the book of truth 1 pb osiris

ART : ‘Osiris’ ~ an original Painting of mine (only part of which is shown)

The Book Of Truth And The Teachings Of Osiris by H.C. Randall-Stevens (El Eros). The original editions of The Book Of Truth were first published in 1928 and 1929. The combined volume was published in 1976 and is still available.


The Book Of Truth deals with antediluvian as well as with ancient Egyptian theology. The book covers a wide field, and the Earth’s history and evolution is traced from its beginnings, and the civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis are discussed with considerable clarity.


This book is dedicated by me, who am Osiris, unto the peoples dwelling incarnate upon the world called Earth, and in sending it unto you, my beloved children, I am obeying the command of my beloved father, who is :

Ptah, the El Daoud of Atlantis.



the book of truth 2


I STAND alone on the desert’s brink

With the sand around, and no water to drink.

Mine eyes are wont to fly to that shore

Where my Spirit wandered in days before

new website white female angelic

My body doth rest in a golden case,

A crown at my head, a shroud on my face.

But the day will dawn when the world shall see

The dead and the living together shall be.

new website white female angelic

Yea ! my Spirit shall even gaze on the face

That once did rule the Egyptian race,

And the smile on the face of the Sphinx will have told

The riddle it now doth begin to unfold.

March 28, 1925

the book of truth 3


THE sun blazed down on the desert sand

As the funeral cortege passed,

For death had placed her strangling hand

On the physical clay at last.

new website white female angelic

Not a tear was shed,

Not a heart-string bled,

For he was by the priesthood accursed,

But the Spirit filed with the solemn march ~

And entered the tomb’s dark arch.

the book of truth 5

They laid him down in a gilded case

And embalmed him from feet to face,

So the Spirit was chained for a space of time

With fetters it could not break.

new website white female angelic

Thus time ran on

And there came at last

A glimse of the light beyond,

And the Soul was made to understand

That its life on earth was past.

new website white female angelic

Thus when it had grasped the wondrous news

That its path lay open to choice,

It soared aloft to the realms of light,

And looked for a longed for Voice.

new website white female angelic

So passeth the story of one whose pomp

Had caused him to die of grief,

And the body was left to the physical earth

That had fostered its pagan belief.

April 22, 1925

the book of truth 6


The Kings of the Earth shall perish,

Their sceptres be broken in twain,

And the rocks that gave birth to their Nations

Shall be crumbled and shattered again.

new website white female angelic

For pomp and material splendour

When usurped by an ignorant few

Only leads to destruction and ruin

When you think what a lot they could do.

the book of truth 7

ART : ‘Scarab’

But contented they drink and they gamble

Never heeding the onslaught of time,

And they say in their bibulous ramble,

“Let us live all our lives till we die.”

new website white female angelic

But when left all alone with their conscience

Which haunts them by day and by night,

For a moment they see through the tangle

All the things they could help to put right.

new website white female angelic

But God in his infinite mercy

Hath afforded them time to repent.

If they knew that all Life was Eternal

Do you think they would still be content.

June 17th, 1925

new website MALE and dove


‘TWAS a summer’s night

And the stars shone bright

As a fragrance rose from the sand,

And the eyes of the Sphinx began to blink

For he knew they would understand.

egypt sphinx and boat

Then a cry awoke, with a piercing note

That was echoed through temple and vault.

“Will they never know that the seed they sow

Will mingle their tears with salt.

new website white female angelic

If they only knew Just a listening few

That the secrets I hold in my breast

Are the secrets of Life

And of love which are blest

By the eyes of the East and West.

new website white female angelic

But the day will dawn

On that fresh spring morn,

When the waiting world shall know

That those who aspire to God’s desire

Have paid all the debt they owe

June 17th, 1925

new website egyptian cask


THERE’S an eye in the East,

There’s an eye in the West,

That watches eternally, taking no rest,

‘Tis a sign that to many rejoicing doth bring

‘Tis the sign of Almighty Jehovah our King.

new website white female angelic

He reigns on no throne exalted from all,

For He dwells in our midst and answers our call.

So trembling mortals unfasten your hold

On stories and writings the past doth unfold.


Our God dwells within us and we within Him

Come lift up your voices and loud anthems sing.

The sound of all music His spirit doth stir.

new website white female angelic
The waves on the Ether rise upwards with myrrh

And ye who do seek Him by night round your hearth

Unburden your souls and merrily laugh.

new website white female angelic

‘Tis not with despondence and fear in the heart

That ye with the Spirit of God take your part

So if on your travels of search it doth seem

That ye scour all the heavens in vain for a gleam

Remember that time is as nought to the One

Who doth show us the path of true work to be done.

July 17, 1925

new website lucy campbell

ART : Lucy Campbell



AND Pharaoh sat upon his throne,

The people thronged about,

When suddenly from far away

Came forth a deafening shout :

new website white female angelic
The columns of the City shook,

The Temple’s Veil was rent,

As rising from the Book of Stone

Came one from Heaven sent.

new website white female angelic

His glory flooded all around,

His voice was filled with love,

And from his lips a stream of

Purest crystal swept the ground.


Lo ! ‘twas the time when Egypt’s mighty nation

ruled the Earth

And Princes learnt to speak with those Divine from

Mortal birth.

new website white female angelic

My son, thou and thy priesthood were the last to

see my face,

For those who followed after were a cruel ignoble race.

new website white female angelic

So let your Seers who think they know the Secrets

of her Sand

Remember that I hold them in a very powerful


August 21st, 1925

the book of truth 13


WONDROUS Light, all lights excelling

Is the ray that from thee shines ;

Quickening all things by thee spoken

Into life that never dies.

new website white female angelic

We, Thy children humbly greet Thee

With a song of Love sublime,

For we know that what Thou wishes

Is a perfect faith divine.

new website white female angelic

Send Thy Light to darkest places,

Where no foot has ever trod ;

Grant us strength to help the helpless,

Strength to bring them nearer God.

new website white female angelic

So each morning as we waken

Guide our steps towards Thy throne,

Lest our day be overtaken

By the things of evil grown.

new website white female angelic

God the Father, God the Mother,

Son Celestial, Three in One,

Grant us strength to fight and conquer

Till we to Thy Kingdom come.

August 30, 1925

the book of truth 14


GREEN was the hue of the roof,

The pillars were short and square,

And a circle of stone in the floor

Sent perfumes which rose in the air.

new website white female angelic

And a voice there was heard in its midst

Which poured forth its clarion tones,

“Give glory and honour to him

Whom, humbly, we worship as King.”

the book of truth 15

And the light that went forth from His heart

Gave comfort and strength to the stark

And clothed them anew with the bliss

Which follows a heavenly kiss.

new website white female angelic

My children, keep steadfast your feet

And have none of those priests of ‘Men ~ Ra,

For remember their blasphemous cries

Are a scourge to Our God from afar.

new website white female angelic

In his goodness He tenderly pleads

And offers new light to their eyes,

But alas in their pomp and their pride

They see not His face by their side.

October 10, 1925

the book of truth 16


O THOU Father of all light and love.

We thank Thee for Thy beneficient rays which

Thou dost pour upon us.

new website white female angelic

Thou dost manifest Thyself to us through the

life-giving rays of the Solar Disc.

Behold ! If Thou hidest Thy face, the heavens do

weep and let their tear drops fall upon the heads

of men.

new website white female angelic

O Atanu, Lord of the whole Universe, show the

light of Thy countenance unto us, that we may

have strength to sow Thy word and Thy truth

upon the face of the world.

new website white female angelic

When Thou risest up in the morning we are made

glad by Thy kisses, and when Thou goest down

in the evening we are left with thy wondrous

wisdom, yea, the warmth of Thy noonday kiss is

with us through the night, until Thou shalt call

unto us thy children, on the morrow.



egypt pharaoh ANKH


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