Vision I – February 1907


Vision I ~ February, 1907


vision 1      1  The All Seeing Eye of God photo (c) Gregorio Speranza, Switzerland

ART : β€œThe All Seeing Eye of God” photo (c) Gregorio Speranza, Switzerland


VISION I ~ February, 1907.

Early in the morning, as soon as I awoke, I saw . . . . just as if I stood within it, a huge Circle of dazzling Light which filled all Space.

Nothing existed but it; and I intuitively understood that what I saw, represented a Period which had been long ages before that which is called β€œCreation” began, and that I was actually seeing into β€œThe Night Of God” . . . . when God alone Was . . . . in Whom is no darkness at all.

For a time the Light was so intense that I thought it contained nothing within Itself; but as my eyes became accustomed to It, I saw right in Its Centre a Symbol, which denoted the very Mind of God.

IT slumbered not nor slept; but It thought and It planned . . . . and then in an endless array ~ just like a panorama, all Its Thoughts seemed to pass into pictures in front of the Symbol of The One Great Mind . . . . which Symbol was a huge Eye of perfect Sapphire Blue.

I looked more at the Eye Itself, than at what it was seeing, and deep within Its Depths, as if beneath the pupil of The Eye I saw a shape like a Heart.


Gratitude to artist