The Search for the Rose of Light – Mona Rolfe

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The Search for the Rose of Light


The search for the Golden Rose in the valley in Atlantis was an important event and we have reached exactly that point again in this cycle of evolution. So we will touch the various incidents which led to the plucking of the Golden Rose and see how that moment links with us today.

Many of those who are engaged in growing roses at the moment are striving to make perfect a large single golden rose. Those who have private gardens and have the urge to purchase a new rose, would find it beneficial to look for this large single rose and to cultivate it even though there is very little resemblance to the exquisite Golden Rose of the Atlantean Valley.

If we take our memory back into the past and endeavour to obtain inspiration from the beginning of time and the founding of the great temples we shall find that we belonged, at one moment in time, to an immense etheric temple founded by the Father-Mother God, in which at morning and eventide the Father desired that all who served around the Throne with Him should meet for praise and worship.

the search for the rose of light 4

the search for the rose of light 4

Within this Temple, all who served were clothed in etheric bodies of light. They were perfect twin-souls, indivisible and one, and therefore the descriptions which were given down the Ages gradually became misunderstood, and the priests and the high priests and the servants of the Temple were known as soulless, sexless beings with gigantic wings.

There were certain sections of the Cherubim, Seraphim, the Plenipotentiaries and the Powers, that had wings, but the majority of the servants of the Temple had no wings at all – they had an etheric emanation which came forth from the spinal column, rising vertically up the etheric spinal column and expanding to a wide radius of auric light around the etheric body, and within this auric light were the colours of the rays to which they belonged and on which they functioned.

the search for the rose of light 3

Then there came a time when the Father-Mother God wished to produce man in a body of a denser texture than the body of ether, and He prepared for him a coat of skin, radiant and glorious in light, filled with His Grace and His Glory. So below the great Etheric Temple, there came into being another Temple of Light in which the priests, and the assistant priests, and the servants wore a radiant coat of skin.

There came into the life of the Temple about this time, what you would call, a routine. Those who served the Temple were infinitely more affected by the rays from the planets and the signs of the Zodiac than you are today, the radiance of light passing through the etheric body into the coat of skin caused a perpetual generation of rays of power, and had you been able, as you are builded in the physical body today, to enter that Temple and to look within it, your eyes would have been so blinded with light that you would have seen nothing.

From that Temple of the Coat of Skin there went forth a great desire to manifest the Glory of God all round the Temple, and there came into being great gardens of glory, flowers of radiant light and perfume, and majestic trees, taking a long period of time before they manifested to the vision of the dwellers in the coat of skin.

the search for the rose of light 2

Then there came war in Heaven, for Lucifer, the great Being of Light, fell, if one may use the expression, from Heaven. He left the radiant place of glory and sought to set up a planetary system of his own, and he carried a great force of light with him. The star in his forehead betokened his close kinship with the Father-Mother God, the swiftness of his movements betokened the relationship to the Angels, who moved with such swiftness and sureness, in the Place of Light. But within him was the heart which could not bear to think that Beings were coming into creation whom the Father-Mother God might perhaps love more than his angels, and Lucifer was one of the great angels.

From the moment that Lucifer left the Temple, creation – as you call it – came into being very swiftly, and the Father-Mother God, using strength of light and wisdom, crystallized the etheric particles of light which composed the coat of skin until the coat of skin became flesh, and the body of flesh was brought into the Great Temple on the Tableland, built in the ether and crystallized into the material world, and standing as an example of the Glory of God, which God expected man to copy by the work of his hands.

The priests and master initiates and the servants of the Temple were still perfect twin-souls. There was no birth, such as you know it today, they came into being from light, the light becoming crystallized into flesh, and within this body of flesh, the radiant glory of the soul linked expressly with the light of the Father-Mother God Himself, and prepared the way of light for the Great Temple.

This Great Temple of Atlantis was placed upon one of the most glorious spots that man has ever known and may never know again. It was upon a mighty hill, flat at the top so that it formed a Tableland, and from the Etheric Temple there came into being glorious plants and blossoms, so that the whole of the hill was radiant with blossom, and beyond the garden stretched the mighty forest, whose trees were made as the earthly link with the children in the Temple on the Heights.

From the top of the hill, from the Tableland itself, there stretched green paths, down which servants of the Temple and the Sanctuary seemed to have no desire to move. They bathed in the great lakes in the cool water, they wandered in the gardens, and many of you incarnate today tended those gardens and made them wonderful and lovely by the work of your hands. For gardening was man’s first physical labour for God, and none questioned or asked whither the green paths down the hill led.

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the search for the rose of light 2

Then the Father-Mother God created the children of the valley, and here we find an entirely different form of creation, for the children of the valley were called upon to bear their children as individuals. They were not brought into being from light, and therefore their whole outlook was entirely different from the Temple on the Heights.

There was no barrier between the valley and the Temple except a high wall of etheric light, and although from time to time the children of the valley became trained to the spirit and learned to hold the power of light with such strength that they were able, when called upon by the High Priest from within the Temple, to levitate from the valley to the Temple, yet they remained a people apart, and from time to time the Father-Mother God Himself came down into the Great Temple to accept the homage and the worship and the adoration of the children of the Temple, and He would look out on those green paths and know that one day the High Priest himself would journey down those paths to the valley.

So was man called to bear the body of flesh, to suffer birth into matter that he might know the meaning of death and eternal life. When the call went forth, the great procession would go forth from the Temple; the procession would travel down the hill, moving through the etheric barriers without hindrance into the valley itself. The procession from the Temple would be veiled from all children of the valley save one only, who, having attained the vision of the spirit, would come forward to guide them in their search.

Around the valley and within the valley was a great forest, a forest of a much coarser growth, much more tumbled and enfolded than the great forest behind the Temple on the Tableland, but nevertheless a forest which the Master Initiates and the Priests from the Temple would find incredibly difficult to tread as they were not accustomed to the coarse vibration and the coarse texture of the forest growth.

Golden Rose

Golden Rose

Their duty was plain and, guided by this one man, they would go forth into the forest to search for the Rose of Light. The tree on which this rose would be found was low, fairly close to the ground, with shining green leaves open and ready to hold the dew and the light, and it is possible that they searched for long periods of time and became very weary in their journeying before they found the one tree which would bear the rose. Then, with the temple service on their lips and the hymn of praise dwelling around them in the ether, the Glory of the Temple on the Tableland and the Radiance of the Temple on the Heights, the sound would move through the valley, the deep note of gratitude expressed to God that this rose, which was the token of the fulfilment of God’s work with and for man, had indeed been found.

It was a rose of exquisite shape and very pure in colour, the leaves practically transparent in the light and yet opaque in the shadow, golden, as its name betokens, and held close, the petals closed and formed to a point that the precious drops of dew which had fallen in the early morning upon it might remain held within the petals until the rose itself was laid upon the Altar of the High Priest.

Then we see the journey back from the depth of the forest in which the rose had been found to the foot of the mountain, and again we hear the strains of praise, music and melody, glory and honour and wisdom, going forth from the band who had gone out to find the rose, and if we watch we shall see the etheric wall part, the procession slowly move through it, and the wall close again. But it does not shut out the soul that has acted as a guide. He is ready and he is with them, and as they pass through the etheric wall their bodies become transformed into light. They move up through the power which you call levitation, until they reach the entrance of the Temple itself. Here, even before they divest themselves of the garments of earth, they will place the golden rose in the hands of the High Priest who will dedicate it to the Service of God for all time in the Glory of His Kingdom.

Each one who has returned at this day of time to prepare the way for the Aquarian Christ, set out from the place of light with an etheric golden rose in his hand. You were not called to go down to the valley to search for it – you were given the symbol that you might carry it with you in your heart forever. Slowly you came down through one plane of consciousness after another, from radiance into lesser radiance, and lesser radiance, until the body of flesh enclosed you, and even as the children of the valley gave birth to soul, you became a soul incarnate into the body of a living crying child. The golden rose was in your heart and its imprint was in your hand, and it is through the power of the golden rose that the healing rays which come through the palm of your hand can manifest and be used.

the search for the rose of light 3

You are at the turning point, to you is given the gift of the knowledge of spiritual things, the power to transmute the light of the spirit which is within your own heart into that great beam of light that none can or may dim, a light so radiant that not only will it transmute your own physical body into light but the physical bodies of others will also be helped by your work in that service.

So once again you stand at the foot of the great hill. The wall of ether rises before you. To each one, is given the word which will open the invisible way, and when the day comes and all is ready, you will move up the green path of the hillside, and the flowers will stretch all around you as far as the eye can see, and the perfume of those flowers will enfold you to strengthen you, for they are yours, for each one of you, in the beginning of time, planted your own flower in that garden, and you will be called upon to pluck it and carry it into the forest to your tree, that you may bear your share in the offering to the Temple when the physical body becomes transmuted into light.


The Search for the Rose of Light ~ taken from The Sacred Vessel ~ by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign

First published in 1978 and still available


Gratitude to all artists & photographers. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah


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