Vision IV ~ January, 1920

Vision IV ~ January, 1920 ~ The Book of El Daoud


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ART : Dante Gabriel Rossetti ~ ‘The Damsel of the Sanct Grael or Holy Grail’ (Right)


VISION IV ~ January, 1920.

I saw once again in the very early morning that One Great Light spoken of in the first Vision; and now again apparently God slept, having in-drawn all of God’s Thoughts. This time it seemed as if the whole Circle of Light, which contains all That Is, was not merely a Circle . . . . but an Eye, and this time the pupil was not like that of an ordinary Eye, nor was the shape of a Heart this time underneath the pupil of the Eye, but the Heart was the pupil, so that in reality the Whole of God’s Mind was “awake” and active in Thought, though It rested from Its External labours. Really, both The Father-Mother-God together brooded over Their Plans, Themselves as an active Whole; not as before in the previous “Night of God,” One Half of God’s Mind Active and the other Passive. And again I heard The Thoughts of God.

This time all who had been made of God’s Substance slept within The Heart; but they only slept; they had not lost, nor ever more would lose, their Conscious Immortal Individuality which would awaken to action in the next “Day of God”; for being Born of God they shared in God’s Immortality. I heard the Father-Mother . . . . both Halves of God’s Mind, thinking in unison, instead of The Father alone thinking as in the previous “Night of God”; and this is what I heard:- “Before-time, O Thou, My Heart, I thought alone without Thee, whilst Thou didst slumber within My Being . . . . and therefore was it that My Plans for Our Children were not fully carried out even as I had planned.

“I gave unto Our Children the Power of Free-Will . . . . to obey or not to obey, but because, even though they were made in Our Image Man-Woman, I had ‘thought’ them before Thou wast made manifest, O Heart of Me, therefore was but One Half of God-Head thinking . . . . and so they did not fully understand the Intention and Meaning of God’s Whole Mind. “But in Our next ‘Day’ will Thou and I, Who are the Two Halves forming the One Whole, take counsel Together, so that the Whole of the Mind of God may be clear to our ‘Little Ones,’ and thus shall Our next ‘Day’ dawn in full Perfection and without flaw.

“We recommence where We left off; therefore is Our Groundwork prepared; and in the ‘Day’ that shall dawn shall We have yet better substance with which to work. For now have we Living, Loving, Children made in Our Own Image . . . . Life Of Our Life; whereas before-time We began Our ‘Day of Manifestation’ with but emanations from the Substance of Our-Self, instead of as now, with Intelligent Sons and Daughters who know and love Thee and Me, and their Eldest Brother . . . . God The Son . . . . Our ‘Word’; loving Us because We first loved them; for I am their Father and Thou art their Mother, Who art My Twin And Spouse and Mother of God Our Son.”

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ART : ‘The Nativity, Birth of Christ’ ~ Giotto di Bondone


Then the Vision faded, and Earth’s morning brought Earth’s work.

“The PEN” of El Daoud