Vision III ~ May, 1919

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Vision III ~ May, 1919 ~ The Book of El Daoud

vision 3 1 full-duccio-maesta

ART : Duccio di Buoninsegna ~ ‘Maesta with Twenty Angels & Nineteen Saints’ (Right)


VISION III ~ May, 1919.

Again one morning, very early, I saw the Vision of God Manifest, clothed in self-projected Light, standing within the Circumference of God Immanent; but this time the Symbol used to represent Him was that of the “First Lantern Ankh” ~ i.e., a glorious Blue Eye within the loop of the Ankh.

This Symbol, which thus represented The All-Father-God stood within His Own Emanations; limited, as some may think ~ focused, as was really the case.

For the whole of The Mind, of The Love, and of The Power of God, chose to work during His coming “Day,” Concentrated – instead of merely as a Force – as certain scholars incorrectly teach at the present time.

Then, as I gazed and gazed, I heard the Thoughts of the Mind which now was concentrated as the quintessence of God-Ness; and they ran thus:-

“Lo! I Who Am All That Is; I Who Alone Am; I weary of My lonely State. Behold, I will bring forth from My inmost Being Her Who Is My Twin And Spouse Eternally.

“And when She who is Myself; She Who is the Very Heart of God shall be manifested, then will I also cause to manifest all these My Thoughts, so that others shall share My Consciousness and shall rejoice in My Joy of Being; and I, their alone Progenitor, will rejoice Me in their joy also; ‘Mine’ . . . . for She and I are One.”

As I still gazed into the Eye within the Lantern Ankh, seeing into the Mind of God Who still existed Alone, I saw pass, as a panorama, all those living Souls that later became personified – because God had Thought them.

vision 3 1 unknown-artist-christ-enthroned-as-heavenly-king-basilica-di-santapollinare-nuovo-ravenna-italy-6th-century

ART : ‘Christ Enthroned as Heavenly King’. Basilica di Sant’Apollinare Nuovo.

Ravenna (Italy) 6th century


And the Thoughts of God continued:-

“When I have brought forth from Myself the Inner Half of Me, shall She bring forth My Children; for in My Great Scheme have I ordained that the coming ‘Day of God’ shall be the ‘Day of the Family.’

“Therefore, even as She Who is My Heart shall proceed from Me – for We are One, so likewise shall others be manifested, proceeding forth from Her by Our Power; and to Us shall be Sons and Daughters, that Our Love may be enjoyed by Conscious Individualities who are Life of Our Life, Substance of our Substance.”

Then I saw in the Vision that the Father-God drew aside from off His breast the Self-Projected Light that clothed Him as with a garment – and I heard the words:-

“Come Thou forth from Thy home within My Being, oh Thou Who art The Very Heart of God – being His Twin and Spouse for Ever.”

It seemed then as if where in the mortal body such as we wear now the actual heart would be, that at those words a still more concentrated Light streamed forth; and when it had entirely issued from out the Riven Side of God The Father, His Eternal Spouse Who is His Feminine Half stood beside Him and though the Divine Body has not sex according to the sex of Earth, yet it was plain that God as Father-Mother was “Male and Female.”

They Who during the recent Night of God had been as Two Halves blended into One Whole, now chose to manifest as One Whole in Two Halves.

I gazed upon the glorious sight until it was indelibly impressed upon my Eternal Mind, in order that I might make my physical brain record and retain the Vision.

After an interval – how long in Earth Time it is impossible to judge – when the One Who had become Two, and yet was forever One God, had rejoiced together as a Bridegroom rejoices over his Bride – then again the Father-God spoke:-

“Thou Who Art My Heart; Thou Who Art Myself; to Thee I speak; I, Who am Thee.

Carl Von Marr (1858-1936) new websiteART : Carl Von Marr (1858-1936) (Right)


“From Thee shall be made manifest Our Power; Our Executive for the Great Plan upon which Thou and I have agreed. Yet a third manifestation of the Mind of Us shall come forth from Us so that after His likeness shall be all who come after Him, made as shall He be, in Our Image.”

Then in the Vision I was shown that the Father-God drew aside from the Breast of Her Who is Himself – His Very Heart – that light which coming forth from Her Divine Form clothed It, so that I gazed upon The Breast of The Mother-God wherein is set The Ark of Life ~ namely, the Heart-shaped Chalice which is the Very womb of God-Head.

Then I saw that The Father-God breathed upon the Breast of Her His Spouse, and there issued forth from the now Riven Side of Her yet a third Light of equal brilliance to the two former Lights, which had (in Earth Language) crystallised into the Forms chosen by God to wear in which to manifest God-Self during the coming “Day.”

This third Light, however, issued forth with a difference: Whereas when The Mother-God came forth from the Riven-Side of Him Her Twin and Spouse, Who is The Father-God, She alone came forth in all Her Beauty; but when that third Light which became the Body of God The Son proceeded from the Side of God The Mother, the whole of the Parental Creative Breath was not exhausted in the formation of the Body Of God The Son, but just as in the procreation of a mortal body by mortal parents much of the parental seed is wasted – so also was it with the Creative Parental Energy put forth in the Manifestation of God The Son. And of that Divine Parental Overplus was made manifest the rest of God’s Family, so that God The Son and all His Younger Brethren – The Sons Of God – were the result of the One divine Parental Breath.

I knew that what I saw was the Vision of The Virgin Birth, when God The Mother through the operation of the Divine Breath of God The Father brought forth into Manifestation God The Son.

vision 3 5 adoration-of-the-magi-giotti

ART : Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337), Cappella Scrovegni a Padova,

‘Life of Christ, Adoration of the Magi’


When God The Son stood at the side of His Parents then the Love and the Power of God Passive manifested into activity; not created, but proceeding; for the Mind Of God, “sleeping and inactive,” chose, as it were, to divide Itself into Three Parts of One Whole; and each had its Own Work to do; so that One Mind used three Lanterns through which to give of Its Illumination.

~ Three Lanterns : One Light.
~ Three Voices : One Mind.
~ Three Expressions : One God.

glamour 4 angel-by-Steven-DaLuz-Figurative-Works

ART : Steven DaLuz ~ Figurative Works (Right)


And the Three glorious Divine Forms or Bodies are but Vehicles of the Absolute Mind Of God, Who Is For Ever One.

The Three stood together for a time and I did not hear the first conversation of the Father-Mother-Son.

But I knew without words that within the Being of The Son lay hidden the Daughter – Who even up to the present day has not proceeded forth from Her Divine Twin and Spouse; nor will this be until the Mystery of Earth is finally made plain and clear – which will be when “the time for the Marriage Supper” of God The Son has come.

When the conversation of Godhead was ended, The Father Who is Wisdom bade The Son Who is Executive Power to create – (in the sense of causing to become manifest objectively the Thoughts of God) – that Sphere which is known as Heaven – the highest of Divine Spheres; the very Throne-Room of the Great King Of Kings; and when The Son had spoken a Word which it is not possible to reproduce, nor would it be lawful to do so even were it possible, then a portion of the aura of God as It was before The Mind “crucified” Itself into Form, concentrated and formed a Circle within a Circle, so that (in words of Earth) beneath the Feet of God lay a vast Circle which was again sub-divided into Seven Circles, one below the other.

God’s Mind – manifesting as Father-Mother-Son, Who were clad in dazzling pure white Light, stood above, and the Circles beneath the Feet of God were “like unto a Rainbow,” each Circle being one of the Rainbow rays – but in the colouring of Heaven, not of Earth; and thus a vast Sphere existed around which the rest of the Aura of God streamed as rays stream from the material Sun. And the Name of that Sphere was called Heaven.

art the heart chakra by sheranda ann kumara

ART : ‘The Heart Chakra’ ~ Sheranda Ann Kumara (Right)


Then in the Vision I saw that The Father God laid His hand upon the Riven Side of His Spouse, and (in Earth words) it seemed as if by degrees Drop by Drop of the Divine Parental Overplus issued forth from the Heart of God The Mother, filling in turn each of the Seven Circles of Heaven. I cannot tell how long it was between the falling of each Drop, but the intervals varied, and it was a long time before the Seven Circles were filled with the Children of the Most High.

When the first “Drop” reached the first Circle at the “Feet of God” it instantly crystallised into a form of dazzling Light – of pure White, tinged with Amethyst, which is the highest of the Rainbow colours of Heaven; and that first Drop of Divine Parental Overplus became the Body of “The Son Of God,” the Eldest of “The Sons of The Breath”; the Eldest Ray Child, second only to God The Son, Who is often called “The Logos,” or else “The Third Shout of God” – for the three manifestations of God’s Mind with the “Eldest Son of The Breath” were known in Druidic teachings as “The Four Shouts Of God.”

And thus “The Son Of God” was He whom later the Divine Parents caused to be “The Father-King”; Their Representative on planes at that time not created.

“The Son Of God” was He whom later the Divine Parents caused to be “The Father-King”;

ALSO known as Ptah, The El Daoud of Atlantis

egypt 2nd ptah angel kuenka

ART : ‘Ptah’~ by Angel Kuenka


This was He who is known as “The Fourth Shout of God” or as “The Fourth Logos” in very early Initiate language, long before the Initiates came to the Isles of the West, where in the fullness of time The Book Of The Father-King should be dictated by Himself. He it was who is only inferior to God The Son by a very little; inferior in that He did not proceed from the Heart of God The Mother as a conscious Individual as was the case with God The Son, but as a “Drop of Divine Dew”. “The Dew of Thy Birth is of the Womb of the Morning.”

Superior is He to all the rest of His Brethren . . . . The Sons of The Breath – or as for convenience they will be termed in future the “Ray Children” – because that Drop or Ray of which the Body of The Son of God was formed became a Conscious, Individualised Son long ages before the rest of The Sons of The Breath gained Individuality or were aught but Drops of Divine Overplus; Potentialities, but not then Actualities.


ART : ‘In the Shadow of Your Wings’ ~ Daniel Gerhartz (Right)


Then did The Father-Mother-God together breathe upon the side of “The Fourth Shout,” drawing aside his Vesture of White and Amethyst Light; and Together, as with one voice, did the Divine Parents bid the Woman-Half of “The Son Of God” to proceed from the Riven Side of Her Eternal Twin and Spouse, even as had God The Mother come forth from the Side of God The Father, so that Man-Woman stood before their Parents – Son-Daughter of the Breath.

I saw also that in Heaven the Union of the Two Halves is so perfect that at will the two forms can blend into One if so needed.

Then I saw that The Divine Parents and The Divine Eldest Brother gave to Him whom I now know to be El Daoud much counsel, taking him into the very Plans of God which he should help God to bring about – and when I say “Him” and “He” I mean the Eternal Two-in-One or One-in-Twain; the Two Halves, Man-Woman; El Daoud and his Twin and Spouse; for the Divine Family is “born wedded” – in the image of their Divine Parents.

Then I saw in the Vision that it was time for the other “Drops,” one by one, to reach the Highest Circle at The Feet of God, where

The God . . . . The God . . . . The God

of All Spirits stood in that radiance which is above even the Highest of the Circles of Heaven.

And each “Drop” as it touched the Amethyst Circle took Form as a “Son Of God”; a Son of God first with the manifestation of The Daughter of God following, as previously described; but in all cases except in that of El Daoud, The Son of God, on Whom was breathed the Breath of Life – the manifestation of The Daughters of God was an automatic consequence of the manifestation of The Sons of God – from whom proceeded the Twin and Spouse of each, even as proceeded forth the Twin and Spouse of El Daoud from his riven side.

jesus and mary magdalene website

ART : ‘Jesus & Mary Magdalene’ (Right)


When the Amethyst Circle, which is the highest Circle of Heaven, was filled with those who are known as “The Sons of the Morning,” because they were the Eldest of the Ray-Children who proceeded from the Heart of The Mother – caused to Be by The Breath of Life of The Father – then more “Drops” fell in like manner to the next Circle, and so continued to do ’til all the Seven Circles of Heaven were filled with happy, loving Intelligences – instead of with merely the Light from the External Being of God.

It is most necessary for it to be clearly understood that El Daoud, the Father-King – (whose especial Title, which belongs to none other of the Ray-Children, is that of The Son Of God) was older than his Brethren by many “Days of Heaven,” so that his “Education” had progressed very considerably, causing him to be companionable to his Father-Mother-Brother-God long before the second Ray-Child – who was also a Son of God – was individualised.

His Influence and Standing are indeed second only to those of God The Son, Who is the Eldest Brother of the Ray-Children – Who alone came forth from The Ark Of Life as a fully individualised Intelligence, clothed in the Substance of The Divine Parents – and Their Equal.

The Kingdom of the Father-King, El Daoud, comprises all the Regions of Matter, fine and gross, lying beneath the Three Divine Spheres of Heaven, Paradise and Eden.

For God hath delivered all things Material into his hand who is The Son of God; and the meaning of his Name, “El Daoud” – is “The Beloved”.



ART : ‘In Truth There Is Love’ ~ Elvira Amrhein