Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins

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Dear friends,

I am Mary. I am the mother of Jeshua and I represent the mother archetype in your tradition. In that tradition, the energy of the mother has become distorted and debased, and this wound affects both men and women, boys and girls. Motherhood is creative in a receptive way. As a mother, you will receive a child into your womb, and you become a channel for a new soul onto Earth. You become physically attached to the child who comes through you; however, detachment begins at birth where you let the new child be its own unique self when you sever the umbilical cord.

The creativity of a mother includes letting go, even though the deepest fusion has taken place when the child is budding in the mother’s womb where it is physically surrounded and nourished. Although this deep fusion has taken place, inevitably, there is also a letting go by allowing the child to complete its way in life in its own unique manner. In this way, motherhood carries two extremes within it: on the one hand, bonding and fusion, and on the other hand, letting go and nurturing the unique qualities of another person.

In your tradition, women were usually limited to their role as mother. They could hardly develop in other areas, since there was too little opportunity for that to happen. They could rarely show their passion and inspiration, their male energy. They were pushed one-sidedly into the role of mother and, therefore, they became excessively attached to their children. They identified so strongly with their motherhood that it was almost impossible for them to let go of their child and, thus, to let the child follow its own unique path. In short, this led to a stifling maternal role that smothered the child.

Traditionally, the father was absent. He was not allowed to play a nurturing, responsible role within the family. His role was outside the family: he was supposed to work and perform in the world. He needed to be a “man”, which meant he had to suppress his sensitive nature. In this way, the absent father was born, and this again had an impact on the child. The family circumstances did not allow the child to free itself and, with the help of the father, to move away from the tight family structure in order to go its own way.

The whole family structure has become distorted in your tradition, with the result that children – such as you and the generations before you: your parents – have inherited an unbalanced picture of the father and mother energies, of the male and female energies. And sooner or later, when in relationships with others, this distortion has its effect.

If you are very strongly identified with the father energy – especially with the absent father – you will have trouble connecting deeply and emotionally with another; you do not have a good example of how that relationship works. In those who fear bonding and merging, there also lives the fear of the stifling mother energy, the reverse side of the absent father. This combined effect can lead to a repeated pattern where you fear bonding with someone for fear of being swallowed up by that relationship and also of being unable to travel your own path within that relationship; in short, a fear of bonding deeply with another.

If, on the other hand, you strongly identify with the mother energy – if you have a strong bonding with the mother energy of the past – then you throw yourself into a relationship and you are afraid of losing the other person. You are afraid of being abandoned, and so the other becomes the beacon to which you cling. In women and men with separation anxiety there is often a father who was absent, someone they look for their entire lives. They are seeking a haven of safety and independence they are missing in themselves. If they meet someone who seems to represent this beacon, they will easily lose themselves in their feelings for that person. This need creates a pattern of excessive needing to merge with another; it lays claim to the relationship, a destructive claim that will eventually lead to conflict and betrayal.

So, you can see how you stand in a tradition of distortions relating to both the father and the mother energies. Although these patterns may seem to be something abstract, they play out quite concretely in your personal life.

I ask you to now connect inwardly with the primal energy of the father, with the cosmic father energy. That primal energy of the father is an energy of protection, strength, wisdom, and overview. Call up that energy, it is available to you. No matter how your biological father acted in life, that father energy is now available to you. What is required of you is to develop that energy in your earthly life. Become aware of the father energy, which you need to walk your path in life in a calm, effective way. You might see a picture of a father figure before you. Ask for an image or a feeling or an energy with which you can identify; whatever image comes to you will work for you.

The father relates to boundaries. He makes distinctions wherever things should be differentiated. He defends you against excessive fusion, against connecting with others where you may overly lose yourself and give yourself away. The father energy helps you to embrace your individuality. You are, as yourself, a unique person; you are not like anyone else, and that individuality is necessary. It belongs to you and wants to be addressed by you, so that you respect your individuality, and, in that way, make your own decisions and your own choices, choices that reflect you. The father inside you knows this and will guide you in this; he cares for you.

I ask you to now connect with the mother energy. Not so much with the energy of your biological mother, but with the cosmic mother energy, which is present in the universe and with which you are connected because you are part of Creation. You are born from both mother and father energies. The true mother energy is loving and supportive with great gentleness, but it lets you go. It does not want to bind you or restrain you, but lets you be free, while she always accompanies and supports you in everything you do.

Experience, if you can, this gentle love in your heart. It is as if you are being held by a hand of love that is always open; an open hand from which you are allowed to fly away, but a hand that is always there for you, simply to love you without coercion, without excessive binding. Try, if you can, to feel this mother energy in you, maybe in the form of a picture of a woman or a female guide, or else through a color or a feeling. Allow yourself to receive this energy so you have what you need to feel safe, secure, accepted; to feel nourished by the love of the universe.

Feel surrounded by the original father and mother energies and realize that you are in a tradition in which these energies have become distorted and debased. However, you are not only a victim, you are also a creator. You come to bring something new onto Earth, which means, among other things, that you will help to restore the balance between father and mother energies, because you are a soul that includes both energies. In the consciousness process that is now taking place on Earth, it is the intention that you, as a soul, awaken the original energies of the father and the mother, and the force of love, all of which are within you.

This process supports you and helps you to fulfill and manifest your potential. It connects your soul with the Earth and, at the same time, it helps others. The more you bring into balance and harmony the old, distorted energies within you, the more light you radiate to others. It is this inner process that is the most essential; it is where real magic takes place. What derives from it outwardly, what your role is in this world, how you live, with whom and how, all that is secondary. The real issue in this life, which is this inner process, is an alchemical process in which your old, distorted energies transform into a new reality.

You all desire to take a step forward, which is in the spirit of the times, and which was also your intention as a soul when you started on this journey, this incarnation. Feel how you possess powers to bring about a new consciousness in this world. Feel how you yourself are the seed for this renewal. Yes, you carry old energies in you: fears, scars, and pain from this life, and also from previous lives. But realize there is now so much power present in you that the new can be victorious. In a sense, you are being born anew.

What happens in life is that you are first the receiver of a tradition. You absorb it as a child in your youth and even still later. In that sense, you are a victim of the past, because you are not immediately in a position to process that tradition completely, to see through it, and to bring it to the light of your consciousness. In almost every human life there will be a crisis that confronts you with choices where you are challenged and when life becomes painful. But this can be a constructive process, because your soul guides you through it. Your soul wants you to be creative; it wants to work with you so you are more in balance and harmony, so you connect Heaven with Earth, and in this way you help to give form to a new Earth.

I thank you for your presence here, and on Earth at this time. You are making a difference. I salute you.

© Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


Ascended Master Mother Mary by Ruth Hawkins

Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


Working with parallel lives – by Gerrit Gielen

Buddha in China’s Henan Museum


Working with parallel lives

by Gerrit Gielen

When you make an important choice in your life, you are actually choosing between two possible futures. As soon as you have made the choice, one possible future falls away. Right? Or does that alternative future exist as well, in a parallel world, and is it experienced and lived through by another part of you? According to the”many worlds theory” in physics, every time a choice moment comes up, a split in the universe takes place: the various possibilities coexist in parallel worlds. What, spiritually speaking, is the meaning of parallel worlds and how can we experience this meaning in our daily lives? That is the central question of this article.


In the world of science of the 1950’s, the so called “many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics” was formulated. This theory states that as soon as there is a moment of choice in the universe, the universe splits. Both possibilities then coexist in parallel worlds. According to this theory, the universe consists of an infinite collection of worlds. Our cosmos is only one of those worlds. Since the introduction of the “many worlds interpretation”, the popularity of this theory has been growing among scientists. And by way of science fiction books and movies, the theory has also become known to a wider audience.

Although this theory, spiritually speaking, has very interesting consequences, it is a scientific theory. It does not speak of the inner meaning of the existence of parallel worlds. Science does not consider it to be its task to reflect on the meaning and the implications of parallel lives for our day-to-day lives.

What does the many worlds theory imply for our understanding of the soul? What do parallel lives mean to the development of our consciousness? Why does the soul choose to experience one life in various ways?

Parallel lives do not exist independently of each other, but are – as everything in the universe is – internally connected to each other. They all belong to you. As such, they serve a purpose: they enlarge the field of experience for your soul, and with that, the growth of consciousness.


The soul experiences the physical world through us. We, as humans, are traveling on one possible road through time. In this context, it is more appropriate to speak of one possible “timeline”, and our current life is one such timeline. At the moment we make an important choice in our lives, a division of timelines occurs. There is the line on which you experience choice A and there is the line on which you experience choice B. We as humans are not aware of the second timeline that we are not experiencing, but our soul is. For her, that second timeline is just as real as the original one.

Not all timelines that spring from the choices we make during our life are equally important for the soul. Some are more defining than others. We can compare this with the days of our lives: some days – our wedding day, the days on which our children are born – are deeply meaningful to us and we do not forget them. Many other days go by routinely and are forgotten. Of course, these routine days also have their function in the whole; they create quiet growth and integration that lead up to those special moments. The same principle applies to timelines.

Timelines split in moments of choice that call up intense emotions. Imagine that after a deep inner struggle you decide to quit your job and dedicate your life to your passion: you become a painter. There is also a timeline where you stay at your office job. Life as a painter is emotionally intense; it comes with fear and insecurity on the one hand and deep inspiration and fulfillment on the other hand. The timeline on which you work at an office and do not take too many risks, is less intense emotionally, but there you also gather valuable experiences. This timeline can be compared to a less eventful day in your life, while the timeline as an artist can be compared to a sensational, memorable day.

Earth as a multi-dimensional house

From the perspective of the soul, the Earth is not a “thing”, not a clump of matter, but a multi-layered realm of experience, a field of endless opportunities in which the human mind can explore itself. The soul is curious and wants to enrich itself with the experience of multiple timelines. It would be a shame to use the magnificent earthly personality with all its potential – you – for only one possibility. That would be an enormous loss of potential. The earthly reality – the Earth itself – was made to eneable us to explore all these possibilities because, again, the Earth is not a thing. At the level of the soul, all possible timelines are experienced simultaneously. The Earth is the vast experiential space in which this whole of timelines takes place.

To understand this, we have to realize that, even according to science, mind – or spirit – is more fundamental than matter. Matter is actually not that material, quantum mechanics teaches us. From a spiritual perspective, matter is created for the human mind/spirit to explore itself in all its endless facets. The goal of the mind is – by experiencing itself in the material world – to become completely aware of its inner potential. That potential is infinite, which is why material reality is also infinite and much richer and more complex than we can imagine.

As human beings, we may have the idea that matter limits us. For instance, we would like to fly as birds, but we cannot, while in our dreams we can. In reality, the material limitations of the Earth realm ensure that we experience certain aspects of life very intensely. To give an example: if we could do anything, and did not have to cope with our vulnerable bodies and human emotions, we would never discover our courage. We need limitations to discover this quality in ourselves. In Goethe’s words: “It is in working within limits that the master reveals himself” (In der Beschränkung zeigt sich der Meister). Because of the limitations of the material world, we need to awaken and nurture inner qualities such as intuition, understanding and courage. We can compare life n Earth to playing an intricate and rich game. All games have certain rules. On the one hand, those rules are limitations, but on the other hand, they make the playing of the game, with all its joy and excitement, possible.

On other timelines of our current lifetime, different aspects of our personality are experienced, which lead to the awakening of other inner qualities. The game is played in a different way there, and the soul enriches itself by absorbing all the various outcomes.

One human lifetime is like a house with a limitless number of rooms. Every room shows us another aspect of our inner reality and is designed to lead to awareness of a specific facet of our being. In this way, the existence of parallel worlds is an instrument for the soul that promotes the expansion of awareness.

The meaning of parallel lives for your present personality

Experiencing parallel lifetimes not only enriches the soul, it also has value for our daily lives. Our soul is experiencing all those timelines and we, as a human being, are connected with our soul. That is why, at a deep level, we are also connected with those other lives of ourselves.

Our parallel lives can inspire us and give us strength. They may be the explanation for unexpected talents, but can also be the cause of misunderstood fears. A continuous energetic exchange takes place between the various timelines. We are a team working on the same project, so to speak.

Some choices lead to a calm and stable life, in which few notable things happen. That timeline can emit a certain calm to other timelines, where life occurs in a more turbulent way.

It can also happen that certain talents are developed on a timeline. For instance, someone decides to live in France and learns French on that particular timeline. On other timelines of that same life, there may be a natural feeling for the French language and culture.

How can we connect with the beneficial aspects of our parallel lives?

Making contact

The following technique can be used to make contact with other timelines:

Bring yourself into a calm state by physically relaxing in a quiet space. Then in your mind’s eye go back to a moment in your life where you made an important choice. Let go of all judgments you may have about that choice. Just see it as two possibilities; one is not any better than the other. Feel at peace with both possibilities. Accept the existence of both.<p ‘=””>- Then imagine that you are floating up. Look at the moment from above. Try to internally raise yourself to the level of your soul. See that two roads stem from that moment, each with its own experiences. One is the road you have chosen, the other is the alternative.

– Focus on the alternative. Feel its energetic charge. What does it radiate? How do you feel there? What experiences are you gathering there?

– Allow those experiences to be; say “yes” to them internally. Feel how those experiences can enrich you and make you stand in life differently. Dive into that other timeline completely for a moment.

– Look at the energetic exchange between your current timeline and the alternative timeline. What can you learn from that other timeline, and what message do you have for that other timeline?

As goes for every guided meditation, continue if it gives you clarity, inspiration, and strength. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, let it go and maybe try again at another time.

© Gerrit Gielen

Translation by Erna Hoek, Frank Tehan and Pamela Kribbe


Buddha in China’s Henan Museum

Finding your life’s purpose by Gerrit Gielen @ The Jeshua Channelings

Art: Francoise Collandre


Finding your life’s purpose

by Gerrit Gielen

What is our life’s purpose? It is a question many people ask. If we approach it from a biological point of view the answer is simple: to stay alive and reproduce. So it is all about survival of the species, or even more materialistically: survival of your genes. You are your body, and your body is just a vehicle making sure you genes reproduce themselves. Religion of course teaches us something completely different. God created us, and we are here to serve God.

Both views have in common that it is something outside of us which defines our purpose. We basically have nothing to say in the matter. Until very recently the same was the case in everyday life. People generally had little say in their own lives. Girls were supposed to help their mothers, they were not encouraged to learn anything, instead to marry, to stay at home and to raise plenty of children. Boys were supposed to take part in hard physical labour or to become soldiers. They were expected to obey orders and not to think for themselves; in the past leaders expected total obedience.

However all these things are not what I mean by “Finding your life’s purpose.” By this I mean a purpose that is meaningful for myself – not for someone or something else.

This naturally begs the question: suppose that my life is meaningful for me, what does this tell me about myself? What kind of being would I need be in order that that my life can have meaning for myself?

Now, when I create or build something – let us say a chair for example – I am the one who defines the purpose of the chair. In this case, I want to sit on it. Hence it could be said that when I have a creator, I do not have a purpose of my own. My life can only have a purpose for myself when I am my own creator, when I create my own life.

This means that a part of me must exist outside of space-time. If my origin lies only within space-time I cannot be my own creator. In which case we would have to conclude that there was something older than me that created me. Thus, if the question “What is my life’s purpose?” is to have any meaning, there have be two parts to me: the creator part, which exists outside of space-time, and my earthly personality, which exists within space-time. Both are me: the great me and the small me. The small me does not only live on earth, he also lives within the great me and all his experiences are a part of the great me.

My life’s purpose is known by the great me: it is this part that created me, and what I am doing here is meaningful for him. So if I – the small me – wants to know my life’s purpose the very first step is to become aware of the great me.

Without acknowledging the great me, the question is not meaningful. I would even affirm that without the great me we could not even raise the question, we would simply obey external laws. We would be beings without an inside world, without a psyche, somewhat like computers.

The fact that we are able to ask this very question is a sign that we are to a certain degree in contact we the great me – our more traditionally speaking: our soul.

Becoming aware of the great me

Where should we look to find the great me? Of course not in the outside world but somewhere inside. Here lie three important obstacles. The first is that we are not used to turning our attention inward for answers. In fact we are not used to looking towards the inside at all, usually we only maintain this attention for a few seconds then we start to think about something outside us; often one of the many problems we experience in everyday life.

The second is a psychological obstacle: we believe that we are small, that we have little or no importance. We cannot conceive that there is something great within us, something eternal.

The third obstacle is also a psychological one: we believe that we are bad or unworthy. Of course we manage to hide this from the outside world, but if there is something like a great me inside me, he (I write he, but of course it is also a she) must be aware of this, and therefore angry: I am a failure. So it is better not to get in contact with the great me, since it will make us feel even worse about ourselves.

How do we overcome these obstacles?

The first step is to go inside, to focus on your inner world. When people do this they often try not to think, this is however very difficult to maintain for more then a few seconds. So people start to think about their problems. The solution to this problem is quite obvious. There are always things in your inner world that are calling your attention, usually feelings such as anger or sadness, or perhaps tension somewhere inside your body, or even pain. The main reason people find it so hard to meditate is that they think they must keep their mind away from things that are drawing their attention. However we can only find inner peace when, instead of considering these things as unwanted or negative, we value them. They are important because they are a part of you, they contain important messages for you. They are calling your attention for a reason.

If, for instance, you sense anger somewhere inside you, image in that same place an angry child. Simply use your imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool which allows us to contact our own inner world. People often dismiss the imagination as something which is not real and with no real value. But consider this or a moment: all great works of art, all human literature, all these things sprung forth from the human imagination. Your imagination is always very personal, it is unique, and it always tells you something about yourself.

So use your imagination, to get in contact with this child. Listen to this child, be open and loving to it. This child is a part of you, perhaps a part of you that you have neglected for a long time, and perhaps a part of you which carries an important message.

If we allow ourselves to do this, if we see all those parts of ourselves without any judgement, if we accept and even perhaps love all those parts of ourselves, then we become the observers of our small selves: our personalities. And this is when something beautiful can happen: by becoming the observer, we also come in contact with the great selves: our souls.

Becoming aware of the things that are blocking the energy of your soul

Our small selves are filled with ideas, thoughts and feelings which arise in reaction to the outside world. Since most ideas in the outside world are based on fear, these ideas block the energy of our soul, which is an energy base on love. Some of these ideas seem so self evident that we can hardly imagine they could be wrong.

What are these ideas?

First of all there is our primary reaction to the fear-based energies of society. We sense that we don’t fit in, that we are different. And we conclude that there is something wrong with us. That we need to change, or to grow up. As a result we live in a state of permanent self-judgement.

By constantly condemning and suppressing ourself we push away the energy of our soul. The consequence of this is that we experience the feeling of a lack of love. We begin to think that we are not loved. And so begins the big quest for love. We believe that the world at large is indifferent to us and that we have to work very hard in order to earn a little bit of love from someone else.

Along with this ideas comes the feeling of powerlessness. We learn to believe that we do not have control over our own live. Other people are in power, not us. We learn that everything is separated. We are separated from other people by walls, or borders. We are separated from the stars and other planets by an immense space.

So there are basically four immense fears which we internalize.

– The fear of lack in general, and love in particular.

– The fear of powerlessness.

– The fear of separation.

– The fear of being bad, or worthless.

In order to overcome these illusions we must first become aware of them. We can do this by embracing one by one the following opposing ideas:

– I am a source of love and abundance.

– I am a powerful creator.

– I am one with the universe.

– I am good.

When you embrace one of these thoughts, for instance “I am a source of love.” it is likely that  you immediately feel resistance. Most likely a thought appears which rejects the idea directly, without question. Now use your imagination. Imagine somewhere inside you there is a person who is verbalising out this dismissive thought, saying for example that the idea that you are source of love is ridiculous.

Take the time to study this person. Where does he or she come from. It is very probable that it is a voice from your past; perhaps one of your parents. But as you start to think about it you will realise that it is an outside voice. The voice does not come from within, it does not really belong to you. However, the things this sceptical voice is telling you may be true, or they may be false. There is perhaps doubt within you. Be rational about this doubt : since it is there, then it makes sense to give the positive possibility a chance.

So embrace the thought “I am a source of love.” Repeat it several times a day. After all, you have repeated negative thoughts so many times throughout your life. Why not give positive thoughts a little chance? How does this feel?

And each time you repeat one of these positive thoughts, pay attention to the negative reaction inside you. Study it using your imagination. Probably you will slowly come to the conclusion that all these negative thoughts have there roots in society-based fears around you, which you have integrated as your own. The more your become aware of this, the more you will be able to let go of all your thoughts and ideas based on these fears, and the more space you will create for the great me. Creating space means no longer holding back the great me, which allows the energy of your soul start flowing in. Getting in contact with this energy is a fundamental step in finding you life’s purpose.

Your life’s purpose: expressing yourself

What is your life’s purpose?

It is of course is different for each one of us. Nevertheless, it can be said that when the energy of your soul is flowing freely in to the world, when your are expressing your most authentic, true self in the world, you have found your life’s purpose. For people who are doing this already the question has simply disappeared; they feel it, they know it. They are a little like happy children playing in the sun, enjoying life, living in the moment. The big questions do not matter so much to them, since big question are often a sign of unhappiness. Someone who is genuinely happy does not usually ask: “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” Being happy is in fact an answer to these questions.

Yet many people are unhappy, and are asking these question. Why? The answer is simple: we are not welcome in this world. The fear-based energies of our societies are such that they suppress the energy of the great me. The world wants us to be small, wants us to conform and obey. It wants only the small me, not the great me. And during our childhood we internalize these ideas of the world, and in doing so we also reject the great me. As a result we do not really feel happy and we start to ask the big questions.

Usually when we ask the question “what is my life’s purpose?”, we ask it from a particular viewpoint: the very fact that we are asking the question means that we do not know the answer. We believe that the answer lies outside me. Where? My soul has it; hence my soul is something outside me, floating somewhere high above me. So how do we come into contact with it? The key is self acceptance. The more we accept ourselves the less we judge ourselves, and the more we begin to feel appreciation and love for ourselves, the more we enter into contact with our souls.

The first step is to go inward and to accept the idea that whatever we find there is important, however apparently negative it may seem to us at first. By accepting everything inside us with love and consideration, we become aware of this loving observer , observing the small me. It is the great me: it is our soul.

We do not find the great me by looking for it, but by embracing its ideas and perceiving the way the great me considers us: in total acceptance, with unconditional love. We can never find our soul because our soul is not something outside of us. But we can become one with our soul – with ourselves – by ceasing to identify with ideas that do not belong to the realm of the soul, such as our old fear based ideas, and by embracing those that do belong to the soul: which are unequivocally ideas based on love.

What then is our life’s purpose? Firstly, to become aware of the great me. But that is not all. The small me is also pivotal. If you do wish to find your life’s purpose, do not dismiss your ego – at least not completely. As we become aware of the great me, we become aware of an almost infinite potential.

We can compare the small me to a piece of coloured glass that only allows certain rays of sunlight to pass through. The sun is the great me, the piece of coloured glass the small me. Within this comparison, any shadows or stains on the glass are our fears, and our fear-based ideas. In the same way the small me filters the energy of the soul, allowing only certain aspects of the soul’s energy to flow into this world.

In order to allow this filter to work properly three steps are required. First of all we  must clean the filter, which is done by becoming aware of out old fears. This is the equivalent of cleaning the glass. Secondly, we must become aware of and acknowledge the existence of the great me. When the glass is no longer stained, the sunlight can stream through. And finally it is necessary to the understand the filter. What colour is the glass? What part of the soul’s energy of the soul does it want to allow to shine out into society?

As you consider this analogy, you may notice that when we ask the question: “What is my life’s purpose?”, there are two mistakes we can make. In the first case the glass is stained, which prevents it allowing light to flow through properly. The shadows or stains represent our thoughts and actions which are based on fear. Imagine for instance a person who has a fear of lack. He or she may have thoughts such as; “I want to be a millionaire and become famous and be loved by everybody.”

The second trap or mistake is when the glass is not aware of its own colour, and it wants to let all of the sunlight through. This however impossible. In this case the person is not sufficiently aware of their own ego and personality: they strive to save and to change the whole world, they want to give their love to everybody. The result is inevitably disappointment or even traumatic experiences.

For a moment, forget about saving the world, forget your soul, brush aside your fears, and let go of what society wants you to do. Feel your ego, yes, feel your ego. Allow it just to be. You ego knows what your personality really wants, it understand the colour of the filter that you are. Once you understand this you will know the purpose of your life. When this becomes clear, you can begin to express the energy of you soul according your own colour, according you own personality; and you need your ego to be able to do this. It is your ego that allows you not to go along with outside energies that want or attempt to use or dominate you. You need your ego in order to contain the energy of you soul, and this is what allows your earthly personality to be fulfilled.

Edited by Kathleen Bentley

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Art: Francoise Collandre

The Two Faces of God – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary

Art : Mara Berendt Friedman

Art : Mara Berendt Friedman


The Two Faces of God

Pamela Kribbe channels Mary


Dear, beautiful men and women,

I am here with joy. During one of my lives on Earth, my name was Mary. I am now here with you in spirit, heart to heart. See me as an equal, as a friend, a sister. I am here in your midst with a feeling of joy and enthusiasm in my heart because I see you shine. You are open to love, the abundance that is here, partly as a result of your own creation. When people meet and share their deepest feelings, their pain, their longings, it creates a feeling of being accepted and joined together, combined with a simplicity and directness, which brings out the best in everyone. Let us celebrate that together.

Come Home to your heart, to your own essence, and feel how relaxed and happy you are in your core. Things are much simpler than you think. You often see spiritual growth as something complicated, something difficult, where you grow slowly, step by step, as if you are working toward a university degree for which you need to do your best, work hard, and gather knowledge and skills. But the truth is quite simple: in your heart you know everything already, you are already there, the place where you desire to go is already alive and vibrant within you. Feel the living light in your body, which is there without any judgment about good or evil, about who you can or cannot be. It is quietly present there, waiting in all your body cells until you see it and connect with it.

Working with an inner animal, a totem animal that suits you, works very well when you want to recover your essence, because the animal itself is free, instinctive, intuitive. Therein lies the truth, and not in the head and the many ideas that are handed to you from the traditions     of your culture, but in your heart. Feel the living light that dances in and around you, and let go of your cares and let us enjoy the moment! There is something much more vast that sustains you; you do not have to know and understand it all with your human self. Feel the great flow of living light that runs through nature and through you, because you are part of nature.

We are speaking today about male and female power. The intention of these two energies is that together they execute a dance of happiness, joy, pleasure, and even ecstasy. But what has happened in the course of your history is that these two energies have become alienated so that men and women find it difficult to build a bridge toward each other. They sometimes even live on their own island and that wounds them both.

Life is meant to be celebrated in surrender and spontaneity. Imagine for a moment that I take you to the beginning of creation. Actually, there has never been a beginning, but to make it comprehensible, I shall speak of a beginning. Imagine that the essence of God, of creation, is a concentrated central fire full of potential, but there is still no distinction, no differentiation, only the One. Feel the deeply focused power of that fiery core. Feel a deep spacious silence that is all encompassing and at the same time also has great urgency; a pressing power that wants to open out as does a flower in the Spring. There is a longing for creation in the heart of God, a desire for experience, variety, diversity, richness in the possibilities of creation.

In this way, there sprang from that nuclear force, that fire of living creation, a differentiation that gave rise to the streams of male and female energy, both born from the One: the two faces of God. Imagine, symbolically, how the first man and the first woman awoke from that Source of unity. They each take form in the shape of a different body. Still lacking familiarity with form, the One moves in both the male and the female.

Imagine the surprise and wonder when they see each other, when the woman and the man look at each other for the first time. On the one hand, there is the recognition of sameness, both of them being rooted alike in the Source: the life that wants to open out, that wants to celebrate, that wants to experience. But there is also the otherness, their being different, and there is the attraction between both poles. There is wonder and a desire to get to know each other.

When everything is one, in a state of unity, there is little chance for exploration, discovery, investigation, learning. That arises only with two-ness, with duality. The original intention of duality is joy, abundance, and discovering and enjoying each other. The intention and the depth of the relationship between man and woman is to experience in each other a kind of secrecy and mystery, and to be forever searching for it in a happy and joyous way. Recall that sense once again.

As a soul, you come directly from the One, you are a direct emissary, a spark of God, of the original fire. You are full of a deep wisdom, and the arch-remembrance of Home that you have never lost, you only think you have. From this deep source of the One that you are, you have chosen a male or a female body, and you have chosen for the experiences of being a male or a female in this life. Thus you are not the masculine or the feminine, but you have made the choice to make that experience your own and to clothe yourself in a male or female body.

Now look at your own body, your own sex as a man or a woman. Look at it with a neutral wonder, like something you are, but also you are not. You are more than that, you are unlimited in your being. When you look at your own femaleness or maleness in this way, you distance yourself from that and you return to your home base for a moment, your soul energy who has chosen to be a man or a woman. And I ask you to imagine your own female energy as a girl. You as a soul, an old soul who has travelled so much in the universe, see the girl in yourself, your own female energy, and you take her by the hand. You then look at your male energy and you see it as a boy, a boy child who belongs to you, and you also extend your hand to him. You love both children and hold the hands of both.

Take time to allow that image to penetrate into you. Honor both these aspects of yourself. Feel your own eternity as soul and yet respect these forms, of being a man or a woman, and of being boy and girl. Check to see to which one you have the easiest access, the one to whom you connect without difficulty. Observe who is doing well. Are the children happy and satisfied or is one of them feeling lonely and not seen? Look what clothes they wear, if they can move freely and spontaneously.

Observe them both, starting with the girl. Look directly into her eyes. If you find it difficult to see a girl, make up one; see a beautiful or powerful or playful girl standing before you. Choose whoever you find it fun to fantasize, but keep it playful and light. Which girl would you like to carry around with you? Ask that girl: “What can I give to you, what makes you whole and complete?” And the girl lets you see that by a word or a gesture. Then do the same with the little boy that is there with you. And if you do not see him right away, create a boy by letting your imagination run wild. Look at this child with the eyes of a wise mother, receive him, welcome him, for he is beautiful as he is, however he is. Then question this boy who represents your male energy: “Do you feel at home with me? Do you feel welcome? What can I give to you, or what do you need to receive in order to be whole and complete? ”

And hold on firmly to the hands of both children. Feel how you are the master, a powerful, but also gentle master who can embrace both elements in yourself. Treat the children with reverence and respect and,(lastly?), see how at last they relate to one another. Ask them to hold each other’s hands. Can they see each other, do they find it nice to be together? Or is there a certain distance or a distrust between them?

In everything I am asking you to do, I invite you to approach it in a playful manner and without pressure. This is not a mental exercise; it is to help you connect with parts of yourself that belong to you, that lead you to your essence. In the past, the male energy in your society has become narrow and one-sided.  It was a decisive, structuring energy that was hostile toward the flowing female energy. There was a false separation between both energies. The male energy became alienated from its original center. It became dissociated from the soul, from the One.

It was as if the masculine became withered, as if it was no longer nourished by a living source of light. All of you, both men and women, have to deal with this legacy. Today, the day that stands for the transformation of the male energy, I would like to ask you to watch what this past has done with the little boy in you, the male inner child. Attention is often focussed on the female energy and how it has been victimized, has suffered from a dominant aggressive male energy. But now look at what it has done with the male child in you, the original male energy in its innocent, pure form. What has happened in a lot of people, both men and women, is they have inwardly disowned the male energy in themselves, because that energy has become associated with the inauthentic abuse of power, manipulation, and violence.

What happens inwardly, particularly what happens on the spiritual path when your feelings open and turn inward, is that your female energy increases and you become more sensitive in perceiving other energies, and also in picking up other people’s moods and emotions, and that sensitivity has no boundaries. This causes you to stand wobbly on your feet because you connect so easily with others. Your heart opens, your female energy develops, but the male energy is still undetermined and pushed away into a forgotten corner. It is not allowed because of all the negative connotations associated with it.

This is also the case in sensitive men, who are afraid to show their strength, to show their vision, their fire, for fear of being aggressive and of falling back into an old male energy. See that for a moment in yourself, how that is for you inside. Is the boy allowed to truly show his strength, his adventurousness, his vision to you? The original male energy has something very creative, can bring about change, wants to create and build things, make a difference. The male energy within you is the energy that makes you dare to stand out in a group, or when you dare to free yourself from a connection, when you dare to say, “I”, and all that you can do through connecting with your soul, your heart.

This is what many of you have to learn and experience again: that you may be great and powerful, and yet connected to your soul. Ask the male energy in you to return to you by way of the totem animal that you saw today, or through the inner male child, the boy that came to live with you. Now ask very clearly and explicitly to receive this energy in yourself. This male energy, which is balanced and pure, is part of your essence; it gives you the power to really take root as the unique person who you are. No one else is like you. Make the difference! This is why you came here to Earth. Feel your male power from within, and feel how friendly that male power is toward your female strength. Your male power respects the female. It wants to be with it, serve it, cooperate with it. Own your male strength! Feel it flow through your spine. Straighten your spine and feel it flow from top to bottom. Feel the power of the male energy in your arms and your legs, your hands and your feet. Also feel how that power gives you space by putting boundaries around your sensitivity.

A new era is arriving on Earth. The beginning of this is already happening and noticeable. This new time has need of you, of people with a beating heart, connected to the One, and from there, able to use both the male and the female elements within themselves: the power of connection, understanding, gentleness, and also the power to stand up for yourself, occupy space, discern, dare to say “no”. That male power is desperately needed in connection with the female energy. Feel free! Let your light shine! That is what is intended in your life. Let life be a dance. Allow again the duality to be a source of joy, of curiosity, discovery, and adventure. You can accomplish this in your own life by feeling the primal power in yourself.

Thank you for your attention.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe


Art : Mara Berendt Friedman

Art : Mara Berendt Friedman

Pamela Kribbe channels Earth @ The Jeshua Channelings


unknown artist


Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people,

I am the voice of the Earth. I carry you in my body. The planet on which you live and walk is my body, the expression of my soul. You are welcome here because you are part of my body. Your body is part of me, made of earthly matter. Be very aware of the cells in your body, which are very small, independent entities that know exactly what they are supposed to do. They work toward balance and harmony and cooperation in your body

Now imagine that you are present as a brilliant sun in your body. Your light is not of the Earth; you come from the cosmos. You are a living soul who is able to take on various forms and now you are present in an earthly form. Imagine that the light of your soul radiates in the center of your body, the center close to your heart. See a light burning there and remember who you are: you are aeons old. You have had many lives; you are not here for the first time.

Remember who you are! Know that you are independent of this body, of this life, and of the society around you. You have come here to bring something new, something unique, something not quite understood by those around you. It takes courage and daring to bring in what is new, because new things cause resistance. That is why it is so important to remember who you are: your freedom, your independence. Only then can you really be yourself in this reality and spread your light.

I now ask you, from that which is your heart, to connect the light of your soul with all your body cells, which have their own individual consciousness, yet which are part of me, the Earth. Imagine that the light of your heart, your soul, joins to the consciousness of all your body cells. Your light shines into all your cells, and your cells respond with joy. This is what they want – they want to be inspired by you! This is their goal; this is their function.

Maybe you think that the aim of your body cells is simply to maintain your body so it can function and survive; and on some level, that is true, but not on the deepest level. Your highest purpose here on Earth is to provide an instrument through which your soul can manifest itself; that is what your body is for. So connecting your soul with your body awareness is extremely important. Your entire body is undergoing a transformation that cannot be explained on a material level.

Now imagine that the light from your divine core spreads slowly from your heart and touches all your cells in a tender way: in your chest and shoulders, and throughout your neck and throat. Then allow all the cells in your head to be touched by your soul’s energy and to take it in so they are able to get direction and guidance from the divine Source. Let your soul’s energy, the light of your heart, to then stream through your solar plexus, your belly, and down through your abdomen, and feel for a moment the center of your abdomen. There may be old emotions still there, or resistances against life that make it difficult to allow in the light of your soul: “Is this safe? May I really be here with my unique energy, my light?”

See if your soul’s light can penetrate into your stomach, your tailbone, your pelvis. If you feel places there that offer resistance, that do not allow in the light, just observe that happening and do not force anything. Just see if there is a dark spot or a tense place somewhere in your body where the energy is somewhat constricted and concealed. With a very accepting and open gaze, concentrate your attention on that spot of heaviness. Your consciousness is very soft and pliable, and as a soft breeze, surround that spot with your attention.

Inside that blocked energy, there is life that has been hidden away for a variety of reasons. Encourage that life to make itself known to you. Ask the question: “Who are you? Don’t be afraid of me, show yourself.” See if something appears to you: an image, a symbol; it can also be an animal or a human being, or maybe a child. Everything that is blocked and hidden in a person wants out, wants to be free; but it is afraid, which is why it is hiding at times. To be able to reach it, you need not force anything; it is enough to be gently present and to listen. To not want to change anything, to not wish to get rid of this part, is the most helpful approach.

So calmly see or sense what wants to reveal itself from that dark part. Imagine that you reach out your hand to what appears and you reassure it by telling it: “You are good; you are allowed to be who you really are.” You welcome this part of yourself by taking responsibility for your energy, by promising that you will work with it. Because in all this clogged and blocked energy there is also a strength, a capability that belongs to you. It should never be the intention only to make a blockage or a problem disappear. It is about transforming and releasing old energies, and so thoroughly that the core of light within you can join with it. That is why love is the way, and not struggling with negative energies or problems that are in you, but loving them.

Finally, let the light of your soul flow all the way down from your pelvis to your thighs and your upper legs, and give especial attention to your knees. Imagine that the cells of the bones in your knees open up for the light from your heart. Remember how joyful it can be to live and be active on the Earth, so retrieve those memories of joy. Then let your light descend farther into your calves and your ankles, and fully into your feet: into your heels, the soles of your feet and your toes.

Entrust the light of your soul to the Earth. I am here for you; you are welcome in and on me. You do not have to go it alone. The more you allow your soul’s light to be here, the more you are protected and carried by your own wisdom and by your connection to me, the Earth. I salute you from my heart and want to thank you for your presence here and now.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe



unknown artist


Pamela Kribbe channels Earth @ The Jeshua Channelings


Mother Earth Painting by Miss Odessa.


Pamela Kribbe channels Earth

Dear people, I am the voice of Mother Earth. I carry you through the journey of this, your human life. Feel me in your bones, in your flesh, in all the cells of your body. I supply the building blocks of your human body.

However, I am not only present in you on the physical plane, I am also an energetic being that is very old. I have a soul-energy, a spiritual life, and as soon as you are born on the skin of my body, I endow you with my energy, the energy of the Earth. The energy of me, of the Earth, moves along with those who live on me, i.e. all humanity. My energy is receptive to yours; I absorb it, learn from it, and try to give to you what is supportive and good for you.

In my heart, I am free and not subject to duality, which is why I can feel what people need on an energetic level. My heart energy is present in your body and is naturally directed toward balance. Your body and mine are linked energetically and we form a whole. I just said that in my being, in my core, I am not bound to duality. However, earthly life itself – in the plants, the animals, and the humans – is subject to duality. There is birth and death, disease, health, youth, old age; emotions of love and light, and emotions of despair and fear. These are all aspects of life on me; but in myself, in my core, I am free of all that and, so, I allow all that to happen.

Feel who I am in my essence. I am a part of the Cosmos as a whole, but I consented to my role as a carrier of humanity. I accompany you on your path, but I cannot take over for you. That which is specifically your task, that which is to be fulfilled by humanity as a whole and toward which it is to grow, is something for you to do.

You, humankind in its entirety, carry special powers of creation: the ability to create and bring something new into being. I want to give to you the opportunity to do that, even if it means that you sometimes succumb to duality and can no longer feel you are essentially free of it. But know that you, as a soul, are free of birth and death; know that you are eternal, even though you often lose connection with that feeling while living on Earth. But I can give that essential feeling back to you if only you will trust me.

I am not the one who submerges you in duality. It is the veil of fear created by humanity – the ignorance, the loss of self – that makes life on Earth so difficult at times. But this has not always been the case. There have been times on Earth when there were communities of people who lived in total peace and harmony with themselves and with nature. And just now, in the meditation, some of you recognized and felt such a life; a life in which you felt naturally welcome on Earth, both as a child and as a person, and also as the soul who you are.

There is often a kind of “schizophrenia” that immediately happens when you begin earthly life; a split between who you really are and what the people in your environment expect from you, or force onto you, often because of their own fear and uncertainty. And from the beginning, there is that gap between what you feel and what you should feel; between what you are free to do and what is expected of you.

However, you have led lives on Earth in which your entry was much smoother; when you could be more intimate with your soul’s energy while you were growing up and were even encouraged to do so with gentleness and joy. In those lives and communities, there was also a kind of discipline, but it was one of a gentle hand that was in harmony with human nature. Children in those societies were trained to take their inner world seriously. They were taught to listen to their emotions honestly and openly, to listen to the voices they heard inside themselves: their fears and prejudices. That is the sign of a very mature society, a society where the inner world of people is taken very seriously.

Now, at this time, the fixation of society is almost entirely on the outer world, on knowledge that makes it possible to make, build, and organize things, or to analyze and order things with the mind. But all these activities are outwardly focused. The attention on the inner reality, which is actually the creator of the external reality, the outer world, has been lost – but not quite.

There are still traces in me of the ancient communities and societies in which people lived with love for their natural involvement with one another, from knowledge of the soul and an inner reality. The traces of those communities and those societies are still present in my energetic field, the energetic field of the Earth. And even though they are physically gone from the Earth’s surface, they still live on in my memory and in the collective memory of humankind. I would ask you to refresh the memory of humanity by reminding yourself what it was like to be born in such a community surrounded by kindred spirits and, of course, from a connection with your inner being, your core, your soul. Feel how light-hearted life can then be. There are still painful events, such as the death of loved ones, experiences of loss and pain, and also miscommunication, but that all happens against a backdrop of peace, understanding, and security.

Growing up among like-minded people gives one a deep sense of security, of acceptance, and the ability to develop freely. Feel again how that was; maybe you see images of the community of which you were a part at another time. And concentrate equally on who you were then, on the energy that you radiated and the obvious sense of well being that you had. You could be open to other people and to your surroundings, because you were based in yourself. You felt good about yourself. You never doubted that there was a space especially for you; that you had something to contribute to the whole. That was simply a given, and everyone knew that. Feel how you received exactly what you needed: the empowerment from your environment. There were people around you who understood you and who gave you valuable advice. And above all, they projected an atmosphere of harmony and wisdom. See this now as a very special gift that you received in the past.

You are the founders of this energy, this form of community and being together; the creators of that energy in this time. However, it is now no longer taken for granted to be growing up from such a foundation of safety, yet you carry the memory of it in your heart. You carry the memory of a life full of harmony in which you can develop your spiritual gifts naturally: your love, your sense of beauty, your creativity, your warmth. You are meant to plant that light as a seed on the Earth, that experience you know from the past and to carry it forward.

In a way, it was intended, as lightworkers, that you are now thrown back upon yourself; that you can no longer be part of a natural web of security and belonging to a peer group. Your soul knew you would inherit a difficult task and, because of that, it was intended for you to have received this energy of warmth and encouragement in the past so you can give it to places where that energy is now not present. That is the essence of lightwork: for you to ignite the light where light does not now shine – but first of all within yourself. Because only if you know how to be secure within yourself can you safely create the situation that once existed naturally; then you can also be a light for others and that happens naturally of itself.

The important thing is to create that space of nurturance, first and foremost, by being true to yourself. And I ask you to do so now. I ask you to truly look with respect at yourself – right now. Feel how old you really are and how often you have already lived on Earth as a human being. You have digested and integrated all those experiences: experiences of light and experiences of deep darkness. Take yourself seriously; respect your maturity.

You sometimes find that you are just like small children who no longer know what to do, who see no way out. But the time has passed that there might appear a teacher who is going to tell you what you should do. Now is the time to dare to stand by yourself; the time to truly look within and to see what treasures lie there that you have already accumulated through all those lives. There is now no longer that nurturing presence of a community that understands and protects you. In that sense, you stand alone. But that is part of your path and your evolution. You can now do it alone – you truly can. It is about believing in yourself.

Connect with my core, with my heart that is independent of time, of birth and death. I was there in all those lives when you lived on me. Feel your timeless core as well. You already know so much; you already are so rich inside. Connect with your own light and feel it flow through you. Feel it flow throughout your body from your toes to your fingertips. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. You are a powerful human being, and we need you. You can refresh the memory of humankind; you can recall a vibration of harmony and love that is now so necessary, that is now missed by so many. You have knowledge of the inner world of people and of yourself. You are familiar with the depth of feelings and you can accept what is in people’s lives. And in so doing, you bring your love and security into this world of fear and doubt, and that is your calling.

I will work with you. The energy of the ancient communities of light can now be spread all over the world. It is no longer the intention that small islands of harmony and peace be formed. The intention now is that everything be included, which is why you are spread out all over the world. First, through standing alone, but then through connections and networks that have emerged will you gradually again begin to live as kindred spirits, but now all-encompassing and including all. At this time, there is so much change going on that islands are no longer enough; it is now time for a global awakening. And even though it sometimes seems an impossible task, believe in yourself. You have seeds within you, germs of light. Dare to sow them and make them visible. That is your task; that is who you are – believe in it.

Thank you for your attention.


Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe



Mother Earth Painting by Miss Odessa.

Embodiment – Pamela Kribbe channels Jeshua

female harp

unknown artist



Pamela channels JeshuaDear friends,  I am very pleased to be with you and to have my energy commingle with yours.

You are radiant beings of light and you have no idea of the strength and beauty that you demonstrate daily in your life. Even though the outlook is dark at times, and sometimes you feel exhausted from trying to move forward in your life, you are ever courageous. You need to be aware of the incredible courage and power that you demonstrate day after day. You continually bring more and more light on to Earth just through your being here. By anchoring yourself in your body, you spread your light on Earth. You are the living light on Earth, and your body is part of that embodiment.

You incarnated here with a purpose, with a deep intention. You are here for yourself, to bloom inwardly, and to deeply experience and know every part of yourself. But you are also here for the Earth, for this planet and to inspire and nourish her with your angel light. Your body is composed of the same elements as the Earth and the kingdoms of the plants and the animals. That is what you share with them; you are not separate from the life around you.

The body is a wonder in itself. Consider all those tiny cells in your body and how they know their separate roles as well as how to work together as a unified whole. They give expression to a higher power, and that higher power is you, the soul that lives in your body. Your soul is the inspirer and giver of your life. Thanks to your soul’s choice, the body it has chosen for this lifetime has come into being: this particular body with everything that gives you pleasure, as well as all that is painful and burdensome.

We will now take a look at this body, and feel the wonder of being embodied, although experiencing this embodiment is not always easy for you. And one of the reasons why it is difficult to experience the wonder and the beauty of the body is that your culture is the result of a tradition that has become alienated from the body. It is not commonplace in your culture to view the body as a living intelligence, as a field of consciousness with which the individual soul is intimately connected. There are many reasons why this view of the body has not been taught to you, and one of those reasons goes back to the time before Christ.

It began in the time of the Greeks, when a way of thinking emerged that you would now call rational thinking. There emerged a way of looking at the world where the ego became central, the ego that sees itself as something other than what it perceives. Nature, and with it the body, then became slowly objectified and seen as something that exists independent of you. What is external to you could then become the subject of study, and this is the beginning of the development of science.

Later, in the Western tradition of the 17th century, modern science emerged, and the dualism between ego consciousness and the world of the body and of nature increased even further. There emerged a dualism where matter was seen more and more as something lifeless, the body as a piece of clay, as it were, something that does not possess a living consciousness.

The emergence of medical science was only made possible through objective study. The soul, or the individuality of the person, was thought to be irrelevant. It was thought to be not important, because the body was seen as a material entity that is the same in everyone. This objective view of life makes it possible to classify types of illnesses and to invent medicines. A complete science can be developed on such a dualistic world view. I do not say that this view is wrong, only that it has become a tradition in your culture, and it still exists.

In modern times, you can also see that tradition in a very different way in your cosmetics industry. Look at how beauty is experienced in your culture; it has become something objective. There is a certain image of beauty that can be measured: such and such dimensions are ideal for a female or a male body. The complexion and texture of the skin, and the facial features, even when they change over time, are always subject to objective evaluation, something outside you, upon which you should rely for judgments.

Disease and health are also judged in such terms. If a body is ill, there must be something wrong with it and therefore it should be made well. The body as here viewed is like dead clay, or a type of mechanism. You are thus living in a dualistic tradition, and what is most near to you, what you reside in day in and day out – your body – is no longer something with which you are naturally and intimately connected. You have become alienated from it.

There were earlier times on Earth which had a quite different view. Seen through modern eyes, people then lived in a kind of mythical era in which they believed that everything was connected to everything else. You could talk with trees or animals or plants, and all those non-human creatures were carriers of something that was meaningful. Nature itself was full of meaning. There was a flow of life that went through the animals and the trees and the plants and they were all interconnected.

However, there were also disadvantages to that naturalistic view, because people who believed in it could sometimes fall prey to what we now call superstition and fear: the fear of the forces of nature and the gods who were hidden behind and within nature. It was an earlier tradition, and science, and the rational way of thinking that is the foundation of the sciences, has put an end to that tradition. Unfortunately, the scientific, objective view has led to a very unnatural schizophrenic split in your culture and in your perception of yourself.

Just think how different is the view that you are able to continually experience your body from within. How does it feel inside; is it hungry or thirsty; does it feel fine or tense; does it feel pleasure or pain? There is a constant inner sensing of what the body feels. From the opposite point of view, you look at and judge your body from without, of what it should be according to an image of the body that is perceived externally. What should the body be able to perform, where should it be now in its development, what should it look like? Does it fulfill those external standards that are imposed upon you?

Usually, if you are dealing with illness and complaints, you go to a doctor who represents the scientific, objective tradition of dualism. A doctor who can tell you what is wrong with you, what medications are available, and what the prognosis is based on the type of complaints you have. However, all this is done without you having made any connection with the energy field that is your body.

The doctor also does not pay attention to that energy field and does not connect with it. He merely looks at the symptoms and diagnoses them, then classifies and determines where they fit into a bigger picture he has acquired so he can take the necessary action based on that knowledge. At the same time, your body gives continual signals that are unique to you, and they sometimes do not fit with the general rules and ideas you get from outside yourself, such as from a doctor.

It is extremely important for you to again awaken to your body from within, and to allow your body to be the yardstick for your actions relative to it. If you are sick, or have physical complaints, you need to go inside yourself, and from there find the basis of how to handle these complaints and symptoms. Only afterward should you look to the outside world where something can be of service to you, say a doctor, or an opinion, or something you read.

However, those outside inputs come only secondarily. What comes initially is the inward connection with your body, and to do that, you need to first believe differently than what the culture tells you. You need to let go of the whole idea of the body as a mechanism, as matter without consciousness. You should come to really believe that your body can be your guide; that it can give you answers; that it has in itself a natural intelligence and wants to be of service to you; that it is divinely inspired.

I want to ask you, at this time, to take a moment to intimately connect with your body. And you can do that by paying attention to your breath, to feel how it flows through your chest and into your abdomen, and then direct your attention to your feet. Take your awareness to the soles of your feet, and feel how they touch the ground. Feel not only the bones and skin of your feet, but feel the energy field in and around your feet. This energy field is not readily perceptible, but you can do it. Perhaps you feel a little tingle, or maybe something else, but whatever you are able to sense is helpful.

Then observe your hands with the same attentive awareness. Imagine that your hands are full of consciousness, made perceptible by your attention. Let your awareness extend to the tips of your fingers, and feel there is something more to your hands than just their material form. Feel a vital, energetic presence in and around your hands, and you may also see or sense a soft glow.

Now, I ask you to allow your attention and awareness to extend throughout your entire body. But do not make this into too much of an effort – this is not a mental exercise. It is a bringing of your attention to something that is already there. A living body is notsomething you have to acquire, and it is not something you have to earn. Simply feel, from head to toe, the living field that alreadysurrounds you. Try to sense and feel the totality of your energy field and body as a living entity.

Imagine that this silent flow of energy, which is always there throughout your body, wants to tell you something. The first thing your body wants to tell you is that it is consciousness, the living light that wants to serve you. Your body is there for you. It gives you the ability to express yourself, and it would like to be at your service. And if you are suffering from pain or illness, then let us look at how that has come about.

The body itself always strives for balance. All the cells in your body are oriented toward that end: they work and build toward balance. Even as you get older, and your body loses its vitality, all cells are focused on creating balance. It is possible to be older in a very gracious way, without a lot of pain and effort. This is possible from the body itself even when the body is genetically taxed. There is such an incredibly powerful, vital energy present in your body that allows it to heal and bring itself into balance, even when imbalance has been extreme.

Have faith in your body’s ability to balance and heal itself; the forces of nature are very strong. Just look around you at the sea and the sun. Know that your body is built from the same living matter and the same consciousness as those natural elements. Just think of the ocean, feel the eternal rolling of the waves, and the inexhaustible renewal in that movement: the self-cleansing power. Or an old big oak tree that has withstood everything: wind, rain, sunshine. Your body is also very strong, for it is made of the same elements.

Now, it is true that a human is a very complicated being. You, as a soul, have had a vast amount of experience in the earthly reality, some of which has resulted in negative emotions. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, pain, anger – you name it. These emotions can act on the body, and over time the body gets out of balance. Emotions are also very powerful forces. Their energies are very strong and can act upon the body where they may create blockages at an energetic level. The awareness of your body that I mentioned earlier serves you there, however, because the body awareness sees the soul as its master.

When the soul is experiencing constant anger, or some depressing emotion, the body will eventually absorb it into its awareness and give way to it, so to speak. The emotions can then take hold of the body and take the form of complaints or disease. The body is still doing its best to restore the natural state of balance, but if the emotions are all-pervasive, and a person does not have the ability to feel through and transform those emotions, then illness may be the result.

It is important to note that the origin of a disease is almost always emotional. What creates the most havoc with the body are the emotions you experience in life, the spiritual pain that you gather. And there are reasons for this. It is not that there is some external judgment about the emotion and your reaction to it, but rather that it is important for you to know your emotions from within so the body can help you deal with them. By connecting again with the natural awareness of your body, which strives for balance, you can detect which emotions are depressing you, or blocking you.

I want to ask you to now do just that. Earlier we connected with the living energy field of the body itself – the undercurrent that is always there – and with the natural intelligence of the body. And now imagine that you also have an emotional body. In the esoteric tradition, the body consciousness has been called the etheric body, whereas the emotional body is called the aura, or the astral body, and is something that extends beyond your physical body.

Let us now imagine, for a moment, that there is an energy field around you, and it is composed of the energies of changing moods and emotions. Imagine that this energy field around you extends outwardly about three feet from your body. I am going to ask you a few things about that field, so try to hold on to the first impression that comes to mind without thinking about it.

You are in the middle of that energy field. Is it peaceful or is there tenseness within it? And if there is tenseness, where do you feel that tension located in the energy field? Is it before you or behind you? Allow your attention to go to that spot in your emotional body where you feel tense because of pressures from external events in your life, and simply allow it to be. You need not attempt to fix it, just know where it is.

Then go to a place in your body where it is quiet and calm. Find that place in your energy field where you are peaceful. Perhaps happy memories arise spontaneously from a time when you felt relaxed, or from a situation where you felt joyful. Feel that energy for a moment.

Finally, imagine you are a magnificent angel. You stand behind yourself and you encompass, within your light and your wings, both your aura, your emotional body, and your physical body and the etheric field it contains. With loving respect, the angel-you embraces your entire being. And because this magnificent angel who you are, is filled with wisdom and compassion and strength, you therefore feel understood and loved and supported.

The embodiment of your soul – your body – wants things to be well with you. It strives for equilibrium and for balance and, in a sense, it is also your guide. And from the other side, there is the angel-you who cherishes you and who is unconditionally there for you. This angelic being is your higher self – this is you. And in between the two is your astral body, in which emotions can become stuck or blocked.

Try to accept right now as it is; just allow now to be as it is. And have respect for who you are, because you are the brave ones among the angels. You have taken this journey for yourself, although not only for yourself. You have come here and have descended into the deepest darkness, so convinced are you of the light that bears everything in the Cosmos; the light that infuses all. The smallest branch and leaf of a tree, the smallest beetle and blade of grass, are imbued with living light.

Feel that both the forces of nature, as well as the spiritual powers of heaven, are with you to support you on this path: the road of transforming heavy emotional moods into light and knowledge and understanding. You are not alone, we are right beside you. And remember that your body is your friend, your ally, and along with the angel-you, wants to help you to bloom. Accept what is the truth: that you are brave; that you are mature; that you are a beautiful being. Believe in your own wealth and the treasures available to you, and you will find you experience more light-heartedness and relaxation in your body. There is healing for you, believe in it.


© Pamela Kribbe


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Money and Abundance – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary

art abundance shiloh sophia mcCloud

Art : She Chooses Abundance – Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Money and Abundance  

Pamela channels Mary Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

I am Mary speaking. Today, I invite you to immerse yourself in the energy of this space where angels gather to lighten your heaviness and fatigue.

You have been angels yourself at one time and, deep down, you still are. From the core of your being runs a channel to the angelic realm. Angels represent a grand essential energy, much finer and gentler than the earthly reality, with its density and heaviness. Open yourself to that angel energy, which may seem so far away, yet is able to come to you through infinite time and space. You are an angel in your heart.

Allow the gentleness and comfort of the angelic realm to flow into your aura, and to encircle your head, your shoulders, your heart, and come to rest there. Then let that soft rosy energy flow through to your stomach and your abdomen. Feel how all that is tired and heavy in the area of your stomach and abdomen is touched by it. Tiny sparks of light in all the colors of the rainbow dance about through your abdomen and make you feel happy and carefree. They remind you of the timeless dimension from which you came.

Now, as the angel energy flows to your hips and thighs, your knees, calves, and ankles, give special attention to allowing the energy to flow throughout your feet. In the middle of your feet, the energy finds an opening that creates a channel into the Earth. In the depths of her being, Earth is also an Angel, a beautiful angel now incarnated in the body of the Earth. Feel how this angel, who is the Earth, has the enormous power to support you and to provide you with strength, security, and stability.

Feel how you are included in a circle of love from the Earth and from Heaven. Allow those energies to do their work and to quietly encircle you, and surrender to them. You need not work for them or think about them. They are energies that always accompany you, and they both belong to you. Allow healing to flow to the places in your body and in your mind that most need healing. And never forget that you are a part of that timeless, free dimension in which the angels dwell.

You have come to the adventure of life on Earth of your own free will. But whenever you feel heavy, it is important that you retreat into this timeless dimension to remember who you really are and why you came here, which is to learn, to have adventure, and to experience all manner of things. It is meant to be a joyful adventure.

At the moment that being human becomes too much for you, too burdensome, feel free to again taste that angel dimension to your heart’s content, and there to take a deep breath. You do not have to do so much; you can let go of all the striving, effort, work – let it go. The intention is that you breathe deeply from that realm of the angels, so you are again inspired to set down some of that Angel-Heaven right here on Earth. That is your real work, and not the many concerns, worries, plans, and organizing of things that are part of being “busy” in the earthly sphere. No, your real work is to surrender to the subtle energies of who you truly are, which is not bound by time and space. That is lightwork, and when you do that, you will notice that life on Earth becomes literally lighter, less heavy.

Today, we are discussing the theme “money and abundance”. I invite you to look at that subject from the perspective of your personal relationship with the Earth. It is the intention of your incarnation that you experience joy in being present on Earth. Your gift to the Earth is that you are here, that you have come from the angelic realm, from Heaven, in order to reveal and give of your beauty, your love, your purity to all who live on Earth – that is your gift.

The reality of Earth, in which you are present, acknowledges you, welcomes you and wishes to make your path as easy as possible so you can radiate even more joy and light. The Earth wants to support and sustain you. She would like for you to use the opportunities that are here to find happiness as a human being by enjoying everything that is here. You often ascribe higher value to the spiritual gifts with which you have come and to underestimate the value of being here in simple enjoyment. For you, to receive is harder than to give.

I would like to provide a simple visualization where you can imagine to what extent you receive enough from the earthly realm. Just imagine that there is a long, tall slide. You are sitting at the very top, which is located in the angelic realm. As you sit there, you are also an angel. Look at your appearance. You do not as yet have a human body, but you have a gown wrapped around you of a beautiful, translucent color. You feel free and equally connected with all life, because you understand every part of it from within, and you know that, soon, you will be sliding down to the earthly realm.

Many feelings may surface at the time of your descent, but I ask you to focus at this moment on the feeling of trust that you feel deeply in your being. You feel that it is good to be going, and that doing so makes sense and has meaning. Imagine that your hands still hold onto the slide, but that you are about to let go – and now you do let loose and begin the slide downward. You are feeling a bit of tension, such as a child might feel when it does something scary, but which is also fun and exciting at the same time. And vroom, you are going down! You do not yet see a place to land, you just glide and glide.

At a certain moment, you see a cloud cover that you are going to have to go through. That feels a bit frightening, but the “cloud cover” is actually the veil that enshrouds the three dimensional world. Your descent is smooth and graceful, and so you glide right through the veil, because you offer no resistance. You descend deeper and deeper into the earthly realm, and finally you come to the bottom of the slide. Then comes the moment when you actually say farewell to the heavenly realm and step into the new reality, and you incarnate as a baby.

But on the threshold to the earthly realm is a kind of watchman, an angel who looks at you with both deep compassion and great seriousness. That angel wants to remind you at the last minute to remember who you are, and it does not want you to forget that. The gaze of that angel instills courage in you.

The angel also tells you something that has to do with abundance in your life. He gives you energy in the form of a bag filled with gold, and says: “This bag with gold belongs to you. It is something to which you can lay claim and which you may use in your life for your enjoyment and to create all that belongs to your life’s work. Receive this wealth and know it is always there for you. You may claim it, because it is part of you; it is your treasure!” Then you go on your way.

Now, please return to the present. You have been through a lot in this life, and let us now see how much of that treasure given to you by the angel you have already claimed for yourself. Imagine that you see before you a bag filled with golden energy and you open it. There, in this bag, is the energy of abundance, a wealth that is more than just material well-being, but also includes material things. The bag of gold that sits before you is a very visible connection between Cosmos and Earth, but it is also a personal thing; it is your abundance, your wealth.

See if you can easily open the bag and whether you can receive the energy that comes from it. See if you can allow that energy to come into your arms, into your heart, and throughout your entire being. Let that golden energy completely envelop you. Then ask it: “Is there anything I can now give myself, which I have previously denied myself, something that I need in order to live with joy?” Be open to what that flow wants to give to you. The abundance that is yours helps you to fulfill your soul’s mission on Earth.

There is also a flow of money that is befitting to you. You often have ideas in your mind about what you deserve, and what not, and that prevents the fullness of the flow that can come to you. You continually measure and compare it with other people, what they ask for, what they get, but the point is to find your own flow.

In fact, when giving and receiving are in balance in your life, the material flow naturally supports the spiritual flow; they are aligned with one another. You can look at it in this way: the spiritual part of you needs support from the Earth, from the material reality, so it can really thrive here. Allow yourself material abundance so you can increase your spiritual energy, so it can be more visible and is allowed to flow into the world, and so it can be seen by others and be an inspiration for them. In that sense, money and material abundance will have a positive effect on your surroundings, as well as on you.

You can also view money purely as a flow toward manifestation, toward physical expression of your true nature. If you are expressing your light in the earthly reality and you use the money that comes to you to help you to do that, you can take good care of yourself, as well as benefit others. The first part does not exclude the second part. You can let go of the old image of money as a means to increase your power, to rise above and control your fellow human beings. You can change that old way of using money and use it in accordance with your soul’s desire to express itself in the earthly dimension.

Do not turn away from money or material abundance merely because it is something that has been abused by some people. That would be like throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Feel that you are allowed to lay claim to material abundance, that you are allowed to both give and receive. If you allow the gold of your treasure to flow into your life, your soul’s natural way of expressing itself will become more powerful because it actually receives support on a practical level. Do not be afraid of money, money can support your soul’s “being” and “doing”. Money does not need to be used in a selfish way.

You all carry with you an old tradition in which you were taught to suppress your own needs in favor of those of others. And because of that tradition you may have difficulty in fully receiving money and abundance in your life. Try to see it this way: if you have more, you have more to share. Sharing gives joy, and joy creates even more abundance. That means that there can be a very positive spiral through daring to receive.

Do not be afraid of money; trust your own integrity. All who are present here have already made the decision, and are determined, to live on Earth from your heart. You are not here to abuse power; you have let go of that old way of being. Therefore, dare to be fully here as the angel that you are, and to fully receive what you need to shine your light. The Earth sorely needs people who live from their hearts and who, at the same time, acknowledge their human needs and consider themselves worthy to receive abundance and enjoy life.

© Pamela Kribbe


art abundance shiloh sophia mcCloud

Art : She Chooses Abundance – Shiloh Sophia McCloud

The Learning Process of the Soul – Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdelene


art Image Our Lady of Living Water by Shiloh Sophia

ART : Our Lady of Living Water – by Shiloh Sophia


The Learning Process of the Sou

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene

Dear friends,

I am Mary Magdalene. I greet you all with joy and a feeling of connection.

You are all committed to an inner path with great determination. The only thing that brings you real fulfillment is when you begin to hear and understand the voice of your own heart and soul. That is, for all of you, just as important as the oxygen you breathe, just as basic as the bread and water which feeds your body in order for you to stay alive. And that commitment means a shift of consciousness has already taken place in you, which for many of you was the case before your birth in this lifetime. Your soul found itself in a certain phase of its development, its evolution. It felt it was now time for an earthly incarnation in which your soul could truly let itself be seen; a life in which your soul could really flow through the earthly reality of everyday life.

It takes a number of earthly lives before you hear the call of the soul in this way. In earlier lives, it was necessary and appropriate to gain experience with life on Earth. The soul needs time to get used to earthly life and the dynamics of emotions and physicality which play themselves out here. Being here is a learning process for the soul. In a sense, the soul already knows everything before it starts to incarnate, but this knowledge has not been really experienced, so it has not become deeply rooted. This knowledge is, therefore, not a wisdom that is based on experience. Simply stated, it is about the distinction between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. At its core, the soul knows everything already, but by experiencing life in various forms and incarnations, this knowing becomes a wisdom that is practical and tangible, and that is the way love is born.

When wisdom really descends into an earthly human form, it is not just theoretical knowledge that distinguishes the individual, but rather the warmth, love, patience, and compassion that a person radiates toward others. And that means an alchemy has taken place, a transformation in the soul consciousness of that person. This change could only take place because the soul undertook incarnation, the path through flesh and blood, through pain, through the highs and lows of all kinds of emotions. These experiences are necessary for a living wisdom and love to be born. From that point of view, to become an earthly human being, to be born in a body, to have to deal with ignorance, pain, fear, and doubt, is a heroic act. You deliberately allow a part of your consciousness and inner knowing to be obscured in order that you can embody wisdom on a much deeper level.

What I describe here is actually what channeling, or becoming a conduit, means in the broadest sense of the word. Channeling is not simply the receiving of a message; it is the whole process of connecting your divine core through a soul to an earthly body, through a physical incarnation and a contraction of consciousness, so you become a specific form in time and space.

What appears to be a descent into limitation, into darkness, creates paths toward the light, a greater light that has not existed before. That is the creative process you enter into with your own soul. It means a great deal when you have become a human being on Earth and you again connect with your soul, your origin, and you try to embody it into your everyday life. It is part of the development of a soul, that in order to gain experience, it must forget itself for a long time and become accustomed to the earthly existence. For this reason, it is necessary that at first, and for a very long time, you are oblivious of your original wisdom and knowledge and that you become immersed in the powerful, compelling energies of the Earth.

But for some of you, it is now time to ascend back to the Source from which you came, and to recognize it and to again hear the voice of your soul. In this way, you truly begin to see the purpose of your development: bringing the heavenly realm of divine knowledge and wisdom together with the earthly realm of feeling and experiencing. Then you are a channel between Heaven and Earth and you create something new, something that is meaningful for Creation as a whole. In other words, you are ready.

I want to outline what matters in this connection with your higher wisdom and soul energy, which has already become very experienced through your many earlier incarnations. What is holding you back the most from truly allowing that original energy of acquired wisdom of your soul to manifest, is that you make yourself small. In order to allow your soul’s energy into the here and now, you need to dare to believe in your own greatness. You need to accept as true that you really are that radiant angel of light which has been shaped by a divine realm and equally shaped by many lifetimes of incarnations in which you have struggled to overcome pain and anxiety, and have become increasingly aware of who you really are. You need to acknowledge the greatness of your own being and your own history and now say: “I am That”. It is the step you now need to take so your soul can entirely incarnate, can flow freely throughout your body and your earthly being.

I now want to ask you to examine yourself and to see in what respect you think yourself unworthy, not good enough, or even bad, as if you have done something awful. Maybe you have a feeling of sinfulness or failure. For a moment, give your full attention to looking at your own energy field and see if there is a dark spot somewhere that shows up. It might manifest as pain or tension, which can hold negative thoughts about yourself. Look intently to see if that happens. Maybe you will see a child appear, or you simply get a feeling, but it is a burden you carry around. However, you have become so accustomed to some of these burdens that you no longer experience them as such. You think these burdens are part of your normal state. But a normal state is a joyful state. The normal, balanced state is that you accept yourself and trust in life and say “yes” to it with a feeling that you are fine as you are. Not that you are perfect, according to some ideal that lies outside you, but that you are good simply because you are an inseparable part of the whole. You belong, you are important, and you are free to explore anything you want to explore.

Angry, or negative thoughts or emotions are allowed, as are doubt, despair, and resistance. Look for a moment at what is there. See if there is in you a dislike, or a negative feeling, or a resistance toward life on Earth. Or if you do not feel welcome here, or if you feel hurt because you do not feel acknowledged, or if you have been told you are not good enough as you are. In almost everyone reside images of unworthiness and it is important to detect these images and to embrace them with your light, because this is, in fact, what blocks your channel. And by channel, I mean that in the broadest sense of the word: being open to your soul.

Take in a breath to calm your abdomen. Invite your soul’s energy to come truly into your body, into your heart and, especially, into your abdomen, which is energetically the seat of power and grounding, but which also is the place where you might have sustained deep wounds. See if you can create and experience a sense of dignity. Your abdomen knows how to do this; it is connected to the Earth and knows you have a natural place here and in the Cosmos; that you are welcome here on Earth.

In your abdomen, is there a silent knowing that you are okay? Connect with that knowledge and literally make space for yourself. Imagine there is an energetic space around your body as large as you sense is right for you and large enough to contain your light. Allow that space to reach all the way down to your feet and even into the Earth. Feel that you are truly here. It is possible that some of you will feel that your soul energy wants to shoot back upward when you do this because of memories of rejection, and even of violence, which makes it too painful for you to be down here at all. But I ask you to go there anyway and to tell yourself that being there is safe. Fill your abdomen with the light of your soul; feel you are welcome here. Let the light move through your legs, your thighs, your knees, your lower legs and feet, and into the Earth. It is the intention of channeling that your essence flows into the Earth. Feel how great and beautiful and powerful you are, and how your greatness inspires others and helps them. You are not hindering anyone with your greatness.

This is my message today. When it comes to channeling your soul, look out for old images of unworthiness which are still in your life and practice filling your abdomen, your lower chakras, with your soul’s light. That is where it becomes real and tangible and flows into the Earth. This is the intention and that is what fulfills you the most.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe

art Image Our Lady of Living Water by Shiloh Sophia

ART : Our Lady of Living Water – by Shiloh Sophia

The Great Mystery – Pamela channels Jeshua @ Jeshua Channelings

EGYPT unknown artist art

unknown artist


Pamela channels Jeshua

The Great Mystery

There is a great mystery in the Universe, and the mystery is that there is something, rather than nothing – that something exists. In the universe there is life, light, and consciousness; life dances and moves. How has this all come about?

It is important that you first marvel at the mystery of life, light, and consciousness. These elements cannot exist in isolation; where there is life there is also light and consciousness. Light makes it so that life becomes manifest. In the light is a driving force that causes consciousness to be raised higher, until it comes to a point where it can reflect upon itself, become self-conscious. When consciousness gets to that point, life is able to become aware and capable of giving form to itself. Life can choose and progress, and then there is such a thing as the formation of an I, of a self. This is the birth of the soul.

But I shall take a step back and describe the principles of life, light, and consciousness. Where do they come from? What is the origin of life? In the lap of the Cosmos is a void, an emptiness that breathes: a fullness in the silence. That is the origin of life, and you can connect with that origin by breathing silently. When you breathe in silence and stillness, and bring your attention to the in- and out-breath, you connect with the primal source of Being.

This silent beginning, the basis of all life, continues to be present in each one of you. It lives and breathes within you regardless of what you do or not do. The origin, the beginning – the void that is there from which everything is born – still exists within you. To realize that sets you free, as well as releases the limits of who you are. It reveals the relative, dual nature of your individuality.

In that initial void, in that space, there is not yet individuality, there is no unique soul. There is pure Isness or Beingness. Feel the mystery of this Beingness; It surrounds everything. Without this Ground of Being, you do not exist; It permeates and nurtures you.

What is It? In this silence lives the breath of God. God is indeterminate, undefined, and open-ended. It is formless: that which is not individualized. God is aware of everything, but in this great field of limitless awareness that is God, there are pockets, or hollows, in which a lack of awareness is predominate. That lack of awareness makes it possible for life to grow and flourish there.

God, Being, has created places where life is unaware, from where a desire for awareness can develop and grow toward the light. You are located in such a hollow in the field of consciousness that is God. God had to create a lesser awareness in order for individuality to emerge,

In order to create individual life, God had to do something paradoxical, because in Its essence God is everything. Everything that exists is in God, both what is possible and what is not possible, so God had to create places of lesser awareness to allow the soul to be born. The soul is a defined and limited awareness that finds her way through time and space, seeking always that union with God from which she was born. The soul’s birth was a leap into the darkness of oblivion.

By creating awareness at the level of the individual, there is something new, something great created in God: a living awareness that grows, and is dynamic and becoming – and life is change, is in a state of becoming. When awareness includes everything, and also includes all the possibilities, there is no possibility for dynamic growth from unawareness to full awareness. It is only through this dynamic process that light is created in the spiral of growth of the soul: from her birth to her youth to her maturity. And it is this growth in the field of time and space which will add to the awareness of God.

The soul lives in a love relationship with God. God is the soul’s Source, its Ground or matrix, and the goal toward which the soul strives. And God creates the soul so God can find gratification in the soul’s urge toward becoming, with the depth of feelings that result. The mystery is that God Itself, in this way, becomes visible, tangible, experiential through the individual awareness that the soul carries within herself. That is the purpose of the birth of the soul.

The soul is drawn to lose her way in the hollows of awareness, at least in part. This is necessary on the path of the soul because it is important that she reach out and, in full freedom, return to the divine awareness, to the omniscience, to the all-knowing. That is why evil, that which is considered “bad”, is to be a part of her journey.

When the soul reaches out toward the Beginning, toward the essence of who she is, toward the God in herself, it is precisely in that void – the unlimited and all-embracing nature of God’s Being – that she experiences her liberation. The soul has then come Home.

Light and dark are elements that belong to the journey of the soul. The play of light and dark is created because God withdraws Its awareness, or hides it, in certain parts of the Cosmos, and there gives free play to the soul. The creation of the soul is actually a contraction, a narrowing of awareness. But that process has a purpose, because it is precisely in that contraction that there is a movement, a process of realization which is important and valuable, and it is that process which creates light.

Light emerges where the individualized awareness opens toward the divine source. The stronger the light becomes, the more awareness grows and the more the connection to the One is felt, contraction then gradually opens to full awareness. This interplay of contraction and omniscience is the essence of Creation. In that dance between both poles, God reaches Its greatest expression.


© Pamela Kribbe


EGYPT unknown artist art

unknown artist


The Root Chakra – Pamela Channels Earth – Pamela Kribbe @ The Jeshua Channelings


Anna Hannah Art - art Etsy

Anna Hanna Art @ Etsy



The Root Chakra – Pamela channels Earth

Dear friends,

I am Earth. I love you, you are my children. You move about on mysurface while you are busy with the pressures of your everyday life, and I follow you and long to urge you to return to the core of who you are. I want to awaken you to who you are in your essence.

You all are on a journey inward; your soul wants to fully descend on to Earth and to merge with a human body and to live and manifest here. While you are searching for ways to transcend your humanity, your soul seeks to embrace embodiment. It wants to be human, to come down fully to Earth and to create a fusion between soul and human. That is your purpose on Earth.

Today, we are speaking about the root chakra, the energy center at the bottom of your spine, the chakra closest to the Earth and the one that is most deeply affected by the Earth. In many of you, there is fear lodged in the root chakra. If you were to see the root chakra of the majority of people on Earth, you would observe that it is fragmented and not whole, or sometimes even a void. The result is that many people doubt if they are really at home here on Earth. They wonder if they may truly feel safe and welcome here.

The Earth is a place with the potential for so much abundance and wealth, and by that I mean a wealth of experiences for you as a soul. Much joy and inspiration can be experienced here, but presently there is much darkness on Earth. For many centuries, humankind has been held captive by illusions and fears that can make life on Earth a hell, and so a veil has fallen over your natural wisdom. There is an estrangement occurring that reaches into the core of your being.

The ability to live, in the true sense of the word – to live in joy and with inspiration – can only come from nature, but you have placed yourself in opposition to nature. Humankind has tried to rise above nature, and in a willful, obstinate way has tried to impose structure and order on the reality of the surrounding world, but that does not work. You are living in the midst of the shards of an old world image that is quickly losing its validity. It is a worldview in which humans were the organizer and manipulator of the world around them. Humans sought to control nature from their minds and from reason, and by doing that became very alienated from themselves. Humans lost the bond with what is most natural to them: their feelings and a unity with the living reality of nature that surrounds them.

Once you lose the connection with the life inside you, you lose the connection with the life outside you. A coldness then develops, a hardening that can be observed in many human hearts. In many people, it is obvious in the root chakra that they do not know themselves to be connected to the Earth in a living, vital way, because of the fear and repression that is lodged there.

I have previously discussed in some channelings about how the soul descends to the Earth. She very much desires to incarnate here and to descend into matter to the deepest level so she can bring light on to Earth, and matter can become alive from within. We have talked about a journey through the lower chakras, a journey that begins at the heart and extends through the abdomen: to the solar plexus, to the navel chakra, and finally to the root chakra at the bottom of your spine. The root chakra is what we want to talk about today. How can you heal that part of you, the fear and the doubt that is there? How can you find an answer to the questions: “Am I allowed to be here? Am I welcome here? Can I allow my light to shine downward to the deepest level, to the core of my life?”

You are so used to conforming to the world outside you, which includes the expectations of society, but humanity now has a need for people who want to go down a new path, so as to allow nature to revive. And that means the nature in me – your mother, the Earth – and especially, and first of all, the nature in you. And to do this by bringing in a new aliveness so the hardened and frozen parts in you melt, become warm and fluid and flow again.

How can you accomplish that process within yourself? How can you observe, embrace, and release the primal fear that is locked in the root chakra? Today, I want to discuss three ways in which you can do that.

The first way is by experiencing the beauty of nature. In order to reassure your first chakra, root chakra, perineum – all names for the same center – in a gentle way, and to entice it to open and to feel at home on Earth, you need to seek for a place in nature where you feel at ease. A place where you take in the beauty of nature: the trees, the plants, the flowers, the animals, the birds, the clouds, the sky, the rhythm of the seasons. A place where you can feel awe for the atmosphere and beauty of nature.

Intentionally seek out a place, and if you cannot go outdoors, then look at a plant or a vase of flowers in your room. There is always something of nature to be found in your surroundings. Take in its natural beauty, but also feel what this beauty consists of. This is not a superficial beauty, an ideal that has been determined by others as beautiful or ugly according to human standards. Rather, it is a beauty that sings forth from its intrinsic nature. It is life itself that you experience as the beauty: the simplicity and surrender that flows through a plant, or a tree, which is one with the seasons; a bird that sings; the innocence of animals that go about their daily course, playful and gentle – that is what touches you.

What I ask of you is to recognize yourself in nature. You often think you are removed from nature, from the harmony and balance that you find there, but you are a part of nature. Try to feel that now while you take in the beauty, the balance, the rhythm of nature, because those qualities want to flow through you, too. Your mental activity can throw up barriers against this feeling and tell you that you do not belong here, but you are already part of nature, because you live in a body.

Admire your body in the same way that you admire something in nature. And in order to do that, you need to begin to experience your body from the inside and not from the outside, such as what it looks like and how it must meet certain standards. All those images of beauty set by society are a heavy burden from which you are suffering and which are contrived and false. They are as frigid and artificial as the mentality that creates and prescribes them – they are not real!

Just look at the birds and the leaves on the trees. Not one is the same as the other, each one is unique. You do not compare them, one to the other, but simply see the natural harmony and balance that exudes from nature when you walk through a forest or on a beach. The simplicity of nature – as revealed in all its complexity – is what is quieting to a human being as that person walks in nature. Now feel how you yourself are part of that flow, as well as part of the innocence. You can be who you are: a part of nature, and nature also wants to unfold through you in a joyful and balanced way.

Then we go one step further. Now focus your complete attention on your own body. You can do this exercise – if you want to call it that – when you are at home or when you are in a beautiful space in nature, which is perhaps even better. Focus your attention inwardly and then imagine that you yourself are just as much a part of nature as a beautiful tree. Energies flow through you, and fluids flow in you, which know exactly where they should go. Your heart is beating, your blood is flowing, and everything knows what it needs to do. Even though your body is a complicated organism, all organs know what to do and so they naturally tend toward health and vitality. Feel that you are included in the renewing and healing power that is nature’s own. There are so many healing currents present in nature and they are all available to your body. Your living cells know what you need, because your body is a very wise organism.

Now consider your body as having its own language. Your soul reveals itself through and in the body, and that is what the soul really longs to do! The body is not something lower, something inferior, the body is a wonderful book, a manual of the soul. Now, imagine that you have been given this body as a wonderful gift from Creation. Feel the respect there is from Creation toward your body and how life wants to cherish you. You are so used to seeing your body from the outside and criticizing it, now feel it from the inside. Feel how it arises from an infinite fountain of vitality and joy, and how you can give it form and nourish it with your strength from the deepest part of your soul.

Imagine how a warm life force emerges from your root chakra. You can see the color red around it – or any other color – as it arises spontaneously. Feel how, from that fire, that deep life-force, a healing warm current flows throughout your body: your legs, your spine, your waist. Allow it to flow up to your shoulders, then to your arms and your hands. Feel grounded, feel your feet from the inside, how they rest on me, the Earth, and feel the life force that is available in the ground, too. Ask your body the question: “Do you feel good? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need something from me?” Just ask, then wait patiently. It is possible that the body may not answer immediately. You may have to learn to talk in this way with your body, but it is very possible to do so.

The body is listening to you. You are its driving force so, of course, the body wants to get in touch with you – so just ask it. Travel with your attention gently throughout your body. Start with your head. Let your attention circle as a gentle whisper, a gentle flow, around your head. Imagine your attention to be as a very soft breeze that asks your body very tenderly: “Is everything alright with you? Can I help you? You are such a beautiful gift. Can I surround you with something that you need?” Even just the flow of the soft breeze of your attention stimulates your cells and makes them happy. They dance in a happy circle of joy as your attention touches them with your love.

Allow your attention to circle around your neck, your shoulders. Let it flow through your heart, through your solar plexus and your navel chakra, and finally back to your root chakra. Take a good look there. You may get an image or a feeling at your root chakra, which is located at your tailbone at the bottom of your spine. You may feel something there; you may feel an old fear, or congestion and a blockage, but you need do nothing about it. You only need to be present as this soft breeze caresses gently along it, and even if you feel nothing or see nothing, that is okay.

Just be present with your attention, because your attention heals: it is liberating for the body. The body wants to be seen and heard, and not only as a mechanism that allows you to do things; it wants to be appreciated for its own beauty. And not the beauty that you see as images in newspapers and magazines, but the kind of beauty that a bird in a tree possesses, or a frog at the edge of a pond. That is the beauty of the ordinary way of being, with its wholesome beauty, its natural colors and forms. That is the kind of attention the body wants to receive from your mind, and it wants to know that you appreciate it.

Now let the breeze move gently along your legs. Move along from the root chakra to your knees and down to your ankles, your heels, to the soles of your feet and even to all ten toes, and feel how you are taken up into the flow of life. A healing influence takes place because of the inner attention from this exercise, if you want to call it that, but really it is only a matter of recognizing what the source is from where you came.

So you begin with the first step, which is to experience the beauty in nature. And then the second step, which is to recognize that same beauty in yourself, in your own body. You are a part of nature, of the natural current of life, so you need do nothing to attain it, for you are it. The third step is to connect with the aliveness and vibrancy within you, and also to indulge yourself by experiencing the solidity and security and safety of your root chakra. And by indulging, I mean something different than you might expect. I ask you to meet the child within you by imagining you are a five-year-old child. Try not to think about it too much, but try to feel the body of this child, its life force, its youthfulness. It is in the midst of its development, so it is curious and wants to know all kind of things.

This child still lives somewhere within you, and I ask you to connect with that child and do what that child wants to do. It may be that the child in you feels anxious, has been suppressed, or is afraid. Therefore, it may be that the first way in which the child presents itself to you is through a negative emotion, which seems to contradict the idea of indulging yourself. However, what I want you to understand is that this child is the most spontaneous part of you, the part that is not made up of refined feelings that are deemed appropriate, the ones you have been taught are correct through your upbringing in society. Rather, this child is your primal part, that part of you that carries your originality and is, therefore, the most natural, spontaneous part of you.

I ask you to make this child visible. It can be that an image does not immediately form, but try to imagine it. Imagine that you are now a five-year-old child, or somewhere about that age. Take the first image that comes to mind and simply see what the child looks like. Is it happy or is it sad? Does it laugh or does it seem miserable? Is it cheerful or is it downhearted? Is it scared or does it feels safe? And stretch out your hand toward that child and see if she or he takes it. Wait patiently, for you have all the time necessary for this child. Ask it to sit with you, and take it in your arms.

With some people, the child will love to throw itself into their arms, and for others, the child will keep its distance, because it feels mistrust, and that is okay, too. What matters most is that you connect with the child and that you try to better understand its behavior and to discover what deep emotions can be revealed to you through this child. It is not about healing and immediately making it better; it is about asking the child: “What do you want from me now? What do you feel like doing? What do you need the most at this moment?”

This is something you can often do in your everyday life. Make it a habit to go within and to ask the child within you what it needs. This is how you connect with the primal flow of life within you that reveals itself much more easily in children than in adults, whose emotional life is so structured and constrained by mental rules. Let the most spontaneous part of you speak, because it wants to come to you in order to express itself through you, and by doing so can again become a source of beauty. And not an artificial kind of beauty, but an original, wild beauty like a tinkling stream that in some places is very still and motionless, while in other places is very fierce as it cascades down from the cliffs. The child in you is the living water that wants to flow and move, so allow yourself to be moved by the child.

Time and again, make that connection in the here and now. In this way, you bring yourself back to your own fundamental being. It matters that the child feel safe, which means that you experience security in your being, in your root chakra, in your foundation. It means that you can rely on yourself to consult your deepest emotions within. It means that you do not have to hide from yourself, but can face your own fear and can forgive and embrace all of yourself. When that inner child is welcome in you, then you have conquered the world! There is then nothing more that can really happen to you, because you have said “yes” to life, to its ups and downs, its peaks and valleys, and that is security.

Knowing that you are safe does not lie in the predictability of knowing how things will turn out, or of being assured of a good future by securing things with your mind. Truly living is to surrender to changes, to all the unexpected twists and turns such as a river can encounter. Yet you still feel safe, and that is only possible if you trust in the current of life itself. Not from a mind that oversees the flow from above, but to be the flow itself and, at the same time, to remain trusting. That is security and solidity, that is true inner strength, and that you can only find in yourself, in your body, in the child part of you. And doing that demands of you an enormous amount of effort, because you have been taught that you must master life from your mind, your mental side. You all will be asked to return to the source of life itself, and this cannot happen by way of the mind, but through the spontaneity of your nature.

Make no mistake, nature is not chaotic. In nature, natural laws apply, but those are very different than what you can grasp with the rational mind or from logic. It is to live from feeling itself and to where the flow of life wants you to go. Keep in touch with your body and with nature. Be in touch with the child within and you will then see that life also happens according to laws, but laws of a completely different kind. Not those of logic, but those directed more by listening to the greater whole, and that whole includes you and has your well-being at heart. You are connected to that whole, and when you really give yourself to it, then you feel you are guided and supported by something unnamable, something great and good, something safe and secure.

I am also part of this greater whole. I, the Earth, form a whole by myself with all that lives and flourishes upon me. But I am only a small part of the larger Cosmos, and through it all flows something that you call God and that I just call “life”: something that is infinite and indestructible. You are tiny sparks in that flow, but you are also infinite and indestructible, no matter what form you assume, and therein lies the true safety that you are able to experience here on Earth. Feel the spark of a great stream of warm, moving, loving energy that permeates the universe.

I am with you. I want to bear witness to that flow, to the truth of it. See the beauty around you, which is still visible on Earth: that of the plants, the animals, and the beauty, purity, and innocence in you, and also in the people around you. See that again and return to life and embrace it.

Thank you so much for your attention.

© Pamela Kribbe


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From hypersensitivity to high sensitivity – Becoming the angel that you are ~ Gerrit Gielen


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From hypersensitivity to high sensitivity

Becoming the angel that you are

Gerrit Gielen

Many people are hypersensitive. They cannot stand the noise, aggression and hasty pace of modern society. Often they suffer from psychosomatic disorders and insomnia. What other folks take for granted, for example going to a family party, is quite a chore for them. Simply doing what other people consider normal often turns out a disaster for them.

As a child they are often misunderstood and underappreciated. Because it’s hard for them to stand up for themselves and because they easily dream away, school time is tough. Building a career and becoming successful according to society’s standards often doesn’t work for them. They more or less muddle along at the fringes of society. Participating in mainstream activities is experienced as exhausting and draining. Because of all this, their self image isn’t very positive; they often feel insecure and inferior. Their thoughts are gloomy and may repeat themselves endlessly.

Of course, this image is somewhat of a caricature. Yet many people will (partly) recognize themselves in it. Let us now focus on some of the positive traits of hypersensitive people. They appreciate peace and quiet and long to live in harmony with their fellow humans. They are sensitive to beauty, especially the beauty of nature. They are very empathic and open to the spiritual. They have a rich imagination. To their own surprise, people who are in trouble are naturally drawn to them and come to them for guidance.

What is the matter with these people? The answer is that they are not (just) hypersensitive, they are highly sensitive. In fact, they are angels in disguise.

What is high sensitivity?

Every living being emits a certain vibration or aura: flowers, the sun, people, animals, plants, and also human society at large. You are highly sensitive when your vibration, your aura is more refined and delicate than the vibration of human society.

Imagine a radiant, beautiful angel descending from heaven to be born in a human body in a modern metropolis. The angel has a hard time coping with the noise, the chaos and the ugliness of the world around. Where is the serenity and beauty of nature, where are the flowers? Where is the deep inner knowing, the sense of unity with the cosmos? The angel feels shattered and alienated. The world around does not nurture or acknowledge him (or her*). The angel starts to think that there’s something wrong with him and he becomes sad and depressed. As he does not feel at home here, he withdraws and vaguely longs for another reality. The people around him consider him to be a dreamer who does not want to face the facts of life. The angel’s light diminishes. Whereas he was a high sensitive at first, he has now become a hypersensitive.

You may wonder why this angel incarnated on Earth.

Many angels are incarnate on Earth and every angel has their own motive to be here. There is however one general motive: to help Earth. Through the presence of all of these angels, human society as a whole gains in light and sensitivity. The angelic presence raises the vibration of the world. This happens especially when the angels remember who they are and when their self-confidence is restored. That’s when their light will truly shine.

Now imagine that you are such an angel.

What can you do to become radiant again, to transform your hypersensitivity into high sensitivity?

Step 1 – Realize that you are an angel

Realize that you are an angel and don’t be afraid to show it. Believe in your own light, your creative abilities and overcome your fear to show yourself. This is the first step.

How do you do this? It’s important to connect to the spiritual. See the world from a spiritual perspective, remember the timeless realm of love and beauty that you originate from and to which you belong. You have always been in touch with this subtle, ethereal reality. Now take another leap and really believe it to be there. The moment you connect with it, you also get in touch with your own inner core and start to realize who you really are. You remember that your consciousness is eternal and that it is a magnificent source of light and creativity.

The moment you feel a part of this other realm, which is your true home, the judgment that human society places on you becomes much less of a burden to you. You realize that your stay here is only temporary and that this hectic, chaotic society will disappear one day and make place for a more peaceful, harmonious and happy society. What this current society thinks of you and expects from you is not so important anymore. More important is what you are here to do, how you are going to manifest your light in this world.

By sensing your true origin, you kindle your own light. Light is creative and transformative. You will notice that your environment will start to respond to you differently. Life will flow more easily and people will take you more seriously. You have taken a fundamental first step in the transition from hypersensitivity to high sensitivity.

Step 2 – Become aware of your male energy

You are able to truly give your light to others only if you are also able to not give it. If you cannot say ‘no’ to people, your ‘yes’ has no meaning. Learning to set boundaries and to stand up for yourself is crucial. If you don’t do this, your energy flows into a bottomless pit and you will permanently feel weak and drained.

To prevent this from happening, you need to get in touch with your male energy. Many people who are inclined towards the spiritual, have a negative image of the male energy. It is associated with violence, oppression and aggression and considered to be not spiritual. As a result of this negative attitude towards the male energy, many spiritually inclined and hypersensitive people feel disempowered and unable to stand up for themselves.

The solution is to understand that there’s nothing wrong with the male energy per se; it is the imbalance between the male and the female which causes the problem. By regarding the male energy to be inferior, many people weaken their own strength. This happens particularly in sensitive women. Especially when you go through a process of spiritual growth, it is of prime importance to connect with your male energy.

As soon as you take step 1 and become more aware of who you really are, you will distinguish yourself energetically from your environment. Your light will be noticed. This will attract to you what I call energy leeches. These are people or other entities, for instance the organization you work in, who will feed themselves with your energy. They deprive you of energy without giving something back to you. If you’re not able to protect yourself in such an environment, you get stuck.

At this point, you need to use your male strength. Embrace the male part of you, your inner man, and trust him. Let him take the shape of a sword in your hand which severs the bonds between you and everything that deprives you of energy.

A common pitfall in using the sword of your male energy proficiently is the notion of equality. “We are all equal and therefore I should not distinguish myself from others, and share what I have with them.” The idea of equality is right to some extent. At the level of the soul we are equal. At the level of manifestation however we are not. Some people are more able to let their inner light shine through than others. By not acknowledging this, we give energy leeches free range. Especially people who radiate much light and who have much to give, should protect themselves. Be aware of who or what you give your energy to. Not everyone is ready to receive what you have to offer. Do not let your most precious gift be dragged down by people or organizations who do not match your vibration. Use your male energy for this purpose.

Step 3 – Realize that mother Earth is your friend

Many hypersensitive people feel resistance towards living on Earth. This resistance is partly due to the fact that they do not feel at home in modern western society. The energy of society does not match their own and they feel alienated by it. They want to leave; they subconsciously remember their spiritual heritage and long to be ‘home’ again. They want to go back to the peace and harmony of the heavenly realms, which contrast so sharply with the noise, fear, aggression and anonymity of present day human society.

Apart from this reason for feeling resistance towards living on Earth, sensitive people also have intuitions about what happened in their past lives on Earth. Often they carry memories within of war, persecution and other forms of aggression. They remember trying to be and do good on Earth and being violently rejected for it. To overcome your resistance to being here, it’s important to distinguish between the energy of human society and the energy of Earth itself. To do so, find a beautiful spot in nature. Go there on a weekday when it’s quiet. Feel the energy there, the serenity and peace. Open your heart to this place in nature and feel all the energies present there. Apart from you there are nature spirits such as fairies and leprechauns, who work closely together with Earth. Now feel Earth itself. This is the Earth you came for, the Earth who reaches out to you and who wishes to support you. Open your heart to her energy and love. By entering into this connection with Earth, you are able to truly take your place and shine your light in this world. You are able to change the world and make it more beautiful. There’s a place for you on Earth where you feel at home. This place will become a beacon of light that transforms the world around you.

Hypersensitive people hide for the world. Highly sensitive people radiate their light freely into it.

Step 4 – Use your female energy to become even more sensitive

Your female energy can make the difference between fearing someone and loving someone. It enables you to look behind the mask that someone’s putting on and see their vulnerability. In our hearts we are all good. God is in everyone’s heart. You can use the female energy within to become even more sensitive, to use your empathy to really understand what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes. Understanding the other from within can help you put into  perspective their hurtful remarks or offensive behavior. It may help you let go of it.

This becomes possible when the male energy inside is strong enough to protect your female side. When we are hurt by what another person says to us, we are often not hurt by the words themselves, but by our own oversensitive interpretation of those words. Often people are not out to get us, it’s more that they blurt out something which isn’t aimed at you personally. Your male energy can help you to not take things personally. Your female energy helps you feel what is really going on in the other person. By using the female gift of sensitivity, we now see a lot of lights in this dark world around us. Becoming even more sensitive, we take a step towards the heart of our fellow humans, which is often warmer and brighter than we thought. By noticing the light in the heart of the other, this light will burn stronger.

Becoming even more sensitive works in two directions: not only do you get a deeper sense of who the other person is, they also get to know you better. They feel something sensitive, warm and beautiful in you that they had not noticed before; by acknowledging the other person, they acknowledge you. This is how you start to feel at home on Earth.
To be an angel is to be balanced

Every human being gives and receives. To stay spiritually and physically healthy, we need to be in equilibrium with our environment. The flow of giving and the flow of receiving need to be balanced. The moment we radiate more of our light, make the transition from hypersensitivity to high sensitivity and become the angel that we are, the flow of giving increases. We exude a creative and beautiful light and share it with our environment, often without knowing it. The energy we put out into the world wants to come back to us in the form of (physical) abundance.

This causes problems in many sensitives. Hypersensitive people often do not believe that life can be beautiful, rich and abundant for hem. They feel it would not be right, that they are not worth it and so they block the flow of receiving that wants to come to them. Religious traditions which teach you that it’s better to give than to receive, or that it is sinful to enjoy yourself, support this line of thought. Fear and doubt keep out the natural abundance that wants to come your way.

Be attentive of this. Check for yourself if you are really open to what the universe would like to give to you, to all the love that is there for you. As long as you do not say ‘yes’ to what the universe wants to send your way, you have not truly said ‘yes’ to yourself. Say a loud and loving yes to yourself, to all of you. Accepting the flow of receiving in your life will then become natural for you.

© Gerrit Gielen

– The Jeshua channelings are available in book form. – The Lightworker and the Healing Series are also available as audio book. –


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Pitfalls on the way to becoming a healer – Pamela Kribbe @ The Jeshua Channelings

Earth Sculpture by Debra Bernier~ Pinterest

Earth Sculpture – Debra Bernier


Pitfalls on the way to becoming a healer  

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends, it is with great pleasure and happiness that I bid you welcome in this place where you have gathered to hear me, an old friend of yours. I am Jeshua. I have been among you in my life on earth as Jesus. I have been human and I know of all that you go through as human beings in an earthly body and in an earthly life. And I have come here to help you understand who you are.

All of you who are present here and many among you who will read this text later on are lightworkers. You are angels of light who have forgotten who you really are. You all have gone through many trials on your journey on earth, throughout your many earthly lifetimes. And I know these trials from within.

You have now come to a point in your soul’s history at which you are completing a cycle of lifetimes. At this point you are more and more connecting to the greater Self that you really are, the Self that is independent of time and space. You are in the process of allowing your greater, immaterial Self into your earthly being, into your everyday life.

You still find it hard to keep a steady connection to your greater or higher Self, because you have forgotten that you truly are this great source of light yourself. Nevertheless you have all started the journey within and along this journey you have felt the desire, even the calling, to help others on their way to inner growth and self-awareness. It is natural, especially for lightworkers, to want to share your insights and experiences with others. You are all born teachers and healers.

From the moment you take it upon yourself to guide others as a teacher or healer, you are likely to stumble upon a number of pitfalls. These pitfalls are the result of certain miscomprehensions about what it means to guide someone spiritually. They follow from misconceptions about the nature of healing and your part in it as a healer. It is about these pitfalls that I would like to speak today.


What is healing?

What is the essence of healing? What happens when someone “gets well,” whether it is on the psychological, emotional or physical level? What happens is that this person is able to connect again to his or her own inner light, to his or her own greater Self. This connection has a healing effect upon all layers of the self – the emotional, physical and mental levels.

What every person is looking for in a healer or teacher is an energy space which enables them to reconnect to their inner light, the part of them that knows and understands. The teacher or healer is able to offer this space because they have already made this connection within. The healer has a frequency at their disposal, an energetic vibration which holds the solution to their client’s problem. To be a healer or teacher means to carry the energetic frequency of the solution in your energy field and to offer it to someone else. That’s what it is, nothing else.

Basically it is a process that can take place without words or actions. It is the energy itself that you have as a teacher or healer which has the healing effect. It is your enlightened energy that opens up the possibility for someone else to “remember” what they already know, to connect to his inner light, to her intuition. It is this remembrance, this connection that makes the healing happen. All healing is really self-healing.

To heal or teach, then, has in fact nothing to do with specific skills or specific knowledge that can be learned from books or by taking courses. Healing power cannot be acquired by something external. It is about the “frequency of the solution” that is present within your own energy field as a result of your own inner growth and clarity of consciousness. Often as a teacher and healer, you are all still involved in personal growth processes. Yet there are parts of your energy field that have become so clear and pure that they can have a healing effect upon others.

It is essential to understand that this effect is not something you have to work hard for. It is the client who decides whether or not to assimilate the energy you offer, whether to allow it in. It is the client’s choice. You offer it by who you are, by “being there” for the other. It is not by the skills or knowledge you have learned from anyone else that you have a healing influence but purely by who you are, the inner road you have traveled. It is especially in the area of problems that you have gone through yourself at a deep emotional level that you can truly help others. Your light in these areas shines like a beacon to people who are still stuck in these issues, beckoning them gently to get out of them.

In the areas where you have healed yourself from deep-seated hurts and wounds you have become a true master, someone whose wisdom is based on inner knowing and genuine experience. Self-healing, taking responsibility for your inner wounds and enveloping them in the light of your consciousness, is the key to becoming a teacher and healer. It is the ability to heal yourself that makes you a lightworker. This creates the “energy of the solution” in your being, which offers to others a doorway to their own power of self-healing.

When you are treating clients or helping people in your environment, you often “read” their energy. You intuitively tune into them when you listen to them, give them advice or treat them with energetic healing methods. However the client or person you are working with is just as busy “reading” you. Just like you are tuning into their energy, they are, consciously or subconsciously, absorbing your energy. They intuitively feel whether or not what you say and do is in accordance with all of you, whether it is matched by what you radiate, your energy vibration. They feel who you are, apart from your words and actions.

It is in the reading of you by the client that the real breakthrough occurs. When the client feels free and safe in your presence, when they feel surrounded by a type of consciousness that empowers them to trust their inner knowing, then everything you say or do takes on a healing quality. When your words and actions are backed up by who you are, they become the carriers of light and love that can take the client into the core of their own light and love.

Whenever someone honestly asks you for help, this person is open to your energy in such a way that they can be touched by the purest and clearest part of you. This part of you does not stem from the books you read or the skills you have learned. It is the result of a personal alchemy, a personal transformation of consciousness that bears your unique hallmark. I would like to strongly emphasize this, as there seems to be a tendency among lightworkers (people who by their nature feel a strong urge to help others) to keep searching for a new book, a new method, a new ability that can help one be a better teacher or healer. True healing is this simple.

When I lived on earth, I conveyed a certain energy with my eyes. Something flowed out of my eyes that had an immediate healing effect on the people who were open to it. This was no magic trick or some unique skill I owned. I was in touch with my inner source of truth. I naturally radiated the divine light and love that were my heritage – just like they are your heritage – and I touched other living beings with it. It is the same with you. You are no different from me. You have walked the same inner road and gone through the same trials and sorrows to eventually get to the same point as I did when I lived on earth. You are all becoming conscious, Christed beings.

The Christ energy is your spiritual destiny and you are gradually integrating this energy into your day-to-day existence. It is the Christ within you who heals and teaches as a natural consequence of who the Christ energy is. Too often you still identify yourself with being the apprentice or the pupil who sits at the feet of a teacher and listens and asks and searches. But I am telling you that the time of being a pupil is over. It is time to claim your mastership. It is time to trust the Christ within and to bring this energy to manifestation in your everyday reality.

To become one with the Christ within and to teach and heal from that energy, you need to let go of a number of things. These things represent the pitfalls on the road to becoming a healer/teacher. I will differentiate among three areas in which these pitfalls occur.


The pitfall of the head

The first pitfall lies in the area of the head or the mind. You are very adept at analyzing things and categorizing them according to some general frame of reference. This might be handy in some circumstances but in general the mental, thinking part of you is very much a part of the world of duality. With the “world of duality,” I mean a type of consciousness that divides things into good or bad, light or dark, healthy or sick, masculine or feminine, friend or foe, etc. It is a type of consciousness that loves to separate and label and that does not recognize the underlying unity of all phenomena. It is a type of consciousness that likes to work with general principles and a rational, objective application to individual cases. It does not really consider the possibility of another, much more direct approach to reality: the approach of intuitive knowing, or “knowing by feeling.”

The Christ energy is outside of duality. The Christ energy constitutes the flow of Being that underlies all polarities. But the mind does not recognize the very existence of this mystical level of oneness. The mind would like to split up the ocean of Being into definable parts, categorizing it in such a way that it can get a rational grip on it. The mind likes to design structures, theories that can be placed over reality, over direct experience. Again this is sometimes useful and beneficial, especially in practical matters, but not so much when it comes to true healing and teaching, i.e. healing and teaching from the heart.

When you approach your client from a theoretical framework, you try to place their individual symptoms into a general category and you look to the theory to find out about this type of problem and the solutions to it. This is what you learn when you are trained to be a psychologist, social worker or any type of professional counselor. I am not saying that all this is wrong. But what I would like to ask of you is this: when you are working with someone, whether professionally or in your personal life, try to let go of all your thoughts and reasoning, all of your presumptions about what is the matter with the other, and simply listen from your heart. Tune into the other person’s energy from a silent place within. Try to just feel with your heart and intuition where the other person is standing, what it feels like to be in their inner world. (See end of the channeling for a guided meditation to this effect.)

Often you foster a lot of ideas about what someone else needs to do to solve their problems. You analyze their problem and you think up the answer to it. And you may even be largely right in your thinking. But the point is: your ideas are not necessarily attuned to the energy of the other person in the now moment. You might be completely out of touch with how they actually feel inside. Your help is only fruitful when it is attuned to the energetic reality of the one you are helping. It might be that he or she needs a wholly different approach than you can fathom with your rational mind.

I invite you to see and feel the other person purely from the still, intuitive place inside you. Allow yourself to transcend duality and to be filled with the compassion of the Christ within. I invite you to really be inspired by the presence of the other, when you offer them teaching and healing.

The solution is then often very simple. What is needed from you is not your knowledge but your wisdom. What is asked of you is not your judgment but your compassion and deep understanding. You are not there to provide the solution, to be the face of authority. You are there to be the face of love.

Let us turn to an example to illustrate this issue. Take parents who want to help their children with problems they encounter. Due to their experience, parents can often make better assessments of the consequences of certain actions than their children can. On the basis of this knowledge, parents often warn their children; they want to save them from harm and they advise them to do what they think is the right thing to do. This might seem to be a good way of helping, from the mind’s point of view. And in some cases, it is very reasonable to do so.

However, very often, if a parent would tune into the child from a silent, intuitive place inside, the parent would find out that what the child truly needs from them is something else entirely. What the child often needs most is the trust and reassurance of the parent. “Trust me, let me be who I am. Let me make mistakes, let me stumble and keep your faith in me.” When you connect to your child from a place of trust, you are in fact encouraging them to rely on their own intuition. This may help them make a decision that feels good to them and that is understandable from your point of view as well. If, however, you try to make your child do something from the notion that “you know better,” your child will sense distrust in your attitude and this will cause them to resist you even more.

Children “read” you when you offer them assistance. It is in the nature of children to be keenly aware of the emotions behind your words. They can sense your underlying fear or judgment. They will often react to this emotion instead of to your words and when they react with aversion, they seem utterly unreasonable. However the parent may be acting “too reasonable,” meaning that they do not recognize their own underlying emotions and are not trying to connect to the child in an open and honest way. To do so, the parent will have to let go of their preconceived notions and really open up to the emotional reality of the child. From genuinely listening to the cares and concerns of the child, a bridge of communication can be built.

I mention this example because it is so common and easy to relate to, and because we all know how difficult it is to support your children from an attitude of trust and openness. It is all about letting go – letting go of your ideas of “what should be,” your wishes and desires, and truly letting the other person be. To envelop someone else with a space of openness and true, heartfelt understanding is to offer real healing power to someone. Often what really helps the other is your total acceptance of how things are. It is when you are not trying to change something from the level of the mind that you truly connect to someone and open up the doorway to love and compassion for them.


The pitfall of the heart


The second pitfall you come across when you endeavor to be a teacher and healer is in the area of the heart. The heart is a meeting point of many energies. The heart center (or chakra) forms the bridge between heaven and earth and between the higher and the lower energy centers or chakras. The heart “collects” energies of a different origin and is able to recognize the underlying unity. The heart enables you to transcend duality and reach out to someone else with love and compassion.

The heart is the seat of your ability to tune into someone else’s energy and to feel what it is like to be that person. It is the center of empathy. Clearly then, the heart plays an important part in any form of spiritual teaching or healing. Many of you are natural empaths – you have a natural inclination to sense moods and energies from other people. This ability serves you greatly when you work with people.

However there is an important pitfall connected to this ability as well. Your sensitivity towards other people’s energy may be so strong that you find it hard to distinguish between your own emotions and the emotions of someone else. Sometimes you absorb the other person’s energy so strongly that you lose your sense of self. You may want to help someone else so much, especially since you know how they are feeling, that your energies get mixed up and you start to carry burdens that are not your own.

When this happens, an imbalance occurs. You are giving too much. You overstep your boundaries when you let yourself be carried away by the suffering of someone else and go out of your way to help them. The energy you give “too much” of will turn against you. This extra energy goes out to the other person but does not contribute to the solution of their problem. The client may be unable to integrate or receive this energy, or they may be frightened by it, or it may simply go unnoticed by them. You will end up feeling tired, annoyed and frustrated.

You can tell when you are giving too much by the signals your body and emotions are sending out to you. Whenever you feel empty, frustrated or heavy after you have seen a client or tried to help someone generally, this indicates that you have been trying too hard.

When you offer teaching and healing from a balanced, centered standpoint, you feel free, alive and inspired. After the meeting with someone has ended, you easily draw back your energy and touch base with yourself. You let go of the other person and no cords or strings keep lingering between your energy fields.

If an energy link remains with the other person because you so dearly want him or her to get well or be happy, that link has a destructive effect on your energy. By staying preoccupied with the client, you will absorb their emotional energies too strongly. You will give of yourself to alleviate their burden and this is where an emotional dependence which goes both ways comes into being between the two of you. The client starts to lean upon you, and your well-being will become dependent on their well-being. This entanglement of energies is not helpful to the client and it is depleting to you.

Why does this happen so easily when you start to help people? Why is this pitfall so difficult to avoid, especially for lightworkers? Where does this painfully strong need come from to heal and make whole, and to make the world a better place? In part, this natural desire in you is explained by your soul history as related in the Lightworker Series (Part I of this book). You have an inner mission to bring teaching and healing to this world. But the tendency to give too much stems from a pain in yourself that you are not totally aware of. This pain makes you “overeager” in giving.

There is a pain and sadness in your heart that makes you want to reach out for a new way of being, a level of consciousness more attuned to the natural divinity of all that lives. You are homesick for a more loving and peaceful reality on earth. In your present incarnation, you have not come to explore the ways of the ego. You are tired and weary of that. You have come to answer to an ancient song of your soul. You have come to help restore peace, joy, respect and connectedness on earth.

Your emotional body has been scarred by many lifetimes in which you endeavored to bring down the light of your soul and you encountered resistance and rejection. You have come here with great reservations and at the same time the old flower of passion has not withered within you. You are here again! But now, due to the pain that you carry within, you are like delicate and sensitive flowers who need a strong foundation in order to flourish and grow. The foundation you all need is a firm sense of being grounded to earth and centered in yourself.

By being grounded I mean that you need to have roots into the earth, to be aware of how earth reality works, to know what the elements are that you have to deal with while living in a physical body. Sometimes you are so enamored with the spiritual that you forget to take good care of yourself and your body. You get “spaced out” or too idealistic and unreal. You would often like to transcend earth reality but it is only through the earth, by feeling at home and at ease with the element of earth, that your soul energy can bloom here.

By centeredness I mean that you need to be true to your own feelings, to your own sense of what is right for you. As a human being, you have an ego or individual personality that separates you from others. The ego serves a valuable function. It enables you to focus your specific soul energy into material reality. You do not want to give up your individuality to any kind of “greater good!” You are not here to eliminate your ego; you are here to let the light of your soul shine through your ego. You need your ego to manifest your energy outwardly.

Because of the pain you carry in your souls, because of your weariness of the old, because you want to reach out to the promised land of the New Earth, you can become ungrounded and lose your centeredness. You tend to push change where the situation is not yet ready, or you try to awaken people at a pace that is faster than they can handle. You become “overeager in giving.” This eagerness may take the form of great involvement with a good cause or of caring intensely for the well-being of others. But there is an impatience and restlessness at the heart of it. You may feel inspired for a time, passionate and involved, but you will be disappointed at some point and then you will feel exhausted and angry because you have depleted your energy resources.

The pitfall of the heart, the pitfall of giving too much, stems from not accepting reality as it is. There is an impatience and a restlessness in you which makes it difficult for you to let go. It makes it difficult for you to keep the right emotional distance from the people you are trying to help or the causes you are involved in.

You are teachers and healers, you do have a mission on earth. But to truly fulfill it, you – paradoxically – need to let go of that dire need to change things, because your eagerness to do so has an edge of pain to it, the pain of not feeling at home on earth as it is now. True spiritual change always starts from a foundation of acceptance. To truly become the teacher and healer you want to be, you need to embrace your own pain and heal it. You need to find peace with your own deepest emotions of fear and anger. If you do, you will find out that the urgent need to give to others or to be involved in a “good cause” makes place for a very quiet feeling of peace and acceptance. This is when your radiance truly gets a healing quality to it.

Letting go of other people’s pain and trials and completely allowing them the time and space to go through their own process may give you inner pain. This is because it brings you right back to your own loneliness and the sense of being lost in this earthly reality. The difference between this harsh and imperfect world and the reality you dream of, so much more pure and beautiful than this one, hurts you deep inside. It is your challenge to not run away from this hurt, to let it enter your awareness fully and to spread your angel wings around it.

Once you recognize your eagerness to help or fight for a good cause and become aware of the hidden pain in there, the part of not-accepting reality as it is, you can start to let go of it. As soon as you realize that your eagerness and impatience come from an inner pain and sadness, you can stop giving too much. You can focus on yourself and find ways to really be at peace with who you are. You can truly start to give to yourself.

This is when you become a fully grounded and centered lightworker, accepting of yourself and others. The only proper thing to do as a lightworker is to make your energy available to others. You teach and heal by radiating the “energy of the solution” that is present in your own energy field. Often you draw people to you with exactly the type of problems that you have gone through yourself. You have gone to the bottom of these issues yourself and therefore in these areas you have reached a knowingness and purity that have become part of your being. These are the enlightened parts of you. They are sacred and inviolable and cannot be lost. They are not built from learned knowledge that you can forget about. What you have to offer to others is not some tool or theory, it is you transformed by life, experience and the courage to face your inner wounds.

The “lightwork” that you have to do in this regard will come to you without effort. It will be something that feels very natural to you. To find your mission, the thing you are “meant to do” in life, you only need to be aware of what you truly long for and do the things you feel inspired to do. When you do so, you will put your energy out into the world and others will be touched and inspired by it, sometimes in ways you may not even be aware of. There’s no more to be done, really. This is the lightwork you came to do.

Lightworkers who know the balance between giving and receiving will have more peace and enjoyment in their lives and therefore will radiate the “frequency of the solution” even more fluently from their energy fields. They are sensitive and empathic but they have a clear sense of their personal boundaries as well. They allow themselves to just as easily receive as to give and in that way both the flow of giving and the flow of receiving will become stronger in their lives.


The pitfall of the will

Now, I would like to discuss one more pitfall on the way to becoming a healer/teacher. I have mentioned one pitfall in the area of the head and one in the area of the heart and I would like to finish with the pitfall of the will.

The will can be localized in the solar plexus, a center of energy near the stomach. This center or chakra steers the ability to act, to manifest your inner energy outward on the physical, earthly plane. When the will is connected to your intuition, the quiet part of you that transcends duality, things will flow easily and effortlessly in your life. You will act from an inner sense of trust and knowing. When your solar plexus (which is also the center of the ego) is guided by the heart, you generally do the things you love to do and you feel joyful and inspired most of the time. The will (or ego) has then become the extension of the Christ within.

Often however when you try to help or guide others, you get out of touch with this flow. There is a part of you that wants to do too much. It seeks to achieve results by forcing or pushing things a little, even if your intuition tells you to let go or back off. Often it is your personal ego that craves visible results here. This has nothing to do with helping others! It has to do with a need for validation that you have, an insecurity which gets you out of touch with the natural flow of healing which is often slower and more unpredictable than you wish it to be.

You do too much when you feel like you are working very hard and your input is not really received or appreciated by others. Also when you have separated yourself from the natural flow of things, you often get distracted by outside judgments. You tend to rely on other people’s ideas and expectations and you are afraid to fail in their eyes. The key to regaining your strength is to not do anything and to become really quiet within. It is only when you connect to your heart again that you can tune into the situation from a quiet and neutral space. Then your fear and insecurity disappear into the background and you can truly focus on what your client needs from you.

Often you do not need to do so much for him or her. You are first and foremost asked to be with them and to offer them “the energy of the solution” in a simple and direct way. You need to trust the power of your presence, even when you do or say nothing. Dare to be in that silent space when you are with someone. When you trust yourself, you will know in that moment what the appropriate thing to say or do is. Remember that often when it comes to offering guidance, less is more.


Letting go is love

Overcoming the pitfalls I described above always involves a type of letting go. It is about letting go of thinking too much, letting go of identifying too much emotionally and letting go of excessive use of the will. If you let all that go, however, and surrender to that most wise and compassionate part of you, you will find deep joy and fulfillment in your “work” as a teacher and healer. As the lightworkers that you are, you will experience a deep sense of self-realization and freedom. In being a teacher and healer in whatever way you express it, you feel connected to the Whole, to the oneness that underlies All That Is. Feeling part of this “fabric of Spirit”, and playing your natural part in it make you feel like you are truly accomplishing your mission.



This is an exercise that may help you get in touch with the issues mentioned in the channeling in a more direct, emotional way.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Focus your attention on the muscles of your shoulders and neck and release any tightness or tension there. Do the same with the muscles of your abdomen, your arms and your legs. Then travel with your consciousness to your feet and feel your connection to earth. Feel how earth is carrying you and providing you with the security you need. Take a couple of easy breaths from your abdomen.

Now let your imagination take you back to a moment in time when you felt very down and unhappy. Take whatever situation comes up first. Go with it. Think again of that time in the past, of how you felt inside.

Then go to the “energy of the solution.” Ask yourself: how did I get out of this? What helped me most of all? The energy that helped you the most may have come from yourself or from someone else; that doesn’t matter. Just consider the kind of energy that lifted you from the lowest point.

Now let go of the past and think of someone in the present who is dear to you and who you have some concerns about. It might be your partner or child, or a colleague or friend. Let that person appear to you in your imagination and really take in their presence. Then ask: How can I help you? What would be the most valuable thing I could do for you? Listen with your heart. What is the other person showing you or saying to you? Feel the answer. Just allow it come to you.

Let go and focus your attention on your feet again, to your breathing, and return to the present.

The goal of this exercise is to become aware of what is truly helpful in a situation of emotional crisis or pain. This may be quite different from what you think is helpful.

© Pamela Kribbe 2005

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Everything is as it should be, or is it? – Pamela Kribbe @ The Jeshua Channelings


Buddha by Mara Diop

ART : Buddha – by Mara Diop

Everything is as it should be, or is it?

by Pamela Kribbe

“This was meant to be”, “there must be a higher purpose behind it”, “everything is exactly as it is supposed to be”. Remarks easily made among the spiritually inclined. Often, statements like these are made in the face of situations or events that seem meaningless, tragic or cruel. Accidents, diseases, grave setbacks put our sense of justice to the test. Why does this happen to me, why did this have to happen? The notion that behind everything that occurs there is a higher order, a divine hand that means well, is reassuring. But is it true?

The idea that everything happens as it should, is a deterministic notion: it states that there is a higher power who predetermines what is going to happen in our earthly lives. This higher power may be God, or your soul or higher self. Whatever it is, the creative power does not belong to you, but to this higher source. The idea that we as human beings have free will and can make free choices is thereby severely affected.

Thus, a paradox arises: starting from a spiritual worldview, most people consider their power to make choices and take responsibility for their life to be essential to who they are. If it weren’t for that power, the whole notion of inner growth and transformation would become obsolete. At the same time, there’s the statement, often sounding like an invocation, that “everything is as it should be”, or as others put it, “everything is in divine order”.

This “glad tiding” that everything is really going as it is supposed to, both amazes and annoys me. First of all, there is massive suffering on earth, which is obvious from glancing through a random newspaper on any day. There is intense suffering on physical, emotional and spiritual levels in many, many human beings, as well as in nature. So how’s everything exactly as it should be?! Second, there is the above mentioned paradox that free will and predestination do not sit well together. This is a point worthy of consideration when you bring up the idea that all is well and in divine order. Third, I have noticed that putting forward this message often goes together with a typical note of pity, a kind of spiritual condescension, conveying something like: “Ah, child, I see you do not yet understand, caught as you are in your all-too-human doubts and moods and emotions, but there is indeed a higher meaning behind all that’s happening, and one day you too will witness it.” People often mean well, I am sure, but still…

When I had just healed from a severe depression with psychotic episodes in 2010, and was still struggling to come to terms with this horrific experience, someone said to me: “it is pretty clear that you had to go through this, and that the purpose of it was that it has enabled you to now help people with similar afflictions”. I could not respond to this suggestion as I was gasping for breath, but later on I realised that there were in fact three implicit suggestions being made: 1. The depression was predetermined and I could not have prevented it, 2. It happened for my own good even though it felt terrible, and 3. The spiritual purpose behind it all was that it would make me a better teacher and healer for other people. The latter suggestion instantly promoted me to martyrdom. What really happened was that I had sacrificed myself and had gone through hell for the salvation of others. Oh my. Kind of flattering to be put on a pedestal like that; but I suspect one has a shaky balance up there.

What stands out about all three suggestions is the big gap between the way I felt about what had happened and the “actual” spiritual truth. What felt succinctly bad to me was “really” a good thing, what I had wanted to prevent most of all had “really” been predetermined and what I experienced as my personal trial during the depression was “really” something I took upon myself in order to become a better teacher for others. The anger, sadness and dismay I felt afterwards about what had happened to me, were simply the ramblings of my ego which could not surrender to the higher order of things. This example shows a general line of reasoning which can be applied to many different situations. The general tendency is to look at an event or situation which at first sight seems terrible, tragic or absurd, and then smooth it down with the help of the spiritual tenet that “things are always exactly as they should be” or “there’s a divine order governing events so at a deeper level all is well”.

What to do with this typical smoothing down approach? The notion that everything is predetermined and proceeds according to divine will, cannot be refuted on logical grounds. It is an irrefutable metaphysical claim, which cannot be falsified (or confirmed!) by empirical evidence. However, it does conflict with our deeply felt sense that we are able to influence our lives, that we have free will and the power to choose. The notion that “all is well as it is” or “all is as it is supposed to be” is in conflict with how we feel in everyday life. Whenever a spiritual tenet is flagrantly at odds with common sense, with our everyday gut feelings, this raises a red flag for me. I believe that true spirituality is quite compatible with our natural instincts and intuitions. Even more, I believe that it is through our feeling nature that we can connect with our souls. More than the mind and the ideologies it makes up, it is the heart, the locus of our feelings and intuitions, that forms the gateway to spiritual truth. Whenever there is a big gap between what feels genuinely good and true to you and what a spiritual teaching professes to be good and true, I would always choose in favor of human feeling as the proper touchstone. The air of complacent superiority with which counterintuitive spiritual claims are often made doesn’t help either.

But what then? If things are not predetermined, if there is no higher meaning behind all that happens, is life then a mere play of coincidence? Is there no bigger story, no purpose to it all? And if it is all free and open, and you still believe in God, why does God allow so much pain and suffering; what would be the explanation of that? I would like to argue that there are spiritually meaningful reasons why things happen as they do, but that does not mean that what happens is good and right. There is a reason for everything, but that does not imply that it should have happened. My claim is that there is a difference between acknowledging a spiritual logic behind events that occur, and believing in predestination. There are indeed spiritual laws at work in our lives, but they are not at odds with our free will.

To clarify what I mean let’s apply it to the example above. My depression was clearly caused by fears and negative beliefs inside of me. I believe it belongs to my soul’s purpose to bring these fears and negative beliefs to the surface of my awareness at some point, so that they may be healed. But that does not mean things had to happen exactly in the way they did, or that I had no choice about what transpired in my life. I remember clearly that before the depression really took hold (and I had to be hospitalized), I received several signals, especially from my body, that showed me I was very stressed and should apply the brakes. I failed to really do that, and that was not predetermined. There is an explanation for the fact that I did not act upon my intuitive hunches and body signals: I was afraid to fail, afraid to say ‘no’ to people, because I valued their recognition and feared rejection. This explains why I did not apply the brakes in time; however, even though there were definite reasons in place, it was still my choice. The very fact that I was aware of those signals and hunches, shows that there was room for choice.

So, in hindsight I made some poor choices. Now, there’s not much use in blaming oneself endlessly about the less than fortunate choices one has made in the past. Reproaching oneself in a harsh manner gives rise to feelings of guilt which are destructive and counterproductive (I speak from personal experience here). To pass judgment on oneself is not very useful. However, to say that I could not help any of it because it was supposed to happen is like going to the other extreme; this is pure denial. There is no getting around the fact that I could have made other choices. The best way of looking back on this is with an eye of compassion and mildness. By being compassionate toward yourself, you acknowledge that you are a fallible human being, and it actually becomes easier to learn from your mistakes. If you are able to forgive yourself, you can see the pitfalls of the past as meaningful lessons which have enabled you to gain insight and make better choices in the future. In that way, tragic situations may become purposeful and meaningful, not because they are intrinsically good or desirable (they often aren’t), but because you are prepared to learn from them and even be transformed by them. Thus, whether something is spiritually meaningful is not determined by the objective events themselves, but by the way you experience and interpret them.

In this way, free will and a certain degree of predetermination can be reconciled. Imagine that your soul wanted to live through certain experiences in this lifetime. That is why your soul chose to be confronted with certain challenges, which were kind of pre-programmed into your life. Certain people you encounter, different opportunities or setbacks that come your way, may indeed be fixed beforehand. The pivotal question, however, is how you, the human you with free choice, will respond to these encounters and situations, and to what degree you can detect purpose and meaning in what happens to you. This is not fixed, and it is your soul’s ultimate purpose to embrace the lessons inherent in the challenges with love and acceptance. That way, you will make different choices in the future and attract more positive encounters and situations in your life, eliminating the need to face the same challenge time and again.

It is often very hard to respond to life’s gravest challenges with trust and acceptance. That’s why I say it is your soul’s ultimate goal. It is often a huge struggle to recognise the value of deep experiences of loss or pain or rejection. Resistance and despair are normal, and very human. Yet I do believe this is our soul’s deepest invitation to us: to embrace even the darkest part of our lives and of ourselves with understanding and warmth, not because it is “good as it is”, but because accepting and working with it is the only way out. It is the only way into the light.

When I was in the middle of my psychotic depression, I did not experience any meaning or sense in what I was going through. For my loved ones, it was a nightmare, too. I was eventually taken to the psychiatric ward of the hospital against my will. My recovery started there. After I recovered, I found out what it is like when deep suffering bears fruit. As soon as I turned toward the light and wanted to live again, I experienced deep joy and took note of the abundance in my life as never before. What was taken for granted before, became a source of wonder and profound gratitude. I would sometimes stop in front of my house, returning with groceries, and just marvel at the fact that there was a place for me on earth, where I could live with the two people I love most, my husband and daughter. I was amazed at the genuine care and support given to me by people around me; what were acquaintances before, now became intimate friends. Not only did the complete breakdown that psychosis brings give me a new appreciation of what I took for granted before, it also gave me some lasting insights which now help me live my life with less fear and more fulfilment. A few years later, I wrote a book about my dark night of the soul, which helped me integrate the whole experience more fully and with the benefit of hindsight. After publishing this book (in Dutch – hope to publish it in English end of this year) I received letters from people who recognised themselves in my story and felt supported and comforted by it. Thus, my dark night of the soul gained in meaning. Gradually, this horrific experience appears in a different light, the light of healing and meaningfulness. However, this does not mean it was “supposed to happen” or that it was “really” a good thing.

Is everything as it should be? Is all well as it is? No! There is much suffering and tragedy on earth. I do believe we attract some negative situations in our lives to become aware of the negativity inside of us (anger, fear, distrust). These situations may in part be pre-arranged. But the purpose behind those challenges is that we make different choices in the future so that we can let go of the negativity and stop attracting it into our lives. A painful or tragic event is not intrinsically good or valuable; it will become that only when humans have the courage and clarity of mind to find meaning in it and be transformed by it. We have a choice in how we respond to “what is”. We have the potential to transform negativity and pain by our inner attitude, and to make life more light and joyful for ourselves and others. This is the true purpose of spirituality. The higher order which we so desperately seek behind the external events in our lives, does not lie outside of us. We need to create it ourselves: that is our mission as free children of God.

© Pamela Kribbe 2014

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Buddha by Mara Diop

ART : Buddha – by Mara Diop



Soul and Personality – by Gerrit Gielen @ The Jeshua Channelings

art Don Perino

ART : Don Perino

Soul and Personality

by Gerrit Gielen  

Concepts like “soul”, “ego”, “personality”, “the inner child”, and “consciousness” are often used in esoteric writings. They all are an important part of what constitutes our humanity. But how do they relate to each other, and what do they mean for us in our everyday life? Traditional psychology offers a variety of models of the human personality. What’s usually missing is the spiritual perspective. In my view, at the core of the spiritual perspective is the idea that we as human beings are, in part, independent of time and space, and that this part is crucial for a proper understanding of who we are. I refer to this part as the soul. Not only do we have a soul, which exists beyond time and space, this soul manifests itself inside time and space in much more than a single human life: we all have many lives. I believe the concept of reincarnation is central to the spiritual perspective as well.

In this article, I propose a psychological model of the human being from a spiritual perspective and this model is based on my experience as a hypnotherapist and my spiritual insight as it has evolved over the years. I will discuss each of the concepts mentioned above and describe what I feel are their defining characteristics.

The soul

When we perceive the world around us with our senses, everything seems to manifest itself inside time and space. When I went to college some 40 years ago to study mathematics, physics, and astronomy, I conceived of the universe as fundamentally an endless space containing an infinite number of particles. However, I also believed in the existence of the human soul and reincarnation. And it was not clear to me how I could unite the fixed, causal, mathematical laws of the physical universe with the inner world of the mind: consciousness, subjectivity, freedom. One key to me was Einstein’s theory of relativity. It taught me that on the level of light, time and space do not exist; for light, there is only the eternal now. To make this clear: if we look at a distant star, we say that it took many years for the light of that star to travel to us through space. But for the light beam itself this is not the case. If we were able to travel with the light, sitting on top of the light beam, so to speak, we would not experience time and space. This is because moving at the speed of light, time and space collapse. Light does not travel inside time and space; rather it shapes our very perceptions of time and space.

The theory of relativity offers the following picture of the universe. Light is a form of energy. All energy exists in a time-and-space-less condition: the eternal now. From the level of pure energy, matter emerges and, along with matter, so do time and space. Just as light in the physical universe is independent of time and space, there is also a part of us that is independent of time and space, independent of the physical body: this part is what I call the soul.

Exactly what the soul is, is beyond our comprehension. Our thinking is based entirely on the classification of things in time and space. Also, our language is determined by distinguishing past, present, and future. But the soul transcends time and space. The soul is like a star with many rays. And if one such ray touches our world, a human being is born: an incarnation of the soul. Something of the light from that star is in us; this is the beautiful, the good, in us. We call this our higher self, our inner light. The more we become aware of this light, the richer and fuller life becomes. We will eventually express this beautiful star light on Earth and enrich the world and humanity with it.

As soon as we start to become aware of this inner light – our soul – we will enter a growth process. We have the feeling that we become more ourselves and, at the same time, we feel ever more deeply connected with the world, with life around us, and with the universe. Doubt disappears; we gradually start to realize who we are and that there is a unique place for us in the universe. We then leave behind the world of darkness, doubt, and fear, and we experience the eternal light within. It is the soul that gives meaning to our lives.

People often wonder what the goal is, the meaning of life. Because of the way we are brought up, we are looking for meaning and purpose outside ourselves. We want to achieve something in life, build a career, create something worthwhile, find a relationship, or have children. But the real purpose in our lives is an inner purpose: to allow the light of our soul to flow through us completely. This is true self-realization. Once we have achieved this, we no longer ask what the meaning of our lives is; the searching ends. There is a simple and obvious knowing: we have found our place in the universe. The path is not outside us, but in us: we are the way. By being faithful to ourselves, we follow that path.

The earthly personality

In the beginning of our human life, a ray of light from our soul touches the Earth. The timeless energy of our soul merges with a number of other energies and our earth personality is born. That personality is unique for every person. In previous lives, you had a different temperament, different expectations, different fears; everything was different – except your soul. The deepest core is always the same, but the energies around it are different. As the American General Patton wrote in a poem:

So as through a glass, and darkly The age long strife I see Where I fought in many guises, Many names, but always me.

It is the soul that gives us the sense of being me. Even if we partake in a life with a very different personality, a different gender – sometimes even with a non-human body – still we can sense: that was me. This also applies to our present life. Stand in front of the mirror and think of your childhood. Your face has aged, your emotions and your consciousness have changed – but still… it is you. We feel, deep inside, at the core of our being, an identity, a Me who has always been there and does not change. This Me is independent of time and space, it does not age with the body – what we are sensing is our soul.

Our earth personality can be compared with a solar system: the core – the sun – is always the same. But there are planets rotating around the sun, and the planets continually change their position. The configuration of the planets represents the energies that determine our personality, other than the sun itself. What are those other energies that form our personality? The main ones are: our past lives, our parents, our body and genetic make-up, the society in which we grow up, the energy of Earth, and the energy of humanity at large. I will now discuss each of these influences.

Our past lives

To start with, there are our past lives. And from all those past lives, the one that is particularly important is the life directly preceding our present life; it usually has a deep influence. The way our past lives impact us depends on how much of them we have integrated and released. After every lifetime, when we leave the physical body, a natural and beautiful growth process begins. Gradually we let go of our earthly personality, with all its fears, uncertainties, habits, and we return and reunite with our soul. We experience this as a growth process, becoming more of ourselves. No one who overcomes their fears says: now I have lost something important. It is the unreal in ourselves that we let go of, and the eternal that we allow in. Fear gives way to love, ignorance to wisdom. We take from our past life what has made us grow in wisdom and love.

However, this natural growth process does not always occur. In fact, many people hold on stubbornly to their earthly personality after their deaths. They will inhabit an astral environment in the afterlife that reflects their attachment to life on Earth. If they have distinctive religious beliefs about heaven, they meet up with others of the same religious beliefs who have a similar vision of heaven. They may insist that they are in the right place and that every urge to leave is wrong. In this way, natural growth is blocked. The result is that many people believe that they are in heaven, while feeling dreadfully unhappy, because they don’t listen to the signals of their soul. Also, people can be so full of the impressions and experiences of their last life that they can not very well let go of it. Pain, trauma, and loss may have overwhelmed them, or alternatively, they may have been very successful and happy and not ready to let that go.

In short, for many people, the growth process of releasing and integrating their past life is not – or not completely – finished when their soul enters a new incarnation. What happens then is that they experience their rebirth as a kind of waterfall of light that descends from heaven to Earth and in which they are sucked along. Sometimes they surrender to it, but often there is also resistance. In my practice, I often encounter this resistance to life on Earth when people go into the trance state and revisit the beginning of their life. When I ask them: “How did it feel when you came to Earth?” they say: “I resisted, I did not really want to come, but I had to.” That resistance to life is often an issue that persists throughout their entire life and it is the cause of being unable to freely enjoy life.

If I ask my clients to carefully observe to whom this resistance belongs – who is resisting life? – then they usually trace this feeling back to the personality from their most recent past life. I try to let them feel that there is also a part of them that did want to be here. This part, in fact, represents the true self, their soul. When they connect to this part and feel it, the resistance is overcome.

But even when there is no resistance to life in someone, if the personality of a past life was not able to connect and reunite with the soul in the intermediate period before a new birth, this past life personality still lives on in the current personality. Because it could not find its way back to the soul, in the present life, it will also stand in the way of contact with the soul.

Our parents

Our parents are important in two ways. First, they provide us with our first examples of the female and male energy. On the level of our soul, the male and female are one, but as soon as we descend to the Earth, a kind of split occurs. Our parents act like molds: we form our female energy mostly in the image of our mother, and our male energy in the image of our father. If there is a lot of disharmony between our parents, this will be reflected in the way we deal with the male and female energies inside ourselves.

Secondly, we are deeply influenced by the fears and beliefs of our parents. That is why it is important to learn to understand and love our parents, whatever is wrong with them. They live inside us; energetically speaking, they are a part of us. If we are in conflict with them, we are also in conflict with ourselves. This does not mean, of course, that we have to agree with them. We are in the right relationship with them when we realize that we are their teachers. Every child has a beautiful gift for its parents and offers them something new.

Our body and its genetic make-up

The influence of the body on the personality is huge; it limits and restrains the extent to which the soul can flow through; the greater part of the soul’s energy can not be expressed by the body. You’re essentially far more than you can ever be in a body. The body causes the soul to focus on a specific place and time, and to experience reality in a unique way through that lens. It creates a strong sense of here and now.

In particular, the nervous system of the body is important; the richer and more complex the nervous system is, the better the soul can manifest. Through the nervous system of a dog, the soul can not express itself as much as through the nervous system of a human being. Your sex also has a major impact on your personality: in a female body, it is easier to be in touch with your female energy than in a male body. And finally, it is not hard to imagine how formative the body is if you live in a malformed or chronically ill body.

The society and culture in which we grow up

We are all a product of the time and the society in which we grow up. For example, if we read a book or hear music, then we often sense immediately that it belongs to a particular time and culture. Every age, every culture, has its own ideas, accomplishments, and general atmosphere. Living inside it, you just adopt this energy and take it for granted. That also applies, of course, to our own age and culture. We look at the world through the lens of the times we live in.

The energy of the Earth.

We are children of the Earth; the Earth is our mother. And just as our human mother left a deep influence on our personality, so the Earth does, too. That this is not immediately obvious is probably because every being on Earth is all too familiar with that influence. Also, since we usually deny that the Earth is a living being with a consciousness, we are not aware of how she shapes our thinking and doing as human beings.

Yet the Earth is in us. Astronauts, who leave Earth and watch her from afar, become deeply aware of their connection with her. Later in life, they often commit themselves to the fate of the Earth.

The energy of humanity

We are human beings. As a regression therapist, I occasionally meet with clients who remember a lifetime in a non-human form, and usually it is a shock to discover how different that is, how different the world is perceived when you are not human.

Also, humanity as a whole is one; there is a grand group consciousness of which we are all a part. What is experienced and realized by one person, affects everyone. On the inner level, we are connected with all our fellow human beings. The energy of this group consciousness affects our personality and it is what makes us typically human.

The inner child

In addition to the external aspects mentioned above, there is an internal aspect that makes an important contribution to our adult personality: the inner child. Every adult human has once been a child. How deeply childhood shapes us is shown by literature. The feelings and events from one’s youth are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many writers. In the outer world, the girl or boy you once were, is completely gone; the body is constantly changing. When I look at a photo of myself as a child, I then see a face very different from the one I see in the mirror. But in my inner world, things are different: the little boy I was is still there. Not just through my memories, but also in the way I feel and look at the world – in my inner world, he is still alive.

Our inner world is timeless; the inner child preserves a very pure and authentic part of us, which revealed itself in our childhood. In early childhood, we are still firmly connected with our soul, and our psyche is not yet influenced so much by the external forces of parents, society, etc. As we grow older, our awareness becomes molded and shaped by these aspects, turning us into adults who feel less connected with our origin, our soul. However, the child that is gone from the outer world lives on inside us: this is our inner child.

Psychologically, the inner child is the source of joy in our life; the ability to be inspired and happy in a carefree way, to be present in the now and to enjoy things. Unfortunately, many of us have gone through painful or even traumatic experiences in our youth, often without being aware of it. And because time does not exist in our inner world, everything that you have experienced as traumatic in your childhood is now still a distressing experience for your inner child. Many people are therefore faced with a damaged inner child, without being conscious of it, and as a result the child can not fulfill its natural function.

The good news is that we can heal our inner child. The first step is to become aware of the emotional trauma that our child has suffered. The older ones among us have grown up in a world in which children were objects for education, and their own identity was not taken seriously. As an adult, you might find it quite normal and important that a child goes to school, but the child in you may find it traumatic to be caged in a building, having to obey rules and learn things it did not ask for, without having done anything wrong. To feel what we have experienced as a child, we must be prepared to take off our adult glasses, to meet that inner child completely. We as an adult can understand and forgive the behavior of our parents – but can the child inside us do that?

In my experience, it is this honest and uninhibited look at your own inner child that has a tremendous healing effect. Even if it does not remove the pain right away, the child feels seen and taken seriously. The child feels that he or she is allowed to be their natural self. This creates space for healing.

In some literature the inner child is considered to be our ego. In this view, people with a big ego are people that are not able to control or hide their inner child. In my opinion, however, this is not the case. But before I can explain what the ego is, I have to explain something else: consciousness itself.


When I said that the beginning of our physical life is like a beam of light coming from our soul that touches the Earth, I was describing this event from the outside. But just as a ray of light in the physical universe, seen from the inside, never leaves the star, when we incarnate we never leave our soul: it is a shift of consciousness. Our consciousness becomes focused into a 3D body with five senses and a human brain.

But consciousness, what is that really? It is a concept that is very difficult to define – or not at all. The reason is that consciousness is at the basis of everything; everything we think, do, and are, is based on consciousness. Scientists, who try to explain consciousness in terms of something non-conscious, such as brain cells and biological mechanisms, often seem to forget that scientific knowledge itself is based on consciousness. In addition, science itself, by way of quantum mechanics, tells us that the elementary particles of physics only really come into existence (have a fixed location in time and space) if they are observed by a perceiver. And in order for perception to take place, consciousness must already be there. So, on the one hand, scientists seek to explain consciousness as a product of material laws and particles, but, on the other hand, those very laws and particles presuppose consciousness to begin with. Consciousness is the great mystery; without consciousness – nothing.

I will, nonetheless, attempt to capture some of the main characteristics of consciousness. When I go inward, focusing on what I am subjectively experiencing, there is in fact a collection of experiences: colors, sounds, feelings, thoughts, etc. Without consciousness, I would not have those experiences. Hence, consciousness is first of all something that makes those experiences possible: consciousness is an inner space where experiences can take place.

But that’s not all: all those experiences in my head are interconnected. When I’m talking with someone, then I see that person and I hear that person. The visual and the auditory experiences become internally connected in one way or another and together create the multi-layered experience of interacting with the other person before me. Consciousness is that which makes our experiences possible and also that which gives them unity. It is the point in me where things come together.

At the same time, consciousness is able to actively focus, enabling me to put my attention on something particular. For example, I can be totally absorbed in my work or in a film, or I can choose to be completely present in a specific part of my body when I am meditating. When I am taking a walk, my consciousness can even leave my body completely as my thoughts wander off. When a car suddenly honks, I return to the present with a shock.

This ability to focus can take on a more extreme form. The focus can be so intense that I identify with something entirely: I merge with it and start to think that I am it. What we call an incarnation is, from the viewpoint of the soul, a time when consciousness is going to identify with an earthly personality. It thinks it is that person and that there is nothing outside it.

Almost all problems in our life arise because we strongly identify with something we really are not. At the moment we choose to identify with who we really are – our soul – we discover that most of our problems are imaginary.

The ability to identify with something is a feature of our consciousness. And if I identify myself with my earthly personality, the ego is born.


What is the ego? When we say that someone has a “big ego”, we usually mean that they think they are very important, even superior, and do not hide it from anyone, and the latter especially annoys us. If they find themselves so important, very well, but it is when they openly show it that we get upset. There is, of course, something paradoxical about that attitude; if someone acts very self-important, they apparently do not find us as important – and that hurts our ego. So actually we consider ourselves very important, also, only we are “civilized” enough to hide it. We think that this is morally right. After all, you need to think of others, and not be self-centered: to remain modest is the motto. But if someone does not do that, and asserts themselves unabashedly, are we not a little jealous? Jealousy is also something of the ego. In other words, we all have an ego. If we were really ego-less, we would not be so annoyed with other people’s egos.

But what exactly is the ego? The ego is not a thing, but a measure. As I have said, our consciousness has the ability to focus somewhere. From a spiritual perspective, to be born means a shift in focus of the consciousness of the soul to the earthly personality. And in some cases, that shift is so radical that consciousness is going to think that the earthly personality is all there is. The personality then becomes extremely important. This is called a big ego. So what is the ego? The ego is the extent to which consciousness identifies with the earthly personality.

Finally, love

Why do we do this? Why do we incarnate as a human being and lose ourselves totally in an earthly personality? Why do we leave the atmosphere of light and love and face the challenges of duality on Earth?

The deepest answer to this question is love. Out of love we enter an area where there is no love; the ultimate goal is to bring light and love there, too. This jump into darkness is ultimately an act of love.

When we land here, we initially identify completely with a specific personality. The universe is experienced in our unique way; there is no room for a different perspective. The world is seen through the eyes of duality: it’s us against them.

But as consciousness evolves throughout many lifetimes, the soul will gradually be remembered, and duality will be transcended. New ideas emerge: love your enemies, respect people of other faiths, appreciate the beauty of nature and realize that we as humans are part of nature. Finally, there is full understanding: unconditional love for yourself, for the human being you are right now – and subsequently for the world around you. After many lives, the goal is achieved: the dark area starts to fill with light and love; the tears are wiped away.

Love, then, is the last part of the human personality I would like to mention. Both in the natural sciences and in psychology, the causes of things are often explained in a mechanical, materialist way. However, I believe that all that exists is ultimately created from love. Love is the connection between the one (Spirit) and the many (Creation), between the soul and the human personality. And that original love is present inside us as an inexhaustible source. As human beings, only if we are aware of this source, will we be complete.

© Gerrit Gielen Translation by Maria Baes, Frank Tehan and Pamela Kribbe

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art Don Perino

ART : Don Perino

Experiencing the Buddha Energy – Pamela Kribbe @ Jeshua Channelings

jewels-of-wisdom-christopher-beikmann art buddha

ART : Jewels of Wisdom Christopher Beikmann @Fine Art America

Experiencing the Buddha Energy

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene Audio

Dear friends, dear sisters and brothers, I am Mary Magdalene, your sister-friend. I am delighted to be here with you today. You are beautiful beings, each of you. I wish you could see your own beauty through my eyes. You would care less about what other people think of you, and you would feel more free. You are so worried about yourself all the time. You are wondering whether you are doing the right thing, whether you have the right knowledge, but all you really need to find your path in life is inside yourselves. You have a radar inside your own being and this radar, this inner guide, is inside your abdomen.

I would like to speak today about the importance of descending into your abdomen and becoming really present on that level. It is a tragic fact that many women do not feel at home within their own abdomen, which, in bodily terms, is the seat of the emotions. The abdomen is also the seat of intimacy and sexuality, and it is where babies are conceived and develop. So the area of the abdomen is deeply related and interwoven with life on Earth.

As women, you are told it is important to give and to open your heart to other people’s needs. In fact, a lot of spirituality is centered on the awakening of the heart. But I see many of you, especially women, suffering from a too open heart, instead of a too closed heart. Your heart is very open and easily reaches out to beings and energies around you, but your abdomen is relatively closed down. In your abdomen resides a great power; it is the power of giving birth, the power of truly and deeply connecting with Mother Earth and the great rhythms of life.

People in general, and you as a culture, have become afraid of these great forces of life, because they go beyond the control of the mind or the will. Women instinctively know how to ride the waves of these forces, but you have become alienated from the ability to attu  ne yourself to them. Women are very strong beings, indeed, and I wish you would connect more deeply to your own strength.

I ask you all, both men and women, to now connect more deeply with the center of your abdomen. Simply become aware of this area and of your breath going down there every time you breathe. Your abdomen is your anchor, energetically speaking, it gives you roots into yourself. Descend into your abdomen and you might feel your legs become more grounded and heavy.

Now imagine that inside your abdomen is a big “eye”. This “eye” looks around very calmly and clearly. In comparison to the energies of your heart and your mind, the energy of this “eye”, in the center of your abdomen, is very calm and quiet, very solid and stable. Think of nature and how the rhythms of nature occur easily and steadily. The seasons come and go and it all flows naturally by itself. You are a part of this rhythm of nature, so connect with the female awareness in your abdomen.

Now turn that “eye” of your abdomen upward and look to the area of the heart. How does your heart feel? Can you really love yourself and care for yourself? Inside your abdomen you know there needs to be a balance between giving and receiving, because that is the law of nature. Your abdomen knows there is no use in giving too much, and doing so does not honor the natural balance of energy. Imagine you are in a situation in your everyday life in which you feel your energy become drained or depleted. Imagine you are there and now look at it from the eye in your abdomen while remaining present in your abdomen. From the abdomen you can look at it in a very impersonal and calm way.

It is really funny, in a way, because the lower part of your body, the lower energy centers, are usually considered to be connected with the ego. In fact, your abdomen holds a wisdom that goes far beyond the ego. It can teach you to be really here for yourself and to protect yourself when needed. Feel how your abdomen wants to nurture you. Women are not good at nurturing themselves. They put a lot of demands on themselves and find it hard to stand up for what they truly feel. And men who have a strong feminine side, a sensitive side, can have this same issue.

To clarify and help you with this issue of sensitivity and losing energy to outside forces, I would like to call upon an image that is familiar to your culture and that is the image or energy of the Buddha. The energy of Buddha is very still and calm, very grounded and connected with Earth, as well. The wisdom of Buddha can be easily accessed from the abdomen. Simply imagine what it would be like to be Buddha, what it would be like to have that kind of presence, that kind of calmness, that kind of tranquility. Do you feel the peace welling up from inside your abdomen?

Buddha had an open heart; his heart was full of compassion for other living beings. Even though he would care about their suffering and wanted to help relieve it, he would still remain centered inside his own being. Allow this power, this energy, to flow through you; it is a part of your culture. If you connect your heart with your abdomen, the whole issue of sensitivity will be different for you.

Often, when you reach out to others to help and assist them, and you absorb their energies, you think you can offer a solution to their problems. Has it ever occurred to you that it is quite presumptuous to assume you know the solution? It might be that you do not really know what is the correct solution for them. Maybe you are just eager to restore harmony, to see a smile on their face, or to get their approval. Let go of that eagerness, that desire. Do not solve another person’s problems. When you connect with the “eye” in your abdomen, you see things and you feel compassion, but you do not feel so inclined to solve other people’s problems.

A key to true compassion with other persons is that, although you empathize with them, you remain trustful that they own the solution to their problems. You are convinced of their strength and this will bring you peace of mind. You realize, from the level of the abdomen, that growth processes take time and you are in a growth process yourself. Often the need to help, to give, to be of assistance to others, is related to an insecurity within yourself. You are afraid that you are not good enough and therefore you have to achieve something, or be someone for another person. In fact, you are most helpful to other people if you connect with that Buddha nature inside yourself. The calmness, the tranquility, that you then radiate will soothe them.

It also means something to yourself; it means you are good enough even when not doing anything, or helping anyone, or meaning anything to anyone else. You are good as you are, because you are a part of nature. Like a tree, or a flower, or a mountain, you have a right to be, simply because you are a part of the whole. You do not have to prove yourself. An animal or a flower does not feel the need to defend itself for being, it is simply there – you are simply there. You are an expression of spirit, of oneness, and that is enough!

Strangely, although this should be reassuring to you, it is a bit of a blow to your ego. The ego part inside you wants to be someone, wants to be useful, to make a difference. But is that

what your soul really desires of you? It is not, because your soul is at peace with itself. Yes, it does seek expression in the outside world, it wants to share itself like a flower shares its

beauty, but it does not need to prove itself or justify its existence. Just take in the realization that there is not as much to achieve in your life as you think. You can truly relax a bit more. You are a part of the whole, nothing can change that.

Lean back into this natural feeling that pervades all nature. In your daily life, whenever you worry about issues to resolve or problems to solve, ways of how to deal with other people, take a deep breath every once in a while and connect with your abdomen. Your body is a gateway to so much wisdom. Whenever you feel drained or tense, find ways of relaxing your body, because that will more easily bring you back to your anchor, your foundation.

I would like to end this message by simply telling you that I adore you. I love your beauty and I wish you would play a bit more in your lives, be more like little children who are not yet aware that they have to achieve anything or to be anyone. That is, in fact, the easiest way to connect with your soul and be yourself without shame or guilt.

© Pamela Kribbe

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ART : Jewels of Wisdom Christopher Beikmann @ Fine Art America


Pamela channels Earth ~ The Flow of Receiving in Your Life @ The Jeshua Channelings

art  Kinuko Y. Craft
ART : Kinuko Y. Craft

The Flow of Receiving in Your Life  

Pamela channels Earth
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear women and men,I am the Earth who speaks. I greet you from my heart, a heart that beats within you. I flow through your body and am with you, and I want to support you and give you what you need. You are connected to me in and through your body and I continually send you signals as an invitation. Listen to me – I am speaking to you through your body. Take a moment now of rest and relaxation so you can feel my presence in you.

Your consciousness is Light, and you can imagine it as a kind of beam. This shaft of Light can focus in a variety of ways to allow the Light to shine forth. Your consciousness is a concentration of awareness that is neutral in itself, because there is no thought process in it, in the sense of judging or ordering. It is a more neutral, objective way of being, and you are that consciousness.

That consciousness has descended into the body that you now have, the one you live through right now. Fill your body with your consciousness, by starting with your feet. Let your attention flow through your feet, without any expectation or motive. Your feet find that attention wonderful; they bathe in your awareness. Feel Light flow along the soles of your feet, and through your toes and heels. Feel how the Light relaxes you. Let it travel upward as you focus your attention on your ankles, your calves  and knees, and up through your thighs to your hips and pelvis. And let your Light flow into the area of your abdomen. Take your time doing this, so you really feel anchored in your body. Feel the Light of your consciousness flow in gentle currents, rippling through your legs and your abdomen. Feel how your mind comes to rest, and become fully aware that you are consciousness – you are Light.

If there are thoughts, take notice of them in the same way you would notice external sounds, such as the barking of a dog outside. You are not the barking of a dog and you are not your thoughts. You are the consciousness that is aware. Feel the open space that is your consciousness. You are that space, the space between your thoughts, between the many sensations and stimuli in your head and your body. Feel how free that consciousness is. It looks at all these sensations and playfully interacts with them. When your Light is so casual and free, when it connects in openness with your body, the Earth part of you is nourished. This is the most healing Light that you can ever receive, the Light of your own soul, your own consciousness. This Light has healing power, so allow it to flow to a place in your body where you have stored tension, the place that you recognize as a vulnerable spot in your body. Again, without any judgment, and very objectively, allow the Light to flow to it. This is how balance is restored.

Today, I want to speak about the flow of receiving in your life. The deepest form of receiving is to accept yourself as you are. With the Light that is in you, you look at your humanity, your feelings, your emotions, your fears, or your stubbornness. You surround them with this gentle and objective Light. Only then do you create the fertile bedding that is needed to receive. The deepest desire in a human being is to be embraced, to be seen lovingly, to be recognized, to be enclosed in the arms of an unconditional loving mother. That gives security and tranquility. In that security, in that restful repose, you begin to radiate. You are who you are, naturally, as a flower that emerges from the bud. When its bedding is fertile, the flower comes forth and begins to bloom naturally with its own radiance.

It is meant to be in this life that you begin to feel that unconditional love for yourself. This is a great challenge, because there lives in human beings an ingrained tendency to look for love outside themselves. Fear and uncertainty drive you to search beyond yourself. You try to nurture yourself by way of external energies, so as to feel satisfied, to feel embraced, and to belong. But your path is a different one. Your deepest and most holy command is to accept yourself regardless of all external influences, to embrace yourself with that loving Light that you are. And that includes those deep and dark layers that you would rather hide away and do not want to experience. The instrument with which you can love, accept, and embrace yourself is already within you. It is the Light of which I spoke above, the awareness that you are. Feel it for a moment deep in your abdomen. It is a Light that is beyond this world, and is not bound by time and space or form. It is an eternal Light that is completely your own and unique. Feel your own Light.

You have allowed the Light of your consciousness to circulate through your legs and into the area of your pelvis and abdomen. I ask you to now take the Light higher, to the area of your solar plexus, which runs through your stomach. Allow the Light to flow through here very objectively and calmly. The solar plexus is a very important center. A few days ago, I talked about how you are acting as an intermediary between the power of the Heavens and that of the Earth, between the flow of your soul and that of your body. Your solar plexus is literally at the center of that interaction. In a way, it is the mediator. The earthly personality that you are finds its foundation here.

I would like to tell you about that earthly personality. In one sense, the earthly personality is a kind of navigator who has to deal with many different influences, and who must integrate, in a balanced way, the inspiration from above, from the soul, with the emotional forces from the inner child. The earthly body has to take all that in, along with the external influences: people, situations, challenges.

The last time I spoke, I discussed two kinds of influence that can throw you off balance and cause disruption. One was fear and the other was control, the wanting to manipulate. If you now look at the center of the solar plexus you can imagine that this is the seat of the ego, that part of you that must mediate between all these influences and flows and take action in this world of time and space, of material form. I do not see the ego as something bad. I see it as a necessity, given that is needed in this world in order to get all the different energy flows in balance so you can express yourself here in this earthly environment. It enables you to give and to receive.

Now, there are roughly two pitfalls for the ego, which is centered in your solar plexus. The ego can either make itself too small or it can make itself too big. If it makes itself too small, it retreats energetically into your solar plexus and finds itself in a tense state of fear, anxiety, and worry. It thinks constantly that it “can’t”, that it is not good enough, that you need others, and that you are powerless. Look within yourself to see if you recognize that type of ego. See if amidst the major influences that you encounter in life – the soul power, the emotional urgings of the inner child, the pressures from the outside world – you often have the feeling that everything is too much for you. See if your ego evokes fear and wants to hide, or if you have difficulty taking up personal space, or if you look for excuses or ways to escape this reality. Those are forms of too small an ego that is ruled by fear, or is sometimes even traumatized.

Now there is also the possibility of a too big an ego. That also makes itself felt in the area of the solar plexus. A too big ego feels somewhat bloated and forced – it wants too much. A too big ego overestimates its ability to set things to its own hand, to shape and direct the world. It thinks continually: “I need to organize this, I want to settle this, or things won’t work out without me.” It wants to keep control and in this way it limits its own possibilities. Because when the ego wants to exert too much control, it irrevocably closes off the flow of impulses from the soul. You can say there are blinders on, or tunnel vision, when you want to control things too much from a too big an ego. Also, a big ego often has little connection with the inner child. The emotions and the emotional signals that emerge from the child are often ignored or seen as too burdensome. The ego wants to move forward to its goals. It keeps you stuck in its tunnel vision. Look inside yourself to see if you recognize this trait. See if there have been times in your life when you clung to the goals of your ego, afraid to let go.

Usually, both aspects of ego are found in most people. Sometimes it is the case that for one person there is a greater emphasis on the aspect of too small an ego, while for another it is the aspect of too big an ego that is playing tricks on them. But in both cases, you will eventually become cut off from your heart, your soul, and your emotions. The way to get back to your center, to allowing the restoration of balance, and toward reopening the channel to the soul and the inner child, is by looking at yourself lovingly and observing, in an objective way, what you are doing. Do you feed yourself with disparaging and oppressive thoughts? Do you make yourself small? You then create a story around that idea that things cannot be otherwise and that it is okay that way.

Examine the story in detail. Look at it carefully to see how that story is ruled by fear, by an ego that does not dare to take up personal space, to trust itself and its own strength. Surround that ego with love, understanding, and gentleness.

When your ego goes too much in the other direction, when it refuses to let go and insists on determining and ruling everything, then become aware of this belief structure, but do it with a gentle and understanding gaze. Laugh about how you make a mess of things when you stubbornly and obstinately stick to a tunnel vision. Let yourself be pleasantly surprised by new possibilities. Remember that it is often a virtue not to know something, to be open to the new.

Why do I speak today about these two forms of an unbalanced ego? Because it is the key to being able to receive what life wants to give to you. You disconnect from the receiving flow by making yourself either too small or too big. By seeing these tendencies in yourself and smiling at them, you naturally come back to your center. Feel that for a moment. Envision that behind or beside you is your soul and before or beside you stands your inner child. Feel the great and wise power of your soul, who knows so much more than you can with your human mind. Trust her! Trust him!

Imagine that in your solar plexus lives a small figure, a man or a woman, a figure that represents your ego, and look at it very objectively. Does that figure reach forward and try to order everything? Or does that figure back away because it is all too much, too overwhelming, and calls up too much fear within it? Look what movement your ego is tempted to make, toward or away from. Finally, imagine that your ego is balanced and that this figure in your solar plexus is in an upright, standing position. It is connected with your soul and the Heavens from above, and with your body and the Earth from below. Feel how supportive and liberating that is for your ego, for your personality. Everything becomes freer and more fluid. It is a gentle flow of unconditional love. Allow this flow to happen, and allow it to uplift you.


art  Kinuko Y. Craft

Pamela Kribbe channels Earth – Angels on Earth – The Jeshua Channelings with Pamela Kribbe

Quan Yin with Dancing Kali ART Sheranda Ann Kumara Angel Matrix

ART : Quan Yin with Dancing Kali ~  Sheranda Ann Kumara @ Angel Matrix Art

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Angels on Earth

Pamela Kribbe channels Earth


Sweet human child,

I am the voice of the earth. I have known you forever. Your every footstep is felt and acknowledged by me. At the deepest level we are one. There is one consciousness that envelops us both. This consciousness is majestic and unnameable. It is the spirit of God. It is mysterious and at the same time deeply familiar. Within the hand of this creative Consciousness the game of our togetherness enfolds. Together we play a game; we are partners in a relationship that has evolved over time. This relationship is now ready for transformation. We are entering a new era. But first I will tell you more about the beginning of this process of our cooperation together.  It is different from what you may have expected.

At our first coming together, you were not yet human. You did not possess a physical body. You were not incarnated upon earth. You were an angel. And you were not just any angel! You belonged to a family of angels who intended to pave the way for a new adventure in the cosmos. What was that adventure about? I will put this in very simple terms. In the cosmos, there is a law that like attracts like. For instance, after you die on earth, you are automatically drawn to an area in the spirit world that mirrors your state of consciousness. Your surroundings are a direct reflection of how you feel inside. There is a unity between inner and outer. In the spirit world, there are realms of light and realms of relative darkness. These realms are separated. This is not the case on earth, or so it would appear. On earth many different types of consciousness are present together and interact with one another. There is great diversity, and therefore earth is like a huge melting pot of different realms of consciousness.

Even here, it is the case that you create your own reality by your inner state of consciousness.  However, this is something you gradually come to understand in the course of a deep spiritual quest. At first, you are greatly distracted on earth by an external world that does not seem to be created by your own mind at all. On the contrary, you seem to be the product of that reality rather than its creator. In the spirit world, the unity between inner and outer is simply a given, concrete and palpable. On earth, it takes a highly evolved consciousness to realise that oneness, and to take responsibility for oneself as creator.

On earth a special experiment takes place. When you are here in physical form, a veil is put over you so that you do not recognise your own divine creative power. It remains there until you awaken and see that you are God at the core of your being. Then the veil drops and you also recognize the deep underlying oneness that pervades all living creatures on earth. The process of awakening on earth is intense, and the very existence of earth gives a powerful evolutionary impulse to the entire spirit world. In the spirit world especially, there can be a lack of dynamics and of change. Indeed stagnation has taken place because all realms are so neatly separated. Change, growth, evolution occur when you meet and confront otherness.  When I speak of meeting up with otherness, I do not mean having a polite chat with it, but rather a truly plunging into it. You learn and grow from diverse forms of consciousness not by studying them ‘from above’, but by becoming them. This is exactly what happens when you plunge into incarnation on earth. You take a dive into the deep, and by incarnating you connect to diverse realms of consciousness. This is how you forge a bridge between realms of being which would not have connected otherwise.

Being human means to be a bridge between widely varying realms of consciousness. In the forging of that bridge lies the hope for an expansion of consciousness in all the realms of the spirit world. Even the highest evolved realm in the spirit world gains an impulse of growth and renewal from the great experiment on earth. Humans are able to explore the extremes of light and dark, and eventually recognize the oneness behind all forms and appearances. When human beings attain this consciousness of oneness within, they become conscious creators on earth, and their presence will have a transformative and healing effect on all living creatures they come in contact with.

Creating unity consciousness is the goal of your adventure on earth. I started this tale by mentioning that when we first began this process of cooperation, you were not humans but angels. Your consciousness had not yet attached itself to any material form, and you felt strongly connected with the other angels around you, your brothers and sisters. There was such a strong bond among you that you experienced yourself like the cells of one organism. You would work for a common good in a selfless, obvious way, being of the same mind and heart. At a certain moment, you heard a calling from earth. You were invited to embark on a journey with this planet. Why you? To make a long story short: you were the bold ones among the angels. You were fearless, passionate and yes, somewhat stubborn and self-willed. The claim has been that you were banished from paradise because of your desire for knowledge and your wilfulness. And yes, you were indeed curious and a bit unruly too. But that was precisely as it was supposed to be!  Did you think God made a mistake in creating you? Well no, God knew precisely what she/he was doing and by the way, God does not deem anything wrong or sinful easily. God is perfectly capable of living with your “sins”. You are the ones suffering most from it.

Although it is understandable that as a human being you may regret your own acts, it is not wise to be endlessly weighed down by them. In this respect you have suffered a lot from your religions which have put such a strong emphasis on guilt and punishment. God is more gentle and compassionate that you would ever hold possible. You are forgiven even before you trespass. God whole-heartedly grants you the space to make mistakes. She/he rather prefers that you look upon your own mistakes with equanimity than that you beat yourselves up about it. All those “mistakes” are steps on the journey within, the journey on which you fully get to know yourself. This journey need not be straight, it is meant to be erratic. Without twists and turns, there is no experience, and without experience, no awakening. You first have to get lost to be able to come Home consciously. You were the ones taking the experience of “lostness” fully upon you, with the passion and the self-wilfulness that God him/herself planted in your hearts. However, I am straying a bit from my subject!

Once you heard the call from earth, you entered my dimension. You found a planet rich in vegetation, with green forests, endless oceans and a burgeoning animal kingdom. You were moved by the beauty and richness of life upon me. You felt invited to participate in this life, to inspire and nurture it with the angel energy that was at your disposal.  I was happy with your arrival. You were my shepherds; you helped to take care of life and even implanted seeds of change and innovation into the existing life forms.  How did you do this? You were so close to the Source of creative power, that you had magical abilities, as one would call it today. You allowed yourself to imagine new, exciting life forms and these imaginings grew into spiritual seeds which attached themselves to already existing life forms. You impregnated life with new ideas. That is how biological evolution came to be. All life forms are born from Spirit. Physical, material forms are the manifestation of spiritual forces. The spirit is much stronger than you assume. You have been raised in a materialist frame of mind, which tells you that the physical – as described by the science of physics – is the foundation of reality. In fact the opposite is true. The spirit is not a product of soulless matter. All matter is pervaded by a creative consciousness that sustains it.

Let yourself go with your imagination for a moment. Remember who you were in those ancient times. It is possible! Your soul is open and unlimited. It knows no space or time. Imagine that you float above the oceans and forests in a very refined and ethereal body. You feel enchanted about the beauty you see, about the adventure that is about to take place here. See yourself as an angelic being guided by joy and passion. You feel as free as a child who can do anything it wants. Now imagine you gather up your powers to express your sense of joy and respect for life in a magnificent flower. Allow an image to come forth of a flower which particularly allures you. See its colours and feel them from within. Hear the flower’s laughter welling up from its heart like little bells ringing – it is like music to your soul. Now pass on this image to me, Earth. Imagine how it falls into my womb and how it is nurtured there by physical and ethereal powers which help this spiritual seed gain material form. This is what you did in those ancient times. You let yourself be carried away by the flow of your inspiration and impregnated me with it. And I was receptive. I, the awareness present in this material realm, wanted to be impregnated and to absorb your thought forms.

Our partnership and cooperation stem from that time. It is the reason why you can be so moved by the beauty of nature and the innocence of non-human life forms. You are not only touched by their physical beauty, you are also reminded of the old connection there is between you and life on earth and the joyful game you once played. You made your contribution to the creation of many life forms on earth. As an angel you were the spiritual parent of life on earth. This is how deep and far your creative power reaches.

During the time I am speaking of, there were also dark powers present in the universe, who got fascinated with the flowering of consciousness on earth. Dark powers are nothing but energies who are not yet aware of their divine nature and therefore believe they need something outside themselves to be whole and complete. These dark powers wanted to feed on the life on earth that radiated such vitality and life force. As a reaction to the intrusion of these dark powers, you wanted to protect life on earth. Your emotions were much like those of a parent who wants to shield their child from danger. To meet and confront the intruders, you had to have denser bodies and live in a denser vibration, less thin and subtle than the realm of the angels. Essentially, the intrusion by the darkness lit a spark of passion and a fighting spirit in you, and this in turn drew you deeper into matter. The next step in your journey was for you to let go of being an angel, and you took the path of incarnation.

With this step, you in a sense lost your innocence. Just before this step, there was a moment of hesitation in which you realised that by becoming more material, you were going to let go of something very precious. You would lose your angel wings, which symbolise freedom from time and space, freedom from birth and death, freedom from fear and illusion. Yet there was something that deeply attracted you toward the adventure of incarnation. You were a passionate and bold angel, as I said. And that was as it should be. Apparently, your journey took a negative turn when you let go of being an angel and engaged yourself in a battle with the dark forces. You got mixed up in several conflicts and wars for a long, long time. On the other hand, this plunge into the deep made it possible to spread your angel energies to the farthest corners of the universe. Your angel energy is an unalienable part of you which, even if it is temporarily veiled, can never be taken away from you.

Your first mortal bodies were not made of physical matter as you know it on earth. They were much less dense and compact. One would not be able to see them with human eyes. Your consciousness was less focused than it is now. You still went in and out of your physical forms easily and you experienced reality in a way that is similar to how you now experience reality in the dream state. You were less aware of yourself as a separate entity, your “I-ness” as opposed to the outside world. Presently, you are very much attached to your physical form. Many of you think they are that form and that they will perish with the physical body. In your earliest incarnations this was not yet the case, and in many ways you were much freer to go and do what you pleased. Nonetheless, you did feel confused. Although you were guided by the intention to struggle for light and to protect life, you now also had to deal with dark emotions such as fear, desolation and doubt. As soon as you start to battle someone or something, you cannot but partly absorb your adversary’s vibration. If that would not happen, there would be no common ground to start the battle from, and you would simply let go of the other completely.

As an angel, you really only had high and elevated feelings. There was joy, enthusiasm and a strong sense of connectedness. When you went down the road of incarnation, an emotional body formed around your soul. This energetic body contains emotional responses that arise when you do not perceive reality from the standpoint of oneness and connection. The feelings of the angels have their seat in the heart. The emotions you experience when incarnated are related to the lower three energy centers (chakras) which in your body are located around the stomach, the belly and the tail bone. These three chakras form the ladder to incarnation: through them you trade the experience of oneness for the experience of duality. It is also through them that you go up the ladder and rise from duality to oneness. Your emotional body presents the greatest obstacle to inner peace and liberation, because it contains fear, sadness and anger. Yet the way up, to freedom and enlightenment, goes through the emotional body and not alongside or around it. We will speak of this later.

As your emotional body grew heavier and denser, and you lost track of your origin, the possibility arose to incarnate as a human. You had become widely-travelled souls in the meantime; you had become experienced in both the light and dark aspects of life.  The energies of duality had taken hold of you, which means that, for a long time, you have believed in the illusions it creates.  If you live in duality, you believe deep within that you are alone, fearful and powerless, and that you need something outside of you to protect, feed and acknowledge you. From this notion, you start to exert power over others and you hide your vulnerability. Or you may become too vulnerable and give your power away to another power who wants to feed on your life energy.  Whether you are offender or victim in this game, the fundamental error you make is that you think you cannot experience wholeness within yourself. There is a hole you want to fill, either by being boss or by being slave. This game is very painful, as many of you have experienced. In that distant past, there was a moment in which you strongly realized this. This was a moment of change. You had experienced both extremes of the game and knew there was no real solution in either of them. You knew something had to change, but you did not know how. You had become far removed from the original freedom and joy of the angel inside you. Yet your emotional body held a memory, a longing for home. You knew there was something you wanted to go back to, some Home, a state of being that felt like heavenly ecstasy to you. Your emotional body now embarked on a new path. Having explored the extremes of duality, it now started to turn within. This change of consciousness created the impulse to incarnate upon earth as a human.

The human being at that point already existed on earth as a biological life form. When you entered that life form however, you added something to it, which made the human being less animal and more self-aware. Human biology is related to the animal kingdom, but the human being was forged by powers which do not solely spring from natural evolution on earth. What separates man from animal is the ability to be self-aware. Through this ability the human being is able to transform their emotional body and spread the energy of the heart consciously on earth. Whereas the non-human realms of nature radiate the joy and connectedness of the angels unconsciously, it is humanity’s mission to transform it into a conscious energy.

By incarnating into the human being as it then existed on earth, you added something to its development, and this addition has been controversial.  On the one side, self-consciousness holds a great promise; on the other hand it can lead you astray. By becoming human on earth you hoped to reconnect with all life on earth and be the gentle creator and keeper you once were. Being human is a rich and complicated reality. Many aspects of reality come together in the human being: you are partly animal, plant and mineral, partly a cosmic being with a long galactic history. Human beings are dark and light, the lost ones and the saviours, the cause of suffering and destruction, and at the same time messengers of hope, love and creative power. In the human being many powers converge with the purpose of reconnecting  and cooperating. The consciousness of man holds the possibility to connect widely diverging realms of being and reinstate the notion of underlying unity. Because of the possibility of realizing this beautiful ideal, humanity is granted the opportunity to make grave mistakes. The goal can still be attained. Hope is not lost yet.

In this age, hope rises as never before. Great changes occur in the collective consciousness of man. I just referred to a moment in the past in which you realised that your salvation could not come from the game of stealing or giving away energy, but that the solution lies in finding wholeness within. This insight now germinates in the consciousness of humanity. It is only a seed, not yet a plant. But a change is at hand and something is awakening in the heart of mankind. The heart is the connecting force between the many realms of consciousness represented in man: the earthly, the galactic and the cosmic. The call for peace and fellowship now resounds through all of these realms and this collective call creates a wave of energy that engulfs me, the earth.

If you feel touched by my words, and recognise yourself in it, you are one who has heeded this calling of the heart. You are someone who wants to contribute to the transformation of consciousness on earth.  I welcome you and wish to assist you. I am telling you this long story, to make you aware of who you really are: an angel at the core of your being. Your growing self-awareness helps me. If you remember who you are, we can again have a partnership.

I see your longing, I feel your home-sickness. I see you reaching out for the joyful and carefree state that once was so familiar to you on the one hand, and now still so far and distant on the other hand. It is time now to return to who you are. It is time to climb that ladder and embrace your emotional body with your heart. Surround your pain, your sense of heaviness, your sadness with the angel consciousness of mildness and compassion that is natural to you. You can heal yourself.

You are now becoming an angel who is able to hold her light in the densest realm of reality. You are becoming a conscious creator, who has learned to manifest themselves in realms both light and dark, without losing themselves in it. You are carrying a seed of consciousness that is transformative for your environment. You are becoming a spiritual teacher. A spiritual teacher is not someone coming down from the highest realms to explain to the ignorant what life is all about. A true teacher has gone though darkness himself and reaches out their hand to you not from above but from a deeply sensed inner unity.

The adventure you once started as a creative angel is nearing its end. Especially in this final chapter of your journey, you are invited to reconnect with me, the life form on which your experiment took place. Allow yourself to travel in your imagination, become the dreamer and visionary you once were. Own the greatness of what wants to manifest itself through you on earth. Become again the angel who graciously entrusts itself to the magic of life. Let yourself be guided by what gives you joy and inspiration. The angel inside you wants nothing more than to become fully human. By feeling one with the angel within, you bring a piece of heaven on earth.

© Pamela Kribbe 2011

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Quan Yin with Dancing Kali ART Sheranda Ann Kumara Angel Matrix

The Center of the Sun ~ Pamela Kribbe @ The Jeshua Channelings

ART Flora Aube.

 ART : Flora Aube


The Center of the Sun

Pamela channels Jeshua

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear friends, I am Jeshua. I represent the Christ energy, which is now born on Earth in and through you. I ask you to imagine my energy as a sun. Just think of the actual Sun, that radiant image of life and strength. You also can see the sun as a metaphor, as an image of yourself, of your own being and soul. Focus your consciousness for a few moments on the center of the Sun, and enter into it with your imagination – do it very calmly and quietly. Feel the immeasurable power of the energy field that is the Sun and feel yourself in the center of that huge volcano of energy. Feel the silence and tranquillity there, and the spontaneous nature of this radiance that happens by itself: the Sun radiates its light outward effortlessly.

Rest, surrounded by light, in the center of the Sun and feel how right and natural it is that you are carried by this source of power. This light is there for you, because you are, in your essence, yourself a sun. Allow yourself to relax and sink into this light. Let this light envelop you in a gentle and loving way: very flowing, warming, but never burning. Allow this light to flow through you completely and to remind you of who you are: a soul, a sun, a star in all the cells of your body. Allow every cell in your body to be imbued with this healing light of your soul-sun.

You can find the center of this sun, your central core, whenever in your daily life you return to the Now by bringing your attention completely into the present. If you are busy with the past or the future, you go out of your center and you lose connection with your light source – that which carries you. But what is the Now really? You are asked to be in the Now, in the moment, in the present, but what is that Now in reality? Once you talk about it, it is already over. The Now is not a minute, not a second; it cannot be actually named as a unit of time. The Now evades you when you want to determine what it is. There are no limiting boundaries to the time that is the Now. The Now defies ordinary ways of thinking.

In the earthly sense, you can calculate time and count it – there are 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, 7 days in a week, etc. That way of viewing time is not natural to the human spirit. The Now is free from time – what unit of time can describe it? The human mind cannot contain or understand the Now, because it is not subject to the logic of thought, although it is quite understandable to your feelings. You know what it is like to completely lose yourself in the moment; for example, in an instant of enjoyment. There may have been times when you experienced something beautiful and at the same time you realized how special that moment was. You were aware and completely open to the experience that resonated and flowed through your body, soul, and feelings. When that happens, you are one with the experience and one with the Now you are the Now!

When you are in the Now, you are also then in the center of your sun, your soul, and all change takes place from that central core within you. We talked today about fear and how you feel anxious when you are outside your core and away from your center. Fear is also linked to thinking in calculable time, the past and the future: “What will happen? What will go wrong?” Anticipating the future from fear is very human, but it can happen only if you have moved from your center, moved from the Now. Being in the Now means that all your inner strengths come together and become integrated, and you do this by being completely present in your body, soul, and feelings.

I want to say a little more about the concept of time, and how it can intimidate and frighten you. During the last few decades, there have been many predictions about certain dates that lie in the future. Time is seen then as a sort of line that runs from the present toward the future and on that basis certain events become fixed. By accepting that vision of time, you could then be able to prepare for the coming events, and you can do that from either fear or trust. But is this a true image? Is the future really a straight line on which things are fixed in place? Is the future the sum total of all those hours, days, and months that lie ahead of you? Or is this a wholly restrictive way of looking at time and the future?

You who are here and who hear this, know that there is more to life than what is just visible in the world. You see the form of things – someone’s body, the trees or animals, or even the plants and stones – but you intuit that there is something within all those things that is not visible to the eyes and to the physical senses. You feel something mysterious is there, an inner life, which creates a unique individual or thing. You know you need to look more deeply than just at the surface of things, and you know also what it is to experience joy when you penetrate into their inner world, which is also within you. That is real life; that is the reality of all things. The exterior is only a manifestation of that inner world.

What about time then? If you look at time as a line of quantifiable units or spaces – days, weeks, months, years – than you look at time from only the outside; from the perspective of that which you can measure with a clock or a ruler. But time as seen from the inside, as an experience, is something quite different. That inner perspective becomes evident when you consider the concept of the Now. The concept of the Now can not be based on the clock or on the calendar; it is based on your conscious presence, on your awareness. According to your inner sense of time, time can go very fast or very slow, independently of how the clock ticks.  “Inner time” can stand still when you experience bliss and stretch out endlessly when you are bored; inner time flows according to the way you experience things

What about the future and the past? What is their reality when seen from the inside and not from the outside? Imagine again, for a moment, that you are in the core of the sun of your soul, where in its motionless center there is no time – there is only eternity. Although there is movement in the form of rays radiating out, there is a primordial essence that is always just there. You can call it God consciousness, if you wish, but it is Eternal Life, and it is there inside you, too, deep in your center.

A sun emits rays, and imagine that you are present in those rays that effortlessly radiate from your sun. By way of those rays, you can manifest yourself in many lives and be anywhere in the universe. Every ray is a life in time and space, you might say, in which you have taken on a specific form: a body. You have experiences in that body; it has a beginning and an end; it is born and it dies; it is mortal. To live in such a body, focused in time, you become biologically aware and under the influence of the concept of time. You begin to see things in terms of the finite, but your true center is in the center of your sun and you, as this sun, emit countless rays that are possible manifestations of you in the future – potential lives and expressions of yourself. The future is not fixed; although every timeline is a very real possibility in the Now, you choose to activate one and make it real in your world.

See the past also in this way for a moment. You think there is only one timeline that runs from the past to the Now, but seen from the center point of your sun, that is not so. Behind you lies a whole range of timelines, some of which have become activated by you and your choices, and many others which lie dormant, so to speak, but which might still be activated at some time in your future. The past is not fixed and “over”: you can recreate the past by reinterpreting the experiences you had, by interacting with them from the present. This is possible because the past is not something outside of you, it is not a dot on a line.

I will give an example to clarify this matter. Let us assume you felt afflicted by your past relationship with your mother or your father; that you felt you were not recognized for who you were and experienced fear and a lack of security in that relationship. You believe your life has been determined by that past and you feel a sense of victimhood because of it. You feel you were made into who you are now due partly to your parents, as a product of your upbringing.

But suppose that you, in the course of your life, are going to delve into your consciousness through the process of inner growth. You make the connection with your soul and you go into who you are at your core, the sun within you. Through this process you now form a much broader perspective of your life. You now see your parents in the context of their past, for example, and you now see their powerlessness and their images of fear and negative convictions. You have forgiveness in your heart.

This broader perspective helps you to gradually feel less the victim of your parents. Moreover, you start to see that there is a part of you that has never been really touched by what happened to you, a part that has remained whole and unscathed. You increasingly feel your own autonomy and independence. And the more you connect during your life with the center point of the sun within you, the easier will it be for you to let go of the past, such as your relationship with your parents. The way you experienced that relationship was only one ray, one possible timeline, and by changing your awareness of who you really are, you can shift to another experience of the past, and to another timeline.

You are now able to look at the relationship with your mother and father from the perspective of the soul, of which as a child you were not aware. Since you are now more in your center core, you are able to perceive your parents in a different light, in a more gentle, forgiving way. You can explain to the child within you how certain painful experiences helped you grow and how your parents were unaware of the pain they inflicted. Your present consciousness recreates the past by liberating the energy within you that got imprisoned by it. You are literally creating a new timeline in the past, which will affect your current relationship with your parents. They will sense a difference in you and if they are open to it, your relationship will change for the better. You have opened up the past through your new perception, and thus created a new timeline in which more understanding and love exists. This is a real possibility.

With your consciousness you can break open time. Time is not fixed and closed behind you; the past is not really over. Whatever you have experienced, even when there were traumatizing events in your past which profoundly influenced you, there are openings available from the present to bring comfort, love, and encouragement to yourself in that past. The past is like so many solar rays that come from your core, to which you can still make a connection if you go to the center of the Sun.

You can recreate your own past – enlighten and lighten it – by looking with more understanding at who you were and at the people who were around you. If you do this, you simultaneously recreate the past as well as create a new future, because shedding light on the past and altering the energy you carry from the past will activate a new and brighter future for you. Neither past nor future are fixed; you can influence both of them from the Now moment and you can do so most powerfully when you are in your center, which means you are connected to your soul.

Where you stand in the Now is an experience – a living, creative moment – and not a dash on a ruler, nor a dash on a timeline. From the well of the Now, all timelines spring. The Now is where you are in the present moment – where you are with your full attention is the Now. As soon as you are attentive to this most enlightened and present part of you – your core, your soul, your consciousness – then you radiate from this sun-center toward both your past and your future, and it all comes together. Time is not a straight line; you can imagine it better as an intricate 3D spider web, fanning out in all directions both past and future.

And what can you do with this knowledge in the present, in your everyday life? You can become aware of your own strength and potential. Everything is within the range of your power, both past and future. There is no power outside you; no power that determines your future or says what your past must be – nothing is determined. You are the creator, always, and in every moment. In that sense, you are master over your own past and your own future. If you remain in your core, you can hold on to this consciousness, this source of light. In the continual realization of this source lies your confidence, safety, and surrender. If you are in the center of this sun, you know you can surrender to it – it is apparent and natural for you to do so. However, once you leave the center and start thinking: “How do I escape my terrible past? How do I create a future in this world that is so full of fear and threat?”, you are already out of your core. The art of this transformative process is to go back into your core, your center, and to not want to solve problems through thinking, but to seek solutions from within the core, the center of your sun, the Now – where there is no time! This is the Home where you are who you are, and where there is nothing outside you that can determine or keep you from your destiny.

I ask you to imagine again that you are in the center of this radiant sun that you are. You feel one with the light and strength that is there, and it is effortless for you to do so, because this sun exists within you already. And now imagine that somewhere in that web of rays emitting from your inner sun is a timeline from the past that needs to come more into the light. You do not have to feel or see something concrete, simply imagine that the light from your sun easily fills that dark alleyway from the past. It may be that you do not quite manage to fully rekindle the light there, but the light has made an initial connection with that timeline from the past, so you can come to it again whenever you want to do so. Say to these past events now surrounded by your sun-light: “Everything that needs to receive Light, receives that Light from me. Old pain and trauma that want to be resolved and released can now come forth into my Light.” Let go of all clinging to these past occurrences, they do not define who you are; you are not the darkness you perceive there – you are the Light!  You – operating from the center of your Sun – are the liberator and healer of the past and thereby the creator of the future.

Now go to the future. The future lies around you as a huge 3D spider web with many threads, and you are at its center. The future is not something that comes to you from the outside. The threads of the web spring from your heart; they are spun effortlessly by the continual thoughts and feelings you have. The inner states you fluctuate between create countless possible timelines. You do not have to do anything special to make that happen – it simply happens because you are a sun who cannot help but radiate outwardly. It is in your nature to be a Creator. Now, ask the future, ask that web of timelines to show you what is the brightest thread for you at the moment. Ask: “What do I need to focus on now? What direction should I follow now so that I can walk into a beautiful and radiant future? What do I need to be aware of now, in this moment?” There will come an urging from the center of this sun that you are, so just be open to it. Your soul wants to reassure you and to encourage you to connect with a powerful, beautiful future that is already lying dormant within your being.

Be aware of how effortlessly that future will come to you; you do not have to strive or work for it. Stay in the Now. Feel in your heart how the energy of this beautiful, bright future is already a part of you. In this way, you will draw it to yourself with more ease. Feel that beautiful future in your heart and awaken it by simply rejoicing in it. Be open to its lovely vibration. Invite it into your heart and into your hands, and through your open hands, let it flow out into the Earth. Let it happen – it will take root naturally. Have confidence in your future and feel your sun power deeply within. Feel it in your heart, feel it in your belly, feel it in your legs. Allow that sun power to be grounded through your feet© Pamela Kribbe

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Pamela channels Mary Magdalene – Learning to Understand Illness ~ Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

Art Mary Magdalene by Jessica Drossin ART

Art : Mary Magdalene ~ by Jessica Drossin


Learning to Understand Illness

Pamela channels Mary Magdalene
Dear friends, I am here filled with respect for the path you are on. I am Mary Magdalene, and I have also been on Earth in an earthly body. I have experienced the confusion, the emotion, and the darkness that can be present in a human life. I have also experienced the light, those moments of insight and deep ecstasy, because I sensed the presence of my soul, and that experience lifted me out of the confusion, and away from the loneliness of earthly life.

This going back and forth between light and dark is characteristic of being human. It is also the purpose of earthly life to get to know and respect these opposites which occur both in yourself and in the world. The light, as well as the dark, carry treasures within them. From the perspective of unity, that which transcends the duality of earth life, there is no conflict between light and dark; there is only the dynamic between these two opposites.

Through darkness, you descend into depths that are only possible to experience while in a human body, with the mind and the emotions of a human being. From those depths, a light can be born that adds something new to Creation, to the universe and the cosmos. What you are doing while here on Earth is especially valuable. To be torn between feelings of pain, loneliness, and confusion, and ecstasy, lightness, and joy is part of being in the earthly realm of duality. Accept that ebb and flow, because doing so makes life so much lighter.

You very often fight against those waves, because you want to avoid feeling miserable and to return to the light pole as soon as possible. But from that resistance to the darkness emerges an artificial separation between light and dark, between good and bad. They become antonyms: light is good, dark is bad, but that opposition creates a duality that is false, untrue. Dark emotions have value as well and carry meaningful messages. Light alone is not enough. The dark represents enormous power, because from there comes the possibility to be an independent self who makes choices and decisions, explores new things, grows in strength and self-awareness. The whole evolution of your soul is dependent upon your having knowledge of the dark, so you can work together with it and transform it.

That becomes very clear when you are dealing with illness, with physical symptoms that disrupt and overthrow your everyday life and habits. The presence of these symptoms forces you to take a dive into the darkness, because under the pain and the physical level of the disease lies a whole reservoir of emotions that want to be seen, that have been repressed for some amount of time. It is those voices in the darkness that often want to come up through illness. However, because you, through your upbringing and society, have brought with you so much prejudice about bad and good, what may and may not be, you suppress the messages of the illness, and you often focus on the physical level, that is to say the external aspects of the disease.

I invite you to look more deeply at illness, and in a way that begins to suspend all judgments about bad and good, which are really detrimental to inner examination: the exploration of yourself. Disease is not bad in a moral sense. It is, of course, annoying, inconvenient, painful, and in light of that, it is natural that you long for harmony and health, but the disease itself is not bad. It is the end result of an inner process, and a dynamic between repressing and wanting to be seen, and that dynamic makes itself known through the body.

See your body as a very pure instrument. While your head is full of moral judgments about good and bad, the body remains external to that. The body comes before, and is outside, the realm of judgment and morality. That in itself is a miracle; the body will not be ensnared by, and join with, the voices of prejudice, fear, and morality. In this sense, the body is the most pure instrument at your disposal in the here and now.

Do not regard the body as just a physical thing, as just a lump of matter, but as a much more complex manifestation or phenomenon. The body is first of all an energy field. Sense yourself from head to toe, even as you sit here now. Be aware of the crown of your head, and your feet and toes, and feel that there is an all-encompassing field around you. That field does not stop at the surface of your body, it extends farther out, and is larger than your body.

This field about which I speak, your energy field, is very closely related to the cells and organs which make up your body on the physical level. The body and the field are deeply intertwined; one does not exist without the other. Feel the living field in and around you, and connect with it. Breathe into your belly and relax. This field contains truth about you and it is so close, it pervades and surrounds you, and yet you often cannot get at it because your thoughts act as a barrier that keeps you away from the impulses and signals, the truth of your body.

That barrier of thoughts is composed of judgments, rules on how things should be, what is allowed and what not. This barrier works like a cutting sword, because it divides your experiences and feelings into boxes, and the smooth flow, the unity of the whole becomes severed and fragmented. Try to feel the field without thinking about it; simply allow it to be there. Say “hello” to your body, to the sophisticated and fine-tuned field of energy that it is. Your soul is as present in this field as it is in the physical cells of your heart, your organs, your blood, and they all are intimately linked. What disconnects you from this living field are your thoughts, which separate and judge. Let go of this now by welcoming yourself. Go against all those centuries-old prejudices by saying “yes” to your heart, to your belly, to all the emotions you carry inside you, the so-called good and bad, and see them as a whole. Be free in yourself! Assume that everything that is alive and here in this field is good and welcome, and has value.

Imagine that you seek out the edges of this field with your consciousness. See if you can sense to where they extend, to where it feels right, to how big your field is. Imagine that you glide very lightly along those edges with your awareness and you confirm: “Yes, this is me; this is who I am now and that is good. All of it is allowed to be”. Also, please determine whether the field extends under your feet, and if it makes contact with the Earth. If it does not do so fully, go with your consciousness just below your feet and feel how the energy of the Earth welcomes you.

The supportive and nourishing power of Mother Earth helps you to feel more relaxed and quiet within your own energy field, and does so without judgment. The Earth and your body belong together; they work from the same dynamism, the same wisdom. This is the start of connecting with the energy of a disease or a complaint; become free of prejudice and come home to yourself. Feel how you need that connection and how you have missed it. To continually judge and compare yourself with others is detrimental, it creates tension and nervousness.

In order to learn to understand illness, it is necessary to come home to yourself, to say “yes” to who you are, and to enter the field of non-judgment that is around you and in your body. Imagine, as you become still, in a state of quiet watching and letting be, a gate appears before your inner eye. Behind that gate is a part of you which you have hidden, that you have not wanted to see. Your body experiences a complaint or disharmony, because you want to keep that part under lock and key. Let go in your thoughts about what that part might be, and now imagine the gate is opened. By your attention and quiet presence that energy, that part of you, is now allowed to come out. You no longer feel the need to hold it back. Just see what comes out, what appears. And remember – all is well!

If you find yourself about to make judgments, or if you start to doubt that the process is working, again, let go of those thoughts. You need not see anything, just simply feel what flows out of the gate and say “yes” to that. If you feel heaviness there, a certain mood setting in, or if you see an image or a color coming out of the gate, ask where it belongs in your body. What comes out is an emotional energy you have repressed and now ask where that repression is taking place in your body. Is it occurring high or low in your body, in a particular organ, or in a certain location in your energy field? Simply look for something that catches your attention in the energy field that you are. Let the body talk to you; it wants to speak to you, to give you suggestions, to allow you to see something. Open yourselves, and even if it does not succeed initially, do it over again when you are alone and in a relaxed state.

Connect with the field that knows no judgment. Imagine that there is a gate through which something that belongs to you, and that you have pushed away, wants to manifest and to show itself. Allow awareness and light to flow to the part of your body that has suffered from the repression. And it does not matter if this process of connecting with your body does not immediately produce noticeable results. What you are battling against are ages-old traditions of seeing things based on judgment and fear. To recover pure intuitive connection with your body demands, over and over again, that you bow to yourself in a state of stillness and non-judgment. If you do this regularly, you will begin to sense how effective this is. Even if a message does not come to you immediately, it is still good to be with yourself on this very pure level.

Finally, I ask you once again to experience the power of the Earth beneath your feet, and also as she is present in your body. Feel the natural strength and the absence of judgment there. The Earth knows instinctively what you need to heal, both physically and on the emotional level. Receive her strength now, and be open to the Earth force within your body.

© Pamela Kribbe


Art Mary Magdalene by Jessica Drossin ART

How Do You Change Society? Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

 spirit of the UNICORN totem by Gretchen Del Rio ART : Spirit of the Unicorn Totem ~ Gretchen Del Rio
How Do You Change Society ?
  Pamela channels Earth

Dear, beautiful people, I greet you all. I am the voice of Earth. Receive me into your midst for I am your mother. Open the cells of your body to me so I can sustain you  I would like you to relax, so do that now. Let go of all tension, the many thoughts in your head, the repetitive worries that many people have; let them blow away. Let air flow through and around you.

You are so dear to me. I love you so much, and I welcome you. Trust me, which is something that has never been taught to you. In fact, you have been taught to distrust me. As a child, you learned very early to rely on the energy, and the capabilities, of your mind in order to organize life so it can be managed.

A large part of the upbringing and education of children aims at making life manageable, as well as making people adapt to a social system that has already been firmly established. This kind of upbringing and education confuses children, because in them still lives a spontaneous, intuitive flow that is strongly connected to their emotions, which are often still very direct and raw, and this scares adults. In the course of your upbringing, you become wary of your emotions, of the power of them, the passion in them, of their boundlessness.

But are emotions really without bounds? No, emotions have their own dynamic. If you let them take their course, in time they will find a natural balance by themselves. When you allow a child to let off some steam when it is angry – because it feels unfairly treated, for example – the child will, in time, naturally return to a state of silence, of reflection. It is sometimes necessary to help the child do that, but what often happened in the past, and what is still happening today, is that such an emotion is suppressed and prevented from being expressed. By doing this, from early on in the child’s life, its natural emotional life becomes restricted.

You are so pressured into becoming a controlled adult, who is not accustomed to trusting its spontaneous emotions, desires, zeal, or passion. In this way, you become alienated from your deepest motivations. They are pushed into a dark corner, as it were, where you do not dare to go. But, sooner or later, what has been hidden will want to come forth. The voice of your heart, your soul, will not be denied forever.

It seems as if right now, in this day and age, that voice of the soul is simultaneously waking up in many people. There is, you might say, a kind of revolt taking place. People want to live, not just to survive, and not just to organize life, but to fully participate in it. There is a need for real experience, for depth, and this can give rise to intense fluctuations in your emotional life.

You are in the process of a return to your center, to that essence that is both heavenly and earthly. You carry within yourself an immortal soul that is infinite, and that is not something that can be grasped intellectually. There is this light in you that is infinite, that is not bound by time or space, that is not tied to this body. Still, that infinite spark of light has chosen to enter into a dance with the body, and a dance with me, Earth, and with nature. And why is this so? The soul descends into a body in order to experience something special, which it cannot experience in the heavenly realms. The light wants to take a form and to become embodied to experience life and creativity in material form and learn and grow from it

By taking a form, you become visible to others and appear to them as an individual being. There is then you and the other, and there is communication between living beings, interaction, the need for understanding, and the possibility of enjoyment. Because the soul manifests itself on Earth, creation is made possible with its amazing diversity that makes life really interesting and exciting – an adventure! The purpose of the meeting of Heaven and Earth, of the merging of soul and body, and the goal of humanity, is to create, and to experience the magic of this adventure.

You might now ask how it is possible for human life on Earth to have become an example of the control of life, of the manipulation of life, so that many people – and nature, too – suffer from a repressive, judgmental energy. What has become of that original magic, that adventure you could feel ever so clearly as a child, and which belongs to the child?

The suffering of humanity and of nature makes me sad. There is so much longing, pain, suppressed emotion in people here, yet there is hope. There is change happening, and I speak to you who are reading this, because I know you are forerunners. You who feel there is change coming and that, when this change is carried out by many individuals, something new can emerge on Earth.

I want to invite you to experience that feeling within yourself. Descend into your own being and go with your breath into your abdomen. Connect with the playful energy of the child within you. That child understands about magic and adventure; that child trusts in larger forces; that child does not need to master and oversee from the mind; and that child is still there within you – alive – and you cannot kill it.

Imagine for a moment that you see this child, and greet it! Feel how this child of yours is connected with me. Feel how deep down the child knows it wants to be on Earth, and wants to be a human bridge between Heaven and Earth. Rediscover the magic and bring it back into your life.

What can you do in your daily life in order to create a sense of magic and adventure? Ask the child within you what it needs to come to life. It can be something very simple, so do not make it into a big thing, keep it playful and small. Your mind often thinks that great things have to happen to change the consciousness of humanity on Earth. But I tell you, return to what is simple: the magic of the child within you – that is the answer. Therein lies your connection with greater powers, heavenly and earthly. That is where you give to yourself something greater than yourself. Unfortunately, you have become discouraged in your faith in that possibility, but it can be so very tangible in your life.

Many of you are struggling to be present on Earth, and especially in the social reality. But the way that reality is currently set up and structured, and how it is determined by laws and rules, expectations and requirements, often restricts you and stifles your creativity. That reality is the opposite of magic and adventurousness, and it often oppresses you.

Some of you feel so alienated from society that you doubt whether you belong here on Earth at all, and it is precisely to those people that I want to say: you belong at Home here, on me and with me. I am the soul of Earth, and you love me. Make the distinction between the social reality, with its human concepts and rules, and the energy of nature in its wild state: the energy of forests, seas, birds, flowers. That is the original energy of the Earth, and that is where your Home is. You understand that energy and appreciate it. I feel that you value me, and I honor you because of that.

Do not fight with society, because as soon as you enter into a battle, you want to act, structure, organise, and you often want to force something to change. But much of what now prevails in society by way of control and old judgments and coercion can only collapse through a crisis. Sometimes, something needs to die completely before real change can take place. You can help to support the consciousness change on Earth in your own daily life by returning to your source, the child within you: your originality. Dare to experience your emotions, and work together with them. Dare to dream again, and dare to be passionate, to believe in the possibilities that life offers, even if society tells you that it is not possible and not feasible.

So much is possible when people live from their hearts, when they dare to trust their feelings, unconditionally. This is not to say that you act on each impulse that presents itself. What it means is that you are sensitive to what affects you and what touches you; that you go inward and not only look at the child within you when it is angry, anxious, or sad, but also when it is enthusiastic and passionate; that you work with this child and really dare to live according to your deepest ideals and motivations. Doing that will eventually change society, and not through a fight against something, but through a return to your own truth, your original being.

Finally, I ask that you descend with your awareness into your feet, and feel how they touch the ground. Imagine that you breathe through your feet. Every time you breathe in, you take Earth energy into your feet. Feel how your feet become heavy and how they carry you. Feel how you are borne by me, the Earth. You do not have to do it all by yourself. There are larger forces that want to assist you, that want to support you on your soul’s path.

Feel those powers for a moment, and feel my strength to bear you. Then feel the heavenly powers that are also here in the form of guides, angels, and your soul, although you do not have to know exactly how and what is here. It is about experiencing a greater force that is gentle and joyful; one that is not critical of you, and one that has sympathy and compassion for how you feel.

Feel that power for a moment, which comes from behind you into your heart and chest and shoulders. Allow this support and comfort and encouragement into your life. Feel how your mind becomes quieter when you attune to these sustaining and nurturing energies. Trust the signals, the signs that you continually receive from your body and your senses. There is a magical power in life that can guide you, one that is focused on joy and the power of creation. It is this magical power which will transform life on Earth.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

spirit of the UNICORN totem by Gretchen Del Rio

The Essence of All Healing ~ Pamela Kribbe channels Mary Magdalene @ Aurelia

The Essence of All Healing

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Pamela channels Mary Magdalene

Dear women and men, I am very close to you, and you can feel me with your heart. I was called Mary Magdalene in one of my lives on Earth, and I have lived on Earth with sadness and joy, with fear and courage. Just like you, I have lived through every emotion while making the journey through the human experience. It is not a mark of holiness to transcend all human emotions. The characteristic of a saint is precisely that they recognize and understand every furrow in a human face. They have such a deep understanding of the human path on Earth that there is no room for judgement, only space and silence, and a deep understanding of the other person. When that other person is so deeply understood by a fellow human being, their burden becomes lighter. A human being who can deeply see in that way, sees the essence of the other person, that essence of infinite beauty and wisdom.

You are people who want to see deeply, ever wanting to dig deeper and deeper to the essence, the Truth, and that is your great strength. You all are on the way to that space to which I referred, by first giving it to yourself and then by allowing space for all others, because you no longer need to judge, to separate good from evil, light from darkness. That space of which I speak is the Christ energy field. All who carry this energy came to testify to this space, but how do you do that? Words are always insufficient, because how do you describe that deep, quiet space which is not empty but full of feeling? Words fail.

I felt this vast, quiet space in the presence of Jeshua, and that touched me deeply. I was opened by the energy of his presence where I then discovered that space within myself and gradually began to inhabit it and feel at home there. Because of that, I could increasingly distance myself from the intense human emotions that also plagued me: the fear, horror, pain, rage, hate. It is so very easy to lose yourself in those emotional currents within.

It is your task as a human being to create this space within yourself. Someone else can invite you to do so through their presence and by holding up a mirror to you of how it can be, how you can live from that space within yourself. And that is essentially the task, or the inner purpose, of a lightworker: to hold to that space when in the presence of others, by first and foremost being present within yourself.

Let us practice that for a moment. Feel your consciousness becoming light and gentle, a little wavy and rippling, not forced, but very open. Let that gentle stream of your consciousness circulate through you. First through your head, where it takes away the sharpness of your thoughts so they become gentle and friendly. There often arises a cutting edge to your thoughts that originates from pain that you feel, and from which you think you need to react, to bite back, to become defensive. Let go of that need and allow in that calm, gentle stream of your true consciousness. Let it flow down through your throat and shoulders, through your heart, your solar plexus, your abdomen.

You can think of a rippling stream that quite naturally flows freely. Put a special emphasis on the area of your abdomen and your pelvis, and let the” water” flow there, cleansing you in a gentle way. Everything cutting is drained away by that flow. Let that energy move into your thighs, your knees, and your lower legs. See how the stream flows through your feet, between all your toes into the ground, and how your “roots” are nourished by the Earth; fed with strength and nurturance. Feel how the Earth supports you, that ground under your feet, and come Home to yourself.

Sense how wide an aura you want to extend around yourself. Your energy field is a natural extension of your physical being. To where does yours reach; what feels like a good boundary? Feel free to let it broaden, for you are not negatively affecting anyone with it; in fact, your space also gives space to another.

Feel free to come to rest in yourself. Sink deeper into your abdomen and let your breath follow. Feel how in this state you are gentle and calm, at peace with yourself, yet at the same time you have clear boundaries, of which you have a strong sense within yourself. Your aura is safe with you, so let it occupy the space that suits you, while at the same time feeling calm and open within.

From this state of consciousness, I invite you to take a look at how you engage, or disengage, your male and female energies in everyday life in the world. You are inclined to use them separately from each other, or in a way so they do not sufficiently support each other.

The gentle energy, I just described, is your female side. It is concerned about others, and can empathize and understand deeply. But often, when you want to engage this energy in connection with another, you go outside yourself. You jump out of your own aura, or energy field, and become lost in that of the other person. See if you recognize this tendency in yourself, and feel what happens to you, energetically, when you do this. Your energy shoots upward and you lose the peace, the anchor, in your foundation, your abdomen.

I will now speak about the male energy. There are times when connecting with others is too much for you, compelling you to go out of yourself and to leave your foundation. That is not nourishing and something is out of balance. At that time, your aura needs to be closed off and you have to come Home to yourself. But it seems as if the only option for you is to establish your male energy in a firm, almost hard way, almost like armor or a wall, in order to keep your energy from leaking away. And because of emotions lodged within you, such as dissatisfaction, anger, disappointment, you put up a defensive wall, but see what that does to you, how it feels inside. Look at how doing this affects you, but look at it calmly and with a certain curiosity: “What does that do to me? Does it feel oppressive or is it freeing?“ Unfortunately, the nature of a defensive reaction goes against your natural, calm source within.

This pattern happens very often in you, and I speak in particular about a group of lightworkers who were born with a naturally high sensitivity and who empathize easily with other persons. From their role as a pioneer of consciousness, they tend to give too much of themselves in the hope that there will be a resonance, a recognition, a being attuned with another. When this connection does not come about, which has happened in all your lives, or still happens, then this leads to pain inside: disappointment, frustration, anger, resentment, or loneliness. You often then engage the male energy to shut down, which is restricting and makes you feel even lonelier. Doing that is not a way of broadening your space, which is the setting of boundaries in a natural way; it is rather a shutting down and a withdrawing of your energy from your space.

I encourage you to engage your male and female energies in a different way. You felt, just now, that it is possible to be completely at Home and anchored within yourself. Feel that anew by descending there once again. It is possible to remain there, even while interacting with others, and that means you let go of actively trying to change things too much; that you acknowledge your need for control or recognition; and that you no longer go outside yourself to try to earn the right to exist. Because that is what you want to accomplish with the excessive need to give and to connect with another. You desire to see your right to exist affirmed by that person; that they want you to be the way you truly are. It is natural for a child to have that desire, but being spiritually mature and growing up means you take care of the needs and desires of your own inner child, and you really affirm and acknowledge its right to exist – and you do that over and over again. You do that by being open to the impulses of your inner child and by being aware of its needs as you interact with the world around you.

Now connect consciously to your energy field; be completely present within yourself and feel your inner child in your abdomen. Breathe in gently and feel how light fills your aura, your space. This is a sacred space. You have the ability to observe and see your inner essence, your own beauty and wisdom, your own value and love. If you have one task in life, this is it: to see, appreciate, and accept your own unique strength, the jewel that you are. That is it; that awakens the Christ consciousness within you, which emanates by itself to others and is not something you need to achieve through effort or struggle. This is precisely the art of becoming deeply rooted in your own foundation and remaining in your own being.

This is also, literally, the solution to resolving the old traumas that you carry with you: you can  ease their emotional charge by finding a balance between the male and female energies. The male energy brings you back to yourself, helps you to disengage and make distinctions whenever necessary. The female energy is your gentleness, your ability to connect, to understand, to comprehend. Ideally, both the male and female energies work together as one. Trauma always arises whenever you separate yourself from your foundation, because when you are out of balance, pulled away from yourself and fragmented, the pain of rejection – especially emotional rejection – can touch you deeply and cause you to be torn apart by your feelings.

By inner observation and in-depth regression therapy, you can come to know much about past traumas, and that is often helpful in order to gain insights. But at the heart of all healing and self healing is the return to yourself, to embrace your own self and to acknowledge your boundaries, yet at the same time remain gentle, calm, and open within. And precisely because of staying with yourself, you are able to do a lot for others by what you are and what you emanate.

Enjoy another moment of quietly being yourself. Relax and dare to be who you are – you are beautiful! The Christ energy awakens in all of you. Feel the presence of Christ in your inner space.

© Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Angel illustration by Ankakus  ART ANGEL

An Interview with Pamela Kribbe by Colin Whitby @ The Magic of Being

Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore  ANGEL

ART : Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore 

An Interview with Pamela Kribbe

By Colin Whitby

This month we have been very fortunate to catch up with Pamela Kribbe who has published what was for me the most inspiring channeling I have read this year. Her work is available for free on her web site, or your can purchase a copy of her book The Jeshua Channelings to read at your leisure (my preferred method). I do hope you enjoy the interview.



How did your spiritual awakening start, and how were you to lead towards self expression and a more heart focused approach to life?

My awakening started when my heart was broken because of a love affair. At 26, I was pursuing an academic career and I was writing a PhD thesis on modern philosophy of science. I was enmeshed in a very rational approach of life and was married to a scientist. Then I met someone who was a philosopher also and who I had amazing conversations with about metaphysics and spirituality. I had always been interested in spirituality and the esoteric, but I had been suppressing this for quite a while. I fell deeply in love with this man and I thought he was the love of my life. However, things turned out differently.

While I got divorced, he decided to go back to his girlfriend. I felt shattered by this experience and suddenly, my fascination for academic philosophy completely disappeared. I was so devastated emotionally and so thirsty for real knowledge – the kind that speaks to your heart – that I was completely finished with intellectualism. I completed my thesis in 1997, but I left the university and started to read a lot of spiritual and esoteric literature. In 2000, I met a woman who was a spiritual teacher and psychic reader, and meeting her was the beginning of a deep inner transformation. She helped me become aware of old emotion pain, pain that stemmed from my early childhood as well as multiple past lives which I started to remember. With her help I relived these painful emotions and was able to rise above them. I felt liberated and free for the first time in my life. It was like I had died and been reborn as a new person, but at the same it felt like I could finally be myself.

Immediately after I went through this period of catharsis and liberation, I met Gerrit (my husband) in 2001. I stumbled upon his website on spirituality and reincarnation on the Internet and we started a lively correspondence. Connecting to him felt miraculous. There was a kinship between us which was unexplainable and yet so familiar. Unlike the devastating love affair in the past, our coming together was not surrounded by drama, but by a deeply joyful, quiet knowing that we belonged together. Gerrit had always been deeply interested in the esoteric and it was only natural for us to start working together as spiritual therapists. After our daughter was born in 2002, we built up our own practice and I could do what my heart most longed to do: to work as an energy reader and teacher and to explore philosophical questions about life in a meaningful, practical way.

How did you come to learn about channelling and when were you first drawn to it?

I got acquainted with channeling around 1995, by reading the work of Jane Roberts, channeler for Seth. At that time I was spending a semester at the University of Harvard, in the U.S., doing research for my thesis. I had become thoroughly disenchanted with academic philosophy, as I mentioned before. I discovered the Seth books in a little bookstore nearby the university and soon got fascinated by this ‘forbidden fruit’ (forbidden by academic standards). I felt that these writings were both philosophically profound and very loving and inspiring. Reading these books deeply affected me. I now feel it was the universe’s – or my soul’s – way of waking me up and showing me a new direction in life. In the years after that, I read a lot of channeled books by other authors as well. But Seth made the most impact because it was all new to me at that time. Now, I hardly read anything anymore.

When did you come to ‘notice’ that Jeshua was with you and how would you describe his energy?

One evening in 2002, I was doing a personal session with my husband Gerrit, when I noticed a presence near me which I had not felt before. I was used to speaking with spiritual guides, who I often felt around me and who would uplift me with their loving suggestions and cheerfulness. These were personal guides. But when I felt Jeshua’s presence, it was different. It felt like a solemn and deeply aware energy, very grounded and focused, not like anything I met before. It frightened me a bit at first. I asked the energy ‘Who are you?’ and then I saw the name ‘Jeshua ben Joseph’ spelled out in front of my inner eye very clearly. I instantly felt it was true. My mind started to raise sceptical objections at once. But just before that, in a flash, my soul had recognized Jeshua as a very familiar presence. My mind argued it was extremely unlikely and presumptuous that he would be next to me in my sitting room. But my heart reassured me that it was quite normal for Jeshua to be so close to us.

Jeshua is not really an authority far and high above us. He means to be our friend, someone you can trust and be open to, as he never judges you. As I have come to know Jeshua, he is never judging me, although he is very direct and upfront. He asks of me to be really honest with myself, to look my fears in the eye, and not cover them up by self-serving theories or justifications.

So he is stern in a way, but it’s a very loving way. It makes you realize what love is about. Love does not necessarily feel nice and comforting. Often it asks of you to get out of your comfort zone, to be courageous and vulnerable.

For me, expressing myself publicly as a channel for Jeshua, raised a lot of fear and insecurity in me, which have been very hard to overcome. My instinct (or survival mechanism) has long been to withdraw from the world, which I considered to be a very scary place. Jeshua is teaching me to feel safe in the world, to remain centered and self-aware while connecting to people instead of fearful and fragmented. I’m still learning how to do this, but I think I made some progress. I have received so much because of that: through the Jeshua channelings, I have connected to my soul family across the word. People from all over the world have written me to tell me how touched they are by Jeshua’s messages. I feel more at home on Earth. And what’s most important: despite the fears, I sense the deep fulfilment of doing what my soul really longs to do on earth right now.

Your messages are very down to earth yet explain complex concepts so clearly. How do you receive the messages from Jeshua, do you ‘translate’ them in some way?

Indeed, the messages are quite clear and down to earth, despite the fact that they are highly metaphysical. I think this is due to a number of factors. First, as I know Jeshua, he is quite direct and clear in stating his messages. He doesn’t beat around the bush and he seeks to address our heart, not our intellect. This goes against my own nature a bit. I was trained as an academic philosopher and I used to write articles that were unreadable to ‘normal folk’, because they were so intellectually complex and abstract. Jeshua is definitely not in that business.

On the other hand, my philosophical training has also helped me develop the ability to break down complex concepts into simple words. In that way, it has proved to be very valuable in my work as a channeler. I think my own education as a philosopher also accounts for the way the Jeshua messages are stated. Thirdly, I sometimes feel that it’s simply a human expectation that spiritual teachers or ‘ascended masters’ (don’t care much for that phrase!) express themselves very stately and formally. It fits our image of a wise and revered teacher. Jeshua however seeks to be close to our hearts, and not create any distance.

By the way, I think that channeling always involves a kind of translation. Every channel has some influence on what comes through because of their upbringing, their culture, their specific interests and talents. Something I became thoroughly aware of while studying philosophy of science is that it is naïve to assume that we can ever perceive reality purely and untainted by subjective elements. The ideal of objective perception, perception that blocks out the perceiver altogether, has become deeply problematic, ever more so with the rise of quantum mechanics. Likewise, channelings are always filtered by the personality and cultural background of the channel. The best thing to deal with that is to be aware of this and, when you listen to channels, use your discernment and pick whatever resonates with you.

How would you describe your relationship with Jeshua during the channelling process?

When I sit down to channel, I go into a light trance. This means that I focus my attention within, let my body relax and become as quiet and silent as possible. I then feel Jeshua entering my energy field and often, I feel a little jolt down my spine as we connect. It takes a minute or so for our energies to meld and then I hear “Go ahead” within. I start speaking and I am aware of what I am saying, yet there’s a flow of energy pouring through me which ‘gives me’ the words so to speak. I feel enveloped by this very loving and compassionate flow and I feel lifted above my ordinary, daily consciousness. Often I sense great peace and I am aware that there is so much more meaning to life than we ordinarily feel and think. I also feel that the vast energy of love and compassion coming through me from ‘the other side’ is hard to put into words. The words often seem limiting to me as I channel.

My relationship to Jeshua during the channeling process is one of an active receiver I would say. On the one hand, I am as open as possible to whatever wants to come through. On the other hand I am active and alert, and I need to focus on getting the message across in human concepts and language. My mind needs to participate to make the translation, and I need to let that happen without interfering from the level of my personal will or belief systems.

This is a delicate process and I do not claim to be perfect at it. I am sure that in translating Jeshua’s energy into human speech, I am filtering the message somehow. The problem is that it’s very difficult for a human to know what filters are still in them. The most persistent filters are blind spots, presumptions you take for granted because you are not aware of them as such. I think the more we grow and open up to the true reality of love, we let go of our filters. This is a gradual process in my experience. Instead of mourning the fact that our perception is filtered, I think it’s much more joyful to look forward to dropping ever more filters on our way. Channeling is a human affair, but that’s okay. We are here to experience what it’s like to be human, and to revel in the awakenings we experience as humans.

I found the lightworkers series so helpful in putting into context my own experiences; did the material impact your own life and spiritual development?

Yes, it did. It was the first series of channelings I received from Jeshua. He said to me the messages in it were meant specifically for lightworkers. He said that they would be the first ones on Earth to embrace a new, heart-based consciousness. The material is meant to support them in their awakening, so that they can go out and be the teachers for the ones who follow.

For myself, this series made me understand better who I am and what it means to be a lightworker. I read many stories in books and on the Internet about lightworkers, and I felt deep resonance with it, but I never quite understood one thing. Lightworkers were said to have a mission to bring light and consciousness to Earth, they were said to be natural teachers and healers and to have sacrificed much to be here and do their work.

Lightworkers were very much ‘the good guys’. In fact, they almost seemed to be a kind of martyrs: always giving of themselves and carrying the world on their shoulders. It all sounded a bit too holy for me. I myself felt huge resistance to being on Earth, carrying a lot of old sadness and anger within. I wanted to know where that came from and what my purpose in life really was.

Jeshua’s story in the Lightworker Series reveals that we in fact played very dark parts also in earlier lifetimes, some of them in Atlantis and some in times before we incarnated on Earth. In that ancient era, we explored ego-based consciousness to the fullest. Getting to know and understand the dark parts of our/my history satisfied my sense of justice, my sense of balance. I also feel it gave me a healthy sense of humility.

What helped me also is that Jeshua stresses in the Lightworker series that we are not here to save the world. We are here primarily to heal ourselves, to face our dark side, to understand and treat our own emotional hurts with love and compassion. When we do so, we become ‘enlightened’ – we enter heart-based consciousness. We radiate a peaceful, loving energy to others, but this is not something we do (as in a job), it naturally happens because we are who we are. So, the notion of lightwork as ‘working hard to heal the world’ is misplaced according to Jeshua as I receive him. Lightwork is about you and not about the world, and it is a state of being rather than a doing. Realizing this has helped me let go of the urge to ‘save others’, which I think is a deeply ingrained habit of lightworkers. It has helped me to be more centered and focused within.

Jeshua takes great care to separate himself (his earth life as Jeshua) from Jesus as portrayed in the Bible, what would you say is the key difference between their portrayals?

I think the greatest difference is with his portrayal by Church tradition. In the Bible, there are authentic stories about what Jeshua did and said, of course related and interpreted by humans with their own cultural and psychological background. In the Church’s interpretation, Jeshua appears as a deified figure, being closer to and more like God than us.

To underline his special position, he is said to have died for our sins. Jeshua as he presents himself to me, wants us to know that we are as close to God as he is, that he was human as we are and that he died not to take away our sins, but simply because ruling authorities were opposed to him, like they have been opposed throughout history to freethinkers and teachers of the heart. Our sins need not be taken away by another. They are not sins to begin with, but more like areas of ignorance and fear which are part of the human experience. We are here to gracefully transcend them and enjoy the journey Home. We are granted to be fully human by Jeshua, and that’s at odds with much that has been taught by the Church.

Pamela, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us today.

Pamela and Gerrit are married and have a spiritual practice in The Netherlands (Europe). They have been working with the energy of Jeshua since 2002. Pamela is channeller for Jeshua and Gerrit is regression therapist who always accompanies Pamela in the channelling sessions.


“For me, the name Jeshua refers not so much to the historical personality of Jesus but to the universal christ energy that we are all a part of. When I channel Jeshua, I feel deeply drawn into this field of love and compassion and in that state of consciousness I receive the messages from Jeshua.”


Eternal Elegance by Artist Victoria Moore  ANGEL