Most everyone on earth thinks the word “Christ” is the name Christianity invented to reference “Jesus” as the prophesied anointed King who would save the world from darkness; and that it originated from the Greek “Christos” which means “anointed one” and used most often to apply to the status of a king.

Esoterically within the direct essence of pure spiritual understanding that Humanity first practiced on earth, (which was long before our most ancient records of human civilization), the Lemuria culture without exception enjoyed the benefits of one unified spiritual practice that was most accurate in creating Wholeness of the Soul within the Physical.

In truth, such a level of integrated spiritual understandings would not be called a “practice” anymore than we would say indigenous cultures engage in practices of spiritual ritual; for to those peoples it is more accurately a way of living, of being, and not something they engage in apart from their daily life. In contrast to how most modern humans live, it is just part of who they are at all times and moments.

The lost continent of Lemuria was such a culture before it became an ancient mystery when it sank into the Pacific Ocean over 10,000 years ago. All the language and understandings of their attained higher spiritual existence filtered down throughout time as a mere echo of what had once been a higher form of life and living.

Legends and inspirations of how things are “supposed to be” for humans are still hopefully idealized in concepts like those of Shangri-La, Camelot or Utopia, all emphasizing the state of existence of a global oneness or unification between all individuals in the society.

In order to prove today that “Utopia” is possible as a fact, well that proof is currently impossible to demonstrate; instead we find that the words, terms and teachings of how the Lemurian population accomplished attaining Unity sank along with everything else as the last part of the continent, the fabled Atlantis, disappeared around 10,000 years ago. The remnants of humanity who survived fell into an animalistic type of existence where brute survival was the only goal.

Eventually humanity regained civilized living but at a fraction of the real spiritual connection of which it had once been. Though among many pacific rim cultures of today there still exist tales of a great flood cataclysm. With that historical event, the language that once held true treasures of instruction became, over hundreds of years, mere degenerated whispers of the original content.

It can be surmised that those faint surviving whispers of Lemuria echoed in early Egypt, where Thoth/Hermes took the hieroglyphic writings of Sumeria and turned them into words to instruct and teach humanity or within the languages developing with the use of agriculture in early Africa and Asia.

In the ancient Greek language there was another term, very similar to “Christos”. Originating in what is now categorized as “Pagan” understandings of spirituality, the term was “Chrestos” and it more accurately described a way of beingness that existed long before the person posthumously named “Jesus” by the Roman authorities a hundred or more years after his death.

The “Chrestos” way of being was that of “the one who seeks the Truth” (the Christos) through self sacrifice of the artificial self in favor of deep self awareness of the true authentic self which is the “Divine Self” – that of seeking and attaining the “appearance of God within”.

1.  The [Greek] prophecy relates to the coming down upon the Earth of the Spirit of Truth (Christos), after which advent will begin the Golden Age; the verse refers to the necessity before reaching that blessed condition of inner (or subjective) theophany and theopneusty, to pass through the crucifixion of flesh or matter.

2. The word Chrestos existed ages before Christianity was heard of. It is found used, from the fifth century B.C., by Herodotus, by Aeschylus and other classical Greek writers… the surname Christos is based on, and the story of the Crucifixion derived from, events that preceded it. Everywhere, in India as in Egypt, in Chaldea as in Greece, all these legends were built upon one and the same primitive type; the voluntary sacrifice of the logoi — the rays of the one LOGOS, the direct manifested emanation from the One ever-concealed Infinite and Unknown — whose rays incarnated in mankind. They consented to fall into matter, and are, therefore, called the “Fallen Ones.”…
    …But in the esoteric phraseology of the temples “chrestos,” (23) a word which, like the participle chrestheis, is formed under the same rule, and conveys the same sense — from the verb [chraomai] (“to consult a god”) — answers to what we would call an adept, also a high chela, a disciple. It is in this sense that it is used by Euripides (Ion. 1320) and by Aeschylus (l. c.). This qualification was applied to those whom the god, oracle, or any superior had proclaimed this, that, or anything else. An instance may be given in this case… The words [chresen oikistera] used by Pindar (pp. 4-10) mean “the oracle proclaimed him the colonizer.” In this case the genius of the Greek language permits that the man so proclaimed should be called Chrestos. Hence this term was applied to every Disciple recognized by a Master, as also to every good man. [emphasis added].

In reference to these quotes, which seem to be very ancient (originating 100’s of years before Yeshua), they still reference writings that were created 1000’s of years after Lemuria existed. Let the impact of that sink in.

It means that ss far as “proof from the mental mind”, we are left with a sort of “wisper-down-the-lane” effect that is far removed from the originating source. What remains that can be “proven” is very convoluted and “esoteric” open to vast interpretation because it is just fragments of a truth, not the whole of that truth.

In that “whole” truth, the original teachings of Lemuria taught humans that each living person upon earth is directly aligned with the energies of the Creator of the Cosmos (the Cosmic Source of Oneness), not as a religion, but as a spiritual truth of who they are as a Soul.

In other words, they were not interested in “proof” but in “being”. And that focus changes everything as far as attainment of a higher status of spiritual existence is concerned. It is a vibrational truth versus concerning an intellectual satisfying revelation of “mysteries”.

For us today as spiritual seekers, despite how it is portrayed through the mainstream “dictated” accepted ways of society, those original Lemurian methods are not really lost, they are instead now revealed to us through the very beings who attained that status, the Ascended Masters, who share their teachings as a way of being, and not as an intellectual proving.

These “Ascended” beings include the direct lineage of peoples that legends about the great cataclysm of the flood depict as prophetically surviving by seeking shelter inside the great cavernous spaces of earth itself, that of the Inner Earth or Hollow Earth.

These peoples did so knowing full well that the upper earth human life as they knew it would dim into a state of very low frequency physically, intellectually, and spiritually, and that all records of a higher level of human existence would become lost if they did not take the steps (and great sacrifice) necessary to preserve them for the future of Humanity.

We know of these peoples as the Agartha Inner Earth beings. And the most important aspect of the information that survived with them is that of living as a spiritual being first and foremost. In other words, “being” in Oneness with their Divinity.

Lord Adama is one such Master who physically lives in the major capital city of the inner earth, Telos, and he, as the High Priest, still holds forth those original teachings (which have evolved into an even more perfected state than they were 10,000 years ago). These teachings are what we call today “Ascension Mastery” and they include many other Ascended Beings who have successfully practiced them and attained a higher level of existence within dimensional reality, a level that is formally termed “fifth dimensional”.

So while not accepted by the established authority of our current upper earth as it exist today, the formal study and practice of Ascension Mastery is the most accurate knowledge upon earth regarding how to become a living Christ – one who walks in their Divinity as a Soul such that that energy becomes the very foundation of the larger society they live within.

In fact it is the same lost knowledge that 2000 years ago the man Yeshua spent decades of his life studying and incorporating for himself so that he could share that with others. It was nothing other than that of the “Crestos Consciousness” which we now term as the “Christ Consciousness”.

And it is that same “practice” that we teach at Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery.


As an “Initiate” of this process to become our own Christed Divinity, we know that it takes very diligent practice; a practice undertaken by the Ascended individuals (among others) we know as Yeshau (Lord Sananda) and Siddhārtha Gautama (Lord Buddha) as they walked the upper earth to engage in moving their own dimensional existence out of the confinements of the “3d” into that of a higher state of beingness.

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  1. – H.P. Blavatsky



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