Archangel Michael on the Use of the Universal Laws – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael on the Use of the Universal Laws

I’ve been invoking and studying the universal laws and wanted to know from Archangel Michael if I was using them correctly. His answer is informative.

Thanks to Linda for our reading and Dana for our transcript.

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 18, 2017.

Steve Beckow: Is my invocation of universal law having an effect? Am I doing well in that area?

Archangel Michael: No dear heart, it is a waste of time! (Laughing)

Steve: Thank you very much! Goodbye!

AAM: It is good, it is right, it is just, it is balanced that you asked this very question and let us be clear with thee. Is this a sacred undertaking? It is not just a ritual, it is not just an application, and it is not just an invocation.

It is the embodiment (and this is where you are going) of the laws collectively and individually that you are working with. You have come to understand the magnitude and scope of truly embracing these laws and bringing them to the forefront.

In some ways, and we know the difficulty, we don’t fully experience but we know and understand the difficulty of being in a human form and your spiritual quest that you have been on has been profound.

There are moments when you invoke the law or when you talk to others about the law, you think, “this formula, this mechanism, this adherence to the law; perhaps it is too simple. Perhaps it is too complex.”

It is neither. It is the explanation, not only the definition, not only the rule, but the explanation giving, (yes, perhaps in its simplest form, that matters not, we tend to admire “straightforward”) it is given to you so that there is finally that voice screaming in the darkness at night that we hear far too often.

This is how it works. And, beloved one, it does work and when you are invoking the law you are not merely [?] (and I say this in a way of commending thee) you are absolutely on track. You are invoking the law but what you are doing (because you have reached this point) is not simply, “I invoke the law of change,” etc.

You invoke it and you are pulling it down and you are allowing it to enter into the tapestry within and the tapestry without, even into your all of your physical, etc., bodies. It is as if you are wearing that shroud.

So you are proceeding to be the embodiment and this has been part of your journey and is part of your journey and part of the conundrum: It is not the law in and of itself that presents the confusion, nor the lack of clarity. It is the how to. “Am I doing it and am I doing it in the fullness?”

Now I can tell you and reassure you that you are doing it correctly, but that the sense of truly being in alignment and utilizing the laws will grow and this is part of what you are doing. You’ve often asked about conjoint efforts, undertakings, joint missions with Kathleen and this [promoting use of the universal laws] most certainly is one of them.

Steve: And when you say “this,” could I just ask you to be very clear… “This”

AAM: This, the embodiment, the translation, the teaching, the sharing of universal laws.


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The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 3/5 by Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 3/5

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

Is the law about a return to the heart?

Sanat Kumara: Yes and no. It is the guidebook about the return to the heart, and the guidebook, or the direction, that we offer you is the same for those upon Gaia as it is in the Pleiadian sector, or Arcturus, or Andromeda, or CCC. So it is the same, throughout. And that is the glue factor, as well, in terms of the unity and the love. (1)

Is the law all about a return to the One?

Sanat Kumara: [The universal law] was a way for us to understand and to be in closer divine union. So even in the very beginning the alignment of will was such that there was a will in the Oneness, in the All, in the Source to be known and you have what creations came forward throughout many universes to understand and ways in which to be able to work their way back. So you can think of universal law …. as a guide, a road map, a way in which to know the Unknowable.” (2)

Sanat Kumara: One of your primary drives, as spiritual, human, emotional, mental beings, is to find out how things work and, “How do I get home?” So, think of this. You have a system. …

What the law does, and when you truly engage with the Universal Law is that it removes the illusion upon which so much of human experience has been based. So that is why it is so important — critical! — at this time, why I am stepping forward and saying, “All right, my beloved friends, it is time for you, each of you, to more fully understand the law. And I am happy — I am thrilled — to be able to act, can I say, as your tutor, as your guide.” …

I am doing it because I am afraid if I don’t do it I am going to get in trouble, either in trouble with the law, with my wife, with my husband, with my children, with my neighbor or with god.

Well, that is not good enough. That is not the alignment with the law. So the emotional component, the mental component…. You cannot think, “Well, I will do this so I will be in alignment, but I really think this is a bunch of hogwash.” No.

Everything, all parts of you — and that is why you come to this stillpoint of your heart and your knowing — it has to be in alignment. Now, do we force it? Are there punitive ramifications if you do not adhere to the law?

Well, the punitive ramifications — and you have seen many — is that life doesn’t work. It is not joyful, it is not loving, it is not sustainable, it is not rewarding, it does not feel good. And you see this every day on the streets of every country. You see this in the quiet of homes where people isolate in desperation.

So the ramifications aren’t what comes from on high. The concept of punishment, of judgment, is a human construct, not a divine one. But are there ramifications? Yes, because what you are doing individually and collectively is hurting yourself, making yourself miserable.

Now, I know, as I say this as your tutor, there are some of you who are listening this night who are saying, “Well, that’s terrible. He’s putting it all on us!”

No, my beloved friends. I am not putting it all on you. What I am saying is there is a body of understanding that if you adhere to you will fly free. So it is part of the collective education and evolution, because you have decided to come as one — even those who are in the, shall we say, the undecided group. (3)

Sanat Kumara: While you think, or feel or know or believe, that you are on this journey back, you are also on this journey with everything. There is only one grid. That is the law. How else would you travel? You cannot be jumping from grid to grid to grid to grid.

Now, does it stretch? Are there times when you access a different portion of the grid by changing dimensions or going through wormholes, or black holes or white holes? Yes. But it is still one. …

It is like what you say, so many of you in your vehicles have Mapquest or GPS. This is your universal GPS, dear heart. … The totality of the grid is God. (4)

(To be continued in Part 4, after the weekend.)


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The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why – Part 1/5

Kathleen has awakened my interest in universal law.

Poor Raj (Sanat) has come on Hour with an Angel or Heavenly Blessings every year to press us to learn how to work with the laws. And I for one have not really taken him up on the subject, at least so far.

However, having actually invoked various of the laws and gotten positive results, I’m beginning to get just an inkling of how matters in this area might work.

I look forward to posting more on the individual laws the Company of Heaven says are important to our ascension.

Here, we begin with a series introducing the divine laws.

I use the question-and-answer format to cover as much ground as possible, as quickly as I can.

Why do we have Universal Law?

Sanat Kumara: Why do we have Universal Law? It is the rules … of how things work, and they do not change.

So one of the issues that you are working with is you are in an environment, a situation, of constant change, whether you acknowledge it or realize it or not. And so, when you refer to the law, you have a framework within which to work with that constant change, and to go to the place of balance. (1)

Sanat Kumara: Universal Law is … the framework upon which you come to understand how things work. It is part of the universal grid. It is part of the understandings of how things happen or don’t happen, and the alignments that one can gain in terms of your own process of Ascension and return to the source of One.

So it is the framework upon which creation, what you have called the Divine Qualities, everything hangs. It is the grid upon which you come to understand how things work.

It is peculiar, is it not, that you have, as a human collective, of all breeds, such an obsession with this word “law”? You have judicial law. You have laws of mathematics, quantum physics, but you do not have, and you have not aligned fully or completely with, Universal Law.

And yet it is the starting point and it is the finishing point. And when you are in alignment with Universal Law, you come to a place of understanding of how to position yourself, particularly within time and space, how your actions, or inactions, or sense of being, can be measured and reflected. (2)

Sanat Kumara: When we said to the Mother, and the Mother said to many, “How will the beings, not only on Earth, not only upon this beloved jewel, Gaia, how will they understand how to construct, how to proceed?” it was the understanding of the law, of how things work. Just like your scientific or natural law.

Now, you do not go about every single day thinking, or feeling, “Am I in alignment with the law?” whether it is human law or natural law. It is the way of being.

Now, many of the human laws that have evolved are not at all in alignment with Universal Law. And that is where things have gone awry and where false grids and paradigms have grown up, and actually assume the illusion of solidity.

But they do not have a reference point in the heart of One. And then people become disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed, because they think they are adhering to law, and it is not having the results of creation that they desire. But it is because they have not taken the time — this is not a criticism; now is the time – to understand this body of law. So the law as it exists, to answer your question, to assist you and many far beyond Gaia to understand how things work, is actually very simple. (3)

(To be continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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Sanat Kumara suggests concrete ways to use Universal Laws in our daily lives…Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 14.9. 2

When you are riding the wave of the Tsunami, you are healing the billions. And when you are being the observer, you are practicing the Law. And when you are practicing the Law, you are sending out and being the transmitter of all the Divine Qualities. You are doing a phenomenal job. You are influencing people, events, unfoldments, far beyond that which you can even potentially imagine, even beyond computer knowledge on your planet…

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You – Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Sanat Kumara will be joining us today to offer an update on how we are doing in the unfoldment of the plan of Gaia. As Planetary Logos, he can offer a perspective beyond our human perceptions at this time, and I imagine in my optimistic heart that the Plan is flowing along beautifully. Since our Raj has also served as primary guide for understanding the Universal Laws, he will also be discussing how we are adapting to really working with them.

So overall, in the midst of another intense gateway and full moon, and while balancing ourselves in two worlds at once, somehow we are managing to get through and maintain our compassionate and loving selves. It feels like the whole point for any of this Earth experience, and I look forward to hearing how it all looks from a higher perspective. Good morning Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzi! Boy, you’ve covered the waterfront right there, didn’t you! [Laughter] And yet, did you see that moon last night? Wasn’t it incredible!

SM: Oh my gosh, totally, for two nights now. Last night it was a little cloudy and just beautiful.

LD: Yeah. Because it was cloudy, at least where I live, it sort of made it very mystical looking.

SM: Yeah.

LD: Yeah. I love full-moon time.

SM: I know, me too. It’s been adding to the intensity of the energies for sure.

LD: Yes and the energies were quite intense enough to start with. And I think that’s part of what Sanat Kumara is going to speak to us about today, is to really get an overview – and he’s been chatting to me for… oh I don’t know, hours… actually he’s been chatting to me since we decided to do that. So in one way, I have Mother Mary on one hand and Sanat Kumara on the other, and surrounded by the Archangels. I guess you could say I’m in good company! [Laughter]

SM: For sure, always. Yeah. Wow.

LD: Yeah. It’s been intense. I wanted to, before we even get started, I wondered if I could share with our listeners that, as you all know, we are preparing for the Annual Council of Love Gathering in Lake Tahoe, which really has become more abundantly clear over this past weekend that this is Mother Mary’s workshop.

You know, every year we have a workshop and there’s always a primary guide, or guardian, or master, being that claims the oversight I guess of the workshop – like Saint Germaine did the healing and the Violet Flame, Sanat Kumara has done Creation and the Universal Laws. Well, this one belongs to the Divine Mother, and she wouldn’t leave me alone in terms of not doing a Livestream.

So I walked the plank and took a deep breath, and all of you have answered that you are interested. So now I’m taking another deep breath and saying, “Please sign up!” [Laughter] So it’s going to be a Livestream and for that you get all the workshop materials, all the channellings, all the mediations, all the interactions, everything that’s going to happen in Lake Tahoe. No, you won’t have the joy of being there and holding each other’s hands, although you could create a little mini gathering in your home.

SM: Oh yes!

LD: Oh yeah, I am really encouraging people to do that. Like you know, the cost of the Livestream is $100 which is about $5 an hour for face-time, plus all this other material you get. But then, if you invite like three or four of your friends that are on the same wavelength, you could have a ball! And you could do it in your pajamas! [Laughter] So…

SM: That’s true, for the lucky ones who have friends in the area that are on the same wavelength.

LD: Yes, yes. And if you’re in a place… because we are getting some registrations from really remote areas where you know there’s… not only are there not like-minded people around, there’s no-one around. But that also gives you a chance to feel like you are part of this community because the workshop is a gathering, that’s why we call it a gathering. It’s not just come, get the meditations, the activations… it’s a Family Gathering, it’s a Soul Family Gathering, so it’s another way that you can participate.

So if you go to the Council of Love website ( and click on ‘Lake Tahoe’, it’ll bring you to the Livestream. It’s also not too late to register and come in your full body [laughter] and experience the beauty of Tahoe. So that’s my blurb for the morning! Thank you.

SM: Alrightee. Well, I don’t have a plan to go, but I’m trusting that the resources will show up and I’ll be there because it’s just the best to be there in person with the energy. I mean, the Livestream is going to be wonderful, but right there in person with a whole bunch of people in the same room with the angels and everybody is just completely awesome.

LD: It’s phenomenal. There’s nothing like it.

SM: Alright. So, what do you think? Are we ready for a meditation?

LD: I am so ready for a meditation [laughter] because it is like the magnitude of what we are all doing right now is so significant that we need a meditation!

SM: We do!

LD: Some of you who are listening know about the 13th Octave and some of you don’t. You are thinking, “What the heck is the 13th Octave?” But I have been guided by Sanat Kumara that this morning we’re going to begin by all going to the 13th Octave. So what is the 13th Octave? It’s the Heart of God, it’s that state of being in connection, literally being anchored in your body, on Earth, and at the same time being fully and completely Home.

So how we do this, the mantra mudra is very simple. You put your hands together, fingertip to fingertip to fingertip, as if you are building a little bridge. Remember when you were a kid: ‘it’s here’s the church, here’s the steeple’? Well, it’s that. Your fingers are curved, each finger is touching, so five to five, and you click your tongue three times, and then a fourth time to be anchored upon Gaia and in your body. So I am going to very quickly walk you through this.

Begin and anchor in your heart. Relax. I can see you. Your jaw is tight, your shoulders are up round your ears. Relax your hips, your knees, your legs and feel yourself sink into your chair, the floor, the bed, wherever you are, and take a nice deep breath of gold. And it is the gold of Sanat Kumara, and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, and the gold of Yahweh. Feel the golden bubbles of joy and go into your heart, into the centre of your tri-flame with the blue diamond burning brightly on one side, and the yellow canary diamond burning brightly on the other, and your magnificent, divine pink diamond burning in the centre.

Now put your fingertips together, and just like you are making clippie-clop sounds when you were a kid, one click of the tongue – “click” – and feel your guides, your masters, come and guide you to your sacred temple where you are filled and honoured, cleansed and purified, and remember your gifts. “Click” – you are going down the stairs of the temple, guided by Yeshua, The Magdalena, being handed over to Archangel Gabrielle, and she is lifting you up, and you are going right up the center of the sacred, golden spiral.

Hear the angelic choruses, the Council of Love, singing your praises, your name. Fly free. “Click” – you are at the foot of the throne and Archangel Gabrielle is unfurling her wings and placing you directly into the heart of The Father. But there can be no division, no separation. So with that, He steps in to The Mother and you are unified, you are Love, Mother/Father/You are One. “Click” – and you are anchored at the same time in the beautiful, tender heart of Gaia. And you stay there.

When you feel frazzled, overwhelmed, need a boost, want to be reassured, feel connected, this is where you come. It’s where you belong, it’s Home.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

SK: And welcome to you, welcome to all of you my beloved friends, my beloved family of Gaia and far beyond. I welcome you this day as Planetary Logos, as your beloved Raj, as SK, you name it and I am there. But yes, I come to speak to you, not only my beloved, reliable, dependable lightworkers and love-holders, but I also come to speak to people of Earth and far beyond, for you know, your brothers and sisters of the Stars never miss one of these broadcasts. And they want the update as well.

There is a feeling on your part that everyone but you receives the latest news [laughter] and that is not always so. Perhaps they have received the outline but they also are eager, not so much to receive the information and detail, but the energy and the Love. And let me say this: That when your Star Family, who are very present with you at this time – yes, including those of Venus from whence I come.

It is not just me, or The Mother, or Yeshua, or St. Germaine that they are keying in to listen to. They are keying in, clicking in, dialing in to join with you, to be in this form of what you think of as unseen community. But that is very clear and very strong and certainly, seen above. And you will see and witness it below very shortly.

So how is the Plan for the Unfoldment of Gaia going in this time of magnificent, divine conjunction? You have this saying upon the planet, “Do you want the good news first or the bad news?” [Laughter] Yes, Suzanne, I am teasing you. There is only good news and good news.

SM: Oh good!

SK: It is this time of divine conjunction, and there have been references to it by many, not only we of the Council of Love who speak through this channel, but many who are pure channels and holy beings, sacred voices that we include in this family.

Now, you know that the divine conjunction is this intersection, conjunction, of The Mother’s Plan with the omni-verse, the universe, your solar system, your star brothers and sisters, the plan of Gaia, the plan of the kingdoms, and the plan of humanity themselves. Everything is in alignment.

Now you say “Well, is that not normal? Is this not something that occurs on a regular basis? Have we not, as yet, reached that point where it is in alignment?” Not to this degree. You have similar examples in terms of astrological alignments like the Grand Cross. Well, this is much more powerful than any astrological alignment, but it is to give you an idea.

Now, the entire purpose of existence, not merely for humanity but for all of us, is always to be in that divine alignment and conjunction, to always be in that straight line as it were, of being in the Love, in the heart, the mind, the will of One. But to tell you the truth, this agreement, soul agreement, and actual agreement, firm, physical, even in our realm which you would think of as physical alignment, does not occur that often. As you well know, there have been many glitches, many delays, and yes, we have heard all about it.

Now, as human beings, you have always the free will, you are in this realm of choice to veer, to turn away, turn left, turn right, away from this divine conjunction. We do not, would not – it would be contrary to Universal Law to hold you. But what we say to you, with great joy, is that you are not veering away. And you say, “But look at the chaos, SK, look at the brutality.”

And I want to talk about this, but let us also say, your heart conscious decision, the fact that you, our beloved pathfinders, wayshowers, pillars, gatekeepers, are not veering away. You are holding that energy of alignment, my sweet family, and you are doing so by the millions for the billions. This is not a minor achievement or task.

Now, many of you know this and you are experiencing it in different ways. Let me explain. The guidance from The Mother, and from many, has been to stand back, to hold the center, to be the observer, the observer of the desired outcome, to send the energy, but do not get involved in the quagmire. That guidance holds, and at the same time, to nurture and to cherish your beloved self as deeply, as joyously, as we love and nurture you. This is a whole new, deeper, broader, bigger expression of self-love, because if you are not loving yourself, how can you possibly love those billions, particularly when there are so many recalcitrant children acting out.

Now, as the channel has begun to say, as I have been talking to her, human beings… oh, you are quite good at multi-tasking but, dear hearts, you are learning a whole new level of multi-tasking. And I have heard your questions to Archangel Michael, “Michael, how can you be here taking care of me and making sure that three galaxies over is also at peace? How can you be in thousand places at once?” Well, he is, as am I, as are most of us. And now it is also your turn.

SM: Yes!

SK: So, you are used to actions, living, doing, observing, in sequence. You live in a sequential universe – or so you think. And so that is the reference of time; it is part of your sequential universe. But you also know – and I like to think I have been of some assistance, about learning how to jump time, stretch time, shrink time – it is the same with when you are multi-tasking.

So, for example, there is so much occurring – you are clearing for the collective… “No, I am not clearing for the collective, I am nurturing myself, I am learning to go deeper, I am learning to use Universal Law, I am learning the application of Universal Law. No, wait a minute, I am riding the waves of the Tsunami of Love, I am practicing clarity, I am the embodiment of grace.” It is a great deal! [Laughter] And then, there is the practicality of cooking food, washing your body and tending to the war in the Ukraine.

SM: Yes.

SK: It is not surprising that you feel this energy and the choice truly tends to be either in the bliss or the slight over-whelm. Now, we are talking about bringing this into balance today, but also realising it is not either/or. And so sometimes you feel that you are spinning, and you are spinning even faster than the spin of the planet because you are doing all of these things at once. It is not sequential. It is everything at once.

So when you are riding the wave, you are healing the billions. And when you are being the observer, you are practicing the Law. And when you are practicing the Law, you are sending out and being the transmitter of all the Divine Qualities. So do not take one fraction of your sequential time and worry or be concerned about what you are doing, whether you are doing enough, whether you are doing it correctly, or adequately, in proper measure, proper timing, because, dear hearts, as our sacred partners, as the anchors of Nova Earth for our beloved Gaia upon planet, for Ascension, for Shift, you are doing an amazing, phenomenal, excellent job. You need to hear this. You need to hear it, not merely in your ears but from my heart to your heart.

You are doing a phenomenal job, each of you, and you are influencing people, events, unfoldments, far beyond that which you can even potentially imagine. The number of variables, not only that we are putting into place, but that you are putting into place and influencing, is beyond computer knowledge on your planet. And some of your computers are exceptionally sophisticated, but they are not as sophisticated as your heart and spirit. You are wondrous.

Now, about this unfoldment, you have had in the past few days some surprises, big snowstorms in the north of North America, and people are shaking their heads and saying “What is going on?” I want you to use this vision of a massive snowstorm because yes, dear hearts, you are in the middle of the ‘perfect storm’. Gaia is not. But think of it this way: what we want, what The Mother wants, is for one of those very sophisticated, high-speed snowploughs to just run along your highways, run along the golden grid, and clear the energy. That is what we are working on – and I might say that we are doing a pretty good job as well!

Now, that is what we would like all the human beings to be doing. Now are they? No! No, they are not. Some are on the snowplough, some are on a skidoo, some have those old-fashioned snowploughs that they do their driveways at home, some have a tiny children’s shovel that children play with at the beach. It doesn’t matter. Even if they are merely using their hands to lift up the snow and lick it, or to make a snowball, it doesn’t matter because there are many ways to get through the snowstorm, what people perceive in moments as obstacles.

You can burrow through the snow, you can melt the snow, you can make a snow-fort and create a sacred space, you can make snowballs and play, you can make angels in the snow – the point is is to work with the snow, work with the obstacles but do not see it as something that has to be immediately conquered. It is simply something that has fallen in your path.

If it is 12 inches of snow, yes it is heavy. But think of it, an individual snowflake is as light as air and it is as unique and as beautiful as each of you in your soul design, and as beautiful as each of us in our unique soul design. So even the obstacles, what you think of as delays, “Oh no, we are snowed in.” Do not look at it this way. Look at it and say, “How do I choose to deal with this? Am I going to play with it, am I going to hunker down and start shovelling, am I going to purchase one of those snowploughs?” There is no right or wrong answer. It is merely accepting and then adjusting, not because there is a patent answer, but what you choose to do.

Now, in that choice, knowing that you are doing 22,000 other things simultaneously, look at the scales, these wonderful golden scales that I have given you – well, literally eons ago, but that I have reminded you of in terms of our conversations around Universal Law. When you are making your decisions, your choices, out of time and out of sequence, look at your scales and see what brings the scales into balance. And what is the balance? It is the feeling of peace and harmony in your heart.

I wish to make a very private aside. When Archangel Michael puts peace into your heart – and you know to whom I am speaking – then it is there for activation and the taking, so simply do so. Look at your scales. You do not need to simply restrict yourself to the gifts that I have brought forth, and it does not need to be divine gifts, but if there is a feeling of heaviness on one side of the scale – maybe it is because you are also, simultaneously, eliminating or working on your core issue, your key motivator – what do you put on the other side of the scale that you can remain as the observer, in the joy, nurturing yourself?

So, perhaps it is the Keys to Heaven, perhaps it is simply a good night’s sleep and a good meal. Perhaps it is having a heart-to-heart conversation with your mother or a friend or your beloved sacred partner. Perhaps it is just having a good cry. Perhaps it is wrapping yourself in The Mother’s cloak of blue and allowing yourself to be swaddled like a wee baby. Perhaps it is taking my pink gold and lighting up your environment.

Put whatever is required for you to have that sense of peace and harmony on the scales while you are doing all your other activities, because you have need to do them from this place of being the observer, moving into action – and we are going to talk about that, but be the observer, nurturing yourself, because you cannot do, shall we say, the most powerful action, if you are not coming from this place.

Now, before I go any further, dear heart, do you have questions of me?

SM: Well, it’s almost more like a statement because you’ve sort of addressed it. And I was going to ask if it would be accurate to say that there’s less of me, or what I would call my awareness that dwells here in this dimension, presumably somewhere in the 4th, resulting in a sort of memory loss? Like I’ve had conversations that I don’t even remember and it feels like I’m on autopilot to do most of the daily requirements for life as we know it. So I do look forward to having full awareness restored at some point. Can you offer any idea of what needs to take place before that happens?

SK: You are learning, and anchoring, what it is to be multi-dimensional. Now, when we have said you are doing and organising many variables, many events, many people, many things that you are not aware of…

SM: Right,

SK: … that also falls into the category of “I am doing things in what you would call ‘physical reality’ that I also am not aware of.” Now, dear heart, and I am not teasing you – well, I am actually! Who wants to remember cleaning the bathroom?

SM: Oh, not me!

SK: Exactly! Now, but in the every day – and that is why we mention having a good night’s sleep, having a good meal, the joy of preparation, of doing it either in silence by yourself and appreciating the colors, the textures of the food that you prepare, the scent, the smell – so everything has a joy attached to it, yes, even a clean lavatory. But, what you are going to find, because you are learning now, and it is very rapidly learning, to be out of that sequential universe, that construct within which you have been operating.

So what is happening is your awareness, conscious, unconscious, subconscious, and what we would call spiritual heart consciousness, is expanding. So it is as if the floodgates are truly opening and in that, because there is such a breadth, there are things that you will not recall because you have not brought the wholeness of your attention, either to that action or to that conversation, because there was a larger part of you elsewhere doing something that you deemed more important.

SM: Right.

SK: Now, is this a permanent state of affairs? No.

SM: Oh good.

SK: The memory will become sharper. But I must tell you, there are times when beings have said to me “Well, Sanat Kumara, do you not remember we had this conversation, it was about 1,000 years ago on CeeCeeCee?” [Laughter] And I must tell you, dear heart, I haven’t the foggiest. Now, as they remind me, it comes back. I do remember the imprint of the being that is speaking to me, their lustrous beauty, and to me that’s all that counts, unless it was actually anchoring a new planet, or anchoring a higher state of being. Sometimes, the details do escape you.

SM: Yes.

SK: Have you ever found yourself doing something and it is done by rote? You do not think, “Well, now I am going to make a cake. Oh, I am going to get the flour. Oh, I am going to use this much flour. Oh, I am going to add an egg.” because it becomes ‘rote’. So you do it perfectly without thinking about it. And more and more, that is what a lot of your actions are going to feel like.

But, and yes, there is a ‘but’, when you are taking action – so in a way I am contradicting myself… I will point it out before you do, sweet angel… when you are taking an action, is it in accordance with Universal Law? Now, there are things that you will do that are automatic because of who you are, your heart, your energy, your commitment, your love, are absolutely in accordance with Universal Law.

But I want to bring to your attention: You have done – and I mean all of you – have done a tremendous job in anchoring the understanding, the basics as it were – and there’s nothing basic about it – of Universal Law. And I hear you, but it is often after the fact. So, for example, you will say, “Oh yes, that’s ‘As Above, So Below’. Oh yes, that’s ‘Give and Receive’. Oh yes, that’s the ‘Law of Change’ at work.” So you have become very adept and astute at identifying and knowing the Law.

What I encourage thee to begin to more actively implement, because this is directly tied to doing so many things at once, in and out of time, and this is the rapid unfoldment of the Plan of Gaia which is going swimmingly, but it is consciously directing your actions – and when I say ‘actions’, I mean thoughts, words, conversations, everything you do – and reference it, or invoke one of the Laws, two of the Laws, three of the Laws.

So, you know – let us use some practical examples. You are about to have a conversation. It can be a difficult conversation with someone that you know is not behaving in accordance, not with your expectations but with their highest self, with their mission and path. Or you are having a conversation with your dearly beloved and you wanted to express the fullness of your heart, of how much you love and cherish and care about them. It does not take but a moment before you start that conversation.

For example, call upon the Universal Law of Intent, that you are flowing the alignment of that Law of Intent to be made manifest in the conversation, including your Soul Conversations with the people of Somalia, with ISIS, with the discordant energies in the Ukraine, Russia, the United States, everywhere.

So when you are cooking supper, you invoke, as you begin, you invoke the Law of Give and Receive so you are receiving all the blessings, all the codes. Everything in Creation is codes, dear heart. Yes and the core code is Love, but there are many combinations and permutations of those codes. So, into the food – you think of it as programming water; it is a variation on this – into you, first you receive all the blessings from Gaia, from the elementals, from the food itself, and the Love is flowing in. So if something has been sitting on the shelf for a day or two, it is reactivated to its full potential.

So then you are working and the joy of creating that meal is a million-fold greater. And then when you give the food, whether it is to yourself, to your family, to your dog, it is a gift, and the energy, because it is in alignment with this Law that you have invoked at the beginning, so then you are receiving, you are giving, and then you are receiving, then you are giving gratitude, then you are receiving back our gratitude – it is an infinity flow.

So what I am asking of each of you is to begin to more actively, as you take what you can consider even the most mundane actions, to be choosing in that moment of beginning, including the beginning of your day and the beginning of your sleep night, invoke the Law. “So I am going to sleep and tonight I am transmuting everything inside of me that is not of harmony and balance. I am letting it simply be transmuted as I sleep. I invoke this Law.”

Or I invoke the Law of Elimination, which is a tricky one as you know, and I am always with you. But, let us say, “This morning I wake up, I invoke the Law of Elimination that anything within my realm, and therefore upon the planet of entire Gaia, is eliminated. There is no struggle. There is no need, there is no want. There is simply ecstasy, bliss, harmony, balance.”

So it is the next step. You have done very well with the Laws. I am just an eager teacher and this is what is anchoring Nova Earth and the true anchoring of Gaia. She is already very firmly in the 7th. Yes, she hovers down because she is not going to shrug you off. But you, bright angels, are also… The old 3rd is gone, the new 3rd, the revived 3rd is actually quite bright and shiny.

The other thing I wish to mention – and I know I have spoken and spoken this day – is the Law of Within and Without, and this is critical in terms of anchoring Gaia and yourselves through the Ascension portals, on planet, through the Shift, through the Tsunami, through the million things you are doing. When you are working on the global issues – because you are global citizens… you are actually Universal Citizens; that Shift took place about three months ago… work in your ‘without’.

Now, many of you do not fully understand what I mean. Think of it – it is the Law of Within and Without, your within, those scales are perfectly balanced, then you reach outside your Seal of Solomon, outside your bubble of protection, and you work on the chaos outside of your sphere in the without. Employ the energies and the help of your Stranger as well, but do not bring that chaos within. Invoke the Within and Without Law and do it that way. That is vitally important.

Do you have questions for me?

SM: Well, one more question would be the human collective. I mean, Gaia is firmly anchored in the 7th. Is there a range where the human collective is in terms of dimensionality?

SK: Most of you are in the 5th; many of you who listen this day are in the 7th. You are in the Love, you are in the Christ Consciousness. You just haven’t fully awakened to it yet but you are there. Think of it this way. So often you look in the mirror, you go on a diet, you start eating sensibly, you are exercising, and you don’t notice any difference until one day, oh a month or two later, you look in the mirror and you say, “Oh, I look different, I look fabulous.” That is what is occurring. So look in the mirror, beloved ones, and see just how much you have changed because, sweet angels, you are fabulous. And claim, please, claim your 7th dimensional body.

SM: Yes. You know, I’ve been working on that and one thing that I want to comment on is that because of the potential for overwhelm, in my meditations now I’ve been very simple, and whenever I come across a discordant feeling or thought in my day, I’m just going to my default of being light, just being this diamond, amazing, shining light, and that’s my complete focus. I’m not engaged in any detail or anything specific about where that goes. It’s just been better for me to simplify because there’s so much going on.

SK: That is exactly right. And that is your method of the balance, of the harmony, of the joy.

SM: Alright.

SK: That is all we want. More joy.

SM: More joy. Fabulous.

SK: So go and play in that snowstorm.

SM: Well, I was thinking that I was just going to melt the snow with my dragon fire but whatever works!

SK: And with the torch of St. Germaine!

SM: Yes, that’s right. So, have you got any closing comments? And thank you so much for joining us and giving us all this information and encouragement.

SK: My beloved family, I am honoured to be Planetary Logos. But why? Of course, because I serve The Mother/The Father/The One, but it is also because I serve, I walk, I work, I play and I Love with you, with each of you. You are my joy, you are my gift, and I am so proud of you. Go with my Love.

SM: Thank you.

SK: Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-09-14
© 2014 Council of Love

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