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Hitting the Target

As we awaken to who it is that’s here, we walk a strait and narrow line, as Archangel Michael makes plain here:

“There is a very peculiar attribute among human beings. On the one hand — and we are back to the seesaw, teeter-totter — … there is the ego and the sense of self importance, and, on the other hand, at the other end of the seesaw, there is this sense of false humility and lack of self-worth.” (1)

On the one hand we want to stay away from a sense of inflated self-importance, as Michael says. But on the other hand, we can fall into the pit of false modesty and a feeling of inflated worthlessness.

Let’s look at both in turn. About our false sense of self-importance, Michael called the level of entitlement among lightworkers “appalling.”

“This is simply not about a temporal or a physical manifestation because one has committed to be a Lightworker. In fact the level of entitlement amongst many is appalling and I say that very strongly and very clearly.

“It is not because you are the chosen people. It is because there is a need and a soul agreement for the fulfilment of the Mother’s Plan, that when the spiritual re-evaluation of enough people, and the commitment to truly change, takes place, then the physical manifestation of those resources come forth.” (2)

He encouraged us:

“As you assume profile – whether it is because of money or notoriety or political power or financial power, it matters not – it gives you a sense of being elevated. We would encourage you to take the elevator to the basement. …

“There can be no room for this sense of false importance, arrogance, entitlement.” (3)

He cautions us that entitlement and arrogance will interfere with our ability to do our work for the Mother and says it will need to be seen to.

Archangel Michael: Even within the Lightworker community, there are pockets of entitlement and arrogance that are not acceptable. So that needs to be … cleared. …
If [lightworkers] do not do it, it will be done for them. And that is not a threat. It is simply a necessity for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan. (3)

At the other end of the spectrum, the Arcturians address our false modesty.

Arcturians:  You need to … release whatever remnants of human modesty that still encompass your self-esteem.

Steve Beckow:  Could you expand on that a bit?  I view it as humility, I hope.

A:  Humility is a human quality.  For humans have learned that they must be humble, for, if they allow their true light to be seen, then people become frightened.  So they have learned to shield their light with what humans call humility.

However, we do not shield our light. We are who we are, and you are who you are, and you have immense light.  Humility is shielding that Light.  Gaia needs those who can ground great light to ground every particle of that great Light. (4)

A “sin” is a missed mark in archery. If we want to hit the target instead of missing the mark, we have to walk a middle line of neutrality and balance. It seems to involve acknowledging both the power that we hold as incarnated angels and starseeds and recognizing that this does not place us “above” anyone else, but only allows us to better serve.

If we can think of these as two extremes – entitlement and worthlessness – then to hit the mark would be to hit dead-center.

Just as anger reveals fear underneath, so also self-importance, in my view, reveals fear – a fear of being somehow worthless.

Higher-dimensional beings tell us there is really nothing to fear and we may get glimpses of that. But until we realize it down to our bones, it may serve us simply to let go of any thought tinted with self-importance or false modesty – being too big or too small to fit reality.


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