‘Death’ ~ The Magic Hour



death 4 art-butterfly-nebula-study-by-nazim

ART : ‘Butterfly Nebula – Study’, by Nazzim



Death took me by the hand. Ah me!

What woulds’t thou, Death, with me?

For tranquil lies the distant sea,

And through the flowers the whispering breezes sigh;

What woulds’t thou, Death, with me?


death 2

Death averted his dark eyes. Ah me!

How can I read those eyes, laden with destiny,

How surmise whither he beckons me,

Through what strange paths my way now lies!


β€˜Chill is thy breath,’ I cried. β€˜Ah me,

Must I then leave life’s joys to walk with thee?’

Loudly I cried, β€˜Is not my spirit free?

Thou cans’t not capture me ~

What wilt thou, then, with me?’

death 3


So softly as the wind at twilight sighs,

Death answered me: β€˜Rise,

I have need of thee!

Fettered by dreams, thy breath wasted on vanity,

Thou art not free. Rise!

Sight I will give to thee.

I gave thee life:

Give back the gift to me.’


new website hands and sparkly pink rose

Death paused, shadowed in Mystery.

Awe crept over me.

Compelled, I gazed on his stern form,

Raised now mine eyes to his, calmly regarding me,

Fear fled, for through the gloom

Light on his form was shed,

Darkness was quelled.

Past all I in error willed.

I there, Eternal Love beheld,

Soul of me, stilled!


death 4 art-butterfly-nebula-study-by-nazim

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