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Daily Angel Oracle Card: Truth, from The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins

Truth: “I hold only that which is honest and true close to my heart.”


“Each of us has our own ‘truth,’ gained from our own experience and beliefs, and from the people around us. However, our views might not always be an accurate reflection of reality, so we sometimes need to re-assess them so that we can avoid self-deception.

The Angel Of Truth teaches that, while you need to respect others’ views, you must face the ‘mirror of truth’ by yourself. Listen to your feelings and conscience at all times. Open your mind to objective reality by sitting quietly for a few minutes, focusing on your breath and also on the sights and sounds around you. Ask the Angel to give you some sort of sign when you are close to the truth about the matter at hand.”

Symbols For The Angel Of Truth: “White chrysanthemum, mirror, reflection, cubit (old measure, length from middle fingertip to elbow.)”

~ By Chrissie Astell

Interesting synchronicity in this card; that Truth is symbolized by reflection and light. As above so below; the inside is reflected into the outside world.

Are you living your Truth? If not, what would need to change in order to do so? What would you have to release? What would you have to communicate? How would you need to shift things? When you look in the mirror, is your authenticity mirrored back to you? Or is there a mask that stands in your way?

We use our life experience to form beliefs and barriers around who we are in the world. We create a story, and we stick to it! Some of the story is truth, and some of it is fiction, picked up along the way. It is time to remove the fiction and overhaul our story; recreate our place in the world. Starting with the Truth about how we see ourselves and what we are capable of.

Be very aware of the signs, symbols and messages coming to you at this time from the Angel of Truth. Often we may choose not to see or acknowledge the Truth, but once we put the wheels in motion, the signs simply cannot be denied. Use all of your senses and your intuition to find the Truth in others, and trust that the signs you receive are for you; there are no coincidences.



~Archangel Oracle

* The Guardian Angel Oracle, by Chrissie Astell, published by Watkins


Creating Patterns of Truth in Your Four Body System by Lord Buddha – Natalie Glasson

Adela Stafanov Artist


Creating Patterns of Truth in Your Four Body System by Lord Buddha

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 22nd June 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

One of the greatest ambitions of a light worker is to be an embodiment of the truth of the Creator, radiating this sacred truth through each action and reaction upon the Earth. To embody the truth of the Creator is not to be a fountain of knowledge and wisdom, instead, it is to experience an intimate relationship with the Creator within your being. To know and be familiar with the presence of the Creator transmitting through your being. The truth of the Creator is expansive, undefinable and fulfilling, it is an alignment with and an experience of all that is the Creator.

I, Lord Buddha, oversee the Planetary Level of the Creator’s Universe, ensuring that all achieve their spiritual and divine purposes upon the Earth. In this stage of ascension, I, Lord Buddha wish to promote a cleansing and purification of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, (your four body system.) The purpose of this cleansing is to create or reactivate energetic patterns and templates of truth within your cells, aura and entire being. When you awaken energetic templates and patterns of truth you realign your entire being to the Creator, divine perfection, the divine flow and allow yourself to experiencefulfilment. This means that blockages, stagnant energies and limitations are released promoting experiences of liberation, acceptance of self, unconditional love for self and deep healing. Sacred wisdom and remembrance of past lifetimes can also be the result of activating patterns of truth within your being. When you embody the truth of the Creator your reality becomes a reflection of your inner truth.

The energy I am transmitting at this time is a deep healing and cleansing vibration from the Planetary Level of a pure whitecolour with flecks of golden light. I wish to share with you some practices to support you in receiving my light, awakening patterns of truth within your being and experiencing your inner truth.

Cleansing and Acceptance of Your Four Body System

State each statement aloud. After each statementinhale breathing the energy from your Soul Star Chakra through into your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, exhale into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet. Repeat the breath as many times as you feel guided to before you move onto the next statement.

‘My emotional body and entire being are now transforming, I am anchoring the energetic codes needed to aid my ascension. I am my truth in manifestation.’

‘My emotional body and entire being are in complete balance and alignment with my soul, soul group, and the Creator.’

‘I am my spiritual ascension, I am a master of my being, I now let go of all unneeded energies, blockages and limitations created by myself in my past, present, future and simultaneous lifetimes.’

‘My physical body is cleansed of all impurities; I allow my body to exist in its perfection supporting my ascension.’

‘My mental body is cleansed and purified by the most vibrant vibration of the Creator’s Consciousness. My mental body is a transmitter of the pure and sacred consciousness of the Creator.’

‘I welcome the sacred presence of my spiritual body, grounding the truth, sacred wisdom and profound love of my spiritual self into all that I Am on every level of my existence.’

‘I honour the purpose of my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and call upon the support of the Universe of the Creator and Lord Buddha to ensure my four bodies can achieve all that is divinely guided to aid my health, wellbeing, vitality, happiness, and fulfilment.’

‘I realise my four body system as my companion for my current existence, I accept my four body system and dissolve all energies of rejection I may have created. Every part of my being exists as the purest vibration of harmony. ‘

Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing

Allow yourself to sit peacefully and breathe deeply 3 times.

I can upon the light of Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos to send your Star of Cleansing light into my being.

Imagine a pure white star descending through the top of your head to rest in your heart chakra.
Say out loud,

‘I ask Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing to integrate into my entire being.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light of a white colour with gold flecks to fill your entire being. Feel, sense or acknowledge a synthesis process taking place within your being.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my physical body.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your physical body.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my emotional body and emotions.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your auric field and imagine it purified.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my mental body and mind.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your mind and imagine it purified.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my spiritual body and spiritual reality.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Breathe the energy of the star into your spiritual body and imagine it purified.

‘Please cleanse, balance and heal the energies of my entire body and auric field.’ Inhale imagining the Star of Cleansing within your heart chakra, exhale allowing the light to fill your entire being. Expand the white star until you are the white star and it encapsulates your entire being.

‘I am a magnificent being of pure light; I honour, love and respect myself, truth and my light.

I vow to love myself unconditionally from this moment forth and to love my body, knowing that my body is a sacred chamber that holds my truth and soul.

I trust myself and know that I am a powerful being of light, I know that the love in my heart is abundant and allow all fears to be dissolved by my abundant love.

With the assistance of my guides, soul, soul group, Lord Buddha and the Creator, I dissolve and let go of all pain from the past, all fears and limitations held within my four body system. I allow myself to listen to and cherish my four body system, receiving the necessary messages that support my physical and spiritual existence on the Earth. Support me to dedicate myself to mastering my four body system, recognising the beauty and intentions of my entire being. Help me to love my entire being unconditionally, listening to my entire being with love each day. My four body system is a valuable and treasured aspect of my being, which I now recognise fully. My entire being is now fully aligned with my soul, the guidance of my soul emanates with power, vitality, and grace through me, supporting my actions, reactions and existence upon the Earth.
With the energetic shifts and transformation made within my being, I now ask Lord Buddha to make me aware of the energetic patterns and templates of truth which have been activated within my four body system. It is through the cleansing light and my acceptance of my four body system that my patterns of truth have activated, vibrating throughout my being. I now allow myself to experience the truth of the Creator fully.’

Sit in the light of the star for as long as you wish. When you feel the process is complete imagine Lord Buddha’s Star of Cleansing flowing out through your feet down into the Earth. Send the vibration of gratitude throughout your entire being to fortify the cleansing work you have achieved.

In truth always,

Lord Buddha

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Adela Stafanov Artist

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Ulrike Kussike


Radio Revolution

DeepSea Overdue

TIME OF THE LIFE HAS COME please do all join in dear friends hear my call:

We have built towers all over the world for communicating.

They are tall and powerful.

We can alter reality and use them to send love vibes. It is very easy to do. We simply need to focus on our hearts warmest memories and then imagine this energy to spread from the top of the tower.

We can also imagine our love to fill the top ball or expansion most towers have and power up its force and last forever.

Do so for your town or closest place with a tv or communication tower, no matter if in function or not.

This will build a highly intense net of love transmission towers around the whole globe. If you feel called by certain other towers do the same there.

I also dreamt of more this time.

This is the best time of great changes for our planet and life.

We can alter reality too by activating the deep sea force of creation.

I was led to find this tower and picture of the Tianjin tower standing in water.

By activating this one it is also meant to send the love vibes downwards through its base into the green water basin and from there into any more artificially made water basins and ways and then into any water on this planet and into deep sea at last.

Whoever is feeling a heart move when reading this can join by imagining to fill the base of this tower with your warm heart energy AND your whole stomach and womb energy.

When you feel the base is almost bursting of this energy open the locks at the bottom of yourself and that of the tower and let it all flow down into the earth and her waters.

More is not necessary.

You can do all this in a really relaxed physical and mental state.

Only your heart is truly required.

Love is the highest power and it comes naturally when we are truly and deeply connected.

Let yourself be flooded by your most precious heart memories and feelings first, then focus and spread.

I am so very grateful and happy you read and care and join.

And there is no start or end time or date. Time is not a point nor line.

It is a shared space.

Let us enter and fill this space!


Ulrike …


Artist Appreciation: Gratitude to unknown artists …

WE ARE THE TRUTH @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


WE ARE THE TRUTH –The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Beloved Arcturians,

Wow, this has been such a VERY challenging time. I will meditate a bit and then see what you have to share with me today. Thank you in advance.

What I received is the below poem:
We are the peace within the storm


We are the ONE that we will form

We are the NOW. We are the Here

To live in Love and release all fear

As we say these words, we can believe

We are the life that we conceive

Can we believe what we feel inside

Then set it free, to no longer hide?

From what we hide, we are not sure

But we know that love is strong and pure

But can we LIVE the kind of love

That enters us from far above?

Can we live, and can we be

The ONE our hearts can feel and see?

Our mind is still confused and lost

Why does this path have such a cost?

The path to NOW, flows through our fear

So we can keep what we hold dear

Can we keep inside what we most treasure

To live in love and remember pleasure?

How can we know just who we are?

Did we come from Earth or from a star?

Or are we human and divine

Through which our Light can always shine?

But “always” is a 3D term

We use on Earth so we can learn

We’ve learn that there is only NOW

And within that NOW, we remember how

We remember this is where we live

We remember that we’re here to give

But our 3D life told us to take

And treasure what is only fake

So what is real, how can we see

The ONE we’ve said that we will be?

We made this promise long before

We left the life we did adore

We came to Earth to love and give

And share with others how to live

How to live a life of love

And feel the Flow from far above

But we forgot and can’t remember

How to live and still be tender

The 3D fight for planet Earth

Made us forget our true rebirth

In a world of those who cannot give

The Path of Love is hard to live

Why does the darkness shine so bright?

When deep inside we ALL are light?

What if our LIGHT out shown the fear

And we lived for what we hold most dear?

Could we choose to focus just on love

As it enters us from high above?

High above the lower dimensions

Pure love and light fills our intentions

Can we remember how to live

In a world where LOVE is what we give?

Can we remember how to BE

Our Higher SELF we cannot see?

These questions are within our NOW

To remind us that we still know how

To be the SELF we are inside

That’s hidden by our fear and pride

Our Inner SELF can find the way

To guide us through our every day

Can we remember to just “Let Go”

And allow our Inner SELF to glow?

Our Inner SELF we wish to give

To create the life we want to live?

“Yes,” we say. “We want that life.

“We tire of the fear and strife.”

“Where do we go, how can we BE

The persons that we want to see?”

“Are we ready NOW, to just “let go,”

And see what our new life will show?”

“Yes, we do “let go.” We do so NOW!

“For we remember we do know how.”

“We’ve finally come to the conclusion

That we CAN let go of our Illusion!”

“We Remember HOW

To Let GO NOW”

We can Let Go in every way

We can Let Go on every day

How does it feel to just Let Go?

What is the Path that it will show?

The secret lies within the NOW

Where our True SELF will show us HOW

How to know, to see, and hear

To keep our memory strong and clear

The secret is to just LET GO

And remember all that we DO know

The knowing lies within our Soul

That we are the ONE, we are the Whole!

Within this NOW, we do remember

WE do receive, and WE are the sender

As we remember WHO we are

We help dear Gaia to BE a STAR

please click HERE
To download the recording of this poem,

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:03 AM

Let the Truth Grow and Flow – Jennifer Hoffman @ Enlightening Life


The truth is the foundation of your reality, the collection of beliefs, thoughts, and actions that allow your reality to take form. As you grow in your understanding of yourself as a divine being this truth grows and a new truth flows in. It is the action of growing and flowing which ignites the process of be-coming divine, whole, joyful, and congruent. There is no single truth which is true for each of you, individually and collectively, all the time. The truth is a living being which grows and flows to support your ascension path, as you allow new truths to become true for you and you expand into a greater awareness of your divinity, your energetic awareness expands and grows and you rise to new levels of wholeness, enlightenment, divinity.

The truth you believe in any moment is what allows you to be aligned and in a state of wholeness in that moment. What is true for you in one moment may no longer be true in the next moment, as truth expands awareness. The ascension path acceleration ushers in new truths about your potential, possibilities, and light that you can align with and integrate, once your can allow your truth foundation to grow enough to accept these new truths as ‘true’ for you. Can you envision your own divinity?

Are you able to see yourself as empowered in your energy? Are you ready to release the burden of the Martyred Healer and embrace the new role of Christed joy-is-your-purposeAwareness and Empowered Mastery? This is part of the growing truth and new energies that flow to the earth.

Do not seek to find the truth; instead, be open to receiving the flow of new truths that support your power, divinity, joy, peace, love, and abundance. Let the truth of your divine connection lead you to the possibility of a truth you never considered before – that your purpose is a joyful one and divinity is your destiny. The sadness and trauma of the past is released with each new expanded truth you allow to flow to you.

As you embrace these truths you become integrated with them and they become the foundation for your expanded reality. The truth is not what frees you, allowing the truth to grow and flow creates the freedom to expand your awareness so you become free to explore new potentials and possibilities. You are the divine ones, the promise of the Christed paradigm, and the bringers of heaven on earth. Ascension is a path of truth that grows and flows to the truth of your divinity and that is the only truth you need to embrace now.

This is an  Archangel Uriel channeled message.


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