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What is Light? – Part 3/4

Dark Night 22(Continued from Part 2.)

Today we consider the loss of the Light at the hands of the dark.

I’ve heard that dark civilizations interfered with our DNA. Is that correct?

Matthew: Some souls whose negative deeds dropped them from the light used their free will to downgrade the DNA of newer, less experienced civilizations. The changes made dense bodies with DNA containing electrons, which have much less light and vibrate at much lower frequencies than photons.

The reduction in light caused corresponding reductions in those civilizations’ consciousness, brain functioning and life span. They lost all knowledge of their Beginnings, their weakened bodies were vulnerable to disease, and their temperaments included fear and all of its negative byproducts like cruelty, greed, anger, lust for power, unjustness, impoverishment, divisiveness and hatred—hatred is not the opposite of love, it is the absence of love, or light. Those are the conditions of third-density civilizations. (1)

Archangel Gabriel: As you have moved deeper into the new life in 5D on Earth, profound change has taken place within the DNA of the human form. The so-called junk aspect of the DNA has reformed into the crystalline structures originally intended for people to experience their divinity. (2)

Have no bodies photons? Are we all built around electrons now?

Matthew: It is not that no bodies on Earth have photons, and an unimaginable quantity is in the atmosphere. But electrons are dominant in the vast majority of your populace—that is why they are lagging in awakening spiritually and consciously—and throughout your world—that is why you have electric and electronic appliances and pay to use them instead of having photons’ “free” energy. The way to ascend into planes where photons outnumber electrons is by increasing the amount of light in the collective consciousness.  (3)

Are the dark forces totally bereft of light?

Matthew: Even the peak of the dark forces has a spark of light; otherwise, it would not exist. (4)

What will happen to those who cling to their dark ways?

Matthew: Persons who choose to live in the light can ascend with Earth and those who choose to cling to their dark ways cannot.  After a time in spirit, souls in the latter group will incarnate in a world that corresponds to their Earth lifetime energy registration and have more opportunities to ‘see the light.’ (5)

The world is in the midst of many major transitions as a result of the ever more intense higher frequencies of Light now pouring to Earth and available to all. Those choosing to go with the flow of change will experience fewer painful issues than those who resist. …

The task of accepting new ways of seeing and being can be wrenching for those still solidly fixed in the old ways. These dear ones continue to stridently seek completeness outside of themselves through people, places, and things all the while living in fear of the unknown because a consciousness of duality can only manifest as duality – bad/good, sickness/health, lack/abundance, right/wrong.

Secure and comfortable only within the boundaries of what is known and accepted by collective consciousness and ignorant of their own innate power and identity, these dear ones continue looking to the rules and beliefs of others for direction, until at some point this approach no longer works and they are forced to begin their journey of awakening. (6)

Matthew: None on Earth can see, as we do, the intensity of light and technological assistance of our benevolent space family on, above and within Earth that is vanquishing the influence of the off-planet darkness that has been controlling its Earth puppets, who in turn have been controlling all of you, in part through manipulations by the US government.  (7)

Matthew: When the bodies of those who refuse the light no longer can sustain viability, the souls will go to worlds where the energy matches their lifetime energy and where they will have other opportunities to raise their consciousness and evolve spiritually. (8)

We conclude tomorrow with a look at an interesting prediction.


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