The Hierarchy of Heaven – The Spiral of Life ~ Cycles of Reincarnation


The Hierarchy of Heaven


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We are going to consider the Hierarchy of Heaven and the High Heavens in which our Father-Mother God rests upon His Throne of Glory.

The Throne is not like an earthly Throne. It is set above the clouds, above the heights, so that it appears to be very far away even to the Seven Spirits around the Throne. The Throne consists of the Trinity, that is, of the Father-Mother and the Son. From this Trinity spread forth the power and light of the Seven Rays. The colours of these rays in High Heaven are indescribable. But when we have left this place of holiness we shall consider colours from an earthly angle. From the Throne, from the Trinity, ray forth the power of the Seven Rays to the Seven Ray Lords.

These are not tiny shafts of Light. They are immense and powerful beams of light and their radiance enfolds the whole of the Seven Ray Lords and the Seven Spirits before the Throne. The Seven Spirits before the Throne move on a lower level than the Throne of God Himself. They are gathered before the Throne; they do not surround the Throne. They are gathered before the Throne so that, in a sense, these Seven Spirits are on a level with the Footstool of the Father-Mother God.

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There are Seven Ray Lords. These Seven Ray Lords accept the power of the Seven Rays from the Father-Mother God and transmit it to the Seven Spirits round the Throne, who rest upon a lower level of consciousness than the Seven Ray Lords.

The power of the Rays is transmitted from the Father-Mother God direct through the Seven Ray Lords, who transmit it direct to the Seven Spirits round the Throne. It is they who hold it and decide whether it shall be lessened in power and light for its next journey through the Seven Lesser Spirits.

The Seven Lesser Spirits are still around the Throne. They do not move at the back of the Throne; they remain around before the Throne. They are responsible for the power which is transmitted by means of the Rays to man, and through them we touch the Seven Types of Man and the Seven Root Races.

Below the Seven Ray Lords are the Seven Spirits before the Throne, and then the Seven Lesser Spirits who are responsible for the Seven Types of Man and the Seven Root Races.

Although these are lesser spirits it is they who give the decision, the amount of power and Light which can be given to these seven types of man and to the seven root races, for they hold the creative force of the Father-Mother God and that creative force governs birth and death.

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ART : (Right) ‘The Light Within’Β ~Β by Rozalia Toth


Then on a lower level of consciousness we find the Seven Sub-Spirits, linked directly with man himself through the seven chakra of the physical body. Therefore, the rays transmitted from the Seven Ray Lords are eventually accepted by each one of the Seven Sub-Spirits and transmitted through the chakra of spiritual man, thus linking spiritual man as an individual through his chakra, through the Seven Lesser Spirits, through the Seven Spirits round the Throne to the Seven Ray Lords, and thus direct to God.

Whereas the Seven Lesser Spirits use one ray for each type of man and one ray for each of the seven root races, the Seven Sub-Spirits combine the use of all Seven Rays in the body of one man. It is difficult to understand, but it is the Seven Sub-Spirits who use the sublimated power of the rays altogether. That is why it is so important for the student of development to move very, very slowly, if he is to undfold his consciousness and to use his soul in the right way.

You make no contact with those Seven Sub-Spirits until you have first been linked by your Third Guide and placed into the right position in your type of man and according to your root race. It is of the utmost importance that your physical body should be cleansed and purified, so that no block occurs in the physical which can prevent the rays passing through to your etheric body, into the bloodstream and into your seven centres.

In addition to the power of the Seven Rays, we must remember that within the Hierarchy are seven great divisions. Each of these divisions is governed by its own ray and Ray Lord and draws its power direct from its Ray Lord. The power used by the Hierarchy of Heaven is love, whatever the colour of your ray, or the ray which governs your type, or your group, or your Root Race.

The root race has nothing to do with the race of mankind; It is not an indication that you are a Russian or a German. Your Root Race is a spiritual division which concerns the moment of the birth of your soul, the moment of its first coming to earth to be born into a physical body, and the achievement of its first life on earth, after it has returned to the world of spirit.

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Under the domination of the Seven Ray Lords we have Seven Divisions in the Hierarchy and these Seven Divisions are known as Ashrams. The word β€˜Ashram’ is a word of power and should never be lightly used to describe a material condition. You may build a centre, you may build a Temple, you may build a Sanctuary, and all these may be blessed by the Father-Mother God and His love poured out upon them so that they grow in spirit and in strength, but only the Ray Lord builds an Ashram.

Every Ashram has its leader. The leaders are very rarely given names in material life or in material worlds. They are known as Chohans, and if a distinction is needed other than the colour ray which they control, they are given a number. The number means nothing at all in the world of spirit but it is a distinction in the mind of man.

Therefore each Ashram gathers together its group of Masters. These Masters, in their turn, control groups of souls. Some of these souls will be in the world of spirit, others will be in the physical body of flesh. The only control that is used by the Chohans is love, and love can cause the light of God to shine through his ray, through the seven types of man of the seven root races.

The Masters meet each in their own Ashram and they are in their turn each linked with seven groups. Therefore each Ray Lord has seven groups of Guides who are leaders and who control their own group of Twelve. If you follow a leader, the Third Guide of that leader will be on a higher level of consciousness than the leader of the Ray Group of Twelve, and each member of that group will be the Third Guide of one of the Twelve members of your group which links with that particular leader.

Therefore every earthly group should have twelve members and one leader, the leader using in his speech, that is sound, and in his work, the power of the Seven Rays. Each member of the group should function upon one ray.

new website  God Surrounded by Seraphim. From the Petites Heures de Jean de Berry, a 14th-century illuminated manuscript.

ART : ‘God Surrounded by Seraphim’ ~ From the Petites Heures de Jean de Berry, a 14th-century illuminated manuscript.


The colours of the rays in earthly language are red, blue, yellow, the three principal pure colours, and violet, green, orange and white. White is the colour of love, and although love permeates all the other rays it comes to its fulfilment in the white ray.

There are subsidiary rays, and in every group of twelve there must be five subsidiary rays which are composed of a mixture of colours, with the addition of the white ray.

When referring to the white ray in this connection, we do not mean the Christ ray. The white ray is no more important than any of the other six rays. The important ray is that powerful ray which, containing all seven rays, is the powerful strong light of your own Ashram.

Students of spiritual philosophy belong to a group of twelve under a leader. If you are a small group you will be called upon sometimes to play your part in one or more of these groups of twelve, but your spiritual group counterpart in the world of spirit consists also of twelve guiding spirits who will eventually call you, each one of you, to be their channels.

When you become a channel you submit your will completely to the will of God. The will of God is transmitted to you through your Third Guide. Your Third Guide will transmit his ray to you and, just as you are part of the earthly group of twelve, you will be part, during the hours of sleep, of that spiritual group of twelve. You will be sent out under the guidance of one of those radiant beings who belong in their several ways to one of the Seven Ashram within the Hierarchy.

ART : Sulamith Wulfing (Left) + ‘Clarity’ ~ by Marija Schwarz (Right)


The Hierarchy is preparing its descent to earth, and before the power can manifest through the Hierarchy great preparations must be made. There must be a certain number of channels ready to hold the power and those channels must be prepared to link soul and personality according to the Divine command.

With development comes that inner vision, the inner hearing of the Voice of God, that wonderful intuitive faculty which is like drops of golden light upon the ether.

You will not be called to do spectacular work. You must first of all prepare the way for the release of these vast Cosmic forces and you must be quite sure that the love of God is within your heart as light, so that those who come to use you as channels can find a resting place.

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ART : ‘Twelve Angels Guard The Gates Of Heaven’ – photo Getty images (Right)


It is a long journey from the place of God to the earth, and at the end of that journey those who must fulfil this special work must find resting places where they can wait awhile before they are called upon to fulfil the next step on the path.

If we contemplate the Heavens we find innumerable stars, whose number cannot be named. We find great planets revolving in the ethers of space. All these planets, all these stars, all these signs and symbols, come under the guidance of the Hierarchy, and to them is transmitted identically the same ray as you are privileged to hold. Some are governed by one ray, some by another, but they link directly via the Seven Types of Man and the Seven Root Races, with individual man through his chakra. That is the meaning of the science of Astrology.

Every word of yours, every thought, every sound you utter, every step you take, is caught upon every star and planet which is governed by your own particular ray, for the Seven Rays pass through your chakra. When your spiritual centres are unfolded there is one of those rays which is particularly your own and which links you with every minute star in the firmament of heaven. Therefore it is for you to make that star glow with the beauty of your own light or to become dark, and this is a great responsibility.

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Author Mona Rolfe, PhD

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