‘The Call of The Sea’ ~ ‘The Magic Hour’




Mother o’mine, the dear sea calls,

Just now when the tender twilight falls,

Mother o’mine, now her voice enthrals!

Say, can I go?

sea 2


Mother o’mine, I yearn to be

Away, far from the stormy sea,

The livelong day she is calling me

Say, can I go?


Mother o’mine, the winds that blow

Up from the sea, as the sun sinks low,

Quicken my love to a strange white glow,

Say, can I go?


Mother o’mine, a magic spell

Comes to me out the ocean’s swell;

Mother o’mine, Oh! Say it is well,

Well, that I go!

sea 2


Mother o’mine, the sea calls loud,

Out of the sunshine, out of the cloud,

Darling! Say, is your heart not proud,

Proud that I go?

sea 1


Mother o’mine, weep not for me.

E’en though I go I go not from thee;

Thy love for me is wide as the sea;

‘Tis thus I can go.


Son of mine I shall stand alone,

When you are gone, and the wild seas moan,

And feel from my heart that Summer has flown,

When thou art gone.


Son o’mine, I shall often pray

When the sea-spine flies o’er the distant bay,

Pause and pray ‘mid the toil of day,

When thou art gone.


Son o’mine, thou art England’s son!

Her heart-beats, and thine, and mine are one!

Go, since England hath need of thee.

None shall lament, when thou art gone.

art lighthouse best


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