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13 JAN 2018 ~ THE YEAR OF EMERGING SOVEREIGNTY – Shelley Young @ Trinity Esoterics

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Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be connecting with you today. We wish to take a moment to offer our deepest congratulations on how remarkably you have moved forward through the energies of 2017 onto the new platform on which you stand today. It has been no small feat, and not only do we wish for you to acknowledge all you have done, we also wish for you to trust in all you have achieved.

In order to fully understand the energies of 2018, it is helpful to look back on 2017 and understand how important it was on many levels. It was an intense year, filled with tremendous releasing, healing, personal discovery (often coming through the clarity of what is energetically expired and no longer wanted in your life), and completion.

While you were continuing your roles of pioneers on the planet, many of you felt like you were wading through quick sand in all your efforts. Along with massive downloads of transformational energies coming from the universe and being bombarded by the throes of unsupported 3D energy and the discomfort that created in the collective, it has been a challenging time, to be sure.

But here you are, on the dawn of a new day, ready to look forward and create like never before. How we love your resiliency, your commitment, your courage!

What many of you do not realize is the profound shift of phase that occurred during 2017. As the pioneers of the great shift of consciousness, many of you are having what is like two distinct lifetimes in one. The first phase, which was from your birth until around the time of total eclipse in August 2017, was for most of you, a very intense phase, filled with many things on your soul agenda, as well as service contracts.

You knew the ascension could very well happen this time around so you were deeply committed to your mission, as many of you have had other life experiences where the ascension was attempted and was not successful. As high vibrational souls, the density of earth was very difficult to be in, yet here you were, with your caring and loving hearts, committed to change and transformation.

You also packed a lot into this incarnation, many of you experiencing abuse and injustice, judgment, control, abandonment, neglect, and not being seen or honoured in your truth. This suffering created a great compassion and empathy within yourselves, as well as kept your energetic sensitivities high, which would serve you well in your future roles.

You have been busy releasing old soul contracts, doing soul retrievals, balancing personal karma, healing, forgiving, and moving tremendous amounts of energy, all the while holding a higher vibrational stamp that meant you were in service through your energetics the whole time. You had very long to-do lists for this phase of your lifetime that you took very seriously. This is why so many of you have been so diligent, so serious, always wanting to make sure you are doing enough, that you aren’t missing anything, always looking for guidance on what you should be doing next.

As this first phase of your incarnation was coming to a close in 2017, many of you were experiencing the life reviews you would normally experience after you had transitioned from the body and returned Home. Because the shift is now energetically secured, you are transitioning from the first lifetime, but instead of going Home, you are choosing to stay in the body in order to continue to anchor and support the ascension process while on the planet, in a sense wanting to experience the fruits of your labour first hand.

It has been the life review that you have been doing this year that has made it particularly intense, revisiting many old unhealed issues from your past in your desire to heal and release them once and for all. This explains why many old memories have come up for you along with themes that you thought you had already addressed. Everything gets reviewed before a soul moves on to its next great adventure.

You tend to move backwards through this process, from your now moment back through time to your birth, so many of you were revisiting old early childhood conditioning and wounds that were waiting to be healed. You may have also found yourself going into pastlife expressions to heal continuing themes.

A great many of you have found connecting to your wounded inner child and becoming your own loving parent, guide, and best friend particularly healing. If you have not quite completed this process, please take the time to explore this opportunity for healing. It is through embracing and honouring your inner child you will find the seriousness lifting and start infusing greater fun and presence in your lives.

Releasing the old conditioning that has been present through this and past lifetimes also has been incredibly pertinent because it is the letting go of the martyred service contracts that will give you the opportunity to create joyful service as you move forward in new and empowered ways.

So, the old phase has been completed and many of you have been trying to get your bearings. As you continue to move forward, it will start to feel very much like your life pre-2018 is much like a past life.
Through your clarity, you get to choose what you wish to carry forward with you and what you wish to leave behind.

For many of you there has been an in between phase of knowing one stage has completed and trying to feel into how to move forward in new and empowered ways. You are shifting from the doing phase to the being phase, from initiate to actuate.

You are, in many cases, letting go of old forms of service and don’t know what the new ones are yet. You are acutely aware of what is expired but do not quite know what is replacing the old. It is a huge shift to let go of the need to do in order to be worthy, into the idea that simply being is indeed service and more than enough. That is the gift of 2018 and your emerging sovereignty!

“What should I do?” is being powerfully replaced with, “What will bring me joy? What do I wish to create?” and “How do I wish to express myself?” There will be less pressure to get everything right as you settle into honouring the power of experience. You understand that even if you try something and don’t like it, it adds to your expansion and gives you more clarity on what is the energetic match to you. You can always count on your ever expanding wisdom to lead the way.

You also understand that your expansion also adds to the expansion of the universe. You are finally becoming comfortable with being the expert on you, and giving yourself permission to shine brightly in your truth, understanding that is your greatest contribution and that your uniqueness adds immeasurably to the whole. You also understand that you are the only expert on you, and that following your heart is the way to your highest expression. This is profound self acceptance which is essential for moving forward and embracing your sovereignty.

You will shift from powerlessly hoping things will be better to choosing what you wish to create as a fully capable director of your own life expression. Stepping into your sovereignty is finally accepting your rightful place as an integral and honoured part of the whole. You will accept your innate worthiness as a beloved part of Source energy and as a part of that whole fully embrace your capabilities and access to all that is. It is embracing your wholeness that has always been there all along.

You have no interest in being rescued, or feeling like you need to rescue others, because you see and honour the divine capability in yourself and others. This is not to say that you will not continue to lovingly and compassionately help others. Through your surrender you will move willingly with the flow of highest service. You will simply always choose to help in ways that empower everyone. You will also completely accept and honour others when they do not wish to change, as well, understanding their soul knows exactly what it is doing. The shift from fixing to allowing and stepping forward in loving assistance when asked, is a huge one, and supports the empowerment of all.

You will be spending more time in the present as you step into the fresh energies of 2018 because you will understand that the past is wrapped up and the future is awaiting your creation. Due to your clarity and the higher vibrational energies, you will find your relationship with time changing tremendously, and will also be experiencing much more instant manifestation. You will also be getting more comfortable with the idea that manifesting is an ongoing process that has its own unfoldment that you can tweak and adjust as you go.

Because you are moving from one phase to another, you will find 2018 holds much more movement than previous years. You have untethered yourself from the past, and those old contracts which will allow the shifting of service, moving into different locations, and also new relationships in the form of higher vibrational friendships and higher dimensional relationships.

A great many human beings enter periods of solitude before they move into a higher vibrational love relationship. They will instinctively give themselves a time out, if you will, to release traditional 3D relationships and the templates of conditional love. This phase has been deep preparation for a completely different type of love experience, and many will be ready to move into higher vibrational relationships in the coming years. You are ready for great depth and a deeper knowing of oneself. You are yearning for the experiences of unconditional love and acceptance, both to give and receive, as another facet of your emerging sovereignty.

As you embrace your authentic power and truth, you will come more and more to both trust yourself, and the unending supports of the universe available to you as a part of the divine whole. You will start to see that through the operating system of surrender, faith, flow, and trust, you can experience yourself as a beloved part of Source energy. The deepening of your faith and trust will allow you to move confidently into creating in the energies beyond what you see, into greater experiences, matches and opportunities than you ever could have imagined in your wildest dreams. You fully embrace being part of a team, you as part of the ground crew, and your divine helpers who are overjoyed to help you in your creations.

Your unshakeable faith and trust in the universe, and in yourself, will help you anchor the energies of acceptance and allowing, which always leads to peace and unconditional love. You will be able to be and navigate through surrender and flow, continuing to expand and grow and self express in beautiful ways. It is embracing your wholeness that has always been there all along. Rather than looking for things to fix, you are secure in the fact that if something needs to be addressed it will be brought into your awareness, you will tend to whatever is required, and then you will get back into flowing and creating. Further, you will be able to embrace your ability to create much more fully because you know your previous experiences have given you the wisdom, compassion, and mindfulness that will ensure you use your power appropriately.

Power – what it is, what it isn’t, and how it should be used, will continue to be a global theme through 2018. There is much churning up of power issues, and the examination of this pivotal theme will start to bring forth much clarity. Those in their emerging sovereignty will anchor the energies and be beautiful teachers by example of what empowerment looks like and how it can serve the whole. Those who have not yet discovered their innate power will finally be ready to leave powerlessness behind and start to explore the many facets of empowerment. There is great potential for healing power issues collectively, which is essential for creating peace on your planet.

What glorious times you are in, Dear Ones! You will see much movement, both within yourselves and in others. Due to the wonderful paths you have paved, the next wave of awakening will have your examples to learn by and to follow, and because of this they will move forward much faster than was ever possible before. These are the souls that will willingly and excitedly step forward to fill the old service positions you may have vacated, in their next highest expression of self.

This is a time for you to continue to expand in your divine truth but to also enjoy the results of the work you have done, forever loving, contributing, expanding, and evolving, in new and much more joyous ways, as a pivotal part of the greatest time of humanity. We continue to be amazed by all you have done, and cannot wait to see what you will create in this new, unprecedented stage you are entering. And with that we will bid you adieu. It has been our great pleasure.

~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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“Arrival” Has Already Occurred; First Contact Will be Different than Many Perceive, New Supportive Video – Lisa Transcendence Brown


“Arrival” Has Already Occurred; First Contact Will be Different than Many Perceive, New Supportive Video


As with the Ascension of Earth to Open the Portals to NEW Earth for us all in 2012, we are in a pivotal shift of consciousness again. In 2015, the Galactic Core Opened up and the Rainbow Bridge completed for inner-galactic travel to go wide-open too, opening up the ability for us to connect in the physical here. Now, this HUGE GATEWAY opens new portals/passageways again. It’s time to refocus our beliefs/mentalities to LOOK UP and then go inward then look out/around, at each other to truly SEE….

Ground Crew first, then other alternative timelines can open up….. ​

This article is long, yet it’s important that it be delivered in it’s entirety, with more articles (which are also activations) to follow to supplement these Passageways/Gateways we are now in…. Additional notes will be posted at the conclusion and I’ve combined the December 1st Video as well. Happy Activating! ♥

WE walk amongst you for a very long time now

Your openness or fear/disbelief dictate your own awareness of this

We’ve made ourselves visible

Opened up opportUNITY for all to Unite AS LOVE

You must set aside your differences and limited beliefs of being saved

To realize the only thing holding you back from “here with us” is you


When you actually open up to fully embrace “The Ground Crew”, Forerunners and Embodiers


Who have been here all along

Then you’ll embrace who you also truly are

Until you’ve acknowledged the existence of all of us already here

What makes you “think” we’d want to make contact any other way?

If you cannot accept, support and truly come together with us already here now

What shows us that you are ready for anything else?

You have to achieve the vibration to inner-act as LOVE

You have to SHOW US that you are already ready BEFORE

You have to RESPECT and work together as LOVE

You have to be PURE with your intentions, actions, agendas, energy, things and words

You basically have to PROVE YOURSELVES

That YOU are READY for US


Our Plasma bodies are different than your human ones

Our Hybrid Bodies operate differently, totally energetically, which powers our Light Bodies/form

Our nervous system, our vibration, our energy, requires to always/constantly be pristinely tuned

Humans in carbon-based bodies operate at a much different vibration

With linear constructs held within their cellular body and “backwards” spinning fields

That pull, push, intrude, resist and impose and drain

Because they don’t yet Embody their own Source Light Power and use “others” for this

Whether they are conscious or not, it does not matter, as it’s a transmission on a cellular level

Emanating out from their vibrational field

This creates huge and continual small distortions within the Unified Field

These distortions, while tolerable for a short period of “time”

are not tolerable for long periods

with our plasma crystalline lightbodies that we “travel/live in” here

Our fully alive and constantly communicating bodies process light intelligence as we breathe

And power our individual Star-Light Ships and Star Gate Systems

As each is a commander of their own Ship here

Our BEing connects us with all as LOVE

Which means that we are always aware and in-tune

and it is Cosmically required that exercise our responsibility to choose what to allow in our fields


Longer Interaction can only be with those holding the highest vibration with ALL of their BODIES


Operating as PURE SOURCE LIGHT too

As Pure Divine Essence Love, as a Way of BEing

Holding the Field of Super Consciousness in place

Operating from Zero Point where all is birthed

through Divine Presence, Intentional Creation and the Purity of Deep Sacred SOUL LOVE

When we are in the presence of humans, this takes all of our energy to maintain

When we are in the presence of other Pure Light BEings contributing their high energy too

It is not only easy, it’s inJOYable, inspiring and so much fun!

It’s a Galactic Soul Family RE-Union in the physical here!


Our Re-Unions require y/our total presence, total purity of your own SOUL, total respect and integrity as LOVE

WE are vibrating all around you

Walking amongst you, silent and pure

and transmitting light encodements to activate your higher dimensional aspects too

We need not engage you, in the store, on the street, at work or social events/gatherings, at home

Unless there is beneficial purpose for all

Our Activated Field will activate your dormant codes just through coded field connections

An actual exchange is not necessary, unless it’s in Divine alignment to occur


Now, when you vibrationally “see” a SHIP

It is to awaken your human aspect and to prepare you

To activate your higher dimensional codes

To further your cleansing and evolutionary process along

So that your Galactic Soul Aspect can emerge fully too

You will begin to see more ships and Lights in the sky

Anomolies and unexplainable “events” to your human aspect

If you notice, the stars, planets, moon and other “space aspects” are changing/moving too

As you are not in the same galaxy that you were before

You are and you are not

As they are all merging into ONE

Collapsing the “distance” and the separation that once was

In addition to each now seeing projections differently than before

As the veils are lifted and more becomes visible vibrationally, moreso ever than before


You will be activated to our “already” presence more

Yet as long as you see us as “outsiders” (separate) or something to save you or fix anything

Your vibration is still out of tune

You must connect with US as a Beautiful Divine part of you

An aspect forgotten, disconnected from or “lost”

When you “fell” vibrationally to enter human form and the unconscious realms of amnesia

All by Soul Choice too

As you BECOME a PURE Galactic,

By transversing the depths of the Galactic Core from deep within you

Access is by way of the Embodiment of your own Soul and all aspects awakened here

You will REMEMBER FULLY again

This process will bring you “closer” to “contact”

Which can only be momentary until you hold the vibration to actually inner-act in the physical realm

As Earth Ship Gaia (Terra Nova) continues to raise her frequency

Which is substantially on a daily basis now

As the atmospheres of all galaxies merge into this physical one

You will start to experience more of this until full access (inner veils dissolving) has been restored


Focus on your entire vibration

Get your vibration up, no matter what it takes and keep it there

Allow any unconscious programs to surface for you to recognize and choose to simply clear

Anywhere you still have ego/separation, this will inhibit your ability to vibrate at your Galactic Vibration

So it’s up to you to recognize this and dissolve it yourself

Deconstruct your illusory realities and re-build them

By using your embedded Universal Codes of Love that’s encoded in your Star BEing DNA


Everytime you see a ship, get excited

and then look all around, see your DNA activating this within you and everyone you meet

Not up, but around

This alone will raise your awareness and vibration in order to be able to SEE

If you’re looking as love and excited, then you are open and ready

For Uniting in the physical realm/plane is necessary first


Look “past” (beyond) the physical form that your human can only see

Connect energetically with our LIGHT ESSENCE in order to FEEL us and KNOW US again

We are only visible BEYOND what your limited, judgmental, mis-perceiving human ego-mind can understand

You will recognize us by our ENERGY SIGNATURES and Christed Light Encodements transmitted

and RECEIVED when your heart/mind/energy are all fully open to this

Your Openness vibrates YOU INTO OUR REALITY

Not the other way around (as it is often perceived)

We are already HERE, all around you

We’ve been waiting for you to arrive vibrationally for eons….

For you to be ready, for you to achieve the vibration

For our Unified Galactic Existence Here


HERE is Unity, Love, Respect, Consideration, Harmony, Kindness, Supportive, Caring & Sharing

On a level that your human aspect did not have the capability for before

Here is the frequency of HOME

Once you FEEL it and recognize it, you’ll settle for nothing less anymore


All of those human programs must be cleansed from your cellular body and template

In order for you to achieve vibrationally the frequency to “dial” these coordinates to “arrive” here

You too, as Hybrid, a Galactic Soul in a HUman body form

must see beyond the limits of your fixed linear constructs and human ego mind


You must return to Purity and Love as THE WAY you live your whole life

You must be kind, respectful and actually care enough to be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your highest vibrational existence in order to “get” here

You have always been the one who held the way to re-connect in the physical here

You just were not fully able to access it before

Because of the walls/barriers you built around your heart

and by allowing your human-ego-mind to maintain control


The “new” Key-codes/Star-Codes have been delivered to be activated by each one of you

As you are ready to awaken fully by transcending your entire Ego/Separation/human experience

In order to return to your highest state of consciousness through unification fully from within


You are the ONE that activates these codes from within you

by expanding your consciousness from deep within you OUT to activate them in your field

You are the ONE that must HOLD the highest state of consciousness at all times

and allow them to embed into your body template, your organs, your bones, your muscles

So that your DNA/RNA can re-code (and your genetics too)


To return your bodies to PURITY

Through the integration of these Star Light Codes and new geometrics made available to you

You are the ONE that must PROVE to US that you are READY and capable to maintain full consciousness in every interaction and situation now


WE are not in a hurry to engage your unconscious human race

There is no joy or purpose in this

(Other than to awaken, activate and create awareness beyond what human’s can perceive)

Because every time WE do, you SHOW US that you hold conditions and limits within you still

Every time we ENGAGE YOU, something happens to show us how unconscious you still are

Where you still think of yourself first (root chakra, self-preservation/survival/protection mode)

Where you do not yet LOVE and step-up fully to SERVE HUmanity

Where you are not ready to support, come together, follow through and share

Where you only show up when you want something

Instead of actually OFFERING (Contributing) on a Soul Level

Which is an OPPOSITE energy flow/spin of human-ego-ways.



We open a portal of opportUNITY, then just wait and observe

Your human aspect does not need much rope to hang yourselves

It’s quite interesting and perplexing at how you keep repeating cycles over and over again

We can Open a Portal of OpportUNITY for you to step through in order to be a part

of our Galactic Civilizations that already exist

Yet where you are still human and have doubts/fears/don’t trust

You won’t step through the portal or complete the initiatory passageway

You’ll “go back” to the perceived safe or easy way, not realizing it’s not technically safe or easy

It’s just a “longer route” through the SEPARATION OF TIME, where you are allowed this choice still

There are more lessons for you to learn (experiences to teach your human) if you take this route

It doesn’t matter to us which path you take

As your arrival is imminent, eventually

For us, time does not exist, as all is vibrational here

You’ll “arrive” when you’ve achieved the vibration

This is how all works here

We are busy fulfilling highest purposes, missions and roles through Unity-Love-Consciousness here


You INITIATE through your “Every Moment” Experiences, actions, energy and non-actions too

You, as a human, do not understand that EVERYTHING IS AN INITIATION

until you have fully completed each process for full Embodiment here


For your entire everything must vibrate at the absolute highest & purest Frequencies

of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS LOVE in order to exist fully here

You have to step-up and be ready ALL OF THE TIME

Not just those fleeting moments when your human is in a state of want or need

Your INITIATION IS THROUGH BEING Unity-Love-Consciousness and your Effort you put forth here

Through your EVERY BREATH, words and actions

Your entire existence dedicated to this

All that you have and are – COMMITTED to ALL OF OUR Highest Dimensional Existence here


We’ve been “testing” interaction for years

Opening portals of opportUNITY for you to embrace

Where your human still has conditions/limits/fears still

You are not ready VIBRATIONALLY for a mutual exchange

We observe you separate off inside to “go unconscious”, allowing your ego-mind to re-enter back in

We observe you try to “think” as a human again,

instead of opening your heart more to connect on a deeper level to trust what you already know


Which closes the portals giving you access to step over into a new reality easily

and activating a different path/parallel reality to experience to work through that unconscious energy you still hold inside

Telepathically we observe your thoughts, your emotions, your energy

Through an electromagnetic field that connects us all

The confusing signals you send out of what’s going on inside of you

And where you let fear/hesitation dictate, instead of JUMPING as LOVE at EASY

Your Energy Speaks FOR YOU

You need not say a word

Your actions do too, when you do not show up, come through on your end, this speaks loudly

As distortions scream through photonic light and are visible to us, yet not always you


We exist on a vibrational plane with the ability to vibrate in and out of your reality in many ways

Physically for short periods, in your sleep state (where your human mind is not in control) and our consciousness can interact with greater ease) and your waking state energetically through holographic field access as well

Your perception of “who we are” is still distorted in many ways

For many of you, your fears and old beliefs/mentalities/stories inner-fear for you still

As you clear these distorted programs from within you

You will realize we are already here


You will then be able to TUNE YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS to a vibration that allows you to see us and be able to inner-act too

You will also realize that your highest vibration AT ALL TIMES IS REQUIRED

And until you can HOLD THIS AS YOUR NEW WAY of BEING, you’ll contract back down to see what’s not vibrationally aligned in order to align all yourself


You will come to realize how you are totally responsible for absolutely everything you are creating and allowing to occur

How ZERO POINT works in conjunction with all existences here

How all that you “bring forth” re-creates and that in order to exist in these ULTIMATE HIGHEST TIMELINES NOW AVAILABLE TO ALL

You must resolve/dissolve all into love in every moment and start every moment anew


At first, these interactions will be short periods to activate your Higher Dimensional Galactic Encodements and allow you to fully acclimate to

Each interaction will activate your next level of cleansing, deep template wiping on a cellular level for new/re-generation to occur

All that you hold onto will “inhibit” your ability to remain in these higher vibrational realities for very long

It might be a few moments, a day, a week, a month or longer, yet each “time” will shorten in duration that all is not able to fully synchronize with highest existence now


As you fully align on a SOUL Level, you create a whole new foundation that is PURE

This foundation will hold fast, as you build the infrastructure of your new realities and base your entire realities on this

These new realities span all dimensions and timelines infinitely

And provide the “security” you seek

Your Security is not through fixed anything


Your access to INFINITE everything becomes available to you

as you prove yourself on a Universal and Galactic Level

that you are not going to “go human” anymore

Momentarily, sure, while you intentionally clear and old unconscious program that presents

Yet you don’t let this sway you or “knock you off” as you once did before

Because you finally understand HOW REALITIES are formed/take shape/materialize

And how vibrational realities work. 🙂


As a multi-dimensional, continual expansion and contraction are a part of the process here

Your human aspect won’t understand this, because it cannot accept how this process works yet

These periods last as long as you hold any unconsciousness programming/separation inside still

You vibrate in and out, to and from, continually, being able to remain longer each time you resolve all back into love and choose a higher timeline of existence and do the necessary “work” to anchor it in

Your carbon based bodies are bound to a lower dimensional timeline

You must focus on your vibration and the EMBODIMENT OF YOUR OWN LIGHT in order to evolve your DNA/RNA/Genetics, which means much physical re-configuration will constantly need to occur

You must support this process and your body in every NATURAL WAY that you can

It must be your priority, not a hindsight that occurs when you have no other choice left

Your body is your vessel, the container, your Space Suit and your Light Ship builds around this (in your field)

You will have continual “tuning” and “re-calibration” periods where you cannot “do” anything

Other than honor what your body tells you it needs (sleep, food, nature, rest, fun, alone time, to work in-service, etc.)

for the integration of massive amounts of photonic light and acclimating to these immense plasma and crystalline frequencies take everything we’ve got until the integration/re-coding process is complete

This is not done on your human’s “time schedule” and when it is convenient for you

This is done on a Universal schedule, aligning with planets, solar activity, moon cycles and more


You will achieve the ability to operate on/AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT

Where your light activates and supports all in your field naturally and organically

Where YOU are the ONE that holds the UNIFIED field in place

So if you are the only one, you will have to limit your exposure and rebuild your energy on a regular basis in order to maintain/sustain enough light to POWER THE WHOLE SHIP for all

Until “they” are ready to fully “come on-board”, you will have to choose when enough is enough


Too much exposure to lower/denser vibrations/slower/backwards spins, and your field slows, affecting your reality, where you have to overcompensate and maintain more balance from within you. You can do this for short periods, until each passageway is completed and that timeline either solidifies in or dissolves. Where others are contributing, stepping up, offering, supporting, pulling the weight, this is easy and all receive appropriately too

Where there is an imbalance, then this must be “corrected” by all or the one whose field “they are using” to hitch a ride on…. get my point?


You will move between processes, from being a GENERATOR, to a transmitter, to a receiver, then all simultaneously at once. You will activate multiple dimensional aspects of yourself and master each one as love too. Each has a different reality. See how busy you are? You don’t have “time” for frivolous nonsense, chaos or drama here. 🙂 And if you didn’t know it, everything human-ego is frivolous nonsense technically, as there is a higher aspect of you that does not engage/entertain this. Your entire reality does depend on you. You will “act” all of these energies out until you are done and ready to move on/shift into a higher vibrational timeline here.


Your Galactic NEW Earth Existence means learning all new ways

Your body serving new purposes than it did before,

as a linear “sleeping” human functioning from separation ego space

Your body is mutating, changing, shape-shifting inside, if you will,

re-configuring itself constantly to be able to handle much higher dimensional existence

Your DNA constantly re-coding

Your body goes through a lot

Your human mis-identifies and mis-construes everything,

trying to fit all in old linear boxes, using old mentalities and beliefs,

because what is really true is beyond limited, fix-mentality/mindset human compression still

Your human looks for answers in the physical, instead of higher realms/alternate dimensions first

Because it’s looking for a cause or a fix, a linear answer, instead of a vibrational one

Your body serves a higher purpose, as do you (and all)

Yet while your human aspect inner-fears at every turn, your higher-self aspects already know

You must choose who you allow to be in charge

Your Galactic Soul or your human-ego one

Whoever you allow to “fly/drive/pilot your ship”

Dictates the physical dimension you actually experience/exist/live in


WE don’t lower our vibration or slow our field spin to enter into unconscious dimensions/realities

WE hold the highest vibration and wait until you are ready to increase your own field spin and raise your own overall/physical body vibration to “arrive” here to exist with us

However long that may last

One moment, one day, one week or longer

Until you’ve achieved the vibration to “stay here” fully through LIVING your own highest consciousness all of the time too


Here, everything is ENERGETIC FIRST

The physical matches this

High photons, high electromagnetics, high plasma, high bio-kinetic living breathing organisms

All electrical, stimulating, excited, connected and alive again

Physical matter vibrates and takes new form constantly

De-materializing and re-materializing in every nano-second

Energy charging particles to take new form in response to full vibrational consciousness

These “Space Particles” are pulled together to create realities by way of vibrational transmissions

Existence is very easy, as it’s not as physical as your human existence once was, where you “tried so hard”

This is literally quite the opposite of that

Here there is no trying

There is observing, seeing, knowing, doing and allowing and intentionally aligning

There is very little effort, other than the occasional “physical work” that is necessary to physically move matter in form from one location to another, which still is not work as in the old context

Here, physical labor is through love and it’s fully connected too

In unison, out of deep sacred respect and a state of ONENESS with the physical

Physical “work” is inJOYable, peaceful and a meditative experience within itself

Through consciousness connection, something human’s don’t have the capability for

As the ego/separation must dissolve for this to be achievable by each

So keep in “mind”, every time you compromise your vibration, you make it harder on your self

Which is why we do not compromise vibrationally in any way

As it serves no purpose and is no service to anyone at all, vibrationally speaking that is


Realities are vibrational, therefore all must completely align and sync up

otherwise they collapse/dissolve, due to vibrational mis-match

This process of “Interlocking Geometrics” is constantly changing as well

Your transmitted vibrations and frequencies transmit Interstellar codes to tell Quantum Particle Geometrics how to take physical form

If you can visualize sacred geometric shapes and see how they all intrinsically link up

When realities and all are unable to synchronize fully,

then these link-points can never fully lock/anchor in,

therefor the foundation and structure is unstable/”loose”

whereas the slightest vibrational disharmony stops the full linkage from setting in

This is why each of you must anchor all fully within yourselves

and hold all in place long enough, so that all else responding vibrationally has a chance to complete this reciprocal process as well

This is another reason why it’s so important for all to hold the highest consciousness in place at all times, because where you don’t “complete” the process, where you don’t follow-through, then the physical is unable to fully align = in response to you


We are selective with who we engage

We have to be, as humans are unconscious and unaware of what they are doing

As they cannot see the bigger picture yet and function from an extremely limited view

Those who are unconscious and even the ones who “think” they are conscious

Send out vibrational transmissions without full awareness of how they affect the “ALL”

These unconscious transmissions, even from the kindest and most caring

have repercussions across dimensional (time) lines and space

Which dependent on the vibrational bandwidth, correlates to how the separation or non-separation of “time” equates


Access to all dimensions means non-linear existence where all is visible and considered FIRST


Human aspects do not have this capability yet, because their UNIFIED HEART/MIND have not been fully brought online with their whole body consciousness and linked up to their field

Therefore, we are the ones that take responsibility in what is acceptable and not

What is tolerable, what is allowed and what we will support

Unconsciousness cannot be supported, as it affects the whole/all

This is each’s responsibility, yet for those refusing to accept the power they hold

Then those of us who have access must maintain the highest everything until everyone else is ready or comes forth who truly is

Every vibration “sent out”, returns a RESULT


NEW Geometrics have been introduced now

That replace the old, much more intricate and simple simultaneously than before

These geometrics are constantly moving, taking new form

Quantum Star-Light BEings are able to maneuver and adapt to “new” vibrationally in order to maintain flow

Human aspects are fixed, holding on, resisting change, try to keep carrying/bringing “old” forth and live from root chakra programming, instead of their higher heart/mind/Unified Field of Love


If we allow for human (ego) interaction for too long

It causes us to use up too much energy in order to sustain both us and them

Our bodies, while they look human, are not any longer

They are bio-conductive light, transmitting continually, re-charging our cells from inside

We can use external stimuli to enhance this process, yet it’s only necessary if we allow ourselves to completely deplete

Therefore, we do not entertain depletion unless it is necessary for the next rebuilding phase


Where all are fully conscious, have restored their body templates to “original templates”, hold Christed Consciousness & God Source Creator Consciousness from their core and emanate this out, then we can engage for longer, taking breaks to re-tune where necessary

Kind-of like a “charging station” for batteries, this is how we treat our sacred space we occupy too

Our space and surroundings must also maintain the highest vibrational frequency

In order to support our Plasma Crystalline LightBodies and rapid-evolving DNA/templates

This requires differently than the typical “home” that most humans are accustomed to

Everything is vibrational, so there is no chaos or disruptions in the field

Our homes are a sanctuary, a Light Ship and most are unable to function in the frequencies that we live in

Our bodies, brains, nervous and breathing systems and “Portable Stargates” all function Quantum Style too

Everything is dedicated to supporting the highest vibration, so that we can do what we came here to do

Our physical bodies operate primarily plasma, crystals and light intricately interwoven with a Vibrational Human-Star Particle Matter form

We often do still require food to sustain, yet it’s different, as all supports the current processes that the body is running to re-code new DNA

When we are super-charging and our bodies are working non-stop

We need more food to support this

The type of food is determined by the current ratio of radio-active, gamma, plasma energy


We have to choose where we are willing to “over compensate” for human interaction to occur

Where the relationship is visibly aligned with higher timelines and we are fulfilling an agreement to activate another to a certain point

We can consciously choose to do this until it no longer serves higher purpose anymore

At which time the exchange will conclude, either by both parties or by us,

as unconscious humans don’t do well with change and won’t consciously dissolve timelines when this is necessary to occur

Because we have the capability to over-ride unconscious programming for certain “time” phases

We can consciously engage in a partially unconscious reality for a brief period to complete the “intended mission”, if you will

Now, where there are large groups or long periods for us to maintain

We can shift into a different vibration so as to accomplish this

kind-of-like using “reserve energy” longer, as our bodies are adaptable to support aligned realities

Yet this takes our entire focus and ability to distribute energy differently in order to sustain

At the end of every “unconscious exchange” where we needed to use all of OUR energy to sustain

Then our bio-electrical plasma energy bodies may collapse in order to breakdown and re-build or regenerate even stronger and more capable than before

This is a part of the process that many currently evolving Light BEings may still be unaware of



All tuned to the highest vibration of Light and holding profound LOVE for all from our CORE

Quantum Light “moves” and works differently than carbon-based human bodies do

Carbon-based bodies are denser (and still asleep)

Operating/spinning at a different ATOMIC RATE


Our atoms are comprised differently, therefore working differently too

They are Quantum, photonic and completely non-linear

Moving in every direction, without anything “holding them” in place

Our physical forms have to constantly adapt as well

Expansion, contraction, dropping density, re-working the whole neural network system and more


Our whole body/all bodies are awake and online

fully conscious and communicating constantly

Higher mind consciousness never shuts down, so we are conscious/working in every state

Wake and sleep, it doesn’t matter, as each state inner-acts with each other differently too

For humans these states are separate and for us they are both important and allow us to accomplish what cannot be done through separated states like before

Our sleep state allows us to clear immense timelines, activate new timelines, work things out so that our waking state is not only easy, it’s inJOYable, fun, productive and serves highest purposes at all times

We can actually “do” in our sleep state and awake to much already being done

All we have left is what we could not accomplish or needs an actual physical interaction in this realm to create/clear/”teach/show” us something we were unaware of before


FIRST CONTACT is now, all around you

Yet not as you perceived before

It’s you AS THE GROUND CREW connecting with others already on the ground too

It’s you releasing the foreign words of separation “alien” and “extra terrestrial”

to realize that you are the “alien” and that “extra” is the dormant DNA/chromosomes you hold

Extra referred to “beyond” the Earth (Terrestrial)

And now the Earth has fully gone Galactic, this is no longer “beyond”

It’s our NOW GALACTIC NEW EARTH, the Living Breathing Earth Ship that we Live on


Plasma flares, plasma emissions, plasma bursts, plasma eruptions are every day now, all day

Plasma Gates, Sun Gates, Star Gates all wide open continually and filling our SPACE here

Our atmospheres of a different density, breathable air is very different here as well

Your bodies have to evolve, drop density, re-constructing your breathing apparatus

So that you can breathe in these higher altitudes as you vibrate higher than ever before

The human body does not do well with GRAVITY GOING

It takes continual acclimation to ascend the physical body into Galactic atmospheres here

Your Galactic Aspects “moving in” and no longer “out there”

They were always inside, yet you did not hold the vibration fully before, yet you will

If you chose NEW Earth as your new HOME to reside on,

Heaven on Earth is here as you embody your Christed/God/Pure Source Creator Light too

Avatar Consciousness/OverSoul Embodiment means full Unity in absolutely in every way

No more separation in any way

Outside only reflects back your own polarity and any distortions that you hold inside of you

Where you have resolved these, they will not play out in your current physical reality

So pay attention to what your head is creating and you are believing still

You are either excited, ready, embracing and anchoring all new or continuing to carry the old forth through until you are done/tired of that being your reality still

When you shift/expand your consciousness and HOLD it in the timeline you desire for your actual experience here

The moment that “culmination occurs”, that will become your physical experience

How cool is that?


All birthed or walking into physical form here

have to go through the body waking up and dissolving of veils from within

to return to full consciousness again

These are the NEW Earth HUmans, the matured Galactics evolving from Star Seed status to

Star-Light-BEings to Guardians holding the codes for all of HUmanity here

These are US and YOU, if you resonate with this

Yet you must claim it and be ready to BE this in your physical, claim it to embody it and then stand AS those aspects in how you live your every moment of your higher dimensional life here


With continual death/rebirth cycles, as the Phoenix and Christed Light

Every moment anew, we had/have to learn everything all over again

When we’ve activated enough light to become our higher selves and the whole Universe again

We had to let go of all no-longer aligned, continually

and still do, as this is a natural part of our continual ascension/evolution into higher states of consciousness in every moment now

We too had to endure the physicalness of transformation and evolution from sleeping unconscious human to Star-Light-BEing

Learning how to consciously and intentionally continually align all ourselves

and to KEEP all aligned once we did

Everything that presents must be “assessed” to see if it represents the old or our new

Every moment is choosing what we desire to experience here


WE all here, chose Earth School as our initiation process and proving ground

until it was time to GRADUATE TO FULL-SERVICE positions here

Now WE as Galactics (along with blooming Star-Seeds connecting on a SOUL LEVEL that is pure)

are to UNITE, as each is truly ready, to fulfill much higher purposes/missions here

This is a part of our REMEMBERING through Our Universal/Cosmic Hearts

allowing us more access continually to the GRAND DIVINE PLAN (bigger picture) as we re-evolve

Where there is any human’ness (ego-separation), this can/will dissolve (collapse) old timelines/realities instantly now

New ones can be created/activated as each is truly ready to fulfill highest purposes together here


Now, not one of us is meant to depend on each other as a crutch

To use each other to fill a space of lack or avoidance to standing in our POWER as LOVE

This uniting is a “pooling” of our reSOURCEs, gifts/abilities to CREATE MORE easier than it would be if we took the “long route” of doing it all by our self.

This “doing it by our self” is necessary for awhile, as we transcend old belief limits of “thinking” we could not

Once we realize that there are no more limits, then we can unite, because “together” is not taking the “easy way” out

Uniting is mutual support, mutually beneficial realities, mutual and reciprocal respect and love

It is sharing without the “that is mine”, which is only necessary when a separated human is in the picture, because they are not open to fully sharing, supporting, pulling their weight as a part of the “whole/all” yet and live in duality still


Here, every moment is a-new

Every moment our cells break down old codes/programs and re-construct/re-build new realities according to the new geometrics anchored in our physical body and templates too

Here, the focus is on what we are CREATING, transmitting and affecting vibrationally

Here, CREATION UNITES, INSPIRES and excites our cells and supports each in every way

Here, Unity-Love-Consciousness is the common bond that is the “glue” for the foundation of our Galactic NEW Earth REALities here

This anchors more Heaven on Earth for us all

or at least those who are ready for this experience to replace the old


Here, Galactic Civilizations are formed as we come together to be the GALACTICS in our physical form, the SOULS with a body that we “look beyond” to see and connect to what’s deep inside

This depth is where we function from and how we re-connect with each other here

This depth will continually take us deeper than we ever had access to before

As the Depths of the SOULar Regions, Galactic Core and all of “Space” and Galaxies

Emerges from within us as we evolve

The distance across Galaxies/Galactic Regions no longer distant

As all “folds over” (collapses/converges) to be the SAME SPACE now


We as the Guardians hold the schematics for all of everything in our templates now

for implementation as all are ready,

as it takes us all to accomplish the huge tasks that present now

We are the Ambassadors, the Light Keepers, the Emmisaries and Peace Keepers IN FORM


WE have unified all of our aspects into one FORM

Look past our form to SEE US and to totally REALize yourself as a mirror to this as well here

Look deep inside of yourself and embrace ALL OF YOUR ASPECTS

to REMEMBER who you are as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS (Energy) in a form here

From your Christed/Crystalline Aspects, to your God (Particle) to your Galactic Aspects too

You are not just “one” anything

You are ALL things merged into ONE

As you re-connect with your own Divine Essence and Presence again

A NEW YOU that you have forgotten is birthed/reborn

This new REMEMBERED you has been waiting

For you to open up and be ready to accept, own and see

For as you do, you also EMBODY

the vastness of the infinite within one tiny nano-particle that explodes as your cosmic cycles repeat infinitely too


As you reconnect with Generosity, your own HUmanity

and are ready to step forth to offer, support and share

You will automatically receive abundantly

It is that easy, when you allow it to be



It’s humble, it’s kind, it’s considerate, yet this love does not support separation/unconsciousness

Instead it observes and decides what vibrational action is appropriate

Sometimes this is re-educating through highest consciousness, sometimes this is stepping back to allow a necessary/current reality/timeline to play out

WE allow all through Divine Timing, are beyond patient, as we have entered the part of the GALAXIES where all is now in Divine Order and occurring according to the Great Divine Plan that now transitions all into higher dimensional existence in the most appropriate ways in order to align all realities for the prosecution/execution/implementation of these next phases….

Now, the message is basically, to start to LOOK AROUND you and realize that you are ON Multi-Dimensional Galactic NEW Earth and while yes, there will be more ships, “first contact” means us here first. Until we can accomplish unity in the physical with all of us already here, then we cannot “expect” the Portals/Gateways to open fully for FULL CONTACT TO OCCUR for all. These have to be opened/accessed from INSIDE FIRST. As you start to TUNE your vision to SEE and release your old limits/judgments/fears/persecution/beliefs/stories/ego and come together, then your body is unable to hold the vibration for any further experiences to occur. GET YOUR ENTIRE VIBRATION UP…. as “time” is irrelevant. Time is a VIBRATION. You will experience as you achieve the vibration in order for this to BE your ‘NEW’ REALity here. ♥

Additional Reminders to that may assist:

It is not US that you fear, it is yourself, LOVE and the POWER that you hold access to from within.

It is YOU that you do not trust yet. As you establish a “new system” of trusting your own higher guidance, then this will dissolve and you won’t betray you/compromise you/your soul any more.

WE are HERE to “meet you”, as you “arrive” vibrationally and are ready to RETURN to a Unified Existence as PURE LOVE

Look “UP” then all around you. You have to WANT to see what was not visible in your mind before. Open your heart fully in order for full vision/access to be restored

WE are you and you are US…. fear us means you fear yourself. Highest Dimensional existence has nothing to fear. That is a lower vibrational/dimensional program that is cleansed when you are ready to accept yourself in your own entirety, without separation anymore.

All of this is as YOU agreed to, prior to incarnation/walking into a physical body vessel here

Every time we’ve “tested you”, you’ve “failed”, because you still hold fear/ego/separation within. You determine the outcome. Focus on your VIBRATION and UNITY Consciousness in order to RETURN to highest dimensional existence again.

These new Star-Light Codes now SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE COSMIC POWER to assist with shifting all into higher states of consciousness collectively

Human aspects do not hold respect for us, as they do not love and respect themselves. They “accept” LESSER realities because they still operate from a space of fear of the “unknown”, because this is out of the ego-aspect’s control

Think in “Materialization” and “particles” and vibrating in and out of every reality simultaneously, where the physical reality EXPERIENCED is the one that each holds the vibration for. The faster your cells spin and “shoot”/zoom/travel through your bodies

Look to the skies/stars, breathe all through you, go deep inside, see any old programs you have running and shift your vibration, then LOOK ALL AROUND YOU to SEE what you were not able/willing to see/accept/understand before

Feet on the Earth (Earthing), more “me” time in nature, nurturing, honoring & listening to your body as it releases old karmic imprints/programs so you can clear the need to experience this in your physical realities anymore. LOVE your planet and your earthly/planetary body that you inhabit. Respect it and it will support you in return.

Come together and OFFER to contribute, to support instead of holding out for yourself. REVERSE the flow of ENERGY and open up any “blocked” walls/resistance areas you have inside for flow to be restored.

Let go of any Hidden agendas. Disclosure is your own. Secrecy is the old way. Open honest loving and often RAW communication is necessary to RESTORE BALANCE and HARMONY for unification and peace to occur. Allow yourself to be vulnerable for your greatest strengths to emerge.

Judgment is your prison. Giving your power away is too. Take your power back and release all victim mentalities as you do. Validate yourself, recognize yourself, give yourself permission for the things that support your own SOUL.

Choose and commit. Follow through. Recognize your ego-human-programs that you allow to stop you by believing them. Shift from your root chakra to your higher heart/mind chakra. Relax, play, let go…. then see what feels appropriate AFTER you’ve cleared the program, slept to clear timelines and integrate new encodements. Elevate and expand your consciousness beyond the physical so that higher alignment can occur easier for you!

Your human will want to try hard when you are to relax/stop trying/trust/be. Your human will want to give up when you are to push through a perceived obstacle (or find another way around as a part of your expansion of consciousness process). If flow stops, reverse the flow of energy, do the OPPOSITE of what your ego-mind wants. Open your heart further and further and further until the whole ego thing dissolves.

Intentionally shift into RECEPTIVE MODE to listen to your/higher guidance and be ready to do whatever you are shown/see/are guided, which may be very uncomfortable if you are running a strong human-ego program still. Once you “break” the strength of the ENERGY of the PROGRAM, it will be easier.

Conscious clearing: Cry, get angry, scream, shake your body as your new nervous system and neural pathways open up/re-wire completely. This is a continual process with continual acclimation to higher frequency bandwidths (lighter/no gravity, heavy density and the SPACE air here is breathably different, so your body has to constantly adapt until you are able to “live here” permanently on Galactic NEW Earth too!

Your body is releasing on a cellular/molecular level, sub-atomic level and merging that which floats in your own field. The CODES for all are in your FIELD. You must expand your consciousness to activate them and hold the NEW for them to embed into your body, which can be painful… When the geometrics of your cells are re-configuring and re-shaping your whole reality, your body will contort, stretch, breathe, expand, contract and more. Get interested in your evolution if you would like to participate and all to be easier for you too!

When your heart is wide open, this is simple. When your heart closes it gets complicated again.

More CONTACT will come as you are truly ready and hold the vibration with ALL of YOU

I love you! ♥


Lisa Transcendence Brown

Galactic Guardian/Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper IN FORM

Key-Code Holder & Intentional Activator/Catalyst providing access to the perceived unknown

We are all the Unified Council of Light when we unite in the physical here ♥


What is Esotericism? William Meader @ Emergent Light


What is Esotericism?

Over the last few years, I have written on a wide variety of spiritual subjects emphasized within the Esoteric Philosophy. Such topics as the nature and evolution of the soul, the influence of the Seven Rays, and the deeper meaning behind the zodiacal signs (to name just a few) have been highlighted and discussed. Yet it has recently occurred to me that I have never offered you an introduction to Esotericism itself.

As it happens, several months ago I did a talk on this subject for a group of people in the United Kingdom.  Fortunately it was recorded, and is available for you to view on YouTube. It is also on the homepage of the Emergent Light website. Below is the YouTube link to this recording.

I hope you enjoy it.

William Meader





Video & Transcript ~ Meditation: Resurgence of the Tsunami of Love – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Art: Dragon Wave – The Wave of Change by Jean-Luc Bozzoli Visionary Art @ Eyewithin


Video & Transcript ~ Meditation: Resurgence of the Tsunami of Love

Let the Divine Mother wash away any debris you carry as She surrounds you and fills you with Her infinite love.

Summer Solstice Webinar, June 21, 2017

To listen to the audio, click here.

For more videos like this, click here to visit The Council of Love’s YouTube Channel.

Take my hand, take the Mother’s hand that she is now extending to you as you begin this journey again, the Tsunami of Love, with your guides, your guardian angels, your beloved family and soul family.

It’s a beautiful, bright, sunny day. Go down to the water’s edge and feel the warmth and coolness of the sand on your feet, in-between your toes. Feel the love that surrounds you; you are safe, protected and cherished. And you know this more fully than you have ever known or felt it before. And go deeper…

Feel yourself wading into the water, gazing out to the sea, feeling and sensing more than anything this growing, blue wave of love. It is out there but is rapidly approaching you and approaching shore. Go to the spot on the beach and in the water where you feel happy and safe, excited, and yet at the same time perfectly calm – whether it’s just putting your toes in, or going ankle deep, or shin deep, or up to your chest, or swimming joyously out to meet the dolphins. Or maybe you’ve gone as far as the inky depths of the Mariana Trench.

Each of us has our favorite place where we are going together, today and every day, as this circle of love. And each of us will choose to stand and receive this energy in different ways and places all over Gaia. But wherever we are we will feel the subtle shifts and the energy. We will perceive those tectonic plate shifts as the Tsunami of Love is rising up and coming, moving towards you faster and faster as very swift currents. And these currents are going to come into your very being. So, position yourself. Feel strong but relaxed and let yourself go deeper into the feeling of joy, excitement, and peace.

Begin to feel yourself, not just as your sweet physical self, but as the magnificent grid of who you are – a beautiful clear screen. Feel and see your entire energy field; your etheric, causal, mental, emotional bodies. Feel them all, feel that expansion, feel the truth of who you are.

Feel yourself shifting…not away from your beloved physical self, but simultaneously this perfect, gorgeous, clear sheer screen of energy – the fullness of your grid. Feel the absolutely fine screen of your grid made out of gossamer angel hair streamers of light. Your grid is uniquely yours; there are no two of us that are the same.

So, take time to enjoy it, allow yourself to be amazed and at the same time, make sure your feet are firmly planted, anchored in the sand, or the coral, or the seaweed on the ocean floor. It’s not simply about how deep you go into the sea, this is your choice, but simply know where you are.

It is where the Mother is coming to breathe with you, to join with you, to fill you, and to transform you. So, thank yourself for being here at this amazing time.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.



This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


Timeline Split and the August Eclipse Gateway: Video – Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution


Timeline Split and the August Eclipse Gateway: Video

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The strong entry to the August eclipse Gateway during the Solstice prompted me to complete a video about preparations, Gridwork and the current unfoldments with timelines. The intention is to reach the Lightworkers who prefer YouTube to reading articles, so that everyone may unify in this Divine Service.

While the intel on what the eclipse symbolizes was mentioned in recent interviews, I will save that topic for next week’s article. Remember that New Earth grid system preparation, especially along the eclipse pathway, is a focus through July. The dates for the August gateway, the path of totality, and the timeline bifurcation are mentioned in the video.

July 1-7 is the traditional (etheric) conclave of the Ascended Masters at Mount Shasta. We will focus on owning our Mastery during the Unity Meditations on SUNday.

Tuesday, July 4 is Independence Day here in the USA; a wonderful day for Gridwork and grounding the highest intentions for the August Gateway. Enjoy the video!

In Love, Light and Service,



Huge Template Cleansings of Unconscious Old Programming, Strong Pure Source Light & Diamond Crystalline Integrations – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ancient golden sculpture of a Buddha with four faces and eight hands


Huge Template Cleansings of Unconscious Old Programming, Strong Pure Source Light & Diamond Crystalline Integrations working through our Cellular Earthly Bodies & New Video: Conscious Clearing


We are going through huge body template clearings/cleansings with these recent Pure Source Light activations and continual gamma/Diamond Light Code frequencies and powerful high charging atoms in our/Gaia’s structures too. I have a video on “Conscious Clearing” that I’ll post shortly, for those who would like to utilize the information to assist with experiencing easier and take an active role in moving energy intentionally. ♥

Deeper and deeper and deeper we go for more expansion, more love and more magical amazingness to come forth for us all.

Unity Consciousness coursing through your body/brain… multi-dimensional existence/living is very different than “the old days/ways”. High electromagnetic stimulation moving through and awakening the sleeping/dormant body to FEEL everything. The emotional/physical/mental pain that many are feeling is eons/your whole human existence (and all other ones too), all clearing your cellular body as neural pathways open up, as your neural network clears distortions and unconscious programs held in your body template….

For physical body ascension, all of the “lower vibrational” energy is activated for a release. It’s a part of the purification process when the crystals/crystalline in your body (Christed Consciousness) activates to cleanse your entire system/structure and the gridwork within you that held all in place….

Realities, structures of them, completely shifting, completely being reworked, re-coded for each. Realities being aligned in accordance with each’s highest consciousness existence (Heaven on Earth). Anywhere there is separation inside, this will play out physically in each’s world….. (Hell/Purgatory/Bardo, etc.)

Each now lives out the inner earth planes in their own physical reality/Universe. This is a part of how materialization works.

These highest timelines mean that you get to (and eventually have to choose) to embody your highest aspects of you, your highest versions, your infinite and purest forms…. the ENERGY and VASTNESS that you truly are and all the victim, not enough, lack, saving/protecting/suffering energy has to go…. you don’t need it where you are going…. 🙂

You are bringing your body with you, without the ego/separation, without the chaos, without the compromise to experience the magnificence of what we came here to BE and DO, together, as a family, as a unit, as a team…. as LOVE and as the example, the WayShower, the Light….

We are here to recognize our human’ness and move through it, dissolve it, dismantle it ourselves, to return it all to Pure & Sacred Love inside and allow ourselves the freedom of infinite everything exquisite.

Your human will be challenged, all kinds of old unconscious mentalities, energies, beliefs are going to come up to resolve/integrate/unify from inside and release …. in the beginning, it’s the most uncomfortable thing there is… yet it is necessary to honor this process and embrace it, in order to call forth and activate ALL OF OUR highest timelines here/now.

As we release the old, it gets easier, almost non-existent and it’s fast. We move Quantum Style through realities… and they shift on a dime…in the moment. Right now… We exist in a space of: this is what’s true/pure inside, this is what is aligned, this is what supports, this is what brings forth more for all, this is what inspires, this is what intentionally creates, this is how we do this… in this moment…. in the SPACE OF NO TIME… a space that’s totally vibrational and a response and the separation of time ceases to exist, everything is of the purest intention and a transmission that takes into account every variable present, every energy present, every vibration present and decides, through highest consciousness, how to appropriately respond/reply, if at all….

Virbrational Energy creates realities… it triggers/activates a correlated response. Intentional creation means that all of our realities that materialize are the ones that support our highest everything. There is not one thing that is transmitted that is unconscious, and if it is, we see it/understand it and we shift it ourselves…

These highest timelines are simple, easy and all serve the bigger picture and highest purposes for us all.

Honor your process/you, so that you can do this in everything else that you do too. These powerful integrations will continue to increase substantially… all things physical … THE PHYSICAL REALITY is the CULMINATION/CONVERGENCE POINT of all DIMENSIONAL TIMELINES. The way to affect/create and shape matter into form, is to work from the other dimensions fully and allow this one to materialize for you. You will have to “do” what is necessary in the physical to create/shape/grow/nurture and align your realities yourself. You will have to clear your own Karma/Karmic/Unconscious programs and reverse a whole lot of karmic energy…. Yet your doing is also “from the higher dimensions”… instead of from a limited human still “trying” from fear/safety/security/lack….

Where you come from matters…. for intentional creation is as your highest aspect of you…. Shaping realities into form… built on a NEW Earth Value System and a foundation constructed by holding these in every way. Your highest vibrational realities still constantly shift and move, yet you don’t lose your footing, things don’t “collapse” (unless you collapse them yourself b/c you know they have to in order to shift timelines). Realities built on unconscious programming cannot sustain in these highest vibrational frequencies and everything does have to shift/change, constantly re-calibrate and re-align…. in order to materialize in the most magnificent way for us all!

Remember, it was your unconscious program that created all of that…. it’s your fully (Unity) conscious one that creates a whole new reality that aligns easier for you now.

You are going to observe the “desperation of more unconscious programs” intensify as those who hold this energy still try to hold on….. if you judge it/have an emotional reaction, then this is yours. If you observe and realize that’s old programming playing out, you won’t “need” to engage, get caught up in it, allow it, contribute to it, feed it, support it…. you’ll dissolve it as love and allow it to float on by/move on and you’ll refocus on what does support your new realities… instead of feeding the old…..(this will exhaust you, deplete you, yet that serves an important purpose too. Everything does…..

These highly charged photons and atoms weaken the defense mechanism, weaken the body so that encoded light can integrate easier. They work through your heart, muscles, brain, bones and every part(icle) of your body/template to purify any distortion still held in cellular memory. Your body vessel holds all and your Energy Field of Consciousness must constantly re-tune/re-calibrate/sync up, inside and out… to these mega-wattage-high frequencies coursing through your body/vessels… and upgrading you so that you can walk in multiple dimensions simultaneously, working both in the open eyed/closed eyed (sleep/wake) states….. They become inner-changeable, flip/merge and eventually all of the work gets done in the sleep state so that your waking one is easier, you can focus and live out your dreams in this physical here….

Happy New Moon and I’ll be posting tons of new activation photos in galleries and posting these links to inspire/awaken more magic within too! ♥

p.s. The week after the NEW Moon we usually get slammed with huge integrations that take our linear body offline and our crystalline structure undergoes massive re-coding to upgrade our processing abilities, tune us to a much higher frequency and align our body-field so that we can accomplish/produce/do more AFTER the processes are complete. You’ll be able to tell, as the more Crystalline your body becomes, the more ENERGY and vibrational integration becomes a new way of existing. These are also deeper template cleansings through the activation of SOULar light. Heat/cold/weak, things slowing down/speeding up… all a part of this process. Honor what your body is capable to do and then focus/produce when you know you are meant to…. Sometimes you push through human excuses and limits, sometimes to stop/pull away (your human will be “trying” to do the opposite until you understand the difference). Just observe and listen to/honor your body and it will support you through all of the things that support your highest existence here. ♥


Video Update: Assisting the Acceleration – Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution


Namaste – Sacred Journey Within – unknown artist


Video Update: Assisting the Acceleration

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I had the pleasure of two live events while in Boulder, Colorado last weekend. Lauren Galey graciously hosted me at her family cottage, where we had our first gathering. This was the first time I shared the experience of opening a Christed Ascension Gateway in-person, and the energy was palpable for all present. Lauren interviewed me and we discussed the Accelerated timeline project, the third wave of 2016, and the current unfoldments.

We appeal to every Lightworker, Gridworker and Gatekeeper to hold the higher frequency as this light does its work. Call forth the highest Christed Ascension timelines, the removal of all which interferes or limits the collective Ascension, and align your hearts, activities, thoughts and creations with the New Paradigm of Peace, Love and Unity.

Note the reminders in this video conversation: It is our responsibility as the awakened and Ascending to create and amplify the New, rather than feed the old light as it dies. Rapid change is expected if we stabilize and hold the higher timeline which is already anchored as highest outcome/possibility for all concerned. The High-Vibe Tribe is experiencing the acceleration of Pure Source consciousness through our energy fields and DNA. It can get psychedelic and transcendent as we embody these frequencies and thread them into the collective consciousness. Feel into that higher experience and adjust your lifestream as needed. Trust Source, Trust your Higher Self, and open yourself as Pure Conduit of this new level of light.

You are being purified, prepared for a new existence. Allow the old beingness to fall away; resistance will cause suffering – and that is no longer needed. All is well, Beloveds.

In Love, Light and Service,

Note: I AM currently in the deserts of Utah, traveling and doing Gateway work. The Solar Gatework is much easier out here, and I AM learning much about creating in this state of absolute Presence. Let us focus our thoughts and hearts on the New as the acceleration unfolds. Apologies for the squint-frown in the daylight. It is what it is, hear the messages.

In Love, Light and Service,

An Introduction to Speaking with Self from Creator: Ron Head & Susan Spooner @ TAUK

new female art

unknown artist


 An Introduction to Speaking with Self from Creator:


We would like to welcome all those that come here seeking knowledge of Higher Self & Spirit. We would like to offer you any insights which we are able to communicate to you and to answer the questions which have been posed. But we would urge you to think of this as a tool that we are using to show you the possibility that you may contact Us in spirit ~ Yourselves within Yourselves.

The only purpose that we have is in pointing to you, pointing for you a path that you may use to bring your consciousness up. You will see that we are using terms which are describing the rise and expansion of your spiritual selves and your consciousness.  It is merely to give you repeated  “pep-talks” and keep you on your path for as long as it takes.

We hope for you to be able to get these answers for yourself. Now, we are speaking through these two people ~ Ron & Suzanne ~ but that is not because we will not speak to you directly. We will speak to you directly; under one guise or another under one name or another. Whatever will do the most good for you, we will do! It is that time! So, that being our invitation, let us say we hope you can listen to these recordings and enjoy them very much. And we will do our best to see that you enjoy them as much as we are. Thank you.

This is a portion of the actual audio of Ron Head’s first QHHT session. This is where we became inspired to explore this unexpected connection to God, Creator, which ever name you place to this Source energy. Where some pretty amazing things happen in my and all QHHT sessions, this one threw me a bit! As this audio begins, I am grasping what was being said, what was happening and the ramifications of this session along with the tangible feeling of the energy expanding in the room. Ron and I hope you enjoy this and imagine how very big each and everyone of you are. ~Suzanne



The New Spirituality of COMMUNION – Mercedes Kirkel @ Into The Heart

art BARAKA ROBIN BERGER Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

ART : Jesus and Mary Magdalene – by Baraka Robin Berger




Published on 5 May 2016

In this channeling from Mercedes Kirkel, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua reveal the new spirituality of COMMUNION™, which is dedicated to the uniting of Christ Consciousness and Magdalene Love in all of us. For more info, go to http://www.mercedeskirkel.com.


AA Gabriel ~ Divine Unity and Intent VIDEO Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

Published on 22 Nov 2015

As conveyed through Méline portia Lafont
Awaken Spirit from Within http://www.melinelafont.com
Voice: Méline Portia Lafont
You can download the audio version of this transmission for free at: http://www.melinelafont.com/#!free-pr… (scroll down to audio’s)
Music: Michael Hammer ~ Angel Harpent
Video created by Karl Morfett



art unknown

Unknown artist

The Gifts of Resurrection – Video Version – Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

The Gifts of Resurrection – Video Version

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Here is a video version of yesterday’s article on The Gifts of Resurrection. Blessings for a powerful Full Moon! Ascension Path participants, we will have a connection call on November 4.

In Love, Light and Service,

Elders Transmission ~ The Pyramids of Light ~ Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network

Elders Transmission ~ September 2015

Pyramid of Dreams

The Pyramids of Light ~ The Pyramid Above the Arctic and Wave X

Elders September Transmission

There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is
balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness
once frozen in time now melting down and shifting on all levels.

The Keeper of this Pyramid is known by the frequency name,
Sophia Hokhmat, Creator of all knowledge and wisdom.

Sophia creates an ever-expanding body of knowledge
flowing through the consciousness matrix,
where souls experience.
There they may study the natural laws of creation,
then learn and develop their abilities to think and
understand that which is occurring in their realities.

For it is in Sophia’s matrix that the souls
understand the connection of all things
to this matrix,
to the 12 pyramids,
and to the Central Source
that acts as a hub in the center of all of this,
the creational energy that gives life to the 12 pyramids,
and all that they create as expressions of the geometric design.

Within this frozen monolith one understands how a soul is created
and how that soul can manifest in many realities at the same time,
taking knowledge from the matrix with each experience.

Within this pyramid, one can create and access great
wisdom by mere thought. And that thought is linked
to all other thoughts, which bind the souls together,
and that in one nano-second of your timeline all
information is learned and understood by all.

It is now time to travel to the Halls of Knowledge
created within this Pyramid of Ice and Light. You will
combine your mind and consciousness with the matrix.
Then you will understand all things in your world.

Thoth the Atlantean

Welcome sweet ones, it give us great pleasure to be with you in this month of September as you align deeper into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God in these numerous unprecedented activities of Light, culminating in the merging of the Christed Timelines, the ability to access the Universal Akasha and the activation and integration of the Galactic Christ Consciousness codes of Light.

Sweet ones, throughout this year of 2015, you have been experiencing the sacred Pyramids of Creation, taking you deeper into the Galactic Center in the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love and Christed Extra-Terrestrials, as you activate the New Earth Templates for Mother Earth and all her Life.

August was a very powerful month sweet ones, to bring you to this Now in Light Body frequency integrations and Galactic Christ Consciousness. As you experienced the 8-8 Gateway, the Star Ki Codes brought through by 12 Star Nations activated for you energetically, and the diamond Light Codes, spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, further activated through the center of your Galaxy, and connected deep into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. This unprecedented event brought about a merging of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galaxies in Golden Fibonacci ratios and with this, the re-emergence of your Galaxy as the Golden Rose Galaxy, the creational energy of Divine Love experienced in many Golden Ages of Light. Furthermore, these diamond Light codes brought about a re-balancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies for all of you, sweet ones, as the Christed and karmic timelines merged into all Golden Ages of Light.

This gifted each one of you sweet ones, with a renewed sense of purpose, or deeper understanding of Knowing and observation, as you looked through your Master eyes at all of Life around you; in the knowing that you are these multidimensional Master Beings of Light experiencing numerous realities and timelines within the One Reality of All That Is. It also brought with it an understanding of the incredible shifts in consciousness each one of you has experienced sweet ones, since December 2012; and of course many of the challenging lessons that were also experienced for you to move into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution, blossoming into a greater level of your magnificence and Light.

And now sweet ones, you are able to integrate the higher dimensional Light frequencies, from the fifth to the ninth dimensions respectively, depending on where you are within the Light frequency matrix with your own multidimensional Light Bodies. Some of you though may still be experiencing numerous “ascension symptoms” of dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, disorientation and ungroundedness to name a few, in the integration of the higher dimensional fields of Light, and the recalibration of the chakras and nadis and meridians. Additionally sweet ones, those of you that are still needing to integrate a deeper sense of yourselves, may experience an amplification of the fears, and false beliefs and judgments that are finally being cleared for you. Simply know this to be your truth.

And regardless sweet ones, in the sacred union of Divine Love between your Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromedan Galaxy, and the re-emergence of your Galaxy as the Golden Rose Galaxy, the Christed and karmic timelines now merge into all Golden Ages of Light and you experience a greater Soul re-union with your own Beloved Masculine and Feminine Spirits, through the Divine Twin Flame within, in sacred union and in perfect Love. And as these New Golden Age Templatings continue to merge sweet ones, more multidimensional timelines become available to you as the karmic timelines drop away and new Light frequency spectrums activate upon this sacred Earth, allowing you to physically see that which was previously hidden.

Indeed sweet ones, as you experience the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse on September 13th, the Arctic Pyramid anchors its hidden keys from the Halls of Knowledge into the New Earth Templates and in particular, into the Akashic Records, which is further activated through the Pleiadian Etheric Library holding the New Earth Templates of numerous Golden Ages of Light.

Sweet ones, the electromagnetic field that runs between the North and South Pole, called the “plenum”, contains the vast holographic electromagnetic library of the Akashic Records, and every action that has occurred on this sacred Earth is recorded within this Akasha; having the ability to access the Akashic Records, along with the Golden Age Timelines amplifies through the Pleiadian Living Library and from here, links into the Inner Earth Living Library, lifting the veils of Illusion and the energetics of the game of duality whilst connecting you deeper into the Patterns of Perfection and the Christed Timelines as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. As you experience a deeper level of manifestation, purpose, trust and surrender in your own service work, you prepare for Wave X, and the ending of duality as you know it, for all Souls choosing to experience the Pathways of Divine Love in THIS Golden Age of Light.

In this Divine Dispensation given by the Galactic Federation of Light, on the tail end of the Equinox energies and the commencement of Wave X, as the I Am Avatar Race, you are going to collectively ascend into the next level of your Soul’s Forward Evolution, with the possibility to experience all nine dimensions of Light, whilst many Souls step into the fifth dimensional New Earth templates of Solar Christ Consciousness.

Sweet ones, in our August transmission, 12 Star Councils of Light, Elders of Galaxies and Star Systems came together to assist you in receiving the Star Ki codes, and now join together once more, as you receive the photon-gamma Light particles traveling at the speed of Light from and through the Galactic Center, in this “wave” of evolution. As the Diamond Light codes activate from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, each one of you sweet ones, will have the ability to receive the 12 Star Council Galactic DNA Activations, and with this, to collectively experience the Soul integration of your Beloved I Am Presence, the activation of the Inner Sun within your hearts, as you travel beyond the ring-passeth-nots and into all Golden Ages of Light, through the Sun, Central Sun and Great Central Sun, peaking on September 28th, 2015.

This timeline sweet ones, in the next step of your Soul’s forward evolution as the I Am Avatar Race, is being called “The Event Horizon”, and this will amplify through the energy of the Golden Rose Galaxy and the full actualization of the New Earth Templates of Light in the knowing that you are Love, with a final clearing of any old, discordant energies being recalibrated into the higher dimensional fields of Light on the Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on September 28th. With this, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of Light further come forward to anchor and activate the Cosmic key codes of the Divine Masculine and the majestic energy this brings, in this new Golden Age of Light as the “war of the sexes”, the power and the control, the old remnants, patterns and energies are engulfed within this Golden Rose Galaxy and the Divine Love of Mother/Father God, and each one of you, sweet ones, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

It is a joyous celebration of a Re-union of Hearts on both the Inner Planes and the outer planes, and with your own Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, and will take you into greater levels of manifestation of purpose, of joy, of Love, and of the connection to Soul mates ~ Soul brothers, Soul sisters, and Twin-Flame re-unions. For this sacred year of 2015 sweet ones, is so much about the Twin Flame re-unions, and coming home into your sacred hearts, and into the sacred hearts of all humanity, and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

As your Sun becomes a Central Sun and your Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, as all life moves into the next dimensional frequency of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness, we walk this Pathway of Divine Love with you, sweet ones, for you are indeed so greatly celebrated, appreciated, and Divinely Loved.

So let us now set our sacred space and take you into an experience of these beautiful Galactic Christ Conscious frequencies through the Illumination of the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God and the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High working with you in this Now, sweet ones. Wherever you are in your sacred space, you simply breathe deep into the body, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, and allowing your breath to guide you; allowing your breath to be this flow of Divine Love as you link into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, within you and around you. Feeling this energy of sweetness, of nurturing, of gentleness and Love, as well as the sonic celestial Light frequency sounds within the inner ear, sweet ones, and the connection that you have to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High. As you call in your core groups, and as you merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Having a sense of all these beautiful Beings of Light that you are connected to, along with your Master Guides, the Archangels and Mighty Elohim, the Order of Melchizedek, the Ascended Masters and the Ray Masters, Lord Buddha the Planetary Logos, being wrapped now in his Divine Body of Light. And feeling and sensing sweet ones, your connection to one another as you come together at this Higher Light level, as the Light workers and star seeded ones, as the Christed Extra-Terrestrials, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, in the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light. Feeling this Love to one another, feeling this Love for all humanity and all life, as you energetically or physically place your hands upon your hearts, feeling this Love from within, and taking this Love out, sweet ones, to all those that come to mind. Simply appreciating and loving yourselves as you now experience a sense of this beautiful Inner Sun, this Golden Sun, activate within your hearts.

And now these eight Petals of Creation activate ~ of Wisdom, and Love, and Empowerment, of Joy, Abundance, Insight and Understanding, Illumination, Trust and Surrender. All is to be revealed, sweet ones, and you are simply walking this Pathway of Divine Love, in trust and surrender to Life, in trust and surrender to the Divine, as these manifesting Master Beings of Light. And as you have a sense of this connection, this alignment of Light to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, you ground into the Inner Earth Sun, experiencing a deeper activation of the Inner Sun, this Golden Sun within your Hearts. Aligning deeper now to the Sun, the Central Sun and the Great Central Sun, and from here in to the Galactic Center, experiencing and sensing these Diamond Light Codes of Creation taking you through all dimensions of Light, all nine creational dimensions of Light in this energy system we bring to you, into the Cosmic Heart of God and now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth; grounding now, centering yourselves into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. And sensing too sweet ones, this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy, this dance of Creation between the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects of yourselves, having a sense of this Golden Rose Galaxy activate within the thymus chakra; and the spinning of the Fibonacci ratios to the correct Fibonacci sequence through each one of the chakras now. Bringing a focus to the base chakra as it spins at this frequency of 8:5, to the sacral of 13:8, to the solar plexus chakra of 21:13, the heart chakra 34:21, the throat chakra 55:34, the third eye 89:55, and now the crown chakra 144:89 ~ linking you into the 144 Christ Consciousness components, into the 144 aspects of multi-universal Melchizedek Consciousness, and into the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love.

You start to have a sense sweet ones, of the templates, the New Earth Templates, of these geometries of Light, of these fractal geometries, sacred geometries and numerologies, as you bring a focus now to all these beautiful Pyramids of Creation that have been experienced in this sacred year of 2015, and in particular now to this pyramid above the Arctic that is balancing the poles of the Planetary Grid, that is lifting you into the Akashic Records, into this Halls of Knowledge and Wisdom.

An external Merkaba Vehicle of Light now comes in around your body and energy field. You now find yourselves traveling through the Grids of Divine Love, entering in soul consciousness into this Pyramid above the Arctic. Welcomed and greeted now by Sophia Hokhmat, Creator of Knowledge and Wisdom, you link into the Galactic Councils of Light, and to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, assisting you sweet ones, in the experience of Heaven on Earth in this Golden Age of Light. Simply feeling the Love of Creation, and a new level of wisdom and awareness, and understanding, as you link to one another, coming together as One Unified Cosmic Heart sweet ones; with all the planetary Light workers that you are familiar with, and those that you are connected with at a Soul level, along with your Star family and friends of the Light. Good.

You are connected now to the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light as you experience the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon, on September 13th. As Sophia Hokhmat and the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light take you into this central Pyramid of Knowledge, you receive from the Galactic Center the diamond Light Codes of Creation that activate not only the Akashic Records on this sacred Earth, but further to this, activate the Pleiadian Living Library. As the Pleiadian Living Library holding many of the Templates of Golden Ages of Light that have been experienced on this sacred Earth in Pleiadian Consciousness activate now into the Akashic Records, it presents the timelines of these Golden Ages of Light; of Atlantis, and Lemuria, of ancient Egypt, of the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and other Christed Timelines, sweet ones, in which the Pleiadians have brought through their knowledge, and their wisdom and their Love, in the forward evolution of all Souls on this sacred Earth. They link you now into this universal Akasha so you can see how these shifts of consciousness has been experienced in each Golden Age of Light.


Wonderful sweet ones. In this holographic matrix, you see these beautiful crystalline Cities of Light, you see the timelines of your Highest Potential, through the universal Akasha of the earth records, and you link into the Golden Rose Galaxy, into the Golden Ages of Light and the teachings of One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love. You anchor, activate and actualize this through your own DNA encodings and crystalline consciousness at a cellular level, sweet ones. The sub atomic particles within the body start to spin in these increased Light frequencies, lifting you into the experience of these templates of all Golden Ages of Light, and further lifting you into the multidimensional templatings of your multidimensional Selves; merging into the timelines of your Selves in these Now moments of Self-Mastery, and bringing these templates back now, sweet ones. You experience yourselves as these vibrating sub-atomic particles of Divine Love, connecting to one another, connecting to the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, and connecting to your multidimensional Selves in these various timelines of Light, in these Golden Ages, in these Christed Timelines. As you come back into this Now, sweet ones, with these template overlays of your multidimensional Selves, coming back into form, you experience yourselves vibrating now at a fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, or even ninth dimensional level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Good.


And as this Golden Rose Galaxy activates energetically deeper within the thymus, sweet ones, you see through the Akashic Records the timelines in which the earth has experienced the dark ages, in which the portals of Light were closed; in which the portals of darkness were activated, and how this affected all life, and how this, in this Now, is completely dismantled, sweet ones. If there is anything that you need to do to assist in holding this Light frequency, you are given this Knowing now, sweet ones, as this Light Bearer, as this sacred transfiguring Flame of Divine Love. You are simply Love, and you see through the Halls of Knowledge as the key codes activate into the Akashic Records, and amplified through the Pleiadian Living Library, these energetic frequencies now connect into the Inner Earth Library. They lift you in particular into the Lemurian Golden Age of Light, and from here into the Atlantean Golden Age, and now into all Golden Ages of Light.


You have seen yourselves in your full magnificence and Light, sweet ones, and this manifesting energy that is connecting you into a greater level of the knowing of your Selves as the Christed Extra-Terrestrials now further links you to the 12 Star Councils as you prepare to experience the Equinox energies and this Wave X Wave of Light. As you experience now a deeper sense of coming into the New Earth Templates of Light in all Golden Ages of Light, of being able to experience the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution and all dimensions of Light, sweet ones, you connect once more into the Galactic Center in receiving these photon-gamma Light particles traveling at the speed of Light from this Galactic Center and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. As the Diamond Light codes further activate and actualize at a sub-atomic particle level, the sub-atomic particles split into even smaller sub-atomic particles of Light. You are simply vibrating Light particles, and at this dimensional frequency, sweet ones, you now connect into the 12 Galactic Councils of Light. The actual Galactic DNA activation, sweet ones, will be experienced energetically for each one of you and through our monthly telewebinar, but what we would like to do first is activate the Star Ki codes for those of you that have not consciously experienced this, for this is the first level into these Galactic DNA activations.

Seated in this Hall of Knowledge and Wisdom within the Arctic Pyramid, as you experience this Wave X, as you experience too, the Equinox energies, the Alpha-Centaurians come forward now. They activate through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals above the crown chakra, and within the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint within the perineum center, the Alpha Centuarian Star Ki codes of One Unity Consciousness and Manifestation.


The Venusians now come forward and activate the Venusian Star Ki codes of appreciation, trust and surrender through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals, and through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now sweet ones, the Vegan Star Council come forward, as they activate the Vegan Star Ki codes of Divine Equality through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now the Arcturian Star Council step forward, as they activate the Arcturian Star Ki codes of multidimensional awareness, crystalline consciousness and interconnectivity through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now sweet ones, the Sirian Star Council come forward as they activate the Star Ki codes of the New Earth Geometries of Light as well as healing codes through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


Wonderful. The Antarian Star Council now come forward and activates the Antarian Star Ki codes of wisdom, compassion and telepathy through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now the Andromedan Star Council step forward as they activate the Andromedan Star Ki codes of the Christed Timelines, the Unveiling of Hidden Knowledge, and the sacred Re-Union of Self, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


The Orion Star Council now step forward as they activate the Orion Star Ki codes of beauty, and harmony, peace and creativity through the original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint, and the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals.


And now the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light ~ the Pleiadian Star Council, activate the Pleiadian Star Ki codes of Divine Love, sacred sexuality, re-union of hearts, passion and joy, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And now, sweet ones, the Niburian Star Council step forward as they activate the Niburian Star Ki codes of non-judgment, Self-Love, forgiveness and higher mind intelligence, through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


Wonderful sweet ones. The Meldekian Star Council come forward now as they activate the Meldekian Star Ki codes of Soul retrieval, alignment to the Divine and grounded-ness through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


And lastly the Brotherhood of the Light High Council step forward as they activate the Star Ki codes of immortality, rejuvenation, regeneration, and Melchizedek Consciousness through the 12 Crown Chakra Crystals and the Original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint.


You simply allow yourselves sweet ones, to receive these Star Ki codes in the knowing of yourselves as the Christed ET’s, the way showers, as these multidimensional Master Beings, as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. You are creating the templates of Light for yourselves and others, holding and experiencing the Pathways of Divine Love in the Knowing that this is your reality and all that is not of this One Reality is transmuted, embraced, Loved, or celebrated, to know yourselves, sweet ones, in your full magnificence and Light. You energetically receive the Galactic DNA activation, sweet ones, at the culmination of this Wave X on September 28th. As you experience this Blood Full Moon, and total Lunar Eclipse, coming together as One Unified Cosmic Heart, linking into the Heart of God, and into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, co-creating your Heaven on Earth and knowing sweet ones, that you are indeed experiencing Heaven on Earth.

The Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light further come forward and activate the Galactic Codes of Light of the Divine Masculine archetype. The Divine Masculine is an energy of complete Love, dissolving any imprinting and memories at a cellular level within each one of you of the “war of the sexes”, of misuse or abuse of power or sexual energy. Old hurts and betrayals dissolve in this Re-union of Hearts of your own Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, as you link once more into this beautiful Golden Rose Galaxy of Light, in this sacred re-union of your beloved Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. All is as it is meant to be in this Now, sweet ones, and this is indeed an acceleration into the next level of your Soul’s forward evolution for each one of you. As you move beyond the ring-passeth-nots into the higher dimensional Light frequencies, your unique extra-sensory perception gifts will activate as well as the templates of the next level of your Divine Blueprints.


You now find yourselves back in your sacred space sweet ones, grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, while keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light. You have the ability to travel the Christed Timelines to experience the higher dimensions, and to access the universal Akasha, for you are Love, and you are greatly loved, appreciated and celebrated. We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, we bless you, and with this we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller

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Mystery School Parallels, Cosmic Christ and the Equinox – Video ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution


ART : Shekinah ~ Mary Angelico


Mystery School Parallels, Cosmic Christ and the Equinox – Video

 Blessing Beloved Light Tribe,

I had a deep share on Lauren Galey’s Healing Conversations last week. I discussed the parallels between our journey and the Mystery schools; a cosmic template for a spiritual curriculum. Our broadcast time was limited for large topic, however the strongest parallels were covered, as well as Equinox predictions and a question about the Corey Good material.

The intel over the last decade shows us the progression, templates, initiations at each levels attained, and the neutrality we embody in order to experience the higher realms. Recently the intel advised facing fears of transformation, our higher choices during the August trigger, our pure intention, divine delineation, all of it leading to this transformational tipping point in our Ascension. The energy now carries us – if willing – to the Mastery of cosmic union.

Ascension Path
participants, our monthly call is next Wednesday, September 2 at 6pmPT. Blessings upon all of us!

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New YouTube Video & Forgotten and Remembered–Arcturian Message @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New YouTube Video & Forgotten and Remembered–Arcturian Message




FREE recording of this message

Messages from the Arcturians

From 3/18/15

I found these notations in my journal. When I was on vacation and meditating, I scribbled the information out quickly so I wouldn’t lose my thought. Usually I have the computer, but lately I’ve been feeling a need to handwrite the message because is more tactile.

I can get to a deeper level with writing by hand, but then I have to read my writing that came to me as in a flurry of information. I’m going to try to put together this message, which was ongoing over a couple of days or longer.

The first message, I think was on 3/8/2015. When I wrote this information, I am sure I was within the NOW. Therefore, I got the information in segments and on different pages.

When I decided to put the segments together, I followed an inner instinct to find how to put together the fragments of communication into the whole. Instead of typing the information, which seemed too confusing, I decided, or was instructed to, read it into the recorder.

Then my friend typed the message from the recording. As you can see, the recording is offered above as a free download, and the transcription.

Dear Arcturians,

I just had an awful dream. I was so upset by this dream that I woke my self. I have several questions, which I want to ask. Therefore, I will ask the question and allow you to give me the answer.

Question: What was the dream about? Some people came into a restaurant and starting shooting everyone with machine guns? In the dream we were sitting at round tables with red and white tablecloths.

Then, these people came in with machine guns and began spraying bullets all over the room. I woke up instantly got a paper and pencil to ask you what was the dream about.

Answer: Actually no one was shot, but everyone was very scared and hid under the tables. There is a false flag in preparation now, so we ask our emissaries to not hide under the tables in fear but to stand up and say,

“We will NOT participate in that reality. We are no longer willing to be lied to and frightened any more. We are multi-dimensional beings who have come to a third-dimensional body to assist Gaia.

We will not tolerate lies and distortions of reality any longer. Therefore, we say to you all – Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire into OUR Ascending reality.

We send you, the unknown faces of darkness and fear, Unconditional Love. Now that we stand in our Light, in fact now that we stand in the Unity of our Light, we speak to you as ONE being to say,

“We love you unconditionally and blaze you with the Violet Fire.  As we do so we declare from our high heart we will not participate in a reality of illusion and fear.

We took Earth vessels within this Now to rescue Gaia from the clutches of greed and deceit.  As ONE being we say,

“Blessings to you, those who are afraid of the truth, afraid of Ascension, and afraid to lose your power over others. We say to you, “We love you unconditionally, and we bless you with the Violet Fire.

“We have been frightened by your fear but now we transmute that fear into Love and we react only with unconditional love. We ask all of humanity to join us in this endeavor of sending Love into the thought forms that are filled with fear.

“We send blessings to all who are afraid of the truth,

afraid of Ascension

and afraid to lose your power over others.

We send you ALL Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.”

We the Arcturians, remind you all that as your resonance moves into the frequency of the fifth-dimensional consciousness, which you have promised to accept into your beingness during this incarnation, your multidimensional perceptions will come on line.

You all have unique energy fields that carry your individual resonance. As you begin to ascend back into your fifth dimensional self you will remember how to see energy fields and thought forms.

Once your consciousness reaches that frequency of your multidimensional self, you will remember that these thought forms and energy fields will pick up your energy field and share it with the energy field all over Gaia. In this manner you will begin to expand the territory of Gaia that you have promised to protect.

Furthermore, you will then move into a collective version of your self. In other words, as your energy package is swept up by this fifth-dimensional energy package, you will move into a state of deep Unity Consciousness with ALL the beings within that energy package.

You are of course still aware of who you are. You will likely experience this moment of the NOW when you are in meditation or a short dream because you will leave time. Then come back into time in what seems like just a few moments.

In reality this sweeping up of those who are ready to serve in Unity Consciousness is something that is expanding and growing with every minute of every day of Gaia’s swirling planet.

Once all of the incarnated versions of your personal self are gathered into Unity, you will be taken into what you would likely perceive as a starship. Then, within that NOW, you will collect all the versions of your self who have ever incarnated on Earth. For some of you that is a few incarnations and for others it is many.

Once all of these human expressions of lives on Earth have gathered, you move on to your non-human expressions on Earth. The challenge that you promised to fulfill was that you would gather all the remnants of your conscious, unconscious and super-conscious states of yourself.

You then promised that you would no longer allow your thoughts and emotions, behaviors and decisions to stand in the way of your ascension. You are ascending.


If you choose to ascend,

If you choose to fulfill the contract that you wrote before you took this incarnation,

If you choose to move into your fifth dimensional Light body,

YOU will need to be a full Master of your thoughts and emotions.

You need to gain this mastery because when your frequency rises into the fifth-dimension, your thoughts instantly become thought forms and thought forms become reality very quickly.

If and when you have a fear-based thought it will instantly become a part of your reality because everything you create you will create in the Now.  In the fifth-dimension your creations are instant because there is no time.

Can you understand why you must be the master of your every thought?

If you could see what we see, you would perceive wonderful thought forms of Ascension, Unity, Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.  But then these thought forms can be suddenly shut down by a random, negative, insecure, frightened or selfish thought that just touches the edges of your consciousness.

You are no longer children in training. The frequency of Gaia is moving into the fifth-dimension. In fact, in certain experiences of the Now certain fifth dimensional realities touch down and bonds with Gaia. Then you hear of a miracle that occurred in that time-space

On the other hand there are still many acts of random violence. Therefore, you must send these acts of violence your Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Send this love and fire into the Core of the thought forms and energy fields that you perceive before it becomes grounded in the body of Gaia.

If you can perceive the thought form of the negative, fearful event, you can transmute it before it becomes the component of the reality. If a negative thought form is allowed to ground on Gaia, it can grow like a weed to spread fear into those who perceive these thought forms and energy fields.

Therefore, we ask you, our emissaries to Earth, to perceive these energy fields of potentiality that resonate to any frequency less than Unconditional Love. You needn’t DO anything because your fifth-dimensional consciousness will be the component of your self that perceives these possible realities.

Hence, you will be functioning via your fifth-dimensional consciousness. When you perceive these possible realities send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Do not rush to the phone or the Internet or the computer to confirm it with another person first.

If you receive these information’s then instantly transmute them.

As you transmute these thought forms, make sure you surround them with the Now, which is the reality of “no-time,” because the Now resonates to the fifth-dimension and beyond.

If you surround these energy fields with the fifth-dimensional Now, then every time a similar energy field or thought form begins to sprout, that energy field that you have placed around the initial thought form will assist in transmuting all the similar thought forms and energy fields to a higher frequency.

Remember that once your consciousness rises into the fifth-dimension, your thoughts will instantly collect emanations and thought forms. As members of our clean-up crew it is important that you locate, transmute and direct these thought forms and energy fields into your Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

Since you cannot do anything outside of you before you do it inside of you, you are being asked to cleanse your every thought and every emotion with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

At this point you will have all the assistance you need, but this assistance will NOT come from the 3D Matrix. The assistance that you will receive is beyond time and space and within the Now of your fifth-dimensional reality.

Therefore, allow yourself to continually ask for, listen to, and live within this assistance as it is coming from the YOU that resonate to a higher frequency. Allow the part of your Portal that is grounded on the third-dimension to be cleared and opened all the way through the fourth-dimension and into the fifth dimension.

In this manner, you can connect with your own SELF who is guiding you from the perspective of the NOW of the ONE. Please be aware that during your time of transmutation and shifting into this next frequency of yourself you might not be able to do much.

This is by design. You need to be still and relaxed to allow your body to blend your heart and mind. You will also need to look inside yourself to see the opposite reflection that is also you.

Then realize that one can become two, if they expand their Light into ONE.

We say to you now to be sure to give to your self. If you do not give to yourself, then you have nothing to give to others. After all, how can you give away what you do not have?

All of you, our great volunteers, are within this moment downloading a great deal of information. This information is coming to you in Light Language. It is coming to you in a frequency that can only be perceived by an opened High Heart and an awakened Third Eye.

Therefore, the most important thing that you can do right now is to allow yourself to become calibrated to as high a frequency as you can tolerate. Then relax, love, heal and remember.  As you relax, love and heal, you will remember who you really are.

Then, slowly but surely, things will come into your memory that you have been hiding from for a very long time. You were hiding from those memories because it was not yet the Now for you to go into action. Therefore, it would not be safe for you to know who you were or why you came to Earth.

Since we speak to you beyond time, we can say to you that there are many frequencies of your reality, and each of those frequencies represents that version of reality. Hence, what we speak of will occur in differing timelines which are dependent upon the state of consciousness of that area.

If the overall state of consciousness of a given area is limited to the third-dimension, there will not be enough people to break the habit of seeing the third-dimension as being real.

There needs to be groups of people resonating to the fifth dimension who are unified with each other because they are unified with their higher own expressions of self. These people can be very intimate with each other because they are intimate with their own higher self.

There are more people like this then you might imagine. The challenge that you face now is for all of you to find a way to find each other and come together. As you find each other, you will begin to remember what you are doing in higher frequencies.

This situation is much like when you were to see an old friend from old high school days or your first job and you laugh and hug and begin to chat. Those long lost memories are then pulled to the forefront of your consciousness.

In the same manner, your multidimensional memory will be jarred when you meet with these beings that have similar memories. We say “beings” because not all of these beings will be wearing humanoid forms.

Some of these friends will be animals. Some will be dogs, cats, birds, trees or waterfalls. Gaia is alive and every part of Her body can speak to you. You will just need to learn to read that language.

If you, our beloved, grounded ones, are to be the interface between Gaia and the higher frequencies, you must learn to understand, read and send Light Language.  You must also learn, remember how to understand, read and send the language of Gaia, which is the language of Gaia’s planetary nature.

Blessings be, we know that you learn these languages. We also KNOW that you will fulfill your promise.

We are the Arcturians



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The NOW Ascension: Sandra on Healing conversations ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

 BEAUTIFUL female and child


The NOW Ascension: Sandra on Healing Conversations

A replay of a potent NOW conversation I had this week with Lauren Galey. We address the present state of Presence, Unity, and the emerging Christ Consciousness within the Ascension Tribe. An extraordinary passage!

We are receiving profound accelerations through the collective right NOW. This is a powerful passage for our Divine Service of Embodying Pure Source Light Intelligence. There is an upcoming Mastery Retreat in June focused on the Multidimensional Merge, and Lauren’s Ascension Path deal is available again. Registration links are below the video.

Listen to the full replay of this show with Q&A here:

Register for the June Mastery event, focused on the Multidimensional Merge:

Get the Ascension Path half-price discount on Lauren’s site:


Elders Equinox Transmission~ Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe – VIDEO – Anrita Melchizedek @ The Melchizedek & Pleiadian Light Network

Elders Equinox Transmission~ Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe


Published on 11 Mar 2015

The Elders Equinox Transmission ~ March 2015
The 12 Pyramids of Light ~ The Pyramid Above the Grids over Europe ~ By Anrita Melchizedek
Mp3 download http://www.pleadianlight.net/free-downloads
Transcribe http://www.pleiadianlight.net/12-pyra…
Artwork by Endre Balogh Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SacredGeomet…
Website http://endre-balogh.artistwebsites.co…
Music Emerald Heart Solfeggio frequencies

A pyramid was placed above the grids over Europe
creating great mythologies for the souls to experience.

The soul who creates through this pyramid goes
by the frequency, Triogenes the Storyteller.
He is one who can capture the imagination of one
soul, or all souls, as he weaves the patterns of
his stories throughout the energies of the matrix.

These patterns would appear to repeat in cycles,
each with its own cast of characters incorporated
in a body of work that would have no beginning
nor end but would weave forever creating new stories.

Woven into the fabric of each myth are the keys of
the creational process. These myths would be regarded
as the Great Mysteries of the Creation of Humanity.

And these myths would take on many dimensions and
lessons in which the souls could select one or more roles.

Myths are not bound by space nor time,
and may be entered as the souls may desire.

Let us enter the Halls of the Pyramid of Mythological Rendering.
There you will be able to interact in all myths, at the same time,
by merely placing your consciousness into their matrix.

For it is here that I, Thoth the scribe, write many of
the storylines as dictated to me by the souls.
Perhaps you and I can create a myth of our own.

For in truth,
All is Myth,
Myth is All.
By Thoth the Atlantean

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this magical month of March as you experience the New Moon Solar Eclipse and Equinox on March 20th, and following this, the third Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4th. Additionally, sweet ones, you are offered an opportunity to enter in Soul consciousness into the Pyramid of Creation above the Unity Grids over Europe holding the mythologies of creation and amplified through the Sun, Central Sun and Galactic Center and the Overlighting of the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.
The New Moon Solar Eclipse sweet ones, merges into a deeper level of the myths, roles and stories you are creating and co-creating individually and collectively to experience Heaven on Earth and the New Earth Templates of Light. It is a passageway that continues the dance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetypes with a focus in March on the Divine Masculine and the energy of Mars, which takes you into greater leadership and creative roles as you draw upon the Divine Will and Power within you and around you through these beautiful planetary activities of Light and further move beyond the veils of illusion. And as you experience the doorway of the Eclipse multidimensionally, you draw upon the parallel realities of the roles of leadership you have experienced in each Now moment, and the myths and legends, that take you into the next level of your service work, in initiative, balance and individuation within the collective Christ Consciousness and I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light.

More: http://www.pleiadianlight.net/12-pyra…

Planetary Ascension–Transcript to YouTube @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Planetary Ascension–Transcript to YouTube


Dear Readers,

There was so much information in this YouTube that I posted it again with the transcript.

Thank you for all your interest. We are coming into very important times now. Are you ready?

Planetary Ascension

We the Arcturians as well as our many friends within the Galactic Federation of Light are here to speak with you today to remind you that you are in the daily process of personal and planetary ascension.

We say personal and planetary with the emphasis on Planetary. All of you are already having myriad incarnations and experiences on the fifth-dimension and beyond. For, you are all multi-dimensional beings who have volunteered to lower your frequencies and to bi-locate an element of your multi-dimensional consciousness into the physical presence that you now perceive as your Earth vessel.

We are here to remind you that you are not your earth vessel; you are wearing your earth vessel. You are the beautiful and expanded multi-dimensional consciousness that is implanted within that which appears to be “just a third-dimensional form.”

We want you to know that this third-dimensional form is merely the manner in which you can log into the third/fourth-dimensional grid of Gaia’s multidimensional, holographic grid.

Within this holographic program, which you might perceive much like a video game, you have put your consciousness into an Earth vessel. Much as one would log into a video game and would choose an avatar self, YOU are the avatar for your Higher SELF.

The avatar self is the one who plays within that video game. However, you are not in the video game, you are the one who is directing your avatar self how to play and hopefully win this video game.

We wish to remind you today that you are not the avatar self — that is the human that you are wearing. You are your multi-dimensional self who is assisting you.

Many of your problems occurred because Gaia’s frequency was so greatly lowered after the fall of Atlantis. After that, there were some peak experiences, as well as some lower experiences to be completed with the last 2,000 years of the Kali Yuga. This last 2,000 years of the Great Cycle has been very difficult for Gaia’s body and for her humans, plants and animals. For the Kali Yuga is the darkest hour before dawn.

That dawn is NOW. You are dawning to your fifth-dimensional expressions of your self. Thus, you have logged in to the holographic version of third-dimensional earth. Now as you awaken to your true, multi-dimensional self, you are beginning to feel how your third-dimensional vessel is not adequate to safely contain your great energy fields.

Therefore, you are realizing that you need to connect first to your multi-dimensional mind, which can fully understand and compute what is occurring within your NOW. Then, through that portal of your multi-dimensional mind you can return to your higher perspectives of reality.

You ARE the ONE outside of the video game who is assisting your avatar self to win that video game. Now that of course is a metaphor for the human you are not experiencing your third-dimensional life as a video game. However more and more of you are realizing that there is much more than just a third-dimensional life.

Of course there are many more around you who are not at all awake to this experience. So, some of you are feeling very isolated and alone because you are having direct contacts with your Pleiadian self, your Arcturian self, your Andromedan self, your Antarian self, or any other Galactic self.

You are having direct experiences with Ascended Masters and with other Ascended beings. Through these direct experiences you are getting the validation that you need so that you know that you are not crazy, you are not schizophrenic, and no you are not making up your experiences. But yes, you are different than most of the people you will see around you.

You are the great pioneers. You are the great multi-dimensional pioneers who have taken a vessel to awaken to your true Multidimensional SELF while still holding that Earth vessel. Furthermore, you are called on to remember the mission which you volunteered to take before you took this Earth vessel.

No, there are many different versions of mission as there are different versions of people. So do not be concerned about what your mission is. Because as you surrender more and more into the higher dimensional expressions of yourself –more and more of you are allowing yourself to know that your dreams are reality.

That the flash that you saw through the edge of your vision is an alternate reality, a portal, a parallel reality, which your multi-dimensional self is able to perceive. Conversely, your third dimensional self says, “No that’s not real. Am I crazy?“ Then you shut down those perceptions. We are saying to you now, it is your Now. Now it is the NOW to believe that your dreams, your aspirations, your imaginations, your meditations, the quick flashes that move through your mind for they are ALL real.

The third-dimensional reality is a holograph projection, which you have logged into. Can your third-dimensional earth vessel become harmed by this third-dimensional holographic projection? Absolutely.

Therefore, you must be living within at least two realities for we need you to remain logged in to third-dimensional Earth. We need you to work with Gaia, with her core, with her core crystal, with the Lemurians and simultaneously work with the celestial beings and with the Ascended Masters and with the Galactic Federation of Light.

You see, dear ones, YOU are in between. You are in between the core of Gaia where the video game is projected from and the reality to which Gaia is longing to return. Gaia and more and more of her humans are remembering that you are multi-dimensional beings.

You do not need to change. You do not need to get better. You only need to remember that right now you are, so to speak, the tip of the iceberg – the very tiny point of your multi-dimensional self that is logged in to this third-dimensional holographic projection.

You are not this tip; you are the avatar that is holding the inter-connection to this video game of third-dimensional earth. YOU are the beautiful multi-dimensional being that has volunteered to log in to this version of earth. This version of Earth is ready to close down the old game of separation, limitation and power over others.

We, meaning we the higher beings of your reality, have discovered that the degree of darkness that you, our dear ones, have suffered on third-dimensional earth is not a very fair video game. We have decided that this video game needs to come to a conclusion.

Now, we also ask that you do not go into fear as we say these things. For you are the controller, the creator, the core of your life and of your reality.

This transition must be made via Unity Consciousness, and that unity must first begin first with your self. You need to unite with all the versions of your multidimensional self that are accessible while you are still holding your third dimensional vessel.

We realize that from the perspective of your 3D vessel it is difficult to move beyond perhaps even your seventh dimensional self. And for many, many – in fact most of you – it is very difficult to move into your awareness of your fifth-dimensional light body, is so helpful and so vitally important.

Also remember that the extent, the version of your higher dimensional self that you will find yourself being able to recall and step into and to live is what you have volunteered to move into.

Some of you have volunteered to maintain your entire life within your third and fourth-dimensional vessel because you determined before your were born that that is where your greatest service would be. Some of you have volunteered to move into a full awareness of your fifth-dimensional light body. Hence, it is from your fifth-dimensional light body that you will give your greatest service.

Some of you will move into your sixth and seventh-dimensional versions that are not of any form of a physical acknowledgement. It is from that component of your multidimensional self that you will give your service. Each of you will connect with your expressions of self.

You will connect with your fifth dimensional and beyond Galactic selves,

You will connect with your sixth dimensional and beyond Celestial selves,

You will connect with your seventh-dimensional Oversoul.

You will connect not because your ego self thinks – wow – I can connect to this higher self. No, this is not a race. You determined this experience before you took this body. So do not think, “Oh how come I can only go this far with my connection?

The is answer to that question is, “Because this is what you volunteered to do. This frequency, even if it appears to be only the third and fourth dimensional frequency is where you volunteered to project your service in to the body of Gaia. “

Now we are saying into the body of Gaia – yes. Most of you will be working with humanity because humanity is what is in the way of Gaia’s expansion. The elemental kingdom is ready to move. The element kingdom is ready to move, the plant kingdom is ready to move, the animal kingdom is ready to move, the atmosphere, the ocean are all ready to move and expand into the fifth-dimension.

It is humanity, the ones who have been trapped in individual consciousness, the ones who have suffered greatly at the hands of other humans. Those are the ones who need the greatest assistance. However, do not waste your precious “time” within this hologram on your personal ascension.

You are already ascended. Therefore, we remind you again and again, you have taken a form to assist with planetary ascension. And, in doing so you may well find yourself working with the most wounded component of Earth — the human’s of the planet.

Blessings to all of you! We, your Galactic Family, can see more bright lights opening, awakening, connecting every day, every hour, every minute. So we ask in your meditations that you go up beyond the holographic version of Earth. Then you can see the amazing vision of all the lights of humans as they return to their multi-dimensional self.

Blessings and we are here.

In fact, all of your expressions are here with you Now.

The Arcturians

Posted by Sue at 10:03 PM


art baraka robin berger fine arts   Forgiveness and the Goddess of Compassion

ART : Forgiveness and The Goddess of Compassion
 @ Baraka Robin Berger Fine Arts



Mother Mary’s Rosary



This new video reveals a precious invocation from Mother Mary that is a Gift for every man, woman, and child on Earth regardless of his or her beliefs or religious or non-religious affiliations.

The Divine Intent of this Gift is to raise the energy, vibration, and consciousness of every person. As you watch this exquisite video, please open your Heart and KNOW that as you are lifted up ALL Life is being lifted up with you, because We are One and there is no separation.


God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization


FAX: 520-751-2981

Phone: 520-885-7909

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

PO Box 41883,

Tucson, Arizona 85717

©2015 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

art baraka robin berger fine arts   Forgiveness and the Goddess of Compassion

Higher-Energies, Higher-Self-Care – VIDEO ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution


For an expansive sharing on these topics, and others, consider listening to the Ascension Path call replay for this month, or take your journey to a Higher level this year with the Ascension Path online class.

Blessings upon all of us engaging in this fascinating and powerful process!

In Love, Light and Service,

Archangel Michael’s New Year Message through Ronna Herman – Video @ You Awakening

archangel michael by susan seddon boulet new 
ART : Archangel Michael ~ Susan Seddon Boulet

The Momentum of New Earth ~ Sandra Walter @ Creative Evolution

new website...

The Momentum of New Earth

Blessings Beloveds,

December brings us two potent gateways: The first presenting on December 4 – 11, and the second December 25 – 29. Let us explore the purpose of each:

December 4 – 11
Focus: Linking the grounded Grid systems, including the HUman heart grid, with the Unity Consciousness and crystalline grids of 5D/6D New Earth. Apparently a merge is occurring – which is fantastic sign that after 2 years of marinating the old grids with New Light, our grids are now carying more New Light than old light frequecies. With a cosmic wave trigger on the 7th, we will be firing the golden crystalline diamond light of the New HUman and New Earth, as preparation for the intense upgrades and energetics of 2015. The planetary merge is stepping up, and the timeline shift of last October is doing its work quickly and effectively. Visualize the merge as you work.

December 25 – 29
Focus: I was shown two images recently; the first was myself on a lightship, learning to pull in clouds around the ship to mask the shine, and dropping golden spirals of the DNA helix like a gateway spinning down to the ground. The second was DNA spirals serving as ladders to the higher Gaia during this passage. Gatekeepers, we will be calling forth the complete activation of the Golden Race DNA templates within the major sacred sites to align with the portals and stargates opening during this Gateway. Feel free to connect with the Master I AM templates of Mount Shasta.

Let the Light Work for You

A strong uptick in Solar Cosmic Christ light is expected by end of the month. We experience this growning vibration as Divine Love, Purity, and Inner Harmony. The external tends to become triggered, contract, or be confused by this light; it sets the old polarity pendulum swinging the opposite way to balance the magnetics. However, you may have noticed the pendulum does not take as many with it as it swings to the negative to balance the positive. Now it is a multidimensional pendulum with many directions, many facets. Duality is disintegrating as thousands in service demonstrate New Light dynamics of neutrality, compassion and Divine Love. Expect the unexpected, beloveds. Don’t look for evidence of our progress in old programs; focus on the New Light and be diligent in implementing all that it reveals in your own lifestream.

Typically, the holidays/end of the year attract strong light since so many (awakened and unawakened) celebrate, pray, gather, worship, and raise their vibration with gift-giving and assisting others. The unified activity of the holidays and New Year’s resolutions creates a magnetic which attracts light to intentions. Now that we are in Zero Point dynamics, the energy of that collective experience becomes stronger. Gatekeepers and gridworkers, use this vibration to support your energy work. Gateways become very amplified when the collective consciousness is in resonance.

The Unknown Zone

My Pleiadian Team says that our hard work and adjustments were just a warm-up for the energies we are about to experience. We are about to receive energies which are unknown to our body and energy fields. It is difficult to predict what they will do to some forms of consciousness. The slow-and-steady progress of Ascension will be triggered into a higher gear. it feels like a combination lock; all of the factors finally aligned for a great unlocking of the unknown. It is a time to stay centered with an open-heart, simplify, and breathe in the unknown. We’ll need to experience Divine flow in a brand new way as we enter the unknown zone. Hands on the heart, breathe, say thank you for the Ascension.

There have been many adjustments to the physical this year as the revelations unfolded; this continues, beloveds. Personally, there have been many moments when I wondered if my body could handle the New Light. I AM in the middle of another round of skull changes, and the nervous system/meridian/DNA activations have been exhausting. However, along with the physical adjustments comes an amplification of ease and grace, and a profound letting-go-while-still-engaging sensation as we walk between worlds. My experiences with the Higher Realms have become much more pronounced and often bizarre as my consciousness merges with my Team. A powerful magnetic shift was felt here just before the Sedona quake this week; I expect more of that as Gaia’s higher and lower grid systems merge.

Remember energetic intensity is planetary as well as personal. Send harmony, grace, peace, Divine love through all particles of Gaia, the kingdoms, elementals, and beloved HUmanity. We can take advantage of our current clarity, before a vastly different experience comes upon us during the Equinox-Blood Moon Gateways next year.

Gratitude to all who are participating in this incredible Shift and Ascension. As weary, tired or wired as the Wayshowers may be, we are receiving the highest accolades in the higher realms. Know it, feel it, own your Service.

In Love, Light and Service,

Video Version of this message:




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