, out of you; sometime it will be literal, vomiting, sweating, tears, diarrhea, let it come.

AC661: Okay, was that a past life I was letting go of then because all our timelines are being cleared?

UMM: All timelines are being cleared and in this phase what is being cleared also are very ancient archetypal experiences that have been anchored, not only upon Gaia but in this universe.

AC661: Umm, that’s very helpful. Thank you so much. I Love you.

UMM: Dear heart, you are the symbol that I can say this to…You are doing the work. When you have need wrap yourself in my blue velvet cloak and simply know you are loved and there is purpose to what the clearing is about.

AC661: Thank you so much, I Love you.

UMM: And I Love you, I Love all of you.

SM: Okay, so we are on to Area Code 561. Are you with us?

AC561: Hi. I think that I might have had an experience of something that you were just talking about. This morning I woke up and I kind of ate some things I was not used to last night. We had a party at my house on Saturday and I talked to my body and I said, “Please transmute anything in there that I don’t usually have so it is a neutral effect and I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I turned on my right side and this huge wave of fiery energy came from the left and came into my body and I went to go to the bathroom, I was so dizzy. And just to make a long story short I got very, very sick afterwards; I was crawling on the floor and my husband was helping me with a bucket so I just…and I’m still feeling some effects from this now and we called a friend who is very connected and she said she was picking up that I was connecting to a hurricane that is forming. So, I just wanted some insight into this…I never experience these kinds of things…that you just said—vomiting and being drenched with sweating—I’m looking for some insight I guess…what’s going on?

UMM: You asked for a clearing dear heart.

AC561: Oh, when I asked for the food to be neutralized? Be careful what you wish for…

UMM: So yes, you are actually…and you are one, and this is true of many of you and it is part of what I Love about you, you do not do things in half measures and so there is a tendency to say, “Okay, now I’m clearing this” and you do it all at once. And that is alright but that is exactly what is…the spiral is like the tornado, the whirlwind, the hurricane…no you are not clearing the hurricane, we are taking care of that but that is the energy of the whirlwind, the tornado, going through your body to cleanse and to allow it to be in the balance. So, that is exactly what has happened. Rest and insure, and I mean this to everybody who is listening, insure this time, not only that you are drinking sufficient water, programmed water dear heart, program it with whatever you want but please include my Blue Diamond, but also insure that you are getting your electrolytes.

The chemical and shall I say alchemical balance of your body right now is very important, so insure that you are getting enough of your electrolytes.

And sweet angel, yes, what you are processing is also some of the whirlwind in the Middle East. Thank you.

AC561: Oh, thank you so much.

SM: Have a great day.

UMM: Go with my Love.

SM: We are on to Area Code 206, are you with us?

AC206: Yes I am. Good morning, thank you for taking my call. Hi, this is Julie. So, I relate to what everybody else is saying, the energy is really intense lately. My question though is related to parenting and we talk about the deep programming that we all have and oh, the number of times we have heard ‘life is hard’… ‘that’s just the way it is’…and I struggle a bit with parenting a young child because I want to do it differently but she can be quite a handful sometimes, she’s not always very polite to other people and I know there’s a new parenting paradigm that all of the parents right now are working on. So, I’d like to ask for your advice and wisdom in helping with this. Thank you.

UMM: Dear heart, you are welcome and of course you speak of a subject that is very near and dear to my heart because you know that I have walked the earth as mother. There were times…you speak about politeness…(Laughter)…and yes I would say to Yeshi, “Can you not simply be more discrete?” Your way would be ‘tone it down!’ And part of the paradigm, the new parenting paradigm, how does one balance…this is important…freedom and the fullness of expression with kindness, self-discipline… which is different from being disciplined…and what is often forgotten…graciousness, expansiveness, consideration for others because that is the paradigm of Nova Earth.

Let us say, and to you dear Julie and to many who are listening, you are an incredible mother and yes, you feel like you are walking the razor’s edge and it doesn’t matter whether your child is a newborn or 7 or 17, this is a difficult walk because you want them to unfurl their wings, you want them to know that they have wings, of what they are capable of, but with that capacity and recognition of who they are also comes the responsibility to set the example, for the other children and those who are growing, of what true beingness of Love looks like.

So the rule of thumb is the same as when Yeshua walked the earth, and there were times when he was 30 I would remind him of the same thing, ‘Is that loving? Is that kind? Is that considerate? It may be the truth, it may be an expression of what you feel but is it kind? Does it build the sense of family, of trust, of community, of true sharing? Or, does it deplete, does it diminish, does it actually hurt or harm? Those are the boundaries dear heart. Never, ever hesitate to turn to me to help you with parenting; it is one of the most sacred undertakings of service, particularly at this time when the children that are being born and who are already on the planet are of a vibration never known before.

To say you have your hands full is putting it mildly. But do not forget in all of this, even as you are pulling out your hair, that laughter, laughter is so important. You can get, all of you, busy with your own journey, with the day to day work that having a family, let alone careers, entails. Make sure that you take time, not only for your sacred self and for your children, but for the laughter, for the hugs, for the cuddles, for the simply sitting together and watching the bunny rabbits and the birds. I am with you. And yes, there are times when you will say, “I hate doing this but I am the disciplinarian because what you are doing is not kind, it is not loving.” But you will be kind and loving in that discipline, in that teaching of responsibility.

SM: Beautiful. Thanks for your call. Okay, we are on to Area Code 559, are you with us?

AC559: Yes, good morning this is Dottie and thank you, thank you to you, my dear Suzi and beloved Mother. I’m full of emotion and gratitude for your availability in this way. What is coming up for me is to address the resistance that comes up for me along the way, the part of me that pulls away and to confess that and open that to you and just get your input on that clearing and that part of me that resists.

UMM: Beloved angel, my sweet Anna, I begin by thanking you for your courage in naming what so many experience because there is this resistance, both actual, named or subtle and it is primarily based in fear… ‘I resist this surrender, this acceptance of Love that I, I Dottie, am the truth and the power and the totality of Love’ because if I do that, if I actually do it and the Mother doesn’t come through, if I still feel alone and have moments of feeling less-than or isolated or poverty of any kind, then I have nowhere to retreat to, I have let down my last line of defense and then where will I be? I will simply have to lie down and die and I will die in complete and utter despair.

It is true that letting down that self-protection…you have an expression ‘better the devil you know’. You know and you have traveled far and I do not merely speak to you dear Dottie, I speak to all of you, you have traveled so far none of you are who you were a couple of years ago, none of you. So, you have gained a level of enlightenment, of expansion, of understanding the connection and feeling the Love and the expansion of many of your abilities and capabilities. You know the Love, you feel it above and you feel it between yourselves. So why would I risk it and why, dear Mother, are you asking me to risk it? You’re asking me to put all my chips into the poker table, the center of the table.

The reason I ask you isn’t merely for my unfoldment of the plan, it is my deepest desire that you know even more who you really are; the amazing, bright, brilliant angel that you are. But you say, “I’m satisfied, I’m okay, I’m okay.” But you’re not, you’re not all the way there yet.

So the question is what to do with the resistance? What do you do with a child who is afraid of the dark, who thinks there is a boogieman in the closet or a monster under the bed? Well, you post the mighty Archangels. You turn on the night light, which is the white light, you fill the room with Blue Diamond, and then you curl up with your head either in my lap or in the lap of Gaia and you let us gentle you into that surrender. Force is unacceptable in any realm. You can not and I will never guide or request or ask of you to force anything. It is not like pulling off a bandage quickly, it is gentling yourself into this surrender that you are so cozy and feeling so safe with us and with yourself knowing that you are attended to, that the resistance just begins to dissolve. Resistance is one of the core issues of the human race. They want to think they know it all; they have defined their tangible world and even the unseen, intangible, they think they have defined…they have not even begun to define it. But never-the-less there is more.

So it is us, but me, your Mother, saying to you, “I have something very precious, very beautiful I want to share with you and show you. Let me take your hand and walk as slowly and as gently as you are ready so that the fear factor of resistance simply goes away.

AC559: Thank you.

UMM: Go with my Love sweet angel, always.

AC559: Yes, I will do that.

SM: Ah, nice. So we are on to Area Code 408.

AC408: Good morning.

SM: Good morning, you’re on the air.

AC408: Thank you. My name is Sharon and thank you for taking my call. Mother Mary, I would like to ask you a blessing for all the children that have been experiencing unexplained seizures. And then I would like to ask Mother Mary…I have been listening to this show for some time and have been hearing about the Tsunami of Love and I have just been wanting to experience that so much and I haven’t felt it yet. So, is it coming in stages or are some of us getting it sooner than others or can you explain that please?

UMM: It has come in stages, yes, and by the way the blessings have gone out to the children.

AC408: Thank you.

UMM: Now, one of the reasons dear heart, that you have not fully felt it does not mean that it doesn’t happen. Let me be very clear about that because this is a very important point that you have touched upon…if you are breathing polluted air you may not know it but you are still breathing in those particulates. Now, I am not suggesting in any way that the tsunami is polluted, but you get what I am talking about; you are still receiving the energy. Now, you have been, can we say, earth occupied, family occupied, your attention has been on maintenance and family and those you cherish. So, sometimes you are not even aware, and this is true of many, many, many of you, you are not aware fully of the energies that are moving through you. That does not mean that you have not received. There is not one being…human, hybrid, starseed, earth-keeper… there is no one upon Gaia that is not receiving this blessing. And the fact that your clarity has been increading, sweet angel, is a marker for you to understand that my initial gift, the gift of clarity and purity is making you more and more aware of what you are and not perceiving and receiving.

But this is what I suggest to many of you, because this is a practical application, I want you to get in the bathtub or if you are lucky enough the pool or if you are very lucky then get in the lake, the river, the stream, the ocean. But one of the reasons I suggest the bathtub is that it is small enough and private enough for you to simply be with your sacred self. Immerse yourself as much as you can, relax, light a blue candle if you wish, I would like it, and then dear heart, this is very important, I want you to be like a child and make waves in your bathtub and to simply say, “Here comes the tsunami” and to feel those little waves washing over you and the Love, my Love, seeping into you. And when you are toweling yourself dry, you are not wiping off the Love, you are patting it into yourself.

Do this as often as you can and feel my presence because I am with you.

SM: Beautiful and I’m sorry caller 408 I had to mute you because of the feedback, but hopefully that’s all good. Thank you for calling and have a wonderful day. Okay, so we are on to our last caller here, we have Area Code 928. Are you with us?

AC928: Hi, yes I am.

SM: Hi, you’re on the air.

AC928: You know, when I was younger I wanted to be a nun and not being raised Catholic or anything and I’ve always kind of felt married to God. Right now in my life I’m just so confused and I don’t know how or what the next step I’m supposed to take is. Can you help me Mary, please?

UMM: When we have begun this show, sweet angel of Love, and you have been a nun many times by the way, I have suggested ways in which you can observe Love, you can feel Love, you can witness Love. What I am asking you to do, right now for your next step, take a giant step backward…step back and be the witness, be the observer. You are caught in the mêlée of the drama. Step back and then observe yourself…forget everybody else…observe yourself being Love, receiving Love, giving Love. That is your next step; be the observer, do not be hasty, do not retreat, do not move forward, be the observer and let it emerge because it will and it will be rapid. But first, be the observer and observe the Love. Can you do that for me?

AC928: I believe I can. I see it every day; Love is in the air, Love is in the wind, Love is in the grass, Love is in the butterflies, Love is in the birds, Love is everywhere.

UMM: Then simply be the observer and receive, receive, receive, receive.

AC928: Okay. Thank you so much Mother Mary.

UMM: You are welcome dear heart.

SM: Alright, we have about a minute left if you have any closing comments that would be wonderful. And I just want to say thank you to all our listeners and callers today.

UMM: And I thank you as well. See the magnificence of who you are. Nurture yourself please. See the glory, the brightness, the brilliance. Love yourself so that you may enter into the sacred union with others. Do not judge yourself, no matter what and do not judge others.

I am with you always and in all ways. Go with hope, go with Love. Farewell.

SM: Farewell. Thank you Mary, thank you so much.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-26-14

© 2014 Council of Love

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Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Sanat Kumara on Abundance, Aired July 29, 2014 ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

sanat kumara header

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Sanat Kumara on Abundance, Aired July 29, 2014

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’re going with the flow… we were ready to welcome Sanat Kumara back to the show for the first time since our Universal Laws series last year.

The discussion was to include how Universal Law applies to Abundance and I am looking forward to whoever shows up because we might have a surprise today.

The Abundance feels as though this is the one issue that is catching a great deal of our attention these days and it hasn’t been so easy to keep up the faith when we allow worries to take up so much space in our thoughts and it seems like the world is exploding.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, it’s good to be here and as you say you know today I think we could do a subtitle here “going with the flow.”  And I can feel Sanat Kumara.

Let me tell you what happened to me last night again at 3:33 this morning after I’d been awake for hours listening to the things they want to include in the Union and Reunion Gathering coming up in October.  Mother Mary appeared again by my bed.

SK 2And it’s not just like an apparition with your eyes closed and feeling the presence, but full-on, front and center.  That’s how I wanted to start the show today.  I think I’m going to cry…what do you do when the Mother shows up?

To me, the embodiment of the Mother in the way I can handle, even though I know she has a million faces as Mother Mary.  What do you do when she shows up?

And what I do is, I just am in this sense of overwhelm, of awe, of wonder, of joy.   But I just start crying because it’s so big and it just takes away, even in the middle of the night, it just takes away everything else or can I say that sense of importance – no false importance really, or exaggerated importance – of everything else.

It’s like you’re just there and you’re in the Love, and those 22 million things on your “to do list”, it’s not that they disappear but it’s that sense of this is all that really counts, this is all that really matters is to feel that Love.

How I often say this in our InLight team meetings is that the Council of Love can be really boring.  All they ever talk about is love, love, love.  But when you have these experiences, it’s like nothing else matters.

And the feeling of overwhelm with the “to do list” changes in terms of overwhelm, of just feeling this abundance of Love. So my reasons for bringing it up is that I know the Tsunami of Love is going to increase.  This is The Mother’s heads-up and how she tells me here comes another wave.  I wish everybody could just feel this abundance of Love.

sk 3Sanat Kumara, in preparing for today – he is so funny, he actually made me, made me – listen to me, suggested strongly, that I go and look up in the dictionary the meaning of abundance.

And I did of course and there are various explanations, but abundance – the primary consistent, dictionary after dictionary, explanation for abundance – refers to measurement and particularly in chemistry, I guess.

But it struck me as I was sitting there reading this, is that of course he is talking to me.  When we talk about the 13th Octave and about being in the place of Divine Union, about going to the Heart of One, they have always explained the 13th Octave as a measurement.

Going beyond what we think and have thought as the old 3rd dimension, going beyond to the 13th Octave or beyond into the 12 dimensions that we have while we maintain our body.  There is no such thing as lack.  The abundance of the various qualities, the laws, everything that is available to us, yes in a whole bunch of different forms, but that that abundance is there.

You know that overflowing, plentiful fullness was another example.  You know affluence was way at the bottom of the list, and we tend to think of abundance too many times because many of us are concerned about money.  If we’re not concerned about money for ourselves, we’re certainly concerned about money and food and shelter and clothing for the world.

But what I hear Sanat saying to us – and the Mother too – is that it’s really time for us to start at least thinking and perhaps even feeling abundance in a different way.

SM: Well, It involves trust.

LD: It involves that darn trust again. St Germaine where are you when we really need you?

SM: Right here


sk 4LD: Yeah right here, and the room is full, Suzi. And I can hear our listeners saying, “Well yeah, I can see abundance! I can see abundance of war; I can see abundance of friction, of mayhem, of chaos, of hatred, of greed, of rape, of pillage, of starvation, of abuse of animals.”

I think one of the things I’d like to ask Sanat Kumara, the Mother, whomever is present because Gabrielle just walked in too, is to give us another word so that we’re not sort of defiling that word of abundance.

The we can start thinking of and creating in a different way, because this has to shift.  I know many of you who are sitting there are feeling that – this has to shift.

SM: This has to shift, exactly.  It feels like all the lack and the poverty and all the things that you mentioned and war as well as disease are all created things. It would be interesting to track where the creation of these things has started so that we can dis-create them.

LD: Or torch them, or use the Law of Elimination, you are absolutely correct. Because all those things that we are talking about are human creations, they are human, man-made – and I don’t mean gender prejudice – but they are man-made creations.

SM: It brings me to wonder, and I’m sure that many listeners are wondering how long we need to keep the faith, hold the Light and do what we are doing while the rest of the world doesn’t.  And when our perceptions will open enough to know in our hearts and in our bones that everything really is OK, and that we can just relax and keep doing our thing.  I mean, how long does that go on for?

LD:  You and I have certainly had that conversation and the answer, when I am in a flip mood, is “As long as it takes.”  You know, we put our heads down and keep going, but of course the real question is how long?

sk 5And I do sense that if we just didn’t even look outside this room, if we just looked at ourselves then we’re not the same.  I say this to everyone who is listening – we are not holding that energy of war and lack and limitation. We may be having an old 3rd dimensional experience of lack and limitation, but we are not holding that energy.

So how do we shift into that fullness of abundance? Because it’s abundance of joy, it’s abundance of knowing, it’s abundance of all those things that are the higher qualities, the Blessings and Virtues that were included in the Mother’s gift of Grace.

SM: Well one of the challenges is if we see these things for ourselves then we trust and have faith, and most days we’re strong in knowing that everything is going to be Okay.  Yet we’re continually surrounded with people who don’t feel that way, and it’s really hard to hold the Light in those circumstances.

Some days are better than others.  I mean, most of my days are great and I can be in that place, but yesterday I had kind of a cranky day.

LD:  And part of that is allowing yourself to have a cranky day too. You call it cranky I call it goosie… Laugh…But yeah, there are days.  And yes you can fool yourself and say, “Oh I’m just processing for the Collective.”  Yeah right!

And of course the reason that we can say that is that it’s true, we are processing for the Collective, like we’ve never done before.  But if we didn’t have a speck of that energy of whenever we’re cranky or ticked off about within us or within our field, if we didn’t have that mirror to match up with, then that’s not the issue that we’ve been processing.

So I think my question to the Mother and to Sanat Kumara is, “How do we move from being the mirror of that lower vibration to consistently, in every waking hour, being the mirror for that real sense of abundance?” Wow, I wonder if they can deal with this.

SM: Well, we’ll see. Time for meditation?

LD: Time for meditation and it’s also time for us to realize that this is a process for us.  This is part of our Ascension process as well.

sk 6SM: Yes, indeed. And I agree that what we pay attention to is important.  On those days when we’re just feeling bombarded with all the negative energy and the bad news in the world and how people feel about it – that’s when we need to really, really step in and hold the Light.

LD: That’s when you need to lie down in your bed and ask Mother Mary to come and comfort you.  You and I have talked about this and I think it s important to share: even when we’re in this feeling of bombardment, we’re also still in a really highly creative phase.

So we’re building.  I mean look at you and your Whale Tails.  You are in production city, girlfriend!

SM: Oh I am. I haven’t done it for 8 months and I finally opened a new kiln.  I’m still taking pictures and updating the website.  But yeah, I’m doing that and I feel really good about it.

20140728_183516-1They turned out really beautifully and the energy in them is awesome. But at the same time that’s one of my reasons for being cranky yesterday: I took a bunch of pictures and they didn’t turn out to be as color-accurate as I wanted them to be.   I wasted all that time and I’m just like a little, you know – whiny.

LD: Yes but you know what? We’re taking pictures right now of the planet and of what’s going on on the planet, and that’s not color accurate either.


SM: All right!

LD: So with that …

SM: So with that, here we go… (meditation begins at 17:12)

sk 7LD:  So let’s begin to take a nice deep breath of gold, the gold of Sanat Kumara, brilliant, shiny gold and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, that rich molten gold, the Florentine gold and the gold of Yahweh, which is like a canary diamond, sparkling and brilliant. And breathe and simply give yourself permission to just be here, to be bathed in this golden energy, in this golden Light.

And go down into your heart and as you’ll remember, see that tiny pinprick of Light, the center of your heart and unfurl your golden wings and stretch and relax and feel the truth, the might, the abundance of who you really are.

And fly through that pinprick of Light, right through that portal, to the interior of your Being, to the interior of your heart and see those golden walls. And see the beautiful writing and symbols and messages that you have written on your walls to remind yourself of the truth of who you are, of your magnificence in and out of form, of your divinity, your wonder, your gifts.

Go to that place, whether it’s a cushion or a stool or a beautiful chair or a throne and go and sit down. Come with me and come deeper into your heart. And as you sit and you gaze around this wonderful chamber, look and notice, What is the very particular abundant quality that you brought to Earth, that is as much as part of your Being as you lungs, your hair, your skin?

What is that abundant quality that is an essential part of your soul design? Compassion? Or joy? Humility? Prudence? Maybe you carry an abundance of hope so you can be the well spring that others drop on, or Love, or peace.

Take a minute and let yourself really feel what your special abundance gift is. And as you do this, feel the gratitude welling up in your heart, in your Being, in you core, as you are sitting there. It’s just you. Feel the gratefulness for who you are and for what your carry, for you carry it not just for yourself but for the Mother/Father One anchoring it on Nova Earth, you carry it for your family, for your soul family, for humanity and there is enough to go around for everybody.

You are an embodiment of the Mother’s infinite design. Acknowledge this and accept this and be grateful to yourself and allow others to be grateful to, for and with you.

sk 8Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

SK: Yes, I bow to the Mother and I stand with Gabrielle and I thank you, my beloved friends, for inviting all of us this day as you always do, you know. Yes you may give me or St Germaine or Archangel Michael the opportunity to speak, but know, particularly, there are instances when we speak as One.

Do we have slightly different perspectives, different ways of expressing? Yes. But the kernel is Truth, the kernel is Love, the seed is Love.

And yes, I have come this day and asked, requested, not merely to review the Universal Laws, which I am so happy to share with you, but also to take you by the hand, to put my arm around your shoulder, not merely as Planetary Logos but as brother and friend and guide. Yes, and guide you and lead you to a different place, a different place of existence, a different octave, a different way of Being, a different way of perceiving.

When I have shared with you, my beloved family, the Universal Laws, straightforward and simple, my purpose is to share with you how things work, the mechanics, not merely for Earth, but that is our concern at the moment is it not? It is how do you operate, how does Love behave and create in this planetary sector?

sk 9So, I share with you the Laws of Sacred Purpose, of Change, of Unification, of Dispensation, of Elimination, of Give/ Receive/ Intend, all of this, not because I wish to be the instructor but because – yes as Logos – but as friend, as brother, I want you and I need you, in our sacred union and in our partnership, I need you to understand, to implement, to use these Laws and to begin the creations of your life, of your journey, of your Being and yes, of Abundance.

You have asked dear Suzanne, how to discreate? And previously we would not have had such a creation discussion, but that is the purpose of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of Give and Receive, of Transmutation, of Transmission, of Dispensation, of Elimination.

You are tending and I mean you, the human race, because I, like all who are coming to you at this time, I speak to all the people of Gaia. You are thinking of abundance in terms of drawing in, but that is only one portion of it because to be in balance, when you bring in there is also a release, otherwise you are going to tip over…not really because you are infinitely able to hold far more energy than you are even dreaming or conceiving of.

But there is too much, yes even for me, there is too much discussion about the clearing, about the letting go, about the dispelling, the elimination. And on the creation side, which is why we started to have this discussion about the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws in the first place, there is not enough discussion, there is not enough action about the ‘bringing in’.

Now you say to me, “SK, Raj, brother, I am asking every day to bring things in.” That is all very well and good and there are our Legions – quite literally – ready to assist you, in addition to your guides and circle, to bring things in. But we are also in a time, your time and our time, of Sacred Union, of the Mother’s Tsunami, of the imbuing of Grace, of all the Divine qualities and attributes.

So, it also means that you are pulling in; so, not merely are you asking to receive, you are actively, you are forgetting the action piece, not totally, but this is what I wish to speak to you of, you are forgetting the action piece of Creation.

sk 10You – yes in partnership but that is what partnership means, we do not do it all – you are the servants of the Mother, the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, “Well, SK I sure don’t feel it.” Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth; you are the masters.

Look at what you are creating. Now I am asking you, each of you, pleading with you, are you collecting daily, the codes of what you wish to bring forth, what you wish to create, in accordance with the Divine Laws, in accordance with the Divine qualities, in accordance with dimensional reality, not the old 3rd because the old 3rd will get you nowhere. It is an illusion, so the more attention you pay to the illusion you are living there.

So you say, “Dear Heart, it is hard for us to ignore when people are being shot down, starving, raped, pillaged, when institutions are taking away our freedom.” But that is not the truth. You cannot – it will kill you if you continue to live in that old reality; it will kill you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – you cannot do it, you cannot live, thrive, build, create in a non-existent reality that the Mother is banishing from the Universe.

You have spoken of discreation. Well one the fundamental discreation that is taking place is the discreation of the old 3rd. We keep saying it is but vapours; there is nowhere for you to anchor. You may send the energy but do not live there and you most certainly do not create there. So you say to me, “Well then Raj where do I create?” Start – and not tomorrow, not an hour from now – start right now with me creating in your heart, in your room, in your car, in your office, wherever you are in this instance. Let us start and never stop.

sk 11I am not saying that you do not have time out for play, for laughter, for sleep, yes for what we call staring at the wall; these are important pieces of creation. But start! It was not an intellectual exercise for me to explain and to share and to give you and ignite within you the Universal Laws, the understanding of how things truly work.

So you say to me, “Well then, if this is how things truly work, if Universal Law is simply an expression and explanation of how Divine Love behaves and manifest, how do I begin?”

And that is what I wish to review with you. In our reality time has always had a different meaning. Our time lines at this juncture are in alignment, our energy are in alignment, our grids, our intentions, the Divine Plan, it is all in alignment so that is why I am here this day, that is why the Mother is flooding you even as I am speaking to you.

How you begin is being in your grateful heart. You say, “I don’t have anything to be grateful for; I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m broke.” Then be grateful that you are breathing, be grateful that you know that you are in a situation that must change. Look outside your window and be grateful for the sky, the air, the grass, the trees, the cement.

Start with me by anchoring in your grateful heart. In your heart, not the heart, not the heart of One, but your Sacred Heart that is an infinite, eternal vessel of Love.

Now while you have become magnificent at bilocation, I am asking you, for this exercise, not to be in two or twenty places at once. Be fully present with me in your infinite, loving, grateful heart so that you cannot be in that place of lack and limitation, hatred and greed.

sk 12So anchor my Beloved with me. Your intentions for Ascension, which is throwing the door, the portal, wide open, not only interdimensionally but to the opening of all your talents and abilities. So let the intention be, for this moment, your Ascension, forget humanity, let us focus on you because you are the mirror, you are the mirror of each other and you are the mirror of the Mother.

Now, what do you wish to create? What I am asking is to take your focus away, just this day, just this week, just this month, during this transition phase, take it away from what you are thinking as repair work.

It is not that it does not need to be done, but rather than looking back at the old 3rd and saying, “What I am creating is peace on Earth,” bring in the abundance of the new, not just repairing the old but what is true peace, Nova Earth, where all are fed, all are clothed, all are welcome, where there is community like there is at home, on Venus. Where there is only the expression of Love.

Decide with me right now that that is what you are going to bring into you. Now as you do that, it pushes out the old. So bring in the abundance of whatever you choose: humility, compassion, peace, Love, do it. Put your hands, your arms out. Feel the coolness; the air is filled with what you think of as creation codes. It does not matter if you are sitting in a closet, a car, an auditorium.

The air is filled and your wonderful magnetic hands, your Violet Flame hands have the capacity to simply gather the abundance of these codes.

sk 13So throw open your arms my beloved friends and bring in the abundance of what you desire of these codes and bring them in directly through that portal of your heart, bring it in right now.

And understand as you do this, as you bring forth and in an abundance of awe, of joy, of compassion or charity – as you do that, what does it experience interdimensionally?

What does it experience, what does it manifest as in terms of the tangible, of a physical expression that you can maintain form with? It is everything you want.

So I am not saying do not collect the codes for a new car, or a new sofa, or a new house, or financial abundance, what I am saying is bring forth the Laws and the qualities that allow those things to manifest. So you have said today, “How long do we have to wait?” What I am saying to you, each of you, you Wayshowers, Gatekeepers, Pillars, beloved Angels, Masters, how long do we have to wait? I say not one more minute.

This alignment is not a figment of imagination; it is as tangible and real as your physical form. So let us proceed.

Now Suzanne I know you have a million questions.

SM: I don’t really have a million questions; you’ve answered a lot of them. I would love to see our work from your perceptive because down here on the surface, the faith and the trust, and everything…. you know, my entire life is built around things that can’t be proven and can’t be seen at this time.

sk 14What you’ve been telling us and what we’ve been getting from the Council of Love in general is how to use the things that are already available. So what I’m hearing you say is that it’s all available right now – we just need to do these exercises, trust and believe and know that it’s there.

I thought for the longest time that if we had our super powers we could do so much more for humanity and helping the shift, and what I hear you saying is that we already have them, we just need to open our perceptions that they’re actually here and available now.

SK: That is correct. You are activating them and we are helping you activate them. So often you will have a perception, an insight, an inspiration, you will actually see something and this is part of the difficulty with the patterning of the old 3rd, you actually see things and then you, almost before you consciously acknowledge them, you dismiss them.

SM: Well what that makes me think of was a vision I had a couple of weeks ago.  The work that I’m doing as a conduit for Divine energy to come down, go into the Earth and out to humanity; it’s a matter of stepping down, transforming it into a palatable form for others, and that I really have no idea what that energy is used for.

But then I wonder if this is actually the transforming of human carbon-based form into the new crystalline form.  We just have these expectations about what things will look like, but I’m just feeling as though I’m doing what a crystal does. Is that the transformation into crystalline? Even though I still have this flesh and blood body?

sk 14SK: Yes, of course you have a flesh and blood body, because you are maintaining a physical form. Will it transmute, appear younger, healthier, stronger? Yes. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror do you say, “Oh look! There I am, a carbon base being?” Of course not!

You look at yourself and you see the magnificence of your beauty, then something even more important; you have had the realisation – and I speak to you, but I speak to many – of who you are and what you are really doing. You are a beacon, an anchor, a transmitter.

Now you can say that, “Oh isn’t everybody?” Like you can say to the channel, “Well, is it not everybody is a teacher, a healer or a channel?” There are variations. There are millions, billions of variations on the theme and not one of you is doing exactly the same thing. But you have glimpsed who you truly are.

Now that transmitter isn’t the same Being, that thinks about going shopping but what I am saying to you is that they are the same. So, it is also what St Germaine has been suggesting to you, it is this period right now of the unification, not only a unification above and below but unification of you. And how do you do that? You do that by pulling in and realizing more and more. When you are pulling in that what you wish to create you are also anchoring and activating more and more and more, in physical reality, who you are.

So you are doing magnificent work. I know your frustration. I don’t want you to know ours. So we know your frustrations and that is why I have returned with this very simple lesson.

The thing that has happened with humanity, with your societies, besides from a few isolated tribes, is that you have made your understanding of this planet and the Universe very complex. That it is beyond understanding, let alone what we would call manifestation or manipulation of codes.

sk 15And in fact it is not complex. Is it magnificent? Is it startlingly beautiful? Sparkling radiant? Yes! Look to the animals, kingdoms. They know the wonder of the plan, their place within the plan, they live the plan and they do not make it overly complicated.

That is why we have given you the simplest formula. Not because we underestimate you but because we know you are brilliant enough to comprehend the simplicity, the Divine simplicity and intricacy of the Mother’s plan.

And let me be very clear: war, bankruptcy, poverty, hunger, none of this is of the Mother’s plan. Yes, continue, by all means, to use your torch of our beloved St Germaine, but can I ask you, please, to start bringing in the abundance of what you want to be, rather than simply thinking of what you don’t want. It is that simple.

SM: So I can think of a restructuring of government and a disbanding of things like the IRS and a.. you know…..

SK: No!

SM: No?

SK: No. Think of it this way …thank you for bringing that up because many would misunderstand what I have just said… it does include all of what you have said but what you are truly bringing in is the beauty, the Love, the truth of community of Nova Earth. Where we have a planet that is of a frequency of harmony that does not permit, it does not literally energetically support all of those things that you wish to eliminate.

SM: So the rest will just fall into place when we do our work?

SK: It is already falling into place, just as it is falling into place for you to see who you truly are.

SM: Right. So I guess the question is, “Is enough of humanity, because it seems there is a very small fraction of humanity that listens to the shows or understands Light and energy work and all that sort of thing, are there enough of us to really do this?”

SK: Yes. Don’t forget you are in sacred partnership with us.

SM: Yes indeed.

SK: And you are mighty Masters but let us also say this. There are enough of you – you have to know that, not just hope and pray but hold the knowing. Yes, it does include trust and faith and hope.

sk 16So if you are feeling that there is in any way a lack, then bring that in. And if you say, “Well, I don’t know about creation codes, I don’t know how to do that,” well then throw open your arms as if you are a thanksgiving cornucopia and let us fill you. And when you feel that you have collected the biggest bouquet of flowers in existence then bring it in to your heart. You do know how to do this.

SM: Yes. Well thank you for coming to guide us and remind us of what we can do.

SK: I have only begun to remind you what you can do, what you are capable of as co-creators of Nova Earth, as our partners, as our family.  So you do not do this alone.

SM: Indeed.

SK: Go with my Love, Dear Heart.  Go with my blessings and go with my Abundance.

SM: Thank you so much.

SK: Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon July 29, 2014

© 2014 Council of Love


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The Magdalena speaks of Sacred Union & Partnership ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 15.8.

The Magdalena speaks of Sacred Union and Partnership

You are the ones that are anchoring the new paradigm, the new grid, the new way of community of Nova Earth. And that way is through union and re-union…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness, and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Our special guest today is Mary Magdalene to offer further guidance on human relationships, unions and partnerships, all of a sacred nature. Our interactions with others contribute to and in fact are inseparable from what we came here to do during these days of transition. Mary has been addressing Linda’s New You’ers on this topic and she has more information to offer to our listeners today.

Which brings me to something that I want to say and that’s to offer a big, juicy ‘thank you’ to our listeners. We really love you all and so appreciate your support and hearing how much you’ve been enjoying the show. Good morning Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi and good morning everybody! And yes, we do love and appreciate you and love hearing your feedback.

SM: Yes, very much.

LD: Yes, it feels very much like we are building community and you know, a lot of what we are going to be talking about today is really about building community, and building community in our new way.

SM: Beautiful, where we all realise our connection to one another and to All That Is, and it’s all about Love.

LD: It’s all about Love. How boring is that! Love, Love, Love.

SM: No, it’s awesome. It’s what we’re made of, why we are here.

LD: It’s absolutely awesome.

SM: Yeah. So it’s very interesting the way that we started the show this morning. At the very last minute we got into the studio with some technical difficulties so anybody who is calling in who was having trouble, hopefully you are in the queue now and listening and everything is good.

LD: Yeah, it was very interesting because I think we had less than 30 seconds to go.

SM: Yeah, pretty much… [Laughter]

LD: So it was right down to the wire. But there’s no way they weren’t going to let Mary Magdalene come forward and speak today, and particularly on such an important subject. But also – I don’t know about everybody out there but I know you and I, Suzi, have this very soft, tender spot for The Magdalena and for that connection to that human, Divine Feminine energy that is so rich, and that we can relate to.

SM: Oh absolutely. And I’ve been thinking also that the reason that she was put out by the Catholic Church as, you know, a prostitute and shameful and all that sort of thing is because she represents, you know, human, Divine Feminine energy, and what better way to make that bad.

LD: Exactly, just to try anyway, to disempower her, to try, because I mean, it’s been… I mean, think of it, here we are, and that’s what she was saying to us, to me, to all of us this morning as I was getting ready is that, you know, here we are 2,000 years later and the truth wins out…

SM: Hmm, absolutely…

LD: …despite everything that various religions have tried to do in terms of discrediting or dishonoring that Divine Feminine in all of us. You know, this really fits with the Hour with an Angel issue of gender hatred or inequality because it doesn’t matter; at the end, as we’re making this transition, the truth is standing there right in front of us.

SM: Yes, yes indeed, and it feels as though…

LD: Hallelujah!

SM: Hallelujah, that’s right. So, you know, Jesus is a wayshower for the rest of humanity as in this is what we can, you know, expect and hope for and work for ourselves as we are all children of God, and I believe that Mary Magdalene also serves the same purpose in the feminine way as in this is what we can have.

LD: Absolutely. And you know, I was doing my newsletter actually over the weekend and I put that in because it seems to me, particularly on this issue of union and sacred union and partnership and building community, is that when we hear one day from Yeshua, the next day we hear from Mary Magdalene, because it’s that balance you know, we hear from her and then we are going to hear from him. And it’s part of that perspective but it’s also part of our coming to understand “How does sacred partnership really work?” I loved the last channelling that she gave us because she talks about not just looking to events, you know like major events, which we tend to do as human beings, but to “How do you live a sacred partnership in the day to day?” you know because that’s really what it’s about.

SM: Yes, yes, and I think it has a lot to do with sharing a foundation with someone, when you have that foundational core, things in common, then you know, socks on the bathroom floor, wet towel in the corner, it doesn’t become quite as irritating, it may be almost an endearing thing ‘oh my sweetie left a sock on the floor’ instead of… I won’t say it; it would just be terrible… griping and grumbling. [Laughter]

LD: It’s true, and that approach to sacred union then spills over to your family, to your children, to your friends and that’s how it just ripples on out. And of course, the starting point – and I think she is going to talk to us about that this morning – is starting with ourselves.

SM: Indeed, absolutely true. We can’t offer to anyone else what we can’t give to ourselves.

LD: Exactly.

SM: Lovely. So have you got a fabulous Magdalena meditation for us?

LD: I do. Our deep pink rose is here.

SM: Woohoo, alright.

LD: So, let us begin.

SM: Thank you.

LD: Oh, thank you Suzi.

So relax and take a nice, deep breath of pink. Start with the softest pink, the colour of the Mother’s gift of grace, and see that gentle pink as you breathe in through your nose, and on the out breath pushing down into your heart, and letting go of the day, the week, the season, the year. Give yourself this gift of simply being here, of relaxing into your chair or the floor, your car seat or the bed, wherever you are. Bring down those shoulders, relax your jaw, your hips, your knees, your feet and simply be.

Now let’s bring down that colour of pink a few shades to that bright, lipstick pink and breathe that in, and bring that pink to the center of your tri-flame, the center of your heart. So the pink is brightening up your pink diamond of your essential, divine self and feel it in balance with the blue diamond of the Divine Mother, the canary diamond, the Divine Father. Feel the sparkles and the warmth in your chest.

Now let’s bring it down a little further, the pink, bring it down into that deeper pink, almost fuchsia but not quite, the deepest, deepest pink rose, the rose of our beloved Magdalena, and breathe it in. I can smell her fragrance, the rose tinged with jasmine. Oh, it’s so beautiful. Breathe it in, put out your hands and arms as how we gather energy and bring it in to your heart, bring it in to that center of your tri-flame, the energy of Mary Magdalena. And feel that rose gently blossoming and entwining with your tri-flame, sustaining it, nurturing it, expanding it. Let us together welcome in this sweet sister.

Mary Magdalene: Greetings, I am The Magdalena.

SM: Welcome.

MM: And welcome to you, beloved sister. And welcome to all of you, my beloved sisters and brothers, family of my heart, soul family of my journey. I throw open my arms, my heart, and I welcome you in as I have welcomed you in so many times; yes, 2,000 years ago, 10,000 years ago, 50,000 years ago. My beloved friends, we have been at this for a long time.

We do not know the meaning of ‘quit’ and we absolutely know, and embrace, the meaning of ‘surrender’. And we will talk a little bit this day about ‘surrender’ as I hopefully edge you along from acceptance of your magnificent self, to the place of surrender of your magnificent self, to the totality, the divinity, the magnificence ‘in form’ of who you are.

And yes, the topic that I have asked of speak of this day is Union – sacred union, divine union, sacred partnership, family. What is more dear to us? I would suggest very little.

When I have walked sweet Gaia as The Magdalena, I was what some felt – or thought or considered, certainly my family – as gifted. Now, I would like to say that I loved and honored my family, and I am glad that they viewed me in this way because it led to a path of preparation. But my beloved friends, there is not a single one of you who listens or who walks the planet that is not enormously gifted. It is just that the awakening to that acceptance of the fullness of your soul design, the bringing forth of all your talents, abilities, capacities is more acceptable and prevalent in this time, thank goodness.

But as a young child, and then as a young woman, I was prepared in the sacred ways through ritual, through teaching, particularly through the teaching of the Essenes – yes, what you would call Essenes – but also through many, for I did not simply walk a singular path, the same way that none of you walk a singular path. None of you, my beloved ones, are uni-dimensional. Yes, of course, that is a whole other conversation. You are multidimensional beings. But I simply mean that you do not have all but one interest.

My forte, my speciality, was that I was a very conscious channel and that served me well in terms of understanding in later years, as my journey progressed, my connection with Yeshua and yes, even the ability to telepathically, and physically of course, communicate. But I was also trained in the ways of sacred ceremony, of sacred ritual, for these were essential to many of our practices.

I labored, worked, embraced, loved, at moments hated, the rigorous nature of my training. But let us also say that part of that training, part of that journey in my early years, was the acceptance of physicality, the acceptance of beauty in all forms: the beauty of my body, of my hair, of my eyes, of my being, not as separate or distinct from the beauty of my soul or my love, my connection to the Mother, to the Father, to the One. And what we were taught very early on was the embrace of the gifts, including beauty, physicality, that you had brought forth for this lifetime, this incarnation, because these were direct gifts from the Mother, and they were part and parcel of your mission, your purpose and your unfoldment.

Now that became key – no, not with my Yeshua; I think he would have loved me no matter what – but it became key and what I could call ‘the friction’ that became the story, the myth, of Mary Magdalene. What so angered the male figures in power – yes, the Rabbis, the Pharisees, later the Catholics, but even many of the Jews – was that I would not deny my beauty or my power. And many saw this as a challenge and as arrogance, as conceit. They felt that I was – and judged me, harshly – as lacking in humility which, particularly in that situation, was considered a very feminine virtue. But false humility is not humility. To stand and accept the might, the power, the truth, the beauty, the grace of who you are and to live in that grace and beauty as an expression of the Divine Mother, and to be humbled by that gift in the truest sense of the word – now that is the way to live. False modesty has no place. It is the core issue of denial and judgement of self.

So part, and why I speak of this is because it pertains to thee, my beloved ones, part of my very early training and part of my instinctual, intuitive knowing and my conversations with what you think of as the Company of Heaven, was the knowing of my role in this grand unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, and my plan within that plan, and my plan in union with Yeshua. But before any of that could happen, before what you would think of as my public life truly began, there was the learning, the acceptance and the surrender to who I was, and might I even say ‘who I AM’ – in, out or in between form to this very day. And sweet angels, I am no different than you.

When I first began to work and encounter the energies of Yeshua, many things occurred. But like each of you, particularly when you are not in denial, I yearned for one who would meet me, join with me, conjoin with me, on equal ground, who would be madly in love with me, who would see me for the totality of who I was, both in spirit but also in form as woman. Yes, with shortcomings – I had a fiery temper! I yearned for someone to share the path with but I also knew that I would never, your term ‘settle’, for less than what I yearned for, for someone who would truly be my partner. And I knew this being to be Yeshua, that our contract had been formed long before we even met in physical reality. But let me be very clear – as soon as I saw him, he took my very breath away. The yearning in my heart disappeared and I could say to myself “There he is.” And I could see it in his eyes, in his smile, in his laughter, in his glance, that he knew the same.

We knew the unfoldment that lay in front of us. We did not rush it – although perhaps by those standards we did – but it was that not only recognition and acknowledgement but acceptance and surrender to each other, and to ourselves, to the yearnings of our own hearts, not merely spiritually – let me be very clear, for our love was physical and passionate, and normal. So yes, it did entail picking up stray pieces of clothing and washing dishes and gathering water. And it did include late nights sitting and talking and sharing wine and bread. And lonely nights when he was fulfilling what he needed to do.

But our union – and the reason I speak of this, our union, the union between Yeshua and I – is an example. Not the perfect example but the imperfect example, the human example, of what Love can be. And, it would not have been possible if each of us had not done the groundwork in terms of knowing, accepting, embracing our sacred selves and then the sacred union with the Mother/Father/One/Source/All, so that we both came – yes different interpretations, different opinions at times, different ways to express it which made for lively conversation – but it was to come together, not for one to override but to be equal partners and to form family and to be part of the extended family, and the extended community.

There is much emphasis that is often given on difficult transitions or sorrow or moments but truly our life, our time together was filled with joy, laughter, yes, some tears, but a deep knowing not only of the rightness of our union but the support.

When I retreated, shall I say, from the world – which if I was to incarnate I would not do again – but when I retreated, many ways it was because I felt that I was no longer supported in such a way and I became in some ways disillusioned with the human collective, which was very sad, and might I say in some ways incorrect.

Now why do I bring this up? I bring it up because each of you, my dear hearts, have these moments, particularly during this time of transition, of chaos. We thought that we lived in a time of great chaos. It was nothing compared to what you are experiencing and in that chaos there are moments when each of you think, “Am I disillusioned? Am I in despair? Am I in disappointment? Shall I simply withdraw?” And I suggest to you – actually, I urge you, I beg you, I plead with you – do not withdraw, because your beauty, your acceptance of your sacred self in community, in union, in family, is what creates Nova Earth. It is what brings forth the new paradigm. It is not merely your Ascension. Does that change? Yes it does change you and it already has and is changing you.
But what about after, what about during, what about right now? You are the ones, through your work, through your energies, through your consistency, your constancy that the Mother speaks of all the time; you are the ones that are anchoring the new paradigm, the new grid, the new way of community of Nova Earth. And that way is through union and re-union, not merely with us but with yourselves and each other, with the kingdoms. Cherish yourselves; you are so worth cherishing and do not deny yourself.

Now, I have put many things on the table this day, dear Suzanne. Where do you wish to begin?

LD: I fear we have lost the connection. I will call back…

SM: Okay. Thank you very much Mary for coming to talk with us on this subject. And as you are speaking several things come to me, for one you mentioned the Essenes and I have been very fascinated with that and I was hoping that you would come back for another show to talk about that in detail, would that be possible?

MM: I would be honored to come and to share the information about the Essenes.

SM: I am so happy about that, thank you. Alright, what can we look for in any relationship that signals to us that it is one worth working at, even if we feel some negative reaction? Is that reaction or response grounded in our wounding or in self-love?

MM: Probably a little bit of both, dear heart, but let us talk about this. There has been a wonderful, and not, training ground that the human race has had to deny themselves what they most desire; so it is so sad. So part of what you would call ‘wounding’ is this almost self-defeating mechanism that so many have of looking for what’s wrong. And sweet angel, I can guarantee you when you begin to look at what’s wrong, even when it’s right, it will always be wrong and it will always send up the flares or warning flags.

So for example, knowing some of the challenges, because both Yeshua and I were fully aware of many of the challenges, not all, but many of the challenges that we would face, so I, very easily, as powerful woman, just like you, just like all of you who are listening, could have said, “No thanks, this will never work.” But I also understood as woman, as spiritual being, that those concerns, those flags, those potential woundings that reflected earlier woundings, were the opportunity to heal, not only what lay within me and lay within Yeshua…as I say, we are your imperfect perfect example…it would not only heal our wounds, it would heal the collective wounds.

So, there is always going to be this ‘what if’ or ‘but’ that can interfere with you embracing and surrendering…that is why surrender is so frightening to all you…surrendering to a situation that could be imperfect or wrong.

SM: Right.

MM: Now, there is a difference, and you are brilliant beings, both mentally, emotionally, spiritually, when you look at someone and there are holes, can I put it that way?, when there are holes in that person’s aura or journey, when they have not reached the place of acceptance of their sweet divinity, of their union with One, then that is an indicator to you that perhaps they are not quite ready for, truly, what sacred union, partnership demands. Now, does that mean that they will never be? No. But does it mean pause, wait, support, observe? I would suggest yes.

But what is occurring right now on your plane, in the new, new 3rd and interdimensional reality, is that the changes that previously, so when I say ‘pause’ I mean ‘pause’, changes that previously took sometimes lifetimes, sometimes eons, sometime decades to heal are healing at the speed of Love. This is the biggest gift of St. Germaine’s healing; it heals at the speed of Love. We say this many times and I steal Einstein’s explanation, because it is healing at the speed of light squared, so literally in one moment your beloved can say, “This is really a hole, this really bugs me, this work has not been done” and in the next moment it is. Now why? Because there is the desire on both your parts, that yearning, it is almost instinctual, that yearning is so powerful that the intention behind it to heal the wounds is almost like what you would think of as a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Now, what is required is the ‘yes’ factor, is the willingness, is the agreement. But there are very, very few and it is fewer every day of what we would call the reluctant or the recalcitrant upon the planet. That is why I have said to you, “Do not give up, do not go to that place of disillusionment, disenchantment” because my beloved friends, you are right there. You can have it all!

SM: Well, that makes me wonder now, I’ve been thinking a lot about my body and whatever changes will be taking place. Will our bodies become lower maintenance?

MM: Yes and no. No, let me clarify…I am teasing you…and that was the other thing that you do not know about me; not only did I have somewhat of a fiery temper, I am an incredible tease and I love to tease and laugh and joke. And so does Yeshi. So, will it require what you have thought of as less maintenance? The answer is yes, because your overall well-being, your health, your physicality is shifting so dramatically with your increase in frequency vibration, crystalline content, etc. Your DNA is already rewired and that is true of all of you who are listening, all of you, it is already done. So now you are activating it, marker by marker. Now, does it take less time? Yes. But let us also suggest that the connection to the body as your temple, you will choose to give it more time, more nurturing, more Love, more attention.

Now, when I have said to thee that one of the things that I learned very early on was the acceptance of beauty and form as gifts from the Mother. This is also what Nova Being, the New You, the Interdimensional you is also remembering. So, will they require more attention, what you think of as maintenance? They will require less. But will you choose to nurture, to luxuriate in appreciation of your body in a whole new meaning of wellness, of fullness, of light? The answer is yes.

SM: Okay, good, I feel that and at the same time, I guess it’s just a slow transition because I’m feeling like I would really love to be fit without really having to focus on exercising. I have so many other things going on right now that I really…that feels like a distraction, almost like eating is a distraction, I don’t even want to eat anymore….anyway…okay…

MM: But what you have need to do, and this is for all of you, speak to your muscles, speak to your skeletal self and say to them, because your body is completely receptive at this point of intersection, simply say, “I want you to be toning, adjusting, firmer, stronger, curvier, thinner”, whatever it is on your list, but strength and tone is very important, “I want you to do that with me regardless of what it is I am doing during the course of the day.” Now I’m not suggesting that you’re asking your muscles to be working and toning and gaining strength during your night sleep; we want you to rest especially because very often you are off doing other work, shall we say, doing work.

SM: Yeah…

MM: And so you often come back tired, so if your muscles are also overexerted during that time, that is not a healthy thing. So, during the waking hours ask your body to be doing what you are wishing to achieve; it is bringing you into closer partnership with your body…the same with food…

SM: Oh?

MM: Think of the food…many of you do not have any desire to eat…or you have cravings that are unusual, it does not matter which category or which group you are falling into; take a little bit of food, not because it is a rude interruption in your day, but because this is a time, even if it is 15 minutes, to tell your body how much you Love it, how much you treasure it, how much you want to nurture it as your temple. So switch the opinion of food, of food preparation, of gathering food, into ‘this is how I beautify my temple, this is how I nurture my sacred self.’ And what it will also do is influence the choices that you make in terms of what you choose for these celebrations of your temple. So you will not be putting garbage into your body.

SM: Okay.

MM: But…

SM: but…

MM:…there were times, particularly with children, where they wish to put what is viewed as non-healthy, yes, even in our time, and we would simply transmute it so that it would be, again, the sparkling light being put into our body.

SM: Okay, alright, umm, I actually have one more question and maybe we could do closing comments. Umm, you mentioned ritual, okay, and I’ve been trained in the ways of ritual and I understand what it’s for, I’m just feeling I haven’t used those things so much, it seems to be a more direct thing merely with intention and what I want to do so is ritual now as necessary as it was before?

MM: You are going to want to hit me…(Laughter)…because I am going to answer again yes and no.

SM: Okay.

MM: Ritual is a gift. Now, ritual has, in some ways, become to be misunderstood in terms of ‘it is the only acceptable way in which to prepare or conduct sacred ceremony’ and that if you don’t do it you don’t get the passing grade, as it were. But ritual is, in fact, a gift; it is the calling forth and the centering of all your energies but all the energies that you wish to join with you. So, for example, going back to the food, if you prepare a beautiful meal, a salad made with everything from the garden and it is fresh and it is delicious and it has every color and then you simply stand at the sink and eat it with your hands. No, you have taken the trouble to gather this precious food so would you not want to put it in one of your beautiful pottery bowls and use clean utensils and sit down with a beautiful napkin and truly enjoy the meal that you have prepared?

That is what ritual is, it is part of the gift and ritual includes the closing rituals of gratitude and thanksgiving for yourself, for what you have brought to the table and what everybody in the seen and unseen kingdom, the plants that you are eating, the Gaia energy that has contributed, the air, the water, the fairies that have danced on the lettuce leaves. So it is the joy. So ritual came to be understood as something has to be done in a ritualized manner, a formed manner, and then it became boring and stultified. But in fact, it is simply part of the joy gift.

SM: Okay, well thank you for that reframe, I really appreciate the new perception and I so appreciate having this conversation and I look forward to having a conversation on the Essenes and have you got any closing comments for today?

MM: Dear hearts, first of all thank you for coming and listening and sharing my space, for allowing me into your hearts, and for you coming into mine. I embrace you, I honor you, I Love you, This is a time of union, of sacred union and partnership. Do not deny, out of fear or old patterns, what your heart desires. Step forth in clear intention and claim what you so rightfully deserve and have always deserved; the mirror, the compliment, the support of Love.

I am with you. Let me be your matchmaker. Go with my Love, sweet angel.

SM: Thank you so much.

MM: Farewell.

SM: Farewell. Lots of Love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 08-12-14
© 2014 Council of Love

linda dillon 15.8.

Sanat Kumara answers: How do we shift into the fullness of abundance? Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art power of wisdom by linda apple

ART : ‘Power of Wisdom’ ~ by Linda Apple


Sanat Kumara answers: How do we shift into the fullness of abundance?

July 31, 2014

Open your arms my beloved friends and bring in the abundance of what you desire of these codes and bring them in directly through that portal of your heart, bring it in right now. And understand as you do this, as you bring forth an abundance of awe, of joy, of compassion or charity, what does it manifest as in terms of the tangible, of a physical expression that you can maintain form with? It is everything you want.

Suzanne: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of “The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness” and myself Suzanne Maresca.

Today we are going with the flow and we were ready to welcome Sanat Kumara back to the show for the first time since our Universal Laws series last year. The discussion was to include how Universal Law applies to abundance and I am looking forward to whoever shows up because we might have a surprise today. The abundance feels as though this is the one issue that is catching a great deal of our attention these days and it has not been so easy to keep up the faith when we allow worries to take up so much space in our thoughts and it seems like the world is exploding.

Suzanne: Good morning Linda. Oh, oh! Sorry honey, good morning.

Linda: Good morning, (laugh) it’s ok, it’s some of those technical issues, right? We have an abundance of them.

Suzanne: Yeah ok! Hi.

Linda: Hi. It’s good to be here and as you say you know today I think it is we could do a subtitle here “going with the flow”. And I can feel Sanat Kumara. Let me tell you what happened to me last night again at 3.33 this morning after I’d been awake for hours working on the… well, listening more than anything, not up and writing, but listening to the things they want to include in the Union and Reunion Gathering coming up in October, is that Mother Mary appeared again by my bed. And it’s like, not just like an apparition with your eyes closed and feeling the presence but like full on front and center and that’s how I wanted to start the show today. It’s like what do you do when (I think I am; going to cry) what do you do when the Mother, and to me the embodiment of the Mother in the way I can handle even though I know she has a million faces as Mother Mary, like what do you do when she shows up? And what I do is, I just, I am in this sense of overwhelm of awe, of wander, of joy but I just start crying because it’s so big and it just takes away (even in the middle of the night) it just takes away everything else or can I say that sense of importance, no false importance really, or exaggerated importance of everything else. It’s like you are just there and you are in the love and those 22 million things on your “to do list”, it’s not that they disappear but it’s that sense of this is all that really count, this is all that really matters is to feel that love and you know, I mean, how I often say this in our InLight team meetings is that the Council of Love can be really boring because all they ever talk about is love, love, love, love, but when you have these experiences, it’s like: oh yes, nothing else matters. And the feeling of overwhelm with the “to do list” changes in terms of overwhelm, of just feeling this abundance of love. So my reasons for bringing it up and I know the Tsunami of Love is going to increase, this is her heads-up, how she tells me here comes another wave, but I wish everybody could just feel this abundance of love.

Sanat Kumara, in preparing for today, (he is so funny—laugh) he actually “made me”, made me listen to me, suggested strongly, that I go and look up in the dictionary the meaning of abundance. And I did of course and there are various explanations but abundance, the primary consistent, dictionary after dictionary, explanation for abundance refers to measurement and particularly in chemistry, I guess, but it struck me as I was seating there reading this is that, of course he is talking to me, is that when we talk about the 13th Octave, about being in the place of Divine Union, about going to the heart of One, they have always explain the 13th Octave as a measurement, as going beyond what we have in what we think and have thought as the old 3rd dimension, going beyond to a higher Octave and in that higher Octave, in the 13th Octave or beyond or even in the 12th dimensions that we have while we maintain our body, there is no such thing as lack; that the abundance of the various qualities, the laws, everything that is available to us, yes in a whole bunch of different forms, but that that abundance is there.

You know that overflowing fullness was another example, plentiful, you know affluence was way at the bottom of the list and that we tend to think of abundance too many times and because we are all, not all perhaps, but many of us concerned about money and if we are not concerned about money for ourselves we are certainly concerned about money for the world and food and shelter and clothing for the world. But what I hear Sanat saying to us is that it’s really time and the Mother too, it’s really time for us to start, at least thinking and perhaps even feeling, abundance different way.

Suzanne: Well, It involves trust.

Linda: It involves that darn trust again. St Germaine where are you when we really need you?

Suzanne: Right here


Linda: Yeah Right here. Right here, the room is full Suzi. And I can hear, excuse me (Linda coughing) … my morning allergies… I can hear our listeners saying: “Well yeah, I can see abundance! I can see abundance of war; I can see abundance of friction, of mayhem, of chaos, of hatred, of greed of rape, of pillage, of starvation, of abuse of animals.” I think one of the things I’d like to ask Sanat Kumara, the Mother, whomever is present because Gabrielle just walked in, too, is to give us another word so that we are not sort of defiling that word of abundance, so we can start thinking of and creating in a different way because this has to shift and I know many of you who are sitting there are feeling that; this has to shift.

Suzanne: This has to shift, exactly and it feels like all the lack and the poverty and all the things that you mentioned and war as well as disease are all created things. It would be interesting to track where the creation of these things has started that we can discreate them.

Linda: Or torch them, or use the Law of Elimination, you are absolutely correct. Because all those things that we are talking about are human creations, they are human, man-made for and I don’t mean gender prejudice but they are man-made creations.

Suzanne: It brings me to wonder and I am sure that many listeners are wondering how long we need to keep the faith, hold the light and do what we are doing while the rest of the world doesn’t and when we get to, you know, when our perceptions will open enough to know in our hearts and in our bones that everything really is ok and that we can just relax and just keep doing our thing, I mean how long does that go on for? You know.

Linda: I do know and you and I have certainly had that conversation is that, you know, I mean the answer, when I am in a flip mood as well, as long as it takes. You know, we put our heads down and keep going but of course it’s the real question is how long? And I do sense that if we just use ourselves, no one else, like if we just didn’t even look outside this room, if we just looked at ourselves, then we are not the same, and I say this to everyone who is listening, is that we are not holding that energy of war and lack and limitation. We may be having a 3rd dimensional, an old 3rd dimension experience of lack and limitation but we are not holding that energy. So how do we shift into that fullness of abundance? Because it’s abundance of joy, it’s abundance of knowing, it’s abundance of all those things that are the higher qualities, the Blessings and Virtues that were included in the Mother’s gift of Grace.

Suzanne: Well one of the challenges is if we see these things for ourselves then we trust and have faith and most days we are strong in knowing that everything is going to be okay, we are continually surrounded with people who don’t feel that way and it’s really hard to hold the light in those circumstances. You know, some days are better than others, I mean most of my days are great and I can be in that place, but yesterday I had kind of a cranky day.

Linda: And part of that is allowing yourself to have a cranky day too. You call it cranky I call it goosie… Laugh…But yeah, there are days and yes you can fool yourself and say, Oh, I am just processing for the collective” (laugh) yeah right! And of course the reason that we can say that and it’s true, we are processing for the collective, like we have never done before, but if we didn’t have a speck of that energy of whenever we are cranky or ticked off about within us or within our field, if we didn’t have that mirror to match up with then that is not the issue that we have been processing. So I think my question to the Mother and to Sanat Kumara is, “How do we move to being the mirror from being the mirror of that – can we say – the lower vibration, to consistently, every waking hour, being the mirror for that real sense of abundance?” Wow I wonder if they can deal with this.

Suzanne: Well we’ll see? Time for meditation?

Linda: Time for meditation and it’s also time for us to realise that this is a process for us; this is part of our Ascension process as well.

Suzanne: Yes, yes indeed. And I agree that it’s time to, what we pay attention to is important and you know on those days when we are just feeling bombarded with all the negative energy and the bad news in the world and how people feel about it that’s when we need to really, really step in and hold the light.

Linda: That’s when you need to lie down in your bed and ask Mother Mary to come and comfort you.

Suzanne: Okay.

Linda: And it’s also even in the times and you and I have talked about this and I think it s important to share, is that even when we are in this feeling of bombardment, we are also still in a really creative, highly creative phase. So we are building, I mean look at you and your Whale Tails, you are in production city girlfriend.

Suzanne: Oh I am. I haven’t done it for 8 months and I finally opened a new kiln and I am still taking pictures and updating the website, but yeah, I’m doing that and I feel really good about it and they turned out really beautiful and the energy in them is awesome. But at the same time that’s one of my reasons for being cranky yesterday, I took a bunch of pictures and they did not turn out to be as color accurate as I wanted them to be and I wasted all that time and I am just like a little, you know … laugh…whinny…

Linda: Yes but you know what? We are taking pictures right now of the planet and of what’s going on on the planet and that’s not color accurate either.


Suzanne: All right!

Linda: So with that …

Suzanne: So with that…there we go…

Linda: Everyone please forgive my hoarseness. There’s a horse in here; maybe it’s a unicorn. So let’s begin to take a nice deep breath of gold, the gold of Sanat Kumara, brilliant, shiny gold and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, that rich molten gold, the Florentine gold and the gold of Yahweh, which is like a canary diamond, sparkling and brilliant. And breathe and simply give yourself permission to just be here, to be bathed in this golden energy, in this golden light.

And go down into your heart and as you’ll remember, see that tiny pinprick of light, the center of your heart and unfurl your golden wings and stretch and relax and feel the truth, the might, the abundance of who you really are. And fly through that pinprick of light, right through that portal, to the interior of your being, to the interior of your heart and see those golden walls. And see the beautiful writing and symbols and messages that you have written on your walls to remind yourself of the truth of who you are, of your magnificence in and out of form, of your divinity, your wonder, your gifts.

Go to that place, whether it’s a cushion or a stool or a beautiful chair or a throne and go and seat down. Come with me and come deeper into your heart. And as you sit and you gaze around this wonderful chamber, look and notice, What is the very particular abundant quality that you brought to earth, that is as much as part of your being as you lungs, your hair, your skin? What is that abundant quality that is an essential part of your soul design? Compassion? Or joy? Humility? Prudence? Maybe you carry an abundance of hope so you can be the well spring that others drop on, or love, or peace.

Take a minute and let yourself really feel what your special abundance gift is. And as you do this, feel the gratitude welling up in your heart, in your being, in you core, as you are sitting there. It’s just you. Feel the gratefulness for who you are and for what your carry, for you carry it not just for yourself but for the Mother/Father One anchoring it on Nova Earth, you carry it for your family, for your soul family, for humanity and there is enough to go around for everybody. You are an embodiment of the Mother’s infinite design. Acknowledge this and accept this and be grateful to yourself and allow others to be grateful to, for and with you.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

Suzanne: Welcome.

Sanat Kumara: Yes, I bow to the Mother and I stand with Gabrielle and I thank you, my beloved friends, for inviting all of us this day as you always do, you know. Yes you may give me or St Germaine or Archangel Michael the opportunity to speak, but know, particularly, there are instances when we speak as one. Do we have slightly different perspectives, different ways of expressing? Yes. But the kernel is truth, the kernel is love, the seed is love.

And yes, I have come this day and asked, requested, not merely to review the Universal Laws, which I am so happy to share with thee, but also to take you by the hand, to put my arm around your shoulder, not merely as Planetary Logos but as brother and friend and guide. Yes, and guide you and lead you to a different place, a different place of existence, a different octave, a different way of being, a different way of perceiving.

When I have shared with you, my beloved family, the Universal Laws, straight forward and simple, my purpose is to share with you how things work, the mechanics, not merely for Earth, but that is our concern at the moment is it not? It is how do you operate, how does love behave and create in this planetary sector? So, I share with you the Laws of Sacred Purpose, of Change, of Unification, of Dispensation, of Elimination, of Give/ Receive/ Intend, all of this, not because I wish to be the instructor but because, yes as Logos, but as friend, as brother, I want you and I need you, in our sacred union and in our partnership, I need you to understand, to implement, to use these laws and to begin the creations of your life, of your journey, of your being and yes, of abundance.

You have asked dear Suzanne, how to discreate? And previously we would not have had such a creation discussion, but that is the purpose of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of Give and Receive, of Transmutation, of Transmission, of Dispensation, of Elimination. You are tending and I mean you, the human race, because I, like all who are coming to you at this time, I speak to all the people of Gaia. You are thinking of abundance in terms of drawing in, but that is only one portion of it because to be in balance, when you bring in there is also a release, otherwise you are going to tip over…not really because you are infinitely able to hold far more energy than you are even dreaming or conceiving of.

But there is too much, yes even for me, there is too much discussion about the clearing, about the letting go, about the dispelling, the elimination. And on the creation side, which is why we started to have this discussion about the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws in the first place, there is not enough discussion, there is not enough action about the ‘bringing in’.

Now you say to me, “SK, Raj, brother, I am asking every day to bring things in.” That is all very well and good and there are our legions, quite literally, ready to assist you, in addition to your guides and circle, to bring things in. But we are also in a time, your time and our time, of sacred union, of the Mother’s tsunami, of the imbuing of grace, of all the divine qualities and attributes. So, it also means that you are pulling in; so, not merely are you asking to receive, you are actively, you are forgetting the action piece, not totally, but this is what I wish to speak to you of, you are forgetting the action piece of creation.

You, yes in partnership but that is what partnership means, we do not do it all, you are the servants of the Mother the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, “Well, SK I sure don’t feel it.” Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth; you are the masters. Look at what you are creating. Now I am asking you, each of you, pleading with you, are you collecting daily, the codes of what you wish to bring forth, what you wish to create, in accordance with the divine laws, in accordance with the divine qualities, in accordance with dimensional reality, not the old 3rd because the old 3rd will get you nowhere. It is an illusion, so the more attention you pay to the illusion you are living there. So you say, “Dear heart, it is hard for us to ignore when people are being shot down, starving, raped, pillaged, when institutions are taking away our freedom.” But that is not the truth. You cannot, it will kill you if you continue to live in that old reality; it will kill you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You cannot do it, you cannot live, thrive, build, create in a non-existent reality that the Mother is banishing from the universe.

You have spoken of discreation. Well one the fundamental discreation that is taking place is the discreation of the old 3rd. We keep saying it is but vapours; there is nowhere for you to anchor. You may send the energy but do not live there and you most certainly do not create there. So you say to me, “Well then Raj where do I create?” Start and not tomorrow, not an hour from now, start right now with me, creating in your heart, in your room, in your car, in your office, wherever you are in this instance. Let us start and never stop.

I am not saying that you do not have time out for play, for laughter, for sleep, yes for what we call staring at the wall; these are important pieces of creation. But start! It was not an intellectual exercise for me to explain and to share and to give you and ignite within you the Universal Laws, the