Vision II – January 1919

Vision II ~ January, 1919 ~ The Book of El Daoud


Jacob's Dream by William Blake (c. 1805, British Museum, London)

ART : ‘Jacob’s Dream’ by William Blake (c. 1805, British Museum, London)


VISION II ~ January, 1919.

I had to wait a very long time for the remaining Visions, but at last they appeared; and another morning, very early, I again saw the Vision of the huge Circle of Light representing that period when God was All that Was . . . . before this present Day of Manifestation had become external to the Mind of God.

I again saw Light of dazzling brightness everywhere . . . . nothing else but Light; then as I gazed upon It I saw a point which seemed to be a Light within a Light . . . . which was still more radiant and concentrated than was that which I had seen first. This brilliant central point was fixed and motionless for a time, and then it began to vibrate slowly . . . . something like the blinking of a physical eye when first it awakens; and at every movement rays of the most glorious colours shot through the vivid brightness of which the dazzling point was the centre. Gradually that point took the form of an Eye, and as It gazed on that Light which Itself had poured forth, the colours trembled in rays of beauty through the original dazzling brightness I had seen . . . . when only God was, becoming each moment more and more vivid; for now God Was, and His Thoughts also were becoming manifested. Then I understood that the Eye was used in the Vision as a Symbol of the Mind of God awakening to the present Day of Manifestation from Passivity to Activity.


As the Eye threw forth more and more of the coloured rays, I saw what was passing in the Mind of God ~ i.e., the perfect patterns of all the Forms which should be used later in Three Divine Spheres. At last there appeared that figure of the Ankh, which is the Symbol chosen to denote The Divine . . . . and therefore the Immortal “body”; and I knew that the Ankh was the Symbol of the Glorious Body formed of Light which should be worn later by God, and also by God’s Sons and Daughters . . . . it, being a Symbol of that Perfect Body of which the present-day animal-sex body is but as a parody.

Then I saw that the Eye was concentrating around Itself the very essence of the wonderful colours which It had thrown out from Itself, and, blending those together, It formed over Itself that Divine Body, or Form, which I had previously seen in the Thoughts of God . . . . of which the Ankh has to serve as Symbol, for it would not be possible to portray on Earth Its perfection of Beauty.

Gratitude to artist

Then I saw the Cross Of Eternal Life ~ i.e., the Ankh ~ understanding fully that it was merely used as a Symbol of that Divine Form or Body through which the Mind of God intended to manifest Itself, which was also the pattern that God intended to use for “the garments” of all His Children yet to be.

I knew that for His Own Purpose God had crucified His Mind upon the “Cross of Eternal Life”, which even that Divine Form was to Him, and that I gazed upon the Crucifixion of God . . . . without which we, His Children, could not have received Being and Form like unto the Being and Form of our Parent.

So now within the huge Circle of dazzling and flashing Light which formed the House of the Personified Mind of God, there stood clothed with Light as with a garment, God the Father . . . . alone. The Mind of God wore that Form of Radiance which later on was known as the Spiritual Body of Divine Man.

I knew also that unless the Mind of God had worn that Body of Light derived from Its own Essence, we who are God’s Children . . . . “Sons of the Mind” by descent and not merely by adoption, could not have worn it either; for we are made in God’s Image throughout and not merely in sections.

vision 2 4

ART : ‘Eye of Horus’


We are not “abstractions,” nor is God an Abstraction; but at our raying forth from God we were Perfect Drops of the Perfect Ocean ~ God the Macrocosm . . . . we, the Microcosm; His “Little Ones,” perfect even as was and is Our Parent-God.

The rest of the radiance pouring from the Eye (representing the Mind of God shining through the Body of God even as does Light from within a Lantern) filled Space, and was Space, for there was still then only God but now God, Self-manifested as embodied Mind, was dwelling within God’s own emanations of Light: God in conscious activity amidst the radiance which at first had hidden the Eye, when (in mortal language) God was “unconscious” . . . . because “sleeping” or passive.

That which poured from the Mind of God, but which was not the Active Mind of God, was That which is now known as God Immanent; That which is beyond and external to God’s Mind . . . . (even as the Sun’s rays stream out beyond and external to that Luminary, though yet a part of itself) . . . . greater in size, lesser in quality, because the concentrated and embodied Eye represented the Living, Loving, Active, Mind of God, which intended in the fullness of time to become “Our Father.”

angel new  Nanne Nyander - Angel Painter

ART : Nanne Nyander ~ Angel Painter

And even as the Mind of Mortal Man is of more consequence than is that mortal body which is its clothing, so is the Personified Mind of God more powerful and more useful than is the non-conscious radiance or force thrown out from that Mind, even as is an Aura.

And be it thoroughly understood that at the present time while the Mind which is God Personified contains Perfect Good only, that radiance which is God Immanent contains at the present time within Its Circumference Evil as well as Good . . . . for it is an impossibility to go outside IT ~ It contains all that is: Good and Evil alike.

For God gave to His Children Creative Thought and Free-Will as their heritage from Himself; so that what there is of Evil within that mighty Circle of God-Ness springs from those who, in the course of their Mission, descended into the “Spheres of Matter” and experimented wrongly with Creative Thought; and though they are within God Immanent, they are outside God Personified, even as is a child outside its parent though dwelling within that parent’s home and surroundings as well as in its parent’s mind . . . . in the sense of never being forgotten.


But before the Eye clothed Itself in the Form we know as that of Divine Man, I saw within IT a Heart, and within the Heart was a Sword; and around the Sword were Drops like unto pure water, mingled with the most glorious blue and crimson colours.

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